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Is a higher rate than these guys pay for their capital gains alone far too much.


I mean, you could go to questions because here's the deal. And we can do questions I don't want to keep. By the way, I will not be offended when I stop if you all leave. You have to stay. But I really appreciate you coming. Let me end my formal remarks as informal formal remarks on the following. Folks like I like the United States Senate. I was 29 years old. And thank you, man. And I was 29 years old.


I wasn't old enough to be sworn in as U.S. senator for real, I had to wait 17 days to be constitutional.


I'm the first United States senator I ever knew. TENNANT Governor, the first one I ever knew. You think I'm joking? I'm not having only. I didn't know anybody by their first name before that. And I come from like a lot of you do, a fairly modest means. We weren't poor. But what? My dad lost work in Scranton. There was nothing there. We moved down to a little steel town called Claymont, Delaware. It took three years when my dad finally got us a house and we lived in what is now Section 8.


Housing was Section 8 housing. There wasn't any Section 8 dad and my dad was able to get us a lovely home in a suburban neighborhood with three bedrooms, but little house for kids. We ramp up liquids. And so it wasn't like I came for money, but I came from principle. I came for moms and dads who believe that the only important thing was that you just grow out there and do your best. The only quote that I always use was Joe and he couldn't measure success and nobody you knocked down how many times you get knocked down.


It's how quickly you get up. Just get up.


Get up, folks. It's time for America to get out. We are so much better I'm more optimistic about America's chances in the 21st century than ever been in my entire life. My word, we have the most productive workers in the world. Our workers are three times as productive as workers in Asia. Fact, we're the wealthiest nation in the history of the world and will remain that if in fact we invest in our people and not in a few and send the money overseas.


Also in a position where I've now I've met every major world leader, not a joke. Not because I'm important, because the nature of my job, I was chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. So I had that responsibility nationally. And the reason why Barack picked me to be vice president was because of my background in international affairs and my ability to know how to work the United States Congress. There the two reasons I got paid. And I bet every major one I've never met one single leader in the world, not a joke.


Who wouldn't trade places in a heartbeat with the president, United States for the problems, the present, present. They pale by comparison. I got criticized by some, including in this in my.


Among the 800 people running for the nomination for saying I wasn't worried about China. I'm not worried about China. If we do our job of reinvest in our people. China. I spent more time with Xi Jinping, the leader China than any world leader has said, at least up to the time we left office. Because Brock wanted me to get to know him at travel 17000 miles with him. I had twenty five hours of private meals with him with an interpreter.


By the way, my interpreter had always notes. And after having. Kind of strange thing, huh? Transparency's turned out to be a really rare deal. But anyway. But, you know, and he'd ask he'd ask profound questions. He. He doesn't have a Democratic meaning. Cap small d Democratic voters body. But he's a smart guy. He'd ask me questions like, do you really control your military? Not a joke because. No, no.


President of the country has ever controlled the military in China's was controlled by the party, not not the president. Do what do governors do? Because governors have no authority to move on their own in this in China and so on, and one night we're in a place called Chengdu, a town of almost 20 million people on the Tibetan plateau. And I have an interpreter whispers in my ear in Hindi in his. And he looks at me. He says, Can you define America for me?


She I can. One word. I the possibilities. We have always believed in America.


Anything is possible. Every day and every day. Every day. Every day of Boston. So, folks. In China, to give one example in China, and I don't say this with any satisfaction in China, more people are going to die of cancer in the 20s or 20, 20, 20, 30. Then all the rest of the world combined. Fact any oncologists in here, docs? You can verify that and you can Google it if you want to.


The fact is, that's a fact. Number two, they don't have enough water. Don't a TVR potable water, which Nevada has to be concerned about as well, I might add long term. But but they're talking about spending hundreds of billions of dollars to try to change the direction of the rivers so they can get water. Between who who's estimate and do you take between thirty five and forty two percent of the land, the arable land in China is blue with cadmium.


It can't grow things. They have a million wiggers Muslims in concentration camps in the West. You see what's happening going on in Hong Kong. Folks, folks. There's not a country in the world that can compete with us if we focus on who we are. So it's time to get up and take back this country.


