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Hello, welcome to Cowboy Red as we discuss the latest not in forest news and transfer rumors. And we'll also focus on an informed player for England under 21s in Morgan Gibbs White. Join me. Discuss all that. First of all is Emily Anderson. Morning, how are you?


Good morning. Very good, thank you. Yeah, very good.


And our second guest is Mikey Clark. How are you, Mikey?


I'm good, Matt. How are you, mate? You good?


I'm all right. I was saying before we started, I'm off today and forgot that, but still arranged this. But it's not really work, is it? So it's always good to talk forest. Let's start with Morgan. Gibbs weiss. Emily, you watched the game last night. England's beat Israel to make the final of the Euros and Gibbs White's been a star of the tournament. Tell us about how he played and, well, we'll touch on his penalty miss his goal as well. Tell us what you made of it.


Yeah, I watched most of the second half and the back end of the first half, so I missed the penalty miss, but I watched the highlights. We can talk about that in a bit, but you can tell he's one of the older, more experienced, under 20 ones. He kind of runs the show. Really, really great finish for his goal aheader, which is quite unusual for Gibbs White, isn't it? And it was his first goal of the tournament. He's already had three assists, hasn't he? So he's been an integral, really, in England's success. They've not conceded a goal, they're firing on all cylinders. And the player that everyone's talking about is Morgan Gibbs White. And what I particularly liked last night was the way he linked up with Emil Smithrow and they just seemed to have a really good working relationship together. Which got me thinking about, could he be a possible introduction, maybe, for next season for us? Because, as the way things stand for Arsenal, he's not going to get a game, is he? But no, Morgan Gibbs White was great last night and I think for his own confidence, he needed to get that goal after the penalty miss, because it was pretty not a great penalty.


Sort of fired it low to the right and it wasn't even on target. And you could tell as soon as he hit it, pulled his sort of shirt over his face, but they all rallied round him. And, yeah, he got that goal, I think it was just before halftime, and then easily won three nil in the end. So they're through to the final and I didn't check, actually, who won out of Spain and Ukraine. If anybody knows, I'm going to check.


Spain won five one. Well, they're winning five one, last time I checked.


So, anyway, I think they stand a great chance, don't they? Of.


Emma Smith. Throws a good shout, actually. He's behind Martinelli and Trossard. And if he plays on the right, and he was really good for Arsenal that one season when someone injured. But he got in the England team anyway, so, yeah, again, another one on the list of good young players that fit the moles, the header. Mikey, I don't know if you've seen it, but he's not bad in the air, to be fair, I think he doesn't pull out 50 50s in midfield, but he doesn't get in those dangerous positions in the box because he's normally the one supplying those crosses. But it's good to see him taking those advanced positions. And if he can add more goals to his game, he's only going to be even better for Forest, isn't he?


He is, yeah. What really interests me is where England are playing him. So I didn't watch last night, I saw some of the highlights, saw the goals and the penalty miss, obviously, but in previous games, in the group games, they've been playing him up top, haven't they, with Anthony Gordon and obviously dropping off. So it always intrigues me that in terms of how other teams, be it England or whoever, see our players. So I think Fletcher mentioned it on one of the podcasts a few weeks ago around, where does Morgan fit into this team? Is it off the left, dropping in? Is it up front, dropping back? So it just really interests me that and you're right, Matt, he is almost like our main supply of goals. So it's really strange kind of seeing him on the end of one. But I guess depending on who we bring in recruitment wise, we'll probably answer that question in terms of where Morgan lines up. But where did he play yesterday, Emily? Did he start up front and then.


Sort of drop back into he was, you know, how versatile he can be, but he kind of played in that more forward role, actually. And I forgot to mention that in the second half. Do you remember the awesome back heel he supplied for Danilo last season? He did that again, it didn't quite work. It did find its player, but the shot was saved. But, yeah, he was playing more of an attacking role last night.


Definitely the second goal England scored as well. He's integral to that, him and Cole Palmer, who's another really good young player. England have got all these young talent, whether he's Premier League ready or not for Man City. He probably is. I think he's been linked with Leicester, but, yeah, that combination of passing, he's playing with confidence with that swagger as well. Emily, do we almost have to revise our expectations for him next season upwards.


