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Everybody's going, I'll drive him myself. I don't think I'm alone in holding that opinion because people are born with or without talent. They hone it or they choose not to. But there's a choice about effort and intensity. Watching those clips of John Joe Shelby choosing not to defend still boils my blood now. I was never, ever going to be anywhere near that level. But whatever level I'm playing at, I'm going to try. I'm going to try hard. I just think on so many instances, there were a spell of goals conceded in his time in the team that could have been avoided through graft, not through skill, not through anything other than wanting to defend. Philippe's got that in abundance. Wazz's got it in abundance. For me, what John Joe Shelby did in terms of the lack of effort in those games was unforgivable. He came out of the team, he stayed out of the team. And I can see exactly why Cooper didn't have him anywhere near the set up in the final weeks of the season.