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Mike Tyson took four grams of mushrooms and is playing with a pigeon on our podcast. Why did the award go to anybody else?


Do you actually know this guy, did you just pick him up on the way over? That's my. Oh my God. So.


So we got so many mice in the house that we were all. Oh, yeah, we could do it. Fantastic. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Impulsive, the number one podcast in the world.


No more podcast in the world. Do not subscribe. Subscribe. Yeah. Welcome, guys. Are guests in on Saturday. He's an absolute legend. He is the baddest man on the planet. I've been called worse. I mean, he was the youngest heavyweight champion of all time at twenty years old and he's got a lot going on in his neck and that's that's so active life. Ladies and gentlemen, Iron Mike Tyson, thank you.


Thank you. Wow. Wow. I'm humbled. I'm humbled.


Truly. Thank you for having me.


And they gave best podcast to Jedi Jenny Harrison on the podcast once. Not even one. Not even one.


Do you think that's a week off or do you have coronavirus?


It could go that way. God, I hate being on the side of the table. So dangerous. Well, you already had it once. So cool. Yeah, fine. You got the antibodies.


Mike, can we open the first thing he said when he walked in?


Can I say anybody got any mushrooms. That was a first. Yeah. No, I said I have mushrooms, ok? I haven't, I'm not a beggar. I'm sorry. I'm not a big I have mushrooms. Another fucking beggar. I come prepared.


I saw you have a mushroom guy. I recognize he's the mushroom guy. I did your podcast yesterday. Yes. You did a wonderful job boxing. Thank you. Thank God. Fine. It's a really comfortable set. Made me realize and get excited for the fact that we're going to change our set.


We look like we're sitting in SpongeBob Baho, you know. I think you and your brother should do affirmations and see how much you love each other just sitting across from each other, telling each other that we love each other in different ways.


I'd like to get involved in that as well. OK, if this is going to be a lot longer, I think I think we should do.


I think we should. I think to be healthy. A healthy exercise. Oh, beautiful. Yeah. What is it about the shrooms, Mike? What is it about the mushrooms that you've that you found that you like about them? The way you look at me scares me a little bit.


Makes you think it makes you pretty objective to the mushrooms. Yeah, it's really pretty objective to what's really going on. And, you know, mushrooms really tell you you're nothing.


So exactly. 100 percent you feel more connected to the earth, you feel more you know, even the mushrooms in the daytime, you take in a movie, look at the ground. The ground is moving. Right? You look at the plants in the trees. They're moving. They're doing something. It's insane.


It's insane. Absolutely insane. It's crazy. It can open up a part of your brain that you never knew existed. When I was on your podcast yesterday, a guy came up to me with a handful of mushrooms more than I'd ever seen in my life with my guy.


Yeah, he said, don't do mushrooms. I was like, I'm good because I don't think I could do it in front of with all these cameras.


Why? Yeah, I think I think I'd embarrass myself.


No, I think what you're doing now is more embarrassing. I would say the pick of the mushroom would be I agree with him.


I don't know what those exact words are going to come out of which part, which mushrooms are going to make you beautiful and feel good. This is going to prove it.


Yeah, yeah. Probably. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But no, I was just I had never seen anyone face a handful of other areas. I had never seen anyone face a handful of mushrooms like I saw you do Mike. And you operated I'm an extremist that.


Yeah I can relate. Yeah. I'm really extreme. Yeah. I can relate, you know, calm down. But since you know my family go away from family and it's looking really good, sort of calm down. What have you built up a tolerance though. Like, like, even like I'm making direct eye contact with the shrooms. Yeah.


As in.


And tell me about that volume. Talk to me about that and I get it. I try and I get a look. I mean what, how do we work.


That's exactly right here. Explain to me how much it is.


Probably you I speak about eight or maybe four grams, about four grams of dried mushrooms.


It's got the gold caps with the blue spots on it. This is this is a moonshot for the average person like this is. Mike, you would eat this amount as a as a daily dose.


I'm just going to shove it. Mike, this Mike.


This is a lot of motherfucking mushrooms, Mike. This is like that that's saying right now I got nothing.


Tell them I used to do banks make that got crazy and go to the gym and work out.


I can't. Oh he no. Oh he's going to be chewing for a sec now is the pussy. People put it on a peanut butter sandwich. It mixes together, you know what I'm saying. But Mike wants all those little particles stuck in his teeth. You'll be digging a gram out for the next couple hours trying to figure out, yeah, there's some stuff in the back there somewhere. He used to do drugs.


Yeah, yeah. He goes, no, she goes, oh, did you see the look on my excises? Like, yeah, man. He's like, I figured he was there last night when I first heard about mushrooms in L.A. Everyone we talk about the taste.


They said they tasted like shit.


Yeah. But yeah, they literally literally you have to grow them in manure.


So you're accurate. Yeah. But you're just completely over it.


Are you ever going to drink the Fiji Burzum. The fungus. What. We may not. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.


So a lot of change is going on with the legality around these things. Portland, Denver, a lot of places have completely decriminalized your friend. Our friend Johnny Shahidi. Yes. Has has been already talking about how this turns into a business. It's about to be a huge business in the United States.


The president elect now that's going to open it up, make it free federally, make it useful.


Do you see any any problems there, like anything that could happen as a result of that?


That could be problematic for me, the best thing for the 21st century.


And we're seeing more and more about that psilocybin with PTSD, anxiety, depression. What do you what do you tactically use it for in your life? Like what does it help you do?


Better help them be a better me. He said he trained on it. He said he you said he actively trades on it, sharpens his skill, thought on it.


Did you take some of that day was Roy I mean, it took him a couple of days before the channelise me was younger and younger than I was. So how do I explain changa.


It's called psychodelic. Yeah. Yeah. Is it stronger than than psilocybin. This so sidewalls. Oh, it is. I bet you know the answer. It's five different types of GMT, but it's all just smokable GMT and this is why I didn't know fucking that I was in so much trouble.


I kept texting one my oxygen and everything was high.


And that being in the hands of boxing, I'm on. I don't see the fucking punches.


Mike, I got to encourage you to have a sip of that water. I'm so sorry. I hate to beat it. It's not really OK. You know, I take your time. I'm in no way am I forcing her to say you have to do anything. Take your time. But you also experimented a little bit with actual DMT as well. Absolutely. Can you describe that experience?


And thing is really crazy, this and this is my partner, right, this is my partner and my partner right here.


And then I feel, you know, I feel like the sun opens up and I feel like the fucking boom, the sun up in the air, I think. Do you see that? You can see what a fucking make out of these stop fucking. Mike, I know. I've heard. It's like I think they're playing tricks and I think this is my crew, like the prank me all the time and I'm doing the prank. I know you see this, don't you, Mike?


I don't see. How long did that last?


That's one minute, one what, literally one minute, not like know for a minute, sometimes 20 minutes are all psychedelics like that, though, are also like if you take one too many mushrooms, the sun opens up.


Not like I don't think like that. Like, OK, so we also do the total we experience with the time.


Yeah. You said so what did you smoke.


You smoke the venom on the back of a toad or how does it work. But it's not like the rest of the smoke in your act can be active.


You take the hit boom, your soul goes here, your body goes, oh no.


Do you here in the United States for that as well? Or is that is that because I've done in Mexico?


I think Chihuahua is one of the precincts, but I live in Mexico. Great. Crazy.


And that's like the highest that's the highest rate. Like, can you go above the toad?


I mean, that's what they say. No, but they're on the lizard tail. It's very close to snake venom. Is very close to white copas. Very close.


