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I really love you. Without a doubt. I can't wait until I see you next week. We should make out. We can put on some some music and even light some candles. Phleger can film noir. Better yet, we all know that our love is what is actually too hot to handle.


Wow, talk about an election. It's real close, dude. It's scary close. Yeah, I didn't think I did not think we're going to be this close. I, I'm so surprised. I'm so surprised at how well Biden is doing. I didn't think he's going to do that. Well, I will be honest.


I woke up this morning covered in blood related to the election. I believe it to be related to the election, the 2012 election. I, I woke up. There's blood all over my face, over the blankets, evidently in my sleep. I was so concerned with the with what was happening in Wisconsin and Michigan and Pennsylvania that I started clawing at my face. If you zoom in, you can see a little hole that is formed in the side of my massive fucking nose.


Why here? Just dripping blood and. It's a real bloodbath out there. It really is, yeah, it. Do you guys know today I woke up and obviously hit the Internet immediately to see what's going on as any sane person should be.


And as I'm looking what's going on and I'm looking back of what we had in twenty where we're living that year that our kids are going to talk about.


I know. I know in your history book and you're like, man, that was crazy.


Lived through it. Yeah. I don't wanna do that again. I don't want to be the year that people talk about. I just want to go.


It's no, it's going to be good because when we have kids we don't have to be present anymore.


Like, trust me, there's going to be technology like Dave and I were talking about today when we're like 50, 60 feet up, let's say like, yeah, we probably had enough. We just slip in our VR headsets and we can just clock out and go be young again in a peaceful time.


You're already. Oh, you're abandoning your kids. I will not be around.


I'll be one hundred and fifty years old in a fucking VR headset on Mars, living my best life on the Oculus.


Yeah. So President, the next president is not the only thing being voted on in this election. A lot of ballots, including Prop 22, which passed here in California. Right. Lyft and Uber and essential services like Postmus as well as insta car can continue running.


Also Oregon or Oregon or Oregon Trail, Oregon, Oregon, Oregon or Oregon.


Oregon measure one ten. The decriminalization of all drugs you can now legally possess crack cocaine.


No, no, not away. I should stop.


You are you are up for a max fine of one hundred dollars for having anything from crack to heroin to your.


Oh, you're lying. You're lying.


This is voted by a fifty nine percentage vote. Now this is I tweeted about this the first step in something that may work better than the current drug war, which we've employed in this country for a long time that hasn't worked. The war on drugs has not worked. And, you know, other countries like Amsterdam and other places in Europe have decriminalized the use of all drugs, offered safe places for users, offered even utensils. Clean needles they offer can needle in certain countries.


And so they they're going to be taking some of the money from the fines that you can get for possession and devoting it solely to drug addiction treatment and recovery. I think they've found that jail time for drugs does not work. Exactly.


Once they stop looking at this as like like let's write them off. These guys are losers. They're criminals, criminals, and start realizing for what it is. And it's ill people.


They they got all this anyway. They need rehabilitation. So it's honestly, I'm very proud of that.


And also, I can't wait to see if it works coming. I'm I'm in line to follow.


I think the theory is that if you're going to do heroin, you're probably going to do it regardless of whether it's legal or illegal.


Exactly. It is exactly one of those things. Yeah. People want with a gap. So, for example, growing up for us, cigarettes wasn't poppin.


It wasn't like I mean, for me, I don't know, I no, no, I think you're right. You're right. It was.


But also it wasn't like a big no no. You know, I mean, like it was like we already know it's bad for you. I don't want to do it. Yeah. So I feel like once it's legal and we'll be more educated on it, people might not want to do so.


That's crazy. That's they also fully legalized psilocybin mushrooms. And I haven't looked at the whole bill and I don't know if it's if it's medicinal or recreational, but I saw a bunch of bands from the Oregon area, Portugal, the man great band that I'm a huge fan of, promoting this bill to legalize psilocybin mushrooms. You know, there's been a lot of discoveries around its benefit for PTSD sufferers, anxiety sufferers. And so I think you're going to start to see psilocybin testing rear its head in many states as well.


So Oregon leading leading the front on on a lot of drug related stuff. Holy shit. Is that still in? Our fuckin producer is.


He's back. All right. All right. Hey, relax. Your hair looks incredible. That's amazing.


Yeah, we we got we got to Dillon, our producer back slash booker, because, you know, with Courtney, it was becoming hard to to nail down guess and looks like a good.


Good to have you back, though. Yeah. All right. It looks like he's been spending a little bit too much time in Oregon with that hair now. Yes, it looks good.


It looks good. Marijuana. I'm excited to see marijuana. Yeah. Legalize five states, five more states.


New Jersey, Arizona, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Arizona.


Didn't get it. They went straight to rack. There's some legal stuff going on also.


Also a lot of a lot of steps taken to increase diversity in the government. You know, I'm sure there's some people out there who like slash don't like that. I think it's a good step forward for people of non binary. And, you know, there's. A lot of other measures on the bill besides just Trump and Biden, and I think that that decision is going to take a little bit longer than we thought. One decision that won't take too long is who our guest is on.


Yes. Yeah.


And Paulson is quite the advocate for political reform. Oh, yeah. I want to bring her on to our guest today.


Makes a lot of rack's with Iraq, where she's a model and entrepreneur.


She's the founder of Shaggs Mag. She's flashed a World Series game five. And she's my brother's lover for now. Ladies and gentlemen, it's Julia Roberts.


Here we are. We are good to have you, thanks. Welcome to the shit show. Oh shit.


It is that real shit. How you feeling? You feeling as in as much turmoil as the rest of us Americans at this moment in time? Yeah, definitely.


I feel like whenever there's change, there's turmoil, you know, so that's true.


But but but some of them some markets are thriving. The stock market went up today. Yeah, my portfolio won it.


I know. That's what I'm thinking, too. Strangely, I thought the uncertainty would push it in the other direction. But I mean, what up six, seven percent? Good.


You diversified in that way. Like, I know you're a businesswoman. I want to talk to you about all that stuff. Are you like are you diversified?


How are you going to diversify? I'm not going to dive deep into stocks right now because.


No, no, I mean, we can we can dive deep if you want, but I'd rather not.


OK, well, even like you have some money in stocks are not at all.


Not right now. No, I've definitely done research with stocks. One of my main goals is to be the youngest woman to IPO. So I have to go up from thirty five in order to do that. But I'm definitely like, listen before like it's only been recent within like the last couple of years of like trying to learn. There's a lot of lingo and terminology that goes into hard.


So yeah, it's hard, it's hard to force yourself to do something that everyone around you says is important but that you don't really care about like I really did. I envy your business acumen because I didn't really care about anything business related to my my manager.


Jeff is even shaking his head over until like honestly, like recently. Yeah. Maybe the last eight months. I think it was just maybe like a maturity thing.


Yeah, I, I feel like they should start teaching that in school. That's what sucks is like you don't really learn anything about stocks or anything like that in school. Yeah. I like in high school and something at least in Texas you don't learn about Ohio is the same.


The curriculum is disappointing to say the least. I mean, even history we're talking about, this is the general history in Texas is Texas history. You don't even really learn about like world history. You learn Texas history.


Well, Texas is the size of the world. So like technically, Texas is the world. If you're in Texas, right, you're in central Texas, like there's not much else you need to know. Did you always have a passion for business or was that something?


No, right? No, not at all. I kind of grew up and like the customers are like waiting tables and bartending and like really diving into, like, the service industry. Never. If you had asked me like five years ago if I would see myself ever being like a CEO or businesswoman. Absolutely not.


And your business has taken off to like I pulled up your your your Instagram profile here. And I will be honest, just can't just just being on it feels like I'm cheating on my girlfriend.


