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Hey, this is head coach Hue Jackson, the greatest coach of all time. You're listening to the Fantasy Football podcast. To the fantasy football podcast with your host. Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike Ride. Oh, welcome in. Tuesday, March 9th, and Mike and Jason, the fantasy football players, back with you, greatest coach of all time, opening up the show. That's what he said. Big announcement. Wait, is this official?


Yes. All right. Yeah. Yeah.


It's as official as is going to get, but I've agreed to play in a fantasy league this year, this upcoming year with a number of.


So it's a celeb like it's a celeb league, some some true goats, some goats, some A listers. Yes, obviously I'm in it. Yeah, well, I said A-list, right.


Eight eight namers is for Andy. T is for T pain.


Well, I don't know about that. I'm not even supposed to be talking about.


I mean, this is still on. Oh goodness. Are you breaking an NDA right now. Probably.


But but I'm Hugh Jackson, the greatest kid. I may share a figurative football field. We may play in a league together. It could happen. We need a weekly segment. Oh, OK. Of trade off or OK made to Hugh Jackson. Done. And whether they are accepted or rejected or countered. Yes.


What I will ask you what it do, what it takes to work Mike.


But you have to everybody just keep this on the download. This has to happen.


I mean right now it's like you don't tell anyone. No, I will only tell my closest friends who are listening. We're not recording. Right. You hundred thousand of my favorite.


So if if it materializes, if this comes true, which I've committed to it and from my understanding, so has our good friend.


Yeah, there will be trade offers. There will be there will be a lot of them, and I'll see if Isaiah Crowell's available on the freeway are welcome into the show.


We have a mailbag today. We're playing a game on Today show as well. A reminder. Ultimate head over there. Learn more about the number one draft tool that you need to get ready for the upcoming 2021 season, if you're playing in a dynasty league, you can get the Utica. Plus, that'll give you instant access to the ever evolving, getting better every correct dynasty pass.


We didn't just make it and say job well done. Everybody know we got college profiles up now. Yes. College player profile, which to be fair, everyone could go look at those.


But there are parts of the caller's profile that are strictly there. Plus for the the people who are using the Utica. Plus, yes.


And so there is a lot of it's neat because normally you're kind of waiting for the launch of the full UDCA And right now you get access to a ton of dynasty tools. And there is a lot happening in the NFL. We've got franchise tag deadlines approaching. We have free agency, we have the draft.


And as things change, we improve and update and modify both the Dynarski Pass in the UK so that you are up to date with the most recent information which lets you take advantage of your league mates and win.


Just the ultimate goal here is really take advantage of those air, quote, friends, you know. Yes. So pay attention. It's not my fault. It's the less fortunate in your league that aren't listening or part of the UK. Twitter at the footballers, the fantasy footballers that comes the website with the ranking starts at Tooele during the season and we'll have some draft tools this season, player profiles and a whole lot more. You guys doing well today know?


Oh, I'm fantastic. I don't know. But the Wolf man has vanished. Yeah, you've got to.


You've got your fantasy hot man. Am I right? No, I'm probably not. I don't know. Ask the studio audience.


They are loving it. Loving it. Thank you, everybody. I appreciate it. Thank you.


It's it's another year with Mike around here. Another year with Mike. Jason. No no haircut for you. Not not usually. Doesn't need one. Does it grow quite so fast or thick.


What if you could just lock in exactly what you have right this moment right now, like look like a really good interest rate.


Right, right. Yeah. Lock it in now. It's not going to get any better. You can't do anything to improve this shit or change knowledge.


You've got to commit to this look in case I mean, yeah, I would definitely lock it and lock in those locks. Oh, very nice. Mike is really the top of his game today. It's going to be a good show. All right. Let's play a game.


I want to play the game. All right, we're playing who am I? I have no idea the answer of this. I have not looked at any of these clues. I am participating with you guys. Clue number one, who am I? The one hundred and nineteen targets I saw in twenty twenty was the second most in my seven year career.


One hundred and nineteen targets of second, most in my seven year career. OK, I have some names popping into my head. But then I think I'm wrong. I need I. I'm nowhere, I'm a blank slate right now. Do you want the second clue, Jason? Now, if I guess you're locked in, I don't get to participate as the game goes along. That is correct.


Oh, man, you would get the most points possible from this game. Do have a guess, but I will I will not give it with only that clue.


All right. Here's the second clue and see if it stacks up. I had the tenth most receiving yards among wide receivers in twenty 20. And the 10th most since twenty seventeen. But what that is confusing, so the 10th most since twenty seventeen, so essentially you're saying the top 10 of this year, that's how it would be the 10th most since that that doesn't seem like a good clue. That seems like an inaccurate clue. Yeah, I don't know.


And those are two separate stats. Tenth most receiving yards amongst wide receivers in twenty twenty.


OK. And 10th most since twenty seventeen. I'm not tracking I am not either and Brooks is not on the microphone today.


All right. Also tenth most since twenty seventeen. This game sucks.


I'm confused.


All right. Go to the next go. All right. Next clue is I have been, I've got to guess, a top figure from that sweet clue.


Yeah. Because I think I think I get how it went wrong. But you didn't explain it to us or the listeners because you want to win the game. Look what sometimes the most important thing is winning. And I'm doing. OK, let me throw this out there. OK, what if OK, because they're saying, you know, I got all these targets.


I'm up here at wide receiver. Sounds like it's not a wide receiver. Sounds like it could be like the 10th most among wide receivers right now. Maybe that's the tenth most. No, I have the real the information that you need. The stat is he had the tenth most receiving yards in 20, 20 among all the wide receivers. OK, OK.


But he also has the 10th most since Forni 17 total.


OK, it was just written horribly. Yeah, wow, that was real bad, but now I get it. And then the new clue is I have been a top 15 fantasy wide receiver in five of seven seasons.


Got his best year. I've got my guess, yeah, so I've got the answer. OK, so give it to us, Brandin Cooks.


Oh, because I know he always finishes in the top 15 all the time.


OK, nicely done. He's always the top 15. That's the standard that we've talked about for years with him. Is that outside of that, you know, the injuries. He's always a top 15 wide receiver. So what are the other clues?


I've played on four different teams. OK, but is the last clue? My name is Brandin Cooks. My initials may match one of the producers of the fantasy football. Oh, OK. OK, we have uncovered what was happening here.


This first call about Brooks Brooks found that clue and then worked backwards. Yes, he just tried to twist the numbers and strangle hold, whereas somehow I got to make this the most decent tenth most that not as much money as Brooks.


So he's probably Brandin Cooks might be the one guy that has made enough money. He's very wealthy. He's not Brooks both.


Now, we're all in this back does this because it surprises me. I wasn't on Brandin Cooks when it was tenth most at the wide receiver position this year. That's does that seem surprising to you that he had the most yards this year? That is shocking to me.


What is Brandin Cooks is here. I mean, he's a very good wide receiver and that's it.


He's not. He had eleven hundred and fifty yards you can make.


Arguments for or against. Brandin Cooks. I mean, you can look at him and you can say four different teams, but which argument do you want to make? I don't know the one where, like this year, he doesn't do that unless Bill Fuller goes down to, you know, OK, but is willful, are going to be back in Houston, I would say no.


No. Which means he'll do it again.


Does that mean we have we are underrating Brandin Cooks yet again?


Not yet, because we haven't started rating Brandin Cooks this year. But I don't think he'll be underrated if they don't add somebody. And he's the lone wolf there.


But but maybe he will because you have a different quarterback or something. Yeah, I can't imagine. OK, let's do it. We'll just check in here your percentage chance that Deshaun Watson is actually traded before the season starts. It's getting lower, my arms, 15 percent. Yeah, I meant like 10 percent. I feel like I go lower my I'm still 50 50, I think Watson now, I guess being traded is different. I think there's a percentage chance that is above 10 percent that he doesn't play football this year and has to go the Carson Palmer route.


I think that's more likely.


I don't think there's any chance on this earth that Deshaun Watson would go. The Palmer route was late career. I'm kind of done. Why? He would lose he would lose a year worth of accumulation in legacy.


And I don't think that that's what these tweets are about with Deshaun Watson. I mean, he's pissed, he's pissed, but he's going to either play or get traded before the season, and that's what I believe.


So I don't think somebody at that age playing at that level is going to walk away from the game. No. Well, and it would be a temporary walk away. He's not going to walk away and retire forever. It's just simply saying I will not play for the Texans. And if they say, well, we will not trade you, it's a game of chicken. One of them has to be lying. And I think it would be the Texas.


So Palmer was thirty one when that happened. Yeah, that was the Oakland transition, right.


Yeah. Well he was thirty one and I'm sorry, he's thirty one in his final year with Cincinnati, but that was only his seventh season. Yeah. He dealt with injuries and Deshaun Watson had this would be his fifth season.


No I don't I, I'm just telling you my opinion. I don't think that's a real possibility. But you are right that it's going to be a game of chicken. If they don't, it is if he doesn't want to play for that team. What do you make of those loyalty tweets? I don't know. Watson, I think Watson's man, I think Watson has a legit reason to be mad, and it's because of this I mean, the ultimate game of chicken, Watson has the largest leverage because he could just say, nah, man, I'm not going to play football, but.