How did you figure this out? The history was the first snake in the smoke.


It was like no history told us what happened. This is what happened. They saw an animal attack from Africa with animal words, with the animal playing detective.


And and they started acting weird and Kimelman and without and they thought it was pretty. And then 20 minutes get back up and just took off. And so the Native Americans saw that and they thought it didn't die. They walked back up. And I guess that's how they experienced that actually makes sense. That doesn't make a lot of sense.


But what is that feeling like for you to leave your body? Like, do you actually feel like you left your body? It's the most scary experience you ever think of doing it like, you know, good day. Hey, man, I don't wanna do that.


I do want to do that lesson in life. Do you just want to be you right now? Do you want to be this way to the day you die? No. The thing I'm working on it. No, but do you want to be like this to the day you die? The same mentality, the same way you think about life, the same way you think about humanity right now. You want to stop right here? I want to move forward.


But that's what the told does.


It actually makes you move sideways, not forward. I see this all the time to people. I say, what? What if someone told you that there was a way to see life in a completely different way where OP wasn't up and right, wasn't right and everything was different, you wouldn't want to at least experience that one time before you passed.


Go deeper. That my experience being gone for a few minutes.


That's what it does, introduce you to God. What do you think, one on one basis? That's what people say, Georgie.


I'm listen, I'm not encouraging.


I as a person in my standing, I have to actually I mean, I don't know. I didn't go so well the 16 times they told me.


What do you mean? Will you see God like you have a look like you see him or you're equal to him? You are him. OK, so you're equal to. I'm not you are him, got it. I don't think George is going to like that, he's a very he's a very big Christian, but this is bigger than religion, right?


This is and also I don't think this is Dion. This time, this is letting you know this stuff, you see your ancestors when we come and see you and meet people who died with your love and with the toll it takes your way back, buddy. This is scary shit. I'm not sure I want that smoke.


Is there any I don't know if I can handle it.


Is there any like God forbid like if you do, like, a tiny bit too much that you can't die from it.


OK, so it's just a fresher experience. And you look at medical people off the drugs, stop people from being schizophrenic, depressed. Still, that's a snake. That's that as well. Sort of the. The total centipede, you mentioned this experience, a feeling like your soul leaves your body. So did my body.


So I have a question because you're pretty well versed with psychedelics.


What is the soul? The soul? What is it? What if you had to describe it?


What is the idea of a soul? Soul is scientifically the way the soul could. They waited for somebody to die the way before he died. And when he died, he makes one point two grams lighter. Oh shit. Like the actual energy within a human being now is the soul. The essence, the energy within a human at. The present moment, the is inconceivable. Our brain is not equipped to even understand and have conceived, so.


Mm hmm.


Mike, we can put that water into a cup for you, whatever you decide when it's not ready. I'm still sucking the power out of it.


Juice and juice. Mike, you I don't want to stand psychedelics for too long. You know, I'm interested, but I know you've made a lot of people's souls leave their bodies like you've done that multiple times. Iron Mike. Yeah, let's talk about it. I know you and I'm sure you had we got to go somewhere else.


It was he was he not dead on November 28th? Was was that Iron Mike in the ring this past month? He'll know who was that it was at the Devall version of Mike Tyson fighting Roy that was new, just trying to include myself as a person also by challenging myself. I'm scared to death going and I don't think I'm scared. But so I said after the told, they said, you need to fight the Mahdi Army. That is what I heard.


If you're a bitch, you need to fight somebody.


Somebody had said that that the Todor or DMT was the reason that you got back into it.


So that was actually 300 pound on pound. That's crazy. In four months. Good for you and that and the total was the catalyst that there's no doubt about. Hey, listen, I was I was I was doing cocaine. I was old at the time. I was I gave up on life. I was I took the cocaine with the buy. You dumb motherfucker. You're dead. And when you lose your ego, you're a bitch, and we need the ego to protect the bank, although you separate the ego death and you're scared to death.


And that's what that's what they say signals do the most obvious, kill that ego, just burn down. Cocaine fuels, make the death play, then ignites the diesel. Yeah, only drugs, whatever medicine we should take, the humble, the ego.


So post-flight, you're going to carry that energy with you. You're going to you're going to attempt to stay. You can't wait. You think you'll go back to the old lifestyle.


I see the situation right now. Maybe I can't do this for 10 more years, so but at this point of time I can still do a lot and help a lot of people.


How do you how do you aim to help people beyond talking about what's helped you? Like, is there any is there any other way you're trying to help me?


I'm interested in the homeless. I'm interested in the sick, mentally ill. Know, when did you when did you I don't want to use the word lose, but there was definitely a point in your life where you really had a killer mentality.


When I watch interviews of you say some shit, crazy, crazy, and it's clear that there was something that that that changed. Something that shifted. Well, when was that?


And why the man that you talking about before, he didn't have any self-respect, self love. So he said anything illegal, it was just illegal, was just so whacked out. But given the profession of that man at the time. It worked out pretty well. It was it was perfect for the time.


I mean, there's nothing more exciting when a father says he wants to eat his opponent's children.


I'm going to gut you like a fish. Everyone has everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.


I love the people. I love to. I think there's a lot of I think there's a lot of kids in this generation that don't know the bad, bad man that Mike Tyson was being, the one the scariest person to ever step foot in a boxing ring ever.


I don't know. I don't look at him like you look at him. How do you look at them in a very scared little boy? That makes sense to you, trying to prove himself, trying to trying to show people that he's not scared, trying to trying to stay alive, trying to.


Do you think your opponents ever felt that you think they ever sense that? Absolutely. Step with the energy of that scared little boy, so ferocious. Nothing to stop it. Do you think there's a fighter that truly walks into that ring with absolutely no fear? If he does, that could be a good fighter, because fear fuels the fighter if you have an intellectual relationship with. All has to be done. The left has no feelings involved. I guess it's that old the old adage like, and what are you more afraid of?


Like a wild dog in a field or a wild dog in the corner?


You know, like that fear can push you to places and make you do things that you couldn't when your instincts kick in and you could reach that primal point of it can make you a God, especially if you're going to do it.


And she said that's a crazy thing. So so when you were fighting back in the day, would you ever use psychedelics or anything to make you on this, like enlightened? Listen, I used to smoke a lot of weed and I lost the Olympic trials and I blamed it on my weed. So I stopped smoking weed at eighty four all the way to like ninety eight. And I started smoking weed again. Do you think that that time off helped?


I don't know, I know I wasn't as happy as I am now. I started smoking. I was a mean, ruthless type of guy, but I had marijuana, so I quit my addiction from marijuana. That's my drinking. It's funny how if you have that addictive personality, it'll find something, it'll find something, something good, and find something to feed that energy, to feed that empty hole.


Work. It could be working. Well, it probably was for him. Is it?


Boxing was one of one of the things. Right. Like you loved boxing. I assume you wanted the old crime fighter to respect me. That was my goal. And they did for sure. They did, absolutely. Did they give you a ton of respect? It's crazy how every fighter finds that fuel from from different areas, you know? Were you thinking or do you think the majority of the reason that you were fighting? Was for the love of the game, do you think it was because you had to prove yourself?


I didn't wanna let my mother down. OK, that's powerful. Because your dad wasn't in your life, right? No, but he's cool, but my mother really did a lot. Yeah. Always, always going to believe they can get my crazy. Oh, you beat my ass so bad in front of me so you get a lot of trouble all the time.


I've been arrested 40 times before. I was 12, 14. Before you were 12. Oh, my God. Troubled youth.


But she never she never turn your back on you.


