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Yeah, oh. Let's start the show, may we got a damn good show today, it's a damn good show. We got some proof, Mayor, that the Democrats. They're hypocrites, we got it, we got them, you are like this is something new if you pay attention, everybody knows the hypocrite is being facetious. Yeah, they do this on a daily basis. The only people that don't realize that Democrats are hypocrites. Yeah. Is.


Because sheep don't call them and you're being too hard on them. Call them constituents. And as you do that, many talk down people. I mean, the hypocrisy from Democrats, I mean, it's been on full display for years, yeah, do as I say, not as I do. And it's like, you know what? I didn't even know. Here's the video of Nancy. She's in a salon up in San Francisco. I had no idea the child are still closed down when it comes to salons.


When you're waiting on the open up.


These people that worked there, they got what I mean and don't make no damn sense. I'm here in Vegas to Barbossa. Open salons, open gyms open. Why is salons closed in San Francisco? Keep this in mind. A hundred and sixty thousand deaths have been attributed to coronavirus. Yeah, six percent of those deaths. Ninety five hundred lives. Yeah. The sole purpose in that death was covid. You think about that girl still closed for this virus.


You can't go out, you Solano's you entrepeneurs. You can go out and provide for your families while this lady can walk in because she speak at the house and do whatever she want to do. And this lady has criticized Republicans. Yeah. President for not wearing mask. How they how the prisoners got people killed in this country because this virus and look at what she's doing.


I'm not even mad. Nancy, you got your hair done. Yeah, I don't even care. I'm still wondering why this is a story. Why? Because some Ciscos Rampa Democrats just still closed. Yeah. And you, speaker of the House, only you get to go in and get your hair done. I don't even know that was a hair man I thought was. That's a nice damn wig if it is, that's not a wig I saw her at those be.


Like, I don't care, you got your hair done once you get you've got your hair washed and the blowout, you could have been dead at the house. I think you got a crume to a. You could I mean, if this pandemic is so dangerous, why are you up in a salon with no mass getting your hair done? People's out of work because of this virus. The government in the areas did the salon, so not even open a look.


They've been open up September 1st, but they've got to be outside.


She said, I'm waiting for. I'm going inside, get my hair washed and blow out. Nancy, you got a lot of explaining to do. I went to a Twitter, she's going to issue an apology. No, she issued this statement.


It just would not accept the science, the science, the science, the science that says you must test, treat, trace, treat. You must wear your mask. You must have sanitation. You must have social distancing. What foot? Bigger sign of disdain and defiance of science could the president have had. But to have all those people gathered on the White House lawn sitting next to each other, no more social distancing, rarely anyone with a mask.


I'm like, man, lady, come on. Her looking great. Do her look good.


You are walking advertised for Salon itself. Cisco now back up. Make sure. Yeah. I'll go and get her. Did Yeah. Man give him a big porchetta unit. It put it up on the wall. May all kinds of levels are going to hurt the.


What a shame that. What a shame. I mean, for weeks, months, she's been criticized and Republicans for word, Marzook, you up in a House and how it is nice. Is she over 70? I think she in the 90s may know she's she's up there. I don't think 90. He looked 90 plus, don't she?


She looked she looked about 90 some.


Don't she look like she's in her 70s when a woman did a damn thing about him. Is 90 something. Well seventy nine to the all look the same. But anyway the kid now does not.


I'm sorry. You do like you in your 80s. You look about eighty nine. Look seriously look.


And this virus OK. Over one hundred six thousand deaths. Right. I mean this is from the CDC. I'm not making this up. Yeah. Yeah. The CDC. Of those one hundred six thousand deaths, we talked about this yesterday, a hundred and thirty thousand of those 6000 deaths, this nancies age is nancies age or older man, you are reckless woman. The majority from Kovik, people just like you, but you know why she's not what, no Mesko because she's seen those same CDC numbers.


I saw only six percent of the hundred and sixty thousand deaths that's been attributed to covid. Yeah, the sole purpose in those deaths happened. Those six percent of the deaths has been attributed to only covid. She knows that. Yeah. Ninety five hundred deaths. That's what we lock down this country for. Ninety five hundred, of course, one life is important. Ninety five hundred people died in this country every day from flu.


Nobody quite like the swine flu bromates, like, let's stick this. I mean, what do you like down the country? People is dying from AIDS. You don't need to lock the country down. Need to. Put stuff around people's perfect read so they don't have sex. Yeah, everybody needs to wear a mask over their pelvis and sex.


Now, seriously, like when Obama was in office, the swine flu didn't shut down the country and shut down nothing. Somebody in a salon is a rat. You talk to your friend, not a Trump supporter.


They looked at tapes, right, to Fox News. There's a mole inside of that salon there.


Let's see. But I mean, I'm thinking people are starting to open their eyes up and them damn sheep ain't open up to them.


People, morons. The homeless problem in Nancy's district is insane. They're like everywhere, just needles lying on the street, people taking dumps on the street. Very liberal heaven, I'm in this place, I've been in some parts of South Cisco, not been to Turkey as well. Is that right? If I say that, if you think it is, don't even say.


You do not eat racist because I've been like, well, yeah, to us conservatives, but liberals. They simply disagree with you. They call you a racist. Well, I I'll give you an example. I will give you from my I don't care. I'm saying it I've been a subject of some of these areas when I when visited when I was in the Marine Corps down in San Diego. I want to take some of these places, have Cisco look like T.J. Awana.


I seen some places, A.J., like that in San Francisco. Well, rich white people live it, T.J., Yeah, got all that and white privilege up in the mountains, the white people retire, they retire.


I'm going to keep down here. I don't know why these people are coming.


I mean, y'all got a maid here. I bought this mansion for twenty dollars.


They're here, you want to go to San Francisco and pay two million dollars for a Democratic House and pay tax cuts because it's America, they don't need a.


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