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Hey, everyone, welcome into the Fantasy Pro Football podcast. My name is Kyle Yates and I am your host. I'm joined, as always by my co-host, Mike Tagliani. You can find both of us on Twitter at Kyle. Why NFL and at microglia NFL? You can also find and follow us on Instagram as well. Alkyl, why NFL and Mike Tagliani, Tagg's mental health check time. But are you doing OK?


No, I think I know it's the NFL season when I start waking up at five o'clock unprompted, like I never set an alarm because I'm always someone that gets up before six thirty anyway. But now that I'm getting up at five, I feel like NFL seasons actually here because I'm starting to panic about all the work that I have to do. So it's definitely NFL season. We are just over a week away. And I'm excited, man, because I just I understand that there's a lot going on right now.


And but it's almost like an escape that I need. Mentally, I need to stop talking about 20, 19 stats. I need something new to talk about. And we are just over a week from having that. So think of it like a kid that's about to get his favorite video game console or something like that. Like that's how I feel as an adult. And it feels like I just I need this. So, yeah. Mental check, I guess you could say I'm OK.


I'll be even better in like nine days.


Right, right. Check again in nine days. Hey, we were talking with our guests beforehand. He's kind of in the same boat we are. I'm very excited for today's guest that Sigmon Blum, co-owner of Football Guys Dotcom, he can be found on Twitter at Sigmon Bloom. I've just been glued to his Twitter recently as he highlights all the important news happening in training camp. Sig, welcome into the Fantasy Pro Football podcast.


Oh, it's good to be back. And this is our time, right? The attention is focused, maybe more attention on fantasy football for the next week and a half than there will be for the rest of the year. So it makes us feel relevant. It makes us feel like we're not just doing this for ourselves, even though we are just doing it for ourselves.


And it's it's fun. And I think that without getting to your big victory at this time, finding things that we have in common, things that make us American across lines is therapeutic. And if Richard Nixon and Hunter Thompson could hang out and talk about football, then we can all hang out and talk about football, too, no matter what our differences are away from football. Yeah, no.


Well, Yates has said they're he's like, you know, we're doing this for ourselves. But realistically, I don't even know if I can say that anymore. I mean, I'm bringing this up because yesterday we obviously talked about Reichle Almstead in the Leonard Fournette news that broke everyone in my all my leagues went in, like legitimately just grabbed him off waivers in the leagues that he was available and now he was owned and a lot of leagues. But it's it's almost like, you know, the first thought that goes through my head, it's like, oh, we have to update rankings.


I have to update the player. No. To do this and that. And then it's like after that I go to the waivers. I'm like, what the hell am I doing? All the guy, everybody was already there. So we're here for you. We're here to talk to you guys about fantasy football today. And I would rather be nowhere else than talking to you, too, for sure.


It's going to be a good show. Guys, before we get into the content for today's show, though, I want to make sure that our listeners know about one of the most important tools that we offer that is our cheat sheet creator. This is incredibly easy to use and allows you to import rankings from anywhere on the Web or even a spreadsheet. You want to use tags as rankings to draft with. You want to use your own or even combine tags as my rankings.


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Fortunately, we've got a special offer going on right now for six months of our Hall of Fame package, which is our highest subscription tier and a sixty five dollar value. Check out fantasy pros. Dotcom offers to claim this amazing offer today. All right. I've got a couple of news items that I want to touch on super quick here, fellas. So first, Cooper Kupp is reportedly only dealing with ankle soreness and should be good to go for week one.


Now, no concerns there, but I did just want to make sure that we mentioned it on the show today. The other big news here drop shortly after we finished recording yesterday. Alvin Kamara has had an unexcused absence from training camp the past three days and it is believed to be contract related. That's from Adam Schefter on Twitter. I want to get both of your guys thoughts here on this situation and whether or not ultimately you're still willing to take him in the top five picks of redraft leagues.


Tags will go to you first and then we'll go to second.


Yeah, I mean, we should have really been looking closer at this, like we heard about Joe Mixon earlier in the off season talking about he was going to hold out if he didn't have a new contract. So it wasn't really surprising there. We knew that Alvin Kamara was coming up on a contract year, too. So I guess we should have seen the tea leaves and how things were going to fall. And I think Kamara played it right in terms of I'm going to show up to training camp.


I'm not going to cause a scene. And it's now gotten to the point where we're now a week. Away from the season, and he still doesn't have a contract. Fortunately, Nick Underhill, someone who covers the Saints pretty religiously, he's connected there and he says that the two are closing in on a deal that about a week ago that there were far off. And that's why Kamara ultimately walked away. But they are getting closer by the day and he expects something to get done very soon.


So I'm still probably going to take Alvin Kamara at four, though I would understand if someone wanted to move him back on their draft boards. But let's not pretend that Dalvin Cook doesn't come without some sort of risk that guys like Joe Mixon don't. That Clyde Edwards, Hillary, obviously a rookie. You know the question, Sig, would you consider if you were drafting tonight? Would you consider if you have four overall, would you consider taking Michael Thomas or Derrick Henry there at four overall, Henry?


I think the answer is just Henry. Go to the shelter of Henry, who has a contract. Isn't that nice?


And I think the what's overlooked here is when Ryan Tannehill took over from that point forward, Derrick Henry was the number two running back in fantasy football. And it was Christian McCaffrey, big gap, Derrick Henry, big Gap, everybody else. So it wasn't just he edged out the pack to be the number two running back. Now, you might be betting on Titans not being nearly as efficient, but unless that's your stance, Derrick Henry is underrated anyway.


Maybe we should have been looking at Derrick Henry. I mean, look, there's arguments for Kamara. He was not healthy for a good part of the season. The Saints offense could be even more efficient, but maybe Henry should have been there all along. Maybe Henry should have even been a consideration. At number three, where it gets a little tougher is Thomas versus Kamara or Cook. And maybe the name we should be bringing up is Clyde Edwards player.


If you're at number five because it's team build, you might not want to take Michael Thomas at number five because then you can't take as much advantage of the wide receiver depth later on and you're going to have to take a running back that you don't like. Right. Because if you're picking fifth in a typical twelve team league, by the time you go up in the second round, maybe Aaron Jones or James Connor is going to be your second round pick, but it doesn't feel that great.


So I think that's where it gets a little bit trickier. But Derrick Henry, as the number three for running back, might have been the right answer all along.


Tagg's, just a really quick just throw this back to you like we've talked about Derrick Henry that you're betting on him hitting. You know, he had three hundred three brush attempts last season and six rushing touchdowns like those are very, very high marks. If there is a running back, who could repeat that? Is Derrick Henry, right? Just with his body type and his work, the workload that he's guaranteed in this offense. Again, like I mentioned, you're betting on efficiency.


But at this point, would you rather have the stability and guaranteed touches that Derrick Henry is going to provide? Or would you personally swing for the fences and go with Clyde Anderson there? I mean, I'd probably go with Henry. I think Sig's right. And the fact that we always revisit this and it's really easy to get caught up in all the hype. Right. Like, I love Clyde Edwards earlier. I love that he landed with the Chiefs.


I love all this. Right. But we've never seen him play in the NFL, so there are some unknowns there. Where is Derrick Henry? Whenever he's gotten those catches he's produced and he continually produces, is Derrick Henry going to finish as the RB one? No, he's not. But is he going to lose your fantasy league because you took him at number four overall? No, he's not. So, you know, it's that it's that old saying that you can't win your fantasy league in the first round, but you can help yourself lose it.


And if Alvin Kamara, for whatever reason, doesn't show up or if he holds out for a couple of games or Dalvin Cook does the same thing, then all of a sudden you're looking at yourself, kicking yourself, saying, I should have just went with Henry. He may have been projected for like fifteen less points in my projections, but who gives a crap in the grand scheme of things, right?