It's a it's a dangerous place to be for four men in a relationship. Why?


I just. Well, she voted, that's the girls twice, actually. That's great. There's just a lot there's a lot of skin and there's nothing wrong with it.


But, you know, if I was just like if I was casually browsing Instagram and I was on your page, I. I don't see my girlfriend Josie not saying like, hey, what the fuck are you doing? Yeah.


You know, you know, does that make sense? There's your demographic, primarily single males.


I can't say single males and females, single single males are very, very quiet, married men. There you go.


It's very quiet, but definitely males. Yeah, definitely males. Yeah. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to be like, yeah, I have enough. What's the percentage?


I'd say 90 percent men 90 2010. Uh, you women.


I actually think in Texas I would 95.


I find if I had of some bets on it, I must say ninety three. You say ninety five. Ninety five. Ninety five. Five. I'm not a betting man.


Come on. You're not a betting man. I would say she's I mean I'm trying to think of some other stuff. I bet you do use the ninety three. I bet you one hundred and you do some stuff in support of the female body.


But I would go a little bit. I'll say, I'll say I'll say eighty eight.


Twelve Palazzi. It's not popping up. Fuck that. Ninety four. Six. I change my doing something wrong.




Yeah. They take a bit to look a little shadow.


Let me see here she has this screen where the person next to you Peter. Yeah. We call it the chief getting on my phone.


They know I get, I get called out. I have nudes literally like my phone case is George.


You got it. It's ninety two male. Eight percent. When I have cash up I have Apple pay that I surprised somebody has that on the screen. I get so like what. I get it. I get it.


But like even my phone she says it. Your users stay with me. I'm constantly have other women's nudes on here. So the last thing I want is someone next to me being able to see, like if I'm going to the magazine or what I'm doing, I get it.


It looks bad. No, no, no, no, not you. You hit it right on the head, but totally like. Yeah, like again, you're a businesswoman. Woman We keep we keep talking about this business when we should we should qualify. I qualify for a second or so prior to the only fans boom that was made twenty nineteen to twenty twenty. You had already started a magazine by the name of Shag Mag which was a subscription based correct magazine for exposing a nudity.


Very tasteful. Right. Not not super sexual in nature. Yeah. What did you how did you how did you feel about the kind of off boom. Did you feel slighted by it? Did you think, you know, it confirmed your belief about what you were doing? How has it been for you competing with the conglomerate that is only fans?


I wouldn't really necessarily they say like they're a direct competition and definitely with the boom of it, it was a bittersweet thing because I feel like it definitely opened up a lot of people's minds to it. One model's it opened up a lot of models, minds to the whole nudity thing, but it also opened up a lot of investors minds in Silicon Valley when they saw the boom of it. So it definitely changed people's opinions on like around nudity in certain platforms like that.


I will say, though, it did like it was bittersweet because a lot of women would come with us first and do like topless, like pose topless for the first time in shag rag and then go on to create and only fans. So definitely feel like we were helping them in a way. And that kind of that site is like, OK, here we are. We like put on all this work. We have models post for the first time topless and they just end up making it only fans.


But we do it in a different way. I think the content on Shadmi is completely different than the content, not only fans.


What is what is it that differentiates you? I would say it's it's the way it's shot. We definitely do like different like heavily not heavy, but different themed issues. We've done like Mad Max. We've done like the Fast and Furious type thing. We just did like a James Bond type thing. And we like to do it in a way that they can see these girls in a light like they haven't seen them before. So, you know, we take these influencers and we kind of put them in this, like, fantasy category where these guys are like maybe big into cars.


So we throw like a major model into cars and kind of shoot her in a way that she hasn't really been shot before. OK, cool.


So there's a little bit of a taste that's not not just like a bathroom mirror, like. No, no. And our photographer, Sam Dameshek, he's actually been of course. Yeah, he's one of the he's a brilliant, brilliant photographer. So he shoots it in a way. You know, there's a fine line when you shoot content like this. And we like to stay on like the class year end of things.


Let me ask you something. Do men care? Yeah. Do you think?


I think well, I think they care because once you pass a certain threshold, you know, they feel like we'd like a gateway drug. I think there are nudity can be like sometimes men will want more and they'll see how much they can push and they want more and more and more. So if you keep giving them that, it's hard to go backwards. So I definitely think they care.


These models that you featured in Shaggs Mag that then transitioned to only fans, did you expect them to stick around? Was that because only fans is very beneficial for the model? Yeah, like no themselves.


It's like my you own Shagbark. So similar to the way like.


Playboy uses playmates, yeah, they're employees, right? Yeah, 100 percent. I mean, because we always like to say, like Shackman, we like to call ourselves like one of the best comments we've gotten is that Chad Myers is Playboy's hotter sister. So I like to, like use that in a way. And it's hard because obviously when Playboy did things back in its day, it was a completely different time and it was easier to have more like sign talent, dedicated faces of the brand.


And nowadays it is harder with platforms like only fans. And it's not that I like wanted to stick than stick around. It was just kind of like, you know, you start this movement and you get girls, like, really comfortable with it. And they just and I'm 100 percent supportive, like, I want them to go off and do their own thing. But it was almost like only fans was benefiting from Shaggs not getting their foot in the door.


Yeah. These models that you feature, this is this is fascinating to me.


Do they come to you saying, I want the world to see more of me, I want to utilize this, uh, this this body that I've been blessed with? Or is there, like, convincing from your end to say, hey, I think you have potential in this arena? Yeah.


I mean, anything goes hand in hand. I think in the beginning it was more on the second part of like I kind of had to, you know, find these faces that I could kind of get them on the same page with the vision and like, understand like this is a celebration. Like when you come out and you kind of see like, this is who I am and you own it, I had to, like, really, like get them on board with the mission and stuff.


And as time has gone on and girls have really seen the platform and like what it stands for now, it's kind of came to where it's flipped and girls come to us and they kind of like really want to get behind it. There's still girls that, you know, are kind of unsure and they want to see like the brand and what it really stands for and what a shoot looks like before doing it.


I think there's a certain level of reluctance on certain girls parts to join only fans. It's a it's a it's a strange obstacle that I think that they'll continue to struggle with that, you know, only fans is only built for a certain person, right? Yeah.


Have you thought about parting with a portion of your IP, a portion of your ownership, a portion of the revenue that comes in as a result of someone taking part in one of these magazines? Or are you completely sticking by the idea of of employing people and and giving them a feature to boost their socials? Right.


Yeah, definitely. I like I like giving girls a future booster. So what are you saying? Like, have someone future, like bringing someone on in the magazine and give them equity?


Yeah, I just think at the end of the day, like as more and more people join only fans and it becomes more and more mainstream, you're going to start to really wrestle with the idea that that girls get in their heads that, hey, I can go do this on my own channel, make 400 thousand dollars, you know, for a good, really solid shoot if it's a big enough influence or I can go do this for free for a social bump from Shagbark.


And so it's like at what point do you start to twist your business model to really get competitive and really start to bring in the right people?


So they sustain on top saying, well, okay, so this is the thing is I don't see us as a direct competitor with only fans. I think, you know, it can kind of go hand in hand where a girl. Yeah, she can continue to do our own thing on only fans. But when you come on the show and you get a boost, I mean, we've had talent within twenty four hours gain one hundred thousand followers from being featured, which then directly correlates into only fan subscribers, which makes her more money in the end.


So I don't think I'm trying to compete with these girls only fans. I'm not saying like you can only be in Chagai. I can only be an only fan. It's kind of just like a boost. It goes hand in hand. If a girl growing on only fans, they want to see her in a way in Shackman. Let's bring on Shackman. We get growth from her fans and she gets growth from our fans. So it's kind of like a correlation.


