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I had a famous friend, a very famous friend invite me. To an actual orgy. Oh, yeah, you hear about them? Well, I don't don't. Oh yeah. Me like you've been invited all the. All the.


This is a second time rolling, the first time was good, this time is going to be better. OK. Welcome back to Convulsive Number podcast in the World. I think cryotherapy this morning, it was so cold, especially because I forgot to wear socks and I didn't realize it like how important that was. You can get frostbite on your feet. I remember my this track against Antonio Brown. There was a line. I said frostbite, cold feet bit.


You looking nervous because he had this, like, scandal I don't like was a scandal, but he could have played because he got frostbite from crowd therapy because he forgot to wear socks.


And here I am in this machine thinking I'm going to lose my feet. And so I got cold feet today. I guess the socks on the other foot now, huh?


Well said. Do you I hate you. The first time around. Sucked the second time. Just made me want to leave the shower. You said is the same job.


And even though it failed the first time, I still felt like I should just run it.


I thought you guys maybe take a different route this time. You know, God gives you a sign. You guys run it back. We'll take it. You got it? Yeah. I'm about to say the same thing I already said before, which is I've been focusing on my health. Twenty, twenty especially this year is a good time to just lock in on focusing on your well-being, mental, physical, emotional, anything. It works for you.


I'm glad you asked.


And I've been experimenting with a lot of stuff. So I nailed down my diet and then I found the perfect balance of pills. We've talked about the wellness bills.


We talked about the model, Lauren, but I think Echinacea, Echinacea is Delungra of some sort, some sort of plant, some sort of plant that I take with every single meal. And I don't have the throat problems that I used to have.


I used to get sick every other month for a week last year without fail.


Knock on wood this year. I haven't been sick one time because the Echinacea. Yeah, well also I think about think about like LeBron James spends a million dollars a year on health. A million dollars.


One million. Would you say that it brings you back to your point about how humans are and humans are behind?


They're going to think we're stoned. We're just sorry.


We're almost done with what we already did on the first run. And now I'm just asking questions that I didn't know the answer to is a difference. I'm a professional.


I can we never did the first thing that No one. No. Yeah. Mike, just let me I think it's funny. I think it's only it's an inside joke that's only funny to us three.


But yeah, they say they say, you know, be the person that you needed when you were a kid. And I needed someone to heal me because I was always getting fucked up, just like set back from injuries and Insec and humanity is just behind.


We don't have a machine that can just you lay in and it goes over you like this goes and heals all your ailments.


You have those in the movie. Was it Fifth Element? And for me, this. Yeah, just. Yeah.


And Mike, do me a favor, please, for the love of God, I wish you could hop on that or something. I think he's busy doing other things. Like what? Like building cars and putting people in the moon will build a fucking healing device. We need it. All right. You got that. Elon is. Listen, he's got it.


Did it even speak words? But, yeah, we got a lot of stuff to talk about. Jose, Jose, Jose, hairstyles. You see that this morning? Not every hairstyle one. Is that one direction? Yeah. Yeah. He wasn't one direction. He he he he was on the cover of Vogue and I think it was Vogue. Looks like you. Yeah. You know Vogue he's he's cool.


Fuck. He's the guy. He's the guy.


He does look like he's the guy. He's the type of dude that if I was like fully in love with a girl in a relationship even like married and she's like, hey, like I've chosen Harry Styles. I met him last night at a party, I'd be like, I understand.


Yeah. Good choice. Yeah. So check it out. He got on the cover of Vogue and he was wearing a dress. He's wearing a dress. We're in a dress doing whippets.


Like what the fuck really. I know he's blowing up a balloon.


Oh God dang. My brain is just in all the wrong places.


No, but look, OK, so to me I see this and I'm like, we're fucking like you. He don't give a fuck. Right.


What is that really what you think or is that what you sound like. I swear to God, I swear he's not wearing a dress like your immediate thought is, wow, this guy's a real gangster.


Yeah. Yeah. Because I'm all about challenging social norms. I swear. I swear I'm old school man.


I like the way it is and just let it ride. Yeah. Just like the whole. What is this.


What is the way it is. The way it's been. Why? Because the way it's been has not been great.


Well I just mean just because like well like pants and all are great, especially for men and just you know.


But if you think about it, listen, if we switch the roles, I feel like the access for us to be would be a lot easier on dress.


I mean, it's a good point. Listen, and that's why he was might have been doing it.


Listen, I watch a whole thing from. Oh, shit, I forgot his name.


Now, the HBO pull out of Bill Maher, an entire, like, ten minute dialogue from Bill Maher about the why Democrats continue to lose votes. And he thinks it's because they have pressured the American public to accept this wackiness, get WOAK men, wear dresses and you have to accept that. Well, hold on hold. I know. I know. I'm just I'm switching gears a little bit, but I can't tell you to hold on. You tell me to hold on.


I'm going to.


Because you're the main host. I'm going to hold on. I'll hold on here in the middle of something.


No, this is a really nice thing going on. You guys are both holding each other. I'll hold.


I don't think there's much to it. Like, he wanted to try something and and he did it and it's fucking dope.


And it worked for me. It doesn't work for some people. Candice now.


Yeah, in the same boat is Candice Owens. She said there's no society that can survive without strong men.


The East knows this in the West, the study feminine is a fucking I got to I had just up in the middle of the East knows this in the West, the study feminization of men at the same time that Marxism is being taught to our children is not a coincidence. Coincidence, isn't it, is an outright attack.


Bring back manly men. Because Harry Styles wearing a dress in a field. So my question is the manly libro bro y way man, what is manly to what does it mean? Is manly like being comfortable in your own skin and being comfortable with who you are, regardless of what people think about what you're wearing?


I get that. And I understand it's OK to venture out and try new things and do things. And I think it's great for people not to judge other people. But yeah, I'm just like you are now.


Also, you can also have his opinion. Why are you getting combative? The guys you guys like this, something inside, you're you're the you're the type of people that look at it like, oh man, got to be man and I can't wear dresses. None of us think, well, I would do this in a heartbeat. No one no one knows that I wouldn't do it. No, no one said he didn't. No one said that.


