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The Bhagavad Gita is a book of mankind's collected experience of and answers to life's most basic questions, who I am from, where do I come? What is my purpose and destiny? And most practically, how do I find happiness? These podcasts originate in the lectures of Neil Bott, a disciple of Swami in Mahananda. They are presented here in 20 to 30 minute segments, each covering three of the Geita 701 verses. Welcome to Geita Wisdom for Daily Living.


We are now discussing Chapter two. Thank you. Yoga for knowledge. From verse one to 53, Bhagwat laid out a complete framework without the version and the teachings of Bug with you now. So as we know that to achieve that with nothing less than the final goal in Vedanta, that state of unbroken happiness moksha, there are three parts available with three. One is Upanishads, the second is Ramachandra. And but going either now openly said by very nature, by very definition, Art, we learned at the feet of a teacher because they are written in such a lofty language that we can't understand on our own.


We need a teacher for that Reading Sutra format. So are basically short sentences which are packed with instructions. So you need Vaka and Tica. Somebody has to expand each other for a student to understand a secret. Understand? So the only path left for us is Burgard Geetha, which is written in a manner which we can understand. So big one now laying out the framework in a manner that we can understand the first 10 verses, but one laid out qualifications of a student who will understand bulgogi that the first 10 verses through general later the seeker who is sincere in getting help.


We need help all the time in our lives. We seek help from outside. What will this incident getting help or not? Which determines whether we can get help or not, so most of the time when we seek advice or help from somebody, all we are looking for affirmation of my own idea. If the adviser tells me when I was already thinking, I'll take the advice there, I'll go to somebody else. How can you know what I'm going through?


So in the first 10 years, I didn't completely surrendered. You tell me what this story is for me and I'll follow. That's the quality of a student necessary to learn work with either. That was clarified. Then from what, 11, everyone laid out the situation we are in and what the truth is, salvors 11 itself, we says that I saw Channel unmuzzled just one, but it never done so of assessing life really is worrying about things which are not worth worrying about when we speak with intelligent language.


He said, I'm living an intelligent life. I make sure everything is right. But at the same time, we worrying about things is not worth worrying about the world leader, our position where we are, what an ideal seeker should be and where we are then 12, what's 12? Onward till was twenty five. But want describe the nature of the self, dispelling our misunderstanding and our ignorance about ourselves. We want to yourself is immortal. Knowing them to them disgustedly, nineham, dirty powercor.


And then one continued from 26 to 30 isn't even from your own perspective. If you look at the world the way you're looking, you still have to continue doing your duties. And then verses from thirty one to thirty seven be a practical approach. What do you have to lose? Either way, you will be benefiting from your actions in the performing line of your duty, line of your tomorrow and then from thirty eight to forty six or one little part.


How to achieve it. Took a look at some escritoire love I love. I would try to engage in this world of activities with this equanimity of mind and keeping everything in balance with what you gain out of activity, you lose in your activities. And all this thing sounds very, very complex to us, even though we have faith in government, without your faith in Barwan, we have faith in the ways. But for us, it seemed the task insurmountable.


It seems very high bar to achieve. It seems that we don't have any argument about where we have difficulty practicing because we forget where we are. So it is something like a elementary student is told that you are going to become a doctor or a P.H., the the insurgence for him, that's a task which is too far away and very difficult to achieve.


So the only thing you can say continue doing what you're doing and you will get to look at all the other people who achieved that. So words from 47 to 53. But one, explain how to achieve it, and in the end, he said your to her guru, Kermani Sung-Taek, 2000, and yes, it was forty eight dollars, a clear instruction, establish yourself in yoga and continue action without attachment. So the two simple statements, but they seem very difficult to achieve for us.


Establish yourself in yoga. Well, we I don't understand what yoga is. And send them to ninja. Without attachment, you perform your actions. Both of them seem not very practical to me right now, so but one thing you can see the acidy some of it. So how we will achieve it when you react to both. Achievement and failure in the same way. You know what, you you. That's somewhat from yoga, which we saw that first definition, which is very different from what I understood, yoga is from osmosis, living in the culture which I was brought up in.


It is somewhat one if you're equal to what you're experiencing in your life, your to. Well, that also really did not give me a great understanding of what I should be doing now. So what kind of yoga? Kamasutra, Shulem. If you continue doing what you're doing with your dexterity efficiency, then you hit you two years ago, but in the end told us that you should be just keep doing what you are doing, but make sure that you do it in a way that you are more efficient in doing so, so that you can get to the next level.


It is like telling that elementary school student you want to become a doctor. You just work hard in your studies and what you're studying right now, and if you do your studies right, then you'll to the next level and the next grade in the next grade and eventually get to what you will not want, basically told us the same thing. Continue doing what you're doing, but do it in a way that it is efficient. So it was simple, however, the question arises whether it is possible.


So Arjuna basically has that question for us. In verse 54, original watch. So now it seems like the original is fully engaged in this discourse is surrendered and he was listening very intently. So he asked this question using words we want to not use so far and now or say to the protagonist, Jacob Harsha, some other issue of the he came from us, said Kim. Our side of the Kim is exhibiting his knowledge about his own culture.


So three words Twitter Brickner Somerby and be three words. We are learning through Ergin now. They basically mean the same, but they all have different connotation. Keep the pragma one who's pregnant. Consciousness is Dedee consciousness as we understand it. When my thinking entity is active, then I consider myself conscious and then I become conscious of anything. I am conscious of the world outside, conscious of my body, conscious of my intellect, conscious of my mind.


I become very conscious so that the state of waking I am in. That pregnant, that shit when reflects its own source, the consciousness that I'm established in consciousness, Teterboro, I'm now established in consciousness. So the chiton normally reflecting the world, which I observe outside when it reflects on source, it's reflecting the consciousness itself. Such a person is right now some of the statistics of the state of the program he's established in some of the summit to do and explain the state of some of these some of the he some is some which is stating I expanded.


