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Hey, everybody, welcome back to another episode of the Fantasy Football podcast. I'm your host, Dan Harris. With me is the Thursday morning version of Mike Tabulator, and that is the best version of all the McTaggert errors. You can find us on Twitter at Dan Harris, A.B. and Mike Teg. They are NFL tags. I mean, are you in as good a mood as you always are on Thursday morning?


I'm in an even better mood today, actually. I got a workout in, so I typically on Thursday mornings, I don't have to wake up at 5:00 a.m. like I typically do. I get up. I usually get up like six. And today I woke up at five thirty without my alarm and I just got up. I did my work and I actually did a workout before the show. So I'm like, I'm feeling good in two things.


First, you broke the code. I thought we agreed that we were just going to not work out and get real fat during this NFL season. And I feel like you're just throwing that, you know, out the window, which annoys me a little bit. And second, I have spent my entire morning doing remote learning and I realized that not only would I fail both fourth and second grade if I had to do them again, but I'm a terrible person to be directing remote learning.


So hopefully my kids do better. I hope they listen to this show because they're going to get some great information. It's our DFS show and we have the best guest actually today. It's Jared Smolla from Drath Sharks. He's on Twitter at Smolla, D. Jared, thank you for coming on today. How's it going?


It's going good, guys. Thanks for having me back. I know Dan's trying to jinx me here, talking about, you know, my my lead in the rankings competition when we still have a whole lot of football. Laughs No, no, no.


Now let's address the elephant in the room. OK, let's just talk about this, because you're going to see some, you know, animosity coming on between all of us. I mean, Jared, you know what we do here at Fancy Pros, we rank the accuracy of over one hundred and fifty analysts in our fantasy community. And through five weeks, Jared is the most accurate expert. Now, I do not want to put too much pressure on you, Jared, but I am coming into this.


I have to assume, given that you are the most accurate expert, that every one of the many takes that you're going to provide on this here show is going to be absolutely perfect, given your track record and anything less is going to result in an invitation to all future podcasts. Is that OK with you?


Yeah, sure. I don't miss yeah. My wife and I had our first kid actually exactly a month ago today. Congratulations.


How are you doing so well in the competition then. What is happening to the baby came the day after week one and I didn't have a good week one. But since then it's past four weeks I've been hot and I got the baby swag.


We're going, OK, go baby sleep at this time, to be fair, like wait till it starts walking around, then you're going to be so like a year from now Jared's going to be like, I don't know what happened next season.


I'm screwed. Your baby is clearly cheating in some ways, so I'm going to need his or her name, address and Social Security number. Just make sure I could take care of this. OK, anyway, it's our DFS show. It's, you know, what we do on our DFS show. It's our usual plan.


We're going to start with the favorite, favorite pricier cash game play at each position. Then we'll discuss a couple of cash game value plays at each position. We'll do one GPP gamble at each position, quick discussion of a defense that you guys like and then your sack of the week and your lock the week. But before we get into it, in a few hours from now, after recording this podcast, I'm going to record another podcast. It's our Betting Pros NFL podcast, where Matt Peralta and I are going to break down the entire week, six slate from a betting perspective that hosts the Daily News podcast.


That's a daily fifteen minute show which breaks down the best bets of each day regardless of the sport. The betting president of a podcast drops overnight on Thursday. It is available wherever you get your podcasts or I'm betting Post.com podcast. Now, Matt has been out in Vegas for many years. He's got a ton of connections with bookmakers and Vegas insiders. He offers a ton of great insights into games based on that. And those usually guide our picks in the million dollar draft kings pick them championship where we are holding water.


We're in the top third. We are trying to have that one giant five and a week. Again, that's the betting process. NFL podcast. Anywhere you listen to a podcast or on betting post.com podcast. All right. Favorite pricier cash game, play of the day. Most accurate human. Go ahead, start us off. Jared, what do you got? A resurgent quarterback here?


Oh, yeah. Let's start a running back. I don't think I ever specify because running back, that's that's where everybody that's where the meat is.


The meat is it's like the the loin of a like a pork Özal.


Hold on, hold on one sec and let me just we should start although I will admit that it's one of your worst accuracy, you know things since your fourteenth fourteenth in ad of one hundred and fifty.


It's not like your it's not like wide receiver where you're fourth or tight end where you're fifth or by the way, props kicker where your ninth, which I, you know, I like kicking, you know, tag size. I will say that I'm 16 in kicking, so I'm right behind you, I just want that out there, OK, because my keker accuracy is extremely important to my own, just personal confidence. Anyway, running back. Yes, start.




I think I'm outside the top 100 at quarterback, so don't listen to my quarterback picks today. That's true. Everybody failed your quarterback. Go ahead at running back. I'm paying up for Derrick Henry. Seventy three hundred bucks and drafting and I rarely play Henry on draft. I'm not sure I've ever played Derrick Henry and Cash and Draft Kings because he just doesn't catch enough passes. And, you know, it's a full PPR side. But you know to me.


Seventy three hundred for Henry feels cheap. It's the cheapest. He's been on the main slate this season. I'm not sure how it compares to last year, but it's a it's at least a spot you want to play. Henry and the Titans are three point home favorites against Houston, twenty eight point implied total for Tennessee this week. That's one of the highest on the week. And this Texans are on the offense is bad. Their twenty sixth in football, outsiders run defense DVOA.


They're twenty ninth in our adjusted fantasy points allowed to running backs and teams run on Houston. They're past these actually OK, but teams running against them. The Texans have faced the second most running back carries this season. They've allowed the most rushing yards, the running backs. They've allowed the fourth most rushing touchdown. So, you know, there's some risk with Henry. I guess if Tennessee falls behind big in this game, I would expect that to happen.


I think he's going to get his usual twenty plus carries in a good matchup.


Yeah, he's certainly, you know. Well, let me ask you first and then I'll go defend a little bit. Is he your plan on draft kings.


I'm debating between him and Aaron Jones. I think that they're both good plays. Aaron Jones requires a little bit of forecasting and saying like what is Tampa Bay's run defense going to look like without a bit of air? I think people are going to underestimate that because Tampa Bay has been legit, like a team that shuts down the run. But losing a 350 pound man that is one of the best interior linemen in the game is going to hurt them a lot of both the pass rush and against the run.


Aaron Jones is heavily involved in the passing game. The opportunity, even though he's been sharing it a little bit, he's still ranked, I think, sixth among running backs and wasted opportunity. So he's fine. Derrick Henry, he's someone that I'm always hesitant. You know, I think Jared hit it right in the head, said you never really want to play him in cash because he's not targeted a whole lot in the passing game. He has seen two or three targets in every game this year.


