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You know, six oh one oh, God, the fantasy football podcast presented by Geico, I don't know why Matthew is doing that right now, but he's doing this thing where he looks like animated creatures and dance and whatever. I just, you know, when I when the music hits me, when the music hits me and I see myself on on the beautiful screen of the Internet, just try to do a little something for people that are tuning into the live show.


Just a little something for a little extra treat. Do you think that enhances their experience?


I think it you think people actually they're more excited about watching us because that's what I think you're thing OK. But I think you do. You know, those like you see him. We haven't seen him a lot recently, but those sort of like you see him oftentimes during Halloween.


Right. Almost like the er like the big oversized the inflatable wave you are picking up.


Thank you, Daniel. Inflatable. That's what you sort of look like.


Those guys that don't really have their sort of like, oh yeah. Yeah. Kind of just like her all over the place. And they have no rhythm to them. They just Daniel's doing a lot better than I was. That's what Matthew looks. Yeah. It's like. Yeah, exactly. It's like like you see him outside of like car dealerships. Yeah, exactly. So that was you. Yeah.


Was it because I was just I was trying to bob and weave, I was trying to like, you know, no, I think you know, maybe just stick to dabbing instead. Yeah. The fantasy as we mentioned, we have you know, OK, I'm just, I'm just, I'm just whatever I'm out here, I'm out here trying to kill it for the people, giving it up for the audience, you know what I'm saying? That's what I'm trying to do.


I'm just trying to kill it at every given moment. And you're just you're there like a stiff board, like order. You put some put me to shame. What should you know, what could you do?


Tell you about Thursday Night Football, that work, I suppose. But Thursday Night Football Recap has brought to you by Wendy's breakfast. The Breakfast. So good. You want to tell someone about it like their ice coffee. That's stuff was awesome. Right. Let's get into it quickly. It was not the game that we are all circling on our calendars before the season began. But it was a game.


It was entertaining. Sure. Yeah, it was. No, I'm just saying. But I mean that for two oh and three. I'll take Bird to two quick things about that. First off, for two oh and three teams, that was a much better game than we could have hoped for.


I agree.


And secondly, I think Bill Barnwell, our colleague and friend, put this out on Twitter the other yesterday, which is that like if you had told me in the middle of May, we would be watching, you know, Brett Rypien versus Sam Donald, two oh and three teams on Thursday Night Football. I would have said like, yes, please. Oh, please. Oh, please, let that happen. So you know what? I'm thankful for football.


Thank you to everyone.


I'm excited that we had that game last night. I'm looking forward a week for this weekend.


You are. And the people I am at by you.


But let's get into just a few fantasy notes and takeaways. Not a ton of takeaways necessarily.


I will pass along. Melvin Gordon had a great night last night. He had one hundred and seven rushing yards. Much of that came on his clinching forty three yard touchdown run one of his two touchdown runs of the night. Tim Patrick. Kind of a breakout game for the Broncos last night. Not sure there's much to that, though. Six catches, 113 yards and a touchdown. I'd like to see it more before I were to tell you that you should be investing in Tim Patrick, his teammate Jerry.


Judy, though, had the best highlight of his young career. He had a long week, was a forty nine yard touchdown.


Yeah, the ball is kind of stuck to the defenders helmet for a second.


And Judy was like that. Well, he went, he went, he basically was under thrown and so Judy sort of went over top of the guy to grab the ball and bring it in and credit to Joe Buck and Troy Aikman who said You got Mossed, you know, I mean, like so shout out, shout out to the segment that they do every on. I'm on a countdown, but the guy did get mossed.


And I just wonder if Jerry Judy is some look, we all agree on the talent.


Right. And whether it's going to be Brett Rypien or, you know, Drew Lock eventually like this.


Jerry Judy kind of a Bilo at some point.


Is he somebody that maybe you should invest in, like Tim Patrick is, you know, listen, was a nice game here, but, you know, Kammler, you know, had the Hammie and everything like that. And and so I don't know that he's somebody you count on either necessarily. But it's worth noting. But Jerry, Judy was sort of interesting to me that like second half of the year, can we see something here? That's what it was.


No, Courtland Sutton. Yeah.


I mean, as we pointed out yesterday, he had at least seven targets, each of his first three games.


So maybe there's something I do wonder if people that drafted Jerry Judy are going to be more determined to hold on the jury duty because they like Tim for some reason going into the season.


But not a bad idea for potential. Bilo. I think he's available in a couple leagues. I was just going to say, like, I don't think he's 100 percent roster. So then roster maybe an interesting depth flyer on the end of your bench, keeping in mind, obviously, that it's really important to have flexibility right now on your roster.


No Fant briefly left this game. Stephania, are we nervous about their best, most consistent offensive pass catcher right now?


I think if you're watching the game last night, you were nervous because you saw him get carted off and it sounded like it could have been something significant with this ankle. Adam Schefter tweeted this morning or sometime in the middle of the night that they were relatively relieved that it didn't seem to be as serious as they first thought. I've since followed up this morning and can concur that that's the sentiment, but I would also caution that sometimes in the day or two after these injuries, when you get swelling that sets in, that's when it turns into a problem.


So stay tuned. But for now, it doesn't appear that any serious structural injury took place to find you.


What are we staying tuned to just specifically for this show?


To you, to me, that that we always do that we're going to say we don't need to stay tuned because we already are tuned.


We always are tuned to star Fonua Bell. Well said. They're for the Jets. Just a couple of takeaways on the Jets. I could see Jamison Crowder, have a nice night.


Yeah, how about Jeff Smith, our boy? Yeah, I just called off the practice squad, put into the lineup and were busy football standing. There you go.


Go. They have some optimism there for Jeff Smith. I just don't know that you can be optimistic about any jets pass catcher based off what we saw last night. Sam Darnell had the best rushing game of any Jets quarterback in a long, long time because he had this 43 yard miracle dash play by Sam who beast mode.


It was like, unbelievable. It's final. I want to go back to you for a second and we'll make it quick on the Jets we promised. I thought this was going to be a Sam Donald leaves the game and does not return. We are all sitting there thinking to ourselves that the case he took a huge hit right shoulder and he bounced back within like a quarter of game play.


And I was really watching how he was throwing like, was he going to struggle to make the throws down the field? Because there are a few things that can happen when you get taken down like that. And if you if you saw that tackle, when your arm gets pinned to your side, essentially his arm was against his side, that really opens up the possibility for the shoulder to be exposed. So you think the point of the shoulder, a sprained clavicle, collarbone, injury or rotator cuff injury, which is what Drew Lock had a similar take down that has resulted in him missing time of his rotator cuff have been a problem.


Sam wouldn't have been able to make some of the throws that he did. So they probably took him back and did quick X-ray and checked him out and felt like he was cleared to return and he showed that he could still throw the ball. All right.


Well, that's good. I mean, obviously, the Jets offense doesn't offer much inspiring confidence, but if Sam Darnell did not return, it would have been Joe Flacco for the rest of the game who threw a couple passes last night.