And they would tip that expanded consciousness, one who established in. So we are confused right now because I'm confused. All three equipment that I have, my body, my mind, my intellect, so I call it a waking state. Well, I'm going to state I'm only concerned about two things, my mind and intellect aren't the only functioning equipment in my dream state, so I'm missing out one equipment body, the. And initially, we had no equipment available to me, so some of these are state I have expanded consciousness, so it's an expanded understanding of my own self.


Is the. We are always in a state of Somalia, so I'm doing that you said that right now I'm in a state of Samantha, that I am who I am, this individual being. I'm also in a state of Somalia today. Outside, any amount of persuasion will not convince me that it's night outside. That's a state of Somalia. What the world I'm dealing with also who I am. This is me, not the other person in me, the state or somebody who I am as an individual Somali, which is the expanded consciousness about what is my true self.


He came, whose intellect is dating now, my intellect, which is basically a product of my. Experiences and memory, intellect, the memory bank, it did all the data available of each experience I had in my past, and I can make a decision based on that. When I face a new situation, I relate to the situation I had before. Now I'm relating it and taking a decision what is right or wrong. Intellect was established in that.


Some other of what my true nature is, is today it seems this other person cannot exist. It seems that this is just a utopian idea of a person who is so perfect and complete. So the nurses. See, the Cowboys was can you describe a person like that, how do you describe a person who's so perfect, who he established in his samadhi is he's an expanded state of consciousness. He knows what the true nature of his self is.


And his intellect, his data about his own self. Now, if that is the case, is it now completely useless for this world because he cannot function in a normal state? Kim, I said to her, how does this fit into Kim, how does he walk? So basically, how does he behave in normal life? Can I come across a person? Who acts so differently that I can identify with such a person must be realized one, because you're not acting just like you and I are acting.


That's his question. He's expecting that the description will be of a person who acts so differently than a normal person.


So. But want answers? Sidibé go on to add to the heart the dark on Sarwan Pathum Monogatari. Money to her sister pregnant about that. This is a definition of the pregnant one says this is an achievement by a person who achieved this date. So this by self effort, one of the. To the state where. But a jihadi Adam Gadahn on Sarah. That he gives up all the desires from his mind, the desires are basically my goals to achieve something which I don't have to make myself complete, I feel incomplete.


To complete myself, I desire to achieve something, accomplish something. He's a person who feels he's complete. He does not have any design in mind. So the first definition for one is one with no desire. He becomes desire less money, but not to star. He is satisfied. In the cell by the cell, he does not need anything from outside. To make him feel complete. Not that such a person is considered a. So the state of a person with his own efforts, his achieved and now he's satisfied by what it does to the brain, he does not have to achieve anything.


He doesn't have to accomplish anything other than to show off anything. He's always happy in whatever situation he's in because his happiness he found in his own self, he realized his complete and identifies with that true self, which is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, the nature of such an island, Arlanda in his own nature, he find the source of Arlanda, and therefore he does more than anything outside of his own self the. Now, we will have all these verses from fifty five onwards, which describes to the pragma, but this short definably wanted one which is happy by himself instead of, you know, other goals.


He does not need anything to be happy. The next verse, but one then describes what will be his reaction to the world of happenings in his life. I have understood my true nature. I have now the knowledge about me that it does not mean the world will change. Outside person becomes the Bruckner. That doesn't mean other people around him will change their behavior. So when I still interact with the world outside. The world would react exactly, the world is supposed to react.


But, Mike. The reaction to those interactions should be different if I asked you the state of theater. Now we want to do honored on Manohar. He's unshaken by Dukkha. We get shaken by the car we had, we were very enthusiastic about doing something, achieving something, performing something, and suddenly some looker comes in, we are shaken by that. We cannot maintain our enthusiasm to live life because the crazy in our life, the Doukas taking all my attention.


It's like I am wearing a white shirt and a black mark on it. Inkpen created a mark on my pocket. All my attention will go to that black mark and not to the rest of the white shirt. No one said one who is not affected by such occurrence, such the in his life. His mind still remained steady and and enthusiastic about his life as he was before the Duke came in life. So, OK, so we get this brouhaha rental to comes, he does not create more hankering to experience that again and again.


When we get success or we have pleasant experience and experience it over and over again, is this such a pleasant experience it as is and let it pass? The Kirkenes, he deals with it and let it pass through customs, it deals with it and let it pass with the rockabye screwed up and therefore he becomes without a dog buyer and crewther. You know, attachment ragga, any experience which is pleasant creates attachment, somebody I like, I get attached, something I like, I get attached.


I want to be in that company with that object, with that experience over and over again, that attachment. Then there's a buyer, there's somebody to take this away from me. Or I may not achieve what I'm trying to achieve, so the fear and then grow because somebody came in between and I did not achieve what I thought, I'll be achieving growth will be discussing this in further details. In the coming is where we want to stick to the human nature that such a person is considered with a steely intellect.


The intellect is not giving him now. Different results every time the same question comes based on the experience. I thought this is right as per my previous experience, then I have another experience and I change my mind. And then look, that will not right. This is right. So my intellect is constantly evolving in deciding what is right and wrong based on my experiences as a person who is intellectually steady, no matter what the experiences, he knows the right answer.


Who I am and where my happiness lies. We'll stop right here. If you find this broadcast helpful. Please support it. By donating any amount at Potvin dot com. Forward slash Neil, but Orit Shinomiya Richmond, that or Deji, thank you, how do you. Oh, I'm sorry, way to sucking sideways and turning it on my side away, but Ronnie, passion to mark the comeback by way.


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