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That's when it comes to the loneliness, where it comes to the point where, do you know what? It's best for me to just stay in. It's best for me just to close the curtains, stay in, because of that way, I can be in control. And that's why you find so many players suffering from depression and mental health and anxiety because within a football career, you have no real control, especially...


I often say to parents that we deal with now that people don't understand that how you need football is for these young kids. I mean, Lew made his debut before he was 18, so he's not even legally an adult at that time. Now, I know I didn't grow up until I was 25. And if I want to be a doctor or a lawyer, it's probably going to take me until 24, 25 to qualify to do that elite job that isn't in the eye of everybody. These young people are doing something that everybody would like to do. In Louis' case, at 17. How do you teach somebody to be able to cope with that?