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Three or four, she's you need her.


Yeah, like she's there for a reason. Yeah, she's she's doing this like it's not like a charity thing you're doing for her. Yeah, I know.


It's like what happens now when you go on shows like I did like James Corden or whatever it is you're leaving. He's like, I'm like, here's the elements to put on your because I was like, oh no.


On your show whose show? Like, I thought I was on your show, like he's getting paid twenty million dollars a year, but I have to be your show. I'm yeah. I'm your digital.


I'm getting paid for this wild. Yeah.


How old are we going. We're rockin. OK, we can cut anything if you have to get up and pee we got to pee. We do post on the show.


Awesome. We'll cut ourselves. See y'all are making sure I'm comfortable. That shit is not. That's what's up dude. It's the air conditioning. Enough for you. Hot cold now I'm know wardrobe. Fantastic. Right now it's called like all power. We have all the power now.


I love that. It's over. It's over. It's over.


You know what I'm saying. That's the only good thing that came out of quarantine. It's just like I've done, Trav'lin. I'm done doing is Bush. You have your permission to do this and you do it in my house. I'm going to get like I own a nice camera. My people that have talent have the power. We have so much power.


And it didn't it was that's what it was before. It was like, I have much talent now.


I have to beg two people to let me put on a play is amazing. That's what it used to be. Yeah. I have to get like I have to beg them. It's like predator. Yes.


To let me do it but I want to do wait let me know when I'm off.


But there's something at the very end we'll put on the prompter on something at the end.


OK, first things first.


I did not know you were going to fully rock out dressed up in these decorations.


I know it's been my whole promo outfit, Ugly Sweaters, it is so good and I thought I was going to be super corny, so good and give you an option of what earrings you wanted to wear for the show.


No way. Either these little Christmas trees or these ornaments.


Yes, but you this bit showed up wearing, I suppose. I don't think I can beat it. I don't think you wear those. Well, what should I do? Those.


But I also I wore this sweater accidentally channeling like Christmas Christmas in like the Hood and Lady Antebellum.


Yeah. But I have only two Christmas sweaters that I'm going to run by you.


This is the first one which I got in Nashville, KDS, which is a vibe by vibe.


I'd say she the divorce didn't go great. Yes, but she's still ready to dance. She's still ready to dance. She's still got line all day. Does her kegl. Yes. It's not over yet. It's not over for her. She didn't mingle. Is Paul OK?


Love the anastasiya shimmering body oil is getting oh fans all over at pilates class. OK, right.


I see it. Got this.


I don't know. Oh, shit. This is what these little Nazis some I don't even know what this is, that's like you have seven kittens in the other room that I never saw coming in here that I eat, but I'm into that. Yeah, that is a little German ski slope murder. Yes. No, let's go with this girl in this one. This is a spice. You know, I like it. Why? It's a little dolly.


OK, a little dolly, you think? Yeah. Yes, a little Dolly. Dolly. OK, I was like, what? Dolly Parton. Yes. Her Christmas album Fly. Just are you fly?


You're not fake. You just went OK.


Like I you know, you can read my face. So it's like a disease I have. I can't lie. I can't have plastic surgery. I can't read any of them. Yeah. That's my only plus young people because you can actually read their can read them. But yeah I, I tell everything on my face. The older you I I'm twenty six. Why I forget but I'm twenty six while your boobs are phenomenal.


You so much great. And I know I heard but like the good job though. Like worth it. That's my goal. That's the only plastic surgery I want is boobs. After I have one hundred kids I want these to look up. Yeah. I look forward to like look like related. Have your nipples just be like crocodiles. Yeah.


I grew up sagging are like gravity. Yeah. And I never had like some huge boobs, like I had cone boobs forever. I had that too. And my brothers like contests and I was like yo that's the meanest thing you could ever say.


That's so traumatic. Yeah. And then as soon as they got rounder they were like well because a lot of times that yeah my boobs grew up pointy and they were like traffic cones. Yes. You know, and and there was no like fat on the bottom.




My nipple was very low and I had any nipples. No, you did. Yes I did.


They were like tiny, you know. Yeah. My little brother has that thought I was the only human being.


No, I had any nipples for a while shot. Oh. Or is it likely never popped out like Bill. When did they pop out from it. How old were you when they bombed all the experience? That's a great question.


I think it was after I went on a moon bounce. No, but let me say real quick.


I just did this thing called cool laser cool laser hool laser.


It's like a treatment where they set you on fire. Oh. So that you produce more collagen because I'm trying to get to get ahead of this.


I know. I know what's in store for me. Yeah. It's OK. It's Kathy Griffin. I know. I know how this story ends, so I'm trying to get ahead of it.


So good. You see all the little tiny burns on my chest.


Sure, I do, although I just I live it looks like skin, so I'm like, look, you see them, you're going to see them in. Oh, I see. I knew that would. Oh, you know what that look. Yeah. Those are like lines. They're like lines that are like little like look at freckles I guess. Stop jerking off you guys like a billion scabs on my tits. OK, you all have bonos are crazy.


I know her. I think it works. You did it everywhere. But you get to suck a anesthesia.


Yeah. Oh that's good. Like you suck up. No I'm willing to do all that stuff. I can't do nothing new. Nothing. But the boob thing is traumatic.


I used to stuff my bra.


I used to put I do that, I used to gel patches but my father bought me knives.


He goes, Happy birthday sweetheart, you're lopsided.


And I was like, Thank you, Wayne.


From Victoria's Secret Bowling Road and Fair, the jail where the GELEN had bought you. He's my good friend. Yeah. He he's the only one to go shopping with because my mom would be like, you look great in these stripes. And I'd be like, why the fuck would you have me my stripes? Can we swear? We can swear. But my dad was like, please don't. OK, my dad who is like I found these gel's at Victoria's Secret on his own, went to Victoria's Secret.


Wait, I'm sorry. He's all walked into the police or me. The police didn't get him. Isn't that what does he mean so. Well, and then he saw they had the gel things like I got on the phone in Victoria. See you picking out Jen.


I wouldn't call the FBI. He that's what he would do. In what city?


What city was this? Cape Cod. I knew I'd miss you. I know we have so much to talk about, but we're not all I'm not famous in Cape Cod. Why?


Why question. Why are you. Well, I was thinking. OK, ok, well, put your shirt on.


We knew this isn't our shirt. Hold on. I dare you to grade this piece sweatshirt. We you got your Cape Cod dude.


We were just in case you might use coast peoples. We were in. Oh wait.


Don't go there to make sure those shoulder pads, shoulder pads.


That's OMGPOP Sarcelles. So Di Mitchener, who am I this appropriation I mean, Diana Ross is her stake in assuming what's happening. So it's OK. They don't have that much really great.


So I go to Cape Cod with Benton. Right. Don't do that when you go. That was my first mistake. Yeah.


Let me ask you a question. When you go to stay at hotels, do you have a pseudonym? Am I pronouncing it right? A fake name, an alias? Yes.


It was Lizzie McGuire for like still my whole career still come by Lizzie McGuire shot. I told her that as soon as I met her, shot my mother when I found out you don't know that.


And like mundanes, I mean, it said it was going to fall.


Whether you want to marry, know my shit.


Was this music video blame it on the rain. Yeah. Yeah.


OK, ok. So keep God. Do you guys not know about Milli Vanilli. Oh you didn't know.


But the person you just called. Yeah. You're friends with this girl and you don't know her because you need to know your you're playing, you don't have a microphone and just say that you don't know who Milli Vanilli is.


I know that name. Oh my God.


OK, so you think we Meghan Trainor, pop star, famous Sigma's all but doesn't know who Milli Vanilli is. So that's one Milli Vanilli was a boy band when I was were the ones that weren't actually singing in the eighties.


I'm sorry. Are they the ones that got caught? Not actually singing.


Yes, I know them. We're friends.


You like you. How you were not actually knowing like Milli Vanilli. Who is that?


Right, dude? Milli Vanilli was like before. I'm trying to think they lip synched publicly somewhere.


It was like it was almost like the first cancellation. Yeah, it was. It was.


Do you think it was like the one that actually might be the first time someone got canceled, but then lip synching became really cool right after that. So the fact that the Milli Vanilli got canceled for Lip Sync, Lip Sync battle, they talk happened.


They were just alive at the wrong time. They were.


But also they didn't even, like, sing their songs. But that's the problem, what is said, I can say that again, I think they didn't even sing the in a different way, something that doesn't understand music, OK?


I think another human being performed those songs and they were the face and said, these are our songs when like Britney Spears records her vocal most of the time and then goes out and live, sings to herself. Huh. So they were lip synching to up. They were puppets of America. And that's what we were all like.


No, no, no. Imagine Ganzel.


I want to hear I want to see the movie about the guy that really sang songs like You Probably Love That Man, that because that you got to find someone was like, you're too ugly.


You should bring him on here and be like, what was it like for you when you a monster? I'm a come now.


From now we need to know what your life was like. But think about it because sobby so that's how the music industry used to be.


It was like, you have a great voice, you're pretty. So you're going to sing and you're going to pretend to sing this.


Yes. It's still devilish, but it's now you're there like you can look exactly how you are kind of, you know. Cape Cod. Hold on. Don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't you dare try to. Oh you do. Many, many Milli Vanilli. Milli Vanilli. But this blame it on the rain. I raise you one. Let the Rain Fall Down by Hilary Duff.


Dude, it's it's I know, like the Milli Vanilli shit. Sounds like a ringtone that you have to wake up to that you don't want to be. OK, this is important. This is an important part of music history. I'm going to teach Meghan Trainor about music.


My guy doesn't even know how to lip sync. The fake horns on the keyboard, oh, Travie. So he's lip synching someone else, it's probably like a white boy somewhere, I don't know. They're singing, though.


OK, so this is going to get us kicked off the Internet or whatever.


No, this kill us. No, we put up a thing and figure it out. I would love to get sued by this family.


It's just like that. Like who is that guy?


The guy living in like a poor trying to show how awesome he is.


Hey, do you guys need to borrow money from me to sue me guys? Yeah. Yeah. It's going to be sad about all of this. Said blame it on the rain.


That was a big deal. And it was like it was kind of like the first break, like post-modern postmodern break in media, because it was like all of a sudden we saw how the sausage was made. It was like someone else sang a song.


Yeah. Like who heard someone else saying it. Holy fuck. We were tricked. We were tricked by this music industry.


Yes. Hoodwinked us.


Yes. Never heard them. That's cool, that's cool. We're going to come back to this because I want to talk about the smoke and mirrors in the movie business. Yes, Cape Cod is where you're from.


Said that's so that's such a lie. What's a lie? Do you're not from there? I'm from Nantucket Island.


You got me. Was I right?


But I went to high school on Cape Cod, so. I know. But I mean, no one's from Cape Cod, right? I'm from Nantucket Island. What is the point of Nantucket?


Rich white people watch what it's like for like get out. It's the point for rich white people to visit New York. Like we can't go to the Hamptons this year. We must go to nontoxic. Yeah. And when you live there, though, it's sad, dark and depressing. Yeah. Yeah. And it's like you you're just hanging on to survive there.


But what does it make? What's its thing.


We used to kill whales. Cool. We're all just cool and we're so dory, they're so proud of it that they still have the museums of the bones from the whales that they stabbed for oil.


I hate I think I mean, sorry, I. No, no, no, no, no, no. I don't know. But like, it's ten thousand people. It's fine. It's fine.


Fuck them. They all it does feel like a fake.


It's weird. It's a weird. And where the whalers like we're still the whalers, that's what we're called as a as a team.


Whales can't play sports but I mean they are it's like doctors, lions, tigers. I get that.


But I'm girls are like just your school trip is like let's go see how we killed whales and you go to the museum. I eat.


The food is gnarly. I didn't know anything else. I didn't know that.


Like, I didn't know what Molesworth parents, they were working on the island. My dad was twenty years older than my mom, so he like had his life ready and she was like, I'll pop out all the kids as they were jewelers together on the island.


Hot, so I just brought you these soap, by the way, so it's so insulting, by the way. So why does your mother on this, she will use.


It's so funny. She's that bitch that makes jewelry. Never wear the. You want my. She would love those.


She'd like these U.S., but she's the girl that's like this is made out of plastic. A Jew. Yeah.


They made like that real sturdy gold and would sell it to monstrous people like the worst I remember. And then the pirate when we had to work there. I remember this like fat rich guy saturated with like plaid. I don't know who he is. Care. He came in with his son, who was maybe seven, maybe six with a full Rolex on full Rolex. And they were just coming to glance and he handed me his credit card. That was like steel.


It was like eight pound. Like I was like, oh, my God, how do I use this? And it was like those kind of people. And they're just monsters. And he's like, Come on, son, let's go look at the new Rolex.


And I was like, but I don't know what any of this stuff was. And but my parents, the parents parent.


