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Hank, the catalog's presented by Igby, just like Hank, HCB was born in Texas and has been proudly serving Texas family since 1985, no store does more than AGB. Q Code and HTC Present Hate The Gowda, starring an executive produced by Matthew McConaughey, written and directed by Jeff Nichols. For the latest of Hank to count on, subscribe to the show. Wherever you find your favorite podcast, you can also learn more at Kyouko Media dot com or by following at Q Code Media.


Let me again thank the Kouda, our bobcat sighting on the ranch wasn't good for anybody, especially when it was a bobcat is mean, sinister, troubled. My stomach and a troubled stomach can't be neglected.


So Drover and I were busy getting our fill of the co-op yard colonel's dog food, you know, the hard, dry, yellowish kind that comes in a 50 pound sack. Now, there are times I question the kind of stuff they put in those kernels and other times I just sounes not know, you know, drugger. I've often wondered how much it would cost the ranch to buy some real dolapo instead of an upturned hubcap that retains the taste of axle grease.


Yeah, I know. Grass shorten, cattle prices are down. But yeah, I also know the cowboys on this outfit eat out of plates and bowls, not hubcaps. Just seems funny to me. There always seems to be enough grass and enough cattle market on my plate for them. But you mentioned buying anything D.C. for the head of ranch security and suddenly we're in the midst of a drought and a plague and a depression. But I suppose it's better not to think all the injustices in the world too much brooding can ruin your digestion and a life without digestion as well.


Unbearable burps. But it does make a God think that the people in charge don't realize just how important their dogs are to the overall. You're supposed to be a little wiry and I don't know.


I think it's pretty hard. Of course it is. It's always harder to eat with manners than eat with the wild abandon of a home. But who wants to sound like a whole hog? Make no pretense at being civilized drover. They crunch and they smack and they grunt and nobody cares because they're only hogs who eat like pigs. That makes sense. But we're not hogs drover. We aspire to something higher and better. We try to bring a certain air of dignity to the ritual of eating the act, of imposing dignity on the chaos of experience called civilisation.


And protecting civilization has always been hard. Yeah, I'm at the Colonel's were hard to chew. Oh yes. I see.


You make a good point Pusch. I'm receiving a distress call, my ears, which are very sensitive and operate pretty much independent of the rest of my body, picked up the sound and within seconds had passed the information along to my brain data control center.


It's that it's a cat in distress. I switched my ears from automatic to manually lifted them a half inch and open the exterior flap to increase their sound gathering capacity and gather they did. What are you smiling for? Right over.


We got to see this. Come on. We were streaking away from the machine shed down the hill past the gas tanks and toward the overflowing septic tank right there. The scene unfolded before us.


Oh, you smell that?


Little Alfred had passed the barn cat by the midsection. It was headed straight for the overflow pond of the septic tank. Now, for those of you who don't know septic tanks, overflow pond is the exact wrong place to give cat baths.


But since it was a bath, Pete, who am I to judge?


Alfred lost that bet high. It was glorious, Peter, as wide as saucers as it floated out over the green bog of nasty water. Of course, as soon as Pete saw me and drover watching with Big Slobbers mouth his look, a pair changed to one of annoyed resignation. He prepared for the inevitable made worse by the audience of me, Marianne.


You know, it's so great.


Oh, the good times were over the second we saw Sallie Mae stomping out of the house. Fred, what on earth?


Pete crawled out of the muck with more dignity than one would expect. And you know what he did? He winked at me. Now, why would a cat covered in BorgWarner?


We got me more on that later, because Sallie Mae was coming in hot.


You're just being terrible today, Alfred. I don't know what's gotten into you, but I won't allow a child of mine to be cruel to dumb animals. You mean PETA? Obviously tail. And now he just look at that poor cat on cue.


Pete, all wet and stringy, threw off a trembling look that was still a tear from almost any warm blooded animal lover.


A total charade. Alfred, he's soaped. That's not nice, young man. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. I a not true but not wrong.


