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Way champion of the Gypsy Tai. Up on the ropes to celebrate in front of his fans the jingoistic fervor that has taken over the MGM Grand up the Brits and the ethnically proud Irish travellers, the gypsy king is king of boxing. And there is the fame and history Rich Ring magazine bells, the green Bell, The Ring Bell and the Lineal Plain Undefeated. Let's go back to the end of fight and show you how he did it. Here's the identify right here.


That's a crushing shot right here. Quick jab. Another crushing shot right there. deontay Wilder going to be happy that his corner has a heart. You get hit with too many of those and you've already been beat up and you're already hurt. You're not guaranteed to come out the same. Click, click right on the side of the temple down. They want a ticket. One towel on the top left there, kallo from wilders' camp. And there is Kenny Bayless.


Stop stopping the fight with a teekay of victory for Fury. And it was right on time. And this was the moment that JD thought he would never see the longtime trainer. And you're right. drase got a lot of heart. I mean, the dunce's got a lot of heart. And he may want that fight to be stopped. He wanted to go out on his shield, but sometimes you got to save his trainer, has to save yourself from yourself.


Theory miss that big right hand. The last couple of rounds he couldn't land and water was just getting out of the way. But Gary, switch it up. He flipped. Fadik, they came in. That's what I was talking about all night, about having different aspects of the game, different things you can do and come the same way. Get some experienced guy. He's don't get out of the way. You've got to have something to fall back on.


That was a nice move, I think, to get the call called the corner. Throw the theories panel. His brother Shane, his wife Paris, his brother and Huie overjoyed back into that little corner breaking split the guard. Bigshots short lived, right, it was out on his feet. While there is going to clearly be headed to a local hospital so they can take a look at him. He was brave. He was game, but he was utterly damaged.


Let's go up to Bernardo. Thank you very much. Gov. Mark Warner wouldn't let me went on my suit. I'm a warrior and that's what I do. You know, I'm saying what he did, what he did is no excuses. And we come back and be stronger. They did something to protect me, which is their job, which is important. Now, how do you recover from something like what happened tonight? I mean, even the greatest even the greatest love and came back.


You know, isn't that just part of it? And you just that you take it for what it is. You said I can make no excuses tonight. A lot of complications. And like I said, we'll come back, be strong the next time around. You know, this was a big time. Boxing was all about the best, most fight the best. I'll just say all the fans that came out tonight and support the show. And I hope everybody goes back home and get back home safely.


Thank you very much, deontay. We wish you the best. And we'll speak to the champion momentarily. I hope all champions across all weight classes. Just listen to what deontay Wilder said. The best must fight the best. And when you do, you get mega events like this. Copy about stats are brought to you by proper. Twelve Irish whiskey. Look no further than the ledger of Tyson fury when it comes to power punches. He threw one hundred and sixty.


He came in with purpose to destroy, to get rid of deontay Wilder. He did so by landing fifty eight. And now he's with Bernardo. Oh, Tyson, describe what it feels like to do what you just did. You said it, you called it, and you made it happen. You know, first and foremost, I want to say thank you to my lord and savior, Jesus Christ. I said those who bring evil against me will not prosper.


I said those who stand in the dark can never come into the light. All praise be to the one and only true God, Jesus Christ. Secondly, I just want to say big shoutout, young Tae Wilder. You know, he came here tonight. He Mundorff, he really did show heart of a champion for him with a clean right hand and dropped him. And he got back up a battled on into round seven. He is a warrior.


He will be back. He will be a champion again. But I will say the king has returned to the top of the pro. Big showtime. Top rank. Big Shout Out Frank Warren, Bob Arum, a.k.a Global. Bob Beatty. Bob Áder. Coda UK. Hydrate. Second of all, I said I'd sing a song tonight. Did I? A long, long time ago, I can still remember how then music used to make me smile and sing along if you know the words.


I knew each other with every paper delivered bad news on the doorstep today. One day I can remember back when I read about his widow. Something touched me deep inside that day together. So. Then good bye to drinking whiskey. Ten minutes will be the day that I die. This will be the day that my dad can you date, say, your milestone and can you teach me how to dance the movie with I'm In Love With You so you can see can we about gay issues banner day.


It's a big the day, though. Have you ever seen anything like Tyson Fury? Unbelievable. The ultimate showman. Karaoke after claiming the biggest thrown up all in the sport. Remaining undefeated, annihilating deontay Wilder with a seventh round. Lennox Lewis, your final thoughts? Let me tell you, he said he was gonna do it in a second, but he did it in the seventh. His style did change. You did see the crunk styling there.


He came right after deontay smother them, put the weight on him, beat him to the punch with a jab. Beaten with the right hand connects and did it in. Great fashion. This ties, in theory is the truth. He's the best heavyweight in the world and he did, like you said, Lennox, when he said he was going to do to the team. And I told everybody, I said, if you can knock a man down, you can knock him out.


But the power wasn't just one way. It goes both ways. We're talking about heavyweights. I do respect Walter for standing and they took a lot of punishment. And he's probably a little worse off than he realizes. He probably has a ruptured eardrum in his jaw was extremely swollen. So I hope he gets better. But respect to both guys were taking that risk. Joe, this is why guys don't take the risk, because they don't want to risk something like this happening.


So hats off to Walter for doing it. But much respect to Tyson being the best heavyweight in the world.


Both undefeated fighters stepped in the ring. There can only be one winner. And tonight, Tyson Fury is the winner. He's the only one, the undefeated heavyweight champion of the world who has now won all four major organizations belts in his career while retaining the lineal title, as well as joining Muhammad Ali with being a two time ring magazine champion. A spectacular evening for Tyson Fury on behalf of everybody involved in this ABC top ring. Our friends at Fox and my colleagues at ESPN.


I'm Joe Tesa tour. Thanks for being with us. We remind you and our long post-fight show will air on fs1 and ESPN Chew with continuing coverage on ESPN with SportsCenter. That's it from Vegas. And that's the king.