Yeah. The gap between these guys up at the top is not wide. Right. It's not a wide margin. So then when you're looking at how it all comes down to how do I want to build my roster, do I want the stability or do I want this upside with Clyde Edwards, who could in this offense could very well finish is the RB one or he could be a rookie that doesn't adjust to the NFL? Well, in an off season that didn't have preseason games and finishes outside the top twelve, like, there's just a very, very wide margin, whereas we know what Derrick Henry is going to provide you.


So. All right, guys. Anyway, let's transition into the discussion for today's show. Sigge is one of the best fantasy football analysts out there. Guys, if you've never listen to him, I'm super excited for you to hear him. And so we wanted to have him on to talk through his rankings and guys that he likes more than consensus or guys that he's fading compared to industry consensus. Again, this is being measured against Eckardt, which stands for expert consensus rankings, and it takes all the rankings from one hundred and twenty or so experts and puts them together.


I want to touch on the running backs first here. So let's start with three running backs that you like more than X this year.


And it's all about what we've learned since training camp. Right. And by the way, I was want to say I'm glad that Mike namedrop Nick Underhill, who is tremendously connected and as he said, very much obsessive about the team. In a way, we want to beat writer to be if he's not setting off alarm bells, then I'm not setting off alarm bells either. So what has changed since we put together our preseason rankings? Let's start with Antonio.


And I think that we aren't quite reckoning his actual ceiling just because Washington sees what he can do. They're giving him an immediate opportunity. And then as he produces with that opportunity, his opportunity will grow. I think that this isn't a situation like David Johnson is a rookie that needed Chris Johnson to get hurt before he won leaks for us. I think that Antonio Gibson will get enough opportunity right away. And just that upside because he's still available seventh, eighth round.


He's a bench pick that can help you win your league. In a similar vein, Zach Moss, he's just gotten positive buzz almost every single practice period. He's going to get receptions, he's going to get goal line carries. He's going to get the carries to close out the game, which the bill should be a winning team. So that should happen frequently. I think we've been underestimating him. And then the last guy I'll throw out there, as is very much underrated right now, is Jerick McKinnon and I still like where he moster.


I'm not backing off for him. Mostert This is not an A.G. Mostert take, but McKinnon by all reports and what we always need to look for here is agreement among the beat writers. It's not an isolated take. It's every beat writer agreeing. And also we've been doing this long enough that we have a feel for which the writers might be prone to getting carried away. We all do it. I do it. And which ones are a little more sober and levelheaded.


So when they get excited about a player, it really means something. All the reports out of San Francisco are that McKinnon looks like McKinnon of old and he's got the receiving running back role and he's a good running back. We forget because I've seen him for two years. He's good. He didn't quite live up to the contract, but he still has a chance to good offense. The passing game has really seen the names get depleted since camp. And so I think that McKinnon has a chance.


Look, it's exactly what you want in like a seventeenth, eighteenth round pick. You take him, you see how he looks the first few weeks and you go from there. But he should be somebody that's a priority pick for everybody in the late rounds. All right.


So Tagg's, let's touch on. And I love the way that you listed those out altogether six. So let's just talk through each of these guys individually tags and let's get your thoughts here. So, Antonio Gibson, we've been talking about him regularly this offseason, that he was someone that I loved coming out of college. I had him really, really high in my rankings, pretty much all off season. And then with the Derrius Guice release that brought kind of the industry up.


However, I've got Antonio Gibson still around RB fifty and ACR. So do you think he needs to be much higher than that, or do you think he's being kind of priced appropriately? I haven't an RB forty, so I didn't realize I was higher than the the consensus on him, which feels kind of crazy because I've actually been saying that I'm like toning it back because I don't think that there's I don't know if there's much value to be had in this Washington backfield just because Adrian Peterson is going to get those dozen touches per game.


He doesn't Adrian Peterson would retire if he knew that he was going to be sitting on the bench. He's not a guy that's going to walk in and see five carries a game and be happy with it. We saw that with New Orleans and he forced his way out of there being with Washington now with Rivera. I mean, when you have a new coach come in, especially a defensive minded one, you're going to see the pass attempts regress. And this was already a team that didn't throw the ball a whole lot.


And that's where Gibson supposed to get his value. The the the reason that some people are excited is because this team really didn't have a tight end. You know, Logan Thomas is the one getting hype in camp. That's never a good thing. So when you don't have a tight end, obviously the running backs are going to be able to get some volume there. The question is, do they involve JD McKissic more than we think? Adrian Peterson, again, is going to get those golden touches because he should.


Gibson is a physical freak, but part of me wonders, is he the Michael Hardman of this year where Hardman was extremely efficient last year? But the coaches don't want to put so much on his plate because he was a guy in college that just never saw a whole lot of touches. And I just don't know what this offense is built like. Antonio Gibson was with the Saints. I think that I would be ecstatic about him. I'd be drafting him everywhere because I want to tie myself to those high scoring offenses.


I just don't know if I can say Gibson, in a best case scenario, scores more than five or six touchdowns this year and that he's sporadic and how he's going to distribute his fantasy points. So that's why I'm not crazy on Gibson. I understand the potential. Yates, you're you like him. You like him quite a bit. You've talked about him. And I do like him. But it's all we have to factor in the situation that he's in.


And Scott Turner hasn't proved to be a competent play caller, I don't think just yet. I don't think we can say that. And with the state of this offensive line, I'm just not excited about the offense.


So I did look this back up. So I had it's crazy. Antonio Gibson's overall ACR has risen twenty three spots in the past week, so he is up at RB. Forty three in Echo right now. So just for context, where do you have him ranked about number thirty.


There you go. And I think that's just as simple as there's a cliff as it is. Fella's running back to and fantasy. The ranking like the running back thirteen to twenty four. It's been terrible. It's been a bloodbath. Over the last month, Leonard Fournette being the last one to drop. So now it's getting murky, muddy between the running back. So we thought, well, they'll start the season running back to and we'll see. And the running backs we would take and say, well, they'll be on your bench and we'll see what they can do in Antonio Gibson's In the Sea, What We Can Do group.


But he could be more valuable than, you know, on the other side of one of the guys I was talking about, like Devin Singletary, you know, we might a few weeks into the season say he's a better start the devil. Devin Singletary or he's a better start to Bill. Who knows what's going to happen there. And I mean, so I think that running back 30 kind of represents that. There's hope, but it also puts a stress on, like we were talking about earlier, getting that first round running back.


So at least you have one of those spots settled every week, guys.


Seventy seven total career touches in college for Antonio Gibson, 14 total touchdowns. That's ridiculous. So looking at this guy, I mean, Tagg's, you said the argument. Yeah. I don't know if he's going to be utilized in the red zone and again, with Washington, how frequently are they going to actually be in the red zone? But yet Antonio Gibson can take these plays. Then he can make these big plays, right. He can take one to the house and make it fifty yard run and it can win your fantasy matchup.


So I'm with Sig. I have him all the way up at RB. Thirty two right now. I think he's going to get a ton of volume through the air, which is where it's going to inflate his, his, his value here this year. So I love the caller tags. Let's go to Zach Moss. Obviously you've been the Zach Moss guy this entire offseason and I mean, I like Zach Moss coming out. I had injury concerns.


Right. Which plummeted him down my rankings. But yet, even with that being said, I still have Zach Moss well above ICR and his ADP is ADP and like the low 40s. So let's talk about Zach Moss here. Where are you comfortable? Where are you comfortable taking Zach Moss? Because right now, RB thirty seven is his car. So let's talk about that in comparison to his ex. Are you comfortable with that price tag? I'm in line with the U.S. are actually on him.