So it's something it's better than nothing. But you're right. So it's not only that they face the most carries Houston, but it's the play percentage. The run play percentage is forty eight point eight percent. That's the second most in the NFL. So teams are naturally just going to run against them. There's massive holes and it's not like they've played the best of the best running backs. James Connor was running through Texas sized holes. Clyde Edwards. Hillary had a really good game against them.


Edwards there hasn't been like crazy out of this world. Good. The Titans run the ball fifty percent of the time that ranked fifth in the NFL. They're still going to be without Corey Davis. It's just this game plan has to revolve around Derrick Henry, who wasn't heavily used in the Tuesday night game. So it's not like I don't think that he's really beaten up or anything like that. So Derrick Henry is a really good one. I'm struggling between him and Aaron Jones, though.


Yeah, it's interesting with Henry. I agree. I mean, the you know, the fact that it was a Tuesday game going into Sunday game may on the surface, sort of, you know, were you a little bit. But again, they didn't use him particularly heavily in this game as compared to what they had been doing in the past. He scored four touchdowns in the last two games. He's averaging twenty five carries per game. You know, the Texans do.


It's interesting with the pricing here, because I know you guys play mostly on Draft King, so he's seventy three hundred, as you mentioned, on Draft Kings. You know, putting aside McCaffrey and Cook or both, we assume cook, but both going to be out this game. He's three hundred dollars cheaper than Jones and then he's, you know, just slightly more expensive than Madison and even Conner and and Mike Davis. It's a whole different ballgame on Fennville, where he's 9000 on Fanjul.


And and, you know, you go down and, you know, he would be the play if I had it, because the difference between him and Aaron Jones, it's five hundred dollars. It's not insignificant. But I do have more faith in Henry. But when you look on Fanjul, I mean, we're talking about these other guys, 1500 Madisons, 2000 cheaper. Like, there's just I'm not going to be paying up for our country essentially in this game.


If I were to go pay up, it would be Henry. He'd be the price cash game play start. You don't have any concerns at all about the fact that it's a Tuesday game going into a Sunday game right now.


I mean, Derek Henry is like a twenty six year old kid. He'll have, you know, five days off it. And like you mentioned, they seemed like they might have limited him in that game against Buffalo for that very reason. He said a season low and snapper, you know, we saw Jeremy McNichols and Derrington Evans take a bit more than they usually do. So I think Tennessee might have had that in mind. I think Henry will be a full go on Sunday.


Yeah, I I'm also not concerned.


I just want to make sure you weren't. All right. So it looks like we're all in the same ballpark there.


Let's go to the tags. Did you have anything else? Nope. No. Good.


Let's go to wide receiver here. Jared, you're paying up here. Who is your favorite pricier cash game play?


It's Allen Robinson for me. Seven thousand dollars. And I mean, we've seen throughout his career that he's basically quarterback proof and he's been just fine with Nick Foles the past two weeks. Twenty six targets for a year over the last two games, a thirty one percent target share. He's turned that into twenty six point one and then nineteen draft kings points. And he gets this Panthers defense on Sunday that's really struggled against, like true Alpha No. One wide receivers, Mike Evans went for one hundred four yards and a score against him on seven catches.


Keenan Allen had thirteen catches for one hundred thirty two yards and a score. DeAndre Hopkins got seven balls for forty one yards. That was a game that Hopkins was clearly limited by that ankle injury. And then last week we saw Cal nearly go for eight catches and one hundred thirty six yards. So they've struggled against these stud wide receivers. I think Robinson's in for another big game this weekend.


How do you feel about Robinson this week? I'm not opposed to Robinson. The volume is definitely there, but they're making you pay for I'm like, you're going up to seven to get him. I just would prefer a better quarterback play if I'm going to pay up that much. I've been on Robinson. He's been in the six range an awful lot, but they've bumped him up this this week. And Carolina has actually been pretty good. I mean, you are correct in terms of the Alphas, those three wide receivers that did do well against them.


Also ten plus targets, which is a mark that Robinson has hit, I think, in four or five games this year. So I'm definitely not opposed to it. You follow the targets, a wide receiver. This is like a conversation I wanted to have with you guys because, like, this is one of the toughest positions, because there's so much value at running back this week. People are going to be spending up somewhere. And it's the top end of the wide receivers that you have to think about.


Like Davante Adams coming against Tampa Bay. Carlton Davis has been doing some shadowing for them. He hasn't. He's been good like he's been a guy that's been ascending in his career. I think this is his third year in the league. He's been getting better. He missed practice yesterday. So I don't know if he's questionable for this game or if he's not 100 percent. Davante Adams is practicing in full. He's playing love him at AK with no Allen Lazard.


They're like he's getting targeted ten to fifteen times. That's happening. That game could be a shootout between Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. Two of the go. It's going at it. Calvin Ridley, if Julio Jones, it's how do you not consider him at 7800 and Adam Thielen obviously seventy three in that same game against Atlanta. But there's also a caveat to this. We've all heard this morning that Atlanta, someone tested positive for covid. There's rumors of four tests, but there hasn't been as the time we're recording this, it hasn't been confirmed that there's four positive tests.


If that game doesn't happen, I don't want to spend too much time there. But if we're going to spend up for one of these big three wide receivers, which one would you guys lean towards?


So for me, if they were in a vacuum, like, I'd probably go with Ridley at least on Vendel. I don't expect that's I don't expect Julio Jones to play in this game. I know he missed practice yesterday. We're recording this on Thursday morning. So we don't know exactly how it's going to be the Green Bay game. I don't know whether or not he was, you know, battling the ankle injury or whatever that game was. But other than that, he's basically a lock for 100 yards and a score.


So I'd probably go with him, but I'm probably not going to have him in my lineups because the difference in price between him, it's five hundred dollars difference on draft kings, I believe between Ridley and Thielen. Right. It's twelve hundred dollars difference on Fanjul and I will take that discount with Thielen going up against. You mentioned I didn't lead with that Tagg's DFS show so it's not like a big news show necessarily. Of course you want to monitor that game.


As of right now, that game is going on as scheduled. They are still kind of digging through. But Schefter tweeted out shortly before we went, that game is going on as scheduled. So I am looking at that game as it's something that is going to go on. But for me, I would take that big of a discount, given that Thielen has seen double digit targets and back to back weeks and the Falcons are thirtieth against the pass, I would personally.


So in terms of the pricier gameplay, I would personally pay down a little bit to take Thielen. What about you Jared. So I mean those three guys are obviously in your range right there in Draft Kings. It's Ridley at seven to 800 Thielen that's seventy three hundred Robinson seven thousand. You prefer Robinson with the Devante Adams to it AK atake right there on the Adams as well as.


Okay so first of all I hope that Vikings game happens because I had and I still have a bunch of Vikings on my radar drafting so we can talk about a few other guys from that team later here. But among these other guys, yeah, I do prefer a just for the savings. You know, Devonta Adams in cash games. I'm just trying to limit risk and I don't want to pay a thousand for a guy coming off a hamstring injury like I know he was a full go on on Wednesday.


He'll probably be fine. I'm definitely going to get him into turn lineup because, you know, I think, like Mike alluded to, you could easily see fifteen targets and you'll have another game like he did in week one. But encash games. I'm not going to pay out for a guy coming off a hamstring. So, you know, for me, if I do think these guys would be Robinson, one feeling to go Ridley three and Adams forth, OK.


Yeah. So, I mean, I think that's fine. I think it's you know, they're all decent calls for me. I will take the discount and which is why I'm probably not going to be paying up for Adams or Ridley necessarily on Vanderlyn. I'll take the disk. I'm a little bit with Thielen before we keep going, let's talk about pristine auction. You guys know that I buy a ton of things from pristine auction. It's the only place I go when I'm looking for sports memorabilia.


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It's pristine auction dotcom. Use our code fantasy pros. Let's go to quarterback here. Who's your favorite favorite price here? Play here, Jared.


At least as far as you know, it's Thursday here, but I'm not planning on paying up for quarterback in cash or so. But if I was, it would be Deshaun Watson for me at seven thousand dollars. He's honestly played well all season. Despite some tough matchups. He's sitting on a career high eight point nine yards per attempt. And we finally saw kind of the breakout game happened last week. And I just really like this Texans Titans game that's too fast.


They're paced offenses. And as the fifty three point overunder titans are kind of a middle of the road pass defense. So nothing to worry about there. And Boston's had lots of success against Tennessee so far in his career. He has two plus passing touchdowns in all four games against Tennessee. He's averaged forty three rushing yards and half a touchdown per game on the ground in those matchups. You know, lots to lean on there. I think he's he's a safe bet.


And, you know, he has the upside that he kind of reminded us of last week. Yeah.


How about you, Tagg's? I mean, it's obviously we've got a weird slate here where you've got no Patrick Mahomes, you've got no Josh Allen, you've got no Colin Murray. So is Watson your guy as well? Yeah, I don't it's so weird.


I think across all positions. I don't know if there's any chalk place. I don't know. I can't speak of anybody that says, oh, people are going to have this guy 100 percent. You know, I'm not paying up a quarterback. And I'm it sounds like you guys aren't either but Lamar Jackson or Deshaun Watson, one of those guys. Watson makes a whole lot of sense considering the things that Jared talked about because he played a lot better.


This is one of the better matchups. Tennessee still probably without Jeffrey Simmons, as far as I know. I don't know if he's been activated or not, but he missed last week one of their best interior linemen, Lamar Jackson. I keep waiting for that bounce back. And it's just like, is it going to happen? I know he came out today and he said, I'm OK with running less in this offense. That just screams, I'm going to run for one hundred yards this weekend.


So it's seventy seven hundred. He's discounted enough to where if you want to pay up, I'm OK. Going to seventy seven hundred for Lamar Jackson, Philadelphia outside of Darius Slay that secondary has really struggled. So it's just I worry about the competitiveness of Philadelphia. So I guess Watson makes a whole lot of sense. Yeah.


Watson is my guy as well on Fanjul. Eighty two hundred again, he's got five touchdowns in the past two games. Titans are on the short week, as you mentioned, and the passing defense has struggled and is dealing with injuries. So let's go now to tight end. Who's your favorite pricier cash game play, Jared?


I mean, if you're paying up a tight end, it's got to be Mark Andrews, right? And there's no George Kittle, Travis County or Darren Waller. And this slate, I'm not going to pay, you know, a thousand or fifteen hundred dollars last for someone like T.J. Hokanson, who I do like. But if I'm going to pay off in cash, I'm just going to get out to Mark Andrews. We know about his upside and really can't ask for much better of a matchup this week.


Football outsiders as the Eagles thirtieth and tight end coverage, their twenty ninth in adjusted fantasy points allowed to tight ends. We've seen him give up the three touchdown game to Tyler Higbee, that massive game to George Kittle on Sunday night a few weeks ago. So Andrews, you know, could definitely have a week winning week on Sunday. How about you, Tex?


Yeah, he makes a whole lot of sense considering the matchup and how Philadelphia struggled. It doesn't like a fancy matics might come back. So Mills might go back to safety, which would help things, but it doesn't make it great. So I definitely I agree with you on Andrew's Geno Smith shouldn't go overlooked, though, either.


He's fifty two hundred less. Ah he's fifty two hundred. So he's thirteen hundred dollars less than Mark Andrews. And if you compare it's crazy. Yates pointed this out to me. If you put Andrews and Geno Smith next to each other, they legitimately have the same exact stats. I think Mark Andrews has one more yard and two more targets and it's the same. And Jonathan Smith has played actually one last game. This seems to always happen on those Derrick Henry Weeks, right, where everybody like if you like, Derrick Henry is going to smash, that's fine.


But if this game is really going to net the fifty five points or whatever the total is on it right now, there's going to be other scoring. AJ Brown is going to be shadowed by Bradley Roby, which is fine. He's he's I mean AJ Brown is going to be fine, but Geno Smith has just been a matchup nightmare for opponents. He looks like a wide receiver that's just like oversized. So it's two hundred. Like, if you can't get up to sixty five hundred for Andrews, if you put on a fifty two hundred, that's probably lot higher priced option.


Yeah. That's where I came out as well. I mean again this is the give me the pricier cash game play. So Andrews would be the guy but you know, especially on Fanjul, there's just no way I'm going to pay seventy six hundred for him. We're not going to have Geno Smith at fifty eight hundred. There's just no way given that, you know, given how involved Smith is, given that essentially they have been really the same players getting seven targets per.


Game is getting a ton of RedZone looks, and again, kudos to Yates, who basically takes a victory lap every week when John is still good. He really does. You be happy, Jared, that you don't have to share a back channel with the kid. He literally just is like, remember that John is with God. And I'm like, yeah, we got it. OK, so let's go here to catch game value plays here.


Let's again started running back because I think that's that's where the meat is, as Tagg said. So let's start with your cash game value plays. Let's try to do two, I guess each.


So Jared starts off with one as my first guy, David Montgomery, at fifty eight hundred bucks. And, you know, he has just he's basically playing like an every down roll. Since Terry Cohen tore his ACL the last two games Montgomery's played eighty three percent of the bears offensive snaps. He's run a pass route on seventy three percent of Nick Foles drop backs. He's handled twenty of twenty six running back carries and he's seen a seventeen percent target share.