It's it sounds more like a media play, which I'm sure you already know. That's a platform. Yeah. So like you're similar to a bar stool. They're not trying to be the best in town. They're not trying to, you know, contest or compete with Facebook or Instagram. They're just another rocket ship for an already existing, you know, model or person. Yeah, exactly right.


This is a new platform that within five years of some things in the five year mark for me that I consider that new. Yeah. So my question to you is, have you ever brought a girl on, did a whole production and then right before it launches or maybe a day at the launch, they're like, hey, I don't want to do this.


Can you pull it out and knock on wood? No, we have not had that happen yet. I think what it's normally they're more apprehensive in the beginning and then they come on and they work with Sam, they work with me and they see like how professional the sets are and how well orchestrated it is.


And it is like a production. It's not just like a, you know, iPhone type photography. And I think once they see the professionalism in it and they see how passionate I am and the team is about like really, really making a difference and like shooting this kind of content, I think it's they're even more excited to release it. Like once they see the physical issue, I think on set, you know, still they're kind of like, this is really fun.


But, you know, you want to shoot everything in film. So it's not you get to see it immediate. So then once we get everything developed, they get to sit there and look at it. They're even more excited and they're like, yeah, let's fucking do this.


Oh, is this is this scary posing nude? Like, because I'm be honest, I feel. I'm confident in my body. I got like one of those hot bods I even covered in my micropenis, but I don't think I could walk around a set with, like, a bunch of people watching just straight up nude. Is it different?


I mean, it's definitely it's different and it's different. And like, obviously, being a woman in our generation, it's still really not OK. But I think that's why I want to do what I would. You know, if it wasn't scary and it wasn't different, I don't think I'd be doing it. I don't think I would be wanting to do it.


So, yeah, don't get me wrong, it's definitely scary when you put yourself out there. It's probably one of the most vulnerable places you can be. You're just kind of like, this is me, take it or leave it.


But I am so sorry. Answer is, your mom can tell you, OK, we're going to do it.


But no. Yeah, I mean, like I said, like people are always like, is it scary. Is one hundred percent scary. You're putting yourself out there. But if it wasn't scary I don't think Shackman would be Shackman.


You're absolutely right. Here's why this is interesting, because I know you grew up in a conservative household.


I read somewhere that you weren't allowed to wear a bikini until you were 18.


Yeah, well, what does that jump look like? Well, so I grew up in a really, really small town in Texas, like we had like a gas station, a library, like it was a really small town. And we kind of just grew up. You know, you're taught that you have to be covered in order to be respected. And I wasn't even really to wear shorts unless, like, my fingertips covered like the ends of the shorts.


Like if I raise my hands and my stomach shut, my dad was like, what are you.


You had long arms. Exactly. And you have one answer.


That's that's that's in some way, if you don't mind me asking, what is the relationship between you and your father now? So I actually so I was adopted. I have my adopted dad who kind of raised me, and then I have my biological father, who I met when I was 13. Both relationships are like, you know, pretty rocky. But I know like it used to be bad, but now it's like in the mindset of like it comes from a place of love.


Like at the end of the day, they are a dad and they do have, like, their, you know, different outlooks because of how they were raised. So it's not and not looking at us like, oh, they're they don't agree with what I'm doing because, you know, they're out to get me. It's more that they don't really get it. They don't see it.


And like, are you guys still communicate every once in a while? I mean, we're not like talking every day, but it's definitely like a check in, like, how are things going? They don't get like they truly have no idea what I'm really doing.


Oh, so they don't know you're doing this magazine know they know what they know about Shagbark. They know like the gist of it, but they have no idea. Like the scale of it. Like what, what, how much work is actually put into it.


You've got it. So they clearly weren't watching the World Series back in D or the Stack or at Six Flags. No Six Flags. Yes. Children there. No, she she got in like. Oh yeah, I did get I get in trouble. Can I tell that story. OK, ok. Well OK, first of all, there is a lot of thought put into that. It wasn't like, listen, I know there's kids at Six Flags.


I was sitting front row. It was the tallest roller coaster in Six Flags. OK, so like if anyone could see that, they're like no one can see that so well.


I mean, one of the quarterbacks I'm twenty seven and I can't probably even ride that ride right now. So I guess, you know, no one was in front of me.


And this is the thing is every time someone says kids, it's like, listen, I get it. But like, I don't feel like kids are the ones sexualizing nudity. I don't think a kid looks at boobs and is like, I think sorry, but older men, middle aged men are the ones that sexualized nudity and women sexualized nudity. And so, like, they automatically think the kid is thinking what they're thinking.


Do you think do you think nudity has lost its its sanctity because of the Internet? I mean, like what what eight year old kid out there hasn't seen a set of titties, you know what I'm saying?


Like like I was nine years old. That's first piece of porn I ever Googled.


I type the girl's boobs, but that's what she popped up, which is crazy, which is crazy that there is actually probably kids there first, but we're all for.


Absolutely. Yeah, but, you know, is that cool of I mean, some some kids.


Your first vlog was there.


First of all, do you think do you think a kid's ever going to come up to you in like ten years to be like Julia?


I got to tell you, you're the first pair of boobs I ever saw.


Oh, I guarantee you that I'd be that. Be a moment. Let me a moment. I remember the first nipple I ever saw was it's a big dude. It's a big deal from your mom's. Yeah, it was my mom. Oh.


I mean, I guess if you I don't even remember seeing her just like me because like that, you know, when you when you get like five or six years old, eventually, it's probably not a reason you should be seeing your your mom's nips you breast.


Depends what I did breastfeed, but not in kindergarten.


I know. Pam told me breastfed until first grade bullshit. I was like I was like, I don't know.


No, I was in school and there was a girl walking to my right, like I say her name, obviously. What grade are you in? I was in fifth grade. OK, so when I first days of fifth grade as a girl walking to my right and we had heard about these these so-called boobs.


Right. But they didn't. Is this really that much of a fourth grade and also in the fifth grade, you know, these girls are developing these curves? I was like, this is crazy, but anatomically, biologically impossible, some of them. That was why it was that was why it was special, because only the select few had the curves that were on the microwave.


Luckily, the girls, the girls that were loved horses were the ones with curves. I can't believe you said that this girl was the horse Crazy Horse girl because she laughed like this. You know, she rode horses.


That's that's fucking crazy.


But anyways, yeah, I remember walking in her her shirt, like, was it wasn't taught.


And I like, snuck a peek and I was like, this is you. This is the greatest day of my life. I just saw my first nipple and it was I was a moment 20 years later, I'm still talking about it.


So I think I think there's definitely room for you to make a serious impression with your boobs. Thank you.


Can we go back to the to the growing up for a second? Do you think that the quote unquote tight leash that existed for you, that was put in place by fathers that were adopted father or whatever, could have led to this way of life? Do you believe in that, that idea that a tight leash sometimes leads to the person then breaking the collar?


Yeah, I definitely think I've thought about it a lot because I've thought about this of like, why I'm so passionate about it. But I definitely think listen, I think however you grew up plays a huge part in who you become. But I think it was just kind of instilled in me. I'm just I never I never understood it. Like, even when they were like even the boys would run around, like in the sprinklers out in the front lawn.


I never understood, like, why do the boys get to run around and just swim trunks? And we have to be like, fully covered, just like, I don't know, I just never understood why it was so important. Like I should be respected no matter what. If I'm sitting here topless, I should respect it. If I'm sitting here in a suit, I should be respected.


Can I ask, was that before or after you started coming into your own body?