What the notion of it, the idea of it and the idea of him donning a a magazine dress in a dress elicits a conversation and it's a conversation. The problem is people are quick to get angry like you.


You get angry at our opinion. And I think and I think that's not fair. What am I angry about? You got really quick to get mad at me. And Mike, really, there's no conversation. You just got mad immediately.


Look, I'm listening to you telling me you don't want to judge people than watching you judge people. So, yeah, I'm listening. And no one judge you. I'm not getting angry, but nobody's calling you out for your floor. So now have a floor for my opinion, your lack of. So it's a logic. So in my my point of view is a flaw. I never even said your point of view as a philosophy. What I'm saying about you being angry you assaulted me.


Do I look angry with you? And do you know what assault means?


Well, I'm telling you that your lack of logic will lose you the argument when you say people shouldn't judge people, but like this is he's not a man because he's wearing a dress.


No, never. Once I said he's not a man for wearing it. You said it's not manly. Right. Let's sit in the same vein. I said it's not manly. I did not grow up where I walked around watching men wear dresses. Now, that is my upbringing and my surroundings. It wasn't my choice and it wasn't the way I wrote it. But you can't get mad at me if me and Michael like we don't see it being manly.


Well, I'm not mad. I'm not mad. I didn't say it. Let me let's let's just slow down for a second here and just and just talk about this. What was he what is he trying to to bring into into existence here that this is everybody knows this is OK, there's nothing wrong with him doing it. But what is the what's the point of him donning a dress and doing whippets on the cover? Now, he said, now I'll put on something that feels really flamboyant and I don't feel crazy wearing it.


I think you can get something that you feel amazing and it's like a superhero outfit.


This is like Dennis Rodman did the same show and it was news and it was there was a massive outrage over and over when Rodman did it as well. Here's the thing. Different strokes for different folks. I think there it is completely I believe that it is completely OK for Logan to feel like Harry Styles can wear a dress and for George to feel like this doesn't meet the the idea of what he thinks should be. I think that that is completely OK.


And the reason why I brought Bill Maher up and I sent you the tweet, which was retweeted by Rogen is because. In a lot of ways, Americans are being force fed stuff and how they should feel about said stuff as well. So instead of just putting Harry Styles out on on on the cover of a magazine and letting people debate it, I'm not saying you did this, but they're being they're being told how they need to feel about it as well.


So not only do you have to do you have to accept this happening, but you have to embrace it as well. I get that. And that's what and that's the whole point. And he calls it the strife of the party. And the question is, what happened to the blue wave that Biden had promised? We would try and say we, the Democrats lost seats in the House. They didn't take control of the Senate. And Bill Maher believes that is because all he said that politically woke and all that stuff is being force fed down the down the throats of America as a whole.


My rebuttal is this.


I saw this cover and I said that's something I would do if someone was like, oh, you want to make a statement, wear a dress on the cover of Vogue as a man, I'd say, yeah, sure. And then a candidate, Candace Owen, said, bring back manly men because Logan did this. I go, what about me? Is not manly to you, Candace? So what my question is, what about Harry is not manly, that warrants are making that statement?


I think the hell am I not? Am I not am I less of a man because of it?


Know, not because here's the thing, bro. Like I did comedy skits, I've worn dresses. I've done things where I feel like it's fine to cross lines that you want to do. But you got to understand this is the problem that we're having. Nobody's allowed to have their own opinion. Kareshi just attack it in a very disrespectful way to me. If I meet the guy and he's wearing a dress in front of me, that's single stroke. I'm still going to treat him the way I would ever treat him if he was wearing jeans.


But he can't get mad at me if he looks back and he goes, So what do you think about this manly, huh? And I go, Not really.


You're mad at me for that. I call it mainly is is way is way ahead. Like, let's say. No, I'm not saying that. Like, let's be honest. Like when you go into your next fight, will you wear a dress into the ring because you said that maybe.


OK, and then guess what, some areas your dress is somewhere. So I'm not a manly man. Not you're definitely a man.


Here's the thing. You can't. What words?


A manly man. My original question. What's a man?


OK, if you ask if you ask a boy who's learning growing up what women do and what men do and how men dress and how women dress like an innocent boy.


Yeah. Whose thoughts are uninhibited by anything.


That's what I'm.


But I'm saying he's surrounded who who was raised by a father or a mother who tells him that dresses are for women. No, he's not. Nobody taught him this. He just sees this with his own eyes. That's what I'm saying.


If you if you had a boy whose mind was completely blank, four year old, and you said, is that a man? And it's a man wearing a dress, he'd say, no, no.


Listen, I know you're taking no, I'm not saying he's taking it and he's saying he's a man. But if you laid out a dress on the bed and be like, oh, who's going to wear this? Traditional based females wear this more. I'm not saying it's wrong. Nobody condemning the comments section.


I'm just saying this is how she went about it was very wrong.


But it's fine to have her opinions. It's her opinion when you try to turn hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years of tradition of how things are on its head over the course of that decade, period or two decade period, there's going to be pushback on that for the entire existence of this planet. Women wore dresses, men wear pants. By the way, there was reasons for that. Men wore pants because they could put their hammer into the the holder so they could.


So they in the United whatever. Jeff, listen, there is always there's a rhyme and reason to two pants, first dresses that has existed since the beginning of time. The idea that Hollywood has now said men wear dresses and you have to like it is the issue. And that's what and that's what this video that I think the issue is this. I think nobody's having a conversation. I think there's just straight an argument and ruthless like talking.


Talk to me. You feel that address is is a manly aspect. Talk to me about it. Let's have a conversation about it, because my opinion says no and your says yes. I don't think any of us are right and any of us are wrong.


It's a state of an opinion. Once you once you eliminate a conversation, there's just war and it's just happened in history.


People believe their God exists in the other person's God doesn't exist. Yeah, there's no conversation.


