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A forehead during sex farted there and sex and it smelled like. I hate you, I hate you. How did that go? What position were you in? Doggy doggy did you were in dog your shoes?


I was. I was. Hey, guys, welcome back to the Palace of the World's number one podcast. Thank you so much for listening, subscribing, watching whatever else you guys do here. And also on iTunes and Spotify, Logan Logan is unwell. He he's not feeling well. It's not covid. He has been toasted. Why are you not feeling well? You're not fighting anybody today.


I don't want to start the twenty twenty one.


I don't know if I could do this. I really don't know if Dylan's like doesn't give you the nod of approval. He goes he's got to push through. Oh look at me. I'm the same color as my coat.


Can you take that coat off. Is that possible.


No, because I'm, I'm so cold. I got cold feet. Oh God.


I hate myself for that joke too. So I'm sorry.


We're all we're all coming back from extended stays in various places. Once I got back, I said to myself, a good impulsive episode, put that in the books and will get me right back into the swing of things. I need this fucking app.


OK, is that why you made me come? It's because otherwise. Because otherwise I'll be stuck in this this transition period between vacation and getting back to normal life. People have a lot of trouble with the transition after New Years. I'm one of those people myself.


I noticed that I'd like to consider myself a pretty hard headed, you know, a tough, mentally tough soul, but something about the lackadaisical mindset over the holidays, it's so hard to snap out of.


And, you know, I was training to like I was training.


It's the it's the stuff that happens around the for me, my workouts like the world is shut down, like it's not always the worst attack is covid, but no one's doing anything, right.


Yeah, it's bad.


Yeah, it's really bad. Yeah. I've been I mean it's not it's good. Everything everybody needs this time of the year guys shit on the holidays.


But but it's I'm sorry. It's good to get back Hijau. I didn't even know it's my birthday and no one wished me. Oh happy birthday.


Happy Birthday was yesterday. It was my birthday. We talked to George on the phone and he said, Hey guys, what's up? I'm in Arizona. I said, Well, awesome, man. Happy birthday. We'll see you for the show tomorrow. I said, Oh, we have a show tomorrow.


I see that Mike Tyson on last show. You may remember the show.


And so we were on a break. No, no, we're not on a break anymore. So I'm saying we're back in action. So I think it's a good time to identify your goals. I write emails to the Maverick Club every Sunday and I put this in the email.


I said the beginning of the year, especially because it's twenty twenty one, could be a little bit of a reset.


It's a good time to identify your goals, identify the things you want to achieve this year, and then just buckle down, get ready to activate. Like if we if we do this shit right, this could be a big year. It's twenty, twenty one.


Some big things that I've heard the aliens right around the corner, like, like everyone saying, everyone say the aliens have been spotted and this is heightened.


There's a galactic federation underground on Mars.


I mean guys, this can't be fake. It sounds true. It sounds true to me. Have you read anything about this George. You keep giving me a stare to it.


Makes me think maybe there's not even a human inside that flesh machine of yours.


Are you? Are you here? I am. I'm not where you guys are at, but I'm definitely I'm definitely here. Well, we're over here.


Yeah, it's tough because, you know, we had Mