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Join a hundred plus to listen to even the rich and free in the Wonder app, download the Wonder App in your Apple or Google Play Mobile App Store today, a quick heads up. We don't swear in this episode, but Kim Kardashian and her family do.


So watch out for that one. It's fall 2007, Kim Kardashian is wearing a fluffy white terrycloth robe, long strands of pearls hanging from her neck. The robe is luxurious and comfy, but right now her skin is crawling underneath the soft, snuggly material. It's the only thing standing between the crew setting up this photo shoot and her naked body as she looks out at the photographer in the lighting crew. Kim is rethinking her decision to pose for Playboy. Her gut reaction when they called and offered her the December cover was to say no, absolutely not.


No way. And now all these people on set are about to see her unnatural. Kim's heart starts to beat out of her chest. She holds the sash of her robe so tightly that her knuckles turn white. She wants to be famous more than anything else in the world. But right now, her only claim to fame is a sex tape. Kim worries that if she poses nude, it's all she'll ever be known for.


She shoots a look at her mom, Kris Jenner, who's talking to the photographer.


Wait, her mom's there?


Yeah, would not be God.


She's the one who talked him into this. Kris knows the shoot could catapult Kim's career and boost their upcoming show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians in 2007. And being on the cover of Playboy generates a lot of media buzz. Plus, it's a huge accomplishment. Kim is joining the ranks of Madonna, Drew Barrymore and Charlize Theron, just to name a few. But Kim is still young and she's insecure about her body. It doesn't help that she's grown up in Los Angeles surrounded by girls who look nothing like her, like her BFF Paris Hilton.


Yeah, exactly like that. And that's not Kim. She's five foot two and curvy. Kim is basically a pint sized version of Sophia Loren. She says that at 11, she would go to bed and pray, Please, Lord, don't let my boobs grow any bigger, OK?


I had that exact same prayer when I was 11. I have that same prayer now in my 30s. And now here she is about to drop her robe and show the world everything she spent her whole life feeling so insecure about. But before Kim can get over her nerves, the photographer says it's go time. As Kim stands there paralyzed, Kris gives her a thumbs up and mouths.


You look great. It's exactly what Kim needs to hear with her mom's reassurance. Kim lets the sash fall. The robe drops to the floor. She grips the pearls dripping over her naked body.


About a dozen strands are strategically placed to cover all the parts that are still off limits. Kim arches her back and pouts, letting it all go, her nerves, her fears, her body issues.


She hopes she's making the right decision because as nervous as she is, Kim knows this photo shoot is the first step in her journey to real fame. And she's not going to be the reason our dreams don't come true.


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Dotcom slash rich. From London. I'm Brooke Zafran. And I'm Erica Skidmore Williams, and this is even the Rich. Last episode we met an ambitious Kris Jenner and her equally, if not more ambitious daughter, Kim. But as Kim's star rises, so does her desire to be taken seriously. But that's a lot easier said than done. This is episode two Over the Hump Shock.


It's December twenty seven and Kim's Playboy cover just hit newsstands, just Kim and her string of pearls. Actually, they save the R rated photos for the inside of the magazine. Playboy covers tend to be more PG 13. So they go with a different photo of Kim kneeling in sexy red lingerie. That looks sort of like a bathing suit. It's cut super low and she wears matching red high heels. She looks gorgeous, just like a pinup model. But just like she feared, the cover also kind of pigeonholes.


Kim, right next to her picture are the words Hollywood's new sex star. Kim Kardashian takes it all off, but still her name is on every newsstand and Kim is ready to put in the work to make sure everyone knows she's more than just a sex star. She's going to prove to the world that she's a bona fide celebrity. And right now she has an even bigger platform at our disposal. But to make the most of it, she'll have to go from baring her body for Playboy to baring her whole life for the world.


Around the time Playboy hits the shelves, Keeping Up with the Kardashians debuts, Kim and her family invite the public inside their Calabasas home. The family's big and loud and dysfunctional in a way that's easy to relate to. And at the heart of it all are the three oldest sisters and their mom.


Every woman can see themselves in at least one of them. There's Courtney, the oldest sister, then Kim the diva, Khloe, the funny one. And we can't forget Kris, the ambitious but loving manager. I'm always trying to channel my inner Khloe. Yeah, Sam. I'm a mix between Kim and Khloe, short and curvy, but great personality. I can see you agree? Yeah, totally. That's definitely me agreeing to that. Yeah. But sadly, the critics don't relate like we do.


In fact, they tear the show apart. A variety review says once you get past Kim's prominently displayed assets, there's not much of a show here and no discernible premise.


But you know who does love it?


Women 18 to 34 and nearly everyone else, 13 million people tune in to watch the show in the first month. It's huge. To put it in perspective, the simple life is only getting like one million viewers on the same network. So needless to say, with ratings like these, E immediately picks up the Kardashians for a second season. And with all these eyeballs watching, it's Kim's chance to clear the air she sees is the opportunity to show the world there's more to her than a sex tape and a Playboy cover.


She's more than just a stereotype, more than just a Hollywood rich kid. Here she is in an interview with CW 11, talking about the show and what's in store.


And me and my family are so different than that. You know, they think we shop all day and party at night. And, you know, we definitely have a good time. But I run my two clothing stores, you know, smooching dash in Los Angeles. And we are so busy every single day working and running our businesses and picking up my little sisters from school. And we just we want people to see what we're really like. Good for Kim.


Setting the record straight. Yeah. She's now Kim Kardashian, business owner, sister and star of a hit show.


And it's exactly what Kim was hoping to achieve. Her drive and ambition are starting to pay off. And let's just say her sisters aren't complaining either because they're reaping the benefits, too. I'm talking cash money benefits six figure paychecks for season one. That's like even the rich love paycheck. Yeah, baby. And as a trio, they're also starting to rake in cash from club appearances. Basically, clubs pay them to party with regular people who stood in line for three hours and paid twenty dollars for a vodka.


Red Bull and their clothing stores, dash and smooch, get constant free advertising before they know it. The stores are swarmed with shoppers just hoping to bump into one of them.


Khloe and Kourtney are loving their new cushy lifestyle, but Kim thinks they can still go bigger. As long as people are watching them, they can keep on leveling up. Her sisters don't see that yet, but she does. And she's willing to do whatever it takes to get there, even if it means embarrassing herself.


It's September 22nd, 2008. Kim is about to step out in front of 21 million viewers wearing an aubergine gown with sequins and long black silk gloves. Her hair is parted to the side in a twenty style quaff. She looks beautiful, but she's nervous. Even though she's never been much of a dancer, she's agreed to be on Dancing with the Stars. Her partner, Mark Ballas, shoots her a quick look of encouragement as they wait backstage for their turn to dance.


The host is already introducing the clip that she filmed with Mark earlier in the week.


In it, Mark guides her through their steps in rehearsal. But Kim has terrible balance. She can barely stay upright. She's so clumsy she keeps tripping over her own feet. But Kim is hoping her work ethic can make up for her lack of natural talent. Her heart thumps as she hears her own voice booming from the speakers. I'm Kim Kardashian and I'm best known for being a reality TV star. A little titter goes through the crowd, and Kim says she knows what they're thinking.


They actually know her best from the sex tape she's still trying to put behind her. OK, rude. Yeah, incredibly. But you know, Kim, she shakes it off. She smiles through her anxiety and reminds herself that this is the whole reason she's here in the first place. She's doing this for the publicity. Keeping Up with the Kardashians is huge with 18 to 34 year old women. But Kim knows that Dancing with the Stars reaches a whole other demographic, an older one.


And if some of them follow her back to keeping up, well, the ratings boost would mean a new season and maybe even a bigger paycheck. Her sisters might be happy with how well the show is doing. A Kim doesn't settle. It's go big or go home. She needs this family friendly audience to really break into the mainstream. This is her chance to reset her public image once and for all.


She plasters on her biggest smile. And here's her family cheering in the audience as the video continues. The. Jones and the music begins, This is it, go time. After weeks of hard work, Kim and Mark begin their foxtrot. I'm nervous. How's Kim doing? Actually, she's not half bad. As part of the performance, Kim has this big black fan to pose with. And right as the music starts, she's sassily tosses it off stage.


It makes her feel sexy and fun and more in control. Her costume spins out around her as Mark leads her across the floor.


And the longer they dance, the more confident she feels. And to top it off, the audience starts cheering for her. Halfway through, she's conquered one of her fears and they love her for it. And she didn't even embarrass herself. Hell, yeah, I knew she could do it.


I mean, I didn't, but I'm very happy for her. Yeah, but unfortunately, the judges don't agree. One of them basically tells her she isn't sexy enough. Excuse me. Yeah, it's pretty gross.


You have such a dusky beauty. Reminds me of Princess Jasmine in Aladdin, you know, treasure trove that everybody would want to explore love to make it more available. You know, I didn't know. I didn't know. Her mother is right over there, OK?


This man should be banned from watching any Disney movies and talking to women totally. I mean, this is exactly what Kim didn't want. But two weeks later, Kim's eliminated from the competition. So dancing's not her thing. But did it at least help the ratings for keeping up it?


Did the ratings for the second season get a nice bump now? We can't say for sure it was because of Dancing with the Stars, but it certainly couldn't have hurt. And Epic's the show up for a third season. For Kim, this is proof that hard work always pays off.


So she tries her hand at something else that's outside of her comfort zone acting.


She lands a role in a parody film called Disaster Movie.


She plays the character Lisa and her big scenes are wrestling Carmen Electra and getting squished by a meteor.


Come on, guys. Come on. Really, think about this. I also have a bad feeling about this. So, yeah, it's not good.