Do you think what, you mean think even higher? I mean, for me, he's up there as one of our best current players, if not the best, because of how versatile he is. He's integral in everything we do. He's already been called the assist king for the under 20 ones. I guess so. But I don't want to shout too loudly because I want to keep him for a little bit longer because we know that eventually it's likely that he's probably going to go to a big six or to one of the European clubs, isn't he? I guess if he keeps on this trajectory that he's on now. But yeah, I mean the only frustration I'd say from watching is it's not on the television and I think it's really bad that none of the big broadcasters have picked this up. Some people say, oh, it's only the under 20 ones, but these are our future England starlets. And you've mentioned Cole Palmer, morgan Gibbs, white. Anthony Gordon's coming into his own as well. There's lots of players there that I think we should be having a lookout for because it's the young talent that you can really nurture.


But yeah, I think hopefully Morgan Gibbs White will continue into next season doing what he did last season and just building on his confidence because yeah, he's great and I love it and I love the fact that he's ours.


I think what I meant was in terms of building for all his good performances last season, it wasn't until the last seven or eight games that we saw goals and assists really consistently.


And I suppose is that not just because of the players that were around know it is a team game. And yes, he was probably working just as hard. But I've mentioned this before that for example, when John Joe Shelby was in the team, the balls were sort of missing him and going over him so he felt like Gibbs White was having a quiet game. I think as the players have got to know each other, we've got that solid midfield. Now it means that he can push forward slightly more and he can see the one year he came back from injury, remember, we didn't really have the front man. So actually maybe I'm overthinking this, but I think that, yes, he does need to improve and he will improve but I think he was already doing a pretty solid job for us even before the back end of the season when he started getting those goals and assists.


Yeah, I think personally I think the arrival of deniedo in midfield probably helped because it was that box to box so we weren't so one dimensional. I think that made all the difference. Penalties Mikey, are a bit of an issue in the sense of are they an issue? I mean, he hasn't missed for Forest, but when he steps up, I don't necessarily think he's going to score. Should he still be on penalties for Forest till he misses? For you?


Probably, yeah, because he's not missed any as he for Forest. I don't think I understand what you know, we cast our mind back to the semifinal of the playoffs and that penalty for Sheffield. Thank you for missing that by the and I think he scored one at Wolves. He did exactly the same thing. It just went under. The goalkeeper obviously missed last night, but he did score a couple, if you remember, for us against Southampton and Brighton. Really crucial penalties, high pressure. So I think he's got that role until something goes wrong, until he misses or somebody else comes in. I think you have to look at alternatives as well. Somebody said to me last night, niacate's got a hundred percent record in taking penalties. I think he's took three, but I probably wouldn't want him taking penalties unless in training he's bagging them in. So, again, it just depends on recruitment, depends who we get in. But for me, he's got that shirt, he's our set piece deliverer, he's the guy that creates most of our chances and he's the guy that sticks away penalties. So until that changes, and let's remember, right, our penalty taker before that was Brennan.


He missed a few before that grabbed him. I think he had a season where he missed six or seven, I seem to remember, and he kept the penalty taking responsibility. So, yeah, I think Gibbs White is still on it until something happens differently. Just going back to your previous point, Matt, around some of the exciting talent that Emily was talking about in the England team. I genuinely don't mind when our players are linked with moves to so called bigger clubs, top six or whatever, because that shows they're doing something right. And you look at some of those players, Cole Palmer, is he going to get a kick for Man City? I'm not sure. Steve Cooper's got a great reputation of bringing young players on. You see what he did for James Garner? He's worked with the under seventeen S. I think, for England. He's a guy that can be trusted with some of this younger talent. So I'm sure we'll talk about potential signing shortly, but if Man City are willing to loan out James McAtee again, who was at Sheffield United, he was brilliant for them. Or a Cole palmer. Do you know what, I think we might be at the top of that know it's all, looking really bright, trent's side, I think.


And as long as we can surround Gibbs White with some of this younger talent, he can just take what he's doing for England and stick it straight into Nottingham Forest at the start of the season. That'd be brilliant.


Palmer split next with Brighton. I didn't realise that somebody in the comments just Googled it and he has, yeah, five goals and eight assists for Gibbs White last season. I should have said, is he still on penalties for you, Emily? A few people have said, someone said Yates, I think.


