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Great Scott. If my calculations are correct here, you are listening to this before your fantasy football drafts have taken place, high opinion of future high notes that follow the advice from the fantasy football is all about draft. Kit had a spectacular season which took many victories. It's almost as if they had given each of them a copy of Crazy Sports Almanac. Not highly recommend heading over to w w w dot ultimate traffic dot com without any further delay. Welcome to the Fantasy Football podcast with your host, Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike, right.


Welcome in. My calculations are correct, it's Friday and it's one word and one word, good luck.


Oh, great Scott. Well, come in.


I mean, great friend of the show, Doc Brown Doc. Right? It's not it's not even the actor. It's Dark Brown, right? Yeah. Doc Brown's the good friend.


Good buddy. All right, it's Friday, August 21st. Welcome into the fantasy football podcast, excited to be with you.


We are entering the time machine today, and I really like this show. I like this episode because everybody. Last year, fresh on your mind, you have all the breakout candidates and we're going to take time today to look at those players and who we project is maybe taking on those roles for this upcoming year. And thankfully, we have the ability to travel to the future and see that. So these are just stone-Cold blocks.


Oh, fantastic news, from what I understand.


Last year, we did OK on the time machine, we had the horse, we did because we were in a time machine. Yeah, we we tried to go to the future and find the George Kittel. Found Mark Andrews. Oh, that was the projection last year. Excellent. Jason tried to go to the future and find the twenty eighteen Robert Woods for twenty nineteen. I found him. He went with Robert Wood. It was Robert once again, because guess who the 20 20.


Robert Woods is going to be. Yeah.


You took an easier route like that. One is genetically true, but it was also fantasy trivia and will be again, please draft your Robert Woods.


And Mike, Mike was trying to find the twenty nineteen version of Nick Chubb running back that came along swiftly back half of the year.


What would Devin Singletary, who really had a nice, nice finish to the year, so it's proven we can travel into the future now. We had a fun time yesterday on the My Guys episode. Hopefully you will. Hopefully you caught the the Blake out and the Drake out. So it was it was fun.


You can find us on YouTube and watch that episode, the Jake out.


OK, ok, OK. All right, I'll take it. Yeah, the Josh Jake out. Yeah. Is Friday. You are getting C grade material at best. Mm hmm. It also means something else.


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I recommend that you do find us on Instagram, Instagram, dot com slash fantasy footballers and appreciate everybody that is leaving the show review on Apple podcast describing on Apple podcast Spotify. Wherever you're listening. Thank you very much. We are right in the thick of it and you can feel the energy. Oh, for the season you really can.


I mean, you know, it was it was a little slower starting this year with kind of the nebulous unknown and the triple A get in here, jump start the car needed it. Need a locksmith, you know, break in, brake back in. But now the floodgates are open. Friends and family and, you know, co-workers of yours, our co-workers have been into fantasy for quite some time now, are all flooding back in and the conversations are starting.


The draft talk, the the messages on Twitter, on Instagram, it's it's wonderful.


Jason is especially excited because he received an invite from yours truly to get into the the family league that last year I set up a like a father son league. And we had some people in it from the foot clan last minute thing. My my two sons learned how to play fantasy last year. So the first year they came and said I wanted to learn.


So they they jumped in and Jason's got his whole family and very excited because for the first time ever, my family is starting up in fantasy. And the idea of like if my boys actually love it because I'll never force them to. But if we could just chat fantasy football, I awesome.


I know that's what you say you're excited about, but I expected the words out of your mouth to be the idea that I could take advantage of my two sons in a trade and really load my roster.


That's what I thought you were going to say.


That will be a year or two. That will be year two. I will. You're setting the table their training wheels off boys that daddy has let go of the bike seat. You're going to fall. All right.


And you said your your youngest son really into it once. Lamar Jackson right now. Yeah. Got him into the ultimate draft kit and he saw that he had the most points. So he's like he's telling everybody, I want Lamar Jackson, you know, OK, I gave him a little warning about, well, that's a funny thing.


My my son drafted Aaron Rodgers in the first round last year. And it was like, hey, I just let them I let them go, I let them go, let them. He got the ultimate draft getting that set. Somehow he knew that name and he he won the league. All right. Quick Question of the day. We did my guys yesterday. I wanted to throw this at the end of the my guys episode. We ran out of time.


So I wanted it as the quick question today. My guys those players are put up on a pedestal.


They're associated with you. If things go south, you know, ultimately, it may or may not reflect on you, Jerry.


Yeah, I get it, I get it, I deserve it, I get it, I deserve it, but. Yeah, I mean, and I I took Dontae pedis away from my my guys and I still every 13 seconds get a tweet about Dontae Pedders. But today's quick question. Name a player that you want credit for, but no blame. OK, so you can take a different kind of, uh, different kind of pick here because maybe you're picking somebody a little bit more risky.


Yeah, I want credit, no blame. I do want credit because I believe in jury duty. I, I wanted to make him my my guy. I think he is a world I never I didn't know.


Got that serious for you Judy. It did he. I think he's a world class wide receiver. I've been waiting for him for a couple of years just watching the film. Being like this guy is better than NFL wide receivers. That was two years ago. Now, right off the bat in camp, he's he's talking guys. Everybody the defenders are like, this guy is for real. And honestly, if it wasn't for this kind of weird shortened offseason where I just don't know how much you can trust the beginning of the year for for any rookies not named Clyde Edwards allare I might have picked him, but, you know, I think it could be tough sledding.