I do think that there's some question marks now around the neck and that was going back to college is that I thought Exact Moss was a top five talent in this class at running back. But the health was always a concern, and that's why I thought he would actually fall in the draft. So when you saw the bills, take it, take him with a third round pick, I was like, wow. I mean, that's obviously showing something.


They really did like Moss almost as much as I did, because that means if there were no injury concerns, maybe they were to draft him in the second round. But being paired with Devin Singletary, a guy that last year saw a bunch of light fronts, like he's seeing six, seven man fronts all day long while Frank Gore is being, you know, run up against a wall. And I don't think that happens this year. If Devin Singletary is going to be the main guy, Devin Singletary isn't going to see Devin Singletary.


Last year, the lowest in the NFL, he saw eight man fronts, eight or more man fronts on just five or six percent of his carries. That was the lowest in the NFL. So it's it's understandable that he had high yards per carry. He was extremely inefficient in the passing game. So, you know, Zach Moss, we've been hearing a lot of good things about him on campus, including his his past coaching prowess. And I think that he's a better running back than Devin Singletary.


He may not be as elusive, like have that wiggle that Singletary does, but he's like a guy that's going to get what's blocked. He's going to give you everything he's got. And that's why he's dealt with injuries, because he is that bruiser that he'll put his body on the line. He doesn't really care. But I am worried about this neck injury a little bit. So ideally, I have him as an hour before on my fantasy team just because I don't want to have to rely on him right out of the gate.


And I kind of want to see how this back that kind of plays out recently include Devin Singletary was all the way up, but like RB twenty two, his ex has fallen to RB twenty eight and Zach Moss was in the 40s. He's now up to RB thirty seven. So Cig put this into context for us. Where do you have him. Zach Moss ranked.


I think maybe it's better to you above Gibson right around there. And so Brown running back thirty and I think that's a way to think about all this.


Like you said, put it in context, is looking at running back committees and looking at the spread in ADP and asking the question, does that make sense, for instance, in this one, as good as Devin Singletary look at times last year, if Zach Moss is getting the goal line carries, if Zach Moss is getting receptions and this offense doesn't make sense for him to be ten spots below Singletary, I think that Gordon and Lindsay is another one that we should look at and ask if it makes sense.


I think in some of these cases you can find where all of the training camp news is not being reflected accurately.


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So be sure to go to Fandor dotcom slash fantasy prose to start drafting for baseball at Fanjul. All right, let's move on to Jerick McKinnon, RB sixty eight in Ekers. So I guess I understand that a lot of experts are just looking at Jack McKinnon and they're saying OK, injured the past two previous seasons. Right. And he had a ton of hype. So coming into those years hasn't been able to be on the field in San Francisco.


Have we even seen him in the on the field in San Francisco for a regular season game? I honestly don't think so. So looking at McKinnon. Yes, past catching, absolutely great athlete. But now you're looking at a backfield that is comprised of Tevin Coleman still going to be involved here. You're going to have Reggie Mostert potentially being the lead guy in this backfield. Sig put it into context. Again, we're just going to use this word over and over again.


Is Jerick McKinnon someone that you're willing to invest in and having high hopes for? Or is this something like I'm in a super deep league and I just want to throw the dart here and just see if it hits?


I call it early reveal players. When you get to the end of your bench, it's OK to take a few bench players like Antonio Gibson that you're going to hold maybe for the whole season, even if you don't start them to see if it bears fruit.


But your last three, four, five picks should be players that based on what we see in week one or maybe week one, week two are either going to show they're worth more than the late round price you paid for them and they're going to contribute to your fantasy team or you can move on without remorse. You don't want to be taking players in the late rounds that are going to clog up the end of your bench because this year and my co-host Lammy is putting the term out there.


Second draft that the waiver wire runs in the first three, four weeks of the season are going to be like a second fantasy football draft because of the likely injury frequency. So the last thing you want to do is take some. But it's a great point who you got to wait and see what you have, you know, and this is why you may be a little more hesitant to take like a brain and IUC or Jalen Reagor in short bench leagues.


And this is but by the way, in the background, we always hear I mean, obviously you're listening to this show. You care about your fantasy football prowess. You care about how your team does. How can I get better? How can I be good at fantasy football? The first thing is no. You're scoring in lineups because the difference in this question between I have five bench spots and I have ten bench spots. Can you know, that could be everything.


So but I think you hit it when you said, you know, MacKinnon's a guy that you take. And look, if Jerick McKinnon looks like peak Jerick McKinnon from his Minnesota years in whatever workload he gets, then we know that he's worth holding to. He'll be better than Tevin Coleman, at least. And if he limps off the field or if he only touches the ball two or three times and looks nondescript, then we know we can move on.


Yeah, tags. I mean, let's put that into context. And I'm so glad that you mentioned that sig about the first four weeks and that being just a that's going to be crazy, right. Like so. And it's crazy. I was going to bring up Jalen Reagor because let's just say you're in Tagg's, you're in a standard, you know, six bench spot league. Right. And you say, OK, am I going to be willing to take a super late dart, throw on a Jack McKinnon if I load it up on wide receiver early?


You know, I'm looking at my bench. I need a bench running back. Absolutely need a bench running back. Are you going to be looking for someone like Derek McKinnon or would you be rostering Jalen Reagor who might not play until week for. Yeah, it really depends. And I love again, Sigge brought it up, but we've been talking about this all season saying that you need the guys in the end of your roster that you're able to cut bait with.


You're going to find out week one like Michael Pittman. You like Michael Pittman, Yates. But if he only comes out there in place twenty snaps in week one, you're going to cut bait with him. It's the same thing with me, like someone like John Ross. If he loses the job to Tee Higgins, I'm going to do the same exact thing. You need guys like that in Jerrick McKinnon. He's a very interesting one to talk about because imagine those people out there that drafted Leonard Fournette that are now dealing with this aftermath.


And, you know, the right call Armstead was was rostered and and, you know, Chris Thompson's already rostered. And you're looking for like a last ditch, like a solution that you could probably plug in for a week or two and try and get through this. McKinnon is the perfect guy to grab because he's a guy that, you know, replacing Matt is one thing. Tevin Coleman had a role last year. He Mostert had a role last year.


This team racked up over four hundred and twenty rushing attempts last year and now they don't have any pass. Catchers like Brandon Duke is nursing a hamstring injury. Jalen Heard's out for the year. DBO Samuels missing a few games. George Kittle is now dealing with something with a hamstring. It's a mess. And you don't even really. Who they're going to throw the ball to, so they need Jerrick McKinnon now more than ever, and they're playing against the Arizona Cardinals in week one.


That's a matchup that can be exploited. So, yeah, I love the Colin McKinnon here.


All right. Let's go over to three running backs that you like less than exper.


Some of these I feel like I'm almost picking on TCR.


Yeah, it feels it feels bad to do that, doesn't it? Right.


Like Sony, Michel. I mean, I'm picking on easier, but and it's probably just there's a handful of analysts who are still thanking him based on the hopes when he was drafted in the first round, I guess. But I think it's pretty clear that I don't think he's draft drafted at this point, DeAndre Swift.


And I'm not sure that he's better than on Johnson. I think Karen Johnson is actually healthier right now. And on that note, we have Todd Gurley. And I just think that the easiest way to explain why you're not taking Todd Gurley is look at the wide receivers available at the same point in your draft. He just what's the payoff? It's not enough to make me pass on Dekay, Matt Cafetorium, MacLaurin, or whoever your favorite is in that part of your draft.