Welcome back. Oh, Joe Flacco, Chris revenge game.


Right. We've been trying for two years to make it happen. I still believe his talented player. Maybe he needs maybe he needs a change of scenery, but Chris Herndon cannot get it going. Or maybe the Jets can't get in going. He just one catch for eleven yards on three targets last night.


If for some reason you have been if every other pass catcher on the Jets got injured on the same play. Right. Do you think he would get a target then? No, I would throw to Alex Lewis, the guard or so they run back a little.


Derek Fisher play for Alex Lewis, right tackle eligible. I don't know what like.


Yeah, I mean, like, it's, you know, it's the old mean girls meme, you know, it's it's like, you know, strupp, stop trying to make fetch happen. It's not going to happen. It's the same thing here. Stop trying to make Chris Herndon happen. It's not going to happen as long as Adam Gates is the head coach, the Jets. And it appears that we'll see.


But it seems like all the reports are that steady stream of reports that that mount same time frame last night, all with the same message. Adam Gates is not getting fired, at least for right now, at least for right now.


They are full on tanking for Trevor.


Let's, by the way, not not the worst idea. Like, you know what? If that's your plan, like, you know, we're keeping you there.


There's a lot of season ahead. I'd be interested to see what happens in ten or twelve weeks from right now.


But if they were to actually end up with that number one overall pick, what a fascinating conversation that would be between Sam Donald and keeping him or trading Sam Donald and drafting Trevor Lawrence.


All right. We got a ton of injury updates to get a ton of them because it is Friday. So it's time now for Stephania Bell.


She's not because she's a freak. Stephania, it is Friday, which not only means a lot of injuries, but also a lot of wide receivers that are stars that we need updates on. And as if we haven't gone through a lot of wide receiver injuries in the first three weeks of the season, now we have DeAndre Hopkins, who has missed practice and back to back days. Is his week four status in peril?


I don't think so. You know, there doesn't seem to be a lot of concern in Arizona right now. And if you look at the history of DeAndre Hopkins, pretty routine that he misses a practice sometimes, too, during the week. But he always shows up on Sunday, virtually played in every single game in the last five seasons. So I would be shocked at this point if this turns into something that causes him to miss time just based on the vibe that I'm getting out there in Arizona.


But he knows himself very well and will tend to rest during the week and be available on Saturday.


That's very encouraging right there. Fantasy football now on Sunday morning certainly will have more updated information there. Christian Kirkeby, the next man up. I think the number one wide receiver. Something happened to DeAndre Hopkins. But it's not just DeAndre Hopkins. We've got a bunch of star receivers here, Stephania, including Davante Adams for the Green Bay Packers. They play on Monday night. So we're still relatively early in their practice week. What do you know about him?


Yeah, there's there's a whole lot of question marks in the receiver department for Monday night right now, but Davante Adams obviously with a hamstring issue that sidelined him last week. And we talked about the fact that it didn't appear to be that serious. He had lobbied to go back into the game where he was originally hurt. They even though they called him doubtful, they left it open that he could possibly play last week. All things that would tell you the injury itself wasn't overly serious.


Devonta Adams back in limited practice. And I think we all assumed he'd naturally go this week. But then yesterday he had some very interesting remarks saying that he wasn't going to be out there unless he was 100 percent. And my comment to that was, you never really know if you're 100 percent from his hamstring injuries until you're back and get through a full game. I've said that a million times, so it'd be interesting to see what he thinks is 100 percent to get him out there.


I know Matt LeFleur sounded positive about him, and he also said that they would not use the bye week as a consideration. Now, who knows where the truth is and all of that. So I think Devon Tannum still a question mark, even though he's clearly been physically improving. Stay tuned. Saturday will be a big day just to make it all.


One wholesome conversations to find about Monday Night Football. There are three other wide receivers that all of a sudden have injury considerations as well, maybe even four, if you think about it, with three Falcons wide that are banged up.


Right. The Falcons, you've got Julio Jones with a hamstring issue that obviously was limiting him. He is improving. And Dan Quinn said he was trending the right way for Monday Night Football. Certainly sounds like they plan to have him. Russell Gage, in the concussion protocol, we always say non-linear, but the fact that they have until Monday does give you some encouragement. And he was participating to some degree in yesterday's practice. So if everything progresses normally, you'd hope that they would be able to have him.


And then Calvin Ridley held out of practice because of an ankle issue, but expected to play on Monday night. And just over in the Green Bay Packers worth noting, Allen, Lazard will be out indefinitely because of undergoing core muscle surgery. So this injury obviously came up after the game last week and already has had it taken care of. These are typically in the five to six week neighborhood for guys to return from, but they also don't often have the same power right when they first come back.


So stay tuned.


OK, interesting stuff there for Lazard, who had a great game a couple of weeks ago last week. Excuse me. Yeah, I was just going to say, you know, two things. No. One is suddenly Marcus Velda Scantlin obviously becomes a lot more interesting.


He's available in a lot of leagues. This is a game that we expect a lot of points to be scored. Falcons secondary has really struggled, believe they give up the third most fantasy points to opposing wide receivers.


And then and then the other piece here is that, you know, suddenly you're looking for other pass catchers. They're in Green Bay. Does Robert Tonin, their tight end, suddenly become big play ball? Yeah, you know, like that.


Some people call baby Kittel right after their workout, buddy. They are. Yeah.


So there you go. I just just some names to put on your radar, especially by, you know, I think a lot of people are still scrambling with the news that the Titans and Steelers game is not going to be played. And so, you know, that's somebody that might be worth looking into.


The whole thing is back, baby. Touchdown, Jesus. Bring back Jay Kumara.


Oh, I know. Khumra is on the practice.


He's. That's right. I knew he was on a practice squad. I can remember. So he's on the Bills Practice squad.


By the way, this injured lizard is the exact reason why I don't have any core muscles, because you can't you can't tear them or hurt them if you don't have them feel the heat. That's way you understand what I'm saying. I'm just saying, like, OK, I'll lizard your fault for having core muscles. Like, if you had a you had a body like this baby, that wouldn't be hurt.


I got to give my God I might have a granddad.


But actually what they might have said.


Let me let me I'm just going to and we have a lot of dads that watch the show and listen to the show. So just a helpful hint from your pal here.


Baggy shirts. Baggy shirts are your friends. I'm going to say, like, yeah, buddy. OK, all right. So a bunch more injury updates here. Now, let's get to the Buccaneers, specifically Chris Godwin, who we know suffers Aryan's comments that may not be available on Sunday afternoon.


Yeah, I'm not expecting Chris Godwin to be available in state as to pay attention to Scottie Miller, too. He's also banged up with a hip and a groin issue over in Jacksonville, Chark. Remember last week that the Cheston back injury after a hard fall and then yesterday practicing in a noncontact jersey? And a little tip here is that we see the noncontact jerseys. A lot of teams use them when guys are coming off of injury. But Jacksonville rarely has a non quarterback in a noncontact jersey.