I don't know about your lock. There are so many ways it goes wrong. But I want my name associated with jury duty because I do believe in the talent 100 percent. I will throw to injury plagued wide receivers out there. AJ Green and Will Fuller, those are two players that I believe in. We'll talk about Luffler a little bit later on the show today. But no, I don't want the punch in the face when AJ Green goes down during the year.


And yet I want the credit if he does well, because I still believe that we have never seen AJ Green anything less than spectacular on a football field. And so, yeah, I want credit. No blame Jay Nobley. This is a good this is cathartic and awesome. This is a good practice for everyone. You at home figure out who you end and claim it. You should you should tweet it and say this is the guy I want full credit for if he does well.


But please, like no no blame. If he does this, everyone should get one. Or in this case, to Mike, who's the player. I get three. There are no rules. On Friday I'm going to go with one. And because he was nowhere near my guy. But you've heard me talk about him several times on the show. And I get the guff. I get the guff from my co-host here. I'm talking about the yakking up in New York.


I will talk golden date. Someone from the New York Giants in the wide receiver corps is going to make fantasy noise and everyone is picking and choosing who they they think it is.


I think that the the overall feeling of the the industry is it'll be Sterling Shepard. Shepperd's a great wide receiver. I just wish I still trust in Golden Tate and his ability to to get it done. So that's my that's my free pass. And you know Mike, I don't blame me for it. Thank you. Right now. Well you're on this show. I can't blame you.


You can't blame me in the future either. That's true. Yeah. It's the whole point of the segment. It's true. All right. We are moving on to news and notes. A lot has been happening around training camp. Before we do that, we are doing a live stream. We are answering your questions this afternoon. We're having a party. We are going to be with you for quite some time at 6:00 Eastern. And we are giving away an ultimate draft kit for life.


Plus in Alvin Kamara signed Jersey. We're doing that today. I'm very excited. Everybody's everybody's ready to go for this season. And what's better than winning a unique four life? Nothing. Nothing is better. Yep, and all who preordered are entered the ultimate, you got to get the ultimate draft kit for 2020 before the end of that live stream to be eligible to win. If you already have it, you're eligible to win.


Yeah, great news. Great news. You're in my calculations.


Our news& notes from around the league. He every bit of news brings a little joy, a little hype, a little terror to fantasy football players, yesterday, Tyreek Hill diagnosed with a minor hamstring strain.


He will go towards the team by Team Cuota. You must have at least five players with hamstring strains right now or the league will remove your team.


I think it's a matter of how how fast are you if you're really fast than you hurt your hamstring obligatory like AJ Green, huh? Or how old there are?


Well, there are two ways you can hurt yourself. You almost walked into a compliment to be careful. That was dangerous.


You know, I don't think we should be worried. So this is true about how I view it and tell me if this is wrong or foolhardy because or if it's just hypocritical. The way that I look at some of these little hamstring tweaks is ageist. When it's a younger guy, I feel like their ability to bounce back and be healthy and be fine is it doesn't worry me at all. DeAndre Hopkins to tweak this hamstring Tyreek Hill tweaked his hamstring and I'm not worried whereas I am worried about AJ Green antiwhite Hilton.


Same exact problem and I'm not treating them all the same. Do you think that is wise or foolish? I think it's the correct, the correct decision to make. I mean you got to be worried about a guy who's a little bit older. I guess I know right now if I tweaked my hamstring, I'm out for months.


Yeah, months. Years. Yeah. You might never recover.


No, I think I think the age plays a big role. If Julio Jones went down with a hamstring right now, I'd be I'd be concerned, even though he's been on the field now for three or four years, pretty consistently, it still lingers. The concern lingers. But I think teams are also being smarter. I think teams are just getting these guys no preseason games, no reason to go go wild with them, let them recover. Sammy Watkins hasn't practiced in several days.


He's got a groin injury.


Yeah. Yeah, that's not good. My groin. And he is just always banged up and hurt and dealing with injuries. Come on, Sammy.


Melvin Gordon had to be pulled from practice early yesterday. There is more to this Melvin Gordon talk that I want to bring up. He tweets his ribs, so they pulled him out. Doesn't know the severity, that's head coach Vic Fangio. Melvin Gordon, there is also some other beat reporters talking about Philip Lindsay and Melvin Gordon and, you know, at least the rhetoric out of the mouths of the Detroit or the Denver coaching staff is these guys both deserve to be looked at as the number one.


Yeah, I think the quote was talking about how No. One, we don't need to name a starter because they are both starters to our team, which is. Yikes. Yes, absolutely. And this is how I've been looking at this situation in this. I guess I'm coming off a little, Jason, to Tuti over here. But Melvin Gordon is a fine player. Phillip Lindsay, the back to back one thousand yard rushing seasons like he is a good player just because you're able to get Melvin Gordon on it on a reasonable contract.


I mean, it's Melvin Gordon made some money. You didn't have to really overpay the veteran. They're both going to be used on the field, which is it's troubling for fantasy. I still believe Melvin Gordon is the far more likely guy to get the goal line carries. So that that's it. He'll get he'll get all the third down, be Lindsay graded out terribly in pass protection last year. And Gordon has experienced that right.