Too much pressure. Too much pressure for Yates. Now, I'd keep Morgan on pens. My only concern, and this is a really stupid thing, but it does worry me, is the way he runs up does that not stress everyone else out? Does that little sort of Johnny Wilkinson.


He stopped doing it, didn't he, for.


The he did it last night.


I was going to say he did it last night and he missed, and he didn't do it in his last two Forrest.


I guess that might be like a psychological thing for him, but yeah, last night wasn't a very confident penalty, but I wonder if it was the pressure. But you could argue that Brighton and Southampton penalties were way more pressure for him because of our survival. But, yeah, unless he really starts going on a downward trajectory, I would keep him on pens, because I don't think there's anyone else that I'd feel as confident taking them.


No, that's such a psychological thing.


Like, I think Brennan oh, absolutely. They're professional footballers, they should be able to score from a pen. But it's way more than kicking a football, isn't it's? All about the psychology behind it. And when Morgan Gibbs White practices his penalties, nine times out of ten, he hits the target and it goes in. Last night it went off to the right. Why, we don't know.


Yeah, Brennan was really good at taking them in the championship after he missed that one at Sheffield United. In the league, he scored some big ones, but then the ones he took in the Premier League were always at a good height. I think he played it a bit safe. And so much of its ego, like Mitrovich is an absolute horrible penalty taker. But he won't give them up for Fulham. And it's become such an ego thing. And I think that's, good or bad, you need to have that confidence.


I think if you look at our whole squad, he's the one that's the baller, isn't it? He's got the swagger.


True. Let's move on to transfer rumors and chat, such as they are. Dean Henderson still hasn't signed, although, man, United are supposed to be getting close to signing Anana, isn't it? The keeper from Inter who's really good. They've really messed. I mean, how long do you give United, Mikey? Are you still pretty chilled about it, or do you set a deadline or what?


No, pretty chilled about know, this time last season, we'd only signed, what, two players? We've already signed Chris Wood, I suppose. So we saw the influx that happened pretty much daily. I'm not saying we need to do that again, but there's still a lot of know. It's like a domino effect, isn't it? We all know this in the transfer market. One brings another brings another, and then we get on a bit of a roll in terms of who we want. So I'd rather us, if we want Henderson, which it sounds like we do, just take our time, make sure the deal is right, get it over the line, we don't need to panic and get somebody else in as yet. There's still time. I think he's bought a house near me. I think so. I think he's intending sticking around. In fact, I know he has. He's intending sticking around, so let's just hold our fire, get him in. I said the other week, I genuinely think he's the best English keeper. And I know people will say Pickford for his distribution, or Ramsdale had a great season, but I think Henderson is going to be busy again.


What is he, 26, 27? Maybe slightly younger, actually, we could get him for five, six years, just as Pickford went to Everton for five, six years. Pays that fee off almost immediately, spread it over that period and he could be between the sticks for us for a long time. So if he's the guy, he clearly wants to be here. When you watch the great thing, Forrester, is it the fan reaction thing where they do the start of the day and they follow it through to the end of the day. If you watch that one for Arsenal, I think halfway through you see Henderson. He is nervous, he's fidgeting on the bench. He says to somebody, how long's left? How long's left? That's somebody that's bought in to what we're doing and wants to be here. So that, to me, is just as important, if not more important than potentially, what you can do on the pitcher in the training ground. So if he's the man, let's take our time, let's get him in. He clearly wants to come, let's just see it through. It's football, though, so if it doesn't happen, I'm sure they've got backup alternatives and I think you see a few of them leaking into social media in the press.


And for whatever reason, if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. But it sounds as if all parties want to make this a deal, and I'd be delighted if he's other than Chris, if he's our first signing through the door, I think. Was it Cloughy says, you build from the back, you have to have a solid keeper. Pete Shilton. There you go. That's my view.


Think he's I think he might be better than Pickford, someone says. I saw a comment about Pickford saying he's got T Rex arms, which made me laugh, because he doesn't seem to reach anything. He's got these really short arms. But he is a good keeper, to be fair. What about you, Emily? Are you pretty chilled out about it?


Yes, I am. I've had minor stresses, you know, you think, Is this actually going to happen? But the fact that the Anana move seems to be happening, I think they just need to agree a fee, don't they? And actually, with the position that he plays, we don't necessarily need him this early for preseason training. And I don't think we bought him by this time last year, had we? So that doesn't worry. We just bought him.


