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That pot candy show with Majeur, private trust, Ireland's leading private hospitals with locations nationwide, including Dublin, Cork and Limerick. This is News Talk. Well, it's Friday.


And so the deputy editor of Hot Press, Stuart Cork, is joining us. And I suppose for people in the Dublin area that might be looking for something to entertain themselves with if they are forced into a bigger lockdown than currently. So this is the first one from Stewart's selection today. Have a listen.


I never thought I'd be where. So who knows where it will be tomorrow? I think now and then of my younger self, a sweet green girl with her joy and her sorrow. I work every day to make her proud, her voice was broken, so I sing a love. Every moment of the day that I second guess every step I've taken to where I stand is a moment for road, is a moment blessed by a sweet green girl with a pen in her hand.


I work every day to make her proud, her voice was broken, so I sing along. I work every day to make her proud. Her voice was broken, so I sing aloud.


Now, that is lovely. Stewart, who is it?


It is Emma Langford, a song for my younger self from her second album, Sewing Acorns Out. Today, most of the other songs have a full band, but her voice alone is enough. It's gorgeous. A singer songwriter who's done things the Old-Fashioned Way, she's written and written, toured and toured and built up a massive following, which is now getting her to number one on the Irish iTunes chart, part of the Women in Harmony Collective who covered The Cranberries dreams.


You can still donate tax safe to five zero three zero zero. A very proud Limerick lady. She won. The first Dolores O'Riordan bursary awarded by the family to outstanding local talent was also best newcomer, the Arty Folk Awards. There is a traditional lilt, but the songwriting is very contemporary and Emma never shies away from social justice issues. On Twitter, she's game for a fight song. Acorns, a fantastic record.


Okay, reminds me that particular track of Judi Zouk. If you remember her from years ago. Stay with me. Is a name to conjure with.


Oh my goodness. Yes. The album, though, has a lot of those harmonies. You know, self-harm is very, very good.


Anyway, this is a Bob Marley song with a different treatment. Have a listen. They gonna be all right. So been with. Morning smiled with the rising sun. Jeanne. Singing songs, singing melodies. Toots and the Beatles from the new album Got to Be Tough. An album release tinged with sadness.


Yeah, a close friend of Bob Marley, Toots Hibbert, died earlier this week, a 77 from covid. He'd he'd been doing interviews for the record just days before. So it happened very, very suddenly. Ziggy Marley is the guest singer on the song, which was written, of course, by his dad way back in 1976 and appeared on the Exodus album to stop the Jamaican charts no fewer than 24 times, which is more than Bob Marley hit Celebrity Fan Club includes the Rolling Stones, Sting, Schneid, O'Connor and Ringo Starr son Zak Starkey, who played drums on the record.


Ringo shook his tambourine. The voice was still immaculate, and it's a quality collection of songs. One of the all time greats, Toots Hibbert, will be sadly missed.


Now something completely different. All right, Stuart, who's that Flaming Lips Assassins of youth from the new album American Head. It's a real acid trip of a record great on the headphones. You could be in San Francisco circa 1968. It's pop of the weirdest variety, Nashville star Kacey Musgraves, I guess on God and the Policeman and is the perfect counterfoil to Wayne Coyne. They made a couple of really awful LPs, but Flaming Lips back on form. LP, I haven't aspirations for a long time.


Long player, EP, extended play, LP, Long Player. Well, now you want us to play something that's going to stick in our heads for the whole day.


Have a listen to didn't I. Sitting in the morning at the diner on the corner, I am waiting at the counter for me to go to coffee and he fills it only halfway. And if I even argue he is looking out the window and somebody come in to do. Right now, it's quite different, Stuart, from the original Tom's Diner, but it is the same voice, Suzanne Vega, that's from her new live album, An Evening of New York songs and stories, a bit of a Springsteen on Broadway vibe, a massive hit for in 1980 or 1990, rather, when it was given a dance makeover of sorts by DNA.


I'm amazed No. One, I'm amazed that no one's made a film of Tom's Diner. The song is so cinematic. Recorded live last year at the Cafe Carlyle in Manhattan. A sort of alternative best of it's nice hearing a voice that hasn't been auto tuned or sampled or looped, just very natural. I remember her playing an amazing show many moons ago in the Limerick Savoy. This album has that same warmth. Suzanne Vega still going strong.


Hmm. Now, we've just heard some news that Van Morrison is releasing three songs, which are to do with lockdown.


Yes. And Lockdown songs starting next Friday at fortnightly intervals. The first is called Born to Be Free and the second, no more lockdown. There's definitely a theme during the week. Ian Brown from the Stone Roses are no Gallaher. Both came out as a. mask and were taken to task by guess who, Pat? Paul McCartney, Jedward, who have turned into social justice warriors pro Marse pro common sense, they've also had some exchanges with Jim Cole, which is interesting.


You've got to follow the twins on Twitter. The music might be horrible, but their rhetoric is fantastic. I mean, do have a great sense of humor.


Yeah, but the GEMCO exchange I have and it's very witty quoting from Coras songs and all the rest of it now before they get bombarded.


Can I just say I am pro mosque and pro taking things slowly in returning to live gigs and everything. I know people are out of work. It's absolutely awful, but we have to be sensible.


So yeah, Van being very controversial.


All right. Store clerk, deputy editor fortressed, thank you very much.


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