So still, they're pretty concerned about T.J. Charkhi to say he's a toss up right now to play. Terry MacLaurin all of a sudden added to the report on Thursday. You don't like to see that? No, but I my understanding is that this is not significant, maybe just a little bit of rest. So don't rule him out just yet. OK, so one more.


They're the on the injuries for the wide receiver. Yep.


John Brown with the calf issue. And I had said yesterday that I really didn't expect him to play. I was hearing this was something that might keep him out not only this week, but beyond, but showed up limited in practice yesterday. You never know. These things can always change. Remember, injuries are fluid. There's not a set timetable. I don't think they feel great about his status. But the fact that he was out there yesterday, somewhat encouraging.


And let's not forget about Michael Thomas the Saints. How could we forget? And he's back in limited practice. I think that they certainly expect to have him back and he wants to play.


OK, that's good news. And Michael Thomas especially, that's the kind of injury that between now and when they play on Sunday, you're going to have an update, right? Like you're not going to go into Sunday in the dark on Michael Thomas. Unquestionably, it'll be one of the injuries that, you know, ChAFTA is following going into that game on Sunday. So I expect if you wake up early on Sunday morning, you'll have an update from him.


Let's just want to add one more thing. I just got an update that Doug Maron on his Internet show this morning said that he's, quote, comfortable with Jaque playing this week. So. All right, wait a sec. A little more positive.


I just I think it's just around the Internet rather than our Internet. That's our corner here.


Right? The Internet show people know, right? Well, you know, you want him to have an Internet show if he's given information that we can use on our Internet.


Well, but by the way, can't Doug Marone get a local local radio show or like a TV show or like he has one of those.


I know, but maybe he's on the maybe is a multiplatform guy. Maybe video is Doug Marone on Twitch.


What's going on? Like, you know, Doug, no one's got the headset. He's on Twitch, he's playing Madden. He's just like, this is what I'm going to do this Sunday against the Colts or whatever.


It's the Internet. It's the teams that are the Jaguars Internet show. You know, that makes more sense. It makes more sense. I just I just love the idea of of Doug.


Oh, does like what's up, periscope?


Bam, I'm going Engli right now. All yours going live on tick tock. But if all you want to talk it is not. Follow me on tick tock where I'm at Matthew Berry TMA. I'm over four thousand. I'm verified on tick tock which made my daughters very impressed. Like I don't impress my daughters at all. My daughters don't care one iota. But the fact that I got verified on tick tock suddenly they were impressed with me. Oh like seven.


They know their application is there ain't no. Yeah they're eight. Of course they do. Are you kidding me. I don't, I don't know these things. No they listen, listen. They look at me like they look at me like I'm chopped liver but you know what I mean. Like if Charlie Emilio walked into our door, you know, they would they would freak the the blank out.


We tried. Emilio, I have no.


How do you you don't know who she is. Are you serious? How am I the young and not. I'm going to say I'm the young hip one because it's like you're a dad.


You're not you are by proxy. She is she is a massive, massive Internet star.


OK, well, she literally has like seventy five million followers on tick tock. She probably has like forty million Instagram like. Yeah. She's the one with the sisters. Yeah. Well yes, she's got an older sister Dixie like yeah it's a whole family like the dad like has ten million followers.


I will tell you this, you know who's got a lot of followers is Chris Carson.


Hey yo. All right. So I just want to quickly address anything thirsty. Kyle just I want to I want to pull here I want to pull here from from ESPN on the fantasy focus account. Very quickly, do you know who Charlie Amelio is?


Yes or no? And just Google her, you'll get the correct spelling. But her last name. But yes, just do me that favor. That's what I want. You got to make to be like 90 percent of her first to spell her last name because she's so famous and popular that everybody knows her. That's already point to five on, you know who she is.


Right. You've heard of her? Well, I've heard the name. I don't know if I could pick her out of a lineup. Are you starting her in fantasy this week? That's right.


That's not we should talk about people that, you know, this is a major injuries to. Virginia, that has implications if he does not play and as of right now, we have him in our ranking still because he's been limited in practice. Is Chris Carson going to pull off a miracle and play on Sunday against Miami?


Maybe? You know, this is one where it seemed almost certain that he was going to miss a week. They kind of projected there that one to two weeks, very vague description of his injury. We heard it was not as serious as it looked like it could have been after that, the way he was tackled and his knee got twisted. But they were very encouraged by the results. And I'm surprised, frankly, that he's been able to practice even on a limited basis.


So I think, you know, these things often go with how the player's feeling. And if Chris Carson does enough to show that they're comfortable with him being able to get through a game and being able to protect himself and not at any greater risk of making it worse than he would be any other time he steps on the field, those are all the factors that go into the decision making and maybe he's making a case for it. If not, you know, then certainly he's going to be back next week based on this.


And we're not going to have much, much anxiety next week about who to start in Seattle. But there's a possibility he could be out there this week.


Well, which would which would be huge. And that's something we'll obviously monitor today. And we'll talk about Sunday morning, 10:00 am Eastern on ESPN to fantasy football. Now, I am a company man.


It'd be interesting because if he were active, would you feel comfortable starting him? And I think I think the answer's got to be yes. Like a choice. Yeah.


I mean, given this weekend that, you know, maybe the thinking is he can go out there and not make it worse, that like, I have more confidence that he could be out there for much of the game. It's a good matchup against the Dolphins. And how do you stop? I mean, how do you not play anybody in the Seahawks offense that you've been playing for the first weeks of this season?


I mean, it's unbelievable, right? I mean, so I mean, you think about this Dolphins team, right? They're the worst red zone defense in the NFL through the first three weeks of the season. Their twenty fifth against the run. I mean, we just saw James Robinson in negative game scripts have a monster game against them last Thursday night. And so Chris Carson, who will be in, we expect positive game script. You know, look, you would expect that to be a very favorable start for him.


And by the way, this puts a damper on I just want to point out, because I think there's two sides of the coin. Number one, the positive piece here is, hey, you might have Chris Carson, but for other people that scrambled to the Waywire to pick up Carlos Hyde because all of a sudden they're without James Connor. Derrick Henry, hold on a minute. You may not have I mean, you're going to have him, but you may not have the workload that you expected against the Dolphins.


And so I think this is a very important story to watch going forward and make alternative plans. If you don't have Chris Carson, but you do have Carlos Hyde and you were planning on him getting a full workload because that may not be the case. We'll know more later today and obviously Sunday morning. Yes, we will have a Kareem Hunt Stephania for the Cleveland Browns. He popped up on the injury report this week as well.


He hasn't practice. And I think this is definitely something to be concerned about. A groin injury and running back is not just important for lateral movement, it's important for power. And if it's significant enough, guys just can't get off the line. They can't explode forward. So if he said absent from practice today, then I think you can write it off for sure. We'll see if he's able to do anything. But he hasn't been out there at all.