Cats don't bathe in water, Alfred. They wash themselves with their tongues. Well, his tongue was dirty. No, you were being mean and cruel. I've got a new baby in the house. I can't be watching you every second of the day. If you don't play nice, you'll have to come inside and take a nap with that Sallie Mae turn back to the house, but not before wagging a finger at my no.


You won't be giving my child any more days about torment in the cat Hikmat nasty. If I hear any more yelling out, I don't even know what I'll do. But you'll be the first one to find out, Hank. And she's got. Hank, speak smiling. That's not a smile, drugger, that's a smirk that sounds even worse. What are you smirking about, Pete?


Hi, Hank. You got in trouble again, didn't you? Maybe I did. Maybe I didn't. But you got thrown in the water, and that's what really matters. Yeah, that's what matters.


How is your swim, Pete? Tell us all about it, because your unhappiness is the most important thing in the world to us. Yeah.


Tell us about it. It was really very nice, Hank. Oh, no. What was it you had? Yeah, you hated it. And since you hate it is bad. We love.


Oh, I didn't care for the water itself, but there were other benefits.


What benefits. Yeah. What benefits.


Well first Sallie Mae came to my rescue. Of course you did. You have a completely bluffed out to get that tale out of my face. She didn't know what to sneak into the weasel.


You are, huh? And the second benefit is that I can do almost anything you now. And if you do anything back to me, you'll be in big trouble with Sallie Mae. Oh, you're bluffing, Kat.


You can't beat class the tinder's part of my nose.


Oh, and it hurt my squeeze shut in the field started to grow like a fever, rising up and boiling out of my ears. The cat must pay a big zig zag island again, but he bobbed anyway, even again. But he flip flopped. I only need to land one part of this cat, but then I have Haddix.


I glanced at Pete, who, even though I hadn't touched him, was suddenly limping around in circles moment and dragging one leg behind.


And but in spite of his so-called injuries, he still managed to shoot me another week.


Fakher, I wanted my cat. Oh, she's going for the glass. She got Adrover and I dodged a barrage of dirt clouds that could level the best of us. I saw Pete roll on his belly and smile. Baker for the brush drugger. Don't go anywhere, folks, and we'll be right back after a message from our sponsors. Now, stomp your feet and tip your hat, Hanken friends, they'll be right back. We're celebrating family with Texas love for AGB, HCB Family HGV, Family Sheave Family.


When Sallie Mae comes through that gate, old Hank arrives in second, straight from side to side. His tail does wag and HIV is on those bags. HGV family. HGV family. Hector Caradog is presented by our friends at HCB, Moore is a small grocery dry goods store in Kerrville, Texas, in 1995. HIV is still a family company, but they're more than just a store. HIV is all about Texans helping Texans.


That's what they mean when they say no store does more than HB. We went streaking down the creek where he vanished into the willows and Tamarack saved our lives, had only one regret about. Well, now, come to think of it, I had several regrets about the incident, but I'd rather not discuss any of them.


So we sat down to look it.


She bruised it. I don't have my full back just in that air jump to full alert position.


Yeah, it's it's like a mom is in there. Deer don't wander over the phone. I don't know what that sounds like. It's. Come on, the brush and stealthy, crouch down, establish your position. Case is dangerous, danger, stay behind. You don't need to worry about that.


Maintaining our stealthy crouch mode, we slithered through the brush up here into a small clearing and they're sitting beside the creek on a log. I saw a small boy dressed striped overalls still laughing.


He's crying and I'm crying.


I know that only a little stink pot was pulling my tail no less than an hour ago. And I know he didn't deserve a loyal dog friend as good as me, but when I saw those tears running down his face. Will you want to talk about count against my cow? Dog instincts demanded a response.


You better stay away, Hankyoreh. Pull your tail again in Maine. And now maybe it's drover, but he's my boy.


I went down to the creek bank and set aside a little after he started licking the tears of. He looked up kind of surprised and there for a second, I didn't know what he would do. Then he threw his arms around my neck and cracked.