It goes straight to war.


OK, I think we should move on. I think I think you're right.


I mean, at the end of the day, would something like this that the attitude has that attitude has to be who gives a fuck? I just like things like lift on their head.


I like when people like my brand, like, be fucking different. But but I like I like what people say and I like when people challenge and go against the grain, but understand that that's not as easy a pill to. Swallow for everyone. I totally get it, I totally get it. I had a weird thought. So, like I've been asking people this, what would you do if your clone, you, Georgie, George Jenko walked through that door over there and was here for the next five minutes?


I'll tell him to turn around and want to see how I act turned around.


And then also I'd want to see his penis says I want to see if they got it right. OK, there's more of an answer that is like interesting to me. The turnaround one, not not so much.


Might you come and watch the door? The first thing you would do, you have yourself in the room. What are you like?


I just ran into the most interesting man in the world that have a conversation with him. But you already know all his thoughts and you already know all his lines. Let's collaborate. Let's call it.


Let's collaborate. I have this idea. What do you think of it? Yeah, I did. But but here's my question. Do they are are they unable to build upon your idea? Because all they have is your idea there. You they can build. They can build just as you. OK, OK. You let me ask you this question. Is it me having the day that I'm having today, the three of us know is oh so then fuck that.


I'd say, I'd say, yo, get out of here. You send him home, go home. I don't want you already have one.


OK, ok. You want to collaborate. So let me build on that. Let me build off that. Would you collaborate in a way where you and your identical clone. Would double team your girl? Yeah, yeah, yeah, for sure, because it would be. More and more me, would you? I mean, she could barely have sex with me. I think to me, when you die, what do you think from a jealousy standpoint, I want to be jealous.


I would have to look at you like I just thought I would do it. I'm not saying that's what I would do.


But here's also the problem. If your clone starts to develop a personality of his own right, because he's here on this planet, he's going to do different things than he was going to learn and respond differently to the stimulus in the air and his environment.


Eventually, this clone is going to be come his own entity. And if he's around for some reason longer than five minutes and your girl falls in love with your clone. Can I clone her? No, it's just you, it's you could you go to jail for killing her, killing your clone?


OK, so this is what, David suicide. David's suicide. If you kill this fucking clone. Is it murder or is it suicide? How high were you when you had? I was sober, bro, that's when I'm bored, if you're bored. If your girl has sex with you, if your girl has sex with you behind your back, is that cheating?


What? Yeah. Unless it's with their clone, if you watch yourself have sex with your girl, are you cocking yourself your cock? What's a cook? It's a person who lets his girl just run around and just fucking everyone.


And they said, no, they sit in the corner, whack off all porn. Cat A Yeah. Cut porn that cuckold. Great happen, it happened. It's a great quote. Look, I'm here to stimulate your mind. What happens is the magic. Some guys like Mom, you've got to listen just one podcast one. It will change your life. And so we had a clone. And the fuck would you fuck go with it?


Would you do that was like, what do you listen?


So I'm always saying about these things because humanity is getting to an interesting place, and especially in L.A., like I've had I had a famous friend, a very famous friend invite me. To an actual orgy. Oh, yeah, you hear about them? Well, I don't don't. Oh yeah.


Me like you've been invited all the all the time. So you're saying you're saying that to the only person in this room that's had an actual George who owns what I'm talking about, about sex party, a sex party being a different story, different story.


Orgies are a dime a dozen here in sex parties. Now, that's interesting.


The but the friend was a female. Yeah.


Full on like themed, you know, wearing a mask, like people will be fucking you can join them if you like, like eyes wide shut.


Tom Cruise. Right. You remember that for anybody born in the 80s.


I said I said, I said to her, I love this. I admire you. This is great. I can't wait to hear how it goes. I can't come like like you can't come if you go. Both Good job.


I couldn't stomach myself. I couldn't just I couldn't see myself doing it. I couldn't see myself. You were there that one time. That one thing happened. You know how I react in this scenario. It's not your vibe.


I brought him I brought him a smokin hot little party to his room one time and said, hey, I said, Hagel, you want your pot, you want to get involved with this gaggle of geese. You stay on that side. I'll stay on that side. Now, granted, I didn't do the best job of standing. My elbow touched his knee. Most people know this story is fucked up, but he was uninterested. You want to know?


Maybe it made me sick, but maybe because of that, I knew that I wouldn't thrive in this in this L.A. Hollywood sex party scene. These things happen is what I'm saying. People, people, people talk about it. And then I checked in.


I said, hey, how'd it go? She's like, oh, it was amazing.


I don't know what that means. I don't know who's the one where. That's what I'm saying.


Is it the guy who's just, like, swinging big dicks, locking everyone? Oh, man.


It's definitely a little weird who sponsors that that party like bluechip only fans, bluechip. You could.


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I just I was going to just going to be like that. At what point are like there's dudes actually throwing down the pipe. I thank God I'll use that. Bravo God he he set up two separate email addresses.


I'm not I'm not really sure why you're like that. Yeah. He set up a new email address to use the same promo code twice. Listen, listen, innovator. That's why he's hired. I want to I want to segway into this topic for a second. Sure. For a while we talked about these blue chip pills, these performance enhancers, and it was a select group of impulsive viewers. But now is the as the the group continues to get bigger and bigger and bigger and use multiple email addresses, at what point is the playing field starting to re level at this height end?


Vaine just blood engross the level of of of player ship. Like at what point have we, Lance Armstrong, the sex industry, like if you're showing up without a blue you and you're given the seventy five per seventy eight percent dick. There's a good chance you might not get invited back to next sex. Oh, you can't. You get to say her name if you hate to see us all going so. I feel like you pull that stuff out of here.


Hey, hey, hey, hey.


Talk about his acts like that, OK? I can't say that either. That's not true. I said I'm making assumptions about my ex. You don't know this girl.


Please, please. I'm going to piss them off. Stop it, please. You know, look, the city changes people, bro. Young young men, you know, doing things that they wouldn't do had they not moved to L.A.. Young women. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. There's that one. Don't don't.


I'm gonna kill you now. I'll do it. I'm not going to. I'm not going to do what you just did. And major piece of shit. I've just seen this city just they say it swallow people up and spit them out.


There's no spitters in the city. Wow. It is a quitter's.


No, but man, these some of these some of these women, I'm going to speak on behalf of the women because I've witnessed more of them, because I'm interested more in women than I am.


I like a lot more.


And they come to this city so bright eyed and young, full of passion, goals, dreams.


And then they meet one, one boy and two boys, and one of them has a little clout and three boys, and they find their manager and the manager suggests they do some sort of cosmetic surgery. And next thing you know.


Tits are a little bigger, still working out, so healthy everything and the bright eyed nature of the young woman in Hollywood starts to disappear. The essence of purity starts to go out the window. And it's so sad because we've seen it so many times.


And and the next thing you know, they're getting paparazzi with the guy who fucks every girl and then the destination ends on only fance.


Great destination, by the way. Oh, it's a good destination if if that's where you want to go. Yeah. I just know some of these girls, like, came here.


Frowning on on oh, yeah, I'm up in patients, they showed up in a civic, they drove over from Arizona that they graduated, you know, University, Arizona with. Yeah, yeah.


And they and they show up all, you know, I'm going to make people love each other and I'll look a dog. My day is made up and then a few months go by and the picture changes and it's entry level Mercedes. They've got a only fans now. Suwat Lincoln by unsubscribes swipe. I'm not doing nudes. They always start not doing nudes. They'll do three months, three months later, they're getting paparazzi with Tiger getting out their new Range Rover.


It's always a tiger. It's just a sick it's a sick city, man. It's a sick place, bro. It's a tough it's a tough place.


I got a I got offered the joint only fense. Would you say you also got paparazzi this weekend, so you're saying same like, huh? Would you say no, why? Oh. The main reason is because I have the maverick club, right? I already have my subscription, so there's just no tits. If you guys are in the club, I show you my tits. I just like I don't I don't really have any that much.


I can't even say anything back to that, because that was such a great retort that it's impossible for me to debate. But I'm so intrigued by the business model for men like I'll have the conversations because what like I saw Chris Brown, just Tiger Tiger Woods. Tiger, I think was the first big top on was a full on porn. Full on porn. Not like. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Tiger sucking and fucking licking toes. Oh my toes.


Most of them have, most of the girls have ten toes. There's been a few few stragglers who have had seventeen but yeah.


Dude he's, he's putting in work on his only friends and now Chris Brown has. What do you think that return looks like you.


Nassib. Mm. Really. Oh yeah. The why isn't he paying any of his bills. I'm serious, Tycho's our chef. 12000, why you give why you do the fancy ones. He owes Aushev twelve thousand dollars. He just got sued by some landlord for two hundred thousand dollars because he didn't pay his rent. A lot of a lot of hip hop artists are like this. Like what's was good? If you're going to make the only fans money, what if they would pay paid your service?


Is there a chance they have it and they just don't? Achak left in the checkbook, you know, like they don't have a form or maybe maybe yeah, like I got to look out for for for I got to give Tiger the benefit of the doubt. You know, he's made some some bangers of tracks. I got to think he's got the money and he you know, either his debit card has a small chip in the magnetic stripe or something like that.


It just doesn't seem like he would just not pay, you know, the shaft.


Yeah, no. Well, yeah, but I have I have the maverick club, you know, so I don't I like that subscription model much, much better for me. It allows me to do more than just charge for a picture, provide so much more.


And I'll just say is now I supposed to do at the beginning the episode we're dropping Mavor clothing, the smart drop the nothing to see here drop this Friday, November 20th. This is the drop that I've been the most proud to release, every piece of apparel is absolutely beautiful. It feels good. It looks good. And for a colorblind lad like me, I don't need to think I don't need to think about whether it matches shout out to a designer's Nima and Chris for making these things all just like flow seamlessly.


Everything will stop. Its turning from, like I said, from a Mersch to street where so magical clothing dotcom. Be ready this Friday. All the colors. Yeah it is sherbet and it's winter. So these sweatpants are going to keep you warm. I, I haven't changed the sweatpants for four or five days in a row probably. And I have, I have all the pairs. I don't know why I. Because you don't want to get out of sweats.


That's, that's hectic. That's, that's you take them off. You don't know if you're going to put them back on.


What were you thinking in that top right for you. Zoom in on your face. Yeah. Modeling's hard for me. I don't know. I actually like you look devoid of all thoughts. Emotions. You look like someone just. Yeah. Like someone handed you your burger that you said no mayo and they like yeah. Your eyes are like you.


It looks like someone I don't know. Do you realize why. Why are those those look photoshopped. You have eyes.


I think so, yeah. Those are my eyes. You look, you look, you look like you're one of the Pacman characters about to get eaten by that giant head that floats around the map.


I'm not good. I'm not good at modeling. I'm not a model. Like, I don't know how good. I don't know how models do it. Like, I'll tell you what I was thinking about. Yeah.


Not looking down and I still look fucking dumb and even like, look, my look my nose is crooked. I say it, you can really see it here. My symptoms deviated as fuck dude and yeah those are my eyes you asshole. But guess who's not using their body for promotional images.


My brother Jake we he's text is texting me right now. Oh. What's he said. He I'm getting him a contract for a deal and he said what's poppin.


And I said, Oh Brandon, nice job man. Rap. Good for you. This kid's out of fucking control. This kid's out of control. Is he out? OK. Well, I mean, good Lord, with the Twitter and the Austin Brooms closet and the and the and the I started content houses and now I saw that.


I mean he is just did. It started he saw he he saw that there was supposedly the people, you know. Well, there was there was he wasn't the first one, I think he I think he did it the most successfully to a point where people realize this is probably a model model that could be recreated.


And also, I think he differed in saying he started content houses because he signed the talent in there.