Kevin's defense, you coined him day to day smear that bit of optimism that he can practice today, even on a limited fashion and play on Sunday. He actually makes Matthews loveless.


Matthew, you are all in on Kareem Hunt this weekend in a game where his past coaching may need to be a big part of the Browns office because they're playing against a Cowboys team that can't stop anybody, but they can score with the best of them. Yeah, I mean, that's that's the point, right, to sort of how does this game play out? And he's been there pass catching running back. I mean, you know, we talked about this on the Monday show, like his touchdown last week came on a passing play, like a legit passing route, not a like he was lined up on the line of scrimmage is a slot receiver.


And and so they're using him some on the line of scrimmage as a slot receiver. And he's certainly the better pass catching back than Nick Chubb. They prefer him in the two minute. They prefer him in the third down drills and third down plays, I should say. And so in a game in which the Browns are underdogs here and we know that the Cowboys offense is one of the best in the NFL, they have had no problem scoring on any team they played.


So this game is likely either a shootout or the Browns are trailing. So, yeah, I think Nick I think Kareem Hunt is potentially the better play here. The Nick Chubb. I think you're starting both guys in a high scoring game. But yeah, I do like Kareem Hunt in this game, assuming he plays to find him. You know, he's got this groin issue all of a sudden we just talked about. Yeah, let's get to a couple more.


I know, but I'm I'm just I'm going to back to her because I assume she's going to talk about someone else. OK, let's keep it rolling.


Stephania then with Leonard Fournette another running back with with an injury issue. Yeah.


Two days now without practicing because of his ankle. And when your coach says that you're concerned about the possibility of Fournette not being available then it's, it's legitimate. So we've seen ankle problems for him before and it has really slowed him up. And I was. Say, this is not good. I mean, we'll see what he does today. Friday is always the day, right? We're talking about this. He may surprise us, but we've gotten the hints from the team that aren't very encouraging.


And how about Michael Sanders, Michael Sanders on the injury report Thursday with a glute issue. I'm not sure if this is related to the hamstring issue that sidelined him early in the season. And it may just be that they want to arrest him because the Eagles are hurting. They have a ton of injuries. They have to travel west to play my getting healthier 49ers. So at this point, I don't have any indication that Sanders won't be available. It might just be rest.


And so they have so many injuries. Like you just mentioned, you've talked about on yesterday's show, just one healthy wide receiver for the Eagles on the field on the practice field on Thursday amongst the 53 man roster guys. So there could be some roster tinkering coming for Philadelphia in the next 24 to 48 hours. And as you mentioned, the 49ers are getting a little bit healthier. So if Leonard Fournette sits we talked about this yesterday, we suspect that Ronald Jones will be the guy who should have a decent chance at somewhere between 15 and 20 touches, given that Leonard Fournette has played right away since being acquired after he was released by the Jaguars.


And that opens up some work for Ronald Jones.


So for those that have been hanging tight with Rojo for it's worth noting here for Ronald Jones, his career, when he gets over 15 touches, averaged sixteen point eight fantasy points per game over 80 total yards and all five of those games. And he scored a touchdown in four of those five games here. So I think that's a reasonable expectation that if Leonard Fournette sits all due respect to Leshawn McCoy, a one carry this year. Yeah, I mean, it's going to be the rodeo show.


And so Rajo, you know, getting over fifteen carries. Certainly the numbers bear that out. And as we talked about, the Chargers come to town, their defense is really beat up. And it's a West Coast team traveling east for one o'clock game here.


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I like your inflection there when you dream deep. Thank you. Very dreamy voice that was done by you, Daniel. So for those that have missed it, I'm sure you haven't. But just in case the Pittsburgh Steelers Tennessee Titans game has been postponed from this weekend, it will be at a later date. Adam Schefter reported the most likely scenario to be that will be played in week seven and then they will push back the previously scheduled Steelers Ravens game two week eight.


This morning, Cheffy also reported that two more Titans did test positive. Those are players in this case brings their franchise total of about thirteen from this past week and that there is a chance if other more cases bubble up or things don't turn in a hurry. That week five game against the Buffalo Bills, which would be in Buffalo or Tennessee, could be in jeopardy as well. We're mentioning that to you because as we learned this week, thinking ahead is never a bad play.


And especially in this year, you might want to get a jump on things worth mentioning.


I mean, the exact wording from ChAFTA is at this rate, if there are more positives this week and in Tennessee, next weekend's Titans Bills game would be in jeopardy.


And so, look, roster construction is so hard and you only have so many spots here and we're going to get into ires for one second. You only have so many spots here, but if you like, if you only have Josh Allen, which would make total sense given the fact that you know, nothing short of amazing. Right. Then maybe you look at another quarterback. I think you probably have other you know, you're you're not rolling out there with just Devin Singletary or Zach Moss.


And as great as Stefon Diggs has been, you probably have other wide receivers as well.


So to me, I really think it's about, you know, just, you know, how how easy it will be for you to get a quarterback with a decent matchup in week five in your particular league. So just something to look at. If you've been rolling with Josh Allen, we're not saying it's going to happen, but it's just if he puts it out there, it's certainly within the realm of possibility and it's worth discussing.


I want to just talk very quickly here, because I've gotten a lot of blowback here and about about the decision that the players on the Titans and Steelers teams are not eligible for either on ESPN Fantasy Game.


And I will just tell you just and this is not trying to do anything, just so you understand behind the scenes, real quickly, the people that do the game, the the technology group that does the ESPN fantasy game are a separate group from the content group here that do like the podcast. I think they do a great job. They do an amazing job. It is an insanely and hard to a thankless job and an insanely hard and thankless job to create umpire to to yeah.


Not not only are the umpires, but just to create a piece of technology that can handle literally millions upon millions upon millions of transactions every second. I mean, because there are I mean, literally tens of millions of leagues, it means you have no idea how hard this is.


It's it's harder than a banking app. But anyway, so they do a great job. The only reason I bring that up is because I have no control over that.


Right. I just I just having said that, I agree with the decision here, the I r spot. So I just I just want to put up that I'm not a spokesman for for that particular group, but I'm just I but in my personal opinion, I think it's 100 percent the right call, the I r spot. And we made the spot this year. You know, covid players that are on the cover nineteen list are eligible for the spot this year.


But that was for players that have been ruled out due to covid-19, you're on the that are on the covid-19 list, right? The majority of the players on the Titans and Steelers are not on that list.


The game, a single player from the Titans who would be fantasy relevant right now?


That is correct. It is their bye week. This is this is their bye week. And so next week, the Green Bay Packers are on. Bye. You're not going to put Aaron Rodgers on the. We will put Aaron Jones.


So it's the complaining that I'm hearing. Is this like guys and men and women, like, what are you doing here? Like like the NFL is taking precaution, which is absolutely the right thing to do this. The health and safety of the Titans and Steelers organizations is paramount above anything else. And then, by the way, and they're and they're taking it they're taking this game off, by the way. They're also giving you notice you now you've had like four days to deal with this.