Kim gets nominated for a Razzie in the worst supporting actress category and disaster movie gets one percent fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Yeah, it has to hurt, but Kim's not want to just give up that fast. She bounces back and hits the audition circuit. Pretty soon she lands another role. This time, it's a four episode arc on a TV show called Beyond the Break. It's a show about staffers trying to make it big. And it airs on this teen nick knockoff network called Noggin, which goes defunct in 2009.


That doesn't sound too promising. No, it's not.


But, well, Kim's getting parts on totally forgettable TV shows. Something else is happening. Her own TV show, Keeping Up keeps growing and so does her fan base.


Everywhere Kim goes, fans approach her and ask her about her life, like if she's still in a fight with her sister Khloe or if she's planning another prank on her brother, Rob.


Yeah, but they also have questions like what kind of coffee does she like? Does she like it with milk and sugar? What does she do to stay in shape? Does she work out every day? OK, those are some nosy fans. True. But in a way, I mean, you can't really blame them. Kim's been opening the doors to her home and family for over three years now, but the show can only cover so much in a 10 episode season.


That's roughly 10 hours of her life, which is actually split between everyone in her family. Exactly. Her fans are barely scraping the surface of Kim's likes and dislikes, her dreams and desires. They want three hundred and sixty five days worth of detail. They want to know every little thing about her. Think about it. If you're a fan of a scripted TV show, you have to settle for what the writer's room gives you.


But if you're a fan of a reality TV show, the content doesn't stop just because the cameras stop rolling and Kim can see that there's an opportunity here. She starts to think about how she can give her fans even more access to the world of Kim Kardashian.


It's March 2009, and Kim keeps hearing about a new website people are using to share tidbits about themselves with the public. It's called Twitter. Kim cracks open her laptop to check it out. It's interesting, but she notices that not that many celebrities have accounts. This is even before Ashton Kutcher joins and reaches a million followers. Oh, Kim is on it.


She is, but she isn't sure yet if this is for her. She keeps reading people's tweets and pretty soon she realizes how easily people can interact with each other. They can comment or ask questions to anyone they want, even super famous people. And if they're lucky, they might even get a reply. Kim is blown away. It's just what she's looking for. With one tweet, Kim can tell her fans what her favorite movie is or her favorite pizza toppings.


So Kim makes an account and publishes her first tweet. Hey, guys, it's Kim Kardashian. I finally signed up for Twitter. There are a few fake. So just now this is the real me before the days of the revered blue checkmark. Yes. And like everything else Kim does, she commits to this endeavor. She starts tweeting about everything, sharing every personal detail and opinion. In less than five months, Kim has one point nine million followers and her fans still want more.


So Kim starts posting more and more on her personal website, too. She blogs about her life and what she's up to, writing up her favorite moments from the show. Tons more people start reading it soon. Millions are viewing it every month just by being herself. Kim starts curating a massive audience that's all her own. And finally, it clicks. The way to fame and fortune is to double down on herself. And it doesn't take long before the money comes with all these followers, Kim starts to get approached by companies asking her to endorse their products.


At the time, big companies aren't really in the Internet game. They're still playing it safe with prime time commercials and print ads. But startup companies, well, they see the potential in social media and in Kim, they pay Kim to tweet about their products.


Kim tweets about shoe dazzle Dotcom, a shopping subscription website, then muscle flexing athletic wear company and idol white teeth whitening pen. Unsurprisingly, the products start selling out whatever Kim says she likes, her followers want to. They literally follow her lead and eventually the big companies start to take notice.


When they look at Kim's followers, they see dollar signs and Kim helps fatten their bottom line. Now, Charmin toilet paper hires her to do commercials so they can get in on the action. So does Tryal laser hair removal. Carls Junior hires her to do a sexy television ad for their new sallied promoters pay her more than one hundred thousand dollars to show up at their nightclubs.


Kim's on the way up, but she knows she can go bigger than Charmin. Toilet paper way bigger, and she's about to get her biggest audience yet. It's Sunday, February 6th, 2011.


Kim has gathered with her family in the living room of their Calabasas home to watch Super Bowl. Forty five. The whole family is stuffing their faces with buffalo wings and trying not to get the sauce on the furniture. Everyone except for Kim, she's too nervous to eat. But it's not because the Steelers are losing in the fourth quarter. She's nervous because her biggest commercial to date is about to air and one hundred and sixty three million people are about to see it.


There's nothing bigger than the Super Bowl, literally nothing. It's the most watched broadcast in the US and all eyes will be on her. When the game goes to commercial, the whole room goes quiet, everyone puts down their wings and Chris turns up. The volume there on the TV is Kim in a black sports bra and black shorts.


Her hair is in a tight ponytail. She's getting hot and sweaty with a man.


Is it her lover, her personal trainer? He's buff enough to be either.


He pulls her close and grabs her bare midriff.