So it was almost like a a business. The other ones were more just like a bunch of cool people living in the same just just hanging out. Being being ladds. Yeah. You know, I'm saying. Yeah, real world, but, you know, besides besides all the chirping that's going on, he's he's looking so sharp. I don't know if you've I don't know if you've seen him lately, but he's looking strong. He's looking fast. His fights on November 28th.


So he's massive. He's beefy. And 12 duty's bigger than me, 10 pounds. He's huge. But yet still, somehow he couldn't use his own body for the promotional image. Why did he do this? The trailer made a cartoon image of Jake, and they just use my body and just put his head on it. That's funny. Yeah, because you don't have abs. He does now. He does not have his. Yes. Holy shit.


Oh, my God. They did take your body. So that's what I just said. No, but I thought you were just bullshitting. But that's like legit. Like that is that's my body. That is. Wait a second. I zoom in on the eyes.


No, no, that's that's that's based on your side.


Did you steal his eyes to sound asleep?


Jake looking like full Greg. Paul here like aged like like like 90 years old.


He looks like he's sucking on something sour.


He looks oh he look he looks like he sneezed into a bowl of baby powder and the baby powder skorton is what they do. My man's like that with the coke knows.


Well, you know, but I will say the closer we get into this fight and I see these videos on Instagram of my brother just knocking people the fuck out, I said this.


You are these scrubs. It's so hard to say. I assume, though, like, he's at a level where you don't need to get that confused.


And I got to take instruction. I know the kid you said the other day when we got when you got paparazzi over the footage, they even beat your brother's ass for free for years. Personally, I don't know that you still could beat his ass.


That's what that will lay that claim, right? Fucking sure. That's well, that's what the people are saying. You know, maybe down the line it's a little Pulvers Jay Paul fight, which should be fucking crazy.


But we're focusing on the shit right now. You know, I will say this. Jak's fight twelve days away. Yeah. Guns. Nate Robinson, basketball player.


Yeah, I have a lot of respect for Nate. I'm going to say that right here. Right now, I have a lot of respect for this guy. He's approaching the fight. With such humility and it looks like just excitement to get in the ring and test his ability. But I am extremely worried for him. I don't think he'll make it past the first round. I can say that confidently. Quote me, remember this moment, I just don't.


I'll bet you that I was going to say you.


I already put a lot of money on Jake. I put a lot of money on and he tried to take it back.


And you get it. I try to take it back because I want to buy more Pokemon. I know when I saw him sitting at the pool like this, I go where he goes, yeah, I just put it this amount of money on Jake.


I go, Are you stressed you're going to lose? He's going, no, no, no. He's going to win. He's going to win.


But these pokie boxes, man, I really want to know because I'm running out of capital, the bipolar, my guard, that's like a crackhead down the highway, dude in front of the box. I would go I got to do for another charge. I would if someone said, suck my dick for this first edition.


Wow. Wait, are you putting that out in the universe? Because there's somebody with a first edition box watching this right now.


I guess now they became like sort of like a real conversation. I wouldn't I the first wouldn't be the first to poke him on two boxes. You might catch me on Twitter again so I can figure out. This is Tony, Tony, Logan. Paul, I just got the vision of Logan just sitting in the middle of a field wearing a dress sucking dick for my guards. Can't comment on that one.


See, now, I disagree with Mike on that statement. You're making us look bad.


We should probably cut that. Oh, no, it stays in hell.


I'd still be a fucking man about you just sucking a dick like a man.


No one said there was anything wrong with it. It's just a vicious been fucking mad about it. I can't comment, this is such a denial tone. Listen, here's what I'll say to you. I'm going to bring my dog on four parts from now on, four parts that you can't comment on.


Just don't say anything goes out of his way to can't comment.


But, yeah, I mean, it's going to be a it's going to be interesting to see the athlete, the super athlete versus the kid who's been boxing for three years.


And that's one of the cues I'm sorry, sort what accused of overseeing my fucking life.


It's really isberg. You look at that dog. I just wanted to let you guys know it was my dogs. Why don't you sit the next couple of plays? Hello. What kind of dog is that Golden Doodle called?


I got it for our anniversary just to seal the deal so you can't ever leave me.


Nice. And what's his name again? His name's going to leave you with the dog. Can't under contract really.


Oh you you guys assign a team ten team eleven now so she can't leave me at all. What's in it Tommy.


But I'm named after Thomas from Thomas Petru from the Thomas the Tank Engine.


Oh Thomas the Tank Engine. Very nice.


Nice Juju is here. He's he's a little timid of an animal.


Guys, I've been sitting here with my balls clenched for about twenty eight minutes now waiting to talk about this.


McBroom shake it. We'll do it because we're talking about boxing. What the fuck is going on with this? What's he doing? Austin McBroom posted a series of. Instagram stories not only calling out. People the box directly calling out Logan, Jake and Bryce Hall caught them calling them Dock's. He called me a duck, calling them ducks. What do I do?


What do I do? I don't know.


I don't know how to I don't know how to handle that because I've never been insulted in that way. I just like just a farm. And here's the thing, man.


Orson's got great hair, so I've seen him a million times. He gets out the orange Lambo with the hair, with the curls and the kids. He got those kids, he's got kids. He's a great family man.


But he never struck me as the kind of guy that was going to throw bows or hands at all, which is why he travels with those large security men everywhere of so many.


And so it's just my my question on this is what the fuck is going on here?


And is he really coming for my team right now? And I speak of I'm speaking about you like, is this real?


I don't know. It's it's it's a good it's a good play to get some attention quickly. And because he did, he called out Bryce Hall.


He called out me and Jake and he made a comment, some shit like, yo, y'all are acting like vets. You know, you're only even boxing like two or three years. I've been an athlete my whole life. Like, it's the same story which I did.


I did slightly agree with it slightly because I agree. I agree. But compared to Austin. Yeah, we're fucking. Yes, yes. We're talking about. That's a good point.


If you have zero days in the ring than you are then compared to Austin, we're fucking let's put respect, respect on boxing and in the scope of boxing. No fucking way. Both of us. We're not even close to being veterans, not even a conversation.


