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I'm going for the win. How to pop this, you actually use a Glock like nine thousand nine. Speaking of which, Alex, some call her daddy will actually be on the show next week. Oh, no, no, no. Next year.


But until then. Welcome back to the world's number one podcast.


That's true. That you can do my job for me, damn it. Sure, I may need to, because there's been an announcement.


I got a new occupation. We're going to get to it. Professional boxer slash YouTube or slash Pokemon collector now slash EPOXI Arts and crafts bill that we do a lot of epoxy resin projects pouring and so much EPOXI wearing a mask because you can get lung cancer, like Mike said.


Welcome back to a positive, the number one podcast in the world hit that subscribe button or are you looking at me like that for this is just it's energetic, energetic in this podcast.


This one's going to be good. Oh yeah. I can just feel it. This one's going to be hard.


Can we leave like, wow, that was the worst. It's yeah. It's a big it's a big day. Big week. Super big week for all of us obviously for the thing which I want to get into later. But Georgie, you, if I'm not mistaken, are going tonight leaving to Arizona to open up for Joe Coie.


Yeah. For three of his comedy shows in Arizona. I'm going to do one. I planned one and come back and but he offered every single night for the rest of the week.


Wait, hold on. I feel like we sped into that a little bit. You're opening for stadium sellout Netflix special extraordinaire, comedian Joe Courtney. We had on the it started out kind of like just joking around the guy.


Logan kind of pressed on it and he kind of just took me under his wing and he's like, he's forcing me to get on stage. Now, this makes me so happy. This makes me so happy.


You know what made me pull the trigger on this, bro? Because I'm still shaking. I've never been this nervous in my life. But then I was like, look, you fall, kid, go up in front of millions of people and fight the best fucking boxer to ever exist. I could get on the stage and tell a few shitty jokes like I could do this. Yeah.


So you get knocked down. I get knocked out by the whole crowd.


And here's the difference, though. I still have some experience, right. At least to have a little bit. You have a better chance. You have a better chance. I'm going to say this. You have a better chance of knocking out Floyd Mayweather out cold than I do having a standing ovation.


Yes, I think you might be right. But still, I believe. No, I believe in you. I believe in you.


And I told you my advice was this. Just be vulnerable and just be open like it's so cool to see you finally take the lead man. Like I remember I was texting every single day. And the overarching story here, the lesson to be learned is take the fucking leap. Take the leap.


I know it's so scary, but I would text you every day, literally every day the reminder to do stand up comedy, reminder to do stand up comedy. And you're finally doing it. I said just be vulnerable. Open the show.


Hey, guys, you know, I've never done this before. I'm opening for Joe cause he said I could do that. So if I bomb, he looks better.


I'm going to do the best I possibly can. And if worse comes to worse, I go back to YouTube. Yeah, just just just be open, be vulnerable and don't be afraid to fail. That's the biggest thing. Yeah.


I'm not I'm not expecting anything but to kind of honestly think it's just something I have to. I can't you can't even think about what it is until you're there. It's like trying to be something you've never to like. I can't be a contractor. I've never I've never done that. No, just because I'm a funny guy doesn't mean I'm a comedian. So I have to go and see if this is my lane. If it's not, then I'll come back here and be on the back.


So exciting.


Both both you guys just sit here as the as the third co-host and see what you guys are both doing in your respective lanes. And just to know that I'm going to go play call duty later for six hundred people on twitches just makes me feel like I probably got to step it up.


It's something you wrote a book this year. We're good. That's, that's true. I guess not. I noticed that I, I was walking to Starbucks. I wake up every morning. The first thing I do is I go to get my girlfriend coffee because I, you know, we have Starbucks around the corner.


I walk down the street for she wants the caramel brulee, frappe frap or latte.


You got another. Yeah, I'd say walking. You're not even driving. You're walking down the street.


The Caramel Broulee latte. You know how many calories doesn't it tell me. Almost a thousand calories. Like it's it has more calories than a burrito. Chappellet, what's in it. How is that. She starts her morning like that every day.


And by the way, I've been drinking lately too, because it's delicious. It's the latte from Starbucks. Some. Some. Just on your girlfriend, it all goes to her, but on you, it's like this is your face, you know, like hers is like other guys you see and be like, damn.


And then when people see you, they're like, damn, you know my joke. I'm practicing my stand up. Really? That was funny. I'm practicing. Someone said to me today, by the way, I'm not upset at all. I love this. Someone said to me when I was walking in the kitchen, Jeff's assistant, she goes, I see there's Dunkin Donuts on the counter like donuts, actual donuts.


And I'm like, oh, shit, Dunkin Donuts. She goes, Yeah, brought down to say, I know you like a mike.


Oh, see, but she didn't even, like, put zing on it. It was just the way she said she didn't know it was like donuts. Mike and I just looked at her like this.


How did she say it was like this. Check it. Listen to the tone. I like I know you like these doughnuts.


All right. Or was it like I think that's like a H.R. thing. I think that goes right to the place. So, yeah, that sexual harassment doesn't work for me. I don't work with her. I'm just telling a story. I'm a comedian. All right, listen, we got them fat. All right? Listen, so I'm walking to. Thank God you're walking. Yes.


I need to burn off the calories. I just want to say the last picture that was taken on this show.


Yes, I had the best abs in it, did an Internet, Internet, call it out my ass. Got the best abs out of three of those.


True. His top abs are are coming. It's just the weird everything goes to the bottom ab.


Anyways, I'm walking to the Starbucks burning calories and I realized something. Los Angeles has the biggest homeless population on planet Earth. Now, I had heard these stories before.


I had heard about this, but I'm walking in, I see this guy and he's pushing a shopping cart filled with, you know, various things, pots, pans, whatever else, you know, homeless person might have. And the first thing I noticed was, wow, this guy is dressed incredibly. He's got what appears to be brand new leather pants and jacket on. Looks like he's straight out of White Stripes music video. He looked absolutely incredible.


And at first I was like, wow, you know, I would consider this to be quite a good looking and well put together, gentlemen. And he turns to me, he says, hey, you got any money and not like you, any money, but more like, yo, where's my fucking money?


You know what I'm saying?


And I'm just I'm just like, you know, like, yeah, well, because all twenty twenty and shit, you know, I don't I don't have like actual cashiers have card and he gave me like I look like that's like you got vema like that's like this like government.