It was it was it was, I think throughout like even when I was like like first grade, a little like I'd be like, I don't understand. Like some instinct. Yeah. Just kind of like what I guess my grandma like, OK, well why do all my you know, my cousins, all the boys, they get to run around literally like underwear. They were just like in their boxers running around the sprinklers, like why are the girls taught?


You have to be completely covered in order to have the same respect as them.


So I just kind of just. You didn't like the double standard.


Yeah. From from a young age, but then you grew up as you grew up.


And then I think I appreciate the double standard now because, you know, if I was a man, I wouldn't be able to do what I'm doing. So there is a double standard, but I wouldn't necessarily say it's a bad thing. Are you capitalizing on the double standard?




And, uh, oh, there's a lot of double standards that exist between women and men. Yeah. Are all of them unfair?


I'm not going to say any like I don't think they're unfair. No. I mean, I will say, like the pay the patient, that's that's pretty unfair example, dude sleeps with a lot of women, so fucking boss woman sleeps with a lot of men.


See, that's I mean, when it comes when it comes opinion based, it's hard to judge what's fair and what's not fair because like when it comes down to opinions and like who cares about what a girl is doing versus what a guy is doing like that. You're like, how are you really going to judge if that's fair or not, when it comes down to like what? Just of like a man and a woman at the exact same position at a job, a man can be paid more than her.


And it's like money, like it's it's value. Like I say, that can be judged as unfair.


Totally agree. I totally I totally agree. Not everyone. Everyone in this room. Yeah.


But there's a lot of people that gender based wage gap. I mean. Yeah, there's a lot of people out there who still believe that men are superior to women in the office or in the boardroom or whatever. And that shows when you look at the top levels of corporations and and companies.


What about the what about the what's your opinion based what's your opinion on the double standard of promiscuity, promiscuity, assuredness?


I mean, I definitely don't think it's fair. Like, I, I can get it because I feel like it's it's values that have been, you know, instilled in us from very early time of like what an exact woman's role, men's role, relationship role is. I don't I don't think it's fair.


I don't know. This is the cleanest way that I could put it. My opinion just clarifying it.


I think if you're a slut, you're if you're a guy that sleeps around too much, I think herpes is herpes.


You get it. You got it. And I mean, like, it's going to attack you. I will say that's not an opinion.


I think that I think it just kind of came into play like guys, guys are more slutty than women are.


So my opinion is you can't put it in your pants and every single person you meet, you have to get us out of like, OK, there's an issue. We have to talk about it.


But overlying, like the whole the world's view on it, I was thinking about it, taking myself out of my emotions and my body like a third person.


I think the logic is there's a tiny difference from being penetrated and penetrating.


I think that is what people think is kind of the difference of why it is that I think it goes back way, way back to.


Not not being biological like that, but at the same time that instilled the beliefs that women's breasts and vagina should always be covered. I think it goes back to the to the beginnings of of time and then the beginning of time. I mean, you know, the story of Adam, Adam and Eve, obviously, I think the beliefs were instilled that women are this celestial and very protected body. And men were not men were meant to go. So their seed, find a lover, settle down when they're ready.


And women were expected to wait on a man to to choose them. And I think I think as we continue to push on in society, that role is is changing and that equality is starting and the playing field is beginning to level. And there's still a lot of people, a lot of men who are holding on to the idea that men can do it and women can. I'm just thinking out loud so nobody like fucking everyone.


I put him in a chokehold, maybe strangling out, man.


I mean, I know what you were saying is this. I think everybody could agree this. I think women's bodies are way more valuable than than a man. Why?


I mean, like you, I think this is how I see it.


Both guys and girls always talk about how beautiful a woman's body is or how pretty it is or where they you don't I mean, like, it's just not guys and girls sitting around looking at a guy's body unless he's a fitness trainer and he's like, oh, OK.


He's really working on a valuable George, in your words. What what makes him more valuable?


George, using your words, I honestly think is a little bit more valid. Like babies come out of it.


Yeah, look, it's important, but I don't know if it's more what I had to put stocks in there and put it more in what I would do. I want to I'm just contesting because I know people are going to be listening like I'm a man I.


Dylan's back, Dylan's band's back to delay, delay, delay, it can only potentially happen, baby, once a month and a guy can spread a see every day, all day, as many times as possible. So the value of that one thing.


Listen, listen, I like this guy. You talk about quality and men are just quantity. We thank you.


Know, actually, I could get behind that. Okay, so the question this, OK, if you ever have a car, right.


And it's and it's a Lamborghini, how many Lamborghinis do you see on the street? Not a lot. Exactly, so if we know about so-and-so, this girl, and she's every guy she meets or in this guy, same thing, every girl he meets, he's like sleeping with them. Right. Do you think the value is how precious is it? What will happen to the car?


That's that's I'm saying in a Lamborghini, you see, every once in a while you're saying more value girl. Yeah. And more the kind of Prius I'm talking I'm talking about how many times somebody jumps into a Lamborghini.


It's very rare unless you're Julia Rose and you hit them both.


Amazing. But like my Lamborghini probably got a bright blue Lamborghini. I seen her in his Instagram story.


I, I think I think at the end of the day that that's just you saying that is just the flip side of what we're talking about on this show. At the end of the day, we will end up in a place where human life is human life. No man is more valuable than anything. I think we will. I think we're I think we're quickly on our way towards that. I think there's a lot of people out there who are thinking about things the right way.


But, you know, as long as we look at the penis, which is the key to the lock as a key, that can go in a million locks, but the lock only being being able to accept one key and that's life.


Well, I think will, you know. I know well, it's not I mean, sometimes more than one key can go in one lock, I can I'm having trouble with the analogy anyways.


Analogy stuck with this. Here's one thing I know.


I met you when you first came here from Texas to L.A. and we did a show together. We did a picnic. This is probably a year plus right on the night shift.


You were just getting your feet wet in the toxic nuclear sludge that is the Los Angeles scene. Put it lightly. Since then, I should have said stood ready.


I should have added another hundred adjectives there you really don't like. It's a disgusting fucking place. I love it. I love it. That's great. But it's gross. Disgusting.


Since then, the story of you has evolved, but so has the story of your relationships within the city. And I know he wants to talk about some and I will get there and others. But I want to talk to you first about the people who you started, Jack Maguid, because we've already we've already talked about the business side a little bit today when it came to building Shalgam.


I am the only woman that was helped by building Shackman and really putting that on when it came to having different girls brought on five months. And yeah, I thought adding a couple more female faces would be a good idea at the time. But when it came to the building of shouting like they were not involved now seems like a topic that's not your favorite.


It's not that it's not my favorite. It's just that I've been very careful about being public, about even getting burned, because you just it's just people will take what you say and twist it. And there are a lot of just like, untrue things said around that. And I just never wanted to just, like, put them on the spot and really put it out there, because at the end of the day, I know the truth. And it's like if I know the truth, at the end of the day, that's all that mattered to me.


I didn't think everyone else needed to know the truth.


Do you believe in taking the high road in life? Yeah, sometimes, definitely. Like I said, sometimes. Sometimes person sometimes.


Sometimes you got to love sometimes sometimes not somebody that not sometimes you got to get on their level. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Maybe you do want one of those women I believe was your partner in the famous Game five flashing at the World Series.


Yeah. That was pretty crazy. It was fun. How do you how did you plan that? It went into basically knowing I wanted to do something viral, something around, you know, in the month of October for breast cancer, and then it went around. I love sports. And I knew that, like, obviously the fan base being male oriented when it's a sporting event would probably be the best idea to do something. And then it went into knowing where cameras are placed and what sporting event do you know where the cameras are, where they are all the time?