And and so and it's now their bye week. So deal with it. Like this is the last thing I want to say here and I'll get off my soapbox. But these are unprecedented times, right? This is we are in a crazy, insane time in our world. Like no one even talks about murder hornets, like murder hornets sort of thing. And our world is so insane. No one even talks about murder hornets. Yeah. Oh, yeah.


Oh, yeah. And my point is, is that these are unprecedented crazy times in the real world and certainly in the fake football world. And all of us, every single one of us are just trying to muddle through the best we can, trying to make our way through an unprecedented time. And that certainly includes the commissioner of your league, which, let's face it, being the commissioner of a fantasy football league is immediately the worst job in fantasy football.


You want to talk about thankless. That is a thankless job. So you know what? Go easy on your commissioner. Go easy on grief. I'm commissioner one league and I got a text from a buddy yesterday that's in the league saying, like, why isn't, you know, these guys in Iowa? And I'm like, well, they're not in Iowa because they're not eligible, because they're not actually on Iowa. It's the bye week. It's the bye week.


It came earlier than you thought. And the person was like, well, that would have affected how I drafted. I'm like, what do I want me to tell you, man? We're in a worldwide pandemic, like I mean, like it just so that's all I just want to say is I think it is the right decision by ESPN fantasy. I can't speak to how other platforms are doing it, but I suspect it's the same way I only play.


I don't know and I don't know the answer. I mean, but regardless, like just man like we're lucky to play football, man. We're lucky that we've got football at all. We're lucky to play fantasy football. Like, just just enjoy it. Focus on trying to make the best possible lineup you can with week four.


And you know, two things here. And I want to offer a workaround for people that if so and by the way, when I called the games group umpires, I meant that when they do their job perfectly, which is ninety nine percent of the time in most people's estimation, sure, no one says anything. It's when they do something you disagree with that you have to jump down their throats right in the same way that we do with umpires.


Here's a workaround that I've thought of that people should consider for their league, because we also said like there might be some legitimacy behind putting three extra bench spots on your roster, like before going into the season.


Hey, I have three extra brown spots or two extra bench spots and you normally would.




Here's a proposed workaround, is that if you have Derrick Henry or Juju Smith, Schuster or whatever and your league collectively agrees with this idea, what I would suggest is that for those that are concerned about having to drop a valuable piece of their roster because of this situation, everybody agrees on this then at some point before Sunday.


You can make it you can submit to your commissioner, I am dropping this player that I would have zero interest in dropping otherwise if not for this pandemic. And I would like the right to have this player added to my roster after week four. So I'm just making this up.


You're totally making this up. All right. Let's say that you have you at a Justin Jefferson last week as a nice Alshon Jeffery, who you think might play sometime soon for the Philadelphia Eagles. Right.


But you can't necessarily using this week. He may or may not play. Hey, I am dropping Alshon Jeffery for week four because I need to pick up a running back to replace Derrick Henry. I get Alshon Jeffery back on my roster on Wednesday if the whole agrees to it.


That seems like actually a fairly straightforward to work this around. You're not vulnerable to losing that player on waivers you can power through.


I'll just I'll say, like if I was in that league, I would vote no for that.


Just, OK, look, I'm not just saying if the league is collectively steaming mad about this rule, that's the way to work around. And I just I I'm going to stick to it. You're you're going to agree with it.


I'm saying you are collectively mad, but this is a workaround just which is completely fair. Good work around. And it should should all be done here. And I do think that just in the grand scheme and I wrote about this in my love hate column this week, is that if you have a that you need to because luckily we have four days notice before that this game can be postponed, but we may not in the future. And I do think the league needs to have a rule.


I'd like, hey, what happens if, like, you know, at nine a.m. on a Sunday morning, you find out the game's not going to be played? Right. Like or if you found out Monday morning the Monday Night Football game is going to be played. Right. So I think you need to have a rule there, whether it's just like, hey, you can designate a backup on your bench to be the the replacement, you know, or or you go to a baseball format for the week for the league, whatever it is.


The one thing I would say here is like just very quickly, I am in a 16 team league, not our war room league, but a different 16 team league. And I have Ben Roethlisberger, I have James Connor, I have Donte Johnson, and I have AJ Brown on that team.


And if Scottie Miller doesn't play, like in order for me to start a kicker, I'm going to have to wave. Scottie Miller, who has tons of who has decent amount of value in a 16 team league.


And you know what it is, what it is. It's like I'm just like, OK, all right. That's the Dems. The breaks. Welcome to Fantasy Football.


All right, let's move forward because we've got a ton of stuff to try to get to in the time we have left on this show. So I understand there are no Steelers or Titans available this weekend. I'm going to give you some names that you should consider. We should get we're going to give you some names you should consider. If you're trying to replace it, we'll go.


So go by position. And I don't know that Ben or Ryan Tannehill was being started in a high percentage of leagues, probably two quarterback leagues only.


And as a result of that, I think Ben was maybe some maybe some not a ton, though. OK, so anyways, let's talk about quarterbacks garnishments and makes a loveless for you this week. He's a consensus top thirteen play for us. Jared Goff, who we have as well. Top fifteen quarterback in terms of ESPN consensus rankings and Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Seahawks defense has been brutal so far this season, specifically defending the Parcells with three options right there.


You like Gardner, you actually like jerk off the most out of those three.


He's QB nine on the season. You love the matchup at home against the Giants. He's been a top eleven fantasy quarterback in four of the past five games. He love the matchup there. Ryan Fitzpatrick, by the way, is one of five different quarterbacks with twenty four fantasy points in week two and three Mahomes, Wilson Prescott, Josh Allen, the others. Obviously, the Seahawks have allowed multiple quarterback touchdowns in all three games so far this year, by the way, since week ten of last year.


Ryan Fitzpatrick, a top ten fantasy quarterback, like we don't know how long he keeps this gig, but as long as he does, he's going to be productive because that team is going to be throwing. And Gardner Minshew. Right. You know, I'm in on him. I think this is a high a sneaky high scoring game between the Bengals as well. Ten days to prepare from last Thursday. He still threw two hundred seventy five yards and an awful game last Thursday.


I think better days are ahead starting on Sunday for tight end replacement, you get to pick one that you might like.


Most, of course, is to be replacing. Johnny Smith has been a top ten tight end up to this point in the season. Jimmy Graham Dalton Schultz for the Dallas Cowboys, Mo Alley Cox.


Who do you like to do good things for? The Indianapolis Colts and also Logan Thomas, of course, for your Washington football team. He has been rock solid in terms of target share. If I have missed most of them are off of those four guys out of strimmer tight end this week. Give me Dalton Schultz. And I actually don't think it's all that close. Right. Dalton Schultz, believe it or not. Not Amari Cooper, not Michael Gallop, not Cedi.


Liam Dalton Schultz leads the Cowboys and Red Zone targets. You think about how you attack Cleveland. It's in the middle of field. They struggle against tight ends. They've allowed nine, ten different red zone touchdowns that's tied for the second most. Again, Schulz leads the team in red zone targets. Give me Dalton Schultz.