He doesn't have he has no leverage of controlling where he's going to go. When did he sign the contract for year 156 million dollar Cadabby last year? Last year, right. Yeah. So I don't know. We'll see what happens.


I think the highest odds are that Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson are staying right where they're at.


And I agree Jason doesn't get the level of chaos that really feeds him during an off season.


Some men just want to watch the world burn. Yeah.


All right. We accomplished the game. Great job, Jason. Thank you.


I feel like I are round one. I was going to go. Travis. Kelsey. Oh, man. I feel like you love Brandin Cooks. I feel like I do.


I think have the three of us. I am the Brandin Cooks point.


And it was like I feel like I used to defend him, but because like I said, last year, I was all in on Wil Fuller.


Appropriately, yeah. And then so that by nature made me and you were like you were the cook site, right?


And so at the end, I was right.


Sure. News time.


News & notes from around the league. The Steelers have signed Big Ben to a new contract, opened up some cap space, this was necessary for him to return. So Big Ben is back again.


One more. One more go. Yeah, I'm not sure how pretty that's going to be. I saw a great tweet and I apologize. I can't reference it.


I don't remember who said this, but they they said it's like we get to see what would have happened if Peyton Manning came back for one more season, because maybe maybe it could be ugly.


It could be. Baltimore is a better team, right? I Evelyn's a better team. I lean on the side that it's more of the same or worse from Big Ben. But the one hope you can hold on to if your Steelers fan is he was recovering from the elbow surgery. And we don't have like a lot of evidence of how long it would take a quarterback to properly return from that.


What if he was hypothetically a year older this year than last year? Well, that's how it always happens after you have the surgery. Just say that if you want if you want to grasp at the straws of hope, I'm not doing that. I was trying to talk you guys out a big win last year and to no avail.


So I'm not I saw what I saw and you can't make me unsee it. But and then he's not going to have Juju, most likely. Right. There's potential you could be back, but yeah, most likely will be will be gone. I just I Pittsburgh's never been in that position to quote unquote rebuild. And since I you know, I guess you going back to like Kordell Stewart days and it's been a long time, Tomlin has never been sub 500, right?


I don't think he's ever had a season under 500 and he's been there a long time. I believe that's true. You.


Yeah, I mean, they he's a good coach and they're a good team and organization.


So we'll see what they put around him. Alex Smith. Farewell. Yep, he Washington is let him go. Requests requested his release. Golden Tate did not request his release, but he got it.


But he got it. Yeah. Golden Tate, he'll be a free agent, pick up for somebody, could contribute.


He's at his end of days, though. I mean, it's it's wrapping up. Still surprises me how good he is, he's a Jack Monster man, Jared Cook Joshel, both released by the New Orleans Saints. Both both tight ends have been released by the Saints. Time to go fishing.


OK, dude, you know, I was I was on that last year. He's just been sitting on my dynasty team waiting for this moment because I trautmann because I anticipated that Jared Cook would be gone.


I didn't realize we were going to get just a full broom sweep of of both starting tight ends. None of you have said his name.


Adam trought tight end for the Saints is the excuse me, Adam Trautmann starting tight end. Well, look, being next up on the depth chart doesn't mean a lot sometimes. See New England, that happened like six times after Gronkowski and Hernandez left the team. So he still has to prove it. He has to be something. And again, the things that make you question the offense is Drew Brees back. Is it another quarterback? There will be reasons to like the upside of new, flashy, tight end at the top of the depth chart.


There will be reasons to have concerns and we've seen it go both ways.


Adam Trautmann has the the draft capital and the athleticism to be interesting.


I'm not yeah, no doubt I'm not fully signed on. That's the best word for this is happening. But like Emmanuel Sanders, is he going to be on this team next year? Probably not in there. So you're back to Michael Thomas and then some new blood and Adam Trautman. Interesting is the right word, and you'd rather be interesting than not interesting. That's and he's entered into Soledad.


Tyrell Williams was signed by the Lions in the most perfect signing of the off season.


This seems right. Oh, yeah. I mean, it seems like a good fit. It's really on par for both parties because Tyrell Williams has a habit of getting paid. Yeah. Like he's going to play football. And then the Lions have a habit of saying we're good with that. We're good with taking the chance and paying somebody half to start wide receivers. Right. They don't have any.


This is locking in the rebuild. He could be the one he could right now be here one wow, but then, of course, that would require him being on the field. Oh, that's true.