Kim tells him, You're amazing, the best I've ever had. But things just aren't working out. She's found someone or rather something better. Skechers shape ups.


The camera goes close on Kim's pink and black sneakers. I remember those. Weren't they supposed to give you a better but or something? Yeah. Supposedly they were supposed to help you lose weight just by walking in them. And Kim's Super Bowl campaign helped spread the gospel. The ad is viewed over one point six billion times. Damn, yeah. Once again, Kim gets confirmation that she's the real deal. It doesn't matter what the product is.


She has the Midas touch can become the face of sharp ups. The company rolls out billboards and print ads and thanks to Kim Sketchers jumps nearly three hundred spots on the list of companies with the highest brand trust from number three hundred and eighty eight to number ninety nine with Sketchers, Kim proves that companies can bet on her and win big. Her fans trust her and they'll buy what she recommends. The relationship she has with them is the key to her appeal.


So when Skechers is hit with a multimillion dollar lawsuit for deceiving customers, it is not good for Kim. Wait, you're telling me tying your shoes won't make you lose weight?


I know.


How ever could we have known it was a scam anyway? Kim goes from being thrilled to be the face of sharp ups to wanting to distance herself fast.


She wants nothing to do with them, but she learns pretty quickly that it's hard to do that when you're so closely associated with a product. Every time the lawsuit is mentioned in the media, Kim is mentioned to shape ups are stuck to her like glue.


At least it's not gorilla glue orisha too soon.


But Kim is mortified.


She needs her fans to trust her. Her whole brand is built on it. Her endorsements, her show, her brand deals. That all goes away. If her fans don't trust her judgment, she knows that whatever she does next, she has to make sure her fans don't feel duped.


This is Kim's first offense. So eventually things peter out. But pretty soon she makes a mistake so big that she can't wait it out.


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Fifty. That's rich five zero. La, la, la, la. It's 2011, while the Sketchers drama blows over, Kim refocuses on her love life, things were rough after her breakup with Reggie Bush, but now she's finally hitting her stride.


Kim and Reggie dated for three years and keeping up. Fans really got to know them as a couple and they loved them together. They were rooting for a happily ever after. So when that relationship ends, her fans are super disappointed. And Kim hates disappointing her fans. She worries that whoever she introduces to them next has to be the one. But then it happens. She meets a new man.


He has Midwestern good looks and an impish smile, curly brown hair and a chiseled jawline. And he's tall, like really tall. Six, nine, to be exact. Oh, my God. He must tower over Kim. Yeah, he's almost two entire feet taller than her, but I bet it comes in handy when she needs to get something off a high shelf or when he's on the court dunking for the Jersey Nets. This guy is a professional basketball player and his name is Kris Humphries.


Oh, I remember him. The other Kris. Exactly. I'm making an executive decision to call him Humphries. So you don't get confused.


I mean, there can only be one Kris totally. So Humphries and Kim start dating in October 2010 and the relationship gets pretty serious, pretty fast. Serious enough that just five months in, Kim invites him on a family trip to Tahiti for Kris and Caitlin's 20th anniversary. It's the first time Humphries is meeting her family and hanging out with them, and what better place to make a first impression than on a super intimate trip to a private island? I can literally think of a hundred better places.


Well, Kim couldn't be more confident. She's sure her family will love him just as much as she does. They'll see how great they are for one another.


It's April 2011, Kim is on cloud nine, is she and Humphris arrive in Bora Bora, her family's rented a row of bungalows overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The water's so clear they can see straight through to the bottom. Kim can't wait to just kick back and relax. But Humphries isn't really a lay out and chill kind of guy. He's raring to get in the water and snorkel and he wants his girlfriend to join him. So he quickly picks up Kim and flings her into the turquoise water.


A sopping wet Kim pops up and flicks back her long black hair. She's shocked, but she's also laughing because that's just how Humphries is.


He likes to joke around, but the joke stops being funny when she realizes that her diamond earring didn't land with her, Kim starts to cry like ugly cry.


Are you saying that somebody will find a baby? We're not going to find it?


Oh, Kim, there's people that are dying a favorite line of all time. Kendall and Kylie come to the rescue and scour the ocean floor and surprisingly, they find the earring. Wow. I have a pair of Harry Potter sunglasses I lost in the Pacific. I could use their help, find and just leave them there. But Kim's mood instantly resets.


Then Humphries comes clean. He admits how he really feels about Kim's breakdown. He doesn't get it.


He's like, why would you cry over something so trivial? And he calls her materialistic Bible.


I'm about to lose. I know. But Kim basically blows the comments off.


She's probably like, so we might have some different values, but it's no big deal.


Kim's family, though, isn't so sure. Over their seven days in paradise, together, they start taking notice of the couple's differences, even if Kim doesn't. While Kim is serious and determined, Humphries is like a big kid with too much energy. He rough houses with Kim's brother Rob on a tour boat, and it goes horribly awry.


