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Things get a little spicy in this episode, so there's a tiny bit of swearing on.


From London, I'm Brooke Zafran. And I'm Erica Skidmore Williams, and this is Even The Rich.


This week we were supposed to be starting our series about JFK and Jackie, our very own American royalty. But instead, all we could think about were the actual royals.


Yeah, this has not been a slow news week. Not at all. After our Diana Magnay series, we're obsessed with everything happening in the House of Windsor. And as you probably know, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sat down with Oprah Winfrey last week to talk about their time, a senior working royals. They wanted to dispel some of the rumors circulating about them in the press.


It really was a game changing interview. This was their first time speaking publicly about what really caused their rift with the royal family. And they dropped some major bombshells such.


There were a lot of juicy details in the two hour interview, but there were some really sad moments, too. Yeah, like when Megan admitted that she felt isolated and suicidal and when Harry said he was estranged from his father and brother. I know, right? It was awful.


But believe it or not, what was in the interview wasn't even the whole story. Even Oprah couldn't fit it all in. So this week we wanted to do a special episode digging into the television event of the year. And we brought back one of our favorite guests to gossip with.


That's right. Lainie Louis has been covering the royals for years now. She's practically an expert on the monarchy. So she's joining us to talk about Megan's mental health and mission, Prince Harry's relationship to his family and the significance of the U.K. tabloids. Now, Lady is the co-anchor of TV's Eatock, co-host of The Social and founder and editor of Lainez Gossip Dotcom. Last week, she wrote some incredible essays about the interview for her website. And we can't wait to ask her all of our burning questions.


Yeah, like what's the deal with those earrings and who does she think really asked Harry about skin color.


All right, Ritchies, hold on to your tiaras. It's going to be a wild ride. You know, those people who are like walking contradictions, where it just doesn't make sense that they do two things that you wouldn't think go together.


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Hey, Lanie, thank you for being here. Thank you for having me back.


Yeah, you're our very first return guest, which I think makes you an official friend of the pod.


I love that. I love being an Ethopia. Oh, I love it.


I know you've had a lot of accomplishments. I can only assume this is the greatest one so far.


Don't totally know. I actually I'm not seriously. I crave acceptance, so it makes me feel good. Yeah, well, we're here to give it to you.


So, OK, let's let's just jump right in. Obviously Meghan and Harry are not the first royals to give a tell all interview.


Diana gave an interview to the BBC in 1995 and twenty five years later, we're all still talking about it, including us, on the very first season of Even the Rich.


Do you think we'll also be talking about this interview in 25 years?


For sure? I think one hundred percent. I keep calling it the television event of the year. I had this interview with Oprah, and that might be an understatement.


It might be the television event of the decade. I think it's historic.


I think we're already seeing the ripple effects and the consequences of what these secrets being made public are having on multiple institutions. And that's why I think it's going to be something that will point to in the future and say this was the turning point.


Yeah. Now, before the interview even aired, there was this rush of stories alleging that Megan bullied her staff while working as a senior royal. And it seemed to me, and I think this is true for a lot of people, that it was this transparent, somewhat pathetic attempt to basically assassinate her character.


Did the royals actually think that was going to work?


I guess I guess if they did it.


That report came from the Times.


So that's like a newspaper. You know, there is some prestige in the Times. And so royal aides were leaking that information in that particular newspaper. So they must have been doing it because they thought it would make a difference. We're looking at this and we're like, how could you fuck this up so badly? You're the royals. But I can feel for them in that moment. I guess they were like, oh, let's do this.


This is this is the car, this wahaha like take that Harry and Meghan, which.


Yeah, it's embarrassing. It is. And Lainez, for those that aren't familiar with what was said, can you kind of summarize what the royals were saying about Megan leading up to this interview? So the Times had sources from inside the palace who said that first, that Megan was difficult to work with, that there were complaints made about how she was treating palace staffers, reducing people to tears, how there was an email written and sent by the former press secretary of Prince William and Kate about his concerns that people weren't being treated well and that there should be like a formal situation happening to to look into it so that this doesn't continue.


So the implication was that she was a bully boss and the word bullying was used. And the second story on top of that there, like she was a bully and get this, she wore earrings from a murderer. So this was the this was an attack on like a by the way, this also happened where during Megan and Harry's tour of Australia, she wore this pair of earrings and apparently it was a wedding gift from ambo's. And this happened three weeks after Khashoggi was murdered.