What's your ancestry? How did they get to Nantucket? How do you get to Nantucket?


My mom was from New Hampshire and she was a. OK, this is weird. So my dad is 20 years older than my mom. Yes. She said that my dad's was my dad was friends with my mom, which they were.


They were twenty five when they met. How she when they met. But she was nice. You keep saying. Twenty years old.


She has an uncle who was friends with my dad. OK, that's that was basically just Tinder back then. Yeah exactly. Yeah. So my uncle's friend, they're like keep Gary away from her. And I was like, that's dirty. That was a lot of money. Did he go and she would go visit her Uncle Mac back then. Yeah. And he was calm down. Yeah.


He used to summer there too. And then he's like, I'm going to live here forever. I love it. Yeah. He was like running around. Yeah. Yeah. Though. Yeah he lived a whole life showed up and you know your ancestry.


Ancestry. Uh great question. I mean like like like we're like what's your lineage. I'm not a New York Times. I'm British. Real. I am. I'm like all white.


And have you been. I'm just boring England. When you go to England, do you feel like OK, that's that feels right.


Like, you know, in London and that I mean, yeah, I belong. I make a lot of friends there and it's go to the your place of there's something happens to you like like.


Yeah I've been here before. Yeah. I know how to do this.


It's like, you know because it's like when I go because I'm mostly Western European and when I go to London I'm like Yeah cloudy.


No sunscreen like yeah this is where I belong. Yes. I enjoy the sun. I don't belong in California. I think it's a I stay away nightmare. It's a nightmare I guess. And it doesn't. I have sinus infections. I need sunscreen. Yes, I. Oh my God. That makes sense. I said that. But we should find out your answer. Yeah.


I'm like all British and then like Polish and Scotch on the beaches because your bone structure structures. I don't know. It's this, it's pulling my skin up. Yeah.


Because you do have the German these are hand over fist thing. You just popped these on. This is a whole hat. So this is me but it's pulling me, pulling the life back. But thank you.


So this is just a litany of tangents. That's what a podcast is. Yes. I said, what is your alias? And you said, Lizzie McGuire.


So we called the bitch. And then the point of it was, for those of you listening in, Alice, it's like if you're famous, if you're famous, I'm not famous.


I'm notorious.


And you will put a fake name at the hotel. Yes. Just so that people aren't like paparazzi, whatever. I mean, I stalkers. Yeah, yeah. I'm not famous enough. So I should just start putting like Jennifer Lawrence down so that paparazzi.


Hilarious. Yeah. Make it good.


I really should just put Jennifer Lopez. Yeah, but her alias Jennifer Lopez is alias is probably more famous than me.


Like I feel like photographers, photographers probably know her alias now whatever the point is. OK, so we go, we get in at what, 2:00 in the morning, we get there, we're like it's cold.


You got there at 2:00 in the morning because we go to Boston and we drive home Boston. So I was like, I'm trying to its covid we're in a pandemic. I'm trying to raise the number of cars, I'm trying to reduce the number of hotel. So I go flying to Boston. We land at midnight, we go straight to a hotel in Cape Cod. Do you know what it's called? Venton, do you remember?


Was it in the resort? So, OK, so we go. I know these hotels are spooky.


Do you? They're spooky as fuck. So and there are a thousand. No. About where you went. Yeah. So I pull it haunted I that's famous and so am I.


So my goes they fighting it with. That's a place.


If we would give we get drunk or something and my mom would pick us up and drive us home, we'd be like oh stop, don't go there.


We had a great show on Cape Cod. We get to Cape Cod, did a show in Cape Cod, Cowboys Stadium, Brewster. Yes, OK. And so basically we get there 10:00 a.m., 2:00 a.m. and the hotel room is under Walter Brown, which is me. Yes.


So we go back and I'm like, I'm so tired.


I'm exhausted. I'm like doing Instagram stories like just whatever. Being jealous of people on Instagram in the corner. Yes. And then Bentson, I'm like, what's happening? Why don't we get in the keys?


Yes, because I had already preplanned for all this and I called ahead, checked. But here's the thing.


The guy that worked there, John, John, John and John didn't know who I was. So someone that's not famous, having an alias is very that's. Yeah, they're like this is basically my key.


And then he goes, I need to see her ID. And I was like, I give her.


Okay, this is when he comes and he goes, well, this is under Walter Brownnosing. I know, but but I.


Beamon but I went incomings and he's like he goes, I don't know who you two are and I know no one. And then he goes and he goes, well, I can't give you this room. What if Walter shows.


Yeah. What if Mr. Brown shows up. Oh no. We give us the room and the arm is around you.


And then we went. You had to carry our luggage. Oh, no, no.


You're missing the part where he goes. Do you guys know where you're going to stay? And we know we never been here. And he goes, OK, we're going to go this way. I'll hold your hand to make sure you get there, he said, and they didn't know.


And then we walked out. And indeed, you know, it was like resorts where you have to, like, go down like a cement pathway and then in a door and then an elevator for five, some outdoor stairs.


And we wanted we were holding our luggage fully haunted. And then I decided, remember what I said? I decided it wasn't open.


Oh, yeah. She brought him back out. And then she goes, is this place up and running?


No, I'm working here. It's not doing a beat.


John turns and goes, No, ma'am, I'm the only one here.


He's not a ghost.


He's dead. That's what he did. You know what happened, John? Dead for three years, haunting that place. He never offered to carry my luggage.


You know, I put on Instagram carrying my luggage upstairs because he's a ghost in his hand would have gone you would have gone right through it.


I'm telling you, nobody messes with that place.


So then, oh, no, it gets better. One of the three down four flights of stairs, we take our luggage into an empty parking lot where he goes.


This is where you would apart. And I mean, what would happen? He goes and then he goes, I go.


We can find a room. I'm sorry. He's just got a room. And then he goes to our rooms. He goes, I really don't.


He goes, No, ma'am, I really don't know how old was he? And then he keeps going out loud for me out loud, keeps going.


This is not going well.


No way. What is it?


He can't say that out loud.


It's like this is really not you don't know where we're going. So we just start looking as a group together. We just started searching like where could we be?


So we're all in there. In the middle of the night I came Lord of the Flies because then it was like, oh, we're all either you're about to hit witching hour.


We've abandoned our luggage to this point. We abandon the luggage. It's just in the parking lot. Yeah, OK.


We're walking around the restaurant. Oh, my God. That was so. It was so.


Yeah, but I think it's important that you're from this area. Yes, it is.


Because that's why when I travel, everything is like tall buildings and like, well they're going to help me with my luggage.


Your place. I know that I grew up in the village. Yeah. They think I'm like, oh, you're from Nantucket, you're rich and buzy. I'm like, I've never been in first class till I was like, like a number one song, like traveling to Australia. Like, I didn't know that this is being super wealthy.


People do her. You died because I doubt it. Rich people go live there on their other days like they have their second house out there. But the working class, the working class, yeah, we're just like regular like people that are trying to pay the bills that are going to school and like, getting drunk.


But they're the most hard core salt of the earth where I'm very old and we're angry, big hearted that we love the show like the the the security guard and stuff.


And this is a beautiful story about how you saved her life. Yeah. Yeah.


I love the like. It's just like like I'm just trying to figure out your essence. I guess it makes you an older soul maybe. Yes.


You have that. And that's why part of your talent. Yeah. It really got me far. My personality. I'm really curious like you coming into Hollywood like like a Brewster bitch coming into the business. It's like you can smell bullshit. That's what it is. Yeah. It's like I say, it's a take no shit out of ten because I grew up in all while. Yes. And everyone is like, don't ever change. And that's the one thing my family's like you the same girl like.


And why is that. Because the, the stereotype is you go through the machine of the music business and they change you and whatever.


But, you know, like where you. Grow up from your like all this high school bullshit, I think, as I like went to Hollywood or Nashville, the songwriting community or L.A., that community, I was like, oh, this is just like high school times three, like the award shows. I'm like, oh, this is prom. Wow.


Yeah. And I was like, this is a bunch of you know, we had to go and like, make fun of the night. Me and my brother was like, oh my God, I'm so famous. Look at that. You know, we just like this is high school with wigs.


Yeah, yeah, we're all wearing like stilts. I really needed my glam team, my my real prom, but like, how did you how did you know all this? This is the kind of shit that you see when you, like, sit ayahuasca and you're able to see everything.


Yeah, I like this. Just a new generation of young people. No, no.


Some of us were very rare.


I think it's like how are you how do you see this so clearly? I don't know, because I fell for it. I fell for the whole really. I fell for it. People do. It's fine. It's fine. Hook, line and sinker.


Are you alone? Yes. Yeah. You're alone. Yeah. Have you met?


I have, but I haven't. I know. I know. How'd you come out here with. I told my older brother who's a year and five days older than me, like we're close now. I told him, drop out of college, I'm going to L.A. and I'm not going by myself. So he came with me. We were just laughing at everybody. And my younger brother sat with us and they still live with me to this day. And they're like, what are their names?


Ryan and Justin?


They did this all alone with no message. I saw them as well. And just so it's in I think they're on this album. Oh, they're on the back. Look out with you. They are. So that.


Oh, that's cool. You don't have to show it off like that. I don't care. But look, I want you to be so I have all the money, all the money, all the money is my brother said, do can you give me a piece of duct tape, the one that I use in my hotel?


I want you to have all the money. I'm banking on this every year to just pay for my life. I just went into a full suicidal spiral. You just quit where the time you just quit in your head.


When I asked you to do that today or I won't be able to put this here, I just thought of it, I think, to have in the tuberose, you know.


Wow, how old are your brothers or younger? I'm the middle child. Wow.


That as a whole. Yeah, alone. That's a whole. I don't know a lot of middle children. What.


Why? I love you. What are y'all like. We're the best.


Y'all are like what's your thing. What's the middle child. Because you know the best.


You know like well no I say here's a no. This is what the middle child of the middle child is.


We just had one. We want to have another one. This one didn't go so great. We want another one.


We nailed it. And that and the last one, I wanted to say it. So you like your gold? The gold medal.


I'm going. I'm the one that really wanted you know, they they did it for me and they knew how to raise you because they they fucked it up. So they like we're all powered by the third. Everyone's like they don't really watch that one, you know. Yeah. Like he'll be fine. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then they're resilient. Yeah.


And I was the only girl so I'm like the girl but I was a nightmare I guess. Working Dave. Yeah. Hilarious. Yep. It looks so professional.


We don't need you to tell me the distributors anymore. We got a dog Dave. So yeah I we're a big family person.


All my albums, they do all my songs to me. This one thing that really should happen in your family.


No, of course there's like some demons in your family, but like my parents, I'm so lucky, dude, I swear, because my parents are so solid and like great to us and like are still married or something that my career is like awesome because of them. And I see my friends who are. So tell memory loss.


Yeah. Well still I, I know like that sounds hard. It's long. It's like, it's like. Are you both ok. Yeah. What are they like. They stay in the same house.


So shocking. There's like yeah there's obviously time. You're ok. I'm ok. I'm like my mom, she's just like a saint. She's one of those like her name Kelly Calloway.


And now she's like the most selfish little angel ever. Doesn't want to take a picture, hates cameras like the cute kid.


What were the like, awkward growing pains of you getting famous with them? Was my mom having to be interviewed and like radio stations be like, let's call your mom and prank her.


And I'm like, OK, she's going to hate this. But so I was like, no shadows came out. No, I just shadows.


I told well, my dad was married twice before her, so I'm waiting for my other sisters to come to come out and say, hey, my my little over my ten.


No, but Benton is a makeup artist, so he'll tell you. Exactly. I think you look beautiful. Thank you. You look perfect.


Yeah. I think you don't like. Yeah.


Is that your dad. Did you train her to do that to that part of the media.


Turn now to a moment where all your gorgeous perfect face. So what makes people like you. Oh my God, we have to have flaws. Now, that's that's what I've done today. I was like, you just got to look. You could have stretch marks you could post. Yeah, I know.


Oh, my God. I mean, literally just have baby.


Oh, I'm going to duel them like everyone's like I'm going to go get plastic surgery to get stretch marks. Yeah.


I'm going to go get floors because that's what people are into now. You get more lights. It's cool.


Dave, can I see them on air. Yes I, I was married twice before. He had two whole lives that we don't even get to talk about.


We don't know. So I'm like where my siblings. Yeah. They haven't popped out yet. That's awesome. But you didn't marry one of them so that's OK. I didn't marry my brother. That, that was my, that was my big. Oh I. OK, awesome, there we go. This is so nice you put that on for me now. Yeah, I just that's for you. And we look, I just wanted to make sure because I have some illegitimate brothers and sisters running around.


Do you really? Yeah, of course.


What's it like? Are you OK?


What do you think? No, it's not OK. Oh my God. And your penis. They're going to get you. I don't think I mean, I kind of feel like if it hasn't happened by now, you maybe you're cool.