You know, that's like RB one level of volume. So, you know, that's always what we care about most is running backs. And then you toss in this matchup against Carolina. Twenty ninth in football, outsiders run defense DVOA their twenty sixth and running back coverage. According to football outsiders, they're dead last in adjusted fantasy points allowed to running backs. They just lost Shaw one of their better, if not their best run defending linemen. So the matchup gets even better there.


I know people kind of hate playing Dave Montgomery. He's not the most exciting player. But for this price, for the volume and the matchup, I think he's a strong cash play.


Oh, I 100 percent agree with that. I've been looking for reasons not to play Montgomery and I can't find them. It just makes too much sense. I mean, this team, the Panthers, have allowed four top three performances, two running backs to this point with through five weeks.


Guys, two of those performances were to Leonard Fournette and Todd Gurley. Those guys combined for just twenty six carries in those games. Dave Montgomery, the pass game usage is there. So he's game script proof now, which is really a benefit because he was someone that you always worried about. Is he going to get to targets and ten carries now? I can't say that that's the case. This game is expected to be a neutral game script, even though the Bears are throwing much more than they probably should.


Dave Montgomery is involved in the passing game and Kawan Short, the defensive tackle for the Panthers, is has been ruled out for this game already. Brian Byrnes is in the concussion protocol, so the defense is already less than full strength. Again, I legitimately tried to find reasons not to play David Montgomery because I hate saying it, but I don't know how you pass him up a fifty one 100.


Yeah, I don't know why you guys you guys are almost like embarrassed about it. You're like, yes. Dave Montgomery. No, of course it's a great spot for him. And since three go and left, he's so much more heavily involved in the passing game, getting more targets. He's a great play. How about you. Taxes go to a guy who is not named Dave Montgomery and perhaps we're not so embarrassed to be recommending.


Well, this one comes down to there's a factor that goes into it and we have to find out if he's going to play or not. If Melvin Gordon is out, Phillip Lindsey would become the talk of the Slate 4300. For Phillip Lindsey, there's been five running back touches against New England. That's twenty six point three per game. So even if he were to concede thirty percent of the touches to someone like Royce Freeman, not worried about it, Phillip Lindsey, Phillip Lindsey was arguably the better running back.


I mean, Melvin Gordon is better than people think. I don't think he sucks like some people do. I think he's actually pretty good. But I also think Phillip Lindsay is one of the better running backs that people just don't they don't view that way for whatever reason. But he's fantastic at forty three hundred in a game that I do expect Denver to keep New England in check because what Denver does well as they stop the run under Vic Fangio. So, you know, that game should remain somewhat contested.


New England's defenses without Stephon Gilmore. It seems like Cam Newton should be back, which is going to boost New England, obviously. But I still see that as a relatively close game. I like Philip Lonzie a lot at 4300. Again, a guy that's going to see fifteen plus opportunities at forty three hundred. You just don't see that very often.


And that's only of Melvin Gordon is outright correct. Yes. Which we are expecting at this point. I mean, you know, we haven't heard anything, but of course there's that whole three game suspension that sort of has been rumored out there, which is what I believe the CBA kind of says the NFL is allowed to do. But I would be surprised. Again, he was sent home after he got to the facility. So, yeah, I think that that's certainly a good call.


And the prices, it's it's difficult to pass up particularly important is that. All right, Jared, how about another running back here that you like as a cash game value play? Yeah, I guess he's kind of gross like David Montgomery, but Miles says, stop, stop, stop, stop. Everybody is gross. Myles Gaskin is excellent. Dave Montgomery is excellent. They're both great cash value game plays here. I'm sorry. Go ahead.


Yes, exactly. Value play for the value that this guy's been getting. He's fifty four hundred bucks over the past three weeks. Gaskin ranks sixth among all running backs and carries his twelfth among running backs and targets his fifteenth and PPR points. And last week we saw Jordan Howard get healthy, scratched, and that led to Gaskin taking over the goal line role. He got all four running back Harris and both running back targets inside the ten yard line last week.


So, you know, he has some touchdown ups right now, which he didn't have before when Miami was using Howard at the goal line, gets and gets the Jets, who are actually pretty decent against the run, but they're still twenty eighth in adjusted fantasy points, allowed three running backs because they faced the eighth most running back. Harris because, you know, teams are just playing with a lead against the Jets and pounding the ball on the ground against them.


New York's also allowed the second most rushing touchdowns. You pretty solid matchup for Gaskin, but again, it's mostly a valiant play for his price tag.


Yeah, you should not be sort of embarrassed about that recommendation. No, that's a great play. It is, of course, a great play probably for the next hour to Le'Veon Bell. Stop the dolphins.


Inevitably, by the way, whoever's listening, you know, when you're listening to this podcast, Bell has probably signed somewhere. The last we heard is it's narrowed down to the next three teams that the Jets are playing, which is not surprising. And I would not be surprised to see Bell go to the Dolphins and to try to have an immediate revenge game. And if so, that might put a little damper on Myles Gaskin. But I agree for right now, Gaskin and Montgomery Ward, the two guys both on Fanjul as well, Montgomery at fifty nine hundred, Gasconade fifty seven hundred.


That stood out to me. How about you to actually have another cash game value player? Was Gaskin your guy?


I had three of them and Jared took two of them. So that's why I had Lindsey there as a backup. But Gaskin and Montgomery are other two. I mean, Montgomery for sure. Gaskin is like there in case Lindsey is not able to, in case Melvin Gordon plays. Then you go to Gaskin. But yeah, both are good plays. Another guy who I like who's a little bit higher, again, with the discounts that you're getting on both those guys with their prices, I'd prefer them.


But James Robinson isn't a bad play for me this week, 6500 on Fanjul, the second highest total on the slate. But Robinson is involved in the passing game. The Lions are worse than the league against the run and their run funnel defense. So I do think that Robinson is a guy who you can play pretty confidently in cash and I don't think it's prices prohibitive. Yeah, that's Fanjul 65.


Yeah, he's cheap over there. He's expensive on Draft Kings this week too. But he's expensive.


Yeah, that's why I'm here, man. Talk about some Bandoola. You guys are talking about some draft. Are you going to see your scores during the game?


We're not going to talk about that right now. Tagg's that's not what we're doing. Our guys, it's week six. So we are rapidly approaching the point where some fantasy managers are just going to give up on their teams. I hope that's not you. We are here to help. Don't worry. But if that is you or better yet, if you just want to add a little fun to your fantasy football experience, then you need to come and play on Fanjul because you can create a new team each week.


And look, if you've never played on Fanda before, be not afraid. First, the app is super easy to use and intuitive. You're going to know exactly what to do and how to do it the second you get on it. Second, they have contests for your skill level. If you're a beginner, you can enter contests with only other beginners and you can compete for cash path and get this. Maybe you're nervous about playing for money right now.


