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The part Kenny show on news talk with Marter private network during current restrictions. Don't ignore your health concerns. Our expert team is ready to help. Good morning to you. Yes, Kelly. Good morning, Jonathan, how are you? I'm good. You know, the meme that goes around of the fella with the girlfriend and they're walking along and he turns his head and his eye is drawn towards the other girl. Yeah, that's that's me and the Samsung S21 and the iPhone.


And mihrab this is a very good looking for.


It's a really good looking phone. And I think the design of it is one of the most exciting things about it. Like you'll know you and I have had these chats for, I don't know, ten or 12 years now about how you like Apple. I like Samsung. That's just the way things have always been. I've sort of dipped my toe in the water with apple a little bit over recent years, but I always find myself going back to Samsung.


And earlier this year they unveiled the S21. And there are three new models as the twenty one, the one that we're talking about, the twenty one plus, which is a slightly bigger version. And then the Ultra, which I spoke to Pat about here on News Talk a few weeks ago. And I wasn't wild about the Ultra just because I felt like a child using a novelty phone when I was using it. It's just so big but straight out of the box.


I really liked this as twenty one six point two inch screen. So it's a more standard smartphone size. But as you said, the design of it is gorgeous. So on the back of it, it's got a two tone and to two different colours, a sort of a matt finish on the back. So they've gotten rid of that glass, which was a fingerprint magnet. And it just looks stunning. There's like a little sort of teeny tiny little step up for the three camera lenses to rest on.


But in general, it is a beautiful looking phone, the camera itself as well.


I mean, the the evolution is incredible. I actually found my first generation iPhone recently in a box with a little smashed screen kept forever for posterity. But the camera on it was the most basic looking thing in hindsight. But compare that to what was on the iPhone 12 or more importantly, what's on the 21.


Like, it's incredible the cut, the type of images that can be recorded.


It's like two different things. It's like watching a crappy old VHS versus a four key Blu ray. I mean, it's just that level of clarity. What you can capture with these images is pretty remarkable. I did some camera testing a few weeks ago, so I had the Gigapixel five, the Samsung S twenty the S twenty one Olcha and the iPhone twelve and I took the same pictures with all four phones and you would struggle to find a difference between the images aside from the iPhone and the S21 just captured extra color, extra depth, extra texture that your eye probably couldn't even pick up.


So what we have on this is twenty one. We have three cameras on the back. So there is a ultra wide twelve megapixel lens, a wide angle lens and a telephoto lens, and it can also zoom up to 30 times 30. So you're getting intricate detail. There's a church in Rana Plaza. When I get the blues into the office, when I'm coming in on the days I'm allowed in, I get off at Ranelagh always and take pictures of the church and zoom in and you can capture the detail.


You can see different colors, different shading. And that to me is what you want from a camera. You want to be able to take a picture that captures more than your eye can see, as well as photographs of real life. So, you know, if you like, you have three kids. So if you're trying to capture a photo of them, they're not going to sit all that long for you to capture a photograph. You just want to take it the second the raised up and the it's like they're just sitting happy.


You want to take that photograph and that's what this does, that the speed of the camera is incredible. There's also brilliant A.I. as well that you can sort of bump up if you want so we can correct your images. It can let you know if someone was blinking. It can also find the best out of a series of first shots to let you know which one you should put up on Instagram to get your likes.


Yeah, well, of course. And that's all that we're here for. Just at the end of the day, though, I really like it. It looks great.


The camera is fantastic, but it wouldn't be much of a review if you didn't find some challenges with it. And the biggest one seems to be with the battery.


Yeah, and I was slightly shocked about this because it's a four thousand million battery inside the phone. It doesn't have as big a screen as the ultra. And the ultra battery was quite good, but I found myself reaching for the charger quite a bit. And that's something that I'd almost gotten out of the habit of, because the battery life on different phones has improved dramatically in recent years. But I am charging sort of around two or three in the afternoon again on this phone, which is slightly disappointing.


But in terms of the features, the function, the design of it, it is excellent. Now, my own personal phone that I have is a Samsung s twenty, and a lot of people have been asking me on Instagram, you know, would you upgrade? And I don't think I would. I don't think there's enough of a leap between the twenty and the twenty one to make it worth my while. If, however, you have an older phone.


So something that was maybe two, three or four years old, if not more, you would feel like you've just kind of jettisoned yourself into the future because it is an. Credible phone? Well, there's a text in from Lorna who says, I'm looking to upgrade to a new Samsung Galaxy phone later today, she's using the S8, which presumably is the the Flintstone equivalent of what you've been reviewing. It's showing its age.


But what's the best form between the essays and the 20? Not look around and fancy, just the best model in that range?


Yeah, it's really interesting because someone asked me a similar question last night on Instagram and they were saying that the upgrade price difference between the 20 and the S21 is over 300 euro, and that's a lot of money. So I don't know that I would do that. So I think if you can stretch to the 20, you will be getting a fantastic phone. You can also get the 20 feet 5G, which is a 5G enabled phone. It has a lot of the spec that the 20 has, but it's just a fraction of the price.