I would like to meet them. I'm curious. I now that I can set boundaries very well. I have a crazy podcast.


Crazy love you. OK, I related to me.


Please reach out to Banten and you can come on.


The podcast actually went did that. We'll get an algorithm that made the time. So I do know that to exist. But my big fear was that the good news is that you smell pheromones differently if you're related, like incest is not rewarded biologically.


Dr. Habermann talked about that when I was on the podcast.


So if a guy smells bad to you, like if you ever cooked up, close your ears, husband.


Have you ever all like if you ever, like, hooked up with a guy or girl that just, like, doesn't smell like their B.O. doesn't smell OK?


That means you're are related in some way. That is nature's way of making sure you're repelled by your brothers and sisters or anyone you're related to so that you don't commit.


I always think my brother's really stinky. Yeah. He's when he gets close to me, I'm like, oh, you're just you're my brother, you know, like, I would go into his room when I was a kid.


It's like, yeah, it's like makes me sick. I worry for him and his future wife. I'm like, yeah, but it's, you know, it's going to hurt. They're not related because, you know, because your guy you smell. Yeah. It smells amazing. His breath can be a slamming but. Yeah but other than that. Yeah. We were together before he knocked you up.


Baby, oh, wait, no, no, no, I want to know your version and her version 2016 is when we started dating. Oh yeah. I and I, we started dating and I had to go on tour like four days after, but I knew he was the one. So how did you know? Because red flags, I check red flags and there was zero. I mean I mean, I'm literally dressed as a sparkly red flag.


Yeah. I'm a big red flag. I'm Olivia. Got it. And what are your main main red flags?


Let the girls know. I mean, the reason why I couldn't find anyone will know when I got famous and extra pretty, I figured this shit out. I was like, oh, not going to do dark eyeliner does that and no eyebrows. I became so pretty. And I guess like no one would look up at me, dude, my first two years of being famous and like, oh no, no, no, no, no, no.


And I was like, bro, is it too powerful? I would tell my brother because he would bring all his friends over. And I was like I was like, it's New Year's Eve.


Someone give me a kiss. Everyone's like, we would never do that to your brother. And I was like, well, and my brother's like, kiss her. It's fine. I don't care. But they are like and I was like, am I scary? I was like, I know I have a present. I get it. My scary. But also do I come off, come off as like don't approach me like I'm not into you already.


And Ryan's like you're pointing out your boobs are so sharp they were spot out there.


My brother was like, nah dude you're just like super confident or something. Like he's like you're just really cool. And that's scary to guys. That's right. I was like, OK, so to where we're not all guys. Not all guys. There was the first guy that wasn't scared of me and like kissed me first. And like usually I'm like, hold still.


Like I'm coming in. But he did everything. And I was like, Who are you, Mister Brave? Yeah. And I needed someone who could deal with my schedule like, hi, I'm leaving forever. I always said I need my trust fund baby so that I can just carry him around and really take care of me. Darrell is an actor who like at the time, didn't have a job. So it was great because I was like, are you doing anything?


He's like, No, I'm not working right now. And I was like, OK, I'm going to work. Right? Yeah, that's ah. Twenty first days of our first month of dating was like, here's how I poop, here's how I sleep. Here's how I eat. Like here's how I shower everything. So it was we were awkwardness, no awkwardness. I mean I was scared to poop in front of him forever. I was like, you turn on something really loud and stay the fuck away from me.


So why in front of him? How big is your bathroom?


Why in front poop in front of you poop in front of him nowadays? I do. Now it's an event. Now I'm coming out with me.


How long does it take you to poop? I hold out for the last second so that it's like a quick thing. I used to come in just to like, just run off with your voice.


I don't know. I have. Oh, I'm getting sweaty.


Yeah. It's always when I with the birth, it's going to be in the room here.


Yeah. Because, you know, poop comes out. Hey, no, that's what I prepared him for that day. Oh he knows he's seen it.


Nothing will be if that usually is the biggest plot trouble of having the baby. People are scared. I'm like I know someone who is going to wipe that up from rolling on it.


Rolling on.


It was like, oh, and then the camera jumps away. Yes. You didn't know Doodoo comes out when the baby comes, you know, he's fully prepared. He's so excited, so ready. I train him. To get ready for that stuff, trainer, I'm a trainer. But, yeah, you can I think that's an awesome part of. But did you, like, fall off a jungle gym or something as a kid? Why are you so, like, resiliently strong?


I was the monkey bar gwine. Like something, right? Like what was it? I mean, Maguires like Hillary, what's her name. Tough stuff.


She says, I saw this and she was a gymnast kid, you know what I mean? I played football. I played baseball.


I mean, not only did I play football, I played football and was the center, which is like I had the ball and I'm pushing it.


Massachusetts is course the worst part about this. So, like, will be Tom Brady, the coach.


Yes, the coach was my dad's good friend. We grew up with him. He had me be center and my older brother. Get the ball like quarterback, so he's in my crotch every day at practice and I'm just like I'm hitting in the ball.


So you've already had your birthing class. With my older brother, it's so messed up, I was like, why did you let this happen to me with all the boys, all the boys? I was the only girl I played baseball with all the boys. I was the only girl.


That's what needs to happen. I think boys need to stop playing football and girls need to start playing football or just let them in.


It was like a whole scene, too. They're like, oh, you're so brave.


And I was like, well, I just want to play with me when I don't wear makeup on camera. People say that to me like paparazzi pictures of me out in public. They like brave Megan didn't wear makeup and I look cake on my butt. I'm like, what is that fucking say? Okay, I was like, I did all I make of that and Timmins cake.


I mean, just fully so.


Yeah, I was a tough girl and all my friends are the cheerleaders. You were not a cheerleader. I did it for one year, but only because I made the track. I produced the track for them, put all our favorite songs and together mixed it, and then it was like I produced this beat while I tried to be a winner. It's like you're a dancer, is like you're a dancer for a minute.


What was your favorite movie growing on Love?


Like, hit me with a heavy one. Just friends. By yeah, from Justin to Kelly, the Justin. I mean, I was there you no just friends. Ryan Reynolds, you know, I know that fucking movie.


I don't think so. My canceled. I'm I'm on this Ryan fucking. What do you want.


If I had to have. Oh. With Gwyneth Paltrow that shallow.


How. Well wait. Hold on.


You would love this movie. No, I wouldn't. Yes. You know, I don't like you need it. I already know. I don't. Ryan Reynolds, let me tell you something. Ryan Reynolds, not only is I think he's so famous and successful, I still think he's underrated. By the way. He is funny. I think he is, yes. But when I went to school in Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, I interviewed him. Well, for my I literally just I had blocked all this out because in my college weeks, it was an upsetting time.


It was a dark time, OK.


I interviewed him for the campus news station when he was doing a show called Two Guys and a Girl and a Pizza Place. And then he did a National Lampoon movie called Van Wilder. Yeah. And I interviewed him in his hotel room and I was like 18 years old.


And I was like he was like extra good looking into dude, he's on are so fine.


And by the way, by the way, I don't even know if I'm physically attracted to him. I think the reason I'm so attracted him is because he was married to Alanis Morissette.


All that was like that. I get that.


That's what now he's got Blake, who's I mean, I'm like, oh, my God, it's Marjoe for a minute, right? Oh, yeah. Hey, Mary, I think my mom tells me this is a guy's killing and all the Hollywood drama. Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, hot news on Twitter usually does, you know.


Zola, listen, there are a million choices, you know that Zola is the doctor's name on Grey's Anatomy. I did. And I would beat you in a in a trivia quiz, a bar, and any day Zola, one of the other two kids named Zsa Zsa Zsa Zola.


Oh, we're moving on quickly. I see. Wait on Grey's Anatomy, the other two kids, her kids, Grace, Tina and Betty. One is close, actually, what the Beny one, Borrelli Bailey La. And like I forgot the other one, because that's exactly the child still has a storyline. Listen, there are about a million choices to make when you're planning a wedding.


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Zola is like a wedding planner, like a digital wedding.


It makes wedding planning easier and less stressful with wedding websites. Registry's invites. You talk to candy guest list managers all at one point.


This is only talk talking like you're reading it. No, I'm not. I am just talking. I read like making like a conversation. We've been told not to do that multiple times.


I just I truly believe that like this, wedding planners are a racket.


I want to be a wedding planner. You do as you said, Carol, wedding planning a book on high school, a psychopath.


Whose body was I planning all those teen pregnancy, those like here I am. Here's my card, because it's it's a it's a good thing in theory.


It's fun idea, but it's a nightmare. You can't plan your own wedding and wedding planners overcharge you. They scam you like. I know how much flowers cost. I make I make television shows. I make movies. Sorry, I'm bragging now, but and then all of a sudden when I was planning a wedding, they're like six thousand dollars. So it's not what they were. Two thousand dollars. And I was making a movie.


Why are they six thousand weddings more important than your movie. Wow.


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OK Venton. The only thing. That is more competent at keeping me alive than Benton, right? Hickerson is every doctor in Los Angeles and no daily harvest. I love my daily harvest, I think.


Am I allowed to say that I'd be dead without this? I seriously think I would have died of without sponsorship.


So you wouldn't we wouldn't have a lot of food, water, beverages, literally.


I am such a trash person.


I am one of my favorite. Went through the bite.


Fenton loves Talia so much, she's freaking out.


Oh my God. I really can't get it open.


Have you had these yet? What are they. You get your own. These are the. They're the. Oh my God. I love these. These are. This is my favorite. The bites they make are my favorite moments.


OK, these are little espresso being. And to him it's like eating a Starbucks coffee. It's so good. It's like eating a coffee daily harvest is like it's just this company that sends you food, that gives you no choice but to be healthy. It delivers.


Yeah, they deliver delicious food, fresh organic food, organic fruits, vegetables right to your door like combination's you'd never think of.


Now they take very few minutes to prepare. This took no time. Prepare just ate it. Oh my God. Doesn't it taste like you're eating a coffee.


I don't think I can. Kerth my daily harvest. There's no option. No added sugar. They work directly with farms to freeze. Now I'm eating. Yeah, but they also make it on the podcast. People hate it. I had never done it before. So are you just telling yourself the daily harvest, there's an option? Listen, this is the best dead horse, in my opinion, is that it's not just like, you know, some meal plans.


You can only order, like dinner or lunch. Yeah, they there's sex, there's lunch, there's dinner, there's breakfast. There's I can eat all day.


I can have a quiffs flatbread whenever I want you go to this is what I do with the other harvest where I go to someone's house and I don't want to eat their food. I just bring one of these old things and I just eat it. I don't care if they think it's rude. They usually are like, where'd you get that? What's to tell me about it? Do you have a publico? Why don't you?


My favorite one is the bite's the Espresso and Espresso Espresso Express.


Precisely. Times like everything stays fresh in your freezer until you're ready to enjoy it. Helping reduce food waste is committed to minimizing their environmental impact, and they're in the process of transitioning to one hundred percent recyclable plant based and renewable fiber.


Like if your mom, dude or like just whatever your mother in your own inner child, it's just like such a no brainer.


Oh, there's so easy. I don't go to the grocery store. It's all just in here. Look at this tomato, sweet potato, wild rice, avocado, red bell, pepper, nutritional yeast and great northern bean. Like, I would never eat it.


I never even heard of Northern Bean. I thought that was me. The Great Southern Maine Daily Harvest makes it easy to eat clean, undeniably delicious food no matter what your day brings. Keep it simple. With daily harvest, go to daily harvest dotcom and enter promo code. Good for you to get twenty five dollars off your first box. That's promo code. Good for you for twenty five dollars off your first box at data. Harvest Dotcom. Daily Harvest Dotcom.


And so while this is wild, this is blowing my mind, so so I'm just I'm just trying to figure out how your psyche form. OK, OK, I your. I mean, my parents let us watch, like, dark stuff and we were really young like because your mind is wildly fast.


Thank you.


I feel so dumb sometimes. We grew up watching like, like Austin Powers, like really young, like in the theater.


They shouldn't have let us.


By the way, Demi Moore has producing credit makes money on background on the way. Oh, wow. Yeah. All of them love and all of that shit women on it. And what else would I my family and I always loved like Family Guy as a family. I don't know. We're just like dark humor, love that.


We loved comedians. You don't have an ego. Oh, thank you. You know what I mean?


I guess like you don't, because I also like at the same time as I could be really confident, you know, I'm a woman who, like, finds the imperfections and despises yourself that sometimes, you know, so I still got that going for me. You have good skills, not. You think I have good skin. Yeah. Yes, I said it.


Allison Christian, my makeup artist. I started in my 20s. I started getting. I would like to be doing. No, no, no. In the beginning of my time. Oh, I got it. Like in high school I get like one or one big one. I want to keep the system like Novotný, like cortisone shots in cystic Norelli.