Well, if you don't want to, you don't have to sign up for an account right now. Vendel is going to give you a free entry to a contest all season long where you can win real cash prizes. And if you do make a deposit, Vandal is offering up to a 500 dollar bonus instantly. When you make your first deposit with their twenty percent deposit match, just go to Fanjul dotcom slash fancy browse or download the Fanjul fancy app to play.


Now that's Bandel Dotcom Fancy Brose Bandel. More ways to win a couple are you can start with one a cash game value play wide receiver Jared MSRA with AJ Brown who I think's just way underpriced at fifty six hundred bucks.


We see this a lot on draft things I think on fan Dota two or these guys play on Monday night or in this case Tuesday night. I think the prices just come out before that game. So Browns price didn't adjust for the fact that he was he's obviously back to full health after having that big game against the bills. You know, he played seventy one percent of the snaps in that game, sort of thirty two percent target share. We'll see.


Like Adam Humphries is back. We'll see about Corey Davis. So maybe Brown doesn't eclipse thirty percent of the targets again, but he should be the clear focal point of this passing game. Again, it's a game we like. Houston and Tennessee should be plenty of points here. Not a scary matchup for AJ Brown. He actually had two big games against Houston last year. He had eight catches for one hundred fourteen yards and a score in the first four catches for one hundred twenty four yards and a score in the second.


So again, I just think Brown, even as soon as next week, he's going to be priced in like the mid six thousand to. I think you want to take advantage of the discount this week. I loved hearing Brown's comments after the game, which was basically like, yeah, I wasn't really healthy. I just I needed to play through it like they didn't want me to play. I was like, no, I got to play. I got to get in here.


And then he's just he's so good. Man. I love AJ Brown as a player. But you're not you're not that high on Brown, right, this week because of the matchup.


I like Brown. I mean. Fifty six hundred. He's a value. Like if he was up towards like sixty eight 800, no, I would not be considering him because he's a guy that's he's had too much volatility in his target share. The team doesn't throw the ball a whole lot like Ryan Tannehill. Like this is crazy. I actually went back and I added up all the numbers. So if you go back to when he took over a week, seven last year, Ryan Tannehill is the number five fantasy quarterback.


He has thrown the ball forty times, one time, one time. And that was week one of this year. So but knowing that again, Corey Davis out of the lineup, it seems like there should be a target. You're there for him. Bradley Roby is not someone that I'm running from. He's not a shut down corner. He has limited some wide receivers. But I do like AJ around fifty six hundred. He was definitely on my list.


All right. So give it another guy then. On your list takes what he got. I'm torn here between mentioning Kenny Golladay or Tyler Boyd. I kind of like them both. Golladay at 60 to 100, a guy that's he's seen a high target share since he came back. Fifteen targets, Stafford only through the ball, I think sixty two times in those two games. So like the target here is there. Jacksonville has been a funnel defense. I don't know if C.J. Henderson's going to return this week or not, but he's still a rookie.


He's not been like a shut down guy or anything like that. Tyler Boyd is really interesting to me though, because he's been the number one for Jibaro in this offense. AJ Green is like the forgotten man now. And if you're taking away those targets, it's like, all right, well, they're going to go somewhere to Higgins. Match up on the perimeter is not great. I mean, Roxxon is not he's not phenomenal. The pass rush has kind of hit some of the deficiencies in the secondary.


But if you look even going back to last year, the Colts have struggled over the middle of field in the slot. Keelan Cole caught five catches for forty seven yards and a touchdown. This year. Braxton Berrios had sixty four yards and a touchdown. Jarvis Landry had eighty eight yards. And then even going back to last year, you'd see Keenan Allen posted eight catches for 123 yards and a touchdown. Dede Westbrook seventy two yards and a touchdown Chris Godwin ninety one yards.


So it's just that's the area the field that you continually tack against this offense or defense and that basically they're not going to able to run the ball extremely well against Indianapolis. That's just been an M0 against that defense. So Tyler Boyd should be the guy moving the sticks and fifty eight hundred. They're giving you a discount after he struggled against the Ravens, which everybody struggles against the Ravens, especially Marlon Humphrey in the slot. Jared, how do you feel about Tyler Boyd as a cash game valuably?


Yeah. So the three wide receivers in my cash game lineup as of now are AJ Brown, Tyler Boyd and Kenny Golladay. So Mike and I are on the same page here. Yeah, I like Tyler Boyd. Mike mentioned Roqia Roxanne, but Higgins is going to see a lot of Xavier Rhodes on the outside, too. And Rhodes actually has been awesome this season after struggling mightily, you know, the previous couple years in Minnesota. So I definitely think it's a spot where we're going to see targets funneled to Tyler Boyd.


So I like him. And then, yeah, Kenny Golladay, you know, Jacksonville is just been like the right matchup. We saw Joe Mixon have a massive game against them. We saw the Texans offense sort of break out last week against Jacksonville. So I just think it's a breakout spot for Detroit passing game. So I want to get a piece of it and I think I'll stay at sixty. Two hundred bucks is a bit underpriced.


Yeah. Golladay is definitely a good price on draft kings. A little less attractive, slightly on Vendel. How about you. You get a second value play a wide receiver.


I mean it's tough to look past Terry McLaurin of fifty seven hundred with the target year that he's getting. It's either him or AJ Brown though. That's like where you're going, you're going between one of those two guys. Neither of them like McClaren is going to match up with James Bradberry the majority of the time. And Bradbury has been solid for the most part. He's limited some big receivers. But but again, 1700 is not bad. And then lastly, I mentioned as a value Jarvis Landry at forty nine hundred against Pittsburgh.


Landry is not sexy. He's not a guy that you're going to play in tournaments or anything like that. But he is a guy. Forty nine hundred. The Steelers have been a team that you could throw the ball on this year. They've, they, they're still the stonewall they were last year against the run. So I don't expect Kareem Hunt to have a massive game here. And Mike Hilton is the the weakest link, and that's secondary. So that's where Landry is going to match up most of the time.


I just think that he presents a decent floor for just 4900.


So I mentioned that the Detroit defense is more of a run funnel defense, but if D.J Chark is out, either of you guys thinking about either of the other Jacksonville wide receivers in cash, at least Lévesque National missed practice yesterday with the hamstring.


He did. Yeah, he did. Right now, did he leave the game at all? I don't think so. Yeah. So for right now, I'm viewing that as precautionary. When somebody misses practice on a Wednesday with anything I viewed as precautionary. If he misses again on Thursday, then I'll be a little worried. But all right. Let's say Schnatter, both Chennault and Parker out. Are you looking then at at Kulen Corley's. Forty nine hundred as well on Draft Kings, maybe.


