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No, there are questions about Antonio. No. Well, we take all the situations with our team very seriously. And there are some things that we're looking into. But I'm I have any comment on the off the field situations or questions on that. So I know not football, but answer reasoning and I'll call on you. And as far as your work, you'll be okay.


Yeah. When we work on football or football. My coach just took over Antonio Brown. Oh, no, I got gonna get into that. We can do what's best for the team like we always do. You say you want what's best for the team. So how do you weigh with your players their performance on the field, with their behavior off the field and what's best for the team?


Well, it's a big picture question. You know, we answer it the best we can. There's no set formula. How important it is. Everything's important. Dr. Hill, do you expect to have been telling you about. He's on our roster. Bill, the other headlines, any of us. Yeah, I think I've already addressed this, so we're going to get ready for the Jets here. Happy to answer any football questions. But RUSTOW, I'm not done with the rest of it.


OK. So now let's. Yeah, I'm good. OK. Thank you. Well, here we are.