She was never my own mother. So I'm humble and try and I'm arrogant. Oh, man. How'd you get that? Where'd you get that from my father. Yeah. Yeah. Oh my God. My mother used this method. Proud people. Yeah.


Well, what kind of things can a 12 year old do to go to Berkeley, shoplift?


No, I'm the burglary. I want even know how did Berkeley Jotham pickpocket snatch enduring one punch knockout going to a robbery?


Yeah, because I heard at 12:00 you were like pretty much the same size that you are now.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's a grown ass man. Hey, those will be seven foot big foot. He just got there and stayed there and then just went sideways. Oh my God.


That have been terrible. I seen this school with you but. Oh you ever get fights at school? No. He'd kill them. No, but I'm sure you know in school as you get my ass kicked. But once I really learned about fighting and stuff, I really kicked your ass. Yeah, sure. Yeah.


But who who got you involved in boxing in the first place? I was the institution. I was locked up. I met this guy. I was Bobby it he used to chain me up, you know, once I got my grades up and I have to, you know, submit. Yeah. He's to train me and I was getting good. And one day I think he had a black eye and those that broken and he was mad the next day and I thought he was man and woman got a box with me no more.


Well, he was mad because his wife didn't want him to box with me. So he said, OK, I'm going to take you to this other place. I'm going to take you to the next level. And that's how I met Cusamano. This guy told in so much just why everybody thinks I'm just a little twelve year old kid. This guy told me to Monk when what did it feel like at first when you first started fighting?


You love it right away, like totally megalomaniac. But I thought that was God, that no one thought. Oh, because he told me I was my mentor, told me all this stuff and everything he told me was right. I was beating the guy, knocking everybody out. Zyman Yeah. No, he's more than me. He's a psychologist. He's a mother. He's the father. He's a train, you know. I mean, he's a dog.


He's so many things. So what we had.


So when you started boxing and he found these mentors, did you start to I use the word behave a little more? Did you get in less trouble now that you know that's trouble?


Because they had my mind. You had my interest for some reason, they made me believe the heavyweight champion of the world was the biggest thing in the world for some reason. Like, they have made me believe that if you won heavyweight champ, you ain't shit. Because I see videos of you running on the street, and when I'm out there running and training like men, it can get lonely, it can get tough and demotivating.


Sometimes you're out there just running for hours, hours, hours on end training. You have no social life.


You have your friends are out partying and you have to go to bed early. And it's cool and also fascinating that you were able to shift that troubled energy into this superior, incredible athlete at such a young age. You never had an interest to go back and fall back on your old habits or because you were just so entranced, entranced by the sport.


I had a mentor that I realized I wanted to make them proud. I gave up everything for him if he told me to throw my shoes. No way. No way.


This was the guy. This became their leader. Wow. Did he have full psychological control? Absolutely. But he gave me the control to see how I would conduct myself with it. I made a mistake. He checked me a lot of times. What was the greatest moment in your career ever? Best thing you let the best thing happen to you. Best thing you ever lived in your whole life as part of the career. Up until I was 15, you know, I went to the championships and I was such a prima donna and I fought the way in Rhode Island and I fought this guy was 25 and this was his last fight.


And he was the champion of all Rhode Island. So we fought and it was such a tough fight. I was only 15. He was twenty five. And at the end of the game, they gave him the decision making. When I came back, I took and I cried all the way from Rhode Island to New York. I took a couple of that, he said. But when he came in the room with who? The guy was real smart and fast.


You know me. I thought that the guy was real smart and fast and experienced. And I heard you falling real hard and smart and. I had a black eye and I went to school. How much how much of you fighting was about winning? Versus. Just beating the shit out of the person in the ring it about beating myself. To be able to accomplish the goals that I want, I made my own goal, I mean, all my goals delusional and I turn my delusions into reality.


Do people laugh at you when you were 13, 14 years old, saying you want to be the heavyweight champ? I was not my face.


Fair point. Fair point.


Thirteen year old Mike Tyson beating the shit out of like 20 year olds. Mike, as somebody that came up, worked their whole life just for one thing, to fight, to box, to win in the ring. What do you think? What are your thoughts on YouTube fighting? I've heard I've heard a couple of clips, but what do you think about the idea of celebrities, YouTube's entertainers getting into the ring? I think that the biggest thing in the biggest help for boxing in the history of boxing, you know, that shows the power of boxing that is spread into another field that doesn't even exist in the real boxing world, but it still has its place in boxing.


Do you think it does any and this needs channeling words of commentators. Do you think it does any disservice to the sport? Do you think that it in any way discounts the way there has been guys that cheated a little bit out of the clubs?


I bet somebody's ear that how nobody is going to go, right? No, not really. Really. Right, right. Right. Boxing is only going up right. You can't lose and take, you know. No, I'm serious. I'm not being funny. You can't take. This is what. This is what you do. What you can't do nothing else.


Yeah. Now they do it for pride. But this game started only if you can't do nothing else. This is where you go. So you think this is necessary for the business, for the law to be? Absolutely. But these guys, these guys, a college graduate, that's what makes a good that will bring it a rise into boxing and people. Right. And they understand by the more skillful art must have been some kind of brutality, pugnacious program punching people.




Logan, Paul, Floyd Mayweather. Let's talk about it. Twenty twenty.


Wants a couple of months out for a little bit and what be good be.


He's going to fight back though. It's great to fight back your bag of money.


You don't think there's a you don't think there's an opportunity to land a big punch out. Floyd, let me tell you something like. That's why I don't like about the meat of the matter, whatever we say about him, and it could be true, but he didn't like Jim. He's a rat. Yeah, he retired, but he stayed in the gym. He can't help it. If it is, he'll do. That's his role in the gym.


Someone told me this, so I thought they say he does not he doesn't have a voice. He doesn't have a voice. No, he does. The gym. The gym. Yeah. What are you going to do? So you don't think this opportunity to learn one big shot or a couple of big shots?


Well, he might let you hit him a couple times to make the show look good. Oh, my God. It'll all be charity. What am I, a charity case? I you're not charity. You're counting them. Yeah, man. Yeah, fucking right is always the danger. And to mingle in the ring, anything can happen.


Well, that's all I need to hear. All he's going to call everything else gets cut. The first thing you said, not going to make a mockery of that. Yes. They're not going to make the podcast. I want you to give it the ring with you. He's probably going to be like the third round and he's like, fool, you thought this is my final form.


And just like the supersaver seven and you, like, knocks you out, the bullet.


Is Floyd overrated or is he one of the best ever?


He's one of the best. What is it about? What's so great about Floyd? What is the thing? Jim Yeah. Just works.


So it's tough to be it's tough to be hard work before. I do not be an asshole being a great. No, I can not. It's hard. Yeah. Kanye West said it's hard to be humble when you're standing on the Jumbotron. That's one of his lyrics, like you're the best. You just fucking.


But no one know what he needs to know to. That is only one step from the limo to the gutter.


It's true, Mike. Mike, you know it. You know for sure. Six hundred million dollars you made and in your career, they're saying what will happen is money.


That's a lot of fucking money, Mike. That's a lot of fucking fun.


Did you guys not just see the handful that you just put into his mouth? He had some fun things. One hundred million dollars.


Where did most of most of it go? Because I'm from Connecticut. I know where you're at. Your house, your old house, 50 Cent's house now. Right.


Does he still own it? I have no idea. But that house had movie theaters. What else in it every day. Was it West Hartford? So somewhere you don't even know. Six fifty million dollars?


I don't know. I want to talk it out. Who knows who gives a shit. Where did most of the money go? Houses or drugs.