I was nobut in like 22, 23, started getting cheak pimples and I was like, you don't belong.


There was no I'm not. I'm Ross, I'm on TV.


And they're like, oh it's because all the makeup darling. And I'm like, I don't know, this is new. And now I'm learning, like when you grow up, your face changes every seven years. And I have new skin literally brought out right now. It's like my beard er female comic. You actually get a new face every you get anything.


I know I was like OK, we can work with this. There's doctors everywhere but my pimples right down here. Well that's hormonal on the chin. It's hormonal. That's what I'm saying. I think it's so bad that since you've been pregnant, is it as you're changing. And yeah, in the beginning I was like, OK, I knock on your door, I'll get it.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. But I'm lucky that it's not like full back knee or which I've heard of or chest pain.


Yes. So yeah, I work on my skin so thank you for that.


And you're, you know, you knew how to you do have excellent genes, which is why I want to know where they're from. Thank you so much.


And also how do you know you can I want to talk about how I'm fascinated by how people can sing and why they can sing.


Oh, strictly because I listen to people and copy them.


Yes, but you are born with a certain kind of muscular. I have a really great ear.


I can say that I hear too much shit. Yes.


But I can hear too much shit and I don't have the physical ability to execute the impression.


So like when you're singing and it's off, you don't go. I have made myself deaf with my own voice so I can hear I don't think really anything. OK then. Yeah, but see, you told me I'm tone deaf.


See. But can you hear that she's I mean she told me that and I. Can you personally hear it with your ear.


Are you like. Yeah, it's not bad. It's not the best idea to strike. I mean I know I sound like Fran Drescher, so I'm not mad, OK? I know how I sound. I know I'm Nazel, but apparently you go none of us really know how we sound because of where their position. Yeah. But like how would you know you can sing. I'm just curious because I was like running around. Everyone's OK. I was just running in my house and I was like singing Christmas carols.


Oh yeah. But I'm song so it is a gift. My dad and some people sing and some can't. My dad's a big Shoman guy, so he hosted the so great feeling. People just like look at you all the time. You presented this. I go about my dad hosted a show on Nantucket called March of Dimes. They raise money for babies. And so he was like for the drinking and the bar and he'd sing a song and he'd play piano.


He was the music guy. And so I was on that show with him singing tunes, and I was in church with him singing tunes.


Some of it wasn't good till I was sixteen when I went away to a musical camp and my roommate sang way better than me and I literally copied her and I went home and they're like, wow, you got so much better. And I was like, yeah.


And and I would study like Jojo singing on her album when she was thirty one close.


But I'm younger than you. Plot twist. I'm the youngest gay. I know. Yeah.


Yes. The great like brandy. I would call, I would copy her backgrounds and I'd be like, wow, I love how she smothers it with one hundred of her. So I made sure when I recorded my music and then I started like I was like, Dad, I need to record my voice, I need to hear it on a CD. So he got me like my Christmas gifts would be like, here's garage band or here's a program that you can learn.


I don't know how to use it, but you figure it out. And then I did. So I was like producing and writing. Is your dad 80 at this point? He's 100. He's like seventy two now, but in my head he's 98, like your mom. He still runs around, like cleaning my whole house and fixing things.


Yeah, that Massachusetts genetics. I mean, they're just were like seven days a week my whole life. Yeah, you won't give up.


It's found that roughly 20 percent of people can't sing accurately because they don't have good control of their vocal muscles. And five percent of lousy singers lack the ability to hear differences in pitch or discriminate between two different sounds.


To be sure, some aspects of singing are influenced by genetics because it's about how fast your vocal chords move, right?


It's like a muscle. It's a muscle. So they say it's like a kegl. Yeah, so I like. I squeezed mine too much one time and I got a pimple on them. Did you have the notes on your soul singers? I wasn't born to tour. I wasn't born with chords that can handle anything.


So vocal chords. What do you do to take care of your vocal chords? You shut the fuck up, which is. So we're giving you a note right now.


No. Yeah, like a lot of times when I do a seven hour, but when I do a promo run, I would always need surgery after I would do all this.


You had surgery on your vocal cords twice a year after I won the Grammy.


On the day of the next Grammys, I had vocal surgery. It was weird. All right.


Then they go with a little thing. Guess I'm a gaga. Your sleeve will be there.


I thought, well, you're under like it's a real surgery. It's crazy, and you're just silent for like five months. And like, imagine what your brain would do with five months of no talking. I went absolutely for a handmade I went batshit crazy and I had like, oh, what do you do? You go full panic disorder. That's what I went love with you because. Yeah, well, he fell in love me in that time.


And they're like, you're so happy. Why are you shaking with. And we've never met. Yeah. We never even received my personality. That's why I was. So you got to let that out. Yeah. Which is. It was hard because I was like, I'm so in love with you in the saddest part is I can't even tell you I love you like rom com tears your tears.


And if I didn't I had this morning I like for movies I got to do. Yeah but it was so good to me. Took care of me starring Lizzie.


Lizzie. Yeah. But it's, it's spooky and a lot of artists go through it and they don't talk about it because they can't. Yeah. Because they're not allowed to tell. Really can't. But that was the hard part is like besides quarantine, like every other cycle I would go fly to New York, sing on Fallon, fly over here, sing an hour long show, do a podcast for four hours, go do this. And my voice, I was like, I'm out like I can't do it.


I can't physically do it. And it does it hurt. Yeah. Get a sore throat.


I coughed up blood once. It's kind of hot but yeah I know it's tough.


So, so because you're like an athlete, I mean it's you're really an athlete.


Yeah. And I was like my body is like you're. No, no. We stay home.


So you have to take so you have to schedule your life and your albums around the five months of vocal downtime basically.


Right. Oh, writing for that. Writing songs when you know, like I have to do surgery, everything's done. And that's the hard part. I was getting an award.


So this was endemically you were ready. Singers were for the pandemic. I was like, yeah, like I have like five months of not.


Yeah, we had one day where I did all the performances in one day and I was like, that's it. They're all locked in, they're done. And now I can just go chit chat, whatever I want and I don't have to worry about inbreed. Yeah, I'm bilbrey humans. So this is our time.


So when you are the five months where your vocal cords are healing or you're not allowed to talk at all, which is just blowing my mind, are you? Because I'm trying to I think that's kind of fascinating. Like creatively like what happens to your brain, the frustration, the emotions that come up, not being able to literally be heard, literally not being able to communicate with people or connect with people emotionally. Does that lead out work?


That was my great education of what anxiety does to your body, because I would always hear all this. All my fans say, like, oh, I would throw up or I'd have diarrhea or I'd be sick and like, I physically couldn't leave my house. And I was like, I've never been that sad. And I related it to being sad. I was like, I've never had anxiety that sad where I can't get out of bed. And then this took over my body to where I had diarrhea uncontrollably and I was burning like my back would be on fire.


And I'd be like, what the I have the flu. And I had no idea it was happening. And I was happy. I was fine. But my body was like crumbling from being still for so long. And it was almost like my body realized the four years of fame that just hit me all at once. And so my body was sitting there like something wrong. And I went to these doctors and now I'm like, the advice girl.


When anyone's going through it, I text. I'm like, Yeah, I got the doctor. I got everything you need. What do you need? Because it's lonely.


Well, because I want to talk about, like, the great musicians in history of what you are going you will be one of those.


Do you know what I mean? You know, it pains me to say it.


I'm not happy being jealous.


But what you will be and you look at the Whitney Houston's you look at the Michael Jackson you look at and I just always fascinated by like what what causes their demise, what causes that tragic ending, the Shakespearean the biblical fall, bad families, bad families, but bad families sometimes make hard workers and really talented people and sensitive people.


And they're great creatives. Yeah, bad families for sure.


But I feel like it always ends bad. You're going to break the cycle. Yeah, right.


Because you've got a wonderful family for now till they get till till they go crazy off this Christmas album fame.


All that money is they're going to get really good singing backgrounds. Yes. No, but I'm, but I'm always fascinated like what is it. Chicken. Is it egg. They always hypersensitive, overwhelmed by life, not strong enough to handle. Is it all the fame because that amount of energy coming at you as a trauma, it's an emotional trauma. It's isolating. It's alienating.


But I never thought about or the trauma you're going through all the sexual predators and assholes, psychopaths in the business that are fucking with you in gaslighted, stealing from you and all that. And then you're losing friends because they get jealous. And I mean, there's all of them. It's very traumatic being famous. Yeah.


I've never thought about the physical parts of me. And it's where the vocal chords look. Why don't you talk about that one? That one's like, oh, I have, I've worked too hard and now I have to stop. And this a. All of you like famous singers, like painkillers and stuff, do you think any of it has to do with those surgeries or their voice?


No, that's like a big back surgery or something or titties or. I don't know. I like this one. You don't I don't even.


You don't really need. I know, but but if you're if if because I know, like a lot of professional athletes, the NFL players, like they're still hooked on all these, like, yeah, those are like real because they just give them painkillers before they go out and play so that they can play.


Trying to give me a lot of pills for stuff like that. For my anxiety. They were like, here, take some, you know, Nexium, the Nexium called. They were like, take think if you get spooked. Because I was I had to perform an ELLAN a month after my surgery and I was like, I'm not going to make it like how am I going to do this? I was just scared because I was like, what if my environment was like, what if I pass out or have a full panic attack during the performance?


And she's like, you take it once, that's it. So and it's not a beta blocker.


No big baseball group, but beta blockers are actually OK. Yeah, they were fine. I did those. I did I did those for a long time. Those are dope. Yeah. So yeah. Then I slowly stopped doing that and I slowly now got, I was taking like the smallest dose of Ativan every single night, but with the pregnancy like they're like get off. And I did it and I was like, I don't know if I can get off.


And I was like I did it. I feel like a hero. Like I'm a champ. Yeah. I don't know the placebo thing anyway. Sugar water, like there's nothing in there for me.


Like when I had Ativan for anxiety, it was like just having in my purse. Yeah. Is what made me. I just feel like I have to take it. I just need to know that I can.


My doctor was like literally people are on one hundred times more than me.


This is like a Sillitoe, this is point five. And I was like, OK, so that helped me.


So are you prepared because having a baby is going to change life.


You love it in a in but your talent banking on that to be nice.


So you're going to say you're going to just like exponentially like blossom because now you're going to have an understanding of the.


Yeah. The world and purpose that you've never had.


So is that going to be is that that's what makes me so happy, because I my whole life I like well recently too. And I met Darrell. There's some weird thing of like that's how, you know, he's the one where when I would walk by Diaper's with him, I'd cry. I literally tear up and be like, you should be buying me like I want a kid.


And I asked my guy right now because I hold yes, I like as my therapist, I'm like, am I fucked up that I cry when I see diapers?


She's like, no, you just already mothering your kids. And it's very sweet.


And I was like, just sad. The fact that you go buy your own stuff alone and don't have an assistant, do it for me.


I never had a system buy somewhere. I mean. Yeah. Why are you in therapy? I wasn't therapy because it was the panic disorder at a time. She cured me. I was great. Wow. I literally like don't do you. Thank you. Yeah. Awesome. But it was had to do with the vocal cords. Yeah.


I'm saying it was all of that stuff and then so I've always wanted the kid and I'm so excited I want like a hundred.


What can we pick the name. You want to pick the name or are we going to be secretive about it. Like you don't want to tell anyone the name. I have a name and we're like, let's not tell anyone. Can I try to guess it?


You could try. You'll never go, boy, it's going to be a boy. For now, yeah, no, no, for now, for. Yeah, but I made sure the name was good for both. Now I made sure the name could switch in case he was like, not today. OK, where is he from, where you out here? I grew up in L.A., but he's a spy cable. You know, spy kids, you probably don't got spy kids.


Mhm. Remember this franchise that was like lots of money.


Yeah. Frankie Muniz.


No I'm just not OK. He's you know. But you're not famous going to God. The whole time he was hiding. His famous name is Danny Gordon. Yes. Amanda Berry. You know Tony Cody Banks. You fuck Ilja I you kids.


Hold on, hold on, hold on.


Just to cool to watch it. You were just here to Sweet Valley High. It's my. Yeah. I didn't have a childhood movie. One, two. What year did this come out.


Two thousand one.


I was you always in deep in the throes of being unconscious. Yeah I was in college. College. You said I was in college in Philly at the time.


Spy Kids would have come out. I would have been very weird if I said it's weird if you watched me. I was a pedophile.


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. That's dope. But kids still watch it today because it's always in the new family movies. Yeah. Spy Kids. That's a big deal. Is it like a Disney thing? Yes, yes, yes, yes. This is very cute.


Oh, there's a baby in the posterous wild little kids that run around and solve crimes. Who's your mom in the car?


I love Carla Gugino. She's dope. They're dog beautiful. She's gone hunting.