So let's touch on these tags just super quick. I'm just Sony, Michel. I'm off to you like Damian Harris. But really realistically, Lamar Miller coming off the putt like they have Lamar Miller, Rex Burkhead, James White, Sony, Michel, Damien Harris, all potentially going to be healthy for week one. Obviously, I don't think they're going to carry five running backs. Another week, one roster, someone will be cut.


Do you want to even touch this backfield? Ideally, no. Ideally, you stay as far away as possible just because I mean, I don't know what the benefit is here, because even Sony, Michel, the guy who you were with, with Brady, were like, hey, he's going to get golden touches. He's going to score some touchdowns now with Cam Newton there, he's going to lose a couple of those goal line touches. I just I don't I don't see the upside here with him, if you get him, is like a bench, you know, like an hour before five.


It's kind of like a guy that you just plug in your lineup. You know, you're not expecting much, but you're hoping to walk away with like five or six points out of your running back position. Like, again, like in a Leonard Fournette situation, I guess. But I'm not excited about it. And that's you don't want to load your bench with guys like that, that just clutter it.


Yeah, I'm kind of in the same boat. OK, so then DeAndre Swift alluded to it like he has missed some time in training camp with I think a leg injury. I can look that up in a second, but so he's missed some time. And for a rookie who didn't have pre-season, that's going to be a detriment. And so I think I think he will be ready for week one again. We'll keep you updated as we hear more news.


But what's the benefit to drafting him at his current draft price, which is pretty. It's in the RB. It's a top twenty four running back. I believe it's on that edge. So, Tagg's, what's the benefit here of DeAndre Swift? Obviously, you and I are both fans of his tape coming out of college, so he's a good running back. But in this offense with carry on Johnson in the fold, is this a backfield it is worth investing in?


No, no. I mean, I was never really big into getting Swift as an RB two or anything like that. If you get him as a flex player, I think it's fine because I do see this as a and I think Sig's right. Both of these running backs. DeAndre Swift, I had him as my I think number three running back in this class. I felt like he's really good at everything, but he's great at almost nothing where it's almost like, you know, Quited Rosler had traits, Jonathan Taylor had traits that were great.


And if they get find a coach that can accentuate those things, I like him a lot more. Swift is in a weird spot because. Carry on. Johnson went on the field. I think he's a good football player. I think he's a he's a three down back that can play in passing downs. It's not like Swift is the only three down back in that team. And let's not pretend that the Lions are a high powered offense. I understand that with Matthew Stafford last year, they score a lot more points in those first eight games.


But that's a very, very, very small sample size of what we've seen under Matt.


Patricia, and I don't really want to tie myself to that. Just you're buying basically it's ceiling at this point. And again, if you were able to get him in that Devin Singletary range, that's where I'm willing to take him around that RB 27, 28 territory just because, again, there's no guarantees in that territory. But when a team spends a high second round pick on someone, you want to believe that they're going to get him on the field and get him at least a dozen touches per game.


So for flex player, fine. But as an RB two, no.


Yeah. So put this into context. So the guy's going above DeAndre Swift and ACR right now. Right? Our Kareem Hunt and all the way up at RB twenty three. His Ekers risen over the past week or so. So Kareem Hunt Kingmakers Raheem Moster and DeAndre Swift who is the guy in that range that you're like, I want a target, I want to walk out of that range with this running back Mostert or Hunt and I can't tell people Oh Acres is the wrong answer either.


Most of it is pretty simple. I think that there's just some overthinking. He's the best running back in a good running game. The reports out of San Francisco are that he has been the clear number one running back in practices. He's looked like the number one running back to. Even if Tevin Coleman gets some ceremonial carry to begin the game. Remember last six weeks or so, the season Coleman was still starting making air quotes, but it was closer to like seven touchdowns and seventy or so touches to Coleman's 25.


So I think that we're looking for reasons that Mostert isn't just. And to continue the trajectory that he was on last year and I haven't seen any yet, you mentioned Todd Gurley as that last guy. So Tagg's, let's talk about Todd Gurley here. I mean, ETR has him all the way up at I'm still scrolling RB 16. So he's in this range. Todd Gurley, James Connor, Chris Carson above him. So Chris Carson at RB fifteen.


Gurley at sixteen, James Connor at seventeen. Who's the guy in that range that you want to walk out of your draft with.


I mean Connor is the one that I'm walking away with more than often than not, and I'm drafting him earlier and earlier.


And so that's all three all three of those guys have injury concerns. Yeah, for sure. But Connor, when he's been on the field, it's like he's a young running back. He doesn't have any major health concerns. I understand that he's missed some time, but he's a guy that's going to be in that workhorse role with Ben Roethlisberger back under center. He would be in the end of the first round conversation if we knew that he was going to play all sixteen games.


So getting him in the third round makes a lot of sense. Gurley is like a guy that I, I was high on and then I was kind of like, all right, there's definitely some concerns. And then you have to like, sit back and say, OK, I'm high. I love Julio Jones. Obviously, I love Calvin Ridley, I like Hayden Hurst. And it's like someone is going to disappoint me. It's going to happen.


And so if I have to narrow it down and say, which one's probably going to disappoint me, it would probably be Todd Gurley. But knowing that there's a lack of competition on the roster like Brian Hill and Itoh Smith, don't do it for me. I still think that Todd Gurley is locked into fifteen plus touches per game as long as he can handle them. And this is a high scoring offense. I'm not going to avoid Todd Gurley purposely.


I also I'm not going to go out of my way to draft him over someone like James Garner.


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All right, let's pivot here to wide receivers. Say let's go with three guys that you are higher on than Eker Adam Thielen just great.


Two hundred targets this year Tyler Boyd Maybe he's not going to get two hundred targets this year but he's going to lead the Bengals and targets. And I'm really excited about Jubera preview for the quarterback section of this discussion. Yes, I just want to get I want to catch part of the Joe Burgh comment. Yeah. Tyler Boyd's the best way to do it and I'll bring up Jerry Judy and for the second time, we'll bring up Cecil Lamby in this one.


Cecil has been very good to us based on what he finds out in training camp six, seven, eight years ago.


And it was he gave us Julius Thomas, you know, he gave us Anderson. He he's given us these gifts. He said, however, hi, you're drafting Jerry Judy.


It's probably not high. So, you know, based on what he's saying, it basically, Judy, it's just getting open at will, which matches what we saw at Alabama and Drew Lock because I think Gary Locke probably wants to succeed, knows that throwing to the open guy is a good strategy. And we can talk about what this means for Courtland, Sutton, et cetera. But I feel like let me put it this way, guys. I look back at all my drafts before.


Cecil told me that told us that because was on our show and I said, oh, no, oh, no, I don't have enough jury duty.


So let's just start there. Let's start at the bottom and work our way back up. Tagg's because I heard you. I heard you like giggling. OK, so jury duty. I mean, we obviously he was both of our wide receiver, one in this rookie class, open at will, getting open at well does not surprise me at all. But it's always just been the passing volume of this offense. And again, you know, you had no offense involved.


Courtland Sutton is a beast. And then, of course, K.J. Handler being involved, too. I like Tamla too, but he's been struggling with injury. He might not be on the field to start the season. So jury duty, are we overlooking Jury, Judy, in our drafts? I mean, it's possible after here and say go on about that, about Cecil. Cecil is tied in with those Broncos. You know, you will not find a bigger Jerry Judy fan than me.


You won't. In my Dynasty rankings, I have as a top sixteen wide receiver. I'm willing to pay for them. People were he was falling like a seventh or eighth pick and dynasty rookie draft. I think it's terrible. I think that the Raiders will rue the day when they chose Henry Rug's over him. I think that people talking about Kelam like he's the next coming Calvin Johnson, is there going to be disappointed? But Jerry Judy is the guy that I absolutely love.