We just bought him, yeah, a couple of days ago. We signed a one year Henderson and the Academy.




So sort of similar to what Mikey says. Everyone knows he wants to be here, he wants to be part of our squad. Man United see him as surplus to requirements, don't they? For whatever reason, I don't think the Ten Hags forgotten the comments he made last season. I think as time goes on, if we still haven't maybe sorted things out in a couple of weeks, I might start to get a bit twitchy. But for now, like Mikey said, let's not panic. I would hate to just randomly get a keeper in from abroad who's not proven in the Premier League, and then we're shooting ourselves in the foot because what we've currently got isn't good enough. Hennessy and Hallvarth we've got at the moment, haven't we? So they're decent backups, but I wouldn't want to be starting our first Premier League game at the Emirates without Henderson.


Yeah, the other thing about Henderson is I don't think he's fully fit yet anyway, so there's no rush. He can't train 100% and play friendlies. I think it's a week till the first friendly game.


Yeah. He's done some training with Man United, hasn't he? Because he put something on his Instagram. He said it was great to be back out there, which is a really good sign, actually. So hopefully he'll be okay. As long as he's all right for the first game. I'm happy for us.


Emily mentioned Horbath. Mikey Luton don't seem to want him. I mean, are you surprised? Like Emily says, if you don't think he's a Premier League keeper, then you probably don't sign him. But he did well for a club that probably hasn't got that much money to spend. What did you make of it?


He had a brilliant loan spell. I'm really surprised, I'll be honest with you. So if you look at his numbers, which I did do a few days back, actually, I think he kept it may have been the most clean sheets in that league. It was certainly in there in the top two or three, and they were very, quite strong defensively. The way they play is quite physical, isn't it? But he did make one or two ricks. But. Every keeper makes a rick. But in general, I thought his loan spell was a great success and by all accounts, there was, whether it's a written agreement or a tentative agreement that they could make that permanent. Sounds like they don't want to. Maybe they have bigger targets or somebody that's lined up. But, yeah, I'm with Emily on this. I'm not sure about Hennessy, but I think Horvath might be a decent backup for us. He's never let us down when he played. I remember a game at Sheffield United. When we went up, we drew one. One. He was really good in that game. He's never let us down, I don't think, but, yeah, I'm the same.


I think it's all about getting Henderson over the line, if you remember back to last season as well, not the goalkeeping position, but we had certain targets. James Garner was obviously one of them. They've admitted as much since, but we decided to move on people like Freiller because at the time, Garner wasn't available, and then, lo and behold, a week later, two weeks later, he becomes available and goes to Everton. So, again, I'm going to reiterate the point. If we want Henderson and he wants to come and he's the main man and man, you don't want him. If it takes an extra week, it takes an extra week, but just get him in. Let's not go for inferior alternatives just to fill a quota or that we potentially did do last season.


Horvath did make one howling error for us, if you recall, in Chris Hugon's last game.


Oh, we did? You're right, yeah.


Might not be the worst because that was Chris Newton's last game. So as history played out, it wasn't too bad, but, yeah, he didn't look very confident in those first few games playing. Let's move on to another transfer, link, Piero Hincapi, Ecuadorian defender, placed by Levikusen. He's 21, he's linked about 35 million and linked with Newcastle and spurs. I see. I've only seen him in the World Cup where he looked decent. Have you seen anything of him, Mikey?


I haven't. But I spoke with a few people this morning who have, and the general consensus around that group of friends is that he's really good. And not that he's too good for us, because I'd never say that. But the suitors that he might get might be a bit higher in the league than us in terms of where they potentially finish. So if we can get I mean, first off, that shows the ambition, I think. A young defender only going to get better played at the highest level, very highly rated, so I think it's great. A lot of these won't come off, but if that's somebody we're looking at and somebody that potentially talking to, getting him over the line, knowing that we're probably going to start with a back three, we're going to need is this center back, isn't he? Matt going to need five or six center backs. There's doubts around Willie Bolly. Scott McKenna's fitness Warrell's, got a year left. We may end up looking a bit thin in that. So if we can bring somebody in at the age of 21 who's only going to get better, high ceiling, that's great.