And so I turn to him and in a very East Coast way I'm like, you want me to get you a hot coffee, you want a hot coffee, you know, cause it was cold this morning like sixty two degrees in L.A.. Thirty six. Right. And so I go, you want me to get you a coffee? And he goes, he turns to me, he goes. A mint julep frappuccino, he's a firm, so he's the patron from Starbucks regular and the septum ring like the nose ring coming out, he goes, I'll take the mint julep frappuccino from Starbucks.


And and I turn on, like, smell fuck. Yeah, that's a nine dollar coffee. Yeah.


And he said, by the way, you have Apple Pay. I'll take that.


Yeah, I'll take that to take all that square. And then he also said and get your get your own caramel frappe you fat.


So did he take the drink from you and be like, you know, that's a thousand calories. So so listen. So I go and by the way, so Sophs did you get him to drink. So I go, of course. What a nice guy.


So I go in there and I get him the drink. And by the way, it's called like a I don't even know what the fuck it's called, though obviously I'm not very good with the name at Starbucks. So I go I bring it back to him in his thank you.


So. Subpar, huh? Half hearted, oh, thanks, like, are you still here? Why are you still give me the coffee and keep it moving, fat boy. Like why are you standing here? It was just the buzziest homeless population and it's fucked up because we don't actually treat them as well. San Francisco actually treats our homeless better than anybody. We don't even do as good of a job here, but for whatever reason, L.A., because I think a lot of them at one point were, you know, actors, actresses, stylist, does barista's like these, they know what's good, you know.


And so I'm a it is a it is a problem here in L.A. There's a there's a very large homeless population and it's it's sad. And Holdsclaw, something is done about it soon.


I'm a bit curious, though, just about. I don't know, like, OK, the guy who we brought to the house and we did the fan and we and we and we threw the ten thousand dollars and everyone collected it. And then at the end, everyone, like, gave the money that they had collected from this extravaganza to the homeless man. Right, we just gave the homeless man ten thousand dollars and I and I drove him back to a spot, I was like, man, like, what are you going to do with it?


He ran me through all these things. He's like, I'm going to get a room I might clean up. I have a boat.


I was like, OK. And I clean up my bowl a little bit. And do you know, we still see this guy?


We still see him standing there on the on the street every day.


Oh, this is a very know this is a very Danny saying he doesn't have a boat. This is a very touchy topic. And I understand, like, by no means and I know you're talking about on separate than what I was, but by no means my job realizing or making light of the fact that have a major homeless problem in this city and state and country.


But also, at the same time, there's something to be said about the fact that there's a lot of people out there making a lot of fucking money.


So is that is that what I'm asking? Is that what that's what I'm asking.


So I think it's I mean, I've heard some people making upwards of one hundred thousand dollars a year. You're fucking lying. You're lying. Yeah. And you see him. We used to have this problem in Milford in Connecticut where I'm from.


You would see them drive up park to their car, get out of the car, change clothes into something very dark. You see those you see them go videos where they'll fake a disability. Yeah, I saw a video of a girl who had, like, the walkers on her hands and would like walk around the city and pretend to be fully impaired, fully disabled.


And they followed her one day, completely normal, healthy girl. And it's disgusting. It's it's it's vile. Yeah.


I think it's I think it's like indicative of representative of like a small you know, I just want to make sure that we're not, you know, making it seem like that that's the whole group. But the people out there doing this. And so when the came out to me this morning is like, I'll take the men like that happens.


Yeah, well, but we've got bigger news than me being fat. What else is going on?


Well, I heard this story because the masks now, right? I said before, you know how people wear masks. Yeah, I heard this story. I was talking to this girl because some guy was like flirting with her. That sports we have I said, and she works and I said, you know, that guy was totally flirting with you. You, like, kind of flirting back.


You you catch in any we just. No, I wasn't jealous. I was just like, oh, this it's a fascinating dynamic. I love to watch men hit on women just like observe.


It's it's I feel like I like watching you say that, George. Right. But when you watch this point, he just watches the beginning. Thirty seconds. He's like he's once again naked. He's like, I'm out, I'm out of my head. Start the conversation. Yeah. Yeah. Tell her how you want to fix the fan. Nice. Nice. I'll give you the next one. Next one. OK, she's stuck in a line.


Nice. Just a fascinating dynamic. It's a fascinating dynamic, just like interconnectedness between humans, a male and a female, like the spark of what could be an intimate relationship. It's it's I love people being like I love figuring out how people watch people watching. Everybody loves it. I'm just watching. I'm like, let's see what this guy does. Like, how is he going to wheel this girl? And so the girl, he walks away and I caught the tail end of it.


He walks away like he's totally flirting with you. Like, how did it go? She's like, it was great until he asked me to take off my mask to see how I look without my mask.


Are our guys doing this?


Yeah, I've heard of this. Guys are doing this now in the pandemic.


They're like, hey, you know, so cute, such a cutie, Mac. You can you take off your mask just so I can tell how you are though. Like men are smarter, not hell. Yeah. Yeah. What are you talking about? You want to bring this girl back home. Oh my God. That's why you have called it a little bit. Fuck, you have to forgive. What are you going to cut a hole in and be like.


This is how we foreplay. Just keep that shit on. Cut a hole your. But how incredibly rude. Yes. Would it be for you to bring her back home and she fucking lie to you or has no nose or mouth. Shut me out. She was all he's right. All the ugly people are storming the streets now because of this mass bullshit added to the list of marginalized groups that we've offended the nose list next week.


I'm so sorry, guys. Now you know why. Fuck that. I can make fun of the. I'm borderline almost there. I'm borderline.


How would you do it, though, George? Seriously, if you take a mask off somehow easy, outplay, offset mask on, fucking mask.


Go ahead. Go ahead. You guessed it. I rely on order to see laugh on that one. I'm not going to do the same. I leave that fucking joke I like. I swear to God, George. I like that. I like that. What. I was looking at your body fat. Well that's what I like. The nice to your face wrinkled when you were smiling at me. It is a potato.


It is a shame though. It's like that connectivity between people has been diluted because of the masks.


Because it would, it would be. I mean, you know, hopefully she has a mouth and a nose, but how can you be sure.


What if it was just reverse whatever nose is right here in her mouth if anything could happen? Yeah, you don't know. But we talked about it with Hayden the other day, tuner's at the house. The massive just added a new dynamic of conversation style where, you know, you're so you're being expressive with your eyes. You're trying to make me understand.


Hayden says, hey, what? I'm doing this now. Hayden says he's working on smiling with his eyes as my editor. He says he he'll do this smiling in his eyes. Right. But his mouth is the same. Yeah, his mouth is the exact same. But he'll do this and he'll be like, that's that's weird.


Like, why not just smile under the mask, too?