When Rob falls off into shark infested waters, everyone but Kim freaks out.


Then Humphries swims out to Chris and Kylie's kayak and tries to jump on the back. He ends up flipping the boat and them over.


Kris is soaked and pissed that her hair is wet. Everyone but Kim is not amused.


Then he gets Kim wet again and she's like, Stop. I don't want to ruin my makeup. Humphries just rolls his eyes and says he hates makeup. OK, even don't wear it.


Kim and Humphries barely seem to know each other and truthfully they don't. The relationship has mostly been a series of long distance phone calls. They don't live in the same city and they've barely had any time to see each other with their busy schedules. But Kim isn't worried about any of it. She's not concerned about their differences or the fact that they have so much more to learn about each other. All that matters is that she's in love and she's letting the world share her happiness.


She's putting it all out there. And that's enough to fuel Kim's desire to keep this relationship on the fast track.


Just two weeks after the trip to Bora Bora, Kris Humphries proposes and Kim says, yes, OK, I remember that scene Humphrey spelled out, will you marry me in rose petals on her bedroom floor.


Right. And in his on camera confessional, he says he really wanted the proposal to be simple and intimate.


But that wasn't the real proposal or really the real proposal happened before this. And rumor has it that during that proposal, Kim got so emotional that she started bawling another ugly cry. Right.


So she stages it for the cameras. The next proposal happens during the daytime when there's better lighting and a hair and makeup crew. Make sure Kim looks perfect. This time she doesn't cry, OK?


She should reconsider an acting career because I would never have known it was staged. Call her agent immediately anyway. Now that she has the ring, Kim doesn't want to waste any time she shifts into wedding mode. This will be her second trip to the alter and this time she wants to do it right. Wait, what happened the first time? Well, that was long before keeping up. When Kim was only 19. The wedding was tiny. It happened in Vegas without her family.


This time around, she wants everyone she loves to share in her joy. She's going to invite her. Four hundred and fifty closest friends and family closest.


Yeah, don't you have that many? But she's not just doing this for her friends and family. It's also for her fans. She wants them to experience this love story with her. So she leans into the formula she's been perfecting.


She invites her fans into her life and cashes in along the way when OK magazine offers Kim one hundred thousand dollars for the exclusive rights to photos of the bridal shower, Kim doesn't think twice before accepting. And that's not even the main event. And nope, when it comes to the photos of the wedding itself, Kim raffles off the exclusive rights and People magazine bids high.


They pay her a whopping one point five million dollars to be the first to run pictures of Kim in her wedding gown.


And don't forget the deal she signed with E to air the big day.


It's basically an entire spinoff special. They call it Kim's fairytale wedding, a Kardashian event. Dan Humphries isn't even mentioned.


Who the hell's Humphries? I mean, let's be honest, Kim is the bigger draw. You could probably put a mannequin next to her at the altar and nobody would notice. She's legitimately a big deal now.


And most people hadn't even heard of Humphries before unless they were basketball fans. The media has even dubbed her America's reality TV princess.


Whoa, what a full circle moment from back in her EBD. Kim is a princess, right? That's such a great username. And this is going to be her own version of the royal wedding. Now that her TV deal is set, she gets to work planning all the details.


First, she hires the best celebrity event planner in town, Sharon Sacks. Her fee alone is the price of Kim's other diamond earring. Next on Kim's long list, finding a location big enough to hold this event, she settles on an Italian Renaissance style estate sitting on ten point nine acres of land in Montecito, California, with a price tag to match. But you need a grand location for a grand affair. OK, all that's great. But you know what I'm here for?


What about the dress? Well, it's actually three dresses, all custom designed by Vera Wang. The Grantly for the wedding comes to around six million dollars.


Oh, my God. And Humphries was on board with everything. Well, not really. OK, actually, not at all. They had completely different visions. Humphreys wanted five guys burgers to cater the wedding. Kim wanted Petrosian caviar. He wanted things simple and understated. Kim wanted things clingy and over-the-top. None of that sounds surprising. Yeah, no one.


But Kim is surprised. She's finally starting to notice how different they really are, especially when he brings her to his hometown in Minnesota and tells her that he wants them to move there after they're married.


OK, this isn't keeping up with the Kardashians of Duluth. Exactly.


But things only get worse when they start discussing if Kim should change her last name to Humphries. Humphries is pretty traditional and he wants his wife to take his surname.


And Kim does consider it. She's open to the idea. But then her mom reminds Kim of everything she's been building with the name Kardashian, and she does it by showing Kim what her business ventures will look like. If she becomes Kim Humphries, Kris says they'll have to build a whole new brand called Whump.


She moxa potential products like the jump rope, which is and take on the jump rope.


The high jump rope media would have a field day with that, definitely, she convinces Kim. But when she tells Humphries she won't take his name, it does not go over well. In fact, it becomes a really sore subject and they start to argue about it. Kim thought Humphries was the love of her life now.


