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This is the BBC. This podcast is supported by advertising outside the UK. One, two, one, two, one, two, one, two. BBC sounds, music, radio, podcasts. So it says, here, give this a chatty and informal feel rather than a tighter script.


All right. So, well, I'll try that. Why not?


Hello, I'm Luther, and welcome back to another series of my podcast for BBC Radio Foregrounded with Luther.


Well, this feels pretty chatty and informal, actually, rustle of paper or not.


So then I need to talk about what the different people in the show.


So I should say something like, oh, look, I'm really excited because we've got really big names like Oliver Stone, Hollywood director. Success teaches you how to deal with people.


It makes you smarter. It gives you access. Failure teaches you humility. It shows you the flaws that you made in your story.


And superstars like Sia, the singer who actually doesn't do many interviews.


So it's quite a big deal, the shadow. So your pitch perfect. Did you know that, oh, please, you're you're tickling my tummy. I'm having all kinds of confusing feelings. Likewise. Frankie Boyle, Scottish comedian, you were canceled before it was cool to be and got sort of repeatedly cancelled.


I just kept rising from the dead and get them killed again.


I should probably mention McKayla Cole will be excited that I had her on. I think they want to put her in the first episode.


You have to finish by 12, is that right? Maybe I could talk to you. Oh, my God. Don't say for ages.


How comfortable are you talking about your romantic life?


I don't really talk about my romantic life. Turn that page.


That one of the Ruby Wax, the documentary maker.


I'd heard for a long time that she had a big issue with me and regarded me as a professional rival and not in a good way.


Somebody was even wearing a T-shirt with your face on it. And I couldn't eat. You couldn't eat.


I was in a restaurant and the guy had I love Louis through and I literally I choked up my sandwich. Epic Twiggs, great voice, amazing singer does incredible pole dancing.


I was going to say I'm such a huge fan. Like, I can't even believe you asked me to do the podcast. You should have said that at the beginning.


I would have been so much more relaxed, really.


Rylan, Rylan, Clark, Neil, who is everywhere at the moment and everyone seems to love Ryan and I love Ryan funny, very white teeth and a graduate of Big Brother who actually did not disappear into the memory hole, but made a career of being on TV that grew up in East London.


So the Big Brother house was literally 10 minutes from my house and I just became a little bit obsessed with it.


A second helping of the celebrated, the controversial and the highly entertaining grounded with me, Louis through on BBC Sounds and on radio for coming to you shortly.


Whilst you're waiting, why not listen to 10 perfectly formed episodes from the first series, which has interviewees like Miriam Margolyes, Helena Bonham Carter, Boy George and many, many more. Just a thought.


I don't know if I'm supposed to say just a thought I'd done. OK, good. So what do we do now?