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Right, you tell it off and up to bat. No, I never go back to 30 now. I'm not even tired, I promise. Make it easy on yourself, John, and just let her stay up. No, we said we're getting back to the usual routine. Looks like I have to be the bad guy again.


Five more minutes, please.


Remember what we agreed about a routine. You can finish watching that tomorrow.


It takes a hero to be the bad guy. Healthy routines start with sleep to get bedtime back on track and start your kids on the way to a healthier life for more ways to start. Does it make a start that I brought to you by, say, for the HSC and Healthy Ireland? That Pat Kenny show on Newstalk. Towns around the country have suffered again after a storm Frances swept over the country and last night bringing severe flooding with it in West Cork, recently hit by storms and the flooding has been a devastating blow.


We're joined on the line now by German Murphey, chairman of the Battery Business Association chairman.


Good morning. Monica, what is the situation like in back in Bantry, I know you you were up half the night checking it out. Yeah, but midnight last night. Maybe just a little bit before. Phones started helping, I suppose, street and Main Street and taxis were getting very heavily flooded and so a bit of panic. I've never seen electricity on a subject to did that know. So devastating for the television. You have a business yourself from the town, was that affected?


No one, very few advantages to have your business up. The over the finish up. So I was OK, but downstairs was quite badly flooded. And most businesses, I'm honestly the most business, I'm on one side, industry in particular, were quite happy. So the floor is completely wrecked. A lot of. And shattered, completely destroyed the camera shop and completely washed out from the floor of all conference rooms. No, we're not very grateful.


I'm about to this morning, to be honest. I just I could imagine.


Now, tell me, are there, you know, regular floods in Bantry? Is there a flood relief scheme? Did it work at all if there is one?


Well, I suppose there are, yes. And I have to tell you, the further down the square, mainly we're up to somewhere in here, even though the square to get a lot of flooding last night as well as high tide, tend to back up the coast and the river systems in the towns, though, there is a program in place. And to fix this, and it still hasn't been finalized yet, but I think if this doesn't.


And put it small bit of a hurry on getting the culverts and the understood Domenzain sorted out in town, not really, because it's just kind of happened again today. This is a disgrace. And I mean, the county workers were here all night last night. So this is a fantastic job that's still out there cleaning and stuff like that. But we have to go up a couple of levels and maybe examine what's happened in all the West Coast towns, in particular in the last last couple of weeks.


No country hasn't been so badly hit. Skibbereen and Sinden tend to get a bit more water, just like last night was insane, really. But to be honest, it was river flowing down the streets.


Have you ever seen that kind of flooding in Bantry before?


Once, when I was a kid in 1986, I think from I wouldn't give him the year, but but I remember as kayaking up in the 60s for a couple of months sitting behind them. I don't think it was in August. And I didn't spend a lot of work had been done on the drainage system. So it hasn't been obvious in the towns, you know, where near that distance. You know, this is absolutely. I've seen the videos.


Yeah. It was the water being pushed off. The first thing off the tarmac on the roads and footpaths have been destroyed. Roads have been destroyed.


Businesses would be 20-20 is not been a good year because many of those businesses not not that long open after being locked down and hoping for a bit of business.


And now this. Yeah, I mean, what kind of cooked the season was fairly good and people don't have a very, very responsible in relation to isolation's, social distancing, etc., to kind of keep the figures down and to a season that is the NFL season. But it's not that way initially. But then they realize that's, you know, people will be very quiet and quite respectful and said, look, we get some bit of a season of the bad weather last week and knock it on the head a little earlier.


And the snow really is a kick in the teeth. And it's yeah, it a lot of between you and, you know, GMG is absolutely sound, Gosset, you know.




It's not often that comes across on the radio, but it does now. It is like we've have been really doing well over the last few years and put it together and trying to get process back on the map and, you know, this year was, as we said, look, let's read it off. We had a cruise line industry that has been developed over the last five or six years, more 10, 15 years even to kind of bring a lot of business into town this summer, potentially into all that was canceled.


And, you know, the tourist side of things is quite clear. We have a lot of quite a big local population as well, which keeps the town going all year round. But the tourist season, when it was fairly good for some people, the bars obviously didn't get to see any of that. And that's another issue for the snow at the end of the season going into winter, facing serious storm damage. Whether the flood damage, which is quite difficult to fix, is going to test a lot of businesses.


Really, I think the German thank you very much for joining us and show that night to 5:00 in the morning, brushing off of the doors.


It's trying to salvage something. The government really, really needs to get their act together and get back to work. The holidays this time of year, you know, people are not happy with. Dermot Murphy is chairman of the Battery Business Association chairman. Thank you. Jim Smith had mentioned Bandhan. Well, Tim Lambert is a federal senator, also a farmer in the area, and he's on the line.


Tim, good morning. Good morning, David.


How many properties were damaged in Bandhan compared to Mormon tax moment for your salt Main Street? And also it was previously and you're probably looking at maybe 15 to 20 properties. What happened here last night was wrong. Half twelve, one o'clock in the morning, water began to that was probably the lowest point, actually, of the major. Like we've we've questions to be answered after 50 million viewers, how bad it could get further to get us absolutely beyond belief and the drains for the drains cleaned their work.


The question here is that whether water pumps are due to kick in. So what happens here is you have surface water running containing tanks and was contained by pumps. Questions have been asked here whether those pumps were actually turned on. They were actually connected over a very, very angry and disappointed. As I've been told you, definitely people are looking for answers after literally ten years of disruption.


So, Tim, millions and millions were spent on this flood relief scheme, which involves this the storage tanks and the pumps and so on. And it certainly did not alleviate conditions last night. I mean, was it do you think, a possible that this was so vast that it overwhelmed the capacity of the pumps or where the pumps and that whole system designed to cope with exactly what you saw last night, which shouldn't have ended up in flooding, but simply the water being disposed of?


Yeah, like the actual the actual three main drainage schemes since they've been finished up to more than that. So it's very, very, very popular scheme wouldn't be what to fit on your phone. My project and the wind is catching your foot. Just a question. I mentioned that you're a farmer. I mean, how are the farmers coping with this?


Oh, look, I think look, I want cereal crops yesterday for our local farmers. We've had down here and have been off of cereal 80 percent to spring varieties spring. We have cost 50 per cent of the crop last. And that was after walking yesterday. I haven't walked today. So like we have a huge issue regarding particularly the actual cereal until the last day I sat on the ground. It's just absolutely freezing like this most of August. And it's very hard to describe.


But we've had 10 to 12 days of rain that I've never seen in my lifetime. We've had something like 150 miles of rainfall in the space of 10 days. We've had flooding in places like the Mallee Skibbereen Quilting Ring Standard and Bantry, like West Cork, has been absolutely destroyed regarding the catchment area and the fact falling. But the one thing is I've got to mention this is it's the resilience of the people. I think, you know, abandoned today is open for business, Bantry.


Today it's open for business. You know, they've bounced back straight away. They might have walk through the night to actually get to premises, off roading, but they have bounced back. And that's a great testament to the people and to the character of the actual people on the roads.


All right, Tim, a lot of clearing up to be done today and many questions to be answered as to why the relief system did not work as it was designed to do. And perhaps answers will be available to those questions later on in the day. But for the moment, Tim Lambert, federal senator and West Cork Farmer, thank you very much for joining us from Bandon.


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