The the defensive proposition sort of interesting because I think you're probably keeping the Steelers if you can afford to do so. You don't want to drop them with how good they've been. Their upcoming schedule, which includes Philadelphia, very banged up in Cleveland in weeks, five to six. But three options if you're looking for them.


The Texans against the Vikings, who Kirk Cousins has been quite generous so far in terms of throwing interceptions.


He is tied with Kirk Cousins, with Carson Wentz for the most interceptions so far in the NFL this year with six. The Eagles play the 49ers 49ers, as you mentioned, are getting healthier, but still it's a lot of injuries on that 49ers offense and that 49ers defense. And then finally, the Seahawks, we talked about it a minute ago. They are brutal defensively in terms of defending the past.


But if you think they could be opportunistic because Ryan Fitzpatrick sometimes giveth and sometimes taketh away, or I guess in this case it will be the opposite.


Still, the point is sometimes Fitz magic is Fitz tragic. So it might be a couple of options for you to consider. Here's where it gets more interesting, I think, with all these backfield option replacements and it just sort of back field expectations. So if you're looking to replace James Connor or Derrick Henry, one of the most popular names on waiver wire in terms of available names would be Sony Michel, who this past week Matthew had a one hundred and seventeen yard game against the Raiders.


They play the Chiefs to the Patriots on Sunday. The Patriots want to win this game, and I believe it's a long shot for them to win this game. They have to do something that many teams would like to do against the chiefs. If you're able to execute, let's keep the football out of Patrick Mahomes hands. The best way to sustain long drives is to run the football a ton. How do you this is back to the shakeout, understanding that not just Sony, Michel, not just Rex Birket, not just j.J.


Taylor, but James White has been back with a team this week with up to you to certainly send our best to him and his family after a tragic situation just a couple of Sundays ago. And Damien Harris began practicing again this week. He's eligible to be promoted from E.R. back to the active roster.


Can you play any of these backs, not to mention the fact that you've got Cam Newton, who, you know, two out of the three weeks has been a big part of the rushing attack of the Patriots and certainly in a game against the chiefs, that's important. You would expect him to once again do that as well.


Can you play? No, mate. You have to make sure. And so I think if I had to start someone to me, I think it's Sony, Michel and James White. I know Rex Burkhead had the big week last week. And certainly he'll get some some he'll get a little bit of a run here. And look, the easiest way to look dumb on television or the Internet or a video is trying to predict patriots running back.


So I hate to find yeah, I think you want to get in the mix here on this Patriots running back group. Anything you want to add to that conversation? Yeah.


Before you get too excited about Sony, Michel, you know, he's been listed on the injury report as limited with a quad injury. And our friend, Mike Reese, who knows the team better than anyone, gave us those great updates on Sunday on fantasy football. Now that Sony, Michel, was supposed to do media yesterday and did not. And that's always a red flag up there. So his status could be in question for this week. James White will play, though.


OK, interesting that. All right. Forget everything I just said. Yeah. So speaking of Sony Michel squads, I mean, you never know with the Patriots, the Patriots do get a little creative with the injury report sometimes.


No, they actually are like this. I think something would back this up there. They're like one of the most diligent of the injury reports. No, but him I mean, for years, like, there would be like they'd have twenty five guys on the interim report, like Brady was on the list.


A lot of players at questionable and I expect Sony, Michel, to come in at question. Well, I'm just saying there are certain things right. That are kind of flags with them. And one of them is when a player doesn't speak with the media, right. Sure, sure.


Apropos of nothing, after the Patriots won their last Super Bowl, Sony, Michel, there obviously was a big part of that came to ESPN with a few other teammates. Yes, it is the single largest leagues I've ever seen in my life. So that's a big quad injury right there. I mean, it it is. So that's your way of saying you've never seen Saken Barkley, you've never seen a person? That's right.


Yeah, that's a good point. Good point. I have seen and I went to a lot of football games and we go forward here.


All right. Forty Niners to find you. They have some players that are trending upwards. But Raheem Mostert doesn't seem to be one of them right now.


Yeah, nonpracticing. And we thought he might miss a little time with this male sprain. So I I'm right now not counting on him. Jerrick McKinnon banged up at the ribs last week, full participant in practice and expected to go. And I know we're talking running backs, but just keep in mind that DBO Samuel could possibly see the field this week.


Of course, he'd have to be elevated to the active roster after being removed from IRR as he began practicing this week jerrycan and that top twenty five potential this week.


Matthew, certainly. I mean, you know, look, the way they use him in the passing game here, the Eagles are a good defensive front, but I don't know that they're impenetrable. And, you know, the the 49ers offensive line, one of the better ones in the NFL. And so Jerick McKinnon becomes very viable as a flex with some upside here. And suddenly Jeff Wilson Jr.


I think, you know, maybe off of the injury here. McKinnon, even if he plays maybe a little bit banged up, Wilson Junior, you know, towards the end of the game last week, had some had some nice runs, got into the end zone, obviously.


So Wilson, for those running back, desperate this week, looking around, sniffing around the fact that most of it's not there, Wilson Jr might be somebody that you could slide in as a flex as well.


Let's do two more backfield to go to Stephania for this one versus the bills that Zach Moss, he missed last week's game to the toe injury. Any chance we'll be back in week four?


I think there's a chance. But, you know, he's only been limited in practice. I mean, he's not wearing the red noncontact jersey, so that's a positive sign. But still, toe injuries are tough for running backs. And unless he's a full participant today, it's one of those where I'd be a little concerned about not only his status, but. How much they would actually use him if he does play OK, obviously David Singletary would be basically the man in the backfield for the Raiders.


I thought last week, Matthew, I didn't I don't know the specific line off of hand for Devin Singletary, but, you know, if he has no Zach Moss, I would think in a matchup you don't hate against the Raiders, he'd probably be. I mean, you actually really like it against the Raiders.


Just say top 20. Play top 15. Play top 20. Top 20 to me. Yeah, I know. Zach Moss.


Singletary would be a must start, I think against against against the Raiders here, by the way, just just to clean something up. Jeff Wilson Junior also had a receiving touchdown of the game. So ultimately ended up I said he got into the end zone, but he got into the end zone twice, actually. How about with the one rushing touchdown? But he also got he also had the receiving touchdown.


Last one here is the Baltimore Ravens, who, of course, there's not an injury concern here, Matthew. It's just that a team that is so good at running the football, as I mentioned earlier this week, they said the NFL record for rushing yards last season.




And I mean, you have to play at least one Ravens running back, but I just don't know exactly how to get excited about them right now, given what we've seen through three games and how many players there are that can run the football in this backfield.


But eventually they're going to have one of those games where they just get right and somebody goes crazy. Is it this Sunday? And do you think it's Mark Ingram? Yes. And maybe OK.


So I think I think it's a get right game.