Galan's stupid shit is funny, right. You don't, you don't regret any. Do you regret anything. Yeah. I didn't pay taxes. Really. That'll get you. Yeah I don't but they always come back. I see you're going for the water. Yeah.


30 minutes in they had finally reached their, their saturation point said you stop, you put the one on when you stop feeling you know you've got to move.


And Lou. Yeah.


Oh this is about to get excited by you. Yeah. I know you had a you had a sick house in Vegas. You had tigers may remember the Tigers were a big thing. Did you have any other exotic animals, lions, tigers and lions?


Now, did you ever spar or move around with these beasts?


You look at your thing and fighting with the tigers. He's like, it's there. You can find it with the Tigers speak while he's searching that.


Speaking of money, I guess it's a way I was going to say you're onto a new thing now, which I think you're smoking. Right? Is that your is that your weed? Yes. I'm going to pass today just because I'm kind of a man.


I'm a big motherfucker. We started this whole tour with my man. What the fuck you, man? Bitch, I'm torn here because I have this whole clean slate after my addiction. But I also have Mike Tyson telling me that I have to smoke weed while it's I'm in a really tough spot dealing with addiction more than 10 years. Congratulations.


Thank you, bro. Ten years, 2010. I really respect that.


I know I'm the best thing ever happened. I was in the recovery. Will I be dead without that? Yeah. Did you do AA? Did you do everything. Yeah. I've been in like 20 rehabs since a great, great world, you meet a lot of great. No, I was telling all the powerful people everything to hang on a minute. The reality is how, you know, the man from the movie said, no, I met the movie.


Yeah. Well, how do you know that? Minimum rehab. If you have a lot of great conversations, I mean, a lot of great people. There's a lot of great people that friends of mine to this day and be friends of them until I die.


And you hear shit in that program that you don't hear anywhere else from people that have been through it and you realize you're not the only one.


Yeah. People worse than you. That's right. And then you get humbled, but that's you going in with you and they don't know what the fuck I'm going through. I'm doing. My mother died. My father died. I'm on my cell. I'm selling my body to people. And then these people tell you some stories are fucked up.


Shit, I don't belong to God damn.


That's why that's why they have the circle. Because they want you to know that there's people worse than you. You ain't nobody else. Somebody special. You go. Yeah. So I think about this.


They always say that, you know, someone's got a worse or there's always like someone bigger than you. But surely there's someone who has it the worst. No, I think it's all like perspective.


It's crazy because when I hear about the sad stories they handle, it was such like meekness and they could go through. And then I'm like, fuck, I would never be able to do it. So honestly about perspective and the shoes you're wearing and that that road you're walking.


Yeah. You know, again, you have to look at this. White people in the poorest and poorest country happy and and people in the richest country, they have no expectations. We have expectations. Yeah.


If I don't get 100 million views, I might add, these guys just want a piece of banana. They want to eat, live. They're so hungry and starving so much they can't have no water and they can't just it no tears. Can we cry. Yeah. So you have poverty. You can't cry. That's your poor. That's right, and they see us and we're like, oh, my God, I'm coming for you, I'm so big.


And they're happy because they don't expect anything. Right. You know? I get mad if they do that, taking a long time with the food from the growth. Well, it's doing. I got to go to the gym and eat my breakfast before I go for some stupid stuff. Ignorance is bliss. Ignorance is bliss, they say. But who's ignorant or do we pray? We're ignorant because we don't want to deal with the problem that we see in front of us.


Sure, sure. I think I think ignorance is all is all dependent on. The scope of information you're willing to intake, where you grow up, the people you're surrounded by, I mean ignorance, like I don't think ignorance is always a bad thing, right? People say, oh, you're ignorant. Well, are you ignorant by choice or are you just ignore it?


Because this is the the life that I've lived. And I have had the experiences that allow me to fully grasp what's happening. Like ignorance is ignorance.


The exell understanding, that's what I'm saying, this was saying you see somebody in need of help and can you ignace transparency to that? Exactly like a transparent humbleness and compassion in this great effort. What it's all about me. All the stuff about compassion. You know, I had to learn the hard way, how about caring about other people other than ourselves? I think it's our ignorance is all result of of lack of experience, they experienced trauma, which can be your fault or not your fault.


Some people just go through life and they never have to deal with anything, specially in America.


You know, the world, the world, our school, the world teaches. That's it. Care, even though we may not do. But the world tells us the care. It tells us what to do. That's why I want us to do it. That's why some of the people that have been through the most of the most charitable, because they know what it's like to be there. And so they want to help people because they know exactly what it fucking feels like to be in that spot.


Well, and we live in a day now today with the computer. We really believe that money is going to make us happy. And I always say, I think to my children, some of them, as anybody think the amount of money is going to make them happy. They never had a lot of money, you know, because it don't make your own house and make you miserable.


You think about it can turn you into a prick, you know. You know, it can make you hate yourself. In the. Not to mention what you have to do to get it. I mean, I hate to say, like think about like people people discount that. I mean, to get a lot of money, you got to get a lot of money to getting past. That destroys you. It's it's the neglecting the family. It's the it's all that shit spending your entire life to conduct yourself.


You may think things to people because it's your business. Become friends. You may say. Think that really below the belt. Yeah. You know what I mean by that. You have to say, yeah. You know, that kind of stuff, and you wouldn't want to embarrassment me on television and I have to see that shit. You know, that's what my request for and it made sense at the time, because you were like, this is going to make me money.


That's going to get me the next fight. No, no, no. I thought I was tough. My insecurity comes when I start talking about the baddest man since the creation of God and all that. That's the cute little scared boy when I'm afraid and stay away from me.


But also where you wrong?


Were you not you kind of might have been the best man since the great guy.


Yes, those are the words and those are the words I spit out when I'm afraid. And that something I don't want to be the guy that pushes you back towards that, but what if your your back you were a very powerful fighter, Mike, like maybe you weren't completely wrong about that is what I know is no, God is great now.


Do you hate being happy? Excuse me, you hate do you hate being happy? I write. I read it. What is that in an interview? I read you said, I hate being happy, I'm happy all the fucking time. I don't know what the concept of happiness. If happiness is happiness, allowing other people to see that you're happy, are you projecting the image that you're happy? What is happiness? Does it really exist or is it just the word that we don't know what a fucking happy what is happiness is happiness the absence of I think that the absence of worry and happy the deal and.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. It may be perhaps happiness is just the absence of worry. But the question but the question is at the worry doesn't make life interesting. If you worry, if you worry, how can I be injured? You got to worry. Yeah. Yeah. Life sucks if you don't worry. But the question be if you don't worry. Love the question he's asking, though, is, is I think in today's day and age, people have gotten so obsessed with creating a perception of happiness in my Instagram page makes me look happy.


But a lot of people aren't really happy. They're not actually happy. They're not doing things that make them feel actually fully happy.


Well, that's because sometimes we don't know it. Right. And Alison. What really make me happy when be back in that ring really make me happy. Did I want to strengthen my ego to another level in society? Tommy, what was that, you know, are you happy now? Are you happy today? I'm very grateful, I don't like the word OK, got it, got it. So that goes back to this question.


All right, so when you won the heavyweight title at age 20, you completed your goal or just like any any incredible feat that you've done.


What was the feeling? Was was it gratitude?


Was it bliss, was it ecstasy? No, it was it was seven years of hard training and discipline. Huge. Yeah, that's what it's a big moment. It was just really discipline and all my life, just all my life and all my life, you may think my faith that I'm the best friend in the world is no one can beat me. I'm the best fighter in the world. I'm the best fighting in the world. It was just so embedded in my mind, my heart, my feet.