Now, it's not that bad. My mom doesn't love me anymore. She brought a new baby and she doesn't care about me. Oh, my baby. I don't like her any more. I know, but I live well away from home or far away. You won't see me again. And I wish they had Alfred back home, but I'll be gone, gone away.


It's demanded a serious response. So I cleared my throat and ready the lecture of life lessons.


Well, I have several points to make partner here. Got in the first place, you know, did in fact bring home anything. But that doesn't mean you stop caring about you in the second place. I can testify that you've been something less than a perfect child today. And those of us with tales might even say you deserved a scolding, as we don't enjoy tail twisting as much as other forms of entertainment in the third place for that business with the cat.


I kind of agree that your mom went overboard and I may have possibly hinted the movies.


You might have strange ideas about cat and mouse House bill and help in the fourth place. Alfred Alfred.


Perhaps I liked the pacing oration get away from me. But just as I was warming up my summation, I turned around a little. Alfred was gone. Now the only thing sitting in his place was drove. Where do you go, little Alfred? You don't know who else was sitting there just a minute ago. Oh, he left. I realize that drover. But where did he go? I'm not sure. He must've got bored with your speed.


Find out that I was giving him some good sound advice. But just tell me which way he went.


Which overlooked left. No right. And finally, with some hesitation up into the tree.


No, I can't remember. Well, you better start remembering, son, because taking care of that boy is our primary mission today.


Well settled down. We know he went somewhere or else he'd still be here.


Reach into the huge vacuum of your mind, roll over and pull out the answer and be quick about it. Because if anything happens to that kid, wait. He went yes, he went across the creek, at least half sure that yes, he sat there and let him go.


Well, sort of. I thought about barking, but I've had this sore throat all day, so.


STROBER Do you realize what lies on the other side of this creek? Saying yes, saying no.


Beyond that sand drover out there out there is the dark enchanted forest on the par now trails traffic gets lost and that we might not find him. Huge trees, drover draped with hanging vines. It's dark in there and scary on every side. You've got thorny plants and stinging nettles and no one knows what kind of creatures you might find in their called snakes and all kinds of monsters. Yes, but drover, there's something else in that forest. On something that is even worse than monsters, what could be worse than monsters?


Oh, it's bad for us. Could be even bigger trouble for little Alfred.


Don't you remember Trover sinister? The bobcat went into that forest. Oh, you know, this leg of mine. You know what this means? Yeah. He was a nice kid. In many ways. It means we must prepare ourselves for the very most dangerous journey of our lives. Back to the house. Not that house drover. Or you see, what we have here is the case of the last child in the dark, unjaded forest, a forest with sinister bobcat in.


Tune in next time for the continuing adventures of yours truly, Haqq, the Cowgirl, our. Hank, the Couto stars, Matthew McConaughey as Hank, Jesse Plemons as drover, Leslie Jordan as Pete, the Barn cat Brody stars as Little Alfred and Kirsten Dunst as Sallie Mae, written and directed by Jeff Nichols. Based on the books by John R. Erickson, executive produced by Jeff Nichols, Matthew McConaughey, Sarah Green and Brian Cavanaugh Jones of Trustwave Pictures.


Mark Ericson of HTC Productions, part Greg of Stuck On and On and Rob hurting of Kyouko consecutive producers Dave Henning and Missy Nichols, produced by Alexa Gabrielle Ramirez and Tess Ryan, producer for Stuff Going On. Alison Terrel edited by Heart. Greg Sound Design and Mix by Lime and Hardy Original Score by Darren Johnson. Original Songs by John R. Erickson produced and arranged by Bruce Robison. Audio Engineering by Liminality Dialogue. Editing by Ben Milchan Sound Design and Mix.


Consulting by Will Files and Matt Yocum Casting by Vicky Boon Artwork by Mark Baird Production Coordinator.


Jack Friedemann Post Coordinator. Rachel Univer Educational Program available courtesy of National Ranching Heritage Center. And the cow dog is a tri state pictures, HTC Productions and QR Code production.


Hank, the catalog is presented by AGB, just like Hank, HCB was born in Texas and has been proudly serving Texas family since 1995, no store does more than AGB.