But it actually concerns me. It should concern me because I have a choice in my draft of going Melvin Gordon with the, you know, a late third round pick. Or I can go someplace like David Montgomery, who has more opportunities to himself. Two hundred and seventy five plus opportunities in that offense. We haven't seen Gordon in Denver. It does concern me a little bit. Gordon does have a way to you know, even if they're splitting time, like you said, if he's catching the ball and he's scoring, he'll deliver on his ADP.


But now he's banged up.


Yeah, it's it's one of those true, like coach speak moments where you have to decide. Do you believe because I was not where Mike is right now, I was believing that the money they gave him and the fact that they, you know, had been trying but unsuccessfully to have the running game that they wanted and they go out they signed Melvin Gordon to be the guy. And then and then Phillip Lindsay will be relegated to a backup who is used.


But, you know, not an equal opportunity here between, you know, these two guys in this coach speak says, no, it's they're both going to be utilized. But do you believe the coach. And that's the question. And I do. And when you combine that kind of talk at the same time that Melvin Gordon misses, you know, reps right now and is injured and Phillip Lindsay is running with the ones I I think that helps seal that this speak into place.


This is a very popular thing to do, though, as as a head coach. Sure. Is not separate. Somebody not tell Phil Lindsay he's a to not tell Michael Gallop he's a two. Don't go telling Tevin Coleman. Is it too. This is why we don't need labels. That's kind of a and I would say because why would you demotivate Lindsay? I mean, that it doesn't do you any favors. Yeah. The fact, though, that that Phil Lindsay is in fact very good at football and like he was good enough that he came in off the street, not drafted and beat out a third round pick.


He beat out Royce Freeman, who, you know, Division one, PAC 12, one of the all time leading rushers in college football, drafted to be their guy, Phil Lindsay was he outplayed him and he took the job. So to say to me to think that Melvin Gordon is just going to come in and get sixty, sixty five percent of the work, I don't that's far too high for me. Phillip Lindsay was the number nineteen overall fantasy running back last year.


Jarrett Stidham battling discomfort in his leg, so he he wasn't at practice today that his Patriots quarterback. That we don't consider to be real competition for Cam Newton. He had the interception problems as well. If you've been following the beat reporters, it's I'm not sure why they are taking so long. Up, up in New England, they have access to information that we don't. But to me, it's if Cam Newton is going to be the guy and lead your offense, you better you better just tell him he's the starting quarterback and start getting to work of your starting quarterback is getting all the first team work.


Is the fact they're not doing that indicative of more of a competition than we think? Yeah, that's what I'm saying. It's at least a little bit more of a competition. I, I have no doubt that Cam Newton is going to win out. You guys have any concern with the the length that this quarterback competition is going that maybe Jarrett Stidham does win the job? I would be so blown away if Jarrett Stidham wins the job, I, I can't even imagine that outside of Cam going down to a new injury.


Well, I'll say this. If Jared sytems a better quarterback to win the job, unlike other teams, that may feel a loyalty to Cam Newton's name and pedigree. Sure. Right. New England has more. They're going to put the better player out on the field.


I agree with regard. I think you and I just said the same thing, though. Yeah. You could be right. But we don't know.


We don't know with Cam right now, but we all agree that we're standing cam to be the starter. Where are we with Justin Jefferson right now in camp? He seems to be, quote, the clear number three option. You have B.S. Johnson, you've got Tajai Sharp added to the offensive all we are all over the place with the Minnesota Vikings rookie wide receiver because the athletic who they were, the ones that had the report that said it's between Jefferson and B.C. Then there was another athletic report at least reported by Roder world saying he's running with the second team offense in.


So it's I I don't know where to go with Justin Jefferson. If I'm taking a draft chance on a rookie wide receiver for redraft, it's not going to be Justin Jefferson.


Yeah, that's where I'm at right off the bat. When camp started, he was running with the deuce. He's still been with the Tyus. That's not to be unexpected. In a shortened season, he's still a rookie coming in. But when you combine that with them talking about, oh, we're trying to maybe we're seeing if Irv Smith growing up outside, like, you know, they they they're looking for a solution.


They're not assuming it's Justin Jefferson. And that leads me to believe, look, if Justin Jefferson has a phenomenal career and is a great fantasy option, it's not going to be in the first half of his rookie season. It's just not not happening. So he's pretty much off my redraft boards.


Yeah, the other side of the coin is he's competing with Tajai Sharp A.B.C. Johnson to get opportunities. So cream rises. Sure.


Well, I mean, but Emmett Brown was competing with Taj Sharpe and it took him half a season. So I don't I don't disagree that it will take time, but I believe it will happen. Sure. Washington football team coach Ron Rivera announced yesterday he's been diagnosed with a form of lymph node cancer, very treatable and curable. Going to stay. The head coach can stay. Yeah, that's coaching.


The current plan is Rivera will keep his job. They've Washington's reported there is a backup option in place. Sure. D'Rivera need to take some time off, but get after it. Yeah.


Yeah, get healthy. Go after that championship and listen. Fuck, Glenn, if you are going after your championship, we want to make sure you know where to get all of your glorious your hardware that you can shove in people's faces.


And I don't mean that that's sad or violent.