But compared to Austin, I just am confused what his motives were here. I thought it was a joke at first. And Jay started turning back about Catherine Austin's wife being in his the dreams. And Catherine said, you'll delete the story like what's going on here?


We know too much. It's a dangerous game for Austin. It's a very dangerous game because it's so much more than just a fight.


There's a lot of chirping. There's a lot that gets exposed. If you have someone in your life that hasn't come out yet, trust, it'll come out in the press conferences.


My advice to Austin, I don't know if you're serious. I'd say stick to making juice. You doing good with the family channel boxing? I don't think it'd suit you unless unless you're really down. He says he has five mil.


Yeah, that was something that stuck out to me. He said he had five mil to someone who could box him. Look, I'll take the five mil. I told Commonness how I like. I'm not thinking I'll do it. One arm behind my back. I beat him one arm behind my back and use the arm.


I would I would hope you put the right behind your back when you weren't going to go.


I guess what I still had thrown it all and thrown it out. It's the road and now it is.


But luckily, though, it's Ty, it's it's teed up. A very interesting conversation for for for Jake and I. It just because, say, Jake wins the Nate fight. And then he calls out Austin right away, like that's another easy W that'll get views as well. Like it's all about it's all about securing. Securing WS and getting viewership time for me to time for me to play devil's advocate for a second. That man is in and has always been in good shape.


He is an athlete. He really is a fucking athlete. You've seen him play basketball, you see, and play a ton of different sports. We'll see.


So we'll see how the basketball player does against the boxer. Listen, I in 12 days, I hear you right. Got that guy. Great point. Great point. But but I think that if he were to put in now, he would need three years of training and you would need you guys to stop training for him to catch up on a on a skills based level unless he thinks he's just going to go in there and dog you. It's tough, do you?


It's tough to dog a person who's boxing and not fighting, not street fighting with big overhand punches. If I'm if I'm boxing, you tactically like being a technician in their. It's tough, it's tough, the dog, a boxer, especially in a ring with gloves again on the devil's advocate. So it's how the boy can't say I got it done. Both fights with that overhand right. Sure. But also his his boxing ability is good, good, good, good.


Boxing. He's not a street fighter.


He'll be in their boxers, trained dogs, huge in that one. And huge. They say it's not about the size of the dog in the fight. They say it's about the size of the fight in the dog. Nice. So that's why I tripped Floyd Mayweather, because it is about the. Right now, say I'm 40 pounds heavier, half his age.


Yeah, I chirped at him a little bit outside of a bone steak house. We'll see how that plays out. What's the deal with that?


I mean, why why you chirping at the greatest boxer in the history of the world? It's a great question. Oh, look, bro.


Or is it just going to remain a question for now? Oh, I'll say I'll say this.


I'm here. To entertain and put on the greatest shows you've ever seen at the highest levels. Time and time and time again. And as a 25 year old. Digital based. Entertainer. Floyd Mayweather versus Logan Paul could be one of the most historical fights ever, strictly because it's never been done before and nothing like this will ever happen again. Yeah, I say it's biggest fight of twenty of twenty twenty one. If it happens right off the bat, that happens January.


There's no bigger fight. Who are they going to who who are they going to. Who are they going to pick. That could draw that that could draw that level of viewership and. Fury, Anthony, Joshua, look, it's totally it's just like people could talk shit, you're going to watch a fight because I used to be crazy. You got. You got.


The 50 and best of all time boxer undefeated versus the one defeated, the once defeated you Tuber, who's twice his size and half his age, it's a matchup that on paper looks kind of interesting, in my opinion.


So, yeah, I checked a little bit. Also, I told you this. I said a dangerous waters.


You're kind of going on.


But also also like, dude, if you won, can you imagine? Oh, my gosh. If you won, they'd have to make a movie.


No, no one's considering. No one's considered. I mean, I'm not going to say I'm going to go on. No, no, no.


It's an exhibition of what that mean for his mind.


If it's an exhibition on those. I don't know. I don't know. Yeah, yeah, he's he's big into the exhibition fights he made, he made a comment like money, he made a comment like this. You know, if I like boxing and I want to go, like, basically spar someone for some cash, like, why not fucking do it? Like, it'll be a great show. Obviously, I'll train my fucking ass off. And I really do believe I connect with the right punch and you can't tell me it's impossible.


It'll be game over. Yeah, I agree with that, but but I also but I also fight it's a fight. Anything can fucking happen, and if there was a year with some crazy shit like a Logan Paul Floyd Mayweather upset happens, don't say to him, Tony, it'd be 20, 20 and he got a month and a half.


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I'll get down back to the program, talk about fast food, do barstool posted this and it upsets me. We did that. We did the boxing for a little while now, which obviously I'm not very skilled at. But this is my this is my turf. OK, here we go. When people talk about this kind of shit, I haven't even seen this map yet, but I'm going to look at it right now and I'm going to make some I'm going to make some chat.


America's favorite food chains based on 20-20 data from the Public Information and Statistics System Society Barstool posted this that went state by state and rated the most popular fast food.


Mike Devinney, initial thoughts right off the bat you went. And made a decision that the pizza capital of the world, Connecticut, was going to be represented by Papa fucking Johns, you, Scott, you scumbag Fox. How dare you how dare you do that, Papa. And then. Yes, darling. Great point, Spyro, for New York, which, by the way. OK, fair enough. Fast food. I get it. But it's just it's upsetting.


OK, Spyro. Spyro, on the other hand, long dead shopping on hot topic. No place I'd rather be, no place I'd rather be than getting a slice from Spyro the Sicilian the thick one. OK, what else we got here. How was Chuck E. Cheese. Chuck E. Cheese. Cheese in Michigan.


In Michigan, listen, how is this a thing now? Let's go, let's go. Let me take this from here. Ready melts in Ohio. I've never heard of yeah, yeah, this is a mess. What's that? What's Arizona? It's probably in and out. I'd say it's in a way that's actually pretty accurate, is very good. OK, here's the deal. In and out, in and out.