Because then your eyes will just naturally look like you're looking if you guys flick your tongue and they don't even know. Yeah, like, I don't know, just like. No, but we don't do this with clothes, right? We don't think with clothes around like, oh, I'm flirting with this girl. You, Macu Qadi, could you take off your clothes? I could just see exactly what I'm working with. There are some guys that do that.


Would you want to dress and do that? Thank you.


Instagram does. They're all naked on Instagram, by the way. This face to shit's getting out of hand. Do you see this video do with video? Dude, what the fuck? First of all, who the fuck do they hire for these videos?


Hey, listen, you look just like we need we need an ugly fucking person so we could turn you beautiful. You're hired. Just one just one podcast.


Whether it's my brother. Should I answer? Yeah. I mean, yeah, he deserved it. They we're on a positive. Oh, hi.


How are you doing since your fight against Nate Robinson on your high horse, you're snowboarding mammoth. Everything good. Everything is good. I'm a bit overwhelmed with everything that's going on. But hey, let's not let's not forget about Logan. Paul Burgess.


I'll call I'll call you after the podcast.


We're going to get into it. OK, let's do it. I mean. Yeah, what a dramatic difference would it be if he called you right now and if he lost that fight, his energy would be totally like, hey, guys. Hey, guys. Hey, guys. Not this wasn't the stars weren't aligned. Did you guys see Nate Robinson's after species? Like, I'd like to apologize to the NBA. He did see that. Oh, I didn't see that.


I heard people talking about it.


Now I have to find myself. I don't know.


But how funny would I like to apologize to the NBA for putting you guys on my back? Said, yeah, we just do it.


Know, because what are we doing here? I don't think I just do it here for playing.


We're trying to get them up, trying to get them nice and hard for this conversation. Guys, fucking February 20th. I'm fired. Floyd Mayweather, Floyd Money. Fucking get up and do the punches. Good to get up. We rehearsed this. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, wait. We may do it again, but do it at his level.


You would punch him on. Oh my God. That's way too high.


The are already starting.


How are you doing your shots. We've known, we've known, we've heard rumblings for some time about this actually happening. And I think being a part of this campaign, this podcast and all the shit that happens around all this, you get numb, jaded and used to the idea of everything happening. I was not ready for this to actually be happening. Like you're my best friend is about to fight the greatest fighter warrior in the history of humankind, potentially, of course, because I'm sure there were others.


But there is an asterisk there.


But at least but it's at least sayable with the aspirate Astreus. And people are like, OK, like that's believable. One of the greatest fighters of all time defensing.


It's undeniable. Nobody could argue that he never lost.


The only argument would be pound for pound. I mean, bro, all right, I get I get what you're saying, like, you can't say that about, like Michael Jordan or some shit like Michael Jackson. Yeah, yeah. OK, I got it. I got it. I got it. I got it. But yeah, absolutely insane.


Everyone in this camp knows I'm fucking buzzing.


I'm so what's the feeling. Are you nervous. I scared. Let me throw some questions at you. So I'm going to be the audience right now. One, are you completely out of your mind? That's the first one. Yes. Good. First question. OK, great. Yes. Second question.


Do you, Logansport, actually believe in yourself? Like there's no cameras rolling right now? I just mean, you sure. Do you actually believe you have a chance of fucking them up or do you think you're just going to go in there and be like, yo, if I could just last, that would be a win for me. What are you going in trying to do?


You want me to tell you my game plan right now? Please, everyone.


Yes. No, no, no, no cameras going. No, you're asking me if I have a chance to be Floyd Mayweather.


Yes. Yes. Fuck, yeah. You'd be lying if you said it was impossible. And everyone, everyone, everything is possible, everyone wants to watch a fucking miracle, and on February 20th, I have an opportunity for whatever reason the gods have blessed me with to pull this off. And you could fucking bet your bottom dollar, I'm going to do everything in my power to make it happen. So, yeah, it's exciting. It's it's unbelievable, it's again, and I said, and Jake's after Jake's knockout, how can you fathom the unfathomable, unfathomable I mean that's definitely not a word.




I was supposed to play devil's advocate for this podcast. I think it's important. I think it's important that there's someone here who doesn't suck Dick. And obviously George is excluded from that. But for example.


You couldn't even beat Karsai, right? What makes you think that you deserve to be able to walk into the ring and be in the presence of one of the greatest boxers?


So crazy, because I don't know if this is the right outlet for this because it's mine.


Do I do I save this for, like traditional media and the press conferences even because I'm making a video on my YouTube channel or I'm going to kind of dive into this a little bit and that almost feels like it's cheating if you talk about it on their platforms, because who gets the who gets the money from the ad revenue?


They run off those platforms by fucking right.


Answer the question. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You're fucking right. The question, the question, the root of your question is what do I deserve this opportunity to. Um. I don't want to say no, I don't I don't want to say yes for whatever reason. Like I said, I was the one that had been blessed with this opportunity and I don't take that lightly.


You know, fighters worked their whole life, their whole life to get an opportunity to fight on a stage this big. This this could be one of the biggest fights in the history of combat sports. And I don't say that jokingly. And people can laugh and pretend it's a gimmick. But you got a guy who's twenty five versus a guy who's forty three. You got a guy who's six foot two versus a guy who's five foot eight. David and Goliath.


You got a guy who's two hundred pounds versus a guy who's one hundred and fifty pounds. I weigh a whole adolescent human, taller, bigger than he's not letting you cut weight. I hope they don't.


I hope they don't give me some sort of that's going to be a you make a huge difference. I'll be pissed. I'm not going. I'll be fucking pissed if they tell me I have to think a certain way or hunch or hold back punches.


Do it. It's the fight game. And anyone and everyone in the fight game will tell you that anything can happen at any moment. Right. One punch. And I understand Floyd is the most evasive, defensive mastermind fighter of all time.


But you'd be lying if you said it was impossible. Probably you'd be. You'd be. No one can say it's impossible.


I'm not saying it's impossible, but I'm going to hit you with some just reality vision. And I don't mean to discourage you. No, no, no.


First off, you don't think I'm used to this by now. This has been a five to six month process of trying to make this fight happen.


Truly, like everyone in this house knows it, like we've been we've been sitting and waiting for this announcement to finally happen. And we weren't sure if it was going to and it finally did. And you don't think I'm fully mentally prepared and and moreover, knowledgeable about the capabilities of Floyd Money Mayweather? Like, fully, fully understand what I'm getting at, getting into fully understand the caliber of athlete that I'm dealing with here, but just eager and excited to share the ring with him.


And it's so odd because.


