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Cool Chinese vase. I'll give you 20 percent off. You know why? Because we're conservative and we're good guys. You start to show Mandi's liberals man, Amy Koenigsberg. She's up there in the Senate and the Senate is doing their constitutional duty. They're following the Constitution. They're holding hearings. But the liberals, they're kind of sad because they don't believe in the Constitution. Yeah, and if you ask me, in my honest opinion, they're hypocrites and they don't really cherish our Constitution, the only church state constitution when they can when it fits their agenda.


Dare you ask me personally, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong, but I don't think so. I don't think for one minute if Hillary is the president and the Democrats had the Senate, they would be doing the same thing.


Yeah, same thing. The reason why the Republicans are moving ahead, because this country is at war. We had a civil war. Yeah. They know we got to get us a Republican judge. And now somebody that can actually read somebody can actually interpret the Constitution and not use the Constitution, reinterpret it to fit their own agenda. Exactly. That's why they're moving forward, because the the left, the Democrats, they like to call themselves Democrats now.


They're socialists. They're Marxists. Yeah. They've shown how radical they are. So the Republicans know, hey, we have a Republican president. We have a Republican majority in the Senate. Yes. Move ahead and let's protect the rights of this good country and our citizens.


Yeah. What's wrong with that? All right. So Amy Klobuchar.


Hey, man, she cried. She cried and cried, man. Check out. We cannot divorce this nominee and her views from the election we are in, we didn't choose to do this now to plop a Supreme Court nomination hearing in the middle of an election. They did.


So the reason people aren't going to fall for this is because it is so personal. The over 210000 people who have died, the school canceled the small business clothes, a job you don't have the degree you couldn't get. It's personal to me because my husband got covid early on. He ended up in the hospital for a week on oxygen with severe pneumonia. And months after he got it, I find out the president knew it was airborne, but he didn't tell us.


OK, let us hope that your husband came down with covid-19, but my grandparents came down with covid-19, so has millions of other people know what I find? Well, she didn't know covid or Barres could go airborne. You a member of the Senate, you're a senator and you didn't know viruses can go airborne.


That's crazy to me. Just viruses are just walking around. They don't fly anything. They just sit and wait for you to pick them up. I mean, your senator, I would think you would be able to comprehend that a bath could go airborne. Yeah, if I got covid-19, I'd jump on a plane. Guess what? Debt virus is airborne. Yeah, look here. I mean, all viruses can go airborne. Yeah. I mean, like AIDS that's typically can be spread through sexual contact.


I tell you what, Jack Layton there. Yeah, it's airborne.


I mean, seriously, let's think about this. You didn't know viruses go airborne. Yeah, that's crazy. All of them can go airborne. The flu, you sneeze. It's airborne. Yeah, I can do it. Yeah, I got aids. I spit. AIDS is airborne.


Yeah. Habas if there's blood in there, you certainly didn't know viruses could go airborne. Jesus Amy, where have you been.


I mean they go airborne but it's not like they're, they're like. It's floating around in our. Checking it out. Look, there's Amy's husband.


He has no idea, Mirabela, I'm a flouride brunette suckles nassp damn liberal. You have been there. It Amy, come on, race is hail, Amy. Amy, you talk about the president and his favorite people, I mean, yeah, that's a fact. He's fired people, but it's nothing against a law. It's not a crime to fire people.


We have a president who has fired or replaced five inspector generals, Senator Grassley, who has fired an attorney general and FBI director and is now going after their replacements.


Yeah, if he's not doing the job, if the president is not doing your job, he can't fire you. Yeah, heavy. Yo, I mean, y'all didn't see this coming. This man had a show called The Apprentice. His thing was foreign.


People shouting Y'all didn't see this coming. You're fired.


He did every week. Yeah.


I mean, personally, from my own experience, I've had like six jobs got fired from all them.


Yeah, it's nothing new. People get fired all the time.


I'm sure if he could fire you, he would fire you.


Yeah, because you're horrible. And you know what, Kamala Harris, she put in her two cents. She actually said we need to shut down this whole hearing because of we we experienced a global pandemic. It's too dangerous. Come on, a Komala. Look here, you got door greeters at Wal-Mart. One hundred and seventy five years old with pacemakers and colostomy bags greeting people.


Y'all are U.S. senators making six figure income. Y'all can't go to work, but people at Wal-Mart can. Making minimum wage. These people are going out working. But you can't fulfill your constitutional obligation. The American people need you. Yeah, we need you right now. And y'all tumble down. Can't go to work. You're crazy. Hey, you know what else she said? She says we shouldn't do anything like this right now with the judge until the virus has been eradicated.


As crazy as, hey, I don't care what watchout got coming out. Well, what do you call it? Vaccines. I mean, that's like eradicating a flu. It comes back every year.


Yeah. You can't eradicate the flu. You can't eradicate AIDS. You can't eradicate covid-19. This is here to stay. This is a life changing virus. So y'all need to get to work. I mean, Beltane eradicated that like the flu is going. Let the virus you come back.


It's twenty, twenty one lying around. Go check on Amy's husband again. Don't like him. He a damn liberal. He go, oh, he's wearing a mask this time he knows I'm airborne. I like a good challenge. I go in this time.


Well, we've got to do that because that was too easy. Hey, man, you liberals are ridiculous hypocrites, Republicans in the Senate, we got the majority. They're doing nothing wrong. They're fulfilling a constitutional obligation. When Republican president, if you always in the same position, y'all would do the exact same thing. Yeah, they say and they keep bringing up the point. The people are voting. They want to be able to decide who's to justice.


The people who already did, the electoral president for four years now, three years and 11 months. Yeah. Even Obama said this.


I have fulfilled my constitutional duty. Now it's time for the Senate to do theirs. Presidents do not stop working in the final year of their term. Right. And American people, they elected the Senate. Yeah. So what the American people wanted, this is what they wanted. Now, if for some reason Trump should lose and now take over the Senate and somebody else drops dead on the Supreme Court. That's a pipe dream. Daniel can do jousting.


But until Dan. The president is doing a great job. Trump put on a 20 year. It was a damn good show, good oficial, half twins, dotcom, and take you out a patriotic T-shirt today. Hell, I mean, to give you 20 percent of disturbing discount code Chinese buyers, we call it Chinese because it's from China. We make t shirts. Great again. We are.