And so, like what they were trying to say is she was wearing blood, jewels and supporting a murder.


You know, bullying and jewelry from a murderer aren't immediately two things that we connect together in our minds and they didn't even like. Walk us through the steps of by the way, why are you including this in the story?


So it made it more obvious that it was a blatant attempt to let us throw everything against the wall and poison her reputation ahead of this Oprah interview.


Yeah, it's not it reminds me of when Megan talked about the Avocado's story, which was like I had avocado and the media talked about human rights violations or something. And it's like, yeah, it's just such an insane, wild insinuation.


It was a wild insinuation that was irresponsible, because when we're talking about jewels that come from another world leader and we're talking about the Royal Institution, they're not just things that are shoved into Meagan's like jewelry drawer in her bedroom.


A committee makes these decisions to pull out these jewels.


So to put that in the story and not to fill in the details about the fact that there's a process when jewels are worn and selected and catalogued and five other people probably are consulted and just to blame her, it was irresponsible. And and it became even more glaringly obvious that this was a smear campaign. Yeah.


So if that was their strategy, basically just leaking a bunch of negative stories about Megan, does that mean that they didn't really know what Harry and Megan were going to say? Like, what do you think that they were anticipating?


Well, I think there are two things that you can take away from those events, even leading up to the Oprah interview, which we haven't even gotten into. This is how crazy the story. So the first takeaway, I think, is if that's the worst you can do. Right? Right.


Like even the bullying allegations, which not that the three of us don't take bullying seriously.


Of course we do. Right.


But these ones are suspect because of the timing of who's leaking this information and also for how vague they were.


Yeah, I feel like in this day and age, you have to be suspicious of calling women bullies. And it's just I don't know this language.


Yeah. Wait a minute. And then this bizarre earings story. So if if they're if they were like they had this plan of attack, we're going to get ahead of this and we are going to strike first before Oprah.


And these were the two things they came up with.


You know, they're in trouble, right?


Like, if that's what you're throwing up against the wall, I mean, give me something else. I'm going to need a little bit more.


So if they went into their bag of tricks, their bag of dirty secrets and pulled out earrings and suspect bullying, I that no one is the take away that they knew that they were fucked and then take away number two in terms of like what they were expecting. I think I think that they were totally in the dark. It's not that they knew that some shit would go down. It's that they have been cut off from Harry and Megan completely.


They absolutely do not know what their moves are going to be. Not having anybody close to Megan and Harry willing to sell them out and tip them off. They were operating from a completely blind position. And in turn, they. Ended up flailing, like blindly reaching around, grabbing at anything and tossing it into the air. Definitely.


OK, so let's fast forward to the main event, the interview Lini for you.


What was the first hint that this interview wasn't going to pull any punches? I think the first hint for me, just from like a TV broadcast storytelling perspective, when the Kate was the one who made me cry, not the other way around, story got dropped in the first 10 minutes of a two hour special. That's when I was like, oh, shit. Because normally normally you'd save that for, you know, the midpoint.


Right, to get your like that is right. That would be the big musical number in a movie that the pizzazz.


But when that gets put out there in the first like within the first 10 minutes, it means that it's not the juiciest thing. And so I'm looking at my watch and I'm like, oh, shit, there's like an hour. Forty five to go. And Oprah's not stupid.


Oprah knows TV and she also knows how to keep you in your seat for two hours.


So if they're putting that up front that was assigned to me that we were in for it.


So in terms of that story, specifically, why do you think the palace refused to correct the record?


That is one of the things that when we look back is so ugly because it didn't do either of them a service. Obviously, for Megan, it was quite hurtful. And I don't think it makes Kate look good. I think it would. You know, the way Megan told the story, she was quite gracious to Kate. She was like she's first of all, she called her a good person. She said that she apologized and sent flowers. So here is someone who's willing to own up to their mistakes, be accountable for them and make up for that, which is very understandable in a tense situation that, yeah, that tensions arise and people maybe behave in a way that they aren't proud of.


And so the fact that the the palace allowed that story to live is a disservice to both Kate and Megan. And in retrospect, now, look, I hope that they're kicking themselves. So to your to your point, why did they not address it?