I mean it's I wish it was cheaper I guess, you know I was just looking him up, I thought he'd be like four and I think even more interesting. Forty nine hundred. He's in play but you know he probably won't be. You won't make my top three wide receivers and nobody wants best receiver ever Jamison Crowder then, right? That's because when I'm looking at Draft Kings, I'm like, this is just an ongoing battle, the tax. And I have Jared sorry, when I'm looking at sort of those guys price like right around the same range.


I mean, Devante Parker at sixty three hundred, Kenny Golladay at sixty two hundred, Jamison Crowder at sixty one hundred. It's a little different on Fanjul because Crowder is significantly cheaper than a guy like Golladay. But Golladay is the guy certainly. I know Jared, that you said you like Tagg's if you have to pick from those three Parker, Golladay and Crowder. Is Golladay also your guy?


Oh yeah. He would be my guy.


Yep. All right, Parker Baker's close. I like Parker, but it's close. Yeah, right.


That's the thing. Those guys are all sort of the same price. And I think that a lot of people, if they are in that price, those are the guys are going to be looking at. So they're all really close. All right.


Let's get to quarterback here. Who is your favorite cash value game play, Jared?


Yeah, I need your guys help here because I'm looking at two guys for cash and they're the same exact price. So that's not a tie. I know who they are. Yeah. Yeah, right. Right. Yeah. And Ryan Fitzpatrick, get the two Ryans here and I think they're both excellent players, but no one's going to score the other. And that could be the difference in cashing or not in your cash game. So it's a decision.


I'm still trying to make the matchups actually a bit better. For Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Jets are 31st in football. Outsiders pass defense in their eighteenth in adjusted fantasy points allowed. Houston, like I mentioned before, their country. They're decent against the past. Football outsiders has them eleventh and pass defense, their thirteenth in adjusted fantasy points allowed to quarterbacks. And I guess the reason I think Tannehill might be to play here is I'm just worried about game flow for Fitzpatrick.


If Miami gets out to a lead and they just sort of, you know, clock lb Myles Gaskin, where as in Houston, Tennessee, I think it's much more likely to be a shootout. I think it's much more likely that Tannehill keeps his foot on the gas all game long, that there's also that elevated pace in the Texans Titans game. So like I said, I think they're both good options. I'm still trying to decide between them.


Do you guys have a favorite among those to get taxed in cash games? I'm probably going to lean Tannehill. We did our start that show yesterday and all I did was talk about dolphins. So Ryan Fitzpatrick was part of that. I do like him. I just feel like Tannehill. When I sat down, I started thinking about the Jets are going to be so non-competitive, like they've scored thirteen points per game, like as a team. Not not like the running backs like this team.


It's not good. So Ryan Fitzpatrick, there's a possibility that the Dolphins just kind of grind that game out and they just they just run the ball a lot. That's my concern with this. There's also a possibility, let's say, that they're they're blowing out the Jets in the third quarter that they put into a just to get some NFL experience because he has not had any preseason experience, nothing. I think that's a real possibility. I do like Fitzpatrick, but I think there's a little bit more risk with him.


Whereas Tannehill, that game is going to be competitive regardless. At 1900, he's a guy again. I went back to week seven of last year. He started fourteen games. Since that point, there's been just two games in that entire time where he has scored fewer than seventeen point nine fantasy points. Ryan Tannehill is probably the safest player.


I'd probably go, Fitz, I don't have a strong Dansa Jets fan.


So that's just insight on that is true. It is true. And I was mentioning the betting pros NFL podcast that we're gonna record later last week legitimately. Matt refuses because we try to we share a team in the draft Kings pick them championship for a million dollars. And so we have to agree on the picks. And every week I just want to pick against the Jets because there is no spread big enough. It was like the cardinals were playing seven and a half.


And I made the deal that as long as we didn't pick it last week, I now any time I want to pick against the Jets, we get to pick against the Jets because that's what you should be doing in all aspects of your fantasy or gambling decisions. And so I'm fine with this, Patrick. I don't have a strong preference between the two between Fitzpatrick and Tennille, but I'm not all that worried about the game script. I mean, they destroyed the Forty Niners last week and Fitzpatrick still threw three touchdown passes and they could have you know, I just I don't really view it too much as a risk.


The one thing that does this is really more of a narrative thing.


So it's not really quantitative is that I worry a little bit about how a team reacts when there's like a big change. And I know it's not a coaching change here, but getting rid of Bell and sort of something like that, I always feel like it's a variable. Maybe they play a little more inspired. Probably not. And nor does it really matter because the secondary is abysmal. So for me, even though they're going to blow them out, I really what's the spread?


The latest spread here? Is that up to nine now? All right. It's like I mean, four points to love, but go ahead.


Yeah, I'll say I'll say to them, I mean, Miami's defense is pretty bad. I mean, I guess despite what Jimmy Garoppolo would tell you after his performance in the first half last week, I mean, Miami is a pretty bad defense right now. Maybe the Jets can score like seventeen or twenty points in this game and keep it close enough. Offense keeps Fitz keeps going. Also, don't forget revenge game one of the seventeen that fit seventeen.


On his radar, go there anyway. Either one of those guys is fine, but I feel completely comfortable with fits in cash games. Another guy who I'm looking at, he's he's priced. I think he's more expensive than either big guys on draft kings, but he's slightly less expensive. Same as Tanel, at least on Fanjul is Matthew Stafford. You know, I think coming off the buy, the Jaguars ranked last against the past eight point seven yards per attempt, plenty of touchdowns.


He's got the second highest team total. They're probably still down. A couple of guys on defense, Myles, Jack, Josh Allen, Staffords play a little better since Kenny Golladay return. So if I'm struggling for for cash, I do like Fitz better. But you know a little bit. But, you know, he's a little cheaper, not much. But Steffans a little cheaper on vandal's. So that might be some place where I would be looking.


I want to get off that. What about Kirk Cousins? Anybody looking at Kirk Cousins? Because he was a guy who I was thinking about, at least in cash, where he is, you know, a few hundred dollars cheaper. Again, assuming that game gets played is a few hundred dollars cheaper than these other guys we're talking about. Anybody think about him in cash or I.


I would think about it in Jared. I'm curious in your thoughts and also the reason that cash games are a little bit different with quarterbacks nowadays is because to get into the top ten quarterbacks, which is basically you need to find a quarterback in there to to cash, most of the time you have to score twenty fantasy points and it's like you need some sort of ceiling out of your quarterback gonner. I don't think the days are. I remember when we used to play quarterbacks that were like minimum, you'd find some guys for like 4500, but I'm going to play them and I'm going to stack running back, wide receiver, whatever.


Those these are seemingly gone because quarterbacks are scoring so much that it's basically a position that you need to get points out of. So cousins, I do think, offers a higher ceiling than Ryan Fitzpatrick and Ryan Tannehill this week, but he doesn't have the floor. How do you feel about him?


