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I don't want anyone else to be my voice manager. They're not my real dad. Do you know what I mean? Like, who's our dad now? Anyone else would feel like a step dad or your mom's new boyfriend.


Next time you meet Steve Cooper, don't shout, you're my real dad.


Love you, dad.


Yeah. Also, as a serious football point, he should have learned loads of lessons from last season and be a better manager. He was already a great manager, I think. And having Steven Reed back, that's a good news as well. He's a really good coach and a really good guy. So having him back on the staff is a big boost on the right track.


Yeah. Cooper is a really talented manager. And him keeping it in the Premier League with the amount of players he was given and who knows how many of them he actually wanted. That in itself, how he wasn't nominated for Coach of the Year, I actually thought was outrageous.