The question I want to ask you and I love Judy the player. And I heard I've heard the reports out of camp. My question is, are you worried that there's not enough to go around between him and Courtland Sutton? And I'm trying to find that fine line because calling Sutton is not someone I'm getting in drafts because I have him right now, a wide receiver. Twenty five. I like the player in Courtland Sutton. They're different. Him and Judy are different players, Judy.


More versatile in terms of what he offers and Pat Shurmur scheme because he can play the slot, whereas Courtland Sutton is really not. That guy, so is the gap between those two way too big? Where do you have Courtland Sutton? Where do you have jury duty after talking with Cecil?


I don't know the exact place to have them, but I definitely have a ranking. I Judy, I think I moved equal to or ahead of KDDI. Lam still of CD lam this year too, as your first redraft wide receiver, rookie wide receiver and Sutton is well out of that range. Again, the names are familiar, T.J. Chark and Terry MacLaurin and Dick Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. All your favorites say mostly fifth from receivers. That's where Sun's been going.


I think that's too high. And, you know, these are this is our crystal ball stuff, guys. And Cecil told a credible story, the idea being that drew lock. And you're right, it was a low volume pass offense.


So one element of the puzzle here is do they loosen things up and let Drew lock do more pass more often this year than he did last year when he got on the field? But then the second part of it is just his decision making process. And Courtland Sutton. So we all remember Sammy Watkins with the Rams. Right. Tactically very valuable fantasy wise, zero value. But what Courtland Sutton can do is he can cancel out Casey Hayward. He can cancel out Trayvon Mullen, who?


The Kansas City. I can't even name one of their cornerbacks right now.


Yeah, it doesn't matter. I can't. Right, Dillon? I know. I know. I doesn't exactly know. I mean, the point is and if it's Bushrod Island and it doesn't, he's right about say he's suspended.


Yeah. Doesn't help.


So tactically, if Courtland Sutton and Courtland Sutton can still win on those contested catches. But I think that the decision making process for Locke is just going to be one of those situations where it's that comfort, it's that trust. And Judy is creating it already where Courtland Sutton has some value. I just don't think Courtland Sutton is going to be the guy that Locke is thinking. And one third and seven, you know, I don't know the Courtland Sutton in the red zone.


I know that we like to think of the guys on those fades and skying for the ball. But really, it's if you can create separation quickly in those small spaces, that's the guy you're going to really count on. So I agree with you, Tagg's, that, you know, there's some structural issues in terms of that pass attempts and not just Courtland Sutton, because, you know, downstream we've got no fant Melvin Gordon to Melvin Gordon, Phil and Phillip Lindsay.


Lindsay is totally over that wrist issue now, which I think limited him as a receiver last year, and he'll bounce back, too. So, you know, there is a question of mouths to be fed. But again, like, what do you have to take, Judy?


Like eighth or ninth round, if you say is going off the board right now as a wide receiver? Fifty to four. In comparison, Emmanuel Sanders is going forward as a wide receiver. Thirty four. Give me Jerry Judy.


Yeah, exactly. So it's just really easy. I mean, the risk is there, but it's not priced in correctly in terms of risk versus reward. Yeah.


All right. Let's touch on Tyler Boyd Tagg's. I'm just going to turn this over to you. You get thirty seconds on the bench.


How much you love. We don't need to talk about Tyler Boyd had like 150 targets in the first year. Zach Taylor's offense. Obviously, AJ Green is a guy they have to worry about some injury concerns. Tee Higgins, John Ross, they're the number three options. Whether Boyd is going to get 120 plus targets, he's undervalued.


Yep, I completely agree. I love Tyler Boyd this year and then Adam Thielen. So the thing that I just want to touch on super quick herceg if you have him above Eckardt is eCards right now is wide receiver eleven. So just how high do you have.


Adam Thielen six or even five. You know you don't have to do it but I would almost say if you want to go wide receiver in the second round, for me that's more of a quarterback tight end round unless you're picking early in the second Thielen would be the guy who deserves that pick but you can get him in the third or maybe even in the early fourth in some drafts.


I just think that all roads lead. Adam Thielen this offense. I'm also fascinated with the idea that the Vikings will pass more than we're projecting. They did get in a Bangkok way, but they've got three new corners that they're breaking in and that could really change expectations for the ceilings of all Irv Smith, not just in Jefferson and Brooklyn preview what's about to come.


So I think that Thielen without Stefon Diggs, we don't know how high the volume could go, but there's no reason Kirk Cousins is a good, efficient quarterback. Kirk Cousins is a good decision maker. That means the right decision is going to be Adam Thielen often that's fair.


I mean it's crazy. Twenty eighteen. I'm looking at the Minnesota Vikings pass attempts, 606 pass attempts in twenty eighteen and then we saw Kubiak come back in into the fold. Four hundred and sixty six pass attempts last season with Kubiak as like the assistant what was he. The assistant head coach. But now he's the offensive coordinator. And this is a run first guys. So I think you're if you're looking at the other options and you alluded to it, so we'll just jump right into it.


If Justin Jefferson is someone that you're not high on, I can absolutely see the path to just give Adam Thielen all the targets he can handle. So let's just pivot right here into wide receivers that you like less than. I'm assuming Justin Jefferson is one of them. He just has done nothing to merit that. And again, as we were talking about, Justin Jefferson is the kind of player that you take and now you feel like you have to sit on him for, what, a month before you cut him?


Because let's just see, we know he's not going to start week one. It's all OBC Johnson. So I just don't see the upside there in that pic. Cooper Kupp, we talked about top of the show, you know, all clear on the ankle, but the Rams offense is going to undergo some structural changes from the offense that made Cooper Kupp. I think for a little while there he was close to the number one fancy receiver if he wasn't in the first half of the year.


I just think that it's more of a wide net supporting cast now, including the other Jefferson Van Jefferson, who's had a tremendous camp by every every account. So you're you're diluting the offense there. And remember, Higbee and Everett are both healthy. And then last month, Chris Godwin and there are some nuts and bolts structural stuff here. If they're a two tight end offense, that means fewer slot snaps for Chris Godwin, which is that great Bruce Arians role to help fuel him.


There's the garbage time issue. A lot of his value, extra value came from garbage time last year. I don't think the Bucs are going to have nearly as much garbage time, not going to have the frenetic, wide open games that Jameis Winston gave them. But also you're just hearing that Tom Brady and Mike Evans are establishing more chemistry than Brady and Godwin. That's a big variable in this offense. Scottie Miller, everyday out of Tampa training camp, we hear something good about him.


He's going to play a role in this offense. And then puter report.


And again, we talked about you learn the beat writer Terrane Puter report was doing team specific, very intense coverage before SB Nation or before blogs before any of that. And Scott Reynolds, who's been there forever, Scott Reynolds, my very first senior bowl back in 2007, was one of the people who showed me around and said, this is a senior bowl is how things work here. That's how long he's been doing this. He wrote it wasn't him, was one of his colleagues that they suspect that Godwin is nursing an injury, that he just doesn't look like Chris Godwin from last year.


Second, third round pick. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


OK, so let's touch on these guys. Tags are super quick. Justin Jefferson was I was a huge fan of his tape coming out. OK, so but if it all comes down to if Alibek Johnson is going to be the quote unquote starter. Right. If he's going to be on the field, that takes Justin Jefferson off the field right. In a heavy twelve personnel system. And especially when we had concerns of does Justin Jefferson have the ability to play outside, he he played like something like twelve total snaps outside, you know, at LSU, it was all throughout the slot.


So Justin Jefferson right now, is that someone that you're I'll just say this. I have not all the love that I have for Justin Jefferson. I actually have not ended up with him anywhere in my drafts.


