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When the city is in Kansas, inspiration can kiss at any time, but when the unprecedented occurs, things can go from inspiring to violence. Try you again.


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It was bang out of order and it shouldn't have happened. It shouldn't have happened. There was too many dead with no social system. So much soever. So we're here outside all of a bomb flats in the heart of the inner city on the south side and dominate for you with the young people. What they just wanting to let off steam or also to rave and should it have happened?


It was kind of a. If you look at it that way, the audience I don't know whether all this is getting to their heads and that's confined to a certain space if you get me away to the normal club or whatever. Did it wake you? Yes, all night. All night long, all night. Eyes are still hanging off the back of my head. You're still tired? Yes. This happened Saturday. It's now Monday morning. Yeah.


Yeah, but it did affect you did. And fair enough. The local circuit. I only clear what was left of it. I hope it does not go down again. Please God, don't you worry about the comfort because I want you in this part of the city. They are higher than ever. Oh God. Yes, yes, yes. Especially lately. Yes. I do have friends who've gone down with it. I have one friend that I particularly worry, though she feels for her.


Yeah. Because she's kids. So she's got no she has COPD. Yeah. To we're walking into the complex and we can see the kind of football area where the raid happened. Quite a large area. And this is, this is where it took off. You were a resident here and all of a bond flats.


What sort of age group were the young people having the past fifteen to twenty eight, say at least probably younger to know the music is just too loud. I only live there. So it was mental. I had them on the stairs pissing cut them off. It's not fair on the people that live locally, but it was a mess more so than the noise. So they were urinating. Yeah. On the stairs that they live here too. Now most of the work from the flats they want from the police, most of them I say five, least ten of them all from the flats.


Most of them are from the flats. I could see it all because I only left. They went from the flats and the house.


The socially distancing message, not through. No, the young kids at the end of the day as well. They do want to have fun everywhere, as close as people are saying. So it is people just want to have fun. But it's not fair for the people that live here.


And you worry that they could be spread and covered in the flats, not the young kids. They're trying to have fun. They don't understand. We're absolutely disgusted about what happens in the complex, you know what I mean? There a few most of the people that were it and I don't even live in business. So that's around 400 flats altogether. A lot of elderly people as well. Yeah, a lot of elderly people, young children, you know what I mean?


It's just not it's not OK. And we want answers today. This morning, we're having a chat. You're meeting up. You're traveling to the city council, the manager, and you're trying to get answers. But try being the operative word. Yeah, obviously, this was caught on social media, but there's also CCTV around here. It has the message not gone through that the top level three plus. And there is a big risk, of course.


I'm sure there is, but they don't care to. Bottom line is they don't care dating. It's not going to affect them on the fact that even if there were some recreational drugs found on the ground, how does that make you feel? It makes me feel terrible. Terrible. I'm appalled. Absolutely appalled.


The residents had nothing to do with it. It just went ahead. And we have a football team that would like to take over the football pitch and look after a kid at night so we don't see what goes on in it. No, we wouldn't be happy about what went on. We had and we had to clean it all up. Then it was left in a bad way.


So you want to come down in your pajamas and pick up all the rubbish. And that was that was a bit of drug paraphernalia.


I won't say we were in their pajamas, you know, dressed. You're in your pajamas now.


Don't worry, we can't see we had to clean around or talk about 12 men and women to get in on clean and on and off. We took 20 bags of rubbish, which we found brought everything on, has the message of covid-19 and the risks and the fact that Doberman's and Level three hasn't got through.


No, no, no. They came from everywhere. As I said, you weren't from the flats. There was taxis pulling them from all over the place. They came from everywhere. I went all over and everyone came.


It was loud music going on ultra tonight. What? It finished, I'd say, 6:00 in the morning, so it really did go on all night. The guards were called, they could break it up, but then it continued. They came back and went back. Yeah, but a separate. People want to have a party of the and barely move them into one little area.


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