I don't mean that literally, because like those championship rings, if you put that on and you shove that in someone's face, you go to jail because these things are like brass knuckles. They're beautiful and they're huge. You got to stop short of the punch, but you got to make sure that you're put in their face.


I have no idea where you're going on. This one is on a right man. We're going we don't need roads. Lycett No road. If you're a champ, if you're going to be a champ, if you've got a league, there will be your rings, bell, trophy's rings, bells. Fantasy champs is where you get your hardware. And here's the thing. My my favorite personal my the three free ring.


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Go to fantasy champs dotcom.


I get mine for free when Jason's putting it up in my face. When he has that ring, I just take it off his finger. That's how I get really where all of mine for the shows. Yeah, that'd be great. Jon Gruden style. Hey, man. Honey, you've got to come back with me. Swear back to the future. Oh, it's windsurfed, I forgot.


It's been a year since I've heard that drop, it's so good as Jason was eloquently completing the read for fantasy champs.


I mean, that was the best read of all time we were getting to the point of the segment.


And in my head I went, holy crap, did I forget to do a drop?


Oh, for this segment, what is our transition going to be? And guess what, I, I made one. You crushed it. I went to the future or went to the past. Yes. Bill and Ted style out of back. I said I got to remember to make a drop and then it just appeared.


Well this was a live show last year on our Fantasy for the People tour and we're bringing it back for twenty twenty and we're on the hunt. We want to find the twenty twenty version of a few players.


Last year, Chris Godwin broke out. He was a wide receiver outside the first three rounds.


He was a wide receiver perceived as the number two on his team behind Mike Evans, a wide receiver that ended up with loads of targets last year and has that contested catch ability.


And he also had a quarterback in Jameis Winston that was willing to go full, I don't care on the passing attempts. Yes. So Jameis was, what, 30, 30 for 30? That's I believe that's correct. Fifty one hundred passing yards. So when we look towards twenty twenty, who is this year's Chris Godwit for you.


For me, I think there's a pretty obvious archetype out there. It's another wide receiver who was drafted high who looked so many flashes of brilliance and his first couple of years but had not truly broken out and now is coming into year three with all the stars align. That is, you know, the Chris Guard. One archetype for me is Calvin Ridley this season. Calvin Ridley, if you look back at last year, his second year, the first part of that season, he wasn't his snap counts were in the 50s, 60 percent.


There was a change that happened over the course of that season where he got more involved. And all of a sudden you actually saw Ridley have a lot of fantasy success towards the end of the year. He's 80 percent. Eighty nine percent. Eighty eighty five. Ninety four percent. He became the guy that got rid of Muhammad Sanu that opened things up for him during that stretch.


I don't know if you realize this from week five through the rest of his season because he didn't play after week fifteen with an abdominal injury. He was the wide receiver. Eleven, he was already a wide receiver one. And you also have the other side of the field. Right, which is Chris Godwin had Mike Evans. Right. It just seemed impossible. It was it was an impossibility. It was an impossibility that coming into this year, you could say Chris Godwin will be the guy drafted over Mike Evans.


And, you know, next year, if we come in and say that Calvin Ridley is being drafted ahead of Julio Jones, that that sounds blasphemous. It sounds wrong, but I think that could be the case. You have a guy in Calvin Ridley who has already shown great flashes, especially around the end zone. I mean, he had ten touchdowns his rookie year, seven touchdowns in only thirteen games last season. So you have the between the twenty these numbers that he's he's great.


And then if he actually splashes in the end zone making up for Julio. Sure. That's where you have true fantasy success.


Yeah, I think Calvin Ridley is the most clear example of a player that could do that. I mean, the parallels are similar and the hype is similar. I mean, it wasn't like we weren't coming into last year with Chris Godwyn hype and we're coming into this season with with tremendous Calvin Ridley hype. And so but I think he can pay off on that hype. And it's still hard for people to take him in the place that he belongs, just like last year no one would take out on in the place that he belongs.


In fantasy drafts, and if you took them, it paid off. So I think Ridley has a great chance of doing that. No doubt. I'm going to go with Wil Fuller here. OK, I think we'll Fuller is a I think we've talked about it. Mike, you brought it up as one of the most nebulous situations because everybody on Houston feels like a maybe yet, you know, John Watson is going to be great.


And you know that somebody has to fill the gaping target void, vacuum void of DeAndre Hopkins. And I think it will be Will Fuller. The struggle for Will Fuller has always been the injury concern, and it remains to be until he proves otherwise. If you listen to him talk coming into the season, you listen to the way Deshaun Watson is talking about him, which again, that's just speculative. But he came in heavier, stronger new trainer, and he's done a lot to change the way he at least is trying to work on the injury problem.


He talked about his mechanics and how he's rebuilt them, how he's got a different posture in the way he runs, because these are things that could have been leading to the lower leg type of injuries. He's also on a fifth year option this year. And so he's playing for that Jetta. And he's been a player that has gone out there. And he is such a difference maker for Houston. When he's been on the field over the last four seasons, they score almost six points a game more than when he's off.


He's when we've seen that, too, like they are just a better team. With Will Fuller on the field. So many targets available in Houston, but he's got the twenty missed games out of like forty eight career games that he could have played. And that's been the big problem. But he's not being drafted. I mean, he's a seventh round pick because people don't know who to decide between. In my opinion, he's the best with the most rapport built in obviously with Deshaun Watson.