Yeah, no. I mean, you have to worry about Tajai Sharp, too. They signed him this off season and apparently Justin Jefferson, he fell behind because he was on the covid list, started training camp, and then when he came back that he was not impressing. And again, we everybody's got glowing reports. It's when you hear something negative is what you start to worry. And I got worried about Justin Jefferson because they said he was not excelling as much as they thought he would.


Again, some backup cornerback. So I'm not I am not taking Justin Jefferson and redraft. It's a lower volume offense. Adam Thielen this this offense runs through and think about it. Even last year with Thielen out of the offense for eight games Stefon Diggs Aulich ninety six targets. You know what I mean. That's a fine big. So I'm not relying on Justin Jefferson and redraft formats. I've moved him down. He's outside of my top 60 wide receivers.


I can make the case for him to be outside the top eighty wide receivers this year. I mean for comparison here, Robby Anderson, wide receiver. Fifty eight, Allen Lazard fifty nine. Justin Jefferson, wide receiver. Fifty seven. So then you have Anderson right behind him, Allen Lazard and then Deshawn Jackson at wide receiver. Sixty one. At this point I would be fine with all three of those guys over Justin Jefferson. And then you touched on Cooper Kupp.


This is one that we're all three going to agree on. I believe looking at Cooper Kupp, I want Robert Woods in this offense, especially at his price tag. Now granted Cooper Kupp was all the way up it like wide receiver ten towards one draft season first started and now he's, he's fallen. He's down at wide receiver nineteen I believe in wide receiver eighteen in excuse. So we've seen his price tag fall a little bit. The ranking of the experts are falling a little bit on him too.


But I'm in complete agreement. I want Robert Woods in this offense over Cooper Kupp especially. And it's kind of a similar similar argument looking at twelve personnel and Tyler Higbee, Gerald Everett going to be on this field. You'll have Van Jefferson, who is an outside receiver, and then Cooper Kupp doesn't play outside. So he's going to come in on those third downs which just takes away his target volume. Again, incredible production is up throughout the first half of the season and then once they made that offensive philosophy shift in week nine weeks nine to seventeen, Cooper Kupp was the wide receiver.


Thirty one in. All a fantasy football comparative to the wide receiver, two, three weeks, one through eight, so I'm in complete agreement there. And then we're looking at the final guy that you mentioned, Chris Godwin. This is one that I'm going to disagree on personally just because I still want Chris Godwin, even at his price tag. This is someone who I want to invest in. I think that Scottie Miller is a fine slot receiver.


But if you have and this is the caveat, if you have Chris Godwin at full health, Godwin is a superior talent to Scottie Miller. And so and Godwin has shown that he has the ability to play on the outside. This isn't like a.. Cooper Cup, right. This isn't a Cooper Cup situation where he can only play the slot. They moved him into the slot because he was good there. But he can also succeed on the outside.


We saw that his first couple of seasons in the NFL. So to touch on Chris Godwin here, if he is fully healthy, are you fine with his price tag? If he's fully healthy, I would be into him and his price tag. I am worried a little bit about Scottie Miller. I did a draft last night with the CBS guys and I had the number three pick overall. I took physical Aleut there. And then it came back to me all the way up to 10.


And Godwyn was still there. So was George Kittle. I chose to go with Kittel with that pick because I am a little worried about Chris Godwin. And then when he came back, it was like, all right, now I have to really think about it. I'm not take Godwin there at the top of the third. And it felt like I was going to. But he did go to one of those other teams. So I did hesitate to pull the trigger a little bit yesterday.


I do think that he fits Tom Brady's skill set a little bit better. But if this team does go three wide, I worry about that third wide receiver. They never really replaced Burchard Perriman on the perimeter with a bigger body, a guy that could stretch the field. Scottie Miller is fast. I know. He's got like I think it's four, three speed, but he's not a perimeter wide receiver. He's like five, eleven, 170 pounds.


He matches what Tom Brady has thrown to for much of his career over the middle of the field. So that's the part I'm concerned about with Godwin. I think, and I've been saying this forever, is that once you get outside Michael Thomas, Davante Adams, Julio Jones, there's so much parity at the wide receiver position. And I think that's why everyone is going running back, running back in the industry, because they feel like to take someone like DeAndre Hopkins or Chris Godwin, you can get someone like Allen Robinson around later or Adam Thielen and then be like, OK, I think I'm gonna get some of our production.


Where is the running backs drop off so much once you get outside those top two rooms? Yeah.


All right, let's move over to the quarterback position. We're going to double up here, so let's go with the guy that you like and then the guy that you like less competitive to.


There are like Jubera don't like Daniel Jones. And I will say is the side that the quarterback rankings this year are pretty accurate.


There's a lot of lot. That's why I had to go outside of the top ten at a tight end. It was really hard to pick a tight end, really, really hard to pick a tight end. There's like five or six guys. I want to say. I'm just going to say play tomorrow when I talk about playing Darwin and I'm not on board with Darren Waller.


OK, all right. So let's touch on Joe Brown. I keep moving, Joe. Blow up my rankings, guys. Even though he has a tough start to the season with Los Angeles, the Chargers defense, we saw them lose Derwin James. Right. And that's something that is going to impact this defense. I really feel for Darren James. He just can't stay on the field. And he's an amazing talent. I want to see him on the football field.


He's going to miss this season, which is terrible for the defense. But I'm not crazy about the week one matchup. But after that, they should get cookin. And Joe Brown is a phenomenal talent. We talk about training camp reports. Everything coming out is that we that he's succeeding and that he's doing really, really well. So Tagg's Joe Burrow, really quick. Where do you have him in your rankings?


I am at Quarterback Fourteen, and I want to ask if you're taking the late round quarterback approach, where are you? Are you OK? Taking Burrow is your starter for week one or is it more like you're going to take him as a platoon type guy? You might take someone like Stafford and then grab Burrow later in the draft because you just want to you want a sturdy option and you want the upside option.


Yeah, exactly. So Matthew Stafford, Ben Roethlisberger will be another one that I'm fine with. And really, Roethlisberger, if we're looking at schedules, Roethlisberger with the Giants week one. Yeah. Feels a little better than Stafford against Chicago or Tyrod Taylor on the other side of the game, for instance.


Or maybe Jimmy Garoppolo, if you want to go even later against Arizona, get four touchdowns in. Both of the game is only last year. So I think there's ways to mix and match with late round. But I also think that benching Jubera, while it's the right move in terms of risk, we might see right away that it was the wrong move just because, fellas, I know that you're seeing this right. I mean, the Cincinnati Bengals beat writers are saying, well, the obvious MVP of camp is, you know what?


You know, I mean, like, just it's not even a thought process.


Like if you sat there and watched the practices, you're like, yeah, Joe. I mean, he's mythical. He came down. He was born from the stars.


That really I mean, he's going to elevate. And if you see the quotes and things coming out of camp, he's not a rookie that's imposed by his first NFL training camp and all these veterans and fitting in. He's already playing the game within the game. You know, he's already improving reffing with his teammates, figuring out the best ball placement in the best way to throw this guy, the best way to throw this guy. I know the offensive line could be a critical point of failure.


I mean, it's possible, but I just think that Jubera, you've watched him at LSU and said he's not like anything we've seen before, and I think that we're going to see something similar. And I am excited. And I think that with fantasy football in these times, one of the things about fantasy football great is it's a way to share in greatness with a capital G. Whenever whoever is your favorite player does something great, you can feel that energy flowing through you.


And like I said, I just want to I want to catch on. You know, I just want to grab his coattails in some way and catch on. I'm excited for Bengals fans, Long-suffering, Bengals fans. I think this is going to be a franchise transforming player. And if you were to ask me the most exciting developments of watching football in 2020, Joe Bharu as a pro quarterback is maybe number one. Yeah, buddy.