Hillhouse So yes she is. So she, they were spies and the movie and the kids were like they found out our parents aren't, they're not cool, they're not spies and they're like they're spies and they become spies.


That movie won't work anymore because you could just Google stuff. Yes.


Just bring cameras and Google Earth spies are all spies, right? We're all spies. Yeah. You have an Alexa.


Yeah. I don't like the last person. I do. I do. I don't have an Alexa.


Either way. You're like Alexa, play my song. Yeah. I'll just tell you Alexa to play Megan Trainor.


OK, so your baby, your baby. He grew up in Orange County and was famous Torrance. He grew up in Chicago. Oh, that's interesting. You grew up in this animal hospital in Torrance and he was like good jujitsu in your alias was Dirk Diggler.


And what is that? Is that from Fight Club? I think I know.


I don't know what. You're just like me. I know nothing. No, I know a lot. I know you don't know anything. You know nothing. But it makes you. Oh, I know a lot about, like, science.


Oh, that's good. That's better. It's now outdated. That's more important. Yeah. What is that. Who's Dirk Diggler. Wait, don't tell me that the the the dude.


Well see the guy man.


Hello. Dirk Diggler. I know what this is. Dirk Diggler. Chippendale Channing Tatum. Nope. Oh Magic Mike. You're on the wrong Matthew McConaughey.


You want me on your in your game night on your picture. Mark Mark Wahlberg.


Oh, yeah. Oh, dude. I'm so sorry, in my day, Mark Wahlberg was a rapper. It was Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch and he was a Calvin Klein model, and I refused to see him any differently.


That's I guess I mean, his wife actually is picked out the perfume that I wear, the Brazilian whore stripper, Brazilian nut, what's it called?


Brazilian bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom. And I was like, yeah, like you. And she's like, let me tell you. How much is it? Is it expensive? Oh, it's eight dollars and it smells like strippers.


Yeah. Yeah. It's so fun. Fall in love. People are like, wow, why do you smell so good. Yeah. Yeah. It's like a body spray. There's a buttercream and I was like cause I've got it, I got it. I started it all to cart.


So how did you decide on your baby name. Talked about it. But how did you like you know, like there's a dead relative. What we say about that.


None of that was the second runner up name. Well, that's I have them in my name for my second child, OK? So you want to keep that what was the what were the ones that almost made it OK, baby names, names are so important.


I liked I liked one name that he really didn't like because I thought it was different. But I like regular names, like I don't want Akwa or I don't want, like, some fancy color or some I don't know. I don't want I want to just like a regular regular name. Yeah. So I saw this so lame. There was like a list of names that I had to say, do a little video for, for fans like Hey you, I saw Cuyler and I thought that was cute and I and I wanted to be a name that I don't know a person that's now.


Yeah, yeah. Because you have an association and yes, she told me that she was from Queen. Yeah.


I didn't know a Cuyler and I was like, that's cool. He hated that name. I said, yeah, it's OK. My kids about like yeah. So the other one is basically who do you what name do you like that you don't know a human being like that.


Interesting. No, I like, like Herrold. I like old old guy merry names. Yeah. I like old guy names. That's the new jelly.


I like Billy. I would do Rocky. I would do I'm gonna rock you. But didn't someone have a rock. I love Stormy but Kylie did a yes. Love Daniels. Not great. Stormy Daniels. Got to be my baby's Google sir.


Yes, yes, yes. You know. Do you have a middle name. What's your middle name. So lame. The middle name of my baby.


Yeah, this one's named after people that we like. And then was it planned your baby? Yes. Yeah. Oh my God. Travaille I was heavily pregnant. I was peeing on sticks every day to make sure I was ovulating unlike and I had apps. I even got a plug. That's a whole nother thing. You don't want to know.


I do. I do. I actually do. I took vitamins. I liked. What I did was I looked on YouTube every single day. How did you get pregnant? And all of these people were like, OK, here's here's the trick I did that definitely worked, which was why it fucking worked. Yeah, yeah. But you could love having sex. You can have sex too much and it doesn't work, which is why I did that one every single day as well.


I'm not pregnant. I said every single day, three times a day, let's rock. And then it didn't work. Wait, wait, wait, wait.


I didn't achieve that like twice a day. He's tired. I don't know.


I was like, oh, good. A I'm like, oh wait. Yes, yes. Three times a day. No, they're not down and go like. And I'm just like legs up waiting twenty minutes like please work you know. But that didn't work so. And then I heard someone on YouTube say, is your doctor Dr. Drew. I didn't.


Yes that's right. I didn't go to a doctor before to check if I was good. Like, let's go. I got this. Yeah. And then I went online and they said, if you do it too much, your sperm gets weaker.


So maybe that's why it's why you don't do it the same person every time. Exactly. We got it.


Then we we held out and we I made him wait and we only did it on that day that I might be thing that gave me a smiley face and said, you're ovulating. And we only did it that day one time then never did it ever again.


But did it give a video. Do you have a photo. We I remember it. I did think about getting sperm recently. You get pregnant myself.


I know I would trust people I love get pregnant. I'm like, I got to get pregnant. Will you be pregnant. Really? I'm alone as hell right now. Like such a big foma. Well, Hillary you have.


We're going to cut it out. That seems to me it's a hard line cutting it out. We're cutting it out. I was all alone until now, but. Yes. Is she going to show now?


OK, I know. Oh, my God. My heart. We get so lucky that I know you're mine. If fine, you guys. That's the biggest secret I have right now.


Oh, my God. I was like, does she know? Oh, my God. OK, we're fine. We're in charge. Your eyes to me. You're in charge. I know your I saw you give up on life. You're like, no, I'm done. I literally was just like, this is why we can't live. Yeah.


It's just like I don't know, like, oh, please tell me this. I was like, you don't really told me not to talk about on the fucking podcast. That's why we've been friends now, because my baby is my only excuse. I'm like, let me any help me out.


Like, I'll be your mom, my friend. I'm like, You OK? Oh, my God. OK, I'm so alone in this pregnancy, I have nobody. I want to get pregnant just because like I have famo and I want to get pregnant with somebody else. I want to like fit in.


Oh all I have on my YouTube girls that don't know I study them all day.


This is what I learned, which is that you're more likely to get pregnant if you have an orgasm.


Sure. I know I got pregnant. Never had one. No, no, I, my mom's going to kill me.


I am a champion at that. Like better than all my friends are tested. This theory now I'm I'm like, yeah, I'm one of the ones that figured it out when I was like, really young. Huh. Wow.


Young, uncomfortably young. Nobody knows this side.


I found out way too early influence on them, terribly young. And I would ask my parents and they totally avoided me. I was on a bike ride. Want know like what does this mean to me. Yeah. Well no she was to to him about but she was doing it for me and I was like I had questions and you never gave me a talk or anything so I didn't know inappropriate or what's going on. Yeah. So I'm a champion of that.


So that happens every time for me. It's great in. Yeah. Yeah.


Well Shiban. Wow. Well no, I mean there's like it's a two way street. It's not just inside. What do you mean inside.


Do you mean like just what do you mean.


There's friends involved. There's like it takes a team. Everyone's got to be all my buttons have to be people.


Are you fucking a one time he's Mr. Octagon. You don't make a whole kasky. He does everything for me and he's just. He's a boy. Yes. It's a game. It's just for me. And he achieves that every time I. I also taught him I trained him in the beginning. I said I can get to fireworks if you help me out. And he got it day one. And I was like, we should get married. I was like, this should be our thing.


That's how, you know, you can be with them forever too. It's like, oh, I love you as a person. I could be stuck in a room with you for eighteen hours and love adoration of women are having orgasms.


I mean, I feel very alone.


None of my friends can do it like I do. Interesting. You know, I was four years old are also that Nantucket goes. I go go read the thing. Helping your vaginas haunted.


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Today, terms and conditions apply. What did you just say?


So I have the white sheets, you have the white sheets and and the next one order I bought, I bought that off with that kind of cream colored one. I've never had to like where in my life. It never looks dirty, it always looks clean, it washes out perfectly. And they are by far the softest she's ever had.


Here's what Benton does with our sponsors. Because we are very picky about the sponsors we take. We only do the ones that we actually use and pay for and buy, Brooke. Linen sheets is no exception. Before we start doing the ad, Benton will organically talk about how much he loves the product. And then when we start rolling, he'll go in.


Most of these products I've used way before I knew. But then during the ad, he'll go into his like Vanna White voice and be like, if you haven't read it and I'm in Brooklyn, I don't know.


And then it doesn't sound like you really use it. Just a quick question for the producers.


Who's getting notes, me or Whitney? Brooklyn and we love you. Nothing is the only safe space anymore. We have is our bed.


Let's be honest. But they got you covered from your bed to your bathroom. Oh, the towels. The towels are one are on. I'm a towel snob.


You towels. I don't even dry you. They just move the water around on you. Most of the towns just catch me.


I'm just, I just cut up and still I'm like I'm just bleeding. I'm bleeding into my own river.


This is honestly if you're my friend and you're listening, please only get me this Brooklyn. And for Christmas, this is all I want. All I want is towels and sheets from Brooklyn. And it is the kindest thing you can do. For me, that would be a great gift giving someone she.


It sounds stupid, but it'll be an amazing, amazing. That's what people need. Yep.


They have special gifts. There's always people on your list that are like tough to buy for. And you know this you kind of can't go wrong.


Towels, candles, silk, IMF scrunches robe, fantastic. FUSILEV, a robe and everything is so aesthetically pleasing for my favorite gift, a gift card.


Oh that's a really good idea. I'll make my own choice. I love it. I love it. I can do a lot with my brain in someone else's money. No, but I need to touch something.


I'd rather you give me it and I'll return it when we're in a pandemic.


So you give me a gift card, not make the right choice. The first time cozy up in my beds are covered in Brooklyn.


I actually have to move to a new house because my sinus infections and all my bed is covered in Brooklyn and to taking all my Brooklyn and sheets with me.


Remember, they were like, you can use our sheets. I was like, no, no, no thanks.


I'll be down there. Like you can use our jeans. You were like, I have my own. You literally happened today. I was like, I will be bringing my upbringing, towels, Roe candles. I got it.


I'm not going to sleep on your, like, trash sheets.


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So why are we talking about making baby obsessed with you as I you. I knew he was right. I'm completely obsessed with you that you even asked me the question.


What, huh? Are we friends. Are we. Because I want you are we friends? Yeah, we weren't in the beginning, you know, I walked in your house like a stranger, you know. So while she I do my podcast in my house, everybody knows this.


It's very weird. You came in and fucking bent and I have been fighting all morning because your Christmas album, they sent it to me ahead of time, but it's on a website for some guys to play.


So every time I'm playing it and that's why I brought it, because I was like, that's going to suck. And every time. Yeah, and I don't even know what it is. It's a mini disc. What is there the new news? Yeah, it's saving plastic. Saving joy. When I play this on a Blu ray, I know.


Where can people pop this? I don't know. Only an old car single. Yeah. So we used to get this thing started. But this is cute.


You know, old you remember singles. I'm going like this. I used to go to Tower Records, a bias in D.C. Dave Grohl will know what I'm talking about.


You're watching The Wiz and you'd get like a single you'd be like, I would like New Silverchair single.


Some people make money from that. Now I got to do bullshit. So what's up with this? So you're so what's how is the model of music making changing? I know it's happening in comedy.


I make I don't make my money from like touring. Oh no. Why not me. Because I'm not in arenas. I'm not Justin Bieber. I'm not doing stadiums. You know, I'm doing I was just my last tour that was just me or headlining or whatever it was like just touching arenas.


I was almost there, like in big baby rooms. It was so close.


And then. They get canceled then I had my surgery and had to stop. Socks. I know, but, you know, so I always like and they would tell me on my last tour, like, you're going to break even. And I'm like, OK, this is hard. Yes, a lot of work.


So what you're doing when you go tour even is just promoting them.


You're promoting and using buy and you're hoping that you're like, please, fans, I love you. Please stick around for the next show. Please love me. So let me know my yeah. My money, if I make money is like brand deals or if I write songs like my songwriting has been really good to me. Yeah. I write my songs. I'm not putting your songs. How do you know when a song song's done.


When it's six p.m., I, I don't clear no, I yeah, I spend one day on a song and your songwriting heroes, Esther Dean, Dolly Parton.


And so I'm just blanking out. Who's the girl that wrote everything like Aretha songs still alive. Her blonde hair. I want to say Die in a war now. I love her too.


But that the blonde girl. What do I get? No credit for that. Diane Warren, what do you say?


Warwick, Dionne Warwick and Warren. She's actually Orlock care and cut her hair laying dead at cracking.


She's amazing. So those ones back in the day, Hilary Duff put out an album. You should check it out. Metamorphosis. It's great. I'm good. And she had her thing opened up to a poster or I bought a poster from her.


So I was like, I want to do on my album opening a poster.