Running train on the West Coast out here. Yeah, it is a it is a known fact. Anyone that lives on the West Coast that in and out is the most overrated food establishment in the fucking country.


What does that mean? I like I like that. I was just looking at Dave and Busters for Florida. I actually like it. I think, oh, I fuck with David Buster's and I like it. Look at Texas. Whataburger. Yeah. Great choice. Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah.


For Texas. Great big family. It's only place that goes. Yeah.


Burger King takes Milwaukee. Amazing. It's just so fascinating to be in and out.


Sneak over there. Yeah.


Just in and out literally in the middle of the Chucky Cheese.


Rannveig the only things that make sense on this entire map to me are the domination of the South by Chick fil A, Chick fil A's, a ten out of ten establishment, all chicken based de.


Yeah, Louisiana, that's for sure. Fried chicken and the popcorn and then see the set and Popeye's is a good establishment as well and then seeing the bird see in the center of the map controlled by them.


Not at all.


This is also making me super aware how much I don't know what these fucking states are for. In fact, I'd like to consider myself like semi intelligent. I'm geographically inept. I am so bad at geography.


What what is this?


What the fuck is Burger King like? Where? Oh, it's down there. Where? Oh no, I like Hawaii.


It's fucking Hawaii. Amazing. Listen, listen.


Nothing, bubble gum, nothing is worse on this entire map than whatever state that is next to Colorado.


What what is that state there telling the Colorado. This one that's that's. No, no, no, no.


This is Colorado, Colorado Forest, Gath Rain Forest Cafe. What would it. What is that?


No, that's not Colorado. McDonald's is McDonald's.


That's what I said. No way that. No way. Nevada is no way. Nevada, we are never we are never going on rogard now this is a desert. I was right. It's Nevada was right. Yes. Good call. Utah. No. Colorado. Yes. Yes. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Good.


I'm going. I got going. OK, what about West Virginia next to the McDonald's over there.


The black one. Bojangles won out on the skyline like Skyline. Yeah, yeah, how was Chuck E. Cheese running numbers like this?


I think they got it. They got a they got to double check this.


Hold on a sec. Let's let's talk about Chuck E. Cheese or second, how many of those locations up there have a ball pit that's got a boost. That's got a boost.


There aren't those not allowed anymore because it covid? No, because the needles. Did you say hypodermic needles covid is throwing needles started Persian got covered.


I throw a little twist on things occasionally. Wait, so needles you say. Huh.


What else you got. Here's here's something so cool. I, I want to, I want to nail this segment because this is so cool to me I. The other day on impulse that we were talking about daily blogging and posting daily content and creator burnout, and I spoke a bit hastily and I made some errors, there are there are some channels doing daily content which shout out to them in the middle of Koven.


Oh, it's incredible. People call you. Oh, yeah. Well, also, I said that with absolutely no knowledge of them to me. Right.


I just I haven't seen on a massive level, but I looked into it and not because I saw some comments as well and I had been aware of this channel.


That has been going on for about a year now called Unnice Onis, yeah. Have either of you heard about this one more time? Oona's onis? Is that German? It could also be pronounced this a.. I think or if you're in southern Latvia, Wanis and it's going to sound strange, but I think I saw them trending on PornHub.




Yeah, that does sound strange.


Yeah, they were trending on YouTube. They were trending on YouTube. Check this out. Oona's onis. These two guys, Marc and Ethan, they made a channel that means one year in November 13th of twenty nineteen, they created this channel with the promise that they would create a piece of daily content every day for three hundred and sixty five days. And then after that year is over, delete the. I love it. I love it. Delete the channel.


So they did. And it was a departure from their normal content in that they just were experimenting and trying to live life to the fullest because as we know, time is finite and these guys put that to the test. They sat down and waited until that last second when one point five million people were watching their final live stream, their final video on the channel before they deleted it there. I believe blocking or not allowing uploads or videos to be uploaded.


It's gone forever. If you missed it, you missed it. And it's a fascinating commentary on both humanity. And self in Mark's Mark Playaz post-mortem video, he called it.


I'd love to have these guys talk talk about this unimportant because I don't think I don't think a wave has been paved like this or we've seen anything this innovative on YouTube in so long as the coolest thing to me.


But he said, I firmly believe that the entirety of what something is cannot be truly appreciated until it ends. And he's so right. And I'm here to ask why. We've taught we don't know what you have until it's gone. We've we've talked about this a lot of times with especially with the death of musicians.


I was just going to say so Jews were the first thing that came into my mind through smallpox.


I, me, Bradley from Sublime. Like, where would this have taken them? Now, the part that bothers me about this is, as we know, not always, but. People tend to get better, they tend to start learn, get better, get better, get better, evolve, evolve, evolve until they eventually reach their greatest self, not always. Sometimes they start with a bang and then go out and fizzle out. But a lot of people start and they need to learn, they need to be in the environment for a while, create, create, create.


So here's my problem with oh by the way, they weren't trying to add PornHub.


It was actually anus. Anus. I'm sincere apologies to everyone in the room and also to honest onis it.


That joke was asked and you know it, I think I just unplugged everything you did, I don't want anything like that I had.


What did that come from?


Take it easy. Where did that come from? The back of the box. All right. Your audio right there. I got it.


Do you remember when I said I wanted to nail the segment? I just fucked everything, C.J..


We love you, C.J.. C.J., C.J.. Hey, Thatcher was cuts the best cuts you've ever seen. Here's my question.


What would please, please say the name one more time for me, Mark. Anything. The name of the channel. It's what would unus Onasis year to have looked like that. No, you can't do it. Unas honest. It defeats the whole purpose. Oona's honest in Latin means one year. Mike, Mike. Mike. OK, what about Unus do us. Which is what.


Because to use everything for that you have to believe that they're not going to have ever.