You know, I've never had I've never had. Everyone rooting against me, you know, like at least I had some people on my side and when I said rooting against me, I mean people that that believe I can win the fight. And there are some out there. And the worst part is I can't I can't forget it. He's the greatest fighter on the planet. And even statistically, just going by the numbers, you got a guy who's 50, you know, versus a guy who's own one.


So I get on paper how this looks absolutely fucking ludicrous. And it is. But shit, that's where we're at. If we learn anything in twenty twenty, it's anything is possible. And this might be one of the weirdest, strangest, most exciting things to come out of it.


More moreover than people just questioning whether or not you have the capability to beat Floyd Mayweather. There are also the people who think that a Logan Paul Floyd Mayweather fight once again, back to this is a mockery to the sport of boxing. Someone reached out to me via Deamon said, this is bad for the sport. This is a money grab and nothing less.


Yeah, look what Dana White said. The boys talked to him.


Did you see the Floyd Logan Paul today? Yeah. What do you think of that?


Yeah, I mean, fucking when people ask me, what's the state of boxing right now, that's that's where it's at. I mean, I did not get beat up by the fucking video game kid from England and now he's going to fight Floyd Mayweather.


And I like both because they've always been fucking super supportive of us. But that is a fucking crazy matchup. Good for Logan. But yeah, it is a crazy matchup. It's insane.


And so. Well, can we touch on that first? We want Michael. So Dana. So I guess Dana thinks that it's a little ridiculous for boxing to team up with influencer to drive more viewers for a fight as he sits on the Nilka Boys show enough.


You teamed up with enough boys. And I believe that video game boxer you speak of, didn't he do some sort of deal with him at some point? I think they did a collab.


Very strange. Very strange. So so anyways, leads me back to my question. Someone someone sent that question to me. A lot of people have asked me that in the dorms. And my response was very much, I believe that Logan Paul takes boxing more seriously than Floyd Mayweather does right now. I really do. I really do.


Logan's up in the morning every single day fighting Golden Gloves level sparring partners. He eats the part, works the park, watches film before he goes to bed every night. Do you think Floyd Mayweather, currently in the lead up to this fight, is training as hard as you are?


The rebuttal that I'll play devil's advocate.


I'm not saying that was my response. I just I heard obviously doing our research to the grapevine, studying the fighter for the past five months. All he does is train. Yeah, he he doesn't have a vice. So seriously, his only vice is I think it's roller roller skates. He loves her.


He loves to roller skate, but he doesn't drink. He doesn't smoke. He doesn't go out and party maybe maybe few and far between. But he doesn't have a vise. He's a machine. He's the best fighter in the world for a reason.


Would you throw a stick in front of him while he was roller skating right now if you had the opportunity.


No, I'm not going. No, I wouldn't do that. He probably got it. Yeah, he's fast or he's no good, you just jump into a spin looking graceful and so and so.


Yeah, so that's so that's counter the point I was trying to make because I had heard the same thing. This dude's the hardest working motherfucking athlete ever.


Yeah. He's not going to work harder than me. This fight. He just won't. I think I think he's definitely in, you know. Not for good reason, but it would make sense that he underestimates me. Why would he not? I mean, especially everything I have online, none of it is overly impressive.


And after the last fight, when my hand wasn't raised, I got back to the locker room and none of it made sense. I couldn't it didn't compute for some reason. And even in the post-flight press conference.


I sat there, said some dumb shit sneeze three times, they should not let fighters do press conferences, I've been fucking rattled in the head. This is not in the right. That's the best. That's the best part. This is the best time to give me. But I sat there and said a lot of things, one of which I said, this doesn't feel like a loss.


I don't I don't know why. I'm like I've lost before, like, really lost on a on a global scale.


And it just didn't feel like that. And I you know, I asked the universe, I asked the creator, why did this happen? Like I said, it just didn't make any sense to me. And now a year later, a year plus later, that everything is coming around, I'm like, oh, my God, makes sense.


They say everything happens for a reason. And maybe I had to lose that fight. Maybe I had to have the greatest fall in the history of social media to have the greatest victory.


Maybe I'm just saying things to make myself feel better about the situation, but seriously, if I had won that fight, would I have gotten this opportunity that dwarfs any opportunity or event that any social media star has done ever? The gratitude that I have to to share the ring with this legend. Is unparalleled. The only thing I can do is work my fucking ass off and do the best I possibly can, and I believe good things will happen. So a lot of people are going to be the I'm going to read the comments and a lot of people going to be like, oh, you just got a job or you just fucking dick rides.


But like, they don't get to see what I see behind closed doors when these cameras aren't rolling. And I see the tears and I see the stress and I see the blood. But it's not even just you.


It's you, it's Mike. It's the people that we surround ourselves with. We do the impossible. We work. And then our outcome is either really fucking great or absolutely fucking nothing. So there is a chance for you to fucking make a legacy and fucking people write movies and books over the show. Think about it. This will be the greatest upset in the history of sports ever.


So your brother, it's going to be a win win situation. It doesn't even fucking matter what happens. But you can bet your ass I'm going for the knockout. It would dog they talk about this for the next thousand years. I can't believe I took this fight. I can't fucking believe that Floyd took this fight.


He's incentivized by one thing, more money Mayweather. And we haven't even touched on that yet. We touched on the potential size of this fight. There is a chance. That this fight ends up being worth over one hundred million dollars in revenue. One hundred million and this is not owned by anyone. Famille, famille, sorry, sorry. By the way, the guy who threw together I'm not can say his name.


I don't know if he wants to stay anonymous, but I, I have no idea how he, like, just just a mastermind puppeteer. Like I said, I when Jeff first approached me.




My manager and he said, hey, would you fight Floyd Mayweather.


I remember this. I go, what the fuck are you saying?


Just suck it. Just go work on having you on drugs. I mean, yes, I would, but why would you. That I would never happen, obviously, just like every other human on the planet. Like what, a month later he's like, hey, man, I have a 14 page contract for you to fight Floyd Mayweather.


I said.


Fuck you, fuck you, I'll sign your stupid fantasy contract, but like, this would never happen, right? So I signed the contract a month later. He's like, Hey man, you know, Floyds been wired a lot of money as a guaranteed fee to fight you. I said, that's great. Fuck you. Why would this ever happen? Still don't believe it. And then for the next three or four months, I just refused to believe until I was in the ring with this guy.


And then he posted the announcement.


And I'm like, oh, shit, this is very real. And we've been training for a while now. It's why he made fun of me. It's why I haven't been posting YouTube videos. I'm not I'm not very good at multitasking.