Franchise tag deadline was originally scheduled for today. Technically still, as of this recording, is like I have not heard the official push back, but it will be pushed back.


It seems very likely that it was pushed back today. We are recording the afternoon before. So that is the current expectation. They're still locking in some salary cap stuff.


Yeah, and we're going to do our freeagent prediction show on Thursday that you do not want to miss that show.


I believe I have perfectly projected every free agent every year.


So so far, I think we do not check the tape. If you don't check the tape, then you are 100 percent accurate.


Did you even believe me for a moment? No, no, no. You've gotten a few.


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Mailbag back. Oh, you feel like somehow a little bit of that mail bag came from your hair, a little bit of the extra spice, maybe you're feeling a little less. You probably lost some weight.


Yeah, he's now wait. Five pounds, my man. You should have seen the floor.


Did it qualify for donation levels? No, it was not long. Do eBay that stuff. I mean, people probably made it. Yes. There in the market. Yeah. And there's there's a couple of beers in there just for added value. Bonus.




All right. If you have a question for the show, great time to send them in. The fantasy footballers dot com.


You can also dial our voice mail hotline three zero two four six four tff B, let's jump into a voicemail question.


Bonjour, footballers. Your question for you, half point PPR. Do I keep Jonathan Taylor in the third or Jaquet Diamond in the seventh of what she's actually doing? Have a good one. Oh, Jonathan Taylor, Thomas, a great outstanding going to be a probably first going to be a first round pick pick that you get value on in the third or J.K. Dobbins, who could end up very, very good, but certainly not as assured of a fantasy finish.


But you're you're getting that third rounder back. Yeah, I am just, you know, come clean here on the show. I'm softening a little bit on my JK Dobbins love.


Really a little. I thought you were going to say on your Jonathan Taylor love. I feel I would take Jonathan Taylor in this situation. I would, too, because I just. You know, the the round difference is not enough to overcome the variability that I think that I believe exists with Jake Dobbins versus Jonathan Taylor has a very, very low variability to me. I know that he will he's going to have the job now. And they're a team that has a quarterback and they're ready to go.


DOBENS Well, you know, they have they have a quarterback wink wink of what is the Agatha?


And we need Agatha where we need the AG going to work for the Colts, have a quarterback. He said the call the PR correct. Half PPR.


OK, so Jaquet Dobbins is still going to run behind Lamar. Sure. And that is, you know, we've been down that road a little bit with Jonathan Stewart. And back in the studio, Angela Williams days, yeah, or even just the days to Cam Newton days where touchdowns were difficult to come by and the like I said, week to week variability is the reason I'm choosing Taylor here.


And Mike, I know you said you would go Taylor. I would go Dobens here. Interesting. The way that I look at these two players and, you know, there's a lot to shake out with free agency. I'd say both teams. There's question marks as to what running backs they bring back. Wilgus Edwards be there. I assume Ingram won't be resigning. Will they bring in a third?


Ingram was released. No, I know. I know. I know.


But gas is a big shoe to drop, you know, do they bring in a different back? And also on the flip side, you know, does Marlon Mack get resigned? Possibly. You know, that's what every one I've been looking in preparation for the free agency preview. Most people think that the Colts will resign, Marlon Mack. And I think that matters. So I look at the outlook on both these players. I like Jonathan Taylor's talent and skill set more than JK Dobbins.


I don't actually see their situation as Jonathan Taylor's is awesome and JK Dobbins is bad. I think JK Dobbins could end up with a lot of work on a better running team with lanes opened up by, you know, Lamar. So the four round difference here is enough for me to to lean the Dobbins side.


Gus Edwards is a restricted free agent. If you read comments from Mark Andrews and other teammates, heart and soul type of guy of this team on the cusp, I think they want him back. I think he'd be a ten million dollar, three year type of situation. Not crazy, but, yeah, some some situations to play out there with the depth charts on both teams. Do you're not concerned about the touchdown? So like, I know that Taylor is going to be near the the top of the league in that department.


Yeah. I mean, what's ironic is JK Dobbins was awesome in the touchdown department this this past season. What he did overproduce, he overproduced. So when you say are you worried about touchdowns, that would be my like, is it going to return to more normalcy? And I am a little bit concerned there. But you look weak on when he basically got the opportunity on for JK Dobbins. He was the running back nine. And granted that was, you know, that same stretch.


Jonathan Taylor's the running back five. So he's better. But is that worth four rounds or not? Yep, that is the question. All right, Twitter, CODI Harbor, what is in a vacuum mean means making a bad decision.


I mean, it's it's a no, it's fair.