And I even was like, I want to be in a snow globe and I want my signature because I would look at Hilary Duff signature all night, every night and be like, she really do that herself for danger to Hilary Duff.


So that's my one person. Is this for her?


I mean, it's a lot I like, but I, I put my puppy in it above and beyond what looks like a breeder dog.


It's I bought it OK. I never I didn't buy it. You rescued her from a breeder. Yeah, I did. I saved your life.


OK, so the baby is are you sick. Are you feel. No, I'm not. I heard your design.


I'm supposed to give birth a lot I think. Yeah. Except like wish we can cut any of it out. I'm just so small.


Pretend I didn't see your text but I'm like not only am I like pretty and I say I'm a tiny pussy tight. Yes. I don't know how it's going to come out. Twenty six I would hope maybe.


I don't know but like yeah. Yeah.


It's all that, that biking around Nantucket chasing my mom explained to me why it's all that biking titans of that. Yeah. Yeah. And well that's. Yeah.


Singing sometimes too when you're singing, trying to get.


I know we are so singers have tighter vaginas. Yeah.


They have to guarantee timbales wide. Yeah. When college was like squeaky but yeah.


Like Oh my gosh. What I could be like awesome at pushing him out. You're telling me that singers can't talk because their vocal chords are injured and they have type posse's. You're like the perfect moment where the guy.


Right. I was like how am I single for all those years I was like Where are you? And then I found him and he was like, I'm going to marry you.


But you're you're going to do vaginalis. Yeah, I hope. Yeah. I was like, yo, my doctor was said to me, are you going to get what's it called?


No, when you cut the parian, oh, circumcision, she goes. What are we doing or are we doing a circumcision with this baby? And I was like, I you sure I'd like to push him out. Oh.


And she's like, no, I didn't say C-section. I said, and I was like, Honey. She's like, I hope you push him out too. Like, OK, I'm talking about his dick. Yeah. She was talking about the penis and was like, I think it's so early.


Yeah. Yeah. I wouldn't ask to do it.


The whole point of having your son is like, I hope he looks like me, you know. Yeah. But it's I'm torn on the circumcision thing.


Brutal, but I guess they're so young that it's the same as the umbilical cord. You cut it and they're wounded and they go home. I'm going to have to clean up a broken, ripped apart cut dig, though.


Think about that.


Did you think about that, David? It takes a lot to get me, like, short circuit. Yeah, I just broke it.


Did you think I you circumcised.


Really? You had a bad circumcision whenever you don't have a mic, I want you to talk. What do you want to come do it here. Come in here.


Well, don't scar me. Do you wish you didn't do it? Well, it wasn't your choice, but do you wish your parents didn't do it?


Because I do. I just in general said I in general think we have to fit together. I think we have to like everything.


I think like I've also, you know, I mean, we just look stupid. I've only seen one in person and it startled me.


I am not circumcised. One.


Yeah, I prefer uncircumcised because you can give hand jobs better because it's just like, you know, you you mean you can give dry hand jobs better you fuck.


And I was saying I like I don't know how to give handjob. I was once your almost Nantucket shows that were canceled.


I'm glad you're doing your best buddy. Congrats. He loves me.


And now the I just I just think that that when it's uncircumcised, like I know what I'm doing and when it's not circumcised, there's like I don't know what the friction to Lubra sometimes they like. Yeah I guess I know.


But then I have to ask and then we have to make sure we're ok.


OK, so then I use the tears to lubricate the deck. You like how I do. It's thick and you like the unknowing of anything.


It's like a surprise for you at the end. It's like peek a boo boo boo boo. It's like, it's like a Russian nesting doll. You can kind of just keep finding more and more digs.


Wow, you're an angel. But what does it say about me that I'm scared?


No, I. Well, it's it's it's interesting because I know obviously there's a lot this is going to be in trouble because there's a lot of like religious there implications.


I mean, circumcised, but mostly we do it. Don't ever look for looks and to keep it sanitary.


But like that was kind of conceived. Sorry for the pun, back when we didn't have, like, Purell and like antibacterial.


Oh, I mean, it's it's a little it's a little bit archaic. Yeah. And then what if he puts all over himself. Do I have to. Yeah.


But yeah, yes, yes. Every day is it's your child.


You have better things to do. If I just had to clean ground but I'm just sparkly not let me get involved. It's also like what is the other thing about circumcision. It does sometimes numb, it does sometimes cause numbness in are you numb in the baby holding on and please continue.


Yeah, I don't know any of these facts. I should have research. And the other thing about that, that is fascinating and I don't remember. They're scarred for life. Well, they are emotionally I mean, it's like a lot of it is like, you know, your first experience, your first time with a woman, usually if a nurse does it.


I have a little bit of a theory going around like there is I. I remember that I got my first major trauma was being born.


That's our first tronc you. You might have heard we did your mom never hold you or love you? She held me, but she was she didn't love you, was she did love me. This is a heavy question. Yeah. No, I just read a science where they're like the most I read a science.


We are the most trauma human person can experience is if their mother doesn't give them that connection in the first few months of their life.


But it can also be other women to. Other women, like other women, can do it, can do also they can give you that love like a village like like I think there's this thing, this pressure on women now that it's like the women have that have nannies. The women have help. They don't feel guilt. They feel guilt. I know so many successful women. So you got love from Anina? No, I didn't know I didn't get any love.


But this is a different science. OK, this is like I just I always feel like I should say this because I know so many successful women that feel guilt for not being the having their child all day and going to work and stuff, but giving it to a sister, giving it to a mom. Give it.


That's not I need your advice for your child. OK, not bad for you. You're not a bad mother because you're asking for help and handling shit like Kelly.


Handle it.


I heard their boobs milk. Were you uncircumcised? What's your story? Oh, I was circumcised. You are circumcised and circumcised. And they do say that it's really traumatic for the baby because like they they don't like the anesthesia, like, kick in. They just kind of do it and go. But it was not traumatic for me. The only thing that was it's probably I remember this, but my mom said when she was changing me, you have to put like, you know, like ointment on it.


Yeah. A piece of her hair got caught in it. Oh, my God, it's scabbed over. And they had to pull her out from around it.


Which apparently was really sad for me then, but until we find. OK, yeah, I'm told like a scar of your mind, we just lose our manscape sponsor. Oh, my goodness. So you should just feel good, OK, whatever. You good? No, I won't have my wigs on while I'm changing. Like when when we were like, well, I'm circumcising my baby because it's it's easier to clean the penis. How hard is it to clean the penis?


It's like a thumb. How big. It's like how much surface area. I mean just dump it in the bath, dump it in the pool, throw in the pool. OK, what is the dumping in the moment. It is to clean a tiny baby penis. I don't know. I mean I raised my cousin so. I know. Yeah.


Like how am going get around big balls when they're born. Are. Yeah they're swollen. Yeah that's. I watched my aunt give birth twice. I'm fully prepared. You watched your aunt give birth on Nantucket.


I visited her during cramps or during contractions. I was 14 years old and they forgot about me in the corner of the room. I got to watch the whole thing. I became involved. I was on her leg counting down for her, and I cut the cord, signed me up, and I'm still willing to go through it.


I actually give birth in a creek on YouTube once. Yes, I saw one grow a lot. I was like, isn't this not good for you? Then don't you worry. Like minnows or tiny. The rock.


The rock. Yeah. I was like this baby about a drop on rock. I was like, because I've seen every animal give birth from those YouTube videos. Yes, I go to OK, elephants, we have a creek in our backyard.


And I was like, she's so earthy though.


She was fully naked with long hair. And she's like, I'm Mother Nature, you know? Yeah, that baby.


I'm like, epidural, help me to create an epidural. I'll get my shots. Yeah. OK, so you're the same person. I got it.


This is so wild, so the people are asking me if I need a night nurse or if I'm getting a night nurse and my mom was like, no bitch to yourself.


Like, she's like I did everything myself. I had three kids do it yourself.


I'm like, OK, but every L.A. friend of mine is like they're older than me and they work on my team and they're like, you need a night nurse.


And I'm like, oh, I don't know what to do. But I think with my husband I need and I not like cool.


And some are like not because like like it doesn't mean you get to sleep all night, they help you because they hate it because they have a flat salary and they, they train the baby to get regular hours for regular.


Well I mean to me I just think about it. It's like it's a it's a boogy thing. You can do it yourself.


But, you know, growing up burping sorry. I mean, I get a bad Jenise Bourbaki demons had to go.


No, it's like I think it's more just that, you know, I just think the more women around a baby, the better, you know, I think it's like, yeah. And then you are able to, you know, but it's expensive.


I mean, I feel like if I had, like, a really bad birth experience, I might I would do it. But I don't know. I think is like not that guy. He's never going to let me wake up alone and take care of the baby all night long, like he will be there, like, yeah, here we go.


Every morning he wakes me because I think it's the best thing for the baby that the mom is rested and not stressed out and. Yeah, yeah. You know, I mean, I'm just I'm big on, like, delegating, believe it or not. But I do know one of my best friends had a lot of trouble breastfeeding, and that was so she had to get a lactation consultant because she was so stressed out about that she couldn't lactate and her nipples were getting so bloody, not like mine from sex, like from trying to breastfeed.


And it was like really intense and stressful. Yes.


Stories of women meeting other women they found online to shout out and breastfeed their babies.


Where did you hear this? You need you to tell you. After I got older, I got it. OK, yeah, I, I'm spooked about the breastfeeding.


Yeah, that's what you're scared of also. I'm mentally spooked about it.


If I can do it, you can do it. No, it's OK and I'll put this in there. But remember I said all my buttons need to be pressed for immediate firework. Yes, these are big part of that.


And are. So you're worried you're going to have an orgasm when you're breastfeeding?


Darrell's like, got the day. I'm a little like up mentally. I can't have sex right now or do fireworks because I'm like, my son's inside. Yeah. You're having a threesome with your dad. I'm having sex. I'm like, wow, I used to like I can't look at him later in life and be like, I came so much. When you're inside me, I can't do it. I'm sorry. My team hates me.


That's my mental meserve's. I now I don't know.


I don't think I'd be able to have sex if I was. I can't do it. I can't physically I do it. We did it once because I was like, come on, Megan, a champion. And I'm like, oh my God. On, you know, commit himself.


He's also my mom will kill me. He's large. So I'm like, you go ahead.


No, you go. There you go. I go. It's like he's going to discuss this little baby.


Yeah. With that I was like, starts the day back. Why? While. Yeah, these are all my weird thoughts. How much? I don't think these are. I don't think these are weird. I think everybody has these people talking about it. That's we don't talk about it. That's why I built it. I can talk about all these conversations. I feel like if anyone you can give me.


This is so good. Yeah.


No, you just have to also. Are you right now, are you numb because of the breast surgery? I am numb. Oh, that's such a great quote because that's also huge in my life. And like, if I want my. Is that for you?


That's like, you know, when you they did not cut my nipples off. OK, so they go around. I had to have I basically have had this surgery a couple times because the first time I did it, I was so embarrassed and I was so ashamed. I didn't want to tell anybody that I did it on my own. And I like Googled, like breast implants. Like I went to like Beverly Hills boob dot net or some not some like a fake doctor, you know.


And he was like down by the airport. Like, looking back, I should have known this.


Oh, my God. Like, he was I was like a plastic surgeon in Torrance, California. Like, I should have known it was in a kiosk next to a tanning salon. Like it should have.


Yeah. And then so what happened was the way that he did it, he went under the muscle.


There's under the muscle breast implants and there's over the muscle breast implants and the Idit under the muscle and sailin, which was a mistake, salines no good.


I thought it was like healthier because it's like water and not so like I just I didn't do any research. I didn't ask anybody. I was too embarrassed. And then I finally, like I talked to a good friend of mine about it who had had a breast reduction. And I was like minor, like botched or messed up or whatever.


And then she's like, go to this guy. It's not a big deal. And I just looked at her. She say she didn't judge me or be like you.


I just thought if you got plastic surgery on your body, like everyone would hate you and, you know, pariah and you'd be maligned. And it was just you're selling out in your best. You're not a feminist alone. You're not strong.


Yeah. And I was like keeping this crazy secret. And she just like, oh, just go to this guy. It was like it was like, just go pick up your dry cleaning and go to this guy. Yeah. It was just like especially boobs. I was just so embarrassed.


I so much shame around, you know, it's like it's like we're shamed for not looking perfect and then when we try to make ourselves look better. You came for that too. Yeah. No, like, like I see this with actresses that are aging in Hollywood. They're like, oh my God, she looks busted. And then when they have had work done well they had worked. Oh yeah.


They go it ages tough for her. Yeah. And then well looks like they got some stuff pulled.


Well OK when there wasn't. Yeah it's getting ugly. What. Yeah. What option do with guys. Looks better and better. We also aren't trying to fuck you. Yeah. We're all on the menu for you. Hey man, you don't want to fuck us anyway. Like you don't mean to dark.