Though the kids only got 30, the best fighting the war, the best versus the creation of God, the best father. That's the best way to blow my mind. Did you have a what now moment we talk about this, sometimes when you train so hard and you work so hard to do or complete or achieve a goal, and then you get it done. What now, were you lost? No, I was last month I won the title.


Yeah, that's what I'm saying. So after you won, where do you go? Where do you go from there? Then I changed into this other guy where I want to really hurt people and want to go down in legendary fashion. And I'm really conscious of my preeminence in the sport. I think you did a good job of that. Thank you very much. Yeah, yeah. Did you have a moment where? Maybe you questioned. How good you were or you you started to doubt yourself?


No, never doubt myself, but sometimes I doubt my humanity. I'm not such a bad thing that seems pretty reasonable to doubt it. Yeah, if you want to make sure you want to keep that kind of thing in check, you got boiled down for your whole life, as you just said it, the greatest boxer, greatest boxer, greatest fighter, greatest fighter.


Was it hard for you to first of all, did it hurt to be labeled as one thing? And how did you deprogram out of that? To become a human, to become your Mike Tyson? I'm a human. I'm not just a killer. I'm not just a you know, in you have to have this is pretty interesting. So I was distant, but in the plural, they have month and they have temples. They're in the mountains and all of the monks have a go Skellington head.


And all the skeleton had smiling, and that's just allow them to know that this is the end of the game, we just were a joke and that's how I look at life, that I'm a joke.


The bad as many of you, this fucking joke.


So just that back to the death of that. You go back to that. Have you been out to Nepal? Have you been to these places? Or is it or do you just study them or do you have you actually sat with these guys like.


Well, I've met a few people. A lot of people write me from these people in Nepal in the political tradition, in the coup, the Chona, that's the furthest place on the planet, I believe.


Do you want to go there? Is really creepy. There'll be a couple of days on a boat. It's really interesting. Would you ever do it? I would, yeah. Because I'm going on this program. We have to do a show, a show in which I go all over the world to these indigenous people and try them medicine. Amazing is that it hasn't showed up yet.


They can't wait.


Well, that's going to say that's going to be sick. And every time I do, I look from this perspective, every time I do it, it's a possibility I might die. And that way, and that makes me want to do it more. Ah, OK, so you're not you're not suicidal? No, not at all. Got a vein for that. Got it. I just want to push the limits.


No, I know from the top down feel so beautiful and it's not what I anticipated it to be. What if the toad's wrong? Excuse me? What if the toad's wrong? How dare you? Well, there are more intelligent than me. How does the total know to attack certain parts of my brain to make me see and feel what I feel now? But what a guy. He's just different. What, dying actually fucking socks or if it's dark and lonely?


Well, this is what I believe. But I believe that it's glorious. I could definitely go with the life of glorious. You know, death is just another part of life that we haven't experienced yet.


We talked about this yesterday. I told you, I'm I'm I'm afraid to die at this particular moment in my life.


Early 20s. I didn't I wasn't afraid of death. I think I didn't care. And now twenty five I do. I want to be around for a long time.


I don't know. What was your concept of death?


I don't know. I don't know. I think it's my conscious seventeenth.


No aging grandmother leaving. You need to you need to study to of death. Is there are books on it. Oh you think it's not living.


Yeah. Well which one is right.


Because no one, no one really knows that's up to you as a tree to dissect and use the knowledge that you can, you know, I mean you contribute. You believe in ghosts. This is a go tell me what goes with the and for me, I'll tell you what I believe and I guess it would be a spirit that hasn't left or hasn't made its way to heaven or hell if you believe in either one of those. Hey, you know what?


Now what I believe. I believe. It's bigger than me. Yeah, so I believe I believe all this stuff which we're discussing is just bigger than me.


Would you go to a haunted house, a really haunted house, and in some time I'm not and I've been in the insane asylum. No, no, no. I'm talking about I know I've been a fucking patient where you are the patient. I'm saying I was like, unlike a tour where there's like a hornet. Yes. Yeah, definitely. Yeah.


I would do it for money, not just or maybe for your show, even though I don't. Well, I can't see the reason why I would want to do this, because you really do believe in ghosts. So I'm saying. Do you think do you think there's some. Yeah. But I don't want those kind of goals. I believe in ghosts that inspire you to do shit. Cool ghosts. I don't know the cougar. You're risking your life motivation for who they really are.


They're probably my demons or the or the demons. If they my my ghost give me get my ass kicked. Yeah.


Yeah. Is there is there a moment in your career or your life that that haunts you? Like is there a loss that eats away at you or you think it all was meant to be the way it was meant to be.


That could be this. Would you have done anything different in any of your fights? I wouldn't. I wouldn't offend my opponents the way I did, really for sportsmanship. Yeah, I saw you had a little it almost looked like a flashback to old Mike with the bell rang in the Roy Jones game, a little tap. And then you you said your arm and it looked like you said, hey, I'm sorry about that, man. I'm in.


I was like, Danny's a changed man. I can't be that guy for my children that got them, the guy who took them, I didn't turn off when the fight is over, know some bullshit you that got a mean guy been turned off and now he's that way in the society. Now he's fucked. He's a problem. Yeah, but it works so well. It works so well.


At the time I was part of the legacy. I was part of your life with that kind of life.


Yeah. You said you got three straight fights a day sometimes yesterday. Yeah. That's a lot of that's. Listen, I didn't know when I was first him. I didn't know how to handle people, come up with all the lights to hit them and that stop the fuck away from me. I had a nervous breakdown after losing my head and my head, I it was just overwhelming to me. I know. I understand. I always thought it's going to be feeling when I walk into a place, you know, it's already set up.


I know when I was walking the fucking street, people be falling usually on their heads. And I'm in New York and I think people follow. They do me set missile strike and them hitting them fuck away from you. Fuck you. Follow me, sir. It's me, Richard from NBC News. I have an interview. I took my mind that that had to do. I was just insecure. I'm scared. I'm going to go out. I'm trying to give them to go to give them girl smokes.


And we've got far following my mother fucking.


When did you realize that you were the superstar? Well, age.


Listen. When I was 16, but my mentor, Cus D'Amato, he he fears he's fucking the friend, he Ifan the fly keep telling the next heavyweight champ he's the greatest fighter I think we will ever have ever. He was just popping that, taking my films with me. I had like I had 15 fights in one year, 15. So you take it then to all the sportscasters and they come in and people you start bidding to have me fight in that city or whatever the town was.


Was customizer like the biggest influence on your on your. Because he's like a legend in New York. Right? Like hell, because I hear like Nas rap about him and I don't even know much about him.


What's what was his past before he met you before remember he had Floyd Patterson. He was two time heavyweight champ. He had who? They toread the light heavyweight champion, and he had under fire that Rocky Graziano when they first started him out. And he has had many fights during the war. He had friends who were two and. When I was born, I think he was 56 years old or something, I always say that this guy saved my life the way I was born.


It's all right. And it made him inspired me. No one can inspire reach deep down in the core me like he could to make me want to succeed. He gave me an ego. That's when I first got my ego for. You know, I wanted to be the best and I would do anything, anybody to do it or crush them, I would do anything. The best did all that mattered to me pre-eminence when I die, you know?


You think New York gave you a little bit a little bit of that, too, as a as a place. Well, New York mayor, tough guy mentality and stuff, but then when you really understand why you're doing this stuff, you know, and listen, I'm not saying I'm smarter than anyone, but if I'm sure if you really ask somebody, what is you doing this for? What is this really for? You know, and if they're conscious, they know this is for primness.