But what it means is you're not looking at any context. You're not looking at your team. You're not looking at your league.


You're not saying the reference is like a vacuum where a like a cylinder or area where the air has been removed. Yes. And so there is no air there. There's no friction. There is no there's two players. There is no just sitting there. There is no context, like Jason has said. So you don't have to worry about it. You're just saying, well, this player's better. But context is everything in sports and fantasy football. So that's why we just if we're when we're saying in a vacuum, I'm just saying I think this player is actually better.


Yeah. I mean, when you say that you are oftentimes bringing a very entertaining discussion to light.


Sure. Because you're making somebody make a complete one to one decision between two players. But you're right. So much of fantasy football, so much of this show is about how to evaluate your team in the context of the rest of your roster, in the context of your league settings in your league mates.


So that's so often Player A might be better than player B, but not for your team, but not for your team. You'll you'll you'll win fewer games with the better player depending on the context of team and situation. That's what we as a show try to.


I think, you know, we've always said we take a holistic approach to fantasy football.


We want to look at your league mates and your team and your structure in your league settings and help you actually just win preferably. Yeah, that's the way to go.


Instagram question from Sayam. Pickens says, Would you trade a late first round rookie pick for Aaron Rodgers in a super flex dynasty?


Yeah, yes, yeah, yeah, yeah, Instagram from James Labruzzo, what Randall Logan Thomas go in. Oh that's that's a great season.


Interesting person. Logan Thomas will be a. I mean, he'll be the borderline on draft. Yes, I think he'll be drafted. Yeah, but wasn't under where did he finish?


Oh, he finished worthy of being drafted. But he certainly I mean, we've looked at rankings like I've put together obviously our our dynasty start up rankings. I've looked at, you know, some early rankings for us next year. He will be very difficult to put in the top 12 and not that he shouldn't be in the top 12. He'll be behind.


No offense. He'll be behind Hunter Henry wherever he signs.


He'll be behind Johnny Smith, wherever he signs they'll be behind all those players because he was Mr. Necessary last year for Alex Smith.


And this team will do more in this off season to cap the upside of Logan Thomas in people's minds, and he's older.


He had a later breakout because he was, you know, brought into the league as a quarterback. To answer your question, he finishes the Titans seven this previous season. Yeah. I think he should be drafted. I agree, I would I would take Logan Thomas over Hunter Henry, but the question is, where will he go? And I think he will go with the last pick in people's leagues. He'll at least be double digits. No chance he goes ahead of round 10.


I think he's garnered more respect than that. The finishing is the numbers. I have him down. This is what you said, seven seven is where he finished. Yeah.


Nick Freese says, do you think a five dollar reward for the highest score every week would make it more competitive throughout the whole season?


No, it needs to be more than five dollars. And it's kind of dependent upon what the buy in is. Yeah, sure. Everyone buys it for 20 every week. Fifty dollar reward for the winner mean.


Yeah. I mean a reward. Yeah. Appropriate league amount of financial stuff to make sense.


I mean a reward of any kind. Yes. Does help make it more competitive. So even five dollars work. Are there any things that you could do? That would affect the league in terms of weekly rewards as opposed to just like a monitor, because monitoring like outside the league, you know, like.


Right. You know, for lack of a better idea, like fab or something coming to mind where some something corollary to week in and week out competition.


But it's hard because the best teams get rewarded. Say that that's rich getting richer. You've won. You have a better way of priority. There are certain countries that's for lack of a better idea. There are certain for lack of a good idea. Here's a terrible that's what I'm saying.


There are crazy leagues out there like there is the the the I forget what the official name of it is, the fantasy league of Harry Potter or whatever that came together on foot cleanly., the foot clan put together is this insane league and they have a full book of rules. And there's all these things that happen through the season where depending on X, Y and Z that you do, you get actual game affecting rewards. It's it's it's outstanding work, but it's a pretty crazy look.


You like spells. Exactly. You get like all sorts of crazy things.


I mean, they've done they've done this for years now. And it's it's awesome. If that's interesting to you, go to full clan leagues, dotcom and I guess just search Harry Potter.


I'll bet you find it. My idea was really bad, Instagram, Kalabi says, who would you rather have as your wide receiver to?


AJ Brown or Calvin Ridley, you've got to read the last part, the full part, because the full are. I think the full picture changes it to Kalvin for me. Twenty five percent target share last year. Ninety receptions for Calvin four Calvin, and he missed a couple of games, yeah, and AJ Brown is we know he's a big play splash guy, same target share, but 70 receptions, smaller pie. But he missed a couple of games, too, so I would lean the Ridleys idea.