I think that's who we should be looking at going for. But, yeah, I've personally not seen him, but my friends say he's a bit of a player, so good stuff.


I remember him in the World Cup looking decent, or the opposition wasn't the best and it wasn't the greatest Ecuador team, but he did stand out. What about just generally signing another centre half? Emily, we've got six, and Steve Cook, who wasn't in the squad. Do you think we need one more?


Probably just because of what happened last season with all the injuries we lost. Bolly and McKenna, wasn't it, in the Fulham game really early. And it seems to be a bit of our Achilles heel that that position. And as Mikey said, if we're going to start with a back five, so to speak, to keep us defensive, I think, yes, we need to make sure we've got strength and depth there. And I think someone like Hincapi, as you mentioned, because he's so young, probably the ideal player for Steve Cooper to mould, because he's just got this way, hasn't he, of just bringing players on. Yeah, other teams, Tottenham and Newcastle are looking at him, which actually just makes, like Mikey said, it shows how far we've come. But also, why not? Why can't we sign someone like that? But, yeah, I'd say let's not go crazy on the signings. But a center back would be one I think we definitely need.


Speaking of Tottenham, Ryan Sessignon was one of the links at the weekend, another Cooper ally from England under 17, a player he knows well. He's not really hit the heights at Spurs, Mikey, because it sounds like he's had quite a lot of injury problems, can't get in the team. But he was so promising at Fulham. I remember absolutely ripping it up for Fulham.




Is it in that kind of Hudson or.


Oh, you're back on now? Hopefully you guys can hear.


What do you think about Ryan session was basically what I was saying.


No, it's it's fine. Fine. Yeah, I remember him at Fulham as well. I think we all do. I think he got Championship Player of the Year or certainly Young Player of the year. He was a serious player when he was about 18. He can't be much older now, can he? Must only be late teens, early 20s. Brilliant. Again, back to your point, Emily. Molding young players seems to be our manager's forte, so maybe his career has stagnated, but let's be honest, a lot of people that go to Tottenham have that problem, refer you back to a right wing back we used to have last season that went and didn't get a kick. So I don't think we need to look at that as indictment of his ability. I think let's scroll back to what we know he can do and we know he can impact the game seriously. And if we are going to play a back five, he is perfectly suited to that right wing back role. And also, if we go to a back four, he can play further up the pitch. So I'll be honest, when you mentioned his name to me about a few weeks ago, I wasn't so sure, because your initial views are, where has he been for the last year or two?


But then when you actually take stock and you look and you remember some of the things he's done and refer to the fact that he's still only a young kid. He could be another brilliant sign in. So I think it's somebody him and probably Hudson. Adori I'd certainly like to be in that conversation for because it is an area that we need to know lodi probably won't come back Toffalo. Is a really dependable guy. To have around the squad, but you probably wouldn't want to start a Premier League season with him as your first choice. With all due respect. So I think Sessign might be somebody that we seriously look at. I'm quite excited with that one.


And you can play him further up the pitch as well, can't you? Because he's just as happy being a left winger. And you mentioned, Mikey, about the fact that people have said maybe he didn't shine at Tottenham. Look at Morgan Gibbs, white he couldn't get into the Wolves squad, could he? And look how well he's doing now. Steve Cooper's got a habit of getting those players that are out of favour at their club and then just finding the best. Sergio, how many people laughed at us when we signed Serg Orier? And he's been brilliant at the back for us. I've been having a look at Sessignon more closely since he's been linked with us. I think he'd be a great signing because it is that left side that we're lacking at the moment, isn't it?


Yeah, it's more the only downside with him isn't the fact isn't quality, I think it's just injury worries a lot of hamstring problems.


Aren't they all? Aren't they all?


If they sign for us, they are, yeah, exactly.


Bring it on.


Also, we've got Omar Richards, who's back in training, which is really good to see.


He feels like a new signing, doesn't he? Because he's not actually played for us and if he can keep know, he could be the answer to all our.


Yeah, yeah, he certainly could be. I mean, I said this last week, you don't play for Bayern Munich and Be, so and he was targeted very early by the previous recruitment team, so I think there must be something in him for sure as well. Have either of you guys got any views on Hudson Adoy? Me and Temps spoke about it at length. He's a definite target for us, so be interesting to get your take a lot of money. Emily, does he fit in or not?