She's not so sure, but everything moved so quickly and now Kim is about to walk down the aisle. There really is no looking back at this point. This money train is moving fast. It's August 20th, 2011, Kim looks up at the swarm of helicopters, the paparazzi are dying to get a shot of Kim in her white dress, but she's not letting them ruin her big day. She spends hours getting ready with her hair and makeup team and slips into the first of her three Vera Wang gowns.


It's a true Disney princess number with a sweetheart neckline and a large, poofy skirt. She's paired it with a 65 carat diamond headpiece that costs two point five million dollars.


Whoa, that's a lot of bling with wedding day jitters. Kim waits to make her entrance. She listens as the wedding march begins to play and the large crowd begins to rustle even though she knows nerves are normal.


On your wedding day, Kim's still feels unsettled. Her event planner hands her a bouquet of white roses. This is it. Kim can only go in one direction, and that's down the aisle. She links arms with Caitlin and they begin to walk. At the end of the long white walkway is her soon to be husband, Kris Humphries.


Kris smiles. He can't take his eyes off his stunning bride. And just like that, all of Kim's fears wash away. She looks into his eyes as she steps beside him. She's never felt more in love than she does right now. The couple say their vows and then the pastor officially announces them as husband and wife.


Kim feels like her heart is bursting. She's finally found the man of her dreams and everyone she loves is here to see it. Her perfect day is actually perfect and she couldn't be happier. After the high of the wedding, Kim is ready to settle into marital bliss. The hard part is over. She thinks she expects to be floating through the honeymoon period and falling even more in love with Humphries. She's had the perfect wedding and now it's time to start her perfect life.


But that's not quite what she gets. That's why fairy tales always end on the wedding. Well, with all the media attention dying down, so does the wedding. Hi.


Kim starts to see Humphries the way he really is. Instead of through rose colored glasses, he leaves his things everywhere. While she's a neat freak, he roughhousing with her and ruins a fresh pedicure. And worst of all, he doesn't seem to take her career seriously.


Kim makes it clear that she has a ton of work commitments lined up right after the wedding, so they'll have to postpone the honeymoon. But he surprises her with a trip to Italy that they have to leave for immediately. Kim doesn't want to seem ungrateful and she wants to put her husband first so she rearranges her schedule.


Kevin Humphries arrive in one of the most romantic destinations in the world, the Amalfi Coast.


But instead of reveling in the pasta and lagoon's, all Kim can think about is how unhappy she is, how she should be enjoying this luxurious trip with her brand spanking new husband.


But she'd rather be back at home working. Not a good sign. No. Kim later says that it was there on their honeymoon, that she just knew it wasn't going to work out.


But getting out of this marriage isn't going to be easy. Her wedding was a six million dollar declaration that she'd found the love of her life. Her fans jumped on board. They rooted for her. Telling them the truth will be a big risk. But Kim knows it's the right thing to do. So on October 31st, 2011, just 72 days after saying I do, Kim works up the nerve to file for divorce.


That must have been hard. It was, but not as hard as what comes next.


The Internet erupts. People insist the whole marriage was a sham. Angry fans and followers feel they've been played by the Kardashians for publicity and profit. On Twitter, a mocking hashtag starts trending things that have lasted longer than Kim Kardashian? S marriage of. I remember that. Yeah, they say things like my BlackBerry battery, Martha Stewart's jail sentence, J. Crew's return policy. It goes on and on.


Ouch. Yeah, it gets even worse for Kim. People publishes a cover about her wedding with the headline Mistake or Fake New York Post. The front page reads Big Ass Scam. They spell ass with two dollar signs. Classy. And I'm spelling that with two dollar signs.


Well, Kim is devastated. The attacks keep coming. The ridicule is unbearable. This is by far the biggest backlash of her career. And what's worse, her fans no longer trust her. This is so much worse than the Sketchers debacle this time. It's not just a product with her name on it that's in question. It's who she is as a person with her character under fire, Kim's entire empire is at risk. The only way to salvage this disaster is to somehow get her fans back on her side.


But how getting out from under this mess is going to take a personality even bigger than hers.


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That's code wonderous for one hundred dollars off at Talks La, la, la, la, la. It's June 2012, Kim, her siblings, their spouses, their children, all of them have been summoned to christen Kaitlyn's Cape Cod style mansion and everyone's running around. Some are making sure the house is presentable. Others are getting their hair and makeup done. But most are just trying to stay out of the way of the swarming cameramen. It's pure and utter pandemonium, and their nerves match the level of chaos because the queen of all media is about to arrive.


Oprah Winfrey, as anxious as her family is, Kim's even more worked up. She has so much riding on this interview after her very public marriage and very quick divorce from Kris Humphries. Her fans are questioning her authenticity. Kim needs to repair her relationship with them and fast. And there's no one better to help Kim repair her reputation than Oprah. She's one of the most trusted people in the world.