Number one, I think it's because whoever leaked it is not just an outsider. I think that there was malice, perhaps in whoever it was who leaked it so they weren't about to correct their own mistake, I guess. And another reason why they would have done something like that is because at the at the time, they didn't mind Kate being seen as the poor put upon white lady being bullied by the black girl.


And I will say to that, just to close off that loop, I think what is also very telling is that in the days since the Oprah interview, where the palace has once again been scrambling to try and pivot and discredit Harry and Meghan, that is the one story they haven't touched the Daily Mail, the son they have not come back with. According to a palace source, Megan lied. She was the one who made Kate cry. They have not come out and corrected the correction.


And if they can't do that, it's because they can't because they know that Megan either probably has some receipts, took a picture of the flowers with the card.


So, you know, the fact that we haven't heard anything more about that story from the palace means that they know they got totally fucking jacked there and it's their fault.


OK, so let's talk about one of the biggest bombshells in this interview. So Megan said when she was pregnant, she started having suicidal thoughts and wanted to get inpatient treatment, but that plan got vetoed. Who ultimately has the power to veto that request? Well, nobody really knows. Nobody really knows how things operate with respect to royal health and or mental health. So this is also why that revelation was such a bombshell in and of itself. Of course, it's like really, really terrible that she went through that and she wasn't getting support.


But it was also a bombshell because it shows that even the people who are part of the family find it to be a mystery. When you're a royal, apparently you have to consult with somebody first for permission to call a doctor.


Right. I think that is why this interview was so wild, because it made us question and think about how these people operate. And clearly internally, it's so obscured. There's such a mystery that even if you're in it, you don't even know. Yeah, I mean, it seems like it's all about optics, right, like they prioritize that over well-being.


Well, yeah, it's telling on the royal family that Megan felt that she actually had to go to H.R. for her mental health issue.


Mental health is just so challenging. And to be in that position when you're seeking out help, which is usually after you've been struggling with it for a while, to have no kind of response or engagement other than you're on your own, we're not going to help you is just it's heartbreaking.


And what's sad is that, you know, when Harry keeps using the phrase history repeating itself, it's also not it shouldn't be new to them.


Like Princess Diana, by her own admission, was also self harming. She talked about her eating disorder. She talked about throwing herself down the stairs.


And so while she may not have had the terminology then to say I was having suicidal thoughts, essentially it amounts to the same thing. Right. The two of them were so lonely and so confused and had so many mental health struggles that they didn't want to be alive.


And and so 30 years apart, this family hasn't learned its lesson and continues to prioritize the wrong things.


Yeah, it's crazy because, like, we think of the monarchy as all powerful. But something that I picked up in the interview was the way that Harry talks about his family.


It sounds like they're very motivated by their fear of the press. I mean, what power do these tabloids have that they need to keep them so happy?


So I think if you were defending the royal family, you would say, well, they exist at the pleasure of the people, so taxpayers fund a lot of their like lives. And so they are kind of beholden to the public to keep them around.


And the newspapers, the tabloids, in quotes, inform the public.


And so given the relationship that that between the public and the newspapers and like how influence the public can be by the papers, there is some fear, of course, on their part, I guess, that they don't want to get on the newspaper's backside because the newspapers could easily turn public opinion against them. And if the public's opinion is against them, then they'll be unhappy about paying their taxes toward them and then they'll want to abolish them.


Right? That's one way of looking at it.


The other part, though, is seriously like you have like a thousand years of history and all these crowns stored and all this money like and you're supposed to be presenting this front of, like, being formidable and almost divine.


Like the queen can waltz into Westminster Abbey any time she wants. The public can't write because there's this association with her and the church and the divinity and all that.


So you're telling me that, like, out of one side of your mouth, you're like, we're awesome and so powerful and on the other side of your mouth, you have to be afraid of, like, the Daily Mail.


It's again, it's a bad look. And it's also not great for the public to think that you're so afraid of the Daily Mail that you can't just be like, no, we will take a stand against bad journalism and we will side with good journalism and fight the good fight like nobody really gets. Why the fear has to be there when they can't exercise their might in a more productive way.