It sounds like a broken record, but it's another young gun, isn't it? It's another one that I see that Cooper could really bring on. I guess we don't necessarily need him in that position because does he normally play on the right or can he play on the left or the right?


Either. He played right wing, back and right.


Wing, so we don't necessarily need him. But I think someone of that caliber yes, he went on loan, didn't he, and didn't have. A great season on loan, but I just believe in Cooper and the recruitment team and if they think he's good enough, then I'm happy to see how he gets on. And if he ends up being a bench warmer, then so be it. But I guess he'll have quite a hefty price tag if he's coming from Chelsea.


True, I think, Mikey, unless you've got anything fresh to say, Mike, I think we've already commented on him.


No, all I was going to add to that is you can never have enough good players or good options, really. So he is absolutely one that can fill numerous roles and he might have something to prove. Emily, you were talking about Gibbs white not getting a chance, really, at Wolves and he playing in the cup games. His game's just improved remarkably and perhaps he's in the same mold. I think so, yeah. People like that really enthused me in terms of people that are versatile, quick, skillful, can score a goal, and at the right age, where their value is not going to depreciate or their influence on the pitch isn't going to depreciate. We've sometimes been guilty of not having that at this club and buying players that maybe their best days are gone, but I think we've spoke about three players now where I think the best days are ahead of them. So recruitment like that always enthusiasm me, to be honest.


Quite a few people in the comments asking about Ianacho saying it's gone quiet. I mean, literally, I've only ever seen it from one source in Nigeria and no connected journalists here have picked up on it and we've not heard anything, so I don't know if there's actually anything in that. I think people have got to be excited and rolled with it. It might come to pass, but nothing in it that we know of at the moment.


The fact that my Leicester City loving boyfriend twitched at the thought of Ian Acho coming to Forest made me think.


Oh, he's all, oh, OK. Yeah, that's why he was twitching in a good.


Way, ian Acho, apparently they need to get rid of him because he's on too much money, so he could be going somewhere. Whether it says, I don't know, but you're right. I've scoured the internet to find other sources on this story and it's just this one.


Yeah. He's linked with Everton and Galatasarai and I know he's on his last year's contract and he's a big earner and he's 26, so I think he'll be a good sign for someone.


I hate to say it, but he's a decent finisher. He's a decent finisher.


He always does well for Leicester when he plays.


He just didn't get in the team enough.


Yeah, I think he's a good player. You wanted to discuss Yates and Warrell, Emily, in terms of new contracts, Warrell's obviously only got a year left. Ryan Yates got two years left on his deal, but are you going to make the case that Yates should get a new contract now as well?


I think so. He's got two years left. I mean, Warrell is a priority, isn't he? Because we've talked about the fact that Yates and Worrell are the backbone of the team with their, you know, Warrell bleeds Nottingham, doesn't he? So I think he's his first priority and I think for Yates, his confidence and his feeling of belonging, it would be great to give him a contract extension as well, because I feel like since he's come back from injury, he has to start every game for us. Warrell knows his position, doesn't he? He knows that sometimes he's not going to feature, but I just think we need to tie both those lads down because they are the lifeblood of our squad at the moment. They might not be the fancy pants scoring all the goals like Brennan Johnson and Morgan Gibbs White, but I feel really stressed if Brian Yates isn't in the team.


What about Scott McKenna, Mikey? He and Bolly have also only got a year left. Bolly's 32, so I think you can let his contract tick down and take a view at the end of the season. But McKenna is at an age where he's still a very sellable asset and I don't think he did badly at all in the Premier League. He made a rick against Bournemouth, but otherwise I thought he was steady. Does he need a new contract as well?


Big season for him. So, firstly, I can carry what Emily's just said. I'd be looking to tie down both Warrell and Yatese. The amount of points we get when Yatese is in the team is phenomenal. I had the stats somewhere, I was just trying to look for it, but it's significantly different than the amount of points we get when he's not in the so and obviously, Warrell's impact at the back end of last season can't be understated. He was magnificent in terms of Scott McKenna, I think it's a big season for him, Matt, to be honest with you. When he started to establish himself in the team, he had a run of a few games and then he got injured and then he repeated that again. So I feel a bit sorry for the guy. So he almost nailed down his position and then for some reason, he got injured at Fulham. I think he was poorly won home game, wasn't he? And Joe came into the team, or vice versa, but he seemed to go in and out, in and out. So I do think it's a big season for him and a few others.