Yeah, it's a great point you make about the quarterbacks. I have actually, for most of the season been paying up at quarterback, which is completely different than what I've been doing, you know, in previous years. But, you know, like last week I paid up for Patrick Mahomes. I played Russell Wilson a few times just because, like you said, Mike, if these guys score thirty points, you know that that is worth paying up for versus, you know, these guys that are going to get you eighteen even if they're a couple of thousand dollars cheaper.


Yeah. For me, Cousins is a tournament play only. I just always worry we're going to get like a nineteen attempt to game out of Kirk Cousins. If the Falcons offense doesn't show up again, they're going to pound the ball on the ground. Plus, Cousins doesn't give us the rushing upside that guys like Tannehill and Fitzpatrick do. So he is on my list of considerations for tournaments, but not not for cash for me.


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That's twenty percent off, plus free shipping at manscape dotcom with the code yates'. All right, let's go to tight end then here. Who's a cash game value play a tight end.


Jared Cousins tight end Smith. Yeah, bare minimum 2500 bucks. I really want to play smart, so I hope the Vikings Falcons game happens. I mean, there's a reason Smith is minimum priced. He had just two catches on, six targets over his first four games and his usage, his snatch and his routes were not good. But last week, four catches for sixty four yards on five targets ran a pass on 73 percent of Kirk Cousins drop backs.


If that type of usage continues, I mean, we could be talking about this guy is like a top twelve tight end there. I think he's super talented. I was surprised that Minnesota hadn't been using him for the first month of the season. So there is some risk here. If he goes back to the usage we saw over the first four games and he could definitely give you a goose egg. But again, at the price, I don't even think a goose egg is going to kill you.


I mean, we saw people play Adam Trautmann a couple of weeks ago and he scored zero points and people won tournaments with Adam Trautman and at tight end with a zero. Because, you know, Thailand is so crappy, you know, if you win at the other positions as you're about, Thailand is fine. So Christmas definitely someone I want to play just to, you know, be able to jam in some higher priced guys at the other spots.


How about you taxes that your guy in cash.


That was the only guy that I had listed in the cheap range. Well, then, if that game gets canceled, you guys are both screwed. So let's hope it goes well. All right. Let's go to GPP gambles here at each position again. Let's start at Running Back. Who's your favorite tournament play here, Jahed?


So here's where I have James Robinson. And I agree with, I think what Mike said. He's overpriced for cash draft kings at sixty eight hundred bucks. But I do think he has the upside to pay that off. If this game goes, I guess again to a Vegas is thinking if the Jags are playing with a lead here. You know, Robison's obviously been awesome so far this season. He's fourth among main slate running backs in draft Kings points per game.


And this Lions run defense is really bad. They're allowing five point six yards per carry through running backs on the season, their thirty first in points allowed to running backs. So again, if the Jags are playing with a lead and they can get Robinson eighteen to twenty carries in this game, I think, you know, you could definitely pay off for tournaments.


How about you taxes your tournament play. Yeah, I like James Robertson quite a bit. He's on my list. I had four running backs listed there, just like I can always list them out. I'm just like I want to have options. One like severe dart throw is DeAndre Swift at 4500 and tournaments. He's not going have any ownership and rightfully so because his opportunity has been somewhat limited. It's been most mostly it's been the past game, though, and Jacksonville has really struggled in that area of the field.


So it's a matchup. The better suits him than maybe someone like Adrian Peterson. And given the by maybe they inject like a little bit more life into the rookie and say we're going to value more in the offense. I'm just saying at 4500 it's worth the risk. But another one I like in tournaments, a guy that could score multiple touchdowns, Jonathan Taylor, he doesn't look particularly good in over the first four weeks. He looked better last week.


And this should only improve as he continues to go through the league. And it's clear the Colts just they cannot trust Philip Rivers anymore.


They were hiding him for the first month of the season and then it was exposed last week. So against the Bengals, it's a team that you can run the ball against. So Johnathan Taylor at sixty hundred makes sense.


Yeah, no, I think that this is they've got to know now. Right. They have to just basically be like, OK, we have to learn. Tagg's, you and I have talked that we haven't love the way he's looked most Ganzel. I did think he looked better, but I completely agree with you. We were watching that game like both of us as we were getting ready. And we were just like, oh, goodness, they can't do this anymore.


OK, anybody else on the on the GOP list for you guys? I know we usually talk about one, but you had four. Jared, I don't know if you have anybody else that you want to talk about or we can move to wide receiver.


I don't mean just in general and GPS. I don't try to get too crazy at running back. I just want to play the best plays at running back, play the guys we know we're going to get volume. And I think you know that the other positions and especially wide receiver tight end is where you can kind of go off the board. Well, let's go there.


I mentioned one more guy because I wanted to tell you I want to I want to hear how dumb I am for saying it. Yes. Then, of course, Ronald Jones.


No, no, no, I mean I mean, I mean, not not dumb at all, assuming assuming Fournette and McCoy are still, I guess, at least for Fournette is back this week, would worry me a bit. Yeah.


And my guess is I think Fournette did. He returned to practice yesterday. He was acquitted. Yeah.


Who knows with him. Because obviously he was active last week but only in the emergency situation. But Jones was definitely a guy who I had on my list as well. I don't think it's a crazy play at all, but you are dumb. Otherwise we can do that. All right, let's go to wide receiver here.


Jared, who's your deep gambol as two guys here and one of them we've sort of already talked about little all again, we'll have to watch the injury report. He had the hamstring injury, didn't practice on Wednesday, but he had already been trending up six, six and eight targets in his last three games. He has nine carries this season. You love that little added value there on the ground. Then Iraq is out of this game. And I kind of expect him to be after exiting last week's game and not practicing.


And Wednesday, that's just going to, you know, boost the target projection for Schnall. How about you?


You mentioned earlier, Keelan Cole I like in tournaments at nine makes a lot of sense. I don't even know if Justin Coleman comes back for the Lions off. I either he's eligible to, but he's not good. So it's been a matchup that you just attack nonstop in the slot and that's projected to be one of the higher scoring games. I do like Cole, especially knowing that Chaak and Schnall are dinged up. Justin Jefferson. If that game takes place at six K, I like I like him.


And then I mean, Deonte Johnson is he. So we're projecting higher ownership than I thought on Deontay Johnson. I think we had him in between the five to 10 percent range. I didn't think he would be that high considering what he's done in the last couple of weeks in terms of like leaving the game with injuries and whatever, and Chase Claypoole having higher ownership and yadda, yadda. I mean, Dante Johnson of forty nine hundred, if he plays, doesn't that make sense, Jared.