Yeah, I actually I have a question for you about tabloids in general, it's it feels like in the US we kind of take them with a grain of salt. Is it different in the UK? Do they take them more seriously than we do here? Because as somebody from UK messaged me asking what I thought about this and they were like, well, you know, Megan refused to bow for the queen. And I was like, where did you hear that, though?


Because in this interview, she very clearly talks about learning to curtsy. Yeah.


So, like, do they take it more seriously over there than we do?


First of all, it's about accessibility. So when we think of our tabloids here, the most common way that they used to be described is like supermarket magazines. Right. So you'd you'd really only see them when you were checking out at the grocery store.


That's not how tabloids even look or are accessed over in England. They're on like the newspaper stands and they even feel different. You know, our tabloids here are like glossy.


And I think it says something. I think the way things appear definitely make a difference. And so, for example, the Daily Mail is not glossy, like it doesn't look like US Weekly, OK?


And you get it everywhere you turn. So that's number one. Number two, it's like how much and how widely it's circulated US Weekly or the National Enquirer. If you look at their numbers, they're not numbers that you see in the U.K. One of the tabloids in the U.K. is The Sun.


And the Sun has like monster readership.


It is a tabloid, but it's the number one paper.


So if you think about how much influence that carries, how much how many eyeballs it's reaching, then you start to understand, like, why they've been able to cause this much damage.


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So I want to speculate wildly because unfortunately, that's all we can do. Who do you think made that comment about skin color?


I think according to my personal opinion, I think it was Prince Charles and the reason I think that is because the way Harry talked about Prince Charles was more emotional and loaded and hurt than any other person he spoke about.


He and Megan, we can agree, spoke with the queen quite warmly, right? Yes. Yeah. Mm hmm. Yeah.


And Megan was like, Kate's a good person, so. And then when it came to his brother, I didn't sense any, like, anger there. You know, to me, there were no, like, edges there.


But his dad, when his dad came up there was like, I don't know if there was an energy. He doesn't take my calls. He cut me off. And I don't think that, you know, I think that when someone says something like that about your child, the anger that you carry is probably the most anger you've ever felt in your life.


And I think to me, that was my read. So follow up to that.


Why do you think Megan and Harry refused to name who it was that made that comment about Archie's skin?


Well, first of all, as Megan said, she wasn't there for the conversation. So I don't think it was ever going to be in her place to reveal that. Right, because it was Harry who had the conversation with this mystery person and conveyed it to her.


And then for Harry, that's another reason why I think that it's it's probably Charles and if not Charles.


William, because if he names it, that is the death hammer. Like, that's it. His dad will never be the king. And I just don't think that he wants to be responsible for that. But I also think that there's an emotional reason for him just not wanting to name it.


I think that he's not over it. I think he's so disgusted by it that when he talked about it, that when he was like, no, I'm never going to name it. I think what he was trying to say was, I just don't want to talk about this anymore. I wish it would go away.


So then you don't think Harry was trying to undermine confidence in his father as the next sovereign?


I do think he was trying to undermine confidence in his father as the next sovereign, but not through that story.


OK, can you talk more about that? I'm curious. In many ways, I think the biggest bombshell about Oprah special with Harry and Megan was was Harry.


I'm pretty sure that most of us going in expected Meghan to have something to say.


I don't know that any of us before 8:00 p.m. Eastern on Sunday thought that Harry would drop as many bombs as he did, right?


Yeah. Nobody expected him to be the full second hour and he was the full second hour. So Harry used that time. I think it was really like my analogy for it was that Megan loaded the bases and he crushed it out of the park, which is that he was the one because he's such an insider for him to spill the secrets of the institution. So here are all the things that he said.


He was like the people I'm related to who are going to wear the crown on their head are trapped, trapped, use the word trapped.




He basically said that his father has deluded himself and to so that he can continue living this life. He's talked about how the institution, the royals are afraid of tabloids. That is not exactly fortifying the family. In fact, it's it's it's presenting. It is quite weak. He also intimated that the queen is no longer in charge when the queen's schedule changes. Without the queen knowing about it, it means someone else is changing the queen's schedule. And it goes against everything we're told about the queen, which is that the buck stops with her.


She is the big boss lady, so he's casting doubt about her day to day involvement. And then he talked about his lack of confidence in how the whole system is set up. He used the word system. The system is toxic. This is the system I was brought into.