And the moment that this became a semi real opportunity, I fucking grasped it and ran with it. Training in arts and crafts.


Do you remember do you remember when we were drinking on the patio and this was like.


Oh, like. We're like, yeah, it's never going to happen, but just imagine if it did and we just sat there and just literally daydreamed about how the press would go crazy and how the world would just flip one that when everything got announced.


And my phone got buzzed like a thousand times, I was like, bro, like we fucking talked about this shit, it's insane. We talked about this shit.


So, bro, like, we're talking about you fighting and I'm talking about, dude, there might be a fucking chance where you get one clean shot on this motherfucker and it changes the fucking mindset of everybody watching the fight forever.


Forever. Hi, everyone. Everyone will want to witness that. I would shit my pants to hate this shit and fling it at people I believe in. The commentary of the community has been insane.


So so right off the rep because it's kind of cool. I reached out to Portnoy and his team this morning and asked him to send a message, his thoughts on this fight, which you have now in your text message, he sent us a video. We've not yet watched it. Oh, Dave Portnoy sent a video.


Yeah, I don't know why this video, what this is going to say.


Oh, boy. All right, Dave, you just got recently listed as the most polarizing sports media personality. What are your thoughts on the recently announced slogan Paul Floyd Mayweather fight? So I talked about it was on impulsive. And listen, I like Logan. I have to know how hard Mayweather is trying to Mayweather is going all out. But this is rocky for is in Russia type situation. I've got all my money to Logan. Paul can't land a punch.


I really have if he's like, OK, Nate Robinson got knocked out and it was bad on black. Twitter is bad for professional athletes. He's got to basically avenge that and he wants a weapon. I think you can walk if he thinks an exhibition and he wants to like get money. And this is just maybe setting the pavement for, like down the road, it could be entertaining. And this is nothing about Logan. I like Logan. I won't fight any of the balls of it.


Fucking me. The Mayweather is greatest ever do it. I know he's older, but I got to believe the greatest boxer of all time can do whatever he wants with basically an amateur. But I don't know. I'll watch. I'll buy the fight. I'm in trouble because I was wrong. I thought Nate Robinson would be Jake. So we'll see here. I already said it, though. You know, Mayweather is the best boxer of all time.


If he doesn't want get I don't know if he's mad and wants to prove a point, I think he can. If it's a payday, who fucking knows? I really don't know. That's what makes boxing break.


This is this is what you need to do right now.


Soon as this podcast is over, you go to the store and you get a bottle and you engrave Mayweather his name on it, ship it tomorrow night and also for backup, do the same with your name and just be like Justin, but just ship them in two different boxes, get him get them really excited about it.


So I'ma be allowed to talk about that. I'll be doing it. Makes sense. It's.


It's a mindset that everyone has and for good reason, but I'm not I'm not the fucking guy to underestimate. I'm just not. I'm really not.


I prove people wrong so many times and I'm going to continue to do it for the rest of my life. This is the biggest opportunity I've ever been granted. And I'm going to seize the fucking moment, work my ass off and pull off a miracle. But it won't be the first time that I've shocked the world. What? That's for sure.


What what what does an exhibition fight? What we just saw it with Tyson Roy Jones, OK? And it was very friendly. A lot of no look punches, no real dangerous head shots. I mean, you're walking in to fight Floyd Mayweather and you've said it before that he is, you know, 50 pounds lighter than you, which is a massive difference. One shot from you could decimate Floyd Mayweather or any opponent if you land that right hand.


The only difference is when you're fighting Floyd, you're fighting photons light a beam that does not exist. You cannot hit what you cannot see. Logan Paul, what is an exhibition fight with Floyd now? What does that mean? I actually have no idea.


I do not know what you are. Different gloves. You wait. I don't know if they'll make me wear heavier gloves. I don't know if they're going to make me or weapons. Is their swords ok?


It's like I say now I'll be honest.


I'll be, I'll be pissed if they make me lose weight. I'll be pissed if they have us in different gloves. To me, that's that's the stick. That's the thing. Right. You got the guy who's the best ever and you got a young buck who believes he can do anything, even though everyone says he can't. You know, that's that's that's the entire ploy of the fight, it's going to be crazy to see me in there against a guy his size.


It's going to be it's going to be a fucking spectacle.


Where is do we have any ideas yet or right now? So take it right where it might be.


I don't know. But right now, you can buy the paper of you on Famille for twenty four.


Ninety nine, which is actually a sick deal as a as Floyd Mayweather. Yeah. But after the first million buys and I don't know whether they're going to they're going to bump it up to I think 40 and then late December is going to go to 67.


So maybe I'll get it now. It's a sliding scale. Well, you're going to watch like you're going to fuck. Well, you can make as much fun of it as you want, but it's going to be one of the most entertaining events of twenty, twenty one. And they are going to watch, so if you want to save yourself 50 bucks, get early undercard commentators all all TBD. Snoop wants to check it out. Check it out.


Snoop Snoop commented on the announcement. He said, I got this. Get this man in here. Get this man in.


He's got it. I mean, he was the favorite of Nate Robinson of the Tyson.


Oh, that's the other thing. Hitting an important source, that is my brother just pulled off a glorious knockout.


Stunning, beautiful, right? This is my blood, if there's anything that inspires me more than that, there's nothing that inspires me more than that dude.


He said he just raised the bar. He just raised the bar for boxing, for my family, for the Logan Vache competition. And he'll get mad.


I have to. I have to. I have to match it. Have to have to match it after he may. I was so inspired with him knocking out Nate Robinson and. Shit, what a better follow up than this. Do you just yeah, you win by just walking in the rain. You know what I'm saying? Like, it's like it's like I understand. Like this desire to. Want to do the impossible, but it's like it's like the second you guys, once that bell rings, you've already you've already showed everyone else up, like you've already knows.


No one could follow that. If I had no spine and I was an absolute pussy, you'd tell me you're going to take a dive.


I'd be enough. That'll be enough for me.


Right. But. I was the person who wants to leave a legacy forever. I'm going for the win. If I'm ready, I should be an interview already have the best question. Here we go. One in a million chance, you knock this door clean, whole world shocked, they hand you the mic and they say, Logan, Paul, who is next? Who the fuck would you want to fucking fight after now? Technically, you know, I'd be the best boxer on the planet.


I first thing I do, I go buy some land in upstate New York, build a beautiful mansion by myself.


Honey, oh, we out you retire. You get a couple of dogs retire, then just do prizefights for the rest of my life.


Well, that's not a bad life, but that is not a bad life. It's fantastic. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Who knows. Who knows.