The football is out of question. Obviously, there's a couple different ideas. And then it came down to baseball. So it's like you always know, baseball is going to be the cameras always will be pointed towards about her. So what is the biggest sporting event in baseball? World Series? So came down and planning out the World Series, knowing, you know, behind home plate, home plate and just kind of rolling with that to know who was going to be in the World Series, how we were exactly going to do it.


But how did you know the camera was on you? So we actually didn't we did a lot of research. We're watching the first couple of games and we knew that the cameras, our tickets were right behind home plate, like right on the edge where the camera would have been cut off right at us. Yeah. So when we actually got there, security came down and they were like, we know who you are. We were stupid, but we had Shagbark.




It's just to be like sitting like this. You can see Shaq like, well, I didn't think they would like.


Well, you wanted to get to marketing place you go. Sure. First and the big know you are we like to do some funny business.


So yeah, they basically came down like this and we know who you are. We need you to put your jackets on. And I was like, OK, no problem, put our jackets on. We're on the phone with some of our friends and family that were watching the game and they had purposely shifted over the camera. So now we were off camera. So they had moved our seats over to where we were just off camera. So we're like we kind of gave it a couple of innings to see if they would kind of go back and give us another shot.


They did it. So it came down to, like I remember watching the games and there was a staircase that was always on camera on the other side. So like, this is what we're going to do. We're going to go to the bathroom. We're going to drop our jackets and act like we're just going the bathroom coming back, and we're just going to book it for the stairs. And you're going to get as far down the stairs as you can, throw your jackets off and throw your shirts up.


You've you've weaponized your breasts. Were you nervous? And we're anxious. I wasn't nervous. It was more like, is this going to go as planned? Is it going to air? Is, you know, are they going to switch the cameras at the perfect time? Like it was more of an anxious feeling of like, is it going to go as planned or is it going to not do anything? You know, I hope it did.


So I went to see everybody who knows about this event knows it went absolutely fucking mega viral. Yeah. And I mean, was that the biggest kind of public ploy that you've done for Shaq?


I would say is probably. Yeah. Yeah. Crazy.


I'm so intrigued. I had to do this when I did the the double Dabbs at the Olympics. You have to know where the cameras are and more importantly, when they're on. That's what I was I was stunned.


It so actually it's not it's a strategic awareness. Yeah.


I actually talked to who is in charge of the cameras for the World Series for Fox. And he he works out of my gym.


Well, he's getting fired. No, no, no, no. It's like he came up to me and he was like, you almost made me lose my job. And I was like, yeah, like, no hard feelings. And he was like, the moment that we had did it someone just so happen to call his name and he turned. So when we did it, someone called his name, he turned and that's when we went for it.


And then by the time he turned back, it had already aired. He already said it was literally just that split moment that someone had.


Did you feel more bad that he almost lost his job or that he didn't see your boobs?


Oh, well, you know, there's like you can record it. He saw it after you saw it. But it's not it's not anywhere.


I actually. I seen it somewhere. Yeah, someone somewhere. Yeah. Picked up but picked up by everybody barstool.


I mean, how many, how many new followers did you get the next day or the next week after that.


I think overall within the week like five hundred thousand crazy. OK, yeah. You got kicked out.


You can't go to any more baseball games ever ever ever and permanently. Life Life Band.


Haven't you already snuck back in one time or you were saying you were going out. I can't remember.


There was like something like yeah I up like back in the stadium like the next day and then like the next game I was like planning but I was like it's too fresh.


It's you know, if you either like threw out a fake mustache or just grew out your mustache, there's a chance we have some awesome working on it.


No shame. No, we did. We do. Oh, it is no shame. It's no shave November. It's no not November. Oh, fail. Both of those in the first four days.


The Shavon I thought I had. But that's that was a crazy that was a crazy little experiment. So good job.


Fantastic job. I think you started dating my brother right after that.


Yeah. Well, me, me and Jake had been the beginning of a relationship, a super private. We had been talking not even like dating, but, you know, like just like we had been communicating and talking during that whole thing. I remember like I told him, I went out to Washington. I was like, yeah, I'm just like doing some work out here. Like, I didn't want to give anything. Like, obviously I wanted to tell him.


I know I couldn't. Yeah. And so I remember him like seeing entrepreneurs like. Oh, that was the word you were trying to do, and I was like, I'm sorry, but he's a viral stunt himself, he'd fucking get in trouble.


It definitely gets a little hard to hide your identity like you're Batman and you're like, I got to go do stuff like secret. I can't take his mask off, but you can take your shirt off. I got go.


Speaking of speaking of which, if you go all the way back to that time in history. The impulsive show had called Julia Rose's rise prior to all of this stuff happening, I mean, you remember yeah, I remember the faux crash that I had a crush on her.


Oh, well, I mean, it was like I thought, oh, it's like an Internet thing. I was like, oh, this is my my Instagram crush. Don't you remember this very well? Right.


And this was we have a long track record of calling hype before it happens on the show. We called it.


I mean, we should start keeping he's like we call quit Julie Rose Quamby like The Simpsons.


You just call everything you have one. Maybe we should start keeping a list is what I'm getting out of. Yes. Well right around that time, 20 percent might not.


So but then you got snagged in Chag Magged by Jake Hall somewhere in that vicinity and you guys met you were hired to do his music video, right? Yes. He called me the night before.


He's like our main girl dropped out. Do you have anyone?


I was I, I don't. I don't. I don't have anyone.


I'm sorry. And then the next days I we got this girl, Julia Rose. You probably had great chemistry on set. And so what happened? Sparks just started flying.


Yeah. I mean, it was on these days and I just yeah.


It was definitely I don't know how in detail I should go on this, but I mean the day we met it was it was, it was very, very few and said maybe it was just, you know, obviously Magic had never met before in music video.


And, you know, in Hollywood you hear Jake's name and there's a million different opinions around it when his name comes up. And so I just went into it with an open mind and they just to be on the music video is going to help him out, whatever. And there is just a very specific moment where we we sound like we're fully clothed. We're waiting for the next set. And I was just kind of sitting in the bathtub fully clothed, like we're just chillin.


And it was like a glass wall. And you could oversee the city. And we had, you know, had been filming for a little bit by then. And it was the first time he sat next to me and without cameras like it felt like every corner he turned, I was like just like twenty four, seven.


And it was the first time that I got to kind of sit with just him. And it was just kind of like I was like, does it ever get old. Like you just are always, you know, having to put on a face and always having to like be this person. I was like does it ever get exhausting? And we just kind of had like a quick, like, fifteen minute conversation. I was like kind of getting a sneak peek of that, Jake, and it was just like a really cool moment to have.


No one sees that side of Jake. No, no. And that was yeah.


I mean the first show that was like our first night meeting and it was just and then we went back to set and, you know, he puts on this like, you know, you're back in the music video said, and it's a good platform.


Grow back. Yeah. Yeah. Pops, I think, again, this is his hair. Um, but, um.


Yeah. So it was just like that special, like one on one moment that I was not really expecting at all from him. And kind of just you were a trooper.


You you stuck by him during some of his most controversial times.


I remember.


I remember when he had that thing with was it Zane was a Zayn Malik in Vegas and Gigi tweeted at him, tweet went viral.


Is like those kids like like did that affect your guys relationship at all or were you confident enough in it that it didn't bother you?


It didn't bother me only I think because so when Jake and I first met, our relationship was very, very private. I don't think really anyone knew when we first started talking. And it was actually when he was in training camp the first time. So I like the beginning stages of our relationship. We're training training camp, Jake, in Big Bear, locked away, completely sober and. Oh, yeah, me driving up there and just kind of experiencing that.


