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The part Kenny show on news talk with Marter private network during current restrictions. Don't ignore your health concerns. Our expert team is ready to help. Well, now two very familiar voices. In our own ways, Bruce and I have been on parallel journeys looking for a way to connect our own individual searches for meaning truth than community with the larger story of America and over the course of a few days, all just a few miles from where he grew up.


We talked. It made sense. If you're going to be a rock and roll star, you're going to play the guitar were cheap.


I could actually work a job, which I did. I saved up 18 dollars, bought a cheap guitar. Then I started to learn some Beatles style twist and shout.


The folks keep it down. Down in a dead man's town, the first kick. What we discovered during these conversations was that we still share a fundamental belief in the American ideal, not as an act of nostalgia, but as a compass, that hard work that lies before. OK, that was Barack on the bus, Bruce Springsteen and former President Barack Obama in an original podcast series, Renegades Born in the USA, which you can find on Spotify.


To tell us more about it, deputy editor of Hot Press, Stuart Clark. Morning, Stuart. Good morning.


Yes, the Barry and Bruce show the president and the boss have become close pals since the former left the White House last year. They sat down in Bruce's home New Jersey studio and had the chats, topics of discussion, including love, fatherhood, race, religion, politics and, of course, music. Obama loves his Bruce, Bob Dylan, Maegan, the Stallion, Jigglypuff, Hozier and Steve Bridges. The resulting aiport podcast is being made available on Spotify.


As you say, the first two there now are the very warm, funny and intelligent. I was thinking for balance. Spotify also have Donald Trump talking to Ted Nugent. That would be very interesting. The Obamas have also signed a production deal with Netflix believed to be worth upwards of 100 million dollars. So they're doing OK out of office. Yeah.


And the next time I hear people complain about the teachers salary here, I'll point them in that direction.


And now new music from an artist that many will not have heard of. Madison Beer. Now, that's called a default from Madison. Tell me about Madison Beer Stewart. Well, first of all, that track gets even weirder as it goes on. What a voice. She was 13 when she was discovered on YouTube by Justin Bieber, who broke the same way. In the eight years since then, Madison Bear has refused to become your typical teenage pop star and built a following online with billions of streams, a real DIY ethic.


As with Billy Eilish, she is the boss and goes where the artistic muse takes her. I'm guessing her record collection includes Levana Radiohead, Kate Bush and plenty of Mariah Carey. She could hit those notes. She's had mental health issues, which she's been very honest about and generally speaks her mind. Those streams all add up. She's just bought herself a five million dollar mansion with pool and spa in California. Madison, it's her real name. A star is born, I think.


OK, now let's hear some more new music. Now, that's and that fits with a very odd name, really, and there are many other names around Richie Sacramento is the title Mogwai from ASLAV continues No. One this week in the UK from Glasgow. They've been around for 25 years and have always done sort of solid business. They used to bury their melodies under a wall of noise, but no more. There are still rough edges aplenty, but this is more of a pure pop record.


The majority of the songs are instrumental, but the guitars do the talking for them. Great playing. John Peel, the number one supporter back in the day, would be so proud. Now we must mention also the new album from Wyvern Lingo awaits you light out today and sounding really good. We plan to travel to that next week.


Okay. And finally, festivals might be back. Yes, some good news and it's good to be reading and Leeds festivals in August, I'll go see the organisers there run by Festival Republik, who are also the people in charge of electric picnic. There we patzer dream, dare we dream.


All right. Stewart, thank you very much for joining us. Stuart Clark, deputy editor of Hot Press.