I'd love to see him have a great preseason, especially with the back three with his left foot. I think he suits that really well. So I think it's probably one we probably look at as the season goes on and I think Scott will probably be understanding of that. So I know a lot of people, a lot of players, and even myself in normal work, push to get contract extensions, all that sort of stuff. But I think when you're in and out of a team, I think if you can prove that you can make a significant contribution by staying in 1015 games and having high performance levels, I think then your agent probably goes to the club and says, look, look at his value. He's been brilliant, he's been integral, let's time down. And again, he's at a great age, isn't know. He was player of the season, wasn't he, when we went up, give or take. I think he got man of the match at Wembley, one of the semi finals, so he's been fundamental in our recent success and I'd love to see him get a new deal. However, with my club hat on, I probably do understand why the noises are probably just get yourself in the team, have a run of consistent games and then we'll probably have a chat further down the line.


But, yeah, I agree with you, Matt. I think Bolly will probably see out his contract or look to move second off the season, and I think it's a big preseason for Scott and I really hope he does.


Would I'd actually give him a new contract now just to protect his value? And also in January he could talk to clubs abroad and obviously Scotland counts as abroad and he just feels like someone who ranges or Celtic are going to say he's perfect for us and have him on a free. So I would give him another year now and to protect his value, or I'd sell him now.


Scotland counts as abroad. Does it? I didn't know that.


It does, doesn't it?


Does it? Yeah, generally didn't know that. Okay, well, that's interesting. Well, then the MAB, so maybe before January then. Let's make a decision all around in.


Terms of what's a different league, isn't it? That's why British Isles.


But there you go.


I probably make a move for him now, but yes. Right, any other business we'll go to now, emily, anything you want to add before we depart?


No, only that on my late shift the other night, I drove over the Trump Bridge, as I do every night at 11:00 and the city ground lights were on and I thought, hey, here we go, first signing. No, nothing. So I don't know what that was. If anyone knows what happened there. It's really late, though, don't you think, for the floodlights to be on and everything was lit up.


Pitch work. Bit late to be doing it, isn't it?


But they're doing no, I haven't got any other business today.


No, Mikey, I have, but Mikey, have you got anything?


Only one thing. So some of the conversations I've had on Twitter is around our start and how difficult it is, and I just worked out some numbers quickly. Sorry, you know, I do my numbers occasionally. So we actually got from Man City, Arsenal, Liverpool games last season, we got almost 20% of our total points, but we also got 32% of our total points from teams that got relegated. So you can flip it either way, but what I'm saying is those tough away games at the start, we proved last season, playing those teams, that we can get something from them. And, yes, the majority were at home, but if you throw Chelsea into the mix, I think the percentage goes to about 24 25. So quarter of our points against those top four or five teams. So it is possible. All we need is a point or two away in those first five or six away games. If you couple them with a couple of home wins, we'll be safely mid table. So I don't think it's all doom and gloom in terms of I'm turning to Greg Arnold, what's going on? I don't think it's doom and gloom in terms of what people are saying, oh, we're going to lose all these away games and then if we don't win the first two home games, then I don't think it's like know, last season proved that we can compete with the big boys.


We turned Liverpool over, Arsenal over Chelsea. Didn't beat us point against Man City. So it is possible. Let's not give up. And you got to remember, we will get some top quality players in, I have no doubt about it. So the squad is going to look healthier than last season, plus they've got the confidence of staying up. They're not 30 people that don't know each other this time, so there's a lot to be looked forward to. So don't be so pessimistic, guys, is what I'm saying.


And at the risk of sounding like Greg here, here, come on, guys, let's go into the new season with some hope. And, you know, I know we're not necessarily going to pick up loads of points within those first six games, but we've got to play them at some time and I'd rather play Man City early doors when they're still basically getting their squad together. So, yeah, just be optimistic. It's a long old season. We all thought we were down by Christmas and look where we are now.


Yeah, get the tough ones out of the way. That's it.


That's the way I look at clappers out with me. Come on. Here we go. Let's go. I hate that I have to wind you up, Matt.