And I think having that, like, you know, getting to know Jake kind of helps throughout, like after coming out of training camp and after the fight when, you know, kind of went back to, like the real world kind of got me mentally going back to that place and knowing, like after everything boils down, like truly, genuinely like who he was is kind of what kept me, like, stable. Yep.


I was there for the big bad thing. Do you remember that party you threw for a birthday party? Yeah.


And I was after that whole time I was there, I pulled him aside and you could ask him. I said, you have a great person next to you because I saw the way he was really stressed and the things that he was going on. He wasn't having it. Yeah. And when because he remember, he didn't think you were there.


He thought you were in his first birthday. We went he got it. No one was going to come up. And I plan like a surprise birthday. Had everyone everybody there.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. You were there. I was there. Yeah, yeah. We were all there.


And when I saw him walk in and see you and the way he lit up like the real Jake, not like the on camera.


Jake. Yeah I saw that you like his listen at the end of the day Jake's Jake. So when you have. A girl I've never met. Sometimes I'll think to myself, OK. Is she actually here for him or. Yeah, you know, I mean, yeah. And when I saw the way you guys were together, I.


I did appreciate your guys love together.


Yeah, I like that. Do you think being adopted has impacted. Your ability in relationships or your relationship acumen, if you will.


I was only like half, so I had my mom, like my mom's, my biological mom, and then my dad came in and kind of like raised me from a really young age and don't think I think more. So my mom, we've I've had a very chaotic childhood of just like chaos. And like I think it's made me really, really accepting at the end of the day, like, people are all going to make mistakes. And I think my mom really taught me that of like how to just accept other people for their mistakes and not try and, like, hold them accountable.


And I think my mom really, really instilled in me. So I think when it came down to Jake, I think obviously, like when you have a giant platform, your mere mistakes are going to be highlighted. And I'm not going to say he's innocent by any means on a lot of different things. But like, I feel like every single anybody should sign this. Mike says they've never made a mistake, is lying.


And if they had, I haven't done anything wrong not to not one not one person.


We should frame him, put him in a room.


I'm planning on making a bust of Michael. Yeah, yeah. Sorry, sorry I'm so late.


So you have this great relationship with Jake Paul. And obviously, you know, it's gone up until this day today perfectly, you know, having a baby.


Right. I was like, where is this going to school? Who fucked it up? What happened? What happened? It was beautiful.


It's so beautiful now. It was just like like like I said, having the beginning steps to be that locked away in Big Bear and then coming back to the real world after the fight. That was my first experience dating in the industry at all. Like I hadn't dated anyone at all in a scene or anything like that. And it is hard when real life fucking hits you. Normal relationships are already fucking hard, normal relationships to they're hard. And when you add all the stress of like the media and people's opinions and like already normal relationship shit, it's fucking hard.


So it got to the point where we both made a lot of different mistakes and we had we're learning a lot. I mean, we're both too young to begin one. So I still feel like we each have a lot of learning to do and it just got toxic. Like it just kind of the build up. We kind of you know, we've talked about it and it's like, you know, when you, like, try and protect someone and you, like, tell lies or you tell a little white lie to try and protect them and end up just backfiring and then, like, you end up hurting them anyways.


And it was just kind of that type of cycle where it was just like at the end of the day, it's like, I love this person, I adore this person. But maybe this isn't the best for this person at this moment.


It's yeah. Once once you start to notice that toxic. Yeah. Nature, it's really hard to get out of that. Yeah, it really is. That's why I always try to tell people who are coming to the end of a relationship like. If you feel like getting to that point, you should probably caught it before somebody does something fucked up. But it's hard because I feel like when you love someone and you really genuinely care about someone, you want to see it succeed and you put so much time and effort into trying to make something work, the last thing you want to do is just give up, you know.


Which you didn't, and now months and months and months go by, and I think there's one even other point we want to bring up here that was in between your current relinking with Jake. And I think it's you being strangled by someone. I saw this video.


This is this video came out. You were you were having a lunch or something with our friend Harry Josee, who we had on this podcast. And you guys were like smooching and stuff.


And, you know, I watched the video and then I paused on this frame is this is so what happened?


What happened? Like Lahar. So what was this like?


You just you guys remember her in public?


Yes. I don't remember the exact words. I honestly can't remember what was exactly being said at that exact.


Was it it probably because your mother passed out voter fraud or something like do you think that all ballots should be counted?


And up until after postmarked, like you said, a mean for so many different reasons.


We were talking to Harry. I said Bozak like looks like things are going really well for you, but OK, so you thought you were dating Harry for a little bit or something because.


OK, I mean, OK, so BackStory is. There we go. We need t here you go. We got it. No fun. So like I said, the very beginning Americanise relationships super private. And then as things got more public, people kind of saw more of the insider things. Me and Jake had been broken up since the beginning of of June, June or July. So it's been it's been like for four to five months since me and Jake.


And we cut it like it was very like like super hawks have just, like, stopped cold to not talk at all.


We weren't at no communication at all.


So it's been like four months. And then Harry was the first person I had dated, if you can say dated in the scene. We connected early in October. He was on my podcast. The shit show was like October 2nd. Super plutonic at that point, didn't even hang out after the show. Like it was just kind of like he left after the podcast and then a couple of weeks later, Slonim idioms. And I was kind of like, you know what, like it's been four to five months.


Like, why not try something new, you know? And I think it was like October 5th, nineteen, like somewhere in mid October, we kind of took like a spontaneous little trip to Malibu and kind of just connected over that. And it was fun and spontaneous. And then it's been like a week.


When did the strangling begin? Like like a lot like a domestic violence like commercial. We that we love her.


He never he never strangled anyone unless they wanted to. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


No, I mean but it was like it was super fast and it was just like, I mean, you know, like even on my podcast, I don't know if he was like this on your podcast. He was very like wanting love, just like very adamant about like I want love like and I felt like, you know, those people that just if they're looking for a relationship through anything, it was like they'll take any kind of like relationship that he can get.


And it was super like super fast and like a lot a lot of different red flags came up. I mean, even like paparazzi, like, it was very weird to me that paparazzi randomly showed up at like 10:00 a.m. on like a random Tuesday.


Well, yeah. I mean, I asked I asked he said like he said no, but it was just like certain red flags would pop up to where it was like certain mentions of like he was like he always would bring up like. Yeah, like my ex when we first started dating, you know, made me block you, like, I wasn't allowed to follow you. And it was almost like a flex type thing, like like almost like he was like a new Rolex, you know, I mean, like just very like, oh, look at my new like this is what's going on.


And I was adamant about like I didn't want to be posted. I didn't want to be around paparazzi. Like I didn't people would just have so many opinions. And especially like in the beginning, I mean, just uber private, like I like to be private. I like to like make sure it's something super genuine before getting like everything else involved.


Were you in Malibu? Correct. And this is the Hollywood fix. No, this wasn't in my life.


That was this was like best Hollywood. Oh, no.


Just trying to figure out why they weren't going that fast, to be fair. You know, he's he's pretty relatively highly paparazzi, you know what I'm saying? I mean, he's he's on he's on fixed.


I feel like he's really, really highly paparazzi. But has anyone ever attacked you at 11:00 a.m. on a Tuesday when he runs?


He's been attacked at every possible there.


They'll get you. Julia, the most surprising that I remember I was dating Tian'anmen Joe and they showed up, know we call them.


That was that was a boy. That was the first time I call the paparazzi.


Yeah, I was I was I was in a a random isolated beach in Hawaii.


20 minute hike to get there type shit, and somehow there are paparazzi pictures that came out and remember the next day I was like, I think I was like twenty one, twenty two. I was like, oh, my God, this this world is crazy.