I'd be a bad pick. Right. What do you do after that. What do you do.


Call somebody random fucking Justin Timberlake. You're like, what the fuck. This guy's at home. You like dirty. What the fuck.


Check this out. A lot of lot of sports commentary on it. Says ever since they got knocked out by Logan's brother, we've been looking for a get back this hour, get back. This is for the culture we have to represent.


And the fight is taking place during Black History Month.


Yeah. Oh, I've been seeing the tweets. I've been seeing the tweets is so unfortunate.


I hate why they bring a race that has been reduced to race or not. Not not reduced.


But I hate that part of the conversation. It is. But it's also but it's also it's also a great joke that it doesn't make jokes and and make it serious, but it is. But everybody said after they got knocked out that it was a big loss for the black community and he was uninvited to the block party. Everybody probably still invited. No, no, no, Jake, Paul now has a cut. You saw Jake boy with the baby, baby, baby, baby.


Did you see how he was laying on the floor? You don't get to just hang out with the baby unless you got a fucking card with all black card. Did they even go to those parts? Nick Robinson, he can only hang out at like Harvard and Yale now, I'm sure at picnics with fucking with political science majors. He got fucking discounted out.


He goes he's going to get knocked out by the by the small YouTube brother dude. It's just it's a and and Jake made this fight even harder for you, because I bet you would have had a couple people from black community that fucked with you prior to Nate get knocked out now the right man for their own. Now the run for their blood brother. They saw Nick go down. They don't fuck with you now, but I'll just get a bunch on follows.


You like what the fuck what I did to Jason Derulo. Why does it matter what the fuck? I was just watching him bake a cake, what he's mad about, you know, literally pissed off, bro. And now they want Floyd to fucking exact revenge on you, dude. Good. You know, he's he's, you know, buck fifty soaking wet. And you could. I believe that you could. Now, here's the thing. When I says you you have to.


In the words of one of the greatest boxers ever in real life, it's not about how hard you hear, it's about how hard you could get hit and get back up or keep going or some shit.


Sometimes it's so, so, so, so beautiful. Rocky, you want you want to me some more? Georgeann, are you done? What do you eating doughnuts and watching Riff-Raff. Let George know how you feel about fat shaming the. Don't listen to me. You got to open that ass. This is us right now. You have to actually be Meriweather with his height and weigh advantage.


Marcella's so, you know, it's fucked up as I'm wearing a hat and you guys aren't like, look, I know you have to I feel like you have to walk into this fight a little bit differently than the Kassi situation and be willing to take on, say and be willing to take a shot to the face to get inside and learn that.


Right. They thank God he mentioned that because I don't know what you would do without that knowledge, but what are you going to do is walk in like I thought I was going to do the same thing. I did the case.


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They're everywhere again linking description back to the program for the amount of text you want to text. I've gone. I mean, first of heart, stop. They're insane. The amount of text I've gotten, people offering me boxing advice. Yo, everyone thinks they're a boxer. Oh yeah. Everyone right. You watch enough boxing. Is that why you came back?


No, no, not devils get orange devils avocado again. And to play this role again, that is that is the that is how people in the boxing community look at you. They're like, oh, this kid thinks he's a boxer. At what point does someone become a boxer?


So like you're a pro boxer. What does that mean? I am serious. No, no, no, no, no, no. I mean, can anybody get that that deemed that you just signed up for the license? My question is this. How do you how do you differentiate between a boxer and an Internet boxer?


It's going to be it's going to be the same uphill battle that Jake and I have had whenever we go to the next platform. Vyner, you're a Vyner until you're you Touba, right. You're a YouTube until you're a boxer. Jake is a boxing. You do. But until he's a rapper, there's always that battle and that stigma that you're going to have to overcome.


And dude, if I go out there and put on a stunning performance show thug, I mean, people can put the word YouTube in front of the boxer for so long before fully like, OK, let's give him some credit like this. This kids out here, rolling heads. Right. Like Inspire. We're not done.


No, you're not picking we're not picking like bums.


These are professional fighters, undefeated fighters, full like knockout fighters.


And like I said, I think it's all I think it all happened this way for a reason. And know, like I said, there's not there's nothing online. I think that is even. Close to being representative of where I'm at now. In terms of skill, right, I'm going to bet on you, man, I really if you bet five K on me. Yeah, you win. Seventy five thousand dollars. I saw that the house with a mansion.


But the House, when I know it's bet, the house when a spaceship, what he targets is a big fucking five thousand dollars at odds. Five thousand Floyds negative five thousand right now. Yeah. Bet. Five thousand and one hundred.


That five thousand one hundred dollars common.


Oh, that's such a hard that's such a hard fight for the book steward for the bookies, nobody nobody's taking the fucking Floyd.


There's a bunch of rich people that I got tons of five thousand dollars at it. How many rounds? It'll be the what's it called. That's the way it that's called the profits. Yeah. A lot of people are taking the profits.


Hella exciting, which for everyone who ran that simponi around you, still a pussy. Ouch.




Well, he did another video right now. He did like a one, two, three. He looked good. The YMCA would be so impressed. You know, the way the bread batch covered it was my favorite thing. You know, does the bare minimum. Well, I was to say, I don't know.


Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. You guys know what time is? I really do like this kid. But I think at some point when this is over, he comes on the show because he's fucking hilarious. But look at me look even further down while you're doing that.


Have you guys has anybody seen their parents? Do Tibo, do you know Tibo? Is anybody here know what Tibo is out here? It's like a boxing cassette tape and the guy goes, all right, double time.


Go, go, go dead. Asked when he did that, I visited my mother in the living room doing that. And I was like, Dude, you can't post that.


Well, he did because one, two, three. That's a coach. Oh, shit. Do you like the little fake in the beginning?


Yeah, I know.


You go in the nice palm trees. There it is. Wow.


Wow. Oh, I got enough kids, but I'm making my son. Oh.


Oh, I don't know what I was his best take on, that was his best take. Do you realize that he's done that at least 15, 20 times, looked back at it is not good enough and then thought that was fucking good or not?


Mike Tyson, Mike Tyson, the real since this accommodator, did you get any muscles with that shirt? Yes, I watch a bunch of times, I don't know what I think my favorite thing in the world is when people make stuff to be serious but is unintentionally funny. It's my favorite. I could watch it on the Internet.


It's like I'm not going to say there's certain creators who and I used to be like this. Right? Of course it is.


You're young, you're young creator, or you just fucking suck and you make stuff like full authenticity, like trying to trying to be trying to be that dumb. And you just nod and you don't have a team, you have no one around to say, hey, I was like, I hate to tell you, but, you know, when you when he threw the one to it just it was a three.