What do they need such a what do they do. Yeah, that's what I was going to ask the hypnotizes, you know. So they're like they're I will say this. I watched a few videos and Mark and Ethan both said it in their postmortem video like people didn't get it. And I was one of those people, like, I didn't understand. I saw Oona's honest. And I was like, what is happening here? I watch a few of the videos and I didn't really understand.


And then it ended. And maybe I'm one of the more like simpleton's, but then it ended and then I appreciated it for what it was.


And I'm talking about it now. Like I got I got caught in exactly what they're trying to prove.


Marketing. Oh, is it marketing? OK, here's something now. Now, I'm not saying I'm not saying for them. But here's something I can't tell you what it is, what it does or why it matters. You look at it and you're like. Why the fuck would I give a shit about what you're saying to me right now? Now I look at you and I say, here's something I can't tell you what it is, why it exists or why it matters.


But it's going to be gone in 30 seconds. Who give you that? That's exactly right. You give me that right now, it's the human condition to. This is Marketing 101, it's something called urgency, you need to provide urgency to the consumer. That's why sales are Labor Day weekend sales. When Sun comes and goes, if you haven't got your 20 percent off your love sack couch, that deal is now gone. Got it. All right.


So guys out there that are the one pump nuts, I feel you got to you got to prep it. You know, it's all about marketing.


Say it's here now, but it won't be in a few minutes that appreciate how much we love her.


Wasn't it great. But OK, but was it great? But you tell me because you consume some of the content that's great. Content to right or what.


Or is not. I felt like it was for a very specific audience.


Yeah. That was what I thought was interesting about it. Like I said, I tried it. Granted, I'm also so bad at watching content.


Some of the greatest creators like some of your favorite people, I cannot watch it.


But the point I was like, no, no, no, I'm not good at consuming and and some of the content.


Yeah, absolutely slated. Three hundred sixty five videos like it was, it was awesome. But the majority of it like.


Again, I just. I didn't hop on the train and now I feel stupid, I wish I would have appreciated what they were doing. I feel so dumb. Do you feel do you feel kind of like saddened by this?


Yes. Yes. Because they're both. They're both like. Narrative and like theatrical like geniuses in a way, like, dude, they made merchandise, right? Everything about this channel is gone, that you can probably find some clips, but the channel is gone. They're both back on their own channels, but they may merchandise and sold the merchandise throughout the year.


That's like kind of the only thing that's left. And if you have an awareness, anice piece of merch.


Sorry, how did you set that time from the Southern Labia? They pronounce it Wanis Anus.


How did they get Keanu Reeves involved on the right? So that's Mark. He's a massive YouTube. You got twenty eight million subscribers.


These aren't these aren't these aren't like scrubs.


Clearly a joke, dummy. I know Mark very well. Yes, personally, yes. You guys get along on back and forth. Yeah. Why are they standing in the Twilight Zone?


I think that's the whole shtick. Oh, no. They said you're either an onus or an honest. OK, I get it, yeah, yeah, now that you finish saying that, I totally get it and I respect it like you choose one, you're either the dark or the light, like black or white, yin and yang.


You're an eyewitness or you're an honest.


Do they speak different languages or is it? No, no, they're Americans and they just did things that they hadn't done. You have a clip to give us something. It's all gone.


There's clips, but I don't want to give. I don't wanna get blocked. I'll give you an example. Right. They they eat that hot chip. They are hot chip, also, they're doing regular things, some of them, some of them are some of them are like interesting, funny, like there's like answering a question, what would you do if you had one year to live? That's that's the question they were trying to get.


I believe I didn't look closely enough at that man's face and realized that it was Mark Applier the whole time I because he got that haircut.


That's embarrassing for me. Yeah. One of the biggest users. Yeah. Yeah. In the world. Yeah. Like in the world. I did not I did not notice that until I made the Keanu Reeves joke and then I looked up and now I feel quite dumb. Yeah.


Who's sorry. Who's the other one. His name is Ethan. He has a channel called Crank Gameplay.


OK, so that one I'm not as familiar with but market players is massive. Yeah. Would you ever consider teaming up with a friend of yours who has a YouTube channel for a 365 day series? I thought about it. I'm not even kidding. Like inspired by them. I thought about every day creating a crazy fucking video in the vein of on us because Ethan made a comment.


I watch his videos, too. And he said he said, I don't think you can ever be done again. And that was the one thing in the video that was like. Or could it be because you guys started something that's absolutely incredible or maybe it fucking can? These are the only two people that can pull some shit off like this.


Yeah, but balls would be if you had no following and you try to launch that they already have eight million followers.


No, that's why. That's why. That's why the good is 28 million. So, you know, I'm not as I might I might try that same tactic with my breakup video. I think that's. Yep, yep.


Yep. They are the tennis news. Everybody skipped it. They produced they produced on holy water. That was that was something they did. Just fascinating, man, so cool, so cool. Good for them, just paving, paving the way on YouTube. On a on a disappearing road, you know, that you now can't drive on now because it's gone forever. Do it ever since you pulled the plug, my headphones have been weird, I just wish I had some type of headphone question for you.


You ever think to yourself, maybe it's not the headphones that got weird, it's it's you.


I was leading into the I. Speaking of that. We throw it in there if we want. I mean, how long we've been going for. I would go. What he got. I mean, we can end it all you want. You still got something else I you have away now. What's the Snapple effect? Oh, yeah, oh, snap cap, I guess we'll never know.


The fact is, my woman can't throw.


We've got a snap effect.


OK, check this out before we sign off. It's important, you know this at birth, a human has 350 bones, but only 206 bones when full grown. So you you sweat out your bones. Is that really the eggs that your body or something made you shit out your skeleton?


Thanks to listen to impulsive. Sorry for listening. You have to listen. I subscribe, but we'll see you guys on Thursday.


We have a great guest and his name is in your in your up and coming musician. Are you always in a mood?


Uh, Brian, he's a feature on that song. No. One music song in the world. Yeah. Oh yeah. Just got No one on the billboard. So. So that's awesome. Yeah. We'll see you guys Thursday. Take it easy.


Have a great week by.