It is vicious.


These people will do anything to get these shots.


If they don't get help, if they if they get one tip, one go there at this cove in Hawaii, they're there now with their long lines.


They just I also don't know how it's. Legal, but it's why you see celebrities and people getting paparazzi freak out. It's it's incredibly invasive. Like we had a we had to do from Hollywood fix on this podcast. Yeah. Fleche, because I'm fascinated by the. The the moral compass that you either do or don't have when you're when you are a pop.


Yeah, but look, for whatever reason, I obviously didn't work out with Harry.


No, I mean, like I said, just different. I mean, even besides the paparazzi, I'm just like wanting to post and like do certain, like, I don't know, it was just like I'm not really big on posting and like, OK, but then what happened?


What happened that you showed up back at Jake's house.


So we kind of like I said, we've talked for like a week. Right, from like the spontaneous malnutrition. Don't me wrong. It was fun. Like, we definitely vibe like it was definitely vibe. I definitely brought up, like, different concerns of like he was heavily like really invested in the scene and the posting and the paparazzi was just really weird to me. But we ended up going out one night and a couple of his friends had just mentioned just another couple of different things that kind of rubbed me wrong.


And I kind of just I was just like, listen, like, it it just didn't. I kind of said I felt like he was dating me for the wrong reasons. Like, I just like he was trying to see me for the wrong reasons and I cut it off.


Did you try to marry him? Oh, OK. Listen, we were drunk in Vegas. Oh, my God. I've married my friends in Vegas. They do like these. I've married. We know. Yeah, I've married my friends in Vegas. It wasn't like a friggin let's get like I get it. When you hear marriage, it's like but to me it's like getting married in Vegas is like you just wanted to you just wanted to get married casually.




That's like a legal marriage. Yeah. No it's not like when you you can't get legally married, you have to go to the courthouse, get a marriage license. And that's when we found out like all that shit was going, like you had to go through all those steps and that's really OK. Whatever like but it was it was not like, OK, we're going to get married.


Well, whatever you did or didn't do. That upset Harry, I want to play a little clip. I have a clip. Let me propose to him. Of course, he's going to be I didn't know, want to lose.


The man was at a steakhouse and they popped him. And here's what went down. Yo, what's up, man? How are you? Good, good, good. What's going on with with Julia, man? I saw that she posted when she was hanging out with Jake. Shit. Crazy. That's how I found out she was cheating on me. Funny. Are you serious? Yeah.


Oh, well, it is what it is all. And it's so funny because in the text I sent when I had actually reconnected with Jake, I did Cinematheque and I was like, like, I know we're going to see each other out like I want to be. When I said it is what it is like, just like no hard feelings.


I mean, so so you said you said to him it is what it is. That's that's that's tough. That's tough to hear it here because sometimes you don't want it to be what it is.


Logan Oh. We can um you maybe you're easy to fall in love with me. No, no. It's it's him. We get him. We know this is one of those other double standards.


It's my if I said maybe you're easy to fall in love with, it's your fault that we did feel like I'm being facetious.


Obviously weak. Am I the only one that's kind of like, oh, this is love at first sight way? He was on a dating show, guys.


Okay, OK. But this is a question. This is the main question I have. Why is he not being grilled? He was seen with Larissa Pépin two days before he was seen with me. Why aren't they grilling him about that?


We got offered her to come on the show, by the way. I think I think that would be an incredible show. She's got she's got secrets that no one on the show has ever fucking heard before. That girl has has done some fucking things in this city.


But I'm like, why isn't the paparazzi grilling him about, like, hey, Larissa Pépin, like you were seen with her two days ago and now you're saying that's the double standard I'm talking about.


But then it's like, oh, but he can say like and there was not cheating like there is. And no, I guess I listen, I have been the advocate. I know how bad it looks. I totally understood. I knew it was going to look bad. The minute I saw Jake, I knew that was kind of like the repercussions I was going to have to pay. Like, this is going to look terrible.


But do you give a fuck? No, I feel like you don't give a fuck.


I feel like I've never gotten the vibe from you and the amount of time that I've known you that you give a fuck.


Not once I give a fuck because I don't like hurting. I genuinely do not like hurting people. And I give a fuck of like I want people to know the truth. But then at the end of the day, that's where I say like as long as I know the truth and like, no, like what happened even as shitty as it does look or seem. And it could we could have had, you know, a little bit more space in between.


Maybe I should have given him more time. But at the end of day, like, I want to be happy and I fucking adore Jake and he's what he's genuinely what makes me happy. So why do I have to, like, put my happiness on the side to make other people happy? For sure.


Our guys re dating you and Jake, I think right now we've kind of just kind of agreed of like he's like, I can do anything that my best friend, he's the person I can make pasta with at three a.m. and stay awake until 5:00 am just laughing with I think right now he's dating the fight like he's he's gearing up for this really, really crazy fight and taking it day by day. You know, I'm not seeing anyone else, but I, I know that when it comes to fighting, you have to put all your time, attention and focus in on that.


So being there for him, make sure.


Hey. Hey. Don't fuck this up for him, I know that is that weird? No, seriously, what do you mean? Why would I put this up in a woman's game in your head? Oh, no, I know. Crazy before he sees you.


If he sees you, I was like, please, yo, I know you're a woman you want to fuck. You won't be happy. Just like hold down the fort the next for the next month. Just a month, please.


Because, like, it's tough when you're in that, when you're in a fight camp and then you have a partner, a piece of you that you also have to worry about. And that really affects your mood.


But remember, this isn't my first training here, Drew. This is my second. And you gave me the same talk at the first one. Did I fuck it up?


No, but you guys were you guys were exclusive. Exclusive. The you're in some weird, like, ex back and forth.


No, no, no. It's not in limbo right now. It's I'm not seeing other people, but I'm also not going to like stress of, like, putting a label on it actually actually. Because, you know, that time he was on impulsive.


Yeah. He was one of the twelve times. Oh. You mean he wrote you a poem. So I wanted to continue the tradition.


Oh, I want to write him a poem for my brother Jake. Po po po po po.


The what if it's bad know it's going to be good and we have red lights so don't worry, I'll stand by.


You have like a buzzer for me. I did. OK, you're ready. I'm kind of nervous. You got it. OK, dear Jake. Paul OK. Once upon a time. You said that even in bad weather, you promised that you would love me forever, finding someone like you is what life is about. But just like with our love, round one was a real knockout.


Listen, I don't want to be too impulsive and say that this time is different, but I think it's time. We are both super transparent. They said happily ever after. Don't happen in Hollywood. But after these days, I think that it could always be there to look at the stars and show you the Big Dipper, and you'll always be my favorite water bottle flipper so that even though you aren't drinking, let's make a toast and cheers you beating Nate Robinson.


First and foremost, here's to hoping that my love is still your favorite drug. Let me know if you need a dealer and I can get you the plug. Take Paul, I really love you, without a doubt. I can't wait until I see you next. We should make out we can put on some some music and even light some candles. Fletcher can film not better yet. We all know that our love is what is actually too hot to handle.


Oh, yeah, it was. How would you shut this down? I got goosebumps, you.


Wow. Holy shit. Wow.


Welcome back to The Poet's Corner. Wow. Mm hmm.


Clinton post that. I don't even know where to go from here.


That was that was fantastic. Julia, thank you. Love you.


Wow. We'll see. We'll see what we'll see what happens this time around. But I'm rooting for you both. I really liked I really liked you guys in relationship. It really hurts to see my brother as sad as he was during the tumultuous time you cooked all the time to you would always cook all the time.


He just I was so drunk.


