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It's one time racism saved my life, me and I was I was on a plane. I was coming I was coming from overseas and I don't know how this guy got a machine gun on a plane, but he stood up and he said everybody did a little fucking globe.


Nobody look at my face. I started freaking out because he was Chinese, I was like, why does he talk like that? With screaming and crying, I was the only brother on the plane. I thought I was going to, but I looked over. It was one of the black dude.


He's from Nigeria. I looked over at him. He was looking right in my face, man, you know, say two words to me. Just looking at me was like.


They didn't need to talk and he just was talking about the grab bag anyway. So why does on a front of a plane seat, as they were like, oh my God. I think those black guys are going to try to save us. We are just communicating that we understood the situation, we were both seeing the same thing, what we understood was simple. Terrorists don't take black hostages. That's the truth. I have yet to see one of us on the news reading the hostage that they is treating us good.


We are chilling as shit. I like to give a shout out to Ray, Ray and Big Steve. You're not going to see it, terrorism smart, they know what they're doing. You know, they terrorists, they know it's black people is bad bargaining chips.


They call the White House, hello, we have got five black. Hello. I'm having an artistic dilemma. I have two poems, one poem is older and one poem I just wrote back stage.


Which one would you like to hear?


Wait, how many foot, old one? How many put a new one? All right, so remember, if it sucks, you ask for one night at three a.m., I went to the corner store.


I forgot why. Oh, that's right.


I wanted to buy. I had the munchies because I was high.


The store is owned by Mr. Fong, and every day he sees me, he does me wrong.


He's Korean. I have never say I hate old Korean people.


I haven't met all Korean people that hate talks for savages. But even though I don't generalize, I do do percentages and averages. So far, I hate one out of five Korean people have met. So I come in the store. Hello, Mr. Fong, I say, and he just scowls at me and growls at me. Buy something Hardy up, Nayla. I'm not stealing in the least, but if you shopping and you know someone's watching you shop.


That's sure to make you look like a thief. Folks said, hey, I've been watching you since you came in the door, buy something now and get out of my store now, I couldn't take it anymore. Hey, hey, I said raise my hand. Take your fingers out of my face, kind of man. What makes you think I'm Chinese? You're not just saying you made a mistake, Brackman, Listowel, Fong is Korean.


Now, I was wrong, I was wrong, I said, Mr. Fong, I'm sorry to see him by mistake in your race. But you got to admit, if it was a Chinese look alike contest, your eyes would place you are a dead ringer for a Chinese, but don't be mad at me. I didn't mean to offend you in the least. You know, some people say all black people look alike. We call those people.


Police think it's too much out there to stress you. Our whole world is drug infested, hate infested, drug infested world. Hate drugs are the worst drugs. You know, my friend told me, you know what he's dealing with. His landlord is hooked on crack.


That's that's terrible. As pressure. Your landlord's hooked on crack. It means you've got to have the rent come around, you got the rent, not even do. It's the tenth. Come on, I need it. Let me just get twenty dollars of it now and then. Just give me the rest of the month, every couple hours. Hey, look, I'm going to need some more than rent buildings falling apart. Things came up. Comes home early from a party.


Landlords in a crib going through a shit. What are you doing in my house? I came to fix it in the kitchen. I thought it was in the drawer. I'll fix it tomorrow when I come for the rent. And I hear about drugs I hate when, like people my age and older get hooked on crack. I hate that, too. You're too old to be experiment with the drugs at a certain point. You should be past that.


You're doing it by a certain point. You just missed.


Drugs are really the old people anyway. You seventy five. You learn to write. If I was 75, I'd do coke, heroin, everything I want to give a fuck. I mean, walking down the street, a boy, that old man is trippin.


Can't do everything, maybe we've got to do some do what we suppose we he's not as bad as everything else. Sweet is a battleground substance. I mean, you can smoke Samyr and still function nueng crisp.


But your function, nothing higher than we do.


I made that mistake one time I was at a party. Some guy gave me some shit. He's a here man, take this fucking mushrooms.


I took it. I forgot all about it, you know? Then a couple of days later, I found this in my pocket. I'm thinking, why not? Because I'm thinking it's like we some background shit. I play my whole day out like it was we. I'll tell you to sit up, then I go to the barber shop, get my hair cut, and then I'll see a movie. I chewed it up so far, so good when I was in a barbershop like an hour later as funny because I was just thinking to myself was like, oh, this stuff sucks.


Tastes like athlete's foot. I feel sick, but I'm not really. Then I looked in the mirror. I saw the Babas reflection man, it looked like it looked like a big penis was cut my hair, I freaked out, I started talking to myself, Dave, calm down here on drugs. This is what drugs do you know that there is no way? That a penis can cut, hey. Last night, freaking out, man, I just couldn't take it anymore, I jumped out to cheer chair up, my hair was cut.


I think here I mean, that is gave a bob a handful of money.