Yeah, I mean, when Oprah says to read a book, I listen. Yeah.


And I wait till those books become movies and I watch Oprah is in the house.


Kim smiles at her, but underneath her smile, she's panicked. She's about to be in the hot seat.


When people say that your last marriage was a stunt, that it was a whole thing was contrived for publicity. Yeah. How does that make you feel? And there it is, the million dollar question. Literally, there are actual millions riding on how Kim answers. She has to come across as sincere, honest and contrite so that she can earn her fans confidence back, and so that when Kim Kardashian tells them to read a book, they'll listen. Exactly.


And Kim doesn't skip a beat when she answers Oprah. She swears up and down that it was not a stunt, that she did not get married for ratings, that she would never deceive her fans and promises that she was truly in love with Humphries.


Kim's words resonate, but Oprah pushes asking why Kim didn't try harder to make the relationship work. I mean, it was only 72 days. Kim seizes the opportunity to explain that she needs to live her most authentic life, no matter what the consequences are.


I knew that I was going to get a lot of scrutiny for it, but I would rather have been beaten up in the media than live a life that was unhappy.


Oprah nods after the interview done, she takes to her Facebook page and writes, This interview with Kim Kardashian was another level of forthrightness and honesty. Her answer leveled me. Wow. So she definitely got Oprah's stamp of approval. She did.


And it makes all the difference. After the interview airs, the love starts to pour in. One fan tweets just watched Oprah's next chapter. I love you even more now.


Smiley face, beautiful and honest interview and another tweets. Screw all the haters here. As real as it gets, you deserve happiness. Her fans revere her for her honesty and candor. And just like that, Kim's career is back on track. But now that she's mended her public image, Kim's ready to repair her broken heart. And this time she sets her sights on someone with the same goals as herself, someone who's also angling for superstar status.


Kim has her eyes on Kanye West.


You mean lyricist, rapper, producer, fashion designer, slash mogul Kanye West, the very one. Kanye is one of the only people with his hands in as many different business ventures as Kim. In 2012, Kim and Kanye start dating and she falls hard.


She loves how much they have in common. They're both hard workers, they're both neat and they both love fashion. But Kim's taste is very different from Connies. Hers is sexy and clingy. His is muted and avant garde. But Kim decides it's time for a change. She wants to be less San Fernando Valley and more Paris couture. With Connie's help, Kim gets her wardrobe and refilled it with minimalist designer items, earth tones, black simple silhouettes. And do her fans end up liking the new Kim?


I think we can assume so. Keeping up is pulling better ratings than ever. It renews the show for a reported fifty million dollars.


Damn more like keeping up with the Benjamins. Oh yeah.


Kim's worked hard and now she's massively famous with more money than she's ever dreamed of. But even with Connie's help, she's having trouble making the jump from reality star to fashion icon. Kim spent her career endorsing products that are aimed at the masses, Skechers, Sharmin and Carl's Jr. and she's grateful for those opportunities. They have given her a ton of visibility and hefty paychecks. But if Kim wants to be accepted in the world of high end fashion, she has to prove that she belongs there.


But fashion is Kim's first love. She's been dreaming of fashion shows since her days cleaning closets for celebrities. She's more than willing to do whatever it takes to make the best designers and tastemakers notice and respect her even. If it means being Connies plus one for a while, I mean, we've all been someone's and guest before. True. But imagine how hard it is for Kim. Up until now, she's always been the draw No. One in her family and on the call sheet.


But now Kanye is the one with an all access pass.


It's the first Monday in May 2013. Kim is finally attending the Met gala for the first time. Until now, she's never been able to score an invite to the most exclusive fashion event of the season. This will be her chance to impress the legendary Anna Wintour, editor in chief of Vogue magazine, and the gatekeeper to all the top fashion houses. If Kim can win her over, her entry into elite fashion circles will be complete. But Anna is notoriously hard to please, and she's not a fan of reality stars.


So Kim knows she has our work cut out for her with a lot of consideration. Kim chooses the creative director of Givenchy to design her gown. It's floor length and floral with matching gloves, and it hugs every single curve of her body, which is a lot more curvy than it's ever been because Kim is pregnant. Baby north in the house.


Yeah, Kim and Kanye are going strong and are super excited to start their family. But Kim is a little self-conscious about all the weight she's put on. The press have been really cruel to her since she started showing off, but nothing is going to stop her from finally making a splash in the fashion world. Kim and Kanye walk down the red carpet and Kim smiles for the paparazzi as the flashbulbs go off all around them, Kim feels like she's finally made it.


She and Kanye are a power couple now.


She's conquered the night, that is, until she gets into her limo to head back to the hotel.


Kim pulls out her phone and checks social media. She can't wait to see what people are saying about the dress, but her face falls when she sees the comments. What do they say? Well, they compare her to the couch and Mrs. Doubtfire. OK, what the fuck? Someone notices how similar the prints are. Then it becomes a meme.