Yeah. And it's not like it's a rookie quarterback coming in that doesn't have great receiving options. Right. Like Juber is a phenomenal talent all by himself. I'm obviously all on board. But then you're looking at AJ Green when he's on the field, Tyler Boyd, Tee Higgins, John Ross, I mean, then Joe Mixon, hopefully out of the backfield, Giovanni Bernhard, like it's a great offense to put him in. Daniel Jones, I'm in complete agreement here.


I do not want Daniel Jones on my roster until week 12 this year. You look at his schedule, he's going up against some insane defenses throughout the first ten weeks of the season and they have their by and week eleven. Then they play the Cincinnati Bengals week twelve. That is going to be the first week that I recommend Daniel Jones as a starter. I'm calling it now, like, I just don't want any part of Daniel Jones tagged you in agreement there.


I can see it against Dallas in Washington and in weeks five and six. But the first four weeks, Pittsburgh, I mean, and I again, I know there's people listening right now that are saying there's no way you could project, you know, strength the schedule this early in the season. But we do know that the Steelers are year in, year out. They're good defense. They got even better last year. They're their young team that's added talent.


You go to the the bears obviously get Akeem Hicks back. That's that's a defense that's been very, very good. San Francisco, one of the best defenses in the NFL last year. They could take a step back. Sure. But do you feel comfortable playing Daniel Jones against them? Probably not. So I'm with you guys in this one. The only the only leagues I want Daniel Jones in is two quarterback formats because he's a guy that presents a decent floor with his rushing ability and has upside it in better matchups.


But outside of that, he's a streamer for me. Really quick question here, guys, because we got to move on. But Daniel Jones, the Jameis Winston of the season where we could see a ton and a ton of interceptions, was the qualification here as far as Daniel Jones? Like just throwing the ball a ton, ton of interceptions. I'll see.


Gardner Minshew. I see. I see. Is close to him in. I'm not kidding. No, no, I'm serious. Don't know if you actually look at the numbers that Daniel Jones did last year in terms of the ups and downs he went through this season. If you look at your Bishkek's twenty eighteen, there are a lot of parallels there. That's not comforting.


OK, Blake Darwin, you mentioned Blake. This is a guy I'm on board with him as my tight twelve this year. I love him and his opportunity in this offense. We don't need to spend a ton of time. Darren Waller is the one that I'm really interested to hear, to hear your reasoning. Super quick, before we move on to a fun little game here, you can find me on Twitter.


It's in bloom if you want to debate Blake Darwan, because I love the Blake drama debate, but I think he set up for massive success. Waller It's just the Raiders. Even with Tyrell Williams and the torn labrum, they've reloaded with Brian Edwards. He's another one of those rookies. Every practice observers, just a by and Henry Rug's and a healthier hunter. Renfroe and Josh Jacobs more involved in the passing game. It's a question, right?


If you think Dair Wallers numbers last year were a product of Dharawal or it's just that good, then he deserves to go. Is the fifth or sixth tight end off the board. But if you think it was because there weren't other options for Derek Carr to throw to, then Wallers necessarily going to shrink in terms of target share. And he's not a RedZone target. He's not somebody who's going to get those touchdowns to put you over the top. So I think tight end six to 10 is kind of a no man's land.


Hayden Hurst, there's some upside there, Tyler, to the upside, but it's the tight ends in the top three or four and the Titans outside of the top ten that are most exciting this year. Yep, I agree.


All right, guys, let's wrap up today's show with a fun little game. I've got four different categories. Quarterback running back, wide receiver and tight end. I'm going to list a question. And then five players to start will alternate from tags to Sig, and then you'll guess which one fits the question. Sound good? Sounds good. Yes. All right. Phantasy odd man out tags. You need to rebound from your performance. Don't start with me.


It's not right. Here we go. Tags. We're looking at these quarterbacks here. I got five of them for you. They are Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray, Deshaun Watson, Josh Allen and Matt Ryan. Again, I can listen for you after this question. Here we go. Which player had the fewest passing yards from weeks? Nine through sixteen. Again, that's Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray, Deshaun Watson, Josh Allen and Matt Ryan.


I'm going to go Cuyler Murray. Cuyler Murray is correct.


A fourteen hundred now nine passing yards from weeks, nine through sixteen in comparison. Matt Ryan. Nineteen hundred and eighty three passing yards. So Tagg's you get that one right. That is four points and then it counts down as we go through these questions. All right. So, Sigge, over to you. Which player had the lowest touchdown rate again, your options now are Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson, Josh Allen and Matt Ryan. Which player had the lowest touchdown rate, lowest touchdown rate?


I'm going to say Deshaun Watson, actually, just because I know that the offense really ran through him. But I'm kind of stumped here.


Yeah, this was a tough one for me. It's actually Matt Ryan and Ryan last year. Insane passing. Yeah. Like six hundred eighty four pass attempts and then only I think twenty five passing touchdowns. So he had a four point two touchdown rate. Russell Wilson six point oh for comparison.


Oh his career Mark is like this one of the best quarterbacks of all time.


I agree. All right, Tagg's, back over to you. The players that are remaining, Josh Allen, Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson, which player had the fewest rush attempts? Josh Allen, Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson.


This has got to be Russell Wilson. You are correct, sir.


Russell Wilson with seventy five rush attempts again for comparison. Josh Allen. One hundred and nine Rush attempts last year. So Texas, you get two points there. So let's wrap it up here. Josh Allen and Deshaun Watson are the players. Which player had the higher SAC rate, Josh Allen or Deshaun Watson?


Zachary always makes me think Deshaun Watson.


Yeah, you would be correct that John Watson gets abused behind that offensive line eight point to sack comparative to Josh Allen, seven point six. So Josh Allen was the fantasy odd man out here. Guys, are we overlooking Josh Allen in fantasy football this year? Yeah, I'm with you.


That's exactly how I feel. I don't think he's I don't think he's a plug and play QB one every week.


OK, so Cig got that one right. All right, guys, six to one throughout the first category. We're moving on to running backs. The players are Myles Sanders, Aaron Jones, Kenyon Drake, Austin Ekeler and Chris Carson. So Cig, which player had the fewest games of one hundred plus scrimmage yards? Which player had the fewest games of one hundred plus scrimmage yards? Myles Sanders, Aaron Jones, Kenyon Drake, Austin Ekeler or Chris Carson?


I'm on the fence between Sanders and Drake. Oh, I'll go Myles Sanders. But I'm unsure.


This one was close. It was tough for me to answer because again, Sanders didn't fully break out until Jordan. Howard missed some time. Kenny Drake, of course, being traded Kenyan Drake is the correct answer here. He had three games of one hundred plus scrimmage yards. Myles Sanders had five. Wow. Wow. In comparison, Chris Carson seven seven games of a hundred plus scrimmage yards. When he's healthy, he's he's going to produce four fantasy football.


All right, let's move on. Tagg's, which player had the most fumbles? The options here are Myles Sanders, Aaron Jones, Austin Ekeler or Chris Carr.


So this one's easy, right? It's Chris Carson. Yeah, you would be correct. Even though he is extremely productive. Chris Carson fumbles the ball like nobody's business that Tagg's. That is three points for you there. All right, Sigge, to you, which player had the lowest yards per carry average? Myles Sanders, Aaron Jones or Austin Ekeler?


I think it's Sanders because of the struggles early in the season. But I mean, it's going to keep saying Myles Sanders until it's ready, I'll stick with it.