Yeah, I mean, when both guys are great and these are both great, I'm going to take the one that I have just higher in my rankings. We haven't officially started them. But I would I would I would project that. Calvin Ridley. Well, no, my point is, I've got this guy 15 and this guy at nine. I'll take the guy who I have at nine. The point is, this question is worded as your wide receiver to and in general, I like to have a really high target volume, safe wide receiver one and at wide receiver two.


I want the the explosive guys. You know, this is where AJ Brown and Kenny Golladay and maybe these low reception, high yards per reception players can really help you win. You know, we're we're exiting the vacuum, but they're just both such good options that I think I would go. Calvin Ridley.


Yeah, Ridley. More explosive in terms of multi touchdown games last year, I believe, which maybe they're about the same to. Yeah, to each, but the yards and the yards were ninety one a game. I don't think I view him in the same lenses, A.J. Brown, right now, and that needs to change, if you like, as you view him, a lower tier?


I think so. Like, I. I just I see A.J. Brown. Mm hmm. And I think I understand, like, he would he could take over a city, you know what I mean. Like, yeah, he's just. Yes. A physical specimen. I totally get that. But I don't think that's right. I think Ridley is deserving of I really think he's not going to disappoint you as much.


No, he's he's outstanding. Oh, yes. Drafted to be great. He was drafted. He's gonna say, go, go, go. Well, that was that from the forecast. I think so. Let me explain that to the listeners right now. Oh, we have.


Oh, it's so great that he got himself.


We had a podcast last week, which is our bonus episode for everybody who joined the fight, Dotcom.


And somebody was saying they were bringing up phrases that Jason says a lot on the show. And what was the original phrase brought up?


Because it wasn't that one I brought up that I don't hear what I'm not so sure. What I'm not saying was the phrase they said every time you need a bingo board for that. And I said that there's one more and it's the drafted to be great.


And then the first episode, then we do I'm like, well, there's certain times of the year you didn't realize. Yeah, he said, oh, it's only during certain times. And I go home like looked at each other, go up. And then I had the great idea of saying, well every time I said, yeah, we got a call out of bingo anyways. So Al gets the Markis board. My point was he exactly was drafted to be a great player and has been he was the wide receiver for wide receiver four for fantasy this last year.


I think that's something that people don't realize. Like he was I realize that when he won me a champion.


Sure. Everyone who had Calvin Ridley realized how great he was. But I don't know that he had the same level of break. There's like excuses like, oh, Julio. Yeah. Here he still has a he has a Julio.


He's not the alpha in people's minds on that team.


AJ Brown does not have Julio Jones problem at all. Corey Davis, it was in court. Yeah, on. Adam Humphries is gone. Johnny Smith is gone. All that remains on that team is AJ Brown. So that will be interesting, though. They'll add somebody either in the draft or in free agency to maybe complicated a little bit.


I don't think it will. I mean, they're in their title window, right? I mean, this is Derrick Henry, Ryan Tannehill contract, good competitive defense. But it will either be a free agent or a rookie. I'm not worried about them coming in and taking things away from AJ Brown. No. Allen Robinson. Yeah.


If anybody's going to be hurt in the draft, I would actually expect it to be Calvin Ridley, because I could see the Falcons using their high draft capital for a quarterback.


And if that happens. Oh, I know Matt Ryan's the starter this year it'll be a redshirt. Yea yea. Right. And then halfway through the year there will be a quarterback change that will hurt Ridley Connor.


O'Flaherty says excellent. If you could sign one free agent to the Cardinals, who would it be. Well, I care about offense. And I care about fantasy, that's polysaccharides for you. Oh, so he's not a free agent, you can't put that off on me.


No. Allen Robinson. It seems it does seem so great, you put Allan Robinson. I get that there's too many wide receivers, but I accept you.


Maybe that hurts DeAndre Hopkins fantasy value. Sorry, sorry. Fantasy commutative, but Arizona Cardinals fan over here wants to see it doesn't seem like they'd be unstoppable. It's yeah. That feels like so.


Now, real quick, do you think that Allen Robinson is the best wide receiver free agent? You've got Chris Godwin, Allen Robinson and Kenny Golladay. So if we had to guess, I'd say NFL wise. Yeah, yeah. Skill. I do believe its own Robinson. I mean, it would be nice to get the younger guy like Kenny Golladay or God one, but I think Allen Robinson is is better than both those guys. Yeah, that's fair.


I would go with the I would go with Brandon. Sure. For some great offensive line. Sure. All right.