Even Robin Williams shares it with the caption, I think I wore a better. Kim bursts into tears the next day, things get even worse. Vogue crops are out of the photo slideshow showing the night's best looks, choosing to feature only Kanye. It's a direct snub from Anna Wintour herself. Kim is devastated.


She started the evening feeling like she'd finally found her place in fashion. But now she's the laughingstock of the industry. How did things go so horribly wrong? But this is Kim Kardashian we're talking about, she doesn't take the step back lying down, she's determined to show Anna that she can make a name in the world of fashion without her stamp of approval. Instead, Kim continues to make the rounds as Kanye plus one getting to know Donatella Versace, Valentino and Olivier roosting.


And unlike the Vogue crew, Kim does win them over. She starts to count them as friends. So when Kim and Kanye get married, they're not only guests at the wedding, but they help her planet. Valentino offers his Paris mansion for a pre wedding lunch. And of course, Kim wears one of his designs to the event. The rehearsal dinner is held at the Palace of Versailles in the exquisite Hall of Mirrors room, and when it's time for the wedding, the 600 guests are flown to Florence.


Kim walks down the aisle and given she wedding gown while Andrea Bocelli belts out an operatic tune. OK, this feels even bigger than her wedding to Humphris. Yeah, that's because it is. But it's also more elegant and private this time. The ceremony isn't featured on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Even though it's an outrageous weeklong event. Kim wants it to feel exclusive. And you know who didn't get an invite?


Oh, God. Anna Wintour.


You know, Kim goes out of her way to show Anna that she can do it without her, that she can enter Anna's world and befriend all of Anna's friends without her approval. Go, Kim. Yeah, it's definitely a power move and it has no choice but to wave the white flag and put Kim on the cover of Vogue in April 2014.


The magazine reveals the cover. Kanye is in a Saint-Laurent blazer standing behind Kim, who's in a gorgeous cream colored Lavonne dress. The headline announces them as hashtag The world's most talked about couple. Kim and Kanye look flawless. And Kim's massive engagement ring is prominently featured in the editorial spread inside the magazine.


Kim and Kanye pose with their gorgeous new baby girl North. The issue, Miss Kim as the newest fashion star endorsed by Anna Wintour herself.


Wow. What made Anna change her mind? Maybe Anna was impressed by Kim's audacity and boldness. She was bested by a reality star, but Kim couldn't care less why it happened.


She's over the moon.


She did what she set out to do and made the leap from reality star to fashion icon. She's taken her brand from Playboy to Vogue. In seven short years, she's gone from a princess to a queen. But now someone else is coming for her crown.


And it's not an outsider. It's a member of her own family.


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Our audio engineer is Sergio Henriquez. Sound Design is by James Moorgate. Our executive producers are Stephanie Jones marshmallowy and Hernan Lopez for wondering what. So, Erica, if there's one thing we've learned doing our show, it's that celebrities really are just like us in one way.


They all have secrets.


Yeah, like that time it came out that a certain celebrity couple were vials of each other's blood around their necks.


I mean, celebrities really do know their way around romance and trends.


Jewelry sales skyrocketed. But I'm curious, do you have any good secrets that. I don't know.


I mean, OK, I used to autograph books as their authors and goodwill stores. Does that count?


So you'd go into the store and write autographs in the book?


Yes. Yeah.


Anybody listening? There you go.


Anybody listening? That doesn't look legit. You're not going to get much for it on eBay.


I'm sorry, but I think you and I both have secrets that are a little dark.


Oh, yeah. And that's why we're so excited about the new Amazon original series. Tell me your secrets. Tell me your secrets. Stars Lilly Rob, Amy Brenneman and Hamish Linklater as a trio of characters, each with a mysterious and troubling past. Talk about a stacked cast. Yeah, definitely. OK, so John, played by Linklater, is a former serial predator desperate to find redemption. Mary, played by Brennaman, is a mother who is searching for her daughter.


And Emma, played by Rob, is the woman who may be responsible for her disappearance. Tell me your secret is a dark roller coaster ride full of murderous twists and turns that will leave you wondering who was the victim and who is the villain.


The new Amazon original series. Tell Me Your Secrets premieres February 19th on Amazon Prime video. Trust me, you do not want to miss this show.


And stay tuned right now to hear a trailer to make this film. She was taken. I know. My boyfriend killed nine women. The police thought that I helped him. Did you sometimes I get these flashes. I don't know if you mirrors. I mean, help me find this monster before she destroys someone else's life. What are you going to do when I find her? As you know, something is happening here, two girls are dead, fathers who are.


I know what you did. I demand justice. There are. And we better find her first. Is there something you're not telling me are so many things? I can't take time to say. Good shot. The new Amazon original series, Tell Your Secrets premieres February 19th on Amazon Prime video.