I guess the easy questions are getting quick answers now, but by the way, you know, if they're essays, I'm going to give you a shorter answers to get it about. We got about that. Tell me the commitment with the school year, we have got another 10 to 15 minutes. So let me begin, sir. Go ahead. And none of your opponents in the Democratic nomination have fought all those characters on day. They got one or two of the words.


Yes. Yes. Well, that's a good question.


You compliment to be ready, hiring is 1000 out of your campaign is about is a terrible price. Someone is doing it. I'm just. Thank you. Number one. One of the things that this is we knew the most difficult. When they did all of all of all the color crust, upper crust, test them. One of the foremost difficult states for me to win was going to be in Iowa. Because they're good people. It's all right.


It's all Western. It's love of farming. And it's and it was going to be good, but we did. Okay. You take a look at what happened there. I mean, it was kind of like an unusual thing that I hope doesn't happen here.


No, no. I mean, in terms of the actual running of their caucus, however, how it worked out. But number two, of my support and Democratic Party and all the data still shows that we'll see is that I am the candidate who has the broadest support from all sectors of the economy. For example, I have had historically overwhelming support from the African-American community. I mean, 75 percent favorable ratings I support. So I was the only presidents who have ever been an incumbent president in this century.


The Democrats were Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. They had overwhelming support from the Afro-American community. So he can win. In my view, without that happen. Secondly, I am and I'm heading to South Carolina from here. Secondly, we're in a situation where there is a.. I have I've had overwhelming support from at the same time, working class, high school educated whites, because out of Pennsylvania, the reason I was picked to be in Barack's ticket was that that is show that how much how popular it was in Pennsylvania, Ohio and the states we lost to Michigan and so on.


And so I have more support in that group than anybody does. Thirdly, I have significant support across the board, particularly with the burgeoning Latino community, United States.


In my state, elsewhere, for example, people came together in the 2000 census when I was those are the highest increase to Latinos of any state in the nation.


And we had Spanish speaking community in my state or as people that brought that the president does not even understand. Or Americans, Puerto Ricans. He really did. And so on. And I get significant support from minority communities, Jewish community and other minority communities, the Muslim. So I think that we're now just getting into the deal. We're now getting into the thick of it. For example, Bill Clinton lost twelve primaries before he won one. He became the nominee for president.


I'm not counting on we don't know. But above all, keep kids aside. I think that we're just getting there and we've had less than two percent of the vote taken so far. And now we're here in Nevada as we have to decide how many of us were wrong. And here in the South Carolina.


Executive orders are you get overturning the first declaration. I taught constitutional law for 22 years and I am very supportive of the constitutional notion of separation of powers. So I have a lot of people running Stanhope's and first I'm going to do this and they're going to do things that they can't do, which the Constitution can't do. I can constitutionally eliminate every executive orders by.


He writing about how you divide things up here for your family. By the way, I was because I'm a firefighter. It doesn't matter what your rank believes, you're still going to have fires. And by the way, you don't cause cancer and now we can catch up. No, I'm not joking. No. By the way. Yeah. That's exactly right. But all kidding aside. All of them. I mean, I can't think of one that has been well intended.


Even look at all the executive orders, the issue relative to the idea of an EPA environment protection. Now, why? Well, David Brock and I did. Do we significantly reduce the competitors to regulations to get moving on building things that we can do? Like we did the Tappan Zee Bridge, all these things, you can do it without this rating and the environmental laws or any of the laws relating to labor.


You planned to remove children in a cage. Right? Right. That's not who we are. Here's the question what we do, the little kids around the border in the cages. No one, no child period will be held in a cage. Period. Period.


To. American immigration is all about family, all family reunification. Nobody will be deported who is here. In fact, unless they are in a position of having committed a felony while here or they engaged in a major felony, we find out we're not going to be standing outside of mass, not standing outside a doctor's office, not be standing outside and arresting people, anxiety causing. Look, here's the deal. Think about this. One of the things I'm going to do when I put together an entire plan, I'm going to do it literally the first the first time you announce it in detail.


If anyone elected and begin to implement it between now and the time I get sworn in, we have now 20 for every 100 students in school. Today is a Latino twenty five or one hundred twenty four. We're in a situation as well where we find that we have a population of people who have been here over 11 million people, and they're not all Latino, Asian or African. Across the board, in fact, I'm going to lay down a detail.