We're good you know. So, so yeah. So then the what he does is he goes through the nipple so I have a little I lost a little feeling under the nipples but not great. I'm not a nipple person. That's not my like it wasn't mine.


That became very much mine. I know. Like people change things like this, they make people change. Yeah. So that's like big scarifying. Yeah. I don't, I don't like the breastfeeding.


I'm spoked the breastfeeding. And what if they ruin that fun for me.


What if my sweet baby looks like everybody steals your orgasm.


People say like when you're breastfeeding it's just like which nipple is less bloody today. Oh. And I was like oh my God am I going to be scarred and be like, Darrell, stay away from me. Yeah.


And then are you like completely because I've when Kate Upton was on the podcast, she had trouble breastfeeding, which is crazy because her breasts are pendulous, perfect, and it has nothing to do with breast size or whatever.


But she had to just use formula and she was like there was so much shame around using formula and not being able to provide for your child.


Yeah, I heard Hilary talk about that on the hair. Oh, that's right. I was like, that must be such a mind mess up like a mindfuck of like like ah you are failing is a yeah. You're failing one you're designed to do biologically. I told my mom on the way here, I told her that story.


I was like, she loves talking about pregnancy, so I'm going to talk to her about that. And my mom's like, oh, also tell her when they breastfeed, there's something attached with your uterus. So you feel like you're being punched in the stomach while you're breastfeeding at the same time. Oh, because that that process shrinks your uterus back to normal. When I was like I lost all my weight because I just breastfed it out. It's like my body is like going back to normal.


But that shit hurts and no one talks about it. It also had its own facts of like no one talks about this shit, but I want to see abs. They split, they split.


They Teralba will be on, say, homecoming, didn't she?


I remember in the homecoming documentary, she was like because I don't know if she had a cesarean or not. I don't know what if a dart just hit me in the neck.


I was like, careful. I think everybody the don't know.


But yeah, she was talking, she talked about it in homecoming coming down the beehive just. Yeah. That Yeah.


Her abs, she had to reattach them with some exerciser. Yeah. Yeah.


And back in the day, back in the day they were like make sure you smoke cigs. You say skinny. And then before after that, they're like, don't work out because it's so dangerous for you and the baby and like, make sure you're just sitting all day. No, that's worse. So I got a trainer who works with pregnant people and she taught me how, like you said, what you want to make sure is that your abs don't split early on so you don't see a fist come out way too soon because that that gives women like the ultimate futa for the rest of their life and you can't get it back.


Is that on YouTube? Like, why not? Why isn't this just not. And I freaked out to do a video with her.


What? My trainer. Yeah. She's a miracle worker.


Like like she checks me every day of my abs. Like when I push I'm like, there's no abs. She's like, you have abs squeeze. And so I show her and she's like, OK, great, these are together. These are together, these are together. She's like, we're perfect. And like they will go out a little bit during your pregnancy, but you don't want to see you don't want it to go over here right away, do certain exercises to make sure.


Yeah, but you you can't do like a full crunch. We do like playing. So we do safe workouts where I'm like in a dog position.


What am I in for. Where are we still talking about the like to see them every day you're in. I'm on my knees and my hands and it's like cat, cow, whatever. But I pull in my I pull in my abs for like ten seconds and hold and that's how I workout my abs like this.


No one told me to tell you this was passed. So also gestational diabetes.


What's that. Well I mean, I know, but what you know, the scary thing I didn't know you. It's like diabetes in your placenta. I don't know. It's terrifying. And I was my I like, made a joke. I was like, oh, by the way, my mom had diabetes for like a month when she was pregnant. But I went away and she's like, oh, let's check you for that just in case. And I was like, that's not a big deal.


And she's like, let's check. My blood sugar was through the roof. They're like, hey, we're going to do the long testing, which was four hours of blood testing all on fasting, drinking their nasty juice and just staying at the hospital for four hours like every hour. Go back up and get my blood tested. And I'm like, I don't want gestational diabetes. I know like I'm not even halfway through my pregnancy. And it's like the scariest thing ever.


And then you wait a week to see if you have it or not. And I'm Googling like, what's it like living with gestational diabetes? And it's like having full-blown diabetes while you're pregnant. So you're starving and you want to eat everything and you're like, no, I have to be in control right down everything to cut my finger and make sure my blood's good. So scary. And then I went full Kaido and went like no sugar right before the blood tests.


And they were like, you passed.


And I was like like so relieved. But also now I'm rattled, so scared. So I got a trainer and I went full Kitto after that week of crying of like, do I have gestational diabetes? How did women do this?


And it's all genetic. The fact that women used to do. They did.


And people had to say they died a lot. Yeah, they died. And like and it's like I was like, what's the worst that can happen?


We're not designed to really survive childbirth. Could not.


And I was like, well, what's the worst that like what's the bad part about this? They're like, well, your baby could be ginormous and you have to cut them out like C-section.


And I was like, oh, I don't want a giant baby like and they could have diabetes. What about that baby? Is it a small I was like, I want to, you know, and I don't want to push out a ten pound. My mom did that with her first kid and it was a vacuum. They vacuum it now, couldn't breathe for the first hour on his own. It's crazy. He's alive. He's good.


They broke my collarbone, no way they broke my collarbone to get me out and they blocked my eye and they cut my cheek with a scalpel. It was a very you've been through it. You came out fighting.


So they broke your collarbone and then cut you off.


Yeah, they hit me in the eye with the back of his hand. The doctor, he's not a doctor anymore, by the way, was a doctor.


I don't think he was telling me that they had a bone to get out to do because it can puncture baby's lung, but they sure did.


How do they do it? With, like, a hammer his finger like that.


What's your age? Twenty nine. God bent and or bent.


Benton it's so much. It's hard to make sense. So, yeah, all this pregnancy stuff, my sweet manager over here, she's like going to have a baby later after me.


And she's like, this is great for me to learn. And so no, I mean someday. Sorry to your boyfriend. What. And they also they don't tell you that you're not. Every woman's water breaks. They say only like 10 percent of woman's water break and a lot of women, their birth plan gets fucked up because they saw in movies that and they did the right thing.


My mom got popped sorry.


Like they popped her water for her because she never could breaker's or never broke. Wow. Yeah. And I was like, cool, that's fine with me. I was like, do you feel that like, what's that?


I just I just I'm a friend of mine. Lucy Punch described because I was like, describe the pain like I want to.


I know that were designed to handle the pain and like, you know, your brain gets flooded with and right afterwards so that we you block it out, we block it out so that we'll have more kids. Right. We're biologically designed to forget about that. Yeah. We'll keep reproducing because otherwise we'd never do it again.


Yeah, but she said it was like she said it was like, what are the things that you drive that roll over things on asphalt cars.


Oh no calls steamroller. She's like it's like it was like steamrolling all my organs.


I like like my ribs were breaking. Yeah. My ribs were breaking in and I just it was like the it was like the clearest description of pain I've heard. Yeah. I think.


Yes. A man. Yeah.


My aunt broke her collarbone when she pushed out one of them. You can break bones. It's like the worst pain. But I am, I had I'm like OK, I do that thing. I'm like if I can get through this I can do anything. OK, sorry.


It's just this isn't about me right now. It's become like way like you did this a lot about you make it about me.


Just wow. There. Yeah. But then and then epidural.


I'm going to be numb dude. You're going to be only shaking like because I can't feel anything so is zoned out and then.


OK so we want to talk about the Christmas we. I know we have to let you go at some point.


Are you going to write a song about your baby when it's born writing a full lullaby album or my baby like. And then on my Christmas album I got a song called Am I Going to Present? That was originally just like a love song that I want to be like a big Christmas song.


But I turned it and said, You're my canapés and I like Pat my tummy, but you're gonna have we're going to dethrone Mariah Carey.


There's no such thing, bro. I mean, you got the one song, but it's the biggest song about. And can I can you explain. I think I know why. But why someone that understands music.


Oh, it's it's just so easy to sing along to. It's great melodies. Sounds, classic, timeless. Yeah. You could play in a hundred years from now. People be like wow what a yeah.


You know, it's one of those, it's, it's just, it's just it's just like why it's so addictive.


Yeah. It's really catchy. So I try to write all my melodies to be like a lot of dads will tell me I can't go to sleep at night because I'm just listening to your melodies over and over again. I'm singing your songs back and that's like my goal.


I love Christmas music so much because my Christmases were always bad. So I would listen to Christmas music throughout the year. Like Christmas music is just I had to like do MDR around Christmas because I it was like grew up alcoholic home, like Christmas Christmases. Family can be hard.


I mean, hard times are hard for a lot of best or the worst, either the best or the worst.


And like as we get older, we have to make our pick our chosen family down around family and figure out the way to make holidays not be a nightmare. And Christmas music was like the one thing they can't take away from you in your room and you have your Christmas music and like love and you can do it three days after, like a second. It's on. It's Christmas. Yeah. It's like December one. I'm like Christmas album, like the day after Thanksgiving.




I start playing Christmas music in the house all the time, but I see I try to make sure I have a song for everyone on the album and I got one for you.


It's called Christmas Got Me Blue and it's like this pop pop anthem that you can dance to. But it's like it's even if I feel sad, Fugate's loves that Christmas music.


Yeah, I got really sad. But you did the other Christmas song a while ago. I'll be home for Christmas.


I wrote this for myself in Nashville. That song. Thank you so much. I produced it in this room by myself and I was like, nobody's going to hear that. So people still come up to me like, I'll be home. And I hear it in the malls all the time. Not now because Crownover, but before I was like, wow, it's wild because I love, like Christmas music that you like presents do that. I love I gave you a bunch of upbeat and.


Yeah, it's like needed a lot of pop. Yeah. It's not like, like I but I do love emotional Christmas songs.


My favorite Christmas song of all time is Tori Amos covering Little Drummer Boy. Oh it's excellent.


And Melissa Etheridge did the Joni Mitchell words over the war is over.


Melissa Etheridge.


The war is over. Wow. You have a huge heart. Yes, I was a big one. Those are for. Yeah.


Very, very profound. Yeah.


I've never, like, connected so deeply with the drummer boy, so I didn't do that for Tori Amos singing and it was like she was big for me.


It's like I also picked songs like I know where my voice is. I know I'm not like interesting. I'm not the big voice that's like let's scream and hit these high notes. So I'm like, I'm going to stick with, like, white Christmas.


Yeah. Like on a jump. And I'll tell you, I'm going. I'll show you where I can shine. I want to take I don't I'm not going to come in being like, oh no I do not like I'm not I don't wanna to do that.


Not talk for five minutes.


I'm big in the easy fun happy go lucky like Rudolph you know. I almost did it.


I love that one. That's his favorite song. I love it. That's my favorite song. Are we the scene.


It's really it's one. I'm sorry and I know. I know. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I knew it happened. OK, this this happens. Everybody got just me. I know. Everyone's just using me to get to that dinner. I frankly don't blame them.


I'm just going to mysteriously die and like Instagram influence accident and Benton, I was going to show you that.


OK, Milli Vanilli, we've been through a lot this year, you know, my whole sex life that no one else knows.


So, no, it's out a hero. You are a legend. A hero. Because my generation, I want to give a master. We didn't talk about all this stuff and we all felt weird and ashamed.


I talked to everyone about it. Am I like our generation didn't do that.


We didn't talk about it. So we thought we were weird and deformed and gross. And that was all true.


That's sad. All right.


I move forward and failures and we poop like it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is what. Oh, this is the one thing I'm going to say to you. I've mothering advice for you. Oh yeah.


That I learned a big no no. OK, that parents do that cause shame for their babies and in a very sort of like deep subconscious way is when you change diapers, you go, oh, you shouldn't do that.


People do it all the time and they learn like, my genitals are gross. Yeah.


And my poop is gross. My poop is I'm gross. They don't eat well. Babies don't know. I couldn't poop in public for like years using my diaper.


I feel fine. I feel fine. You know what I feel like I remember anything like a real thing. I feel like I remember when my mom would put Tylenol on my butt, when she would change my diaper. Yeah, I like that. No, I like a later age when I was like, oh, like my last my last few diapers. I feel like I remember the feeling of being like, Mom, I know it's weird, but I don't know, OK, a tampon, it's weird.


We're like one of these are the only trauma to the door.


And I mean, those are the thing. I think there's a few memories and that makes sense. My mom used to throw up like that.


She's not like, changing, maybe not like, you know, we could have done all day.


So it'll be fine. Do they do that? Yeah. Are you going to give your baby? WOMAN No, I don't.


I don't believe in that. I love Dr. Phil.


So he says, never get your kids sit out and enjoy your life. He's like, there's no reason to hate a kid. And I believe that. And I never spanked face once when I was thirty. You said you'll never you'll never forget that time he did it. And every time I see her, I think I'm not joking. I was angry. Why'd you do that? I called her a hooker.