I mean, you know, Washington is a no matter super banged up. Yeah. I nice and Chase Young not going to be there as well. And so like they're going to run and by the way, that's going to be positive game script. Like I just, I just think that there is no way that the Washington team is able to move the ball against that Ravens defense. And I think, you know, I think Lamar Jackson has a huge game this week.


I just listen, I think it's a get right game for the Ravens offense. And so in positive game script and a get right game, one of their running backs is going to have one hundred yards and maybe two touchdowns. The problem is we just don't know who it is. So if we're sitting here on Monday, when we come back Monday to talk about the show, we could easily be talking about like, wow, Mark Ingram. Twenty yards, two touchdowns wouldn't shock me.


Also wouldn't shock me if that was JK Dobbins would shock me a little bit if it was Gus Edwards. But I don't think I don't think it's within it's I don't think it's outside the realm of possibility. And so that's the concern here. It's not that we don't think they're going to have production. They are it's picking which guy you want. But I ranked them Ingram, Dobens, Edwards, and that's how I would that's how I would roll the dice with them.


I think Ingram has the the most guaranteed touches in this game that we expect the Ravens to do.


Well in that, you know, the right now, Geico is offering for an extra fifteen percent credit on car, motorcycle and RV policies. That's on top of what Geico could already save you.


So what are you waiting for? A giants running back to rush like 250 yards on Sunday. Wow. Not going to happen because, like, I could come to learn more.


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We're going to run through a few players here that would be potential flex appeal candidates for us on fantasy football now on Sunday, for those that don't watch the show regularly, it's one of our final segments of the show. It's the players that were asked about the most. There are 10 of them in total. We're not going to get to 10 of them. You'd like to ask us one tweet at us using the hashtag FNF now? It's correct. Let's begin with a few, though, here.


Matthew Myles Gaskin for the Dolphins seems to be the man in this backfield. He doesn't make the hate list, though, this week. Are you nervous that Miami is going to be completely out game scripted here, like they're going to be down by 25 points at halftime or something?


It's a couple of things that I'm concerned about, right. First off, the Seahawks LELO forty six running back carries against. That's the problem with the game script, right? They just teams get down and they have to start throwing. How much is gas going to be involved in the passing game here? And by the way, if they get in close, do they bring in Jordan Howard? Because Jordan Howard has been sort of their goal line back.


Now, Gascón got a couple of goal to go carries in the last game on Thursday night. But for the most part, this year it's been Jordan Howard when they get close. So that's the concern on Gascón. I'm just outside my top twenty. I think he's a talented player and I like him going forward. But for this week against the Seahawks, I am running back twenty five, which means he's more of a flex play than he is.


A top twenty must start against the Seahawks.


Antonio Gibson is trending in the right direction for Washington. Forty ninth. Excuse me. Forty eight. The monks running backs. And then tonight, the monks running quarterbacks in the twenty fourth amongst running backs in weeks. One, two and three. Can you crack the top twenty this week?


Not for me, I'm twenty six. So I'm just after Myles Gaskin here. The question is, is like, listen, Gibson got into the end zone last week, which was nice to see, but you're still seeing a decent amount of JD McKissic. And honestly, this Ravens defense is just so good and I'm nervous about Dwayne Haskins did not look ready for prime time last week. He just didn't. And this is going to be a tough matchup for him than it was last week.


You know, I mean, like they should have won that game against Cleveland and they couldn't. And so now they get the Ravens. I I'm super nervous that Washington has trouble moving the ball. And I don't know how consistently Antonio Gibson is going to touch the ball, love him as a player, love his talent. But, yeah, he's much more of a flex consideration for me this week. Starting to get a little bit late, early for Dwayne Haskins, in my opinion, as quarterback Michael Gallop.


Matthew had a great finish to last week's game. A lot of he came in that second half against Seattle. I know my clock is down on Michael Gallop this week.


I think it might is a hater. Michael hates hates the Cowboys. He's an Eagles fan. It's completely biased, says in his Twitter bio. Biased against your favorite team and totally biased. Yeah. You know, data top twenty five. I've got him at twenty nine, Daniel at twenty eight. I know Mike. I think Mike has been his fortieth forties ranking. So that's crazy talk.


By the way, you're more interested in Michael Gallup this week than I'm at. Twenty four obviously. Obviously a huge week last week in week number three. But he leads the Cowboys in deep targets. Right. He's actually sixth among wide receiver in deep fantasy points. And look. Thirteen percent of D passes against the Cleveland Browns have resulted in a touchdown. That's the sixth highest rate in the NFL. We expect a lot of points to be scored in this game.


It's one of the highest honors on the slate. And so you just want a part of this passing game here. Look, Keadilan made the love list here where you attack the Browns is in the middle of the field. And so I do think Cedi Lamb, we talked about this with Dalton Schultz as well. Like, I do think see, the lamb has a big game here, but there they've been taking deep shots to Michael Gallop all season long.


They didn't pay off in weeks. One and two, they did pay off in week three. You know, look, I have a twenty four, so I don't have as a top twenty must play. But I do think he has a productive game.


I do have as a wide receiver three this week Klay has him at 43 my mile gallop and that's Tristan Cockcroft. Hasmet fortieth amongst wide receivers. Those guys are hey I think your confidence.


I just think I just think if you're a Cowboys fan out there or you have Michael Gallop on your roster, I think it's important that you tweet at McLay NFL or at Sultanov Stat, that's Treston.


And just be like, what's up with that ranking of Michael Gallop? So I just go ahead. I'm fine with it. I think I think it's important to specifically ask them. You're on that one.


Thank your confidence in playing. Michael Gallup has tied my opinion to your confidence in the Browns offense, because although the Cowboys have had three shoot out games, they've also played three awesome offenses.


It's not like they're playing a slouch team so far. So if you think the Cowboys and the Browns will be, as Matthew mentioned, a high scoring affair, you can slot Michael Gallop into your lineup.


Let's go to put up do you I mean, like, that's a quick question. Very I mean, it's going to depend on Baker. But when you think about Buckham and you think about Landry, you think about Austin Hooper, you think about Chubb and Kareem Hunt, like there is legit talent on that Browns offense.


Yeah, we've been saying that for a year and a half now, but I know Baker Baker has to play decently, but I think he will. Yeah, that's that's what it comes down to. He's going back home. I think Baker has a nice day back home in Texas, his home state. He's played well in that stadium in two separate occasions previously. That's high school and college level. Not that that matters.


Just pointing it out, put up or shut up week for expectations for guys that we need to go crazy. And if they don't, we're going to have a major, major problem. Matthews, AJ Green, one week away from being dropped in leagues right now. He has been not good so far.


He plays a. Jaguars, though, once, only a good matchup for him, yeah, this has got to be a get right game for AJ Green because the argument is two sides. There's the anti AJ Green. It's like he's washed, you know, but the pro AJ Green is like, look at the volume. The guy hasn't played football like in a year and a half. He's getting back in the game shape. They're still looking for him.


