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Well, when I think about it, the history of this summer really began that night I drove over to my cousin Daisy's for dinner. She lived across the bay in Old Money East. Her husband was heir to one of America's wealthiest families. His name was Tom Buchanan.


When we were at Yale together, he'd been a sporting star. Now his glory days were behind him and he contented himself with other affairs.


I told him to call me.


Here was. Shakespeare. Oh. Oh. That was a great American novel. I'm selling bonds now with Walter Chase's outfit. Let's see you after dinner. You and I come to town. You can't catch up with the wolf pack a day on the job tomorrow.


That's that's what going going first team. All American. She made me who I am today. Forest Hills play the Prince of Wales. It's just like this Sunday. You dominate. Nick, if you're any good. Oh.


Oh, my God. Oh, I'm sorry. Thank you. Is that you, my lovely? Daisy Buchanan, the golden girl, breathless warmth, flowed from her promise that there was no one else in the world she so wanted to see.


They missed me in Chicago. Oh, yes.


At least a dozen people send their love. How gorgeous. They're absolutely in mourning. They're crying. Yes, they are wailing. I fell three meters shouting Daisy Buchanan, we can't live without you. I'm paralyzed at happiness. Wow.


Oh. Jordan Baker, a very famous golfer.


Oh, she was the most frightening person I'd ever seen. Well, I've seen your face on the cover of Sporting Life. Nick Carraway. I enjoy looking at her.


I've been lying on that sofa for as long as I can remember this summer sort of thing you do together. I'll push you in the linen closet and out to sea in boats.


I'm not listening to a word. Nick, Nick. Daisy tells me that you're over in Westhead throwing your lot in with those social climbing, primitive new money times.


My little shacks, just a cardboard box at 80 a month. Your life is adorable. I know somebody in West Day.


I don't know a single person that side of the bay. Oh, you must know. Gatsby.


Gatsby. Look at the. They dean, that is Selvi.