This is the time we leave it. Mark, did that thought ever? Escape from your brain? Or did you ever, ever have a moment of feeling like you wanted to quit all the fighting and all of the animals? I wanted to quit. This is this the pressure's over fucking while me driving me nuts, I think all the time. I want to jump out the fucking window, you know, I mean, I. Right. And.


But then I found out this. When I was a teenager, I said, hey, I'm like 17 years old, I found out this, hey, they're more scared of me than I am, girl. And then after I found that out, then I my monks, they came out and I found out they're more afraid of me than I was, though. Then it was over.


Who's who's the hands down or who do you think is the greatest boxer of all time? Muhammad Ali. And you definitely you got the chance to meet him. Oh, know, listen, I met him this year I Intercrime. I was active in Spofford in the pub, and we saw the movie The Greatest. And after the movie, although he walked in. And I I want to be like him, and as soon as I got like four months in that place and so, like I should from there, I went to another place, you know, like a place.


And. This guy would probably do it with a professional boxer, and once they got me to behave, once, you know, I start behaving in school, won some awards and stuff, so he started teaching me how to box. And so we were doing this for a couple of months and stuff. And I really started picking up. And one day I think I hit them in the nose and I broke his nose with a jab. And when he came back the next day, he didn't care about that.


When he came back the next day, he had the black guy and he was mad. I saw him and I hope he's not man. And he was mad because his wife said, I don't want you back in the mall because he she didn't like the way he thought I would take you somewhere and I would tell you to go take it to the next level. And then I'm met customizer and it was over. It was just he's just I don't know.


It's over.


How old were you when you saw Muhammad Ali for the first time when he walked in that movie? Twelve, eleven, twelve, twelve.


It's crazy how you can see someone at that at that age. At that.


That's what I'm talking about. Like you say, I want to be like, I don't know if, but we saw the movie together. I want to be like, yeah, in a strange way, you know Anderson Silva. Yeah. Spider silk. Yeah. To Jake. I met him when we were like. I think I was 12, I think I was 12 and she was 10, there's a picture of us floating online somewhere. I want to actually recreate it some day.


But we were huge UFC fans and we met this guy and we were wrestling and, you know, doing some jujitsu back then.


And I saw him and I had that feeling. I was like, I want to I want to be like this guy love.


I love seeing him fight and fight night and perform on a stage that big. And it's crazy.


I don't know, 15 years later, I know what you like about, like, those people clapping for you want it that I want them to clap for me. That's what you wanted. But I wanted to. But also I wanted to. I wanted to earn it. Oh, no, that's the best that's the best part about about it. But you wanted that. Yeah. Because he, he he earned it.


That's the best. Because so few people are willing to put in the work to get to a level that great. And I knew when I was young that I, I knew I could do it. I knew I could do it if only I could promised myself that I could dedicate my life.


To working hard, what whatever ever be, I knew I could do it, and that's all it took and that's the purpose of life, the willingness to die for something that you really know you're dedicated to, you know, the willingness to do not that you will, but the willingness to do it. You have to achieve that now.


So I just want to switch gears. And I mentioned the week before. Yes, you did. Now to be. And now it's a business, right? Yeah. What is that about? How did that start? Who's behind the scenes helping Mike Tyson?


Listen, this is my partner, Rob Hickman, my brother in law and my wife. They really put their shit together. I know nothing about what is really, really good at best in the world.


Is it is your HQ at the Tyson Ranch? Excuse me, the Tyson Ranch. Our headquarters. Yes, yes. Headquarters we have.


Or from the minute we have.


And an 18 acre property and I went to the Tahiti Antigua, we won those. Yeah, yeah. And we have, I think a thousand acres and therefore for the spring hot springs, and that's where the ranch overlooking the highway to overlooking all the freeway and everything.


Boom. I read they want to put a university there. Yes, definitely a festival stage that you're going to lose your fucking mind.


A lazy river.


Yes, we got that. We got Pasquel. They got to have it. I just. I'm sorry. What's the name say you have a lazy river currently. Yes, I do. There's nothing he loves more. Nothing this man loves more. You come to the Lady River, right? You're going to be looking at people's chateau. They'll be outside Chateau Walk and you come into the lake. Everybody go to the community.


What can I do today to earn a spot on the Lazy River just for one day or even a couple hours?


And listen, it's not the village you'd be developing by next year. OK, we're going to get you there by just simply survive. Have everything mushroom, everything's legal, mushroom mushrooms and a lazy river.


And one I'd say, oh, nice and beautiful people. Now go clubbing casinos there. It's going to be almost like a small Los Vegas. You know your own lot, Mike Tyson's own Las Vegas. Well, I don't want to fans love Vegas, but it's just the place of leisure for people who want to health for good health. Right, right. Right. So that's the new mental and physical. That's the new push. Is that the big is that the biggest thing you're working on right now?


Health and all that stuff. Physical good, you good? Well, that's what I want to do. Mike, what else you want to what music you're listening to right now? You listen to music at all? Yeah, listen to everything. The new guys and stuff. Yeah. If you like the new rap music that's been coming out. Yeah. You miss the old guys like Kevin Gates, Kevin Gates is. Yeah, I like little babies pretty good.


The couple of them out the pretty vicious. I'm happy you said that. Can you imagine being a little baby and obviously a little baby, getting all the love this year and gifts from Harden and all that shit. But can you imagine having Mike Tyson be like, I'm listening to your shit? That's a better fucking dobro. Can't play both sides, baby. Yeah, I can play both sides.


Do you miss the old music? All right. Music at all? No. Listen to it all the time. OK, ok. Who is that. Who's the best rapper of all time.


Has to be big big bubba. But listen. I mean, big is a better rapper. I think the tuba tuba got such a long reach, everybody is still the only one I go to to ago. People say I was too poor to this day. I was tuba. What was Tupac like?


I was like, how was really what was the last time? Were those people. Yeah, what was it? We are beautiful like you, you know, he's busy, articulate, educated like you. He has had a temper. And I read somewhere that you you said you felt partially guilty.


Well enough with that. But I thought, oh, come on, man, hurry up. Come on out here. You got the tape to the the fight outside the tape, man. Come on, man. You got the tape.


And he came to your fight that night. Yeah. Of of his murder. Yeah. Each that's, you know, you've been a part of so much history, so much, so much, we couldn't even begin to really know. There's so many questions I want to ask you about Vegas at the time, what it was like being in Vegas. Have you ever had any contact with, like, the mob out there? Like, that was when I got so many questions.


Madison in Vegas. Right. I don't know, and what was it, eighty six, eighty five, I just came in, I just being I want to be humble. I don't even know how to say this in the humble perspective. I took the town over.


You know, I don't have to be humble. You owned Vegas. You owned it. So that's why I asked, did you ever have, like, the underground guys coming at me any.


I don't I don't know if they're underground guys, but they made sure I was I was taking care of that stuff, I don't know, I had to call them corporate guys. They worked for the hotels and stuff. So to me, they're corporate guys. You didn't ask a lot of questions? No, no, I know this. I know corporate America is the new mob now. Absolutely. That's what I've learned since I've been this mogul. Mogul.


Yeah. Yeah, I've learned that in the mob. Have you learned how to make those guys work for you? Excuse me? Do they work for you at all or do you try to have them help you out in your businesses? Do you like do you do you think they're do you think they have good intent? Corporate America? Listen. Everybody not as bad as we think they are. We need to talk if we're in that position, then we need to make a comment out of that then, you know, I mean, none of this has been these guys, you know, the pressure that's on them.