I already have written a pathway to citizenship return and make sure that everybody's getting that. They realized what the doctors, the doctors students are Mormon is, most Americans are concerned about how long it will take years of losses across the road.


No, mom made me here. I don't want to go five. I want to go there. They don't know where they're from. They've never been there. They've been good, decent citizens in a great condition. Bilat. You all know why we didn't talk about it. And I won't want to miss what we do later. But here's the deal. Think about this. You know, our Social Security system is still solvent because immigration and cost is anything.


They made sure they're paying for it. You got a mom. And that's the reason why is moving. Look, we should look at this like we have in the past. We've always had that xenophobia. People in this country like Trump and it lasts anywhere from two years to ten to twelve years. But that we overcome it quickly. We overcome it. And we opened up. My my Irish ancestors, when they got on a coffin ship out in the Irish Sea in nineteen forty nine to build a the famine.


They know they're going to make it in an hour, go live not knowing what's going to happen. But they got in and did it man. All of you, unless you're an African-American and your ancestors took you, you were taken over in the bottom, a ship in chains. Every one of you came because you had some reason to have to come. And guess what? The idea someone to sit down in Guatemala or somewhere in South America or in the West, I mean, and through the Africans, a kind of great idea.


Let's sell everything we have. Let's give it to a coyote, take it across the border to drop us in the desert by ourself, a place we don't that doesn't want us. Won't that be fun? Let's go. I'm serious. That's how we think about it, for God's sake. We have a right to protect our borders. Every country has it must. But the bad guys, the criminals, the drug dealers, the drugs and terrorism is coming through the legitimate ports of entry.


That's where they're coming through. And is a deal where will they get to spend the money, which is what, twenty for the cost for a wall? To put it into modern technology, you're able to be able to determine, for example, where the ability, for lack of a better way to phrase about boring you to have X-ray machines to sit on top of tractor trailers and can tell you everything is inside that tractor trailer. You know, where the people are hiding in there with those arms tied to there was contraband, drugs or whatever.


And you using drones and. All right. But we're not doing it. But because I don't think that's why he's doing doing he's doing what he's doing because he wants to scare people. Right. He wants to turn the other into the enemy. He wants to say, you're being invaded. You're going to break your children. The daughter left me. That's all that was all about. Nearly destroyed the sanctuary cities he's taken. But but here he's gone.


He's taken what is essentially one is in a secret role. He's taken the military arm, the heavily armed folks who are the SWAT teams.


You see get down back to vehicles with the vest on the guns and rest. He's sending them in into into sanctuary cities. It's all about trying to scare you. How many times have you hear in the twenty eighteen election that they're coming in? You see addiction's caravan coming up here by the invaded. We're going to take over. They're going to we're going to come in and we're going to do this. That the other thing we've always said, xenophobes like that and racist like this.


There are people we have a right to protect our border. We have a right to determine who comes through that border.


But but to do what we're doing. So the last thing I'll say, I'm going to surge this. The first time in American history someone seeking asylum is not allowed to seek it on American soil. My wife, I'm across the border in Brownsville on Christmas to sign on to the Thanksgiving to provide meals and squalor. We're moving into the other side of your house. It's squalor. It's unhealthy. It's terrible. I'm going to surge to the border, see double the number of of an immigration officers, growing immigration judges as well as those folks, we're focusing on making the initial judgment of whether or not someone seeking asylum is has a legitimate basis.


If they don't, you put him back on the plane, you take him back to an area that's safe when in their country. That's why. And one other thing, I'll stop on the window. But I think I understand you can't get things done or vice president. They will put together a group of Republicans and Democrats to provide 750 billion dollars to the three states in question, which are sending unaccompanied minors and say we're going to change the circumstance on the ground so they don't want to leave the first place and start in the works right away to small towns and cities in El Salvador.


I wouldn't give them money. Make sure the state. But we're not getting the money. The leaders were corrupt and we say, well, but we'll do the lighting for you. The city work will erect essentially boys and girls that will increase the number of hospitals we'll pay for nurses, etc.. The reason why people leave. And guess what? Immigration slowed down significantly. So Trump came on and said, I'm not going to fund that anymore. Anyways, long story, Bangalore.


She that after.