And it was part, you know, when you're fucked up in that one person hands you like a slice of pizza or the sloppy.


That's hard to you know, you never stop being sad either. By the way, you know, right now I know that he's probably happy now.


It's just tough. Like, I don't know. And you can maybe give me some advice for this because you've been in it longer than me. But I think what's tough for me is especially coming from small town Texas, traditional relationship values are so like put on you just like I mean, the boundaries on a woman's body, you know what I mean? And they're we're always taught like one man, one woman, like traditional relationships. But I don't think traditional relationships work in this.


It is so circumstantial.


Honestly, it's it's so hard to say.


There's no advice I can give you other than like you need to identify what you want. He needs to identify what he wants. And if they line up, perfect.


But like I'll speak anecdotally, I like the idea of a traditional relationship.


It's me and my girl. That's it.


I don't even have it. I don't mean I'm not even talking to the dude.


It's like like maybe can we have a threesome in like we're in L.A. like, this is not for me. Like, I'm so happy, comfortable with her.


But a lot of people want that open relationship. They want the ability.


I mean, not even it's just it's tough of like, you know, you're taught like marriage is like or even relationships is like so bounding and like giving each other the freedom, not even like I'm in saying like the threesomes and open relationship, but like like letting each person be their individual person while growing together has been because I like in Texas you like you get married, you have kids, you're like raising this family, building something together. But I feel like here being young with your careers and stuff, it's hard to like let each person individually become a different person while also coming together.


I, I envy the relationships I do that I often think about, like Beyonce and Jay-Z. Yeah. Like I have no idea. There's like a truth. There's a king and queen and somehow they balance each other perfectly like you have, you have very much alpha male energy. Yeah.


You know, like your CEO, the way you move is, is, you know, you're different than most women like you just are. So there's like a balance.


I'm sure that Jake, he's he's iterated to me. He's he's not used to like it's you're you're just different.


You know, you have a business, you have a career, you have goals, aspirations and a set of values that you stick to.


And, uh, sometimes it is hard when you have a woman who's that independent who, like, knows what she wants and is going to is willing to do what it takes to get that.


Yeah, it's tough. Yeah. It's tough navigating for sure, especially with. All of this want all of this was just like even like like I get it the Harry thing and like, you know, even having to be like a person who does, like, have want rebounds are like navigate what Biden won Michigan.


Well, we won Michigan like times. No, not at no. No, he won Michigan. He's he's at 266 away. If he wins Nevada. Which Nevada. That is close. I bet he will.


The issue right now is I just don't know that he actually took Arizona. I think Arizona may have been called prematurely. Ben Shapiro had been reporting that the the lead was Nevada. And it's still it's still 75 percent complete votes.


And he's leading. Biden is leading by eight thousand. It's it's insane. This race is. You sure.


Do you ever think about capitalizing on the election fever with some theme? Did you do it? Yeah, I did. She voted. Oh, that's true. But you're not, Tanne.


Incentivize people to vote with Tanne did something. Yeah. Oh, she did something similar.


It's like, oh, gosh. I also said you're the reason why. I mean, Loughner broke up in her last video.


I like I want to go ahead and stick my foot down. I kind of took offense to that.


Not not only was I the reason that y'all came together, but I will go ahead and take like a decent amount of credit for encouraging you that there was something special there.


Like, I worked hard for sure. Yo, man, I don't know what I'm like. Mike, this is a great girl for you.


Trust me. Trust me. Stay in it. I'm going to I'm going I'm going to go subprogram. Let's do all that on the shit show because I'm on your show tomorrow. I guess I should because I understand you because otherwise I'll get flamed by the fucking audience.


So that's all I got. Oh yeah.


It's like I want to complain about anything else. You need to throw one jab at me.


I know I told you we're like a nice we're not. I need at least one from you. I know it's not love like let me think. Let me come on. Give me something. I'll pull out my no no.


Because I was also scared to make like like even like the way I introduce you, like our guest today makes a lot of rack's with Iraq like. Is this what you do? No, I know, but I've been cancelled so many times. I'm like, what do you what do you look for? Are you looking to get singed right now? Burned? Well, I just know that when it comes to you and Logan, like the way you'll show love is kind of like tough love.


Like it's the same like and I know they're not we're not big into roasting, though. We're not roasting. We all do throw jabs. I got mine around me plenty of times where you throw.


I said I said she's with my brother for now.


Like, I mean, I could come up with a quick freestyle, but that didn't work out too well last time. How are we supposed to talk shit after that poem?


Yeah, that's how we would look like a dickhead. So that's good vibes.


All right. You can do it. You're going to be wonderful and great. Oh, God, this is terrible. You just want to know. I can I can I ask you one last question? Maybe I'll roast yourself. Can you can you can you rank the four following moderate speed burgers, please, and order from best to worst burgers.


Yes, I don't eat. All right.


That's the end of the show today. It's actually not. It's actually not. I got one more game. I forgot about the game. I have a game. A game.


No, no. This is very Dylanesque. But Caleb. Caleb gave us a game. Yeah. Caleb, it's called it's called Flash Pass.


Which all heroes are you?


The Flash. Sure does. Yeah, we all have girlfriends, so, like, I can't know so well, I know would be so entertaining me was like a. b great programming.


The boyfriend who was like, I don't I don't know.


And then in a flash of like, you're like don't do anything to cause stress. Like, no.


I guess we'll start with a pass right over the past flasher past, which really Rose, would you have the guts to flash these people places or scenario?


And I decided, OK, here we go and answer truthfully. OK, your favorite restaurant.


Oh, yeah, I've already done that at your favorite restaurant. You know, my favorite I've done at a restaurant.


What is your. I'm talking to you like you're a catch in in the scene. Yeah I do. Yeah you would.


A thousand percent for the president. Yeah.


Donald Trump was actually at the World Series when I flashed. Really. So he did it. So I did that one.


So Donald Trump has senior citizens are saying we're going to title that this year.


Would you flash your parents straight up? My dad's probably not. No, my mom. Yes, but I'm sure they've seen like they saw the World Series. So I'm going to guess how you did that, too.


That's got to be an experience, uh, seeing the World Series. You'd be man, uh, I know my kid's life is is her life. I wouldn't be mad at all whatever she wants to do.


But I would be lying if I said it wouldn't give you like I'd be like, oh, like that's my daughters and my daughters.


Can you imagine being her dad that day? Like, sitting back on the recliner, cracking a Pabst Blue Ribbon down there and drinks chlorate. Laredo, Texas. Yeah.


And all of a sudden he's watching the dude wanted for a pitch. And there's this sweet innocent daughters rack on the screen for the whole world.


This is so bad. It's it's it's not unless you're your dad. Yeah, that's what I was getting. I got it. All right. With your dad, the Super Bowl.


Oh, yes. But the thing is, I don't want to be indefinitely banned from football because that would suck. I love football. OK, ok.


OK, your wedding. It's the best day of your life at your wedding. Would you bring them out?


No, probably not, because I don't want the attention to be on that wedding. I want to go. What if it was your Vegas wedding. What would you do. I would pass hard on that.


I don't I. OK, yes, and what my mom. Oh, Pam, you're going to want Pam, would you? I think Pam would be down.


Pam, would you back with me? Has anybody seen airplane mode?


Are you fucking kidding me? Full frontal nudity for airplane, literally. I'm not kidding. Wait, wait, Pam.


I don't got to talk about it. I want to thank you for watching this episode of Impulsive Julie Rose, Julie Rose, everybody.


You guys can follow her on Instagram at it's under school.


Julia Rose. She is Shadow. So you have to look for an hour and a half hit that subscribe button. We love you guys. We'll see you next time. Take it easy. Bye.