He's had some bad luck. And by the way, he's also had some bad matchups like last week against Darius Slay. So now against the Jaguars, there's no such thing. They allowed the ninth most points per wide receiver target. And again, this is the guy that we expect to lead the Bengals in targets on Sunday.


I'm not sure about that. I'm sitting him. Are you setting him up? Thirty, thirty seven. How? AJ I'm at twenty eight. So I mean I'm as wide receiver three. I understand the concern. Tyler Boyd made my love list. I think Tyler Boyd has the best fantasy day of any Bengals wide receiver. But I think the Tee Higgins thing was more of a fluke last week. I love Tee Higgins talent long term, but, you know, he was five for forty with just a couple of, you know, oh, by the way, close in touchdowns.


I think this is a get right game for AJ Green. So let's see. I'm a twenty eight you. I'm at thirty seven. Yeah. I'd say he's a top. What. A little bored about here. And AJ Green you went thirty two. Yeah. Yeah. I say AJ Green is a top thirty two fantasy wide receiver this week. I say AJ Green is not a top thirty two wide receiver this week.


Put it on the board on the board. I'd be happy to lose that bet by the way by Hilton for the Colts has been brutal so far this season. Same thing here Matthew. I've got him at thirty nine. I'm not starting to Wilton this week. I don't care about whether the fact that they have no healthy wide receivers besides him right now like that was the case last week. Know you get a good Chicago defense. I'm fading if I can.


No more than four catches in a game this season. Just one red target, one red zone target and the entire year.


And Chicago has yet to allow a touchdown to an opposing wide receiver this entire season.


And so. If you're the Colts and by the way, they do still have Zach Pasko out there. Shout out to Zach Pasko, Old Dominion ODU baby. And so my expectation here is, yeah, he made the hate list for me this week. I'm with you feel I'm slightly higher up on him than you are in terms of my ranking. I am at thirty four. But yeah, if I can avoid starting to Hilton this week I am going to because if you're the, if you're the Colts aren't you just running Jonathan Taylor Atun here.


Probably, yeah. Yeah. I mean or throwing the ball to see what. Hilton. Oh wait. No you don't do that anymore. I know. Sorry. Thirty nine for wide receiver. Thirty nine I think twice.


He's getting another call from Grandma Odell Beckham Jr. We mentioned him earlier on. He is. Savoia, I just want to mention this quickly with you. He's on the injury report now. Back issue. Yeah. That cropped up suddenly that he has a back injury. You know, he's been big news because he had the course surgery in the off season, took care of all those abdominal muscles. So I didn't take this yet to be something serious, but obviously a surprise addition.


So he just started today.


Yeah, we'll keep an eye on that one. It sounds like he's going to go on Sunday, but I love we flashed his thirteenth in our yards this year. Well, what is he in real yards?


That's what I want to know, Kyle, because he. Rudel Wow.


So far this year. And I was all in on Odel this year. I don't know what needs to happen for the Cleveland Browns. Do you have the Anthrocon where he actually ranks high? OK, he's I think but I'll tell you what needs to happen. He needs to play really well. No, so does Baker. OK, I mean, Baker's been been Baker's play three games this year. He's been inaccurate in two of them. Yeah. Yeah.


I mean, he has he has Happy Feet and when he's been accurate, he's good. But that's the problem. It Baker's been bad this year. I put it more on Baker than I do. I'm back. OK, fair enough. Odell and Jarvis. Landry, Matthew, you are you and I agree we have to start Odell this week and we're doing it. We're going to play with fire and just make it happen and hope for the best and pray emoji.


All need is one play. OK, can we get one play from Odell this weekend. I think so. Fifteen fantasy points. Yes or no. I'm going to say yes. I'm going to go, I'm going to say yes as well and I'm going to do so because really I could use it. I'm being selfish here. I want fifteen fantasy points from you. Odell Beckham Junior. That's all I'm asking for in life to not too much more than that.


Jarvis Landry, he says he's close to being back to 100 percent. He's been playing. That hasn't been the issue. But man, he has been low volume this year relative to what we've seen for so many years, benching him or playing him against the Cowboys. On Sunday, I'm at 41, so I'm benching him. Obviously, I need to see it. I just I need to see it. Beckham there's such big play potential there. But other than that, you know, I think you're starting Beckham.


But Landry. Yes. Doesn't feel healthy. You know, that offense still out of sync a little bit. Hey, Brown, let's get it going this weekend. And I know you're two and one and you're over five hundred for the first time since 2014. I'm happy for you in that regard. Go win a big game because this will be a big game. This will be a big win for you on Sunday in Dallas. All right, Kyle, Sarpy, your back.


It's time now. Do you have this? Can you ask the trivia question?


I got you covered in no. Tied for forty eighth and receiving yards this year with a buck fifty five tie with Sammy Watkins. So not exactly where you want to be.


Nice new nice new set by the way for Yudkowsky. Yeah. Looking good. New square, new new set, new sweater. We'll get back to that.


All right. Here. Sharp. Yeah. Yeah. That has been a top ten titanite all three weeks. This season is one of two tight ends. I want you to name the other one. I know. I know. OK, well defined is going to write it down in the second.


Let me let Matthew and I submit our answer so that if we each also have the same guest the Stephania has, we can all get credit for these points. So, of course, Travis Kelce, a top ten tight end all three weeks. You name the only other Titan that has been a top ten tight end in all three weeks this season. I think all three of us might get this one. Kyle, you're getting Sophs to buy.


You go first. I mean, look at me. Look at me all confident and then I am probably going to miss it. Johnny Smith and I guess Johnny Smith. Matthew guess I did guess. Johnny Smith.


How are you all got it. Why do you believe in miracles? Wow, you guys are picking Rick for this. I mean, can we just kill trivia now? Can we just go out on that? Can we just we're no longer to do trivia. Why are you getting, say, Kyle? I mean, like, we should just go out on top.


We should just like kind of like, by the way, just a quick little alert on the fantasy life app, but Arizona Cardinals GM Steve Chyme said about DeAndre Hopkins, one thing about Hopp knows his body better than anybody. The fact is he doesn't miss football games. I think I said that first. You did think he listened.


We should tweet Stephania Bell. We need to add you as an alert on the fantasy life and the appreciate the shout out there on DeAndre Hopkins. The great news that for DeAndre Hopkins, we expect to see him on Sunday.


Now with those words from Steve Chyme. As mentioned, fantasy football now 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time, ESPN two on Sunday, all the way up until one o'clock. Kickoff games will have all the latest information. Matthew, have plenty of, I don't know, food takes or something, maybe football.


We will have analysis on all the games reporters at all the games, the three of us, Mike Lullay, Damien, Woody, the whole cast will be there Sunday morning, 10:00 a.m. Eastern. Tune in and let's get you win. My Love Hate column is up on ESPN dot com. Check that out, especially if you need to make a trade for Daniel Fields to find your Kyly Matthew piece.


I'll see you in those six oh one oh oh guys. Fantasy. Fantasy.