Twitter question from DAT. Good, good. Three to one says keep trade to the other host or cut. OK, ok, constipation. Insomnia or gaining 20 pounds per year, who? Well. I've already taken one of those on maybe this is keep trade to another host and cut insomnia is is almost. Like, I wouldn't even trade it to you guys. That's the cut, because insomnia is another way of saying going insane.


I mean, I feel like I'd rather have insomnia than constipation because insomnia is like, OK, I can't sleep, but I can I don't watch TV. No, you go you go bananas. It's it's rough and you'll be spinning in circles on the carpet in your room. I don't know, maybe it wasn't for you, but like two of my three children when they were born decided that they would never sleep. So I had multiple different periods of time where I was getting maybe two hours of sleep, four months.


And it that's not even full insomnia. I mean, but it is not a place you want to be. It's time I became fat.


I'm going I'm going to keep the gain 20 pounds per year.


And I just want to see what it looks like in a while.


I'm going to I'm going to keep doing what I'm going to keep the same thing. Keep you. Look, if it's not broken, don't fix it. I'm going to keep what I already have. I'll trade Andy constipation because he doesn't want insomnia and then we'll get rid of insomnia. I guess conservation could be gaining another 20 pounds per year if it's bad enough that.


Oh, no. Oh, no.


All right, Twitter, which side of this trade do you prefer? It's a super Flex Dynasty PBR. All right.


Super flex time. Been getting a lot of super flex questions. Have you felt that is getting well? Brooks does set up the mailbag. Yeah. And Brooks is is he in a super flex league? He needs a little help.


Must be because he gets hot and bothered any time we start talking super flex. Yeah, he does doesn't he. Well, what do you get for the man who has everything?


It's another great quarterback, quarterback Derrick Henry for JK Dobbins in the 109000 Keepit. Divers in the one or nine slam dunk for me. Unless you are sitting there ready to go for your third straight title with a team fare, I'm I'm with you.


Basically, if you are ready to compete for one year and one year only, I wonder how many this year. Yeah, for the Dinamo, the nice thing is that in a super Fleck's league, the one nine is more valuable than in a in a standard single quarterback for positional players. Yeah. You ready for our first rookie discussion?


I think that we've had my Instagram question. Would you pick Travis Eaton over Najee Harris in a full PPR league?


It's going to depend on landing spot. As far as talent, I would presume I would take ETN in a full PPR just because they're both going to be drafted highly. So let's just say that they both are they're both a first round pick and they both go to a good landing spot for their talent. I'm going to prefer the one that projects catch the ball more. Najia has great hands. I agree, ETN. I get it. He's elite is a pass catcher.


I'm taking Najee Harris even in the PPR. I will go ETN.


I think I, I think he will get drafted ahead of Najee Harris in the NFL draft. Not that that's saying everything, but I, I am a big fan.


What it reminds me of a lot. A lot because I thought Jonathan Taylor had great hands, but he didn't project to be utilized in that way. It reminds me so much of last year with the good point and Jonathan Taylor and DeAndre Swift, you know, again, that's that's the whole in a vacuum thing. Then he went to the Detroit Lions.


It was like, oh, why why did why can't we back in the vacuum?


Why can't we have nice things? So where the true answer to this question is, do not answer this question yet. Wait until the NFL draft and then decide who you're going to want for your PPR league.


Here's an interesting question from Instagram. Are there any rules that you can implement to make not responding to trade offers a thing of the past.


I think we've all been there. In fact, I've heard. I'm sure I've complained about it and I've heard you guys complain to me before about like, look, you take the time, you take the effort, you put in the trade offer and then you get just crickets. Yeah, it's not fun when you when you don't get any response. It is fun on the other side when you're like that trade offer is bad. So I will not respond like I, I, I always respond to trades unless it's one that I feel does not dignify a response, in which case I let you sit in it forever.


And that feels great. Why not just reject it real quick? Oh, because then they'll understand and they can move on, they can make decisions for their teams. I would like to insult them back. I believe, as the kids call it, you you leave them left on red.


Yes, exactly. OK, but what can you do to make people accept it? I think maybe people will respond. That's tough.


I don't think there's anything you could do. Overarching principle.


You want people in your league that are all going to be active in participating. You also don't I mean, just let me throw this out there. Do you want a league with no trade offers coming in or league with too many trade offers coming in? Too many.


OK, so maybe just reject the bad offers that you don't like, because if you start making it prohibitive, like not enjoyable to send a trade off for because everybody's perspective differently, we say this all the time on the show. Trade offers look stupid and all of a sudden they go the complete other way. But I can tell you, nothing shuts down activity in the league more than if you send a trade off and it sits there for days on end and nobody replies, and then you don't like you said, you don't move on.