So I don't know. I'm not too I'm not the one that's in position to make any statements about that. You know, when you when you were the king of Vegas, do you have any crazy stories somebody want to talk about so mad at you?


I can't even imagine. It's not I'm talking about stories in Vegas. My question is, is what are you going to do with those stories just locked in here forever? Are they ever going to make their way out to the public?


No, I don't think so. I wrote the book. Yeah, you are. Yeah. Yeah. Movie. Yeah, I have a movie coming out. What's it you got to do?


Is this one Jamie Fox is playing you live. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It's like a film. Yeah.


What's the. He does a really good impersonation.


What's, what's the distribution like to movies.


Neftali like is that, is that all planned out and shit like Mexicans really doing good business with independent films and stuff. I'm not saying nothing to nobody. OK, I'm strummed out is you know everything you're saying.


Well you make we talk too much.


Well let's lighten, I mean lighten the load a little bit. That's why I brought up the music. You got to what do you eat like do any fast food place this morning. That oatmeal. So I'm eating until early this morning. And so when I go back home, I'm probably two times a day. Me and my wife, I thought, you know what? She threw me out on me. Oh, you're only a vegan or vegetarian not being a cook right now.


I'm eating. I'm going to that out my next week and then I'm going to hold the basket. Where have you been? Vegan before. Absolute for years.


Really? You like that, huh? You like that? I love that.


My wife coming in and we need them. What do you eat? And if you don't, please don't bring that around me away. Don't put that in. If they don't bring that around and they'll eat that around, I'm just miserable. Wait, wait, wait.


You mean you've been vegan before for years. Was this when you were three hundred pounds. Yes. No, not this time. But the last time I was when I was on that cocaine stuff and. Yeah. And it's to be a junkie but before that. Yeah. I lost a lot of weight then too because being vegan wouldn't that help with 100 percent on your weight.


100 percent. I thought I lost the weight every time I say yes, go vegan.


It is true. It is true. What I with you. Yeah.


When I'm older and if I were you by myself getting out of shape different when you do like weight.


Now you're younger, you processed meat like my body can't process the red meat like you could at this time. You if force your salad go. Oh man. It's just even when you're trying to take a shit, it's almost somewhat painful, you know. I mean. If local crab, crab legs, crab legs, crab, the cool them, they have no purpose, the meat can make you healthier. Just take this fun. I love crab, so I love crab.


So they have no purpose because the scallops, seafood.


What do you think about the whole imitation meat? Well, yeah.


Like what, what's it, what are the company's called fucking.


And what are the burgers called the possible burgers. And there's another one to this two. But they're the stocks are blowing up.


Do a lot of people are starting to switch over to Stockton and stuff too. Yeah. Do you think that you think it will ever fully replace meat completely innocent in order for that? It's going to happen, but a generation after die, which won't right this one.


But also at the same time. No, like a national nuclear that we were going to die. Yeah.


Like Jez's kids potentially could be all. Oh, you know me.


No, they're all going to be imitation humans. They're not even real test cyborgs. Yeah. Cyborgs.


The kids after Jake are you molecular millennialist is Jake Montejano. So Jake, Paul's kids.


No, no, no, no, no, no. Even younger. They like like prime GenZE. So like 14 year olds right now, when they have kids, I think their kids are going to be full on. Cyborgs come out the way the phone insert, insert your nerve.


Yeah, I was just doing the stupid motherfucker when like, I believe for a minute now. Yeah, well, it gets more and more not because last year when you would say that people laugh, you now believe he made a laugh and said, well, my fucking son, I know. I know his kids. His kids. Yeah. How smart he is. Yeah. The things that I can't. How old is he. He's nine and I bet.


I bet he does he have a phone. Oh right now he's looking at right now. Wizzard on it huh. Enquist But also information infinite. Well I guess that the tip of his fingers at all times it's fucking crazy.


So at the same time when the most important thing that ever happened to me was the day Mike Tyson punch out came on Nintendo, that was, that was pretty big with then make another one good like you should.


But but when I was playing that game and now go through all the different competitors, I finally get to the, you know, big boss. At the end, I was like twenty twenty, you know, it's thirty years out because I was a kid. But we're going to have flying cars. Where the fuck are the flying cars? We were together. They guaranteed us the Jetsons. Twenty twenty. The Jetsons flying cars.


Hey, listen, don't think they are trying to develop it, but try and fly in my car.


I want the fucking I want excuse me to your son. I want the freaking flying cars. Now they have got to find out how they're going to navigate. They're going to work that out because it got to they got to develop highways. That's some kind of navigation, three three dimensional highway stuff. And you may have one guy up in a scooter. That's the car. You're like the Japanese is ready to get them off of. This is what you talk about.


You take my shoe. This is where the conversation needs to be. I can't forget.


I think that smart is the Muslim dumb fuck.


Oh, no, no, it's not.


None of this stuff is like imagination anymore.


Dude, dude, Elon Musk is talking about removing a part of your skull to insert a chip called the Neural Link.


I've heard about that. A machine will do it, by the way, and let's hope it gets it right.


That comes in a package. They send it to your house and you attach it to your head and it cuts a little piece, your mobile insert a chip and has electrodes that are connected to the make the turns.


You want to have half machine to know everything. So I would like it done to me. So do you have the same feelings on the vaccine?


You either could go on that thing? Yeah, I'm scared. I feel fine with that. I agree with you. I don't know what I'm going to say, but yes, I'm just saying nothing.


That's not always great. We got to wrap it up, sign from his team and I want to, but I don't want just one of these kind. It was really five.


But I know it's cold blooded. I know it's all good. It's all good.


What else, Mike? Anything else you want to tell the people that are watching what where there's a pigeon here or anything like like pigeons?


You know, I love it. And I have so many pigeons. Yeah, well, we got one. We got a pigeon for you. This is weird. Why do we have it?


His name is Rocky. How did we not win that award. Not not win that award. We had a look at this really quick when you're done with that. Mike Tyson took four grams of mushrooms and is playing with a pigeon on our podcast. Why did the award go to anybody fucking else?


Hey, listen, I have five hundred patents. You have that minutes. What have you ever done a headcount like? Is it actually five hundred pigeons?


And why excuse me, would the pigeon as much as my culture? Oh, my God, look at this little pigeon in a basket. Look at Mike Tyson with his pigeon. I have a bird, you know, I have a bird, African grey. He talks to that. He's working on it is he whistles he likes to whistle Mike Tyson and his pigeons.


That is a beautiful bird. Uh, yeah, dude, I love birds. Oh, look at the turban. Oh, you got. Oh, you you've been a fan of pigeons for some time. Little boy.


How come you like birds? How come you like birds? It's just what we do in the neighborhood. It's cultural, right? This is just fucking fantastic and Noah is incredible because the coolest, the toughest guys have. So that's why I was hoping that. I can't get anything done, but in real, this is a very you know, this may be APACS like this may be this may be some some of the sort of guy we're peeking. No peeking, bro.


I can't believe this. Can I ask you, why does he have the same haircut as you? He does.


Look at these guys. This looks like Logan. It's called the way Boxer said some people it a helmet or a cap.


Well, hey, Mike, thanks for coming out on the podcast, brother. I hate that this is something that most of the time the baby starved to death because small beaks is very difficult to feed.


Does does who makes exacta? Like, if he's like, yeah, I'm going to stay here for another hour and talk about birds like this. And how do you say, yo, Mike Tyson, listen, man, it's time to fuck like he wraps up, OK?


I bet you never got a part of anything like this before. He this all yours.