Do not discount that last hotel.


And there was a third doo doo doo, which is a is a fake. OK, as I one, two, three classic.


You didn't even see the First World War over. You're talking shit. You can even see the motherfuckers hands flying you to boxing's back. It's back on the biggest scale ever.


Oh. Crazy, crazy, what do we even go from here? I mean, we can't really go anywhere because of the pandemic. True. So. My girlfriend threw up 40 times last night. Why? I'll tell you why. Thank you. So you guys know this very well. It's it's the cheat. You do like a YouTube cheat where like maybe you started off the day and you're like, oh, God, like, I can't get into it.


So you have locked in ideas are like, OK, this is a treat. This will do well. So I told you she woke up, she was feeling miserable and she had to edit in the morning. All the signs say, oh, just throw in an easy video. That will get a lot of clicks. I'll do well drunk. You and I drunk. What's it called? Gingerbread House Building.


Sorry, you just took that one to a different place we weren't expecting.


Oh, my man. My man frappuccino anyway. So go take a walk, Mike.


So anyways, we're building this gingerbread house and I took one shot and I had a flashback of when we drank and I was vomiting everywhere and I couldn't do it and I tapped out. So she's like, I got you. And she started taking shots for her and for me.


This girl is soaking wet. Forty five pounds like this girl had no meal that day. And I saw this kind of going down the wrong path. I was up all night and I took videos. This is kind of like the oasis.


They called me. Yes, they called me at one a.m.. Yes. That this is why. Yes. They called you in quotes.


Oh, my God. Logan's running me was almost like I was like, guys, it's one o'clock in the morning when they call you. And then I hung up the call. Don't do that. And then they called you back again. That's all you have to do is call the guys a great idea. You probably shouldn't do that, but yeah, no shit like it was so bad, bro. I had to put pillows in the bathroom because her knees were hurting from sitting on her.


And you think she'd be good at her knees. Oh, my lady, leave that one at home tonight.


Do so. Neither of you guys can drink at all. No, I'll drink. You took like two shots when times are jacking all over them. Yeah. I can't drink is not in me.


It's not in my blood bro. I cannot fucking drink. I'm semi similar. Except the difference is.


I have my last girlfriend made fun of me for this, when I throw up, I don't do the bathroom, I go to nature.


You let the lawn, you vote, you lawn pissing and shitting out in the wilderness. What do you say? You're not just saying things. You might as well just be saying other things. Remember, we had an argument about how you just love peeing on the back. I'd like to just go shitting in there like I've ever done that and never shit in the wilderness ever. Maybe once for like a show that I was doing on a deserted island where I had to survive.


I never actively went outside and excitedly shit in the in my woods. No, but peeing Ohio boy fucking outside of my house drenched defense.


How good do you feel after you yak after you're just like spinning. It's great. It depends on where you are because this is why I do it.


If I can, if I'm in the bathroom mentally fucks me up, I go, oh I'm that, I'm that drunk ass bitch like my boys holding my hair. Yeah.


If I'm outside I go that way and then I see as many times as I need to until I'm cleared all the toxins out of my body. And it's just it's just beautiful. Like you can throw up, kind of lay back, look at the stars and be like on the idiot. Life's beautiful. This is crazy. I'm drunk and it's on your chest again and then go for it.


It's a lot of different viewpoints on yakking when you're out drinking with the boys. Like some people look at it as like a momentary lapse, a moment of weakness. No, it's fire, you know, and then some people and then some people use it as a tool to continue puke and rally.


Yeah, it's like a ready to rally point. I was never a big Jew. I got to ask. You've seen me, but I can put down I mean, you'll put me to bed before you hold my hand.


You've just got so many experience in the Uber.


This is one of many, but oh, highway one or one north. Yo, you said my boy is going to yak. I need you to pull over. Right. Pull over on the highway, post up for a couple of minutes, do my shit back in the car. I'm not the dude. Throw up in the uber.


I'm better than even. I'll never remember when Evan did that time. Oh my God. I just I just was sitting there on the ride home, same same kind of area on the highway. And I just smelled tequila and I was like, I know you don't have a bottle in them. I was looking out the window just enjoying my sobriety. I don't I don't have a bottle on them, but what do I smell that forty two.


And I look over and just the whole sea is and I had those like bucket seats kind of where they sink in.


So there was a small like it was like a lagoon, a huge like cupola, just evins you know, minestrone soup puke. We all have these stories when we had a boys night, remember when we went to go get steaks and all that stuff. Yeah. He was visiting and he drank so much and I remember watching him and I was like damn this. I could kick it back. Yeah. Yeah. And I was so impressed until I came home and I found him.


I'm dead ass. I'm not kidding.


This is not an exaggeration for the joke I found because I had to follow the puddles of fucking vomit and he was laying next to one of them and he goes in quotes him and looks like I'm going to miss Mufleh and yakked everywhere. And I was like, wow, what I what else is going on?


Just concerned about you. With what? Your life. Yeah. You wash your hands a lot. Why. What what. I just fear that you've gone off the sexual deepend in what and what relevance. All of it man.


I've seen your tongue is always blue bra from blowing Smurfs now from having a blue chew every morning he takes a shit like it's a vitamin.


It's so good.


Whatever, you know, just like the the little like hints and stories that we trade every now and then. Yours are getting progress.


I've got left. It's all I left my they said Mike oh of course ain't food. As George loves to point out, they took stop it. It's not my fault. Facts don't have feelings, man. Shapiro said that. I'm bringing all the stage you live mentioned grow out of this. So they took my crack away. They took my crack for me. They took that was two of them alcohol from me. They took sexual deviancy from a from a number standpoint, from just back and Brandos away from me, in many respects, they've even taken a lot of food away from me.


I still eat quite a bit, but they you know, I don't get to have my my Burger King breakfast sandwiches anywhere. My favorite. They've taken everything from me. One thing they will not take from me is my expiration in the sexual arena. But how far is too far? Nowhere for you burning up because you flew next to the sun.


Duty is the homicide for my God, and I'm stopped short nine times out of ten, no, but even though I know she's exploring, things are going up places I'd never even imagined.


Do you have any use to be so against it? Do I know what it is used to be? So I know exactly right. OK, I'll just say, oh, I'll just fucking say it. No, I was never against it. I was just cautious, OK? If someone gives you a Lamborghini to drive.


And for a whole year, you drive that fucker in fifth gear, you know, six years exists, but for whatever reason, you won't just stick that fucking clutch and drop it in six because you're like, I'm scared to go to 20.


