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Good morning, we have a busy day planned. We're leaving now for Ellington Air Force Base in Texas. We're going to spend some time on the floods. We're going to be briefed on the floods. You don't make a big investment so we can try and help Texas with this terrible flooding that they've been having. So we'll be talking to a lot of people and meeting a lot of people, that's going to be at Ellington Air Force Base that we're going to use in.


Some of you are coming with me. I guess we'll be going to Houston and World. He had a very nice big stadium packed full of people with Prime Minister Modi of India. He if I go with him and I've accepted as we're going to have a good time with Prime Minister Modi, we have here is a tremendous spread. So that will be abused. And then after that, I'm going D-Ohio. Brad Industriously is opening a 1 billion dollar plan.


And I told this to Brad, who is a great entity. I told them if he does something really spectacular, I'll go and cut the ribbon. And he said he invested a billion dollars in Ohio. So that's Brad industry. They're great people. It's a great company headed by a very great business man from Australia. So they're bringing in a billion dollars in New Ohio. And I said I'd go and cut the ribbon. And here it is.


We're ready to cut a ribbon. It's a great plan. Knowing the forces that then we're coming on and then we have a lot of work at the United Nations during the next week. Nothing's ever off the table completely, but I have no intention of meeting with Iran. That doesn't mean it doesn't happen either. Mark Zuckerberg said, but we have no intention. It's not set up. We're meeting with a lot of leaders. We have about 50 meetings set up, but Iran is not one of them.


We had a great conversation. We. Conversation I had was largely congratulatory, was largely corruption, all of the corruption taking place was largely the fact that we don't want our people like Vice President Biden is done creating the big corruption already in the Ukraine and Ukraine. Ukraine's got a lot of problems. See, the new president is saying that he's going to be able to rid the country of corruption. That I said that would be a great thing. We had a great conversation.


We had a conversation on many things. In fact, I believe Ukraine put out a statement yesterday saying that we covered many different topics. It was a warm and friendly conversation. We backed by back Ukraine from the beginning, but are very upset that other countries aren't doing the same. Germany should be spending much more friends. All of the European Union should be spending money. Why are we spending money? They're not, or at least spending very little by comparison.


So I'm not happy about that. So I would have no problem with the word is a very straight shooter. I really want to see the same thing as a lot of other people with respect to your brain. Your brain has had a tremendous corruption problem. Somehow they were involved in a lot of different things that took place in our country. And hopefully it can be straightened out. And I will say the new president had a very good job. The new president got elected based on the fact that he would end corruption.


That was probably his number one thing. While this whistleblower or whoever it was, because it sounds like it's not a whistleblower, you can't have that happen to a president of the United States. The conversation, by the way, was absolutely perfect. It was a beautiful, warm, nice conversation. And it was put out last night also by your brain. But you can't have people doing good and you can't have people doing false alarms like this. And, you know, when the president makes it out of another country, he has to be able to speak to those people.


And those people don't want to know that they're being recorded or that you have a stenographer working. You don't want to have to hear that. You can't do that to a president and you can't do that to other countries. But with all of that being said, we had a very great conversation, very straight, very honest conversation. I hope they can put it out there. Have. Well, I don't say anything, but whenever I speak to a foreign leader, I assume there are many people in the line.


I don't assume I'm talking to the later any time I'm on the phone with a foreign leader. Many, many people are on the line. Sometimes taping calls. Sometimes they're doing a stenographer. But I also saw so many people are on the line from the other side. So I'm speaking to a country. They also have people on the line. So who would say a thing like what you're saying? Now, I will say this. I said absolutely nothing wrong.


It was perfect. Listen to me. Listen. Listen. To my. Listen to me. I assume many people are on the line. I know that before I make the call and that's what you have intelligence agencies, everybody, let's do that. Call was a great close, a perfect goal. A perfect goal. What wasn't perfect is the horrible thing that Joe Biden said. And now he made a lie. What he said he never spoke to his son.


I mean, give me a break. He's already said he spoke to his dad and now he said yesterday very firmly, who would make you your son? Of course, you spoke to your son. So he made the mistake of saying he never spoke to his son. He spoke to his son. But more importantly, what he said about the billions of dollars that he wouldn't give them unless they fired the prosecutor. And then he bragged about how they fired the prosecutor.