I'd say so. At that price tag, I mean I wouldn't trust him in cash with the injury issues he's had, but yeah I think in tournaments I, I'm curious to see what happens with Claypoole. I mean he obviously benefited from Dontae Johnson leaving last week. Even last week he was still third and roots behind Juju and James Washington. So I think his role is going to increase. But if Dante is healthy, I still think he and Juju are the top two wide receivers on the team.


So that's a great price tag on Deontay. All right.


Let's go to quarterback now. GPP Gambell. Go ahead, Jared and Matt Stafford for me again. I just think the Jags are like the breakout spot for offenses. Football outsiders has them dead last in pass defense DVOA they're dead last in adjusted fantasy points allowed to quarterbacks. They've already given up. Ryan Tannehill scored twenty six point eight drafting points against them. Ryan Fitzpatrick scored twenty five point two. Deshaun Watson scored twenty nine point nine last week. So I think this is Stafford's been disappointing so far from fantasy standpoint.


I think he gets going this week with the big game. How about you, Tex?


I had Stafford in my list as well. And the other tournament option, I had lost his job burrow that Colts team. While I do think that they're a good defense, I don't think they're as good as everybody thinks they are. You know, the the team didn't get a whole I mean, they traded for DeForest Buckner. Cool. I like DeForest Buckner a lot. I thought it was a good trait on their part. However, it didn't they didn't change much outside of that.


They just they lost Matley Hooker, their starting safety. This team has gone against Baker Mayfield, Nick Foles, Sam, Donald Kirk Cousins and Gardner Minshew this year. I mean, it's not a you know, they've they've been able to control the clock and that's they're limiting opponents plays. And that's it's led to like little very little fantasy production against them. And they've done a good job at that. I'm not going to take that away from them.


But the Bengals do run a lot of plays. Jubera is not afraid to sling it. He's a guy that I posted on Twitter the other day. He has attempted I think it's twenty five deep balls now. He's completed one of them. He was one of the best deep ball passers in college. And I don't I think a lot of it comes down to the pressure that he's faced on the offensive line. I think part of it was like his wide receivers not playing up to par, but I don't think this matchup is as bad as people think.


So at fifty four hundred, you're able to stack him with someone like Tyler Boyd relative and like basically build a massive line up around those guys because they're both cheap.


All right. Let's go to tight end here. Who's your GPP gambol? Let's go with Jared.


Did you Hokanson for me? You can stack them up with Matt Stafford. I mean, and honestly, Hopkins, it's probably a bit overpriced at fifty three hundred. I think he's well he's one hundred dollars more expensive than Johnny Smith. That's going to keep the ownership down on him. His usage has been pretty nice so far this season. Just in the two game since Kenny Golladay returned, Hokanson saw eleven targets in those games and eighteen percent target. Yeah, that's those are pretty solid numbers for a tight end.


And again, I just like this matchup. The Jags, as they are against pretty much every position, have struggled against tight ends. Football outsiders has them thirty first and tight end coverage there. Twenty third in adjusted fantasy points allowed to tight ends, Jacksonville's allowed the third most yards, the tight ends, the fifth most touchdowns. Stafford has a big game I think is a good chance. Hawkinson comes along with them. How about you, Tex?


I think Zach Ertz makes sense. Tournament's Yates disagrees. I'm sure the Ravens have only played against three tight ends who have seen more than six targets against them since the start of last year. But every one of those tight ends finished with at least 12 and a half PPR points with Alshon Jeffery and Deshawn Jackson expected back. I actually like Ertz more so in a tournament. I do like Ertz.


I really like that call, actually, because Baltimore has been sneaky, not great against tight ends is kind of you mentioned. Right. And I do think that getting back some help at wide receiver is going to open things up for Ertz because I think defenses won't be able to focus on him as much. And I agree. I don't know how old he's going to be in these things. So very good call there, in my opinion. Let's go to DST here.


Let's do one each DST. We already know Tag's almost always goes extremely. Keep doing it a good idea. Yeah. Thank you, Jared.


Always looking to go as cheap as possible. I actually you know, I like Minnesota at twenty three hundred if that game is played. If not, I know Dan will agree with this. I like Miami at twenty nine bucks and just.


Yeah no that's obviously great.


Kyle, how about you tax the Bengals. That's, that's, that's the team I'm playing. Twenty one hundred dollars. I mean Philip Rivers is not good. I mean yeah. Defense is so ugly in terms of like predictability. There's just no predictability to it. And if you want to go into tournaments, I think Washington makes a lot of sense against Daniel Jones, who has like legitimately been terrible under pressure. And the Steelers. Those are the two teams I have done for tournaments.


Yeah, I know that that's a good call. But yeah, if you are saving money, you are going to keep the Bengals on Fanjul as well. They're the second lowest priced team going up against Philip Rivers. I'm happy to do that. I mean, not happy, but I will I will hold my nose and do it. All right. Let's go to your Stock of the Week. Start us off, Jared.


Yeah, we've talked about all these guys. I like Matt Stafford to Kenny Golladay and T.J. Atkinson. Yep. I think that's a great one.


How about you text? I had the stack of Stafford Golladay, DeAndre Swift and Keelan Cole. That was a four player stuff that I put down. Yeah, that's an interesting one as well.


Yeah. So you really think this is the week for Swift Air attack? Do you think this is his?


You know, I think it's a possibility in terms of like when you're chasing a stack in tournaments, you can't change the obvious ones because people are you know, they're going to have those guys. But this one, I don't I'm guessing Swift is going to have like two percent ownership. Maybe. Maybe one. Yeah. All right. I think that's fair. How about your lack of the week, Jared?


Derrick, Henry, for me, a little scary, you know, with the lack of pass catching that. I just think it's a great spot at a great price for him.


Habitat. Yeah, I took some heat last week. Someone said that I missed after my Kenyan Drake take that I missed unclouded. We're still there. But I want to be clear on that. I did choose Ezekiel Elliott, but I was like, I'll go with a different one because. Yeah, because Joe had taken Zeke. So I feel bad about that. I don't want to screw this up again. I, I don't do it.


I want to say David Montgomery. But I'm going to because again, it's, you know, it's a good play when you legitimately try and find reasons not to play someone. And I tried everything in my power because I'm like, why am I doing this to myself? But everything just screams. Star David Montgomery.


I'm with you on that one, Mike. So if he busts you, I'll take the heat to nice boy. I really wonder what David Montgomery would think if you listen to this podcast, if he'd be like, OK, all right. Thanks, guys, for recommending me this week or I hate you because you're so embarrassing. Whatever. Either way, I agree with both those calls. That's a great job. All right. That's going to do it for today's show.


Thank you for coming on, Jared. Most accurate human in the history of the world. I remind everybody where they can find more of you and your work.


Yeah, Dresher, X.com. And then on Twitter at Smolla, D.F..


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