I'm fucking scared no more, dude, you took my crack, I'ma go to 20 with my girlfriend, bro, because you want to know why?


Because imagine I look back and said, damn, I never I can't I'm not going to say I was just going to be completely blunt.


I was going to say whatever. Imagine you look back and I had to say to my boys, damn, I never fuck on roads in the ass. That's what you guys are talking about.


We're not going to believe that. That's not what I'm talking about.


Your six year. Can you imagine if you looked back? That's my one and a half gear, bro. That was like a constant on the hill. And I think I got. Hold on a second.


Well, buried under cement.


You didn't let me fucking finish David Blaine in this motherfucker. This is an airtight Harry S.. Harry Houdini of sex.


Well, what are you talking about? I'm talking about her putting a condom on her fingers and going up your ass in my ass.


We should mention that seventh geared to that analogy, did it make sense if you're like, yo, I got a Lamborghini and somebody said, it's fine, it just went when I heard it, I said, my friend. My friend said, red light. No, hold on a second. The thing that she's always wanted to do is stick objects up my ass about this race. Don't act like that's out of the question.


The the girl. Listen to me. That's my girl. Never the girl. Yeah. The girl has never fucking she she likes to say she put two fingers. My bill that Danny earmuffs. She likes to say she did that. That never fucking happened. So it's just one thing. Let me let me explain this and both you boys be fucking lying. If you said it wasn't the case, you both have had your both have had 20, 20 rim jobs and you both have had girls at least explore the nether region of your of your anus.


And I'm not saying that the fingers went in there because I'm not saying that fingers one of mine. But George, I know your girls eating your asshole in your position.


I look at your face. I know for a fact that it's just wall to protect the sanctity of your relationship.


Don't even respond.


I'm not going to respond. I'm just going to say this. We're moving on completely from that.


Dug a little licky leakier to little touch is different. Oh, man. Oh, oh, there's a fucking huge difference bro, when you're walking around like big for one day and then bam before her first run the next day. There's a fucking huge difference bro. Lick and a slip and slide. Huge fucking difference. That's what I'm sayin. And that never happens. I got to fuck. That's something that never happened.


She just likes to call me silly. She likes to come and fill his fucking ears with with with folk tales about John Bunyan getting his becoming a human puppy. You're John. Yeah. Just a fat John Bunyan. I have bunions. So come Mike Bunyan. Oh, my God. Yeah.


Listen, I would love to be a fly on your wall in your bedroom just to just to hear not to see you guys.


You guys think they could ruin me? No, no. It's good. It's good stuff. You guys think.


Do you think I'm leaving a bag on the table by not just going to the adult space? I've thought about this a lot because because honestly, I'm watching every mother fucking scoundrel around me just picking up bags nobody could hold off. And God dang, the one person, the angel, the angel of the YouTube community, Amanda Sarnie, she would never. She started out not only fans, now she started with Playboy, I know, but something, but it's always seemed like she was above like she was like, am I just you?


Fuck, I maybe I'm on crack and you fuck with me. Now, I know she has Playboy, but now she has only fans. And are you sure there's a lot. Are you sure she knows she is on that. But there's a difference from what. Stop George. What is your. I need to hear your reaction to what I just said. Did doesn't that surprise you a little bit. I know she did Playboy. I know that.


But she does tasteful like nudity when it comes to like artsy pictures. That's different from getting comment high up your ass and recording it for PornHub.


I love Amanda. Obviously, she texted me. We were talking today.


Twenty bucks a month. And and. Well, I'm conflicted because. I mean, get the get the bag. No, but that's what I'm asking, I don't know. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Do not get the bag. Leave the bag on the table. Burn the bag. Throw the bag away. She's not doing full nude.


No. Hey, hey, hey, hey. She's not artsy. She's very artistic. OK, so are we letting the stigma of only fans blind us to the reality of what she's actually doing and many women are actually doing and only fantastic.


A tasteful here's some of me, but not all of me.


I'm saving that for my man, Your Highness, which, by the way, if he got into the porn industry, I think he's already in there. I've seen a bald guy throwing it down. Is that him? That I've had him on the show. But I guess I guess my question is like seeing someone else are you're right, she did Playboy. But I always looked at a man who is like a very wholesome girl, and she still is.


And she's not. She still is.


But I do hear you, bro, because it's just that stigma of only fans.


You know, this other subscription services. I got one I got one maverick club.


And he didn't even show his dick one time and not even once. I'm considering. But my question is like, OK, so I see someone like her similarly to me, very wholesome, you know, person.


Why am I not doing it? Why am I not, you know, showing off my abs on only fans?


Are you OK? Sorry. Just to clarify, are you making, like, porn videos like like like you're masturbating and stuff?


No, I'm saying. Is that what you're talking about? The bag. Are you in the mirror with a picture and let your tongue hanging out. You sent me a nice picture.


Don't do not know. I think if I think if you're sad don't tell. I literally said that in the caption. Don't ask, don't tell, and you can't do that, that's strike one with you going. I think if you're in the space like Tiger or or or, you know, someone in that vicinity, like, if I went, I would probably just. Be having no hold on, I'm not doing this, by the way, but like if I did, I would be having sex there, like I wouldn't be able to do it.


And my mom said no one rule we could we could we could poke at Robin all we want.


But she said, well, you poke at right now with the current conversation, she said, no porn, Michael.


In that exact voice, but she said that to Jackson Doretti to and look at him. He got to only fans with his girlfriend, Maddie, and they're making bags, man, here's is it worth it? It's you are you are happy. You don't even have a car. That's what I'm saying, maybe if I had only fans, I can finally get from point A to point, you can already do that. I would say this, bro, I'm fledgeling.


Do you? My career. You want a family one day. Do you want a family one day? Do you want kids? I want a family channel. The family. Not so much.


This is a very dark, dark soul. We have autophagy. I was going to give you advice on how I said I'm kidding. I'm not doing anything. Shut up, George. Let's go eat something after the show, OK?


Which is now. Hey. Thank you. I would agree I fucking called that I said it was going to be an amazing episode, pretty fiery. It was pretty nice. It was like roast in February 20th fighting Floyd Mayweather. Mark your calendars. It's going to be the biggest event you've ever seen. I know it's cheap. It's going to be an absolute fucking spectacle. If you want to buy the paper for you now, save yourself some money because you're going to watch a fight.


I presume we're going to watch if they are going to want to fight and watch the fight, I think is a description for the for the pay per view on famille.


Yeah. Hit subscribe on that. You guys are watching this episode of Paul, so we love you. See you next time by.