So, you know, he was 100 percent, I think, coming down on the side of people who are questioning whether or not the monarchy has evolved enough. I think that that's why his statements were so powerful and why they will reverberate. We're going to fucking hear about this for a long time.


Now, you mentioned that Harry said that he and his family were trapped in the institution.


But if you look at history, there is a precedent of royals leaving the family like King Edward was on the throne when he abdicated.


So why is it such a scandal for him to leave when he'll never even be king? Well, I think it's not that he's just leaving, and if he keeps saying that they didn't leave, right. They were stepping back.


Yeah, but they consider it not just a betrayal of royal duty, but it's actually deeper than that. It's a betrayal of British identity, which means like a betrayal of a certain white British identity.


Because isn't this everybody's ultimate dream to be a prince, to be a member of that family and then, you know, he falls in love with this American woman, she's not just American, but she's biracial and American. And suddenly he's like, now I'm not into this life anymore. I want to go in.


You know, it wasn't just that he's abdicating from realness. He's abdicating from an image that has been upheld to be like the ultimate of what we want to be.


Now, switching gears a little bit for me, and I think this is true for a lot of people. It was really hard to watch this interview and not think about Diana.


And obviously Harry and Meghan and Oprah wanted us to think about her. And like you mentioned earlier, Harry said several times that he was afraid of history repeating itself. And Oprah asked a lot of questions that drew comparisons. Amy, can you talk a little bit about why they would want to draw that historical connection so clearly?


I think that they would want to draw that historical connection because most people who were around at the time of Diana have like an understanding of how much she suffered. And so I think for Harry, given the misunderstandings that have been perpetuated about Megan for three or four or five years now, he you know, they need to break through that.


And the best way to break through that is to draw those comparisons. Hey, if you believe that my mom was so mistreated to the point where, like, they they almost booed the queen after Diana died.


So he's basically saying, if you believe that my mom was mistreated by these people, then believe my wife and cut through the shit that's been put out about my wife because it's the same.


So I think that that was really smart. Hmm.


Well, then, can we talk about my queen, Oprah? She's obviously at the top of her field in broadcasting. Can you explain for our listeners how she was able to make this interview so impactful?


Wow. I mean, that's another five hours, right? I think that there's like I think a university course should be dedicated just to this. Like, I hope one day she does a two hour show walking us through the press. The first thing that we have to acknowledge is Oprah has deals with like everybody. She could have done it with Apple. She could have resurrected her old set in Chicago and she could have done it there on a local TV, just like she had options.


But she decided to go with CBS. They wanted it to be network TV primetime Sunday night. I think that's so smart.


If I had to guess, it would have been Oprah, who was the one who sold that to them, like, hey, I think we should do it on CBS. I want to do it with CBS and I want it to be on Sunday.


And here's why. Because it turned into that monocultural moment where all of us, for the first time in a long time, were watching the same thing at the same time.


And we couldn't skip.


And then we haven't even talked about the courtship. Like Oprah told us herself, she's been trying to make this happen since before the wedding. So that's over three years ago.


So I think that we could do a whole masterclass on whatever it was that happened in the last three years where Oprah was courting Harry Megan. And then, of course, once they agreed, then her selling it to them and saying this needs to be on broadcast traditional conventional network television. And then her preparation for the interview once that happened, where she's Oprah. So nobody gets to come in and dictate to Oprah what she can and can't ask. But she had to decide what she wanted to ask and how and where she wanted to go.


And for that, I feel like this was an interview that was best suited to all of Oprah's interests, which is world affairs for sure, race, women's rights, but also like Oprah gossips, you know, only a gossip could have conducted that interview and timed in with the follow up questions like the Australia Moment and like the avocado stuff.


And so that speaks to Oprah and Gayle talking about it over the last three or four years, like all of that culminated in Oprah being able to not just ask the questions, but come up with the follow ups.


Yeah, truly. I know for me, I wasn't able to watch it on Sunday and I was on social media Monday morning. And of course, nothing but Meems as social media is want to do.


But the one that really stuck with me was the were you silent or were you silenced?


And I mean, can we just talk about that moment like. That was just wild. How does it reveal Oprah's skill as an interviewer? Well, it reveals her skill as a speaker. So with all due respect to you, like the way you imitated her and asking that question did not have the same impact, although I accept that fully.


Nowhere near Oprah. She's my icon. But yeah, right. I agree.