He didn't know we had a pigeon and someone else's. How come Mike Tyson wasn't I was his biggest fan. No, he said that it's a diaper. Oh, shit, we got to face off here. That's a dog. I'm not going to lie.


So she got she got me a diaper. What is this bird phone, please? What do you get this bird from? Oh, my God.


Oh, hey, man. Hey, whoa, whoa, hey. Oh, he can fly.


No, I know. We just saw evidently he like birds that fly.


I saw the picture. Well, he went he went backwards and not up. That's got to be.


He's not trying to show. Yeah. And he does. Great show. He's like a nice trick.


We said. Yeah. 360 newground. Yeah. One it up.


Yeah. I had him. Hold on. Let me try to find again like Tyson. Did your tigers ever hurt anyone? Yeah, yeah. How bad did the. What would you say now? Just now, the AMA, whose arm was.


Listen, I want to talk to somebody from someone who thought they could do that.


It's the first. Oh, maybe not that.


Let's stick with him. Wrestling. I want my baby.


Well, here we go. Oh, my God. I love the outfit. Oh, my God.


Dude, this this one right here. Great outfit. Play that one, that's just this one right here, play is a. Video of Mike Tyson wrestling his Bengal tiger is next level by here. All right, we got it. We got to add for sure. No, no, we don't have we don't have skippable adds. You do get an extra comfortable with these double double knots capable. OK, here we go. OK. OK, so tigers in the Tigers in the Ponte.


Oh, so beautiful. Oh. They love me so much. Did you have to get rid of the tiger or was the tiger the pass away? I had to get what she was like 14 was it was some sort of law coming into effect.


Well, oh, my God. You know, she got to fuck that person.


Oh, it's a pretty good, good guard creature. We had a situation like that in Connecticut with a gorilla. Some lady had a gorilla, owned a gorilla grip of faith and rip the guy's face off to wipe your feet, bite your finger off of you.


I mean, that's that's that's how a lot of people want to go home with their humblest boy.


Your face of gorillas are four to nine times stronger than the average man.


They can deadlift 1800 pounds. And if you've seen a shaved monkey, no, never you've never seen a shaved monkey. He's born that way.


No, no, I think I think maybe he had to get some sort of surgery or something. Yeah, yeah. This is no joke. Look at a shaved, shaved monkey beast, all muscle.


It's like Jose Canseco now.


I feel. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. They're all muscle. The chimpanzees all. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. Pull it back. Pull the other one back up. There's no just post it up.


Look at those. The muscles in his knee. We don't put that on my phone dude.


Just didn't. I just haven't shaved monkey. See monkey. This is just the way they look at this one. Oh.


I can I could I could do Google all day. That's my favorite. That's on my favorite guy. So what's your name?


Shaved monkey. Shaved gorilla. Guerrilla. Yeah, or, yeah, any primate shave gorilla, the mushrooms maybe do it. Yeah, the five minute guy just keeps closing in. He's like he's like now he's on set. He's on set. He's like your five minutes. You said seven g.


But once again I get curious, like what's his next move. Logan like like he's a headlock like at one point like let's not find out.


I'm the closest one to a task probably. Yeah I heard that. I will get you get him. You got you found it though huh. Yeah.


OK, good. Good. Oh, yeah, this is all we got, we're look we're looking at pictures of shaved gorillas. We've got a pigeon on set that's magnificent. And Mike Tyson, who knows how we have to let you go.


Mike, we love you, Mike. That's it. We love you. Thank you. Thank you for coming. No, I ain't got no fucking way. Let's go to this river.


OK, so that that story's. Yes. No, I see the stories they locked in here. Yeah. If it were me, what if it were me?


I can't keep the story. You know, I love it. I'm a storyteller. I love to you know, I gather my kids are on the fire. I tell stories real shit.


You know, you still on the monkey guys. It's real. It's real sad. It makes you focus on individual thing. It's crazy. I told you, they're all muscle. I want to look like this.


You got the muscles. You got the muscle structure, boy. Oh, yeah.


I got a question. If you were in the jungle and you came across a fucking gorilla. And you had to fight to the death. What would you do? We had my head down. Do you think you would win?


No, I wouldn't try to fight just about like just respect. Oh, you respect the gorilla. Put my head down. He didn't know that he's the boss.


What if he refuses to accept your head bowed and he passes?


Chessa says, I want to take on our mike.


Well, there's never been done before, so it's never been done. It's never been done. There's been talks of a fight league called.


You have you have Beest? Yes. It's partners of UFC. You have Beest. This can't be real. You stop lying about this one.


That's what I told. I know, but I it that be crazy because.


No, you se he's not going to box a man against beast. It's a case all sorts of beast kangaroo kangaroos them you ever see. Now there's two different types of kangaroos, there's the ones that you that look like you could take. Then they got this crazy scene, they grow crazily good and cut your guts out because they kick with their feet and they got claws on.


I love. Has you seen, have you seen this Mike look.


Yeah. You saw this. Yeah. He's got him and I had the dog and I think no I think he throws a right hook on this kangaroo that has this does he JJ you know, he squares up.


He's a surprise. This is real. Yes, it's very. Oh by the way, I love. What is this. What. What are these.


They tried to retell the story that they actually do not do they know.


I don't think they they just kill them. So you see that thing around the dog's neck that's to protect against the claws of the kangaroo. Yeah. And that's what saved that dog. Oh, it's a thing.


OK, sure. Squares up. Looks like do the South Pole let him go. Oh yeah. And look out for ok ok with that. Look at his face. Go back, look at his face. The kangaroo after he had to be shot. This really real kangaroos in shock. He's, he's, he's like I can't believe he's he actually fucking is me. Oh look at him. He's like why. What did I do. I spent the dog you punch is your ass.


Is there something in his powers. Is he is a little power. No, no, no, no, no. Somebody please explain to me why you hit me after getting your dog just till the next these sticks. You punching weight is that's the end of the video. You can't just leave us at that. Well, yeah, he gets away the kangaroo. These are what they really do. Shit. You've got to fast forward a bunch on this.


What does a bunch of explaining.


OK, kangaroos. It's weird, by the way, that I've seen and know all of these.


Like I know exactly where the animals fighting animals fighting kangaroos specifically.


I'm oh, I get that high of that cause you have got them. I messed up. Yeah. This is this is definitely I think feeling good. Good, good. You're watching the right stuff. Oh my gosh.


Look at these guys are ferocious.


Well I want to see them fighting another and look my.


Oh my God. This they're going for the bulls. Oh yeah. Yeah. So this is the challenger versus the. I love the barrel. This is the house. The bitch. The big the girls. The women. Yeah. And so and so the alpha, the alpha wins.


It's like, oh you've already you've got to watch all three while. Oh low blow baby.


Take that one too. I don't know if you guys see it but they actually propel off their tail so that's the tail.


And then they but this one say Mike do you think you could take a kangaroo.


I don't think, I mean that's I mean try what's the purpose of just to see who's the better species.


I'm not interested in that. There's a lot of money involved.


Jeff. I could just I could probably get you a bag to fight a kangaroo. Yeah. Then I might be fighting. PETA wouldn't be happy.


I might be fine. Just give me the right price.


Yeah, I Mike I got my mike out of respect for your team. We got to just because we love you.


I've got to go. I've heard shrooms. I got you. I know I trust you. I feel you. Oh they do. They do get you stuff. Yeah.


You can stay. You can stay in the same room for hours. The last lap right now is if he wants a laugh, watch videos like Pushier The Man Legend. They've come out of Palsson because he's got a thank you guys for listening. We'll see you next time. Take it easy. Bye.