And so if I was going out and buying a new phone today, the one that I would buy, I think is the STF mark, is it?


Hi, good morning to you. Mark, would you please ask just the Samsung s 21, should I get it or should I hang on to see what the what the walkway.


I finally learned how to pronounce that word properly. Can't imagine why while way P fifty will have Google installed, I move from Samsung s nine to while away P thirty pro and would think bad of going back east.


Yeah I saw the P Thirty was still one of my favorite phones of all time. I wouldn't be holding your breath in terms of waiting to see if WOWI goes back to Google. They've invested a hell of a lot in terms of their own operating system. Now I've been told multiple times that it has gotten better in terms of their making it easier for you to find the apps that you want on the while way operating system versus the Google operating system. I'm still not fully sold.


So again, if it was me, I would go with the Samsung S21 just because when you set when you the first thing you do when you get a new Android phone, as you put in your email address and all of your data gets pulled across all of your emails, your contact numbers, your even your phone history, everything is there. Whereas when you turn on the new Huawei phones, you have to create a Wawa account. Then you have to go into the App Store and jump through different loopholes to try and find the apps that you want.


And for me, it's just not the best user experience. You know, I did my best with this, but even small things like I couldn't get the news talk app, I couldn't get the endo, I can't get Google Maps, all of those small things I found incredibly frustrating. Yeah.


And there would be if you're just used to functionality, if you're losing some of that, it's going to be a frustrating experience for you on software, for protecting your computer.


Just wondering what antivirus you'd recommend at the moment we use the free avgi version is good enough for what would you recommend?


Yeah, Avichai is what I use. There are a few different versions that you can get. Like I know Norton has a version that you can pay for as well, but AVG is completely fine and I think that it depends on what you want to do. Like I was listening to breakfast business this morning and I heard Rhonda Murphy talking to Vincent Wall about cybersecurity and the different threats that are out there at the moment. So I think it's good that we're all of that way of mind.


But if it's for your personal computer, I personally think that Avijit is absolutely fine.


Next question, OP is again about phones. I want to spend about 650 on a new SIM free phone. What do you think of the twenty Effy or what would you recommend? System free phones. You pay extra, don't you? Because it's not tied to a network, because that's how the networks bring you in.


Yeah, well, the thing is, at the moment, there are so many contract free mobile offerings that if you say if you spend and 650 quid buying a phone outright and then you signed up to something like Gomo or Clear Mobile, which is Vodafone's offering, you're only then paying 10 to 15 euro a month on your credit or on your bill. You're that way. So you actually save money in the long run if you do go down that road in terms of phone options, the twenty five is a fantastic phone and the other one to look at is the Google Pixel five.


I'm a huge fan of the Google devices and they are sort of the top two in that tier. So I would check the both out and then see which one you like the look of because they both are quite similar in terms of spec and capability, etc..


James says, I'm working from home on my desktop computer. It's linked to my wi fi modem with a cable. Is there a dongle I can get instead of having a cable moving from one room to another? James, be very careful. I did something to my network at the other the weekend before last night, killed everything stone dead and had to start from scratch. So you have to tread carefully when you're interfering with that religion.


I just stupidity. All this guy shoeboxes stopped working. I don't know. I changed the password and I changed the name of the router. That's what happened to me. OK, OK.


So again, as ever, when I'm on with Jonathan, the advice is don't do what Jonathan does, just ignore what he says.


There are different things that you can do, so you can. First, they look to move your modem that doesn't involve changing passwords or anything like that, it just literally means moving the point at which it comes into the house that can be a bit of a job depending on who your provider is. Alternatively, look at some of the Wi-Fi boosters and range extenders that we've made. Things like the 10 to NOVA, which is a Wi-Fi mesh system, is fantastic.


I think that would be my first one to check out, but it shouldn't be that much of a headache to try and find a workaround. But I do think 10 Enova is the way to go.


And if you want to waste three or four hours of your life, then try it my way because you know that happens. Gary says, my Chromecast has stopped working. We lost the plug that came with us when we connect to a new plug to the Chromecast. USB cable is not working. When it's connected to the debate on the telly, we get a message saying no signal. The light on the Chromecast doesn't come on. Gary needs to watch telly.


How do we help them?


Yeah, this is a pain in the face. And unfortunately, I don't I think you do need the proper plugs, the proper bits and pieces that come with this. There are repair kits that you can guess. I am from Google. As far as I know. You can buy the different bits and pieces wash there for two euro. So it may be more hassle than just going out and buying a new one, which I know is probably not what you want to hear.


But unfortunately, these different devices and I spoke about it on tech talk a few months back, it does actually matter what plug you use with different bits of tech because they need a certain wattage going into them. So unfortunately, I don't have an easy solution for you.


OK, bye bye, Neil. That's the easy solution that does cost a few bob. Tech talk is available from the go load up on the news talk dotcom website.


Just Kelly, thank you as always. We'll talk to you again soon.