I know. It was actually it was ten days. I'm I'm pro like, you know, I was out of line.


I was a danger to myself and I was like, stealing. How old were you?


And then I was I just I just I was like, give you like eighteen, you know, I just said I was thirteen, but I think I was actually more like eleven, OK, at the time of the SAS and I was out and she was like dating men. After the divorce of my dad, I thought, OK, you've had all the cards, you know, it's fine. It got it makes it good. I'm grateful for it.


Help me.


You're a good person because that and it makes me relatable, but none of it.


And so I'm glad she did it because it.


So fucking disrespectful, and I was such a punk for doing that, and I was she was never violent with me. She was just like, oh, that was your one? And done. Yeah. Why don't she? And I was like, because she was like out late, like on a date, which she should have been doing. She didn't date for like six years after the divorce. She finally amama she finally did the best thing for her and went on on a date with two kids.


And you, Goldar, to try it out because you out out last night because you're a hooker. And she was like, boom. And I hit the floor and it sucked at the time, but I deserved it.




Subpanel kids at my school.


That's what I don't understand how you're twenty nine. Your stories sound like you're forty eight.


I know that. I mean there was eleven of us in my class and it was like seven what were you know, a little bit to say oh they little. But they would take you to the principal's office, they would power you with a wooden paddle.


That's so wrong. I don't know. And my favorite thing that Dr. Phil says so. So my favorite thing that Daddy feels says is the butt is, oh, never involve children in adult issues, which is like so key.


And I see adults do it with their kids and I'm like, yeah, no.


Rule number one, take that shit aside and never lie to your kids because they always know. Oh, so you can't there's no one's getting away with anything. So yeah. Something I remember like if you guys are fighting or whatever, which you don't obviously. But you know what I mean. Anyone listening like you don't.


And then they go, what's wrong? Why are you screaming? And like, oh, we were just playing acting like kids, you know, we had a disagreement and we were working it out and I lost my temper. Whatever the bad news is, just tell them they can handle it. But if you lie to them, they start to doubt their own reality because it's too traumatic to the psyche to think that they're caretakers that are responsible for their survival have flaws of shit.


So I love this shit. So what they do is they go, well, I must be bad, I'm crazy, and they stop trusting their reality.


That's why we're going to be excellent parents. Yeah, do jujitsu.


That's where it is. Like, why are you guys fighting? We're not.


We're doing it, you know, the lie and then you don't have them that you never tell them to stop crying. Oh, that's a good one. Yeah. Well yeah, yeah, yeah.


And let them figure out like because they're trying to get something out of it so you can either ignore them if they're crying and let them learn to self soothe. But no like stop crying, stop crying. Yeah. Just look at them and go like oh you're this is Robert and we're talking about this, that's all. If you're saying, like, you're crying, you're sad. I've been there. I totally get it. I understand that sounds hard like there are basic fundamental needs to be seen and understood, though.


Telling someone to stop crying is just when I see parents in fucking public places like Stop Crying in three minutes is going to make it just exacerbates the situation so much worse.


It's so tough.


You just look at kid and go like that when you're like not a parent and you're trying to help and they're like, you just feel so stupid. And they're like, you don't know what it's like to have a kid. And like, I don't. But like, I know that's wrong.


Yeah, I know. That's it is. Yeah. Yeah. And it's hard.


It's hard. But that's why I can't wait to have this because then I could be like, here's my advice. I'm a mom, but like many my blog, these little kids have kids like they're not healed yet. Yeah. You know, they didn't get what they needed and they're passing on.


Oh my God. Yeah. When you're like let's go to therapy. Yeah. All of us will go together. Yeah.


Yeah. And they just refuse the thing. You're going to be the best mom.


I think so. Oh I know.


So I think my discipline is going to be the best mom to my child because I when I worked at the mall, the kids would come in and they were like, you know, throwing things off counters and a full. And the mom would be like, you're really hurting mommy's feelings when you act like that. You're really hurting my feelings when I'm and I'm like, you have to do something.


Yeah. I think Darryl and I love we talked about hitting like a hitting. Now we've talked about saying this like this line.


I would say to adults, too, I feel like it's so powerful, I've just being like, it's all right, buddy, I'm just disappointed, you know, like one oh, go no, because it's like, oh, my God.


Like my favorite person. My mom and my dad is disappointed in me. It's like I don't know. I feel like that's a nice, subtle way of being. Like, it's OK by next time, just do a different. I'm just really disappointed. Yeah, I did. And then adults would hate that. And then also they just do everything you do.


Yeah. You can't have a decent and in Congress, you know, I mean you're right, they covid there's like whatever you do.


So it's like why is my kid screaming and they just scream and they also need to test us. They're animals like we, we, we call them humans, which is fine. But that word is like it confuses people. It's like they're testing us. Yeah. I mean, they're constantly trying to test if they're safe test of their safe. Yeah. Parents are just like, oh my kid's a nightmare. It's like no, he's just testing you because you're like yeah, yeah.


He constantly has to test you and test you and see where the line is because they're just trying to figure out if you can protect them. Yeah. That's all they want to know. And then when you can't, they feel unsafe and then they get so freaked out.


While you read my Bible, there's a great book.


It's the worst name for a great book. And if you ordered online, you might end up in Megan's Law. But it's called The Wonder of Boys and like alerts just about like like the Lord of the Flies, like what they need to do to test you and test you and test you. It's just like a really big ponder the one voice, I'll send it.


You also have it.


But it's like we conflate bad we pathologies bad behavior when they're just testing you. Yeah, yeah. And every day they need to wake up and go when, when kids are being tested or something.


Am I safe now. Am I safe now. Am I safe now. That's crazy.


Yeah that's great. And then you're going no relax. And they're like asking you because you're not.


You're not. Yeah I don't. All they're doing is saying I don't feel safe. Darrel's of self-help books.


He's been reading all those. Yeah. He gives me great advice. I just watch Dr. Phil all day long. So that's my, like parenting place where I'm like, he hasn't been canceled.


I know he's still there. He's awesome.


Yeah. I've definitely I love watching crazy people like. Yeah. With their fucked up families. I'm like, oh, I'm like deja me anything. I can't believe you would do that.


It's like the best reality TV show ever going, oh my God, you need an all night. Yeah. I go public freakouts or I'll be like I'm watching for those assholes and I'm like, how are these people?


The ones and I get in Starbucks screaming at the at the barista dude, I could watch them on a loop.


And now there's a whole new Karens. There's a whole new society of videos that's up there every day.


There should not be that many videos of people yelling like that. I mean, there's money.


And why are they white blonde girls? They make us look bad. Ha ha ha ha ha. Nevarez public freak out.


I would make sure I get uncomfortable.


I cringe, but like and everyone's like, why do you like watching sad stories on Dr. Phil? And I'm like, because if I'm feeling sad about something, I'm like, well, at least my mom didn't fuck my brother like we had dude.


We had something horrible. I loved her and that was my eighteen year. Like when I go eighteen, when I turn eighteen, what I never did. I'm going to take my dad and we're going to go to Jerry Springer and that's going to be my best birthday ever.


Like that was my goal in life to hit. That was like the peak, that was the Grammys.


That was, that was an insane. I watched that all the time.


That's the one where they're like, why do you watch that? That was like that was like sports for women. Yes. It's so good. You know, it's like, oh, we've been hooking up for weeks, but you didn't know Man Hunt would always great the whole time.


He didn't know you guys. What how could they do that?


He'd be like he was sleeping with you.


One girl is on there and she was like, she's like proud because she was like eight hundred pounds. And she was like, so I was eating.


And he was like, you were she's like, I know. Surprise, surprise. I was like, this is so messed up.


That was like the first like I don't know, like there's something like what was that like.


What is it that what does that the first like reality TV. I mean yeah. Reality TV was like, it was like the first Oh.


People who aren't in college and they always more entertaining than anything we could watch. Yeah.


Yeah. Humans are scary. Yes. What scares me the most besides death is humans. Yes.


Human beings. There's so terrible wild.


I love watching them right now. I love watching them be crazy at a distance. What happened to Jerry Springer?


I think he's you know, something else. I think that I roasted him on the Trump roast, wasn't he on the Trump roast? He was kind of a dick. Yeah.


Amazing. Yeah. He reminds me of my dad. He looks like him.


Oh, yeah. But no. Yeah, we love that show. That's all that played on the East Coast. You know, I unleased very awkwardly, but I. And these very awkwardly. Oh, are you about to break up me.


No, I'm not. Here I go. It's five thirty. Like I shut. I feel like I haven't even had to pee. You're going to go into labor.


I if we continue this, I want him to be. And I'm so excited for Pat. You think I'm a bad girl? Come on, I'm cool. Charlie. Pat.


Bobby Brown, it is a white name, but it's not that Whitney is a unisex name. It is. It is.


It's a two syllables.


So I'll give you household names. Oh, close.


No, it's not for Monty. That's cute now.


Hey, David. OK, you guys guess her name and the comments about the comedy admit engagement.


I love you. I love Christmas album available. Now, don't fuck up your Christmas by not buying it.


You'd be an idiot who? I love you. What a dream. I love you.


But we could be friends. I think we're friends if you want. I don't have many. So this is cool. Dude, I feel like we're going to be friends. I have distance. I don't know how this is going to go because I don't know anything about. Oh my God.


They were like, she's so obsessed with you. I was like, OK, she knows all about you. I was like, I just music. People scare me because it's a world that I don't know.


And there's so much like I get that comedian's comedian scare me. Oh, that guy in the whole label of them of like they're the saddest people.


Oh my God. How do I cheer up, you know. Yes. You can go in making her laugh.


Oh God. So funny. How do I know. I guess how do I get her to not commit suicide. Are you whole time hanging by a thread? Yeah. No, it's it's it's music. People just scare me. It's so intimidating because music is so there's just such a larger than life ness about what you guys do. And it's a talent that I don't it's a creepy talent that I don't understand and I don't know how to manipulate or like, you know, it's it just you don't get a lot.


You don't get it. I think I don't know why. Like for actors, big actors, they're not as famous as musicians. I don't get that.


But no, but we're comedians because no athletes and musicians are more famous than anybody. Why? Because the song I know I'm in the. But it's like our music videos were like movie stars. No one goes to a club and they're watching a TV show. Yeah. They like and we associate it. It's like we fuck to music. We like Dale memories. We get what I mean and it makes us do this.


Our shows make us go like this. Isn't that funny? Like you don't you're not judging, you know, it's like your fun time.


Yeah. Soundtrack. And if you like an artist you like love them because you're willing to sit there and actors, you don't know their names.


You don't know. Yeah.


So you're like that guy from that thing every day. That's me. Yeah.


Every person on music is something we can listen to over and over and we enjoy it every time. We're like, if I tell you a joke three times you're like, I got it. Yeah.


Oh, it hinges on surprise that you're like when we go to your show, we go play, let's play that. They don't have any comedy coming out of that big one again.


So yeah, I always have to have new style. A lot of times like this isn't the new stuff. I wanted you to have it. That's so much pressure.


It's a trickier thing. But yeah, musicians just scare me a little bit. I think definitely the generation before you there was such a machine around them and though such a sort of there were such zombies, so, so many people around them enabling them and stuff that it was just like musicians, like just the ones that I had met. And I was just like like we can be people now.


You're like human beings now. Yeah. Yeah, they like that now. So it's fun. Like you can like make eye contact with. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Now I was like oh come on TV people like Huyen you don't like wear sunglasses inside ras.


Is this intimidating though. It's definitely. And I walked, I saw myself in the car, I was like yes I love to go so I scare people.


No I've seen your shoes. You don't look too. Yeah I got my legs and my my compression. That was nice. Oh it's got a thing on the back.


Oh. About myself. I didn't go see if I wear these all day long acting gross. I'm dirty but it's ok.


OK, so I'm going to go buy a red box so I can watch this. Yes. How do I get an old Walkman. You wanna get a Walkman.


Yes. Just downloaded, downloaded downloaded websites. Oh really. Was downloaded to make her siblings so famous that they turned against her weight.


No support my child, support my unborn child and stream my song money off of.


So I guess one sense this is I like to stand up in twenty sixteen when you were like please assholes on YouTube. Watch this there so I can get point ten cents for this. Oh yeah. That's what it was like. All I do is work and I don't make any money. It was like all I do is sell tickets and I don't like ladies. I guess the broker I am like yeah. Do you also think this working because you're OK, it gets harder and the way the business change, they're like, yeah, yeah, yeah.


You had your moment. Yeah. And you're a woman and you're like, okay to be gay. So we're just going to pay you a quarter of what we pay the guys because they don't, they didn't ask questions and you don't.


They don't always, like I should be so lucky to break even on the music I like so much. I love you. I love you all equally. I love you. Thanks for watching that.


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You were.


I, I.