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It was May 19th, 1983, in Springfield, Oregon, in the middle of an otherwise peaceful, cool spring night, a car arrived at McKensie Willamette Hospital. Diane Downs and her three children had been shot, Cheryl's seven was dead and Danny, three, and Kristy, eight, had life threatening injuries a year later. Diane herself was found guilty for the shootings. In the 80s, this was a shocking headline story of Fatal Attraction. Authorities believed Diane's infatuation with a married man who said he had no interest in being a father to anyone's children was the possible motive behind her shooting her three kids.


One year later, at her trial, she was pregnant. That child was Becky Babcock. So I was 11 and still needed a babysitter. It was the same babysitter that I'd had since I was very, very young. I can remember the moment like it was yesterday, which is so weird. I can't remember exactly what was said. But I remember standing at the top of the stairs. I was in the doorway of my bedroom. She was in the hallway and I just thought, I am going to ask, I'm going to find the answers that I want.


I'm just not going to stop until I know who my biological mother was. I talked to the babysitter and made it sound like I already knew she had said, oh, so you know, Diane Downs. And that was at that point how I had a name. After Becky learned her mother's identity as a teen, it began to affect her life. My name is Melissa Moore. My father was Keith Jesperson, a serial murderer known as a happy face killer.


After reckoning with my father's past and my own struggles of living in his dark legacy, I decided to reach out to others like me. It's almost like I'm across the table from Diane Downs. I mean, it's a different age, it's a different demeanor, but there are some similarities that are clearly there. And so when I called and rule in Seattle, I just said, you know, I think I met Diane Downs trial, the one she gave birth to the trial, because, oh, I will definitely get a DNA test because I've been approached by all kinds of people who say they were the baby of Diane Downs.


And I said, OK, and this is the right person. I don't need a DNA test. I could see it. I've talked to her for years.


Becky has tried to come to terms with her mother is. But one mystery has haunted her. Who is her biological father? When I watched the twenty twenty piece where Becky meets and she asks, and who is my father? And and says, I can't tell you. She's what I call a jackpot match.


Did you find Becky's biological father?


Join me as we search for the answer and explore Becky's and her mother's past on this season of Happy Face, present to Face.