And then they got the money. We are going on the slide today. The the very important business. Climate change, everything is very important. But today, I'm going to Texas on the floods. Then I'm going to use that on the big rally. It's a rally for Prime Minister Modi and he asked me to do it of India. And I look forward to doing fine. Undermine. Well, not only Gray. Take a look at China.


They took a tremendous amount of money out of China. Now, they ever took over a China negotiation. They would sell us out. Look at all the money made in China. The Sunny. No, nothing. The sun is a step. He knew nothing. How do you think you know, hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars. And he did the same thing in Ukraine. He knows nothing. This is a very dishonest thing that Joe Biden did.


And then he said he never spoke to his son. Does anybody believe that? What? But then he also said long before that, he did speak to his son. So he lied again. But what he said is that he wouldn't give. I think it was billions of dollars to Ukraine unless they fired the prosecutor who was looking at his son, at his son's company, the company that had done work with. And that's right. His orders thing.


And I'm not looking to hurt Biden. I'm not even looking to hold on to it, to be honest. But he set a very bad thing. He said a very foolish thing. Now, me, on the other hand, my conversation with the president, the new president of Ukraine was perfect. They put out a statement last night. They said the same thing. It was a warm, friendly conversation. There was no quid pro quo. There was nothing.


There was a perfect conversation. Not because I want Germany and I want France and I want the European Union to put up money, and I didn't delay anything. We paid the military aid to the best of my knowledge in this endeavor. I gave so much more to Ukraine than Obama did. Go back and check your record. Now I know what you said. You also asked how. Can you tell us why anybody would be allowed to buy guns without a background check?


We're looking at it right now. We're studying it very hard. It's an issue that, frankly, Congress is wasting all that time on nonsense. We're studying very hard. If Congress would ever get back to work, we could work something. But Congress is doing all of this nonsense. This is garbage that they're doing. And I'll tell you what, they don't have any time. The Democrats in Congress are doing nothing. I'll tell you what, they're going to lose the election.


You know why? Because they're not doing anything right now. It's going to get a bad. They will work very hard with some Democrats, a problem I have is that Jerry Nadler and all these people, they keep wasting time in Congress over nothing, nothing, nothing. The Mueller report was perfect. Corey Lewandowsky was magnificent. Everybody is perfect. They're wasting time. They couldn't accept the Mueller report. They couldn't accept that to me. They can't now accept the fact that we have the best economy we've ever had and we may be hitting another all time high and the stock market.


We're looking at a lot of different things. The problem we find is that Democrats have very little time to not because they're wasting their time. You take a look at what they're doing. It's a total waste of time and they know it. They know that. Well, we're working with Joe Manchin, the senator, and while working with Pat Toomey, and we have a lot of people working on this and we'll be seeing that, I'd say, over a period of time.


The problem that I have is the Democrats in the House especially, they're totally unavailable to talk because the hearings all day over something that's already been won by us. They made up a story. It was the full story. It was a hoax. And frankly, we have to get to the bottom of how it started. But they are wasting all of their time on all of that. Now, you said they weren't going ahead with those. But then you said it.


Did Robert say why? Well, he's got a job, but I could do things if I wanted. But I don't want to do that with no strong despite Jay Bell. But Jay Powell is not helping us. Other countries have lower interest rates where the prime minister belongs. But he has the right. But look, it's very simple. He lifted the rates far too quickly and they lowered them far too slowly. And it's a shame. I don't know if you head in your administration, whose job safe.


Not too many. Not too many boneheads. Brendan, we have a great I'll tell you what, we really now have a great administration. But what we have is a great gap in our cabinet has done a great job. And I don't know, like. No. He is a great gentleman, Joe. He's doing a fantastic job. And I know what he's only going to do what's right. But he is doing a fantastic job and he's only going to do what's right.


But just so you understand, the conversation I had with the president, your friend was absolutely perfect. Add people better find out who these people are that are trying to subvert our country because here we go again. These are bad people. But the conversation I had with the president of Ukraine was absolutely at 10. It was perfect. Now, what you have to do is look at the corruption or the Democrats. Take a look at how the whole witch hunt started.


Now they want to try and start another witch hunt. But unfortunately, this one is reverting now to Joe Biden. He's done some very bad things. And I'm not even looking to hurt him. To be honest, he needs all the help he can get. I'm not looking to hurt him. I'm not looking to hurt his family. But the corruption and what he said is a terrible thing that I had when I went there. How did the documentary.