Which player had the lowest yards per carry average? It's awesome. Ekler at four to Aaron Jones at four point five seven miles. Sanders at four point five nine. So Austin Ekeler made his I mean, close to a thousand yards through the air. That was what inflated his fantasy value last year in comparison to these other guys wasn't as efficient on the ground. So Ekler was the answer there. All right, Tagg's, which player scored fewer points during the fantasy playoffs?


Your options are Myles Sanders or Aaron Jones scored fewer points.


Yes, correct. Which player scored fewer points during the fantasy playoffs?


Fairly certain that as Myles Sanders just because I mean, I know both of them. We're getting a lot of touches at that time. But I think Jamaal Williams was out for a little bit more centers this week. Seventeen. I think I'm going to say that Myles Turner scored less.


You are correct, sir. Aaron Jones with sixty eight point three fantasy points during the fantasy playoffs. Myles Sanders with fifty seven point seven. Jones was dominant during that time. So Tagg's, that is another point for you. We are now ten to one. All right. Let's go to wide receivers here. Tagg's, you're starting us off. All right. Which player has the highest standard deviation in our updated expr? Of course, that means which player has the widest ranking like difference in thinking straight.


So the options are Chris Godwyn, DeAndre Hopkins, Kenny Golladay, Allen Robinson or Mike Evans.


Oh, right.


Oh, which player are the experts split on? Chris Godwyn, DeAndre Hopkins, Kenny Golladay, Allen Robinson or Mike Evans. I'm going to say Kenny Golladay. That is incorrect. It is actually. Mike, that was damn it. I was going to between those two. Yeah. Mike Evans is the answer here guys. Big difference actually comparative to Chris Godwin. There's the number here that I've got is. One point seven four CARSKADON or three point five from Mike Evans.


So that's the difference there. All right, segue over to you. Which player had had the lowest catch rate over the past two seasons? Your options are Kenny Golladay, Allen Robinson, DeAndre Hopkins and Chris Godwyn. Lowest catch rate last two seasons.


You know, part of me wants to say Kenny Golladay, just because that's kind of his game. But part of me wants to see DeAndre Hopkins because he gets so many targets.


I'll go with Goldi. That is the correct choice. Kenny Golladay, fifty seven point four catch percentage. Here's the difference. DeAndre Hopkins seventy percent. Oh isn't that ridiculous. On his like average of one hundred and fifty targets a year. Still getting seventy percent catch rate. That's ridiculous. So that's three points for Sig. They're all right Tagg's over to you. Which player saw the fewest red zone targets in twenty nineteen. The options here are Chris Godwin, Allen Robinson and DeAndre Hopkins.


Which player saw the fewest seen targets?


They are this one. I'm going to I'm going to say Allen Robinson, I don't like the bears were in the red zone enough for him to be up with those guys.


This one shocked me. Allen Robinson, the clear leader here. Oh, one red zone targets last season. Chris Godwin with twelve, DeAndre Hopkins with thirteen. So Chris Galvin is the answer here. That was insane for me to believe or for me to see Allen Robinson with twenty red zone targets last season, even though they were not in the red zone frequently. So Chris got in the answer there. All right, Sig, let's wrap up the wide receivers here.


Which player has more multi touchdown games since twenty fifteen? Your options are DeAndre Hopkins or Allen Robinson. Which player has more multi touchdown games since twenty fifteen since Allen Robinson missed a year?


It seems like I should just say DeAndre Hopkins, but I'm still going to say Allen Robinson.


You would have been correct to say DeAndre Hopkins. DeAndre Hopkins with nine multi touchdown game since twenty fifteen Allen Robinson with seven. So again it's close. Even with it seemed like it was being set up there. I knew exactly he was doing but I was like it's got to be Hopkins. Right. That's like old standardized test trick. Right exactly.


Hey I didn't make up the questions. OK, all right. We're moving on to your tight ends here. Sig is up first. The options the players here are Darren Wollar, Evan Engram Hunter, Henry Hayden Hurst and Tyler Higbee. OK, so who is ranked lowest by twenty nineteen No. Two draft rankings expert Pat Fitzmorris. Again, those are Darren Wollar, Evan Ingram, Hunter Henry Hayden Hurst and Tyler Higbee, who is ranked lowest by Pat Fitzmorris was Pat Fitzmorris is a mensch, by the way.


One of them is awesome. Yeah, he's a fantastic human being. And now this is turning into like psychoanalyse pat his as your number two ranking alludes to. He's a very levelheaded drinker. So I'm going to say Higbee's the lowest because that's the easiest one to say, that people are getting out over their skis, putting him in the tight end, one tier.


That's what I would have guessed to you. But it's actually Hayden Hurst. And oh, no, I saw that. And I was a little bit concerned because I have, however, is a well higher than Pat. And so as I'm looking at Pat's rankings and I'm going, I am a little concerned at this point. So, yeah, Hayden Hurst, he has all the way down at nine. He has Wollar, Ingram, Higbee, Hunter, Henry and then Hayden Hurst.


So. All right, guys, Tagg's up to you. Which player had the lowest yards per target average in twenty nineteen. Again, your options now are Evan Ingram, Tyler Higbee, Darren Waller and Hunter Henry, the lowest yards per target average. I think this has to be Hunter Henry. It would be a good guess, but it's incorrect. But it's actually startling the difference here. Darrin Waller up at nine point seven yards per target. Evan Ingram at six point nine.


Big difference. Darrin Waller at nine point seven hundred eighty eight point seven. Tyler Higbee, eight point four. And then a clear drop off there to Evan Ingram all the way down at six point nine. Wow. All right, Sigge, back to you. Which player had the lowest catch rate in twenty nineteen? Your options are Hunter Henry Darrin Waller and Tyler Higbee lowest catch rate.


I'm just gonna say Hunter Henry because Wollar and Higbee just had more perception's.


You would be correct. Hunter Henry with seventy two point four catch great Tyler Higbee at seventy seven point five and Darrin Waller at seventy six. We are all high points. I know. Yeah, those are really high marks for those guys. So. All right, last one last question here, Tagg's. Let's get this one right. No pressure. Which player had fewer yards after catch per reception? Which player had fewer yards after catch per reception? Is it Darrin Waller or is it Tyler Higbee who had fewer?


Yes, Higbee, you are correct, sir. Tyler Higbee with six point one. Darrin Waller with six point nine is a monster.


After the catch, think about it like Dirk throws the ball a yard line of scrimmage and Willaura makes it happen. Yep. Waller the the clear guy here. And again, we talked about him earlier on in this podcast, but from Almen. He he succeeded last season, so, all right, guys, that is fantasy, odd man out, and that's going to do it for today's show, guys. So we know you're crazy busy right now, but thank you.


And we really appreciate it for carving out some time to chat with us.


This is fun. So I do this. And by the way, the next time Mike and I do this, I want to get him drunk first and then we'll see how he sees it.


Vitally, this is fantastic. And I just want to I did a show this weekend with the DLF guys called Dynasty Game Night, which is just fantastic. So for folks that like this, I like it. I mean, I want to keep doing this for like the next hour. Right. Maybe we could all get drunk and go on that.


Those guys do an awesome job.


And by the way, any time that you hear me say waiver wire, speed dial on the show, understand that it came from Sigmon Blum, Stanley's stamp.


OK, don't forget that you can find him on Twitter at Sigmon Bloom, guys. And also, don't forget that you can find both tags and I on Twitter as well at Kiawah NFL and at McTaggert are NFL tags. Any final thoughts before we get out of here?


I love saying I love you. I love our fans listeners. I love everybody. And I I'm just actually I'm getting to the point where I'm excited now. And now that we've talked about six rankings and gone through everything, I'm just I'm just getting more excited by the day. Football is going to be here shortly, and I can't wait to enjoy the season with you guys. Absolutely. Same here.


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