He's who I'm banking on. I've put this in play in my dinosaur league. I went out and actively pursued, well, forward looking for the breakout. So, you know, we've we've had we've had rule eighty six before. Yeah.


It's it's the same with Wil Fuller in rule fifteen or whatever number he wears because he when he's on the field he has Deshaun Watson.


So I can attest that Andy has certainly become a will fuller believer. He has been making those trade offers, are trying to get him. He believes in him. I, I do want to argue for the other side, though, because I, I feel like when you look at Wil Fuller, here's a guy that has not been able to do it for a season. He's not been able to have great fantasy success outside of monstrous games, whereas Brandin Cooks has just been a superstar every year of his career until this past year when injury derailed him and he was the wide receiver.


Sixty two. But before that and this is for all sorts of different teams of quarterbacks, he was the wide receiver, 49, twelve, thirteen, dealt with a bunch of concussion issues and he was not on the field that much last year and was a huge disappointment.


But like, if I have to bank on one of these guys because someone I think we are we are all in agreement, someone's going to score a lot of fantasy points for Deshaun Watson. He's not going to, you know, just get blown out in games and not come back. And I feel like both of these guys carry injury risk, but one of them has a much better proven track record. Sure. Although he is new to the team, whereas Fuller has the report, that would be the argument to me on the fuller side.


That's where I give the edge to Will Fuller.


So I'm going to bring my this year's Chris God when I want to read you guys a couple numbers real quick. I want you to tell me who the number one wide receiver is from these numbers. OK, Player A averaged eight targets, four point seven receptions and seventy nine yards a game. OK, player B averaged seven point four targets, a game, four point nine receptions and seventy four yards a game. Who's the number one wide receiver out of those two guys.


I know this, I know the trap that's being set.


I know, I see the palm fronds laid over the hole I, I see you holding some hostis apple pies on the other side of the trap. You're trying to you're avoiding the punji pit very well. Yes. And that's Michael Gallop and Amari Cooper. And I'm not saying that the reason I bring those numbers up is because those numbers don't dictate that one of those guys is a number one. Right wide receiver for the team. You look and go, that's that's the same picture.


Those are those guys are putting up very equal production. The difference is one of those guys is making one hundred million dollars as it is an early draft pick and Michael Gallop is he's being drafted in the seventh, the eighth round. Michael Gallop was actually in strong consideration for my guys this year. I don't want to leave a draft without him. Now, it it brings me like he couldn't be my guy because I'm all in on on the blackout like Darwin and I'm not going to dub Cowboys and my guys.


I'm not I don't want that type of pain inside of my body. But Michael Galab at wide receiver thirty two is absolutely ridiculous. He he would have been getting the the the the Calvin Ridley bump that he probably he broke out last year over 100 hundred yards in 14 games. And he would have been that guy, that wide receiver to who's going to make the next step. But they drafted KD Lamb. And I get it. I get it.


See, Lamb is an excellent wide receiver. He's an excellent rookie prospect, but he's a rookie prospect. Meanwhile, Michael Gallop is going to do his third year and is a proven NFL wide receiver. I'm not allowing a a first round wide receiver to take all of the shine, all of the sparkle off of what Michael Gallop has been able to do. I would say that he's a perfect candidate for this fantasy time machine segment as a perceived wide receiver, too.


I would also say that while those that comparison in the trap you craft fully laid, that's not a word was nice. Michael Gallop had a very incredible week.


Seventeen where he's the number one overall fantasy wide receiver. He also scored half of his entire seasons worth of touchdowns in the final game of the year, which, you know, we talk about how that affects your perception.


On the whole year, he was not as consistent as Amari. Sure. And he did not have any stretches anywhere close to what America had put up. But he was a great wide receiver. I mean, coming out of college, I was a big Michael Gallivant. I think he's a great player. I think in the seventh round draft course is indicative of the perception that the one hundred million Dollar Man is the only wide receiver that matters in Dallas, which is not the case at all.


So I like him as a candidate to be able to step forward, being drafted as the wide receiver thirty to a year after he had a an incredible you know what number twenty two overall last year. That's a seed lamb downgrade. That's not fair. Yes, I agree. All right. Looking at how back into the time machine. Am I right? No. We've always enjoyed this, Scott, we're going to find 20, 20 Mark Andrews, which is, I think, the most fun thing to do every offseason, try to find that break out tight end.


Last year, you had Mark Energia, Darren Waller, the year before George Kittle. You know, just broke out and really it's somebody that has to be drafted late and has to be somebody after the eighth round, like Mark Andrews was not a rookie tight end because they generally just don't produce. They're not going to have that breakout season. Maybe it's a tight end in an under the radar offense. Not everybody saw Baltimore doing what they did last year.


Nobody saw nobody saw Baltimore doing that because it was unprecedented. Yeah, it was ridiculous.


Maybe a titan that flashes some yards after the catch capabilities, that's always nice to see. And somebody is going to soak up a large percentage of the market share for an offense, the way Kelsey in Waller and Andrews and Kittel do. So what are some candidates for a 2020 version of Mark Andrews?