You don't make other offers. You don't send that person an offer again.


And he's just making excuses for all of his terrible trade offers right now. Are they just left unread? Yeah.


OK, well, I don't make do you guys I know I try to reject Andy's trades quickly.


I make mine in in in person so you can just ignore me to my face.


Mike, Mike, Mike, what do you say.


But I know you heard, but you responded and stopped two feet from you.


Yeah. All right. One more Instagram. James Robinson, Bycel hold in a dynasty league. What do you do? Oh, I'm moving towards hould. I'm moving towards hold as well, who I'm just towards by oh, wow. Oh, OK.


So my viewpoint on James Robinson has been Phillip Lindsey. It has been I believe he is talented. He passes the eyeball test, but there's no draft capital. And this is a team that I think will eventually move on from him in a couple of years. He won't have everything to himself this year the way that he did last year. And, you know, with all of that, I think that's the going rate, the common narrative. And I think people are down on James Robinson and the average manager who has him wants to move on.


So I think you can buy him cash in, so to speak. Exactly the cash. And I think you're going to get enough value at least this year where it's worth making, you know, an offer.


What's what's that offer in rookie picks? Because it's hard to say just play. Sure. If I could if I could play. But first, I've been offered I've been offered late first for James Robinson.


I would offer a late for and I pass if I've got the one two eight one nine, I would I would trade those for James.


I want to wait one to nine. I'm hoping I can draft a running back that ends up like James. Robert Exactly. I will say you're 100 percent right at the beginning of the off season especially, I kind of looked into cashing in on the value like things can only go down from here type of mindset with James Robinson. And he could be an interesting Bilo. One point to the previous question about trade offers and sending them, Brooks makes a good point.


He said after he sent the offer message that person directly and let them know you sent an offer. Oh, yeah.


You can't just send through the system. Right. That's really important, too, because then then if they get hit in the face with what they think is a bad offer, maybe you contextualize it a little bit in the message and you say, hey, look, here's what I'm thinking with this. This would help you here. Like, if you don't have a story of how this can help the other team, it's a pretty bad offer. Oh, 100 percent.


We need it. You need at least a story.


The story may be fictional. Here's why you need a story. I think this trade makes my team way better and then you let them know I'm all right. That's right. We want to think, well, I'm going to ask one more question. I sneak one in because it's for Jason O Instagram question from James. He says, Does Kelam have no one overall potential this year?


Number one, overall potential, number one, wide receiver one, overall potential as a dynasty CD player manager. What does your gut tell you? My gut says no to be the true number one pick overall, you have to have an incredible target market share on your team. Think about Davante Adams, Michael Thomas. You just go back and you look at the 101 is one hundred and sixty target type of a player. And Amari Cooper on the team just says he could.


Calvin Ridley was the was the number four. I think that is, you know, in the in the highest upside for Kilim this year. He could really do that. But I don't think he can be the one to one unless injuries happen to two.


Amari Cooper, I think is a pretty good argument. I think it's a pretty good comp to with with Ridley this season. He had like ninety four, thirteen hundred and eight touchdowns. That's that's possible. Yeah, but but in your argument you're saying that if Amari Cooper wins all expenses trip to Hawaii for twelve months and Cedi Lame is the number one, what was the outlook for you? Yeah, I think that that that he has the talent to do that.


The offense to do that. The quarterback, if he has dak. Yeah, he was right. All assuming Dak Prescott.


Yeah. I mean think of his draft capital. He was drafted to be, right.


Yeah, I get it. Bingo. All right. We want to thank pristine auction. Great friends of the show. Look, their golden ticket auction ends on Thursday night.


Their auction starts at twenty twenty dollars. One hundred random items from this auction will come with a golden ticket.


The ticket will have a code for a pristine auction gift card.


That's in my hands. I don't know. Sometimes I just see things.


Here are some golden ticket items right now. Clyde Edwards letter signed football. Thirty bucks right now. Tee Higgins signed Bengals mini helmet. Twenty dollars right now. In Thursday, Myles Sanders signed jerseys at twenty dollars right now in Thursday. OK, check them all out at pristine auction dotcom to code ballers when you do baller and you will get a ten dollar credit.


All right.


We made it through this spectacular hour of fantasy football talk and we'll be back with some free agent predictions. Be sure to check out ultimate If you want to get in on that dynasty, pass. Goodbye. Thank you for listening to another episode of the fantasy football podcast, join our fantasy football community on Join the Foot Dotcom and follow us on Twitter at the footballers.