And remember, she's doing that in the moment like it wasn't scripted. So Meghan says this thing about, you know, having to be silent and not having a voice and then right away, Oprah's like and I can't imitate it either. I'm going to be shit, too. But were you silent or were you going to say lensed?


It's the Annunciation. It's the emphasis. Right.


And that's her like that is why she's the best. That's why she was so great in this interview. That's why we wanted her to preside over this moment in particular, because that's what she brings. Like, she brought that TV drama without it being like next level hokey and corny.


Yeah, yeah. I've done it better, I don't think.


So, OK, let's just pivot a little bit and talk about the reaction to the interview now, a little British birdie told me that even after the interview, most people in the U.K. still side with the palace.


Why is that?


Yeah, I think that your little birdie is right in the sense of people, Brits of a certain generation are one hundred percent still siding with the palace. And then Brits of a younger generation are siding with Harry and Meghan like that's probably a true drilled down of the data, so to speak.


And what's also key, though, to note is that the full interview didn't air in the U.K. until the next day like we got it in North America on Sunday.


They didn't get it till Monday.


So there's also the fact that a lot of people who are already predisposed to side with the monarchy were reading about it before watching it and being influenced on what to think by the Daily Mail and those tabloids. Right.


So you have to take that into consideration to the problem, if I'm the monarchy, is that those people were already on your side. And again, they're aging out. So you want to stay relevant and you want to stick around for another hundred years. The people you have to convince are the generation that you're losing.


Yeah, seriously. Well, then let's talk specifically about the Meggan backlash. One of the big points of contention for people is that Megan said she didn't really know very much about the royal family before dating Harry. She didn't Google him. Do you believe that? Why do you think she was so naive?


I think what Megan was trying to say was trying to describe was her naiveté about what it would mean to be dating this guy, this royal.


I don't necessarily think that she she was trying to be like I'd never heard of this guy before, you know, which is how some people are acting.


I think that she was trying to say after like we started dating or our first date, I wanted him to be a mystery and I wanted to get to know him. So I stopped looking into him after that. The bigger focus for me is whether or not we believe that a person could actually be so naive to what it means to be a member of the royal family and to go in and not knowing how to curtsy. And the best analogy I can come up with is, you know, how we are all at this point aware of the trappings of fame, like how fucked up it can be.


Yeah. Mm. Intellectually we're aware of it, but then. Even if you're intellectually aware of it, it doesn't change how mind boggling it is when it happens to you. It still wouldn't change the fact that if you got famous tomorrow and paparazzi surrounded your house, helicopters were flying overhead, your phone's ringing off the hook, it would still be mind boggling, like it would still be a tectonic shift. Yeah, and I and that, I think, is to me what she was trying to say.


She experienced I should be her publicist, frankly, to wrap things up.


One of the honestly least shocking pieces of information that was dropped in this interview was that they are having a girl. Leanne, do you think they're going to name her Diana?


I hope not.


And I don't think that maybe they'll name her area, although I was just going to say, oh, my gosh, can you imagine? Why don't you think they'll name her Diana?


I don't think they'll name her Diana, because especially given what they just told us about the pressure that people are like under when you join that family, even when you step back from it, why would they want to do that to their baby?


You know, already think about what Archie's been through, right, and, you know, people wanting pictures of him and people asking questions about him and being a member of the family, being their child in particular, arguably now the most famous couple in the world. They're having a girl. They call her Diana. This child will already be like the biggest heat score. And then they give her a name like Diana.


Oh, my God.


I think that these are the things they're thinking about. Do we want to do that to our kid?


It's a lot. It's a lot of babies aren't even born yet.


Well, Amy, thank you so much for joining us on such short notice. This has been a lovely job. Again, good to have you back.


I hope that I hope that that was the conversation you were looking for.


Yeah, of course. Oh, yeah. You never disappoint your royals.


Thanks again to Leanne Louis.


Yes, isn't she the best, my god, she knows so much and we really recommend reading her writing about this interview on Lainez Gossip Dotcom, if you haven't already. Yeah, seriously, you guys should check it out. And in fact, this whole story has been a great way to transition to our next series, JFK. And Jackie, I'll be taking the lead to tell you all about the only first couple who could outland the English monarchy. I seriously cannot wait.


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