I think there are so, so many late round guys that we haven't even brought up. Ian Thomas could fit this bill, the post man and Arnold. That's what you get when you mess with the post man. There are so many great options. But if I have to look at who I think will break out and, you know, he's he's been in the league a couple of years, hasn't got it done now, has an opportunity to really have a ton of usage.


I'm going back to the Falcons. It's Hayden Hurst. Hayden Hurst was a first round draft pick in the NFL ahead of Mark Andrews. He was drafted that way because he's a talented fellow. But Mark Andrews is better. I mean, Mark Andrews dominated and won that job and they shipped Hayden Hurst off. But Hayden Hurst is desperately needed without Austin Hooper and Matt Ryan has always utilized his tight end. I mean, we forget how dominant Austin Hooper was as a tight end through the beginning of the year before he got injured.


He was the tight end, won by a wide margin. This is while Julio is going off. This is while, you know, I talked about from week five on that Calvin Ridley was the wide receiver. Eleven. In fact, once they got Calvin Ridley more involved, you saw the three of them and Matt Ryan really start to catch fire weeks five and six when Matt Ryan put back to back weeks of being the quarterback to and then he got injured that the following week it kind of derailed that then Austin Hooper got injured.


You know, we've talked a little bit about Matt Ryan in his rubberband, you know, first year, second year with a coordinator. I think the Falcons offense could really, really explode this year. And the opportunity for Hayden Hurst to come in and fill that Austin Hooper role, the amount of vacated targets and utilization. And if you look at the depth chart, there's nobody here that's going to eat into Hayden Hirst's role. So sure, he's you know, he's near the eighth round.


And I think if I'm looking at a late round guy and I have to take a probability check, I don't see how Hayden Hurst doesn't score a lot of fantasy points. They just don't have I'm not Russell Gage is not going to come in here and take all the targets away from the tight end position. I'm not worried about that in coming into the NFL. I did like him as a prospect. So it takes a couple of years for a tight end to break out.


There's a lot of markers that say he's going to get a lot of work. And I don't think that Hooper was anything special. I think he was a perfect fit for the role. And Hurst is a very similar prospect to Austin Hooper. Yeah.


Hurst says the athletic profile to be able to do that, I mean, Matt Ryan muddled through. I think Austin Hooper deserves some credit in some respects because on Levine Toilolo and those that came after Tony Gonzalez couldn't become what Hooper was.


But Hurst has the profile to do it. He's also in the offense.


When we talk about that offense that, you know, could at least be in the upper echelon, that's the one major concern with my potential. Twenty twenty. Mark Andrews wanted to make him a my guy. Too scary.


Chris Herndon, Chris Herndon.


Why is it scary to make the starting tight end for the Jets of my guy Andy because of his head coach? I've got a little drop I'm going to try out for oh, for for his first head coach already number two.


Oh, yes. Oh, baby. I can hear our ball from across the studio.


You're a big fan. How do you approve that message? I had no idea where you were going, but I love it.


Number two. Oh, man. So there is a bit of a No.


Two problem. And I you know, but we're talking under the radar offensive capabilities. Do you believe in, Sam, Donald Trump, the necessary argument Jason just made for Hayden Hurst. Chris Herndon is the quintessential post hype sleeper, tight end candidate. Over five hundred receiving yards in his rookie season had a stretch of games where he is very fantasy relevant. In his rookie season, very hard to do for a tight end last year, you throw it out, it's gone.


Drawing rave reviews at camp also very, very necessary. Jamison Crowder cannot carry this offense. Parishad Perriman. He's not going to carry this offense. And Sam Donald has a rapport with Chris Herndon. I think he has great upside ability. So I'm going to go with Chris to into Breakout. All right. And you all know I like Blake Darwan as a breakout tight end. I also like this guy. I had no idea. But go on.


I like this guy is as a breakout titan and he's more of a Mark Andrews type of a player to me where Andrew's got it done. Low volume efficiency just being mark man. So they're just dominating with huge with huge touchdown plays. I want to bring up the.


Thank you. I want to bring up Johnny Smith, starting tight end from the Tennessee Titans, and here's the first number I want to go to is avoided tackles. So last year, Travis Kelce was number two in avoided tackles. He avoided 15 tackles on ninety seven receptions. Jonas Smith number three. He avoided 14 tackles of thirty five receptions. The dude is elusive. The dude is super strong. He was second in averaged yards after catch. He is a Mark Andrews type of player and the Tennessee Titans are a Baltimore Ravens type of an offense.


It runs through if they want to slow it down. When would defense and Smith won't have high volume, but he will when he touches the ball, big things are going to happen.


So if he can really remove himself from the shadow of Delanie Walker, who was just a stalwart for the Tennessee Titans offense for years, which in Delanie Walker is now gone, it's Smith's job. I think that I think that John, who can come through as a as a potential breakout guy, low volume, but big place. Yeah, and that was what we saw last year. The games that he was fantasy relevant were games. He scored it.


He had three touchdowns last year, all three of those weeks. He was a top twelve tight end. You know, he's been in the league a little bit of time. Sure. But. He's moved forward in fantasy finish each and every year as well. Definitely fits the big payroll. One more fantasy time machine for you. We also have some baseball we're going to get into. Twenty twenty is Devante Parker. Oh, my ley brown dart throw good luck type of pick.