Six points is fine from those games anyway. We get six points by hook or by cook. It's always good to take reader questions, as usual. And I missed one. This is apropos of absolutely nothing, of course. Have you guys ever invited people back to yours after a night out to watch your highlights from the podcast on YouTube? No. Very OD people do that. I would.


A very weird thing to do that. He'd want to do that. I bet Greg has.


I bet he has.


I'm only saying that because he's not here.


I sent him the WhatsApp group yesterday. He's done well to find highlights from Forest, hasn't he? If this shows up, fair play to him.


They were Newcastle highlights, I think. Quick bit of admin from me. I'm really bad at saying, if you like this, subscribe to the channel, because we get more people viewing videos and subscribing. So do subscribe on YouTube and give us a like it does help spread the word. And itunes reviews and comments and all that. Really helps spread the word. So do that. Twitter's dying on its ass, by the look of it. So we've got an Instagram account at Garabaldi Red Podcast. I've sat there, set that up and we'll probably do this threads thing. One of you is on it. Was it you?


I signed up to that today. Very exciting. It's basically it's very, very similar to Twitter. So instead of retweeting, you repost.




But the whole setup is really similar. So I think, as Elon Musk is stopping us from doing stuff on Twitter, lots of people are tending to be moving over to threads. So we'll see. It is an Instagram meta platform, isn't? Yeah, but it looks like it's already firing on all cylinders. Forest haven't got their Twitter account, their thread account on there. Sorry. Yet. I checked earlier. So they need to get on it. Come on, Boris.


Yeah, we'll probably give it a go. I'm sure we'll take falling out of love with Twitter. Well, I don't think I was ever in love with Twitter, but, yeah, running out, I should think. Greg, in the comments ask, are we doing the fantasy league again? Yes, we are. I'll sort all that out. The game only launched yesterday, although I have picked my team already. Mike. You'll know Mikey, when you pick your fancy team?


Yeah. They launched the game yesterday.




I'm highly competitive and terrible, which I think is a great combination, so I get really stressed out about it. And then really mardi they've messed the.


Prices, they're too low. They want people to be able to pick a good team and they've made it really easy to pick a good team. Even Mikey could pick a good team this season.


Let's not be too I'd say what? Tell everybody how many changes you made to your team during the World Cup, Matt.


Oh, it's like 147.


Ridiculous. Too much time.


Do you look at all the stats, Matt, and all that? I bet you watch all the YouTube videos and all that malarkey, don't you?


No, but I only got into it in the last two years and I've started following Xg and XA and expected goals against and all that, and it is an indicator of form and work.


Did you win your league?




Rather annoyingly. I came second in mine. That's what I'm going to say I.


Won it two years ago and then I came fourth after blowing it in the last few weeks, mikey's brother blew it even more than me, though. He should have won it. Lawrence will be watching this as soon.


As I finish here. Forget anything else I've got to do today? I'm sorting out my fantasy football team.


Yeah, do it, do it. I've already done mine.


I don't know about anyone else I can't ever put Forest plays in because it's too much pressure. Never ever have a forest.


What I will do I haven't done it yet because of those fixtures. I mean, we're really yeah, we're going off track here.




We will have a friend. We're still on the person who won it last year, who's probably says, I have got your prize and I'll post it today because I'm off work. Yeah, if you win the fancy, we'll get you a signed Mark. It's nothing exciting, but then the main Fantasy Premier League fixtures are shite as well. Sorry, I don't swear normally on this, they're really bad.


Matt, what got into you today? Seriously, his day off, I swore. Have a cup of coffee.


I have two or three sugars in coffee, so it's not very healthy. Tea, maybe. Right, very usual. Meandering outro. Still got 270 people watching, which is good, but strange. Thanks for everyone who watched along. Loads of comments, very much appreciated. Do like and subscribe. As I said, we'll be back on Monday with David Phillips. I recorded that yesterday. It's really good. Good stories about Colliemore behenan Clark and his time at Forest. And also he works Premier League productions as a co commentator, so he's very up on Forrest, having seen quite a lot of games last season in person. So to get his take was good. So that'll be out on Monday morning. Emily, thank you very much. Thank you, Mikey. Thank you very much.


Awesome. Lovely to you both.


Yep, I think it's probably going to be Greg and Temps doing this this time next week. So in the meantime, have a good few days, everyone, and we shall see you soon.