Younger, but been in the league for a little while. Surprise everyone in the fantasy space to the point where, you know, there wasn't anybody who wants Devante Parker had a good game, started him the next week, and then he had a good game and then he got started. The next week it was, wait, is this real right. The Mirage for three or four weeks before you had to finally believe it. So what do you guys think who's who's the 20, 20 dart throw and I'm going to throw that dart throw at the wide receiver position coming out of nowhere.


For me, the name that seemed obvious was Parishad Perriman. You know, he's I like it. He was he was drafted to be great, just like Devante Parker was round pick. He was not great, just like Devante Parker was. And then as the years went on, he was known to be not great. Just, yeah, this guy is washed. He is never going to become anything. And then all of a sudden there's a flash of brilliance.


And it took a couple injuries to superstars Mike Evans and Chris Godwin last year. But when he was given that opportunity, Bouchon Perriman just got fired the last month. And I mean, I don't believe it. I still don't believe it. Like, I don't hear what I'm not saying. I think it was a mirage. I heard you believed it. I, I heard it was I I think it was a mirage.


What we saw. And here's what we saw the last month of the season. Last year, he was the wide receiver two for fantasy. And it wasn't you know, sometimes you have that in a month stretch because someone had some singular, dominating, unfathomably good game.


Oh, but Jason G.S., voice of public opinion, number two. Yes, there is a brown spot.


Oh, no. On this tape. Oh, no. There is certainly a stain here. And oh, and yeah, Adam case is an issue.


But the reality is I don't think anybody looked last year at the Dolphins offense and there was a problem with the brown spot.


There was persisting from year to year. Right.


Is one of those things where the the offense looked bad, the quarterback situation looked bad, but it became about, well, there's nowhere else to go with the ball. Preston Williams went down. Goreski was there. It was basically those those three players. Well, if you look at the jets, it's very similar. I mean, you brought up Chris Herndon, OK, maybe he's the guy. Maybe he's got sick. Like you've got Jamison Crowder who's, you know, short yardage close to the line.


Maybe that's the great William. It's so different than Bershan and Bershad Perriman. The downfield option. If if Sam Darnel just starts, you know, chucking it deep, it's going to be the Perriman and maybe he breaks out. And when that does, like if that happens for a couple of weeks, I will believe it earlier than I did last year with the Vontae Parker.


Do you think out of curiosity, do you think Jets fans are happy that we've picked two Jets in this fantasy time machine section or unhappy because I've hit that drop three times?


Well, I think they are neither number two, four times. They're yes, they're they're realistic people.


They probably are fans here. Right. Here's what they're saying when we're picking these. Here's what they're answers. Nope. Well, we're short. Paravant not happening. Chris Herndon is a jet. We know what it's like to be pessimistic about our home team. But the reality is, a lot of times these bad situations, especially these nebulous ones where you don't know where the value is going to come, those are where the breakouts come from precisely because it's a murky situation.


I when we got into the show today and we were putting in our projections here, I went to put Burchard Perriman in and Jason had won the prize of Rishard Perriman. I think that's the best answer. It just fits the bill so much. The the player that you've given up on, like Devante Parker, became a laughing stock broke out. I think that's the right answer. But I have a I have a suggestion. What if it was I want to hear what if it was down to Perez?


Oh, yeah. Look, you forget Donte is draft pedigree. I mean, second round and round pick had had some breakout games toward the end of his rookie season, lost the favor of his of his coach. But they are dealing with some injuries over there. And I can't talk about him too much because I open myself up to potential litigation. But what if it was I mean, the camp reports on Dante Penneshaw positive right now. It would be great.


It would be like not going to be, though. Probably not.


Yeah, well, we're talking in the world of low probability right now. This is a time machine. Just remember, nobody believe in Devante Parker at the beginning of last year.


Yeah. If we had brought that name up, it would have been laughed at. And that's why we bring up our shot. Perriman and Dontae Patas. Mike, who do you think? Oh, my. I'm bringing up a player who has also been in the league for quite some time. I was trying to go, you know, like little really more literal with the comparison of the players where Parker had been in forever and had really not done much.


This player has he's got a little bit more on his resume the Devante Parker had coming into this year. But no one's expecting anything from the Lizard King.


Sammy Watkins, Oakland in. I get it. I ran the spell check on this show, Doc, and said, did you mean Michael Hardeman? I get it. But he just it's hard to quit the lizard man. He just cut that up when you have it when you have completely given up on Sammy Watkins, as we finally did, it looked like the Kansas City Chiefs had finally given up on Sammy Watkins after the week one explosion. He goes into the playoffs and he's like the most productive player on the team through that stretch of games.


Sammy Watkins was a huge reason why Kansas City was able to win the Super Bowl. He helped with the comebacks early on. And it's wild.


It's a wild place we live in where I'm trying to endorse Sammy Watkins again.


Sammy Watkins has always had the thirty seven bullet points of why he should be great. Yes. There's never been a time now. I mean, he's got the best quarterback in football. He's the number two on the best offense in football. He has always had the reasons why it should happen and he has always deceived us. Yes, well, it's it's I mean, the blood type, he can he can change there.


He can't change the temperature of his body. So he has to just go with the flow and the reasons are there. Like you said, the bullet point is there. His best offensive football. He was willing to take less money to come back to the team once again. Wow. This whole segment is about a time machine. I will I'm going to be honest with the listeners at home where you've been in the future. No, I don't actually have a time machine.


If I did, I would not be using it for these purposes. Here's I'd be living large here. Here's the reality. Last year, you know, we talked about the twenty nineteen version of George Kittle, Robert Woods, Nick Chubb. The only issue with this trying to pick the next Devante Parker is that those don't happen every year. The Devante Parker I went back to twenty eighteen trying to find these guys who have been in the league a long time and then finally broke out and they were on, you know, they were they were totally surprising.


And, you know, there's always a late, tight end that breaks out or, you know, an undervalued wide receiver. I, I do believe that our answers here are really in line with what could happen. I mean, Parishad, Perriman, Sammy Watkins, even Donte Pettis, they do fit the bill of what Devante Parker is and did and what could happen. But I would say the probabilities that there is a Devante Parker low this season is probably very low.


Well said. Also, how many consecutive weeks does Sammy Watkins have to give fantasy football managers before you start him? Before the the boy who cried wolf situation? I want to make a joke and say eight, but honestly, two, if you got two strong games to open, you would be playing Sammy Watkins.


I would be advising you to play Sammy Watkins. It's the he's heating up. That's the Chiefs effect to if you have a chance to get a part of that offense and just to, you know, help out producer Judge GMAT.


Brooks wants people to know his pick would be New York Giants Sterling Shepard. He's always had a soft spot in his heart for the Shepard. Yeah, for four years.


Is this his fifth year now? That's actually the same as Parker. That's actually a really good pick. The only reason I don't think it applies is because coming into last year, Devante Parker sucked. And I think most people look at Sterling Shepard and say he's a really good wide receiver, just bad. Yeah, he's been solid.


He has an 11th round pick, at least so. Oh, certainly. Draft wise. Value wise. I do like throw that name out there. Yeah.


I think people look at him as like maybe we've seen the best of Sterling Shepard.


So that would be a situation where maybe with a fully healthy year we have it. I like it. I like it.


Thanks for the shot. Not a lot. All right. Let's do some basketball. Basketball breakdown presented by Underdog Finnessey. I know we had the time machine job, but that job's really good to look, I do great work, guys. I am really enjoying I've been getting screenshots of people's underdog draft and implementing some of the strategy strategies we've been sharing, and I absolutely love it. People crush these drafts. OK, if you want to play basketball, underdog fantasy is the place to do it.


If you don't know a basketball is your draft and then the computer sets your optimal lineup, you don't go in and make weekly or daily transactions. It's draft and you're done. It is the best draft. It is a ton of fun. And on underdog fantasy, you look, they've got the best ball mania for a chance at a million dollars in prizes. Underdog fantasy dotcom. Go sign up or you can download in the App Store that the tip I want to give today.


It's short and sweet. I feel like I've been talking about these my strategy of going after these tight ends a little bit more, but drafting in elite tight end and best ball in the second round pick. I know there's there's an opportunity cost of going in on Travis Kelce or George Kittle, and I'm for this tip. I'm even going to include the other two guys, Mark Andrews and Zach Ertz. The thing about using an early pick on one of these guys, one, I mean, you know you know what they're going to do?


They're going to give you a positional advantage at the tight end position, but it opens up things for the opportunity cost later on in your draft.


If I draft Travis Kelsey, I'm drafting one backup tight end.


You got to fill up this roster with a whole bunch of players. I'm taken by Blake Jarra when I'm taken. Chris Herndon later saying you're basically by investing in a in elite advantage at tight end. You're buying a roster spot. Yes, I'm buying a draft pick later on that I can take a chance on another running back sleeper, another wide receiver, slippery Judy instead of. Yeah, Jerry, Judy. Perfect. Instead of having to spend three of my draft picks on tight ends, who I'm hoping one of them comes through, I think that it is pretty wise to invest early a draft pick on Travis Kelce or one of those top four guys.


I love grabbing one of those four guys. The one thing I will say that is in addition is that let's say someone falls in, you know, in value and you you do see a third tight end. You want one of the nice things that's different than a redraft league, because you're never going to take this tight end that has maybe a low probability of scoring. So you're never going to take them and plug them in your flex. But if these guys hit, they also can go into your flex spot.


So, you know, you're drafting a tight end and or a flex when you invest early, whereas in a draft league, you're not really doing that. Even though your flex spot allows you to play tiny, you're not going to do it because you would never know when. You don't have to know when in baseball. I love grabbing a stud tight end.


I and like Mike said, go sign up. Underdog fantasy dotcom. You can search for underdog fantasy in the App Store, be a part of the one million dollars in prizes. You hear that. One million dollars in price. Yeah. Basketball mania over at underdog fantasy dotcom. A reminder, we will be live answering fantasy football questions this afternoon, so this will be Friday, six p.m. Eastern, giving away a unique for life.


If you don't want to miss it, make sure you go to YouTube, dotcom, slash the fantasy football, subscribe and click the notification bill. You do not want to miss it. It's going to be a party. It's going to be fun. Breakouts by Sleeper's Values next week. So let's get into it. See you next week or see you in a couple of hours. Either way, goodbye. Thank you for listening to another episode of the fantasy football podcast, join our fantasy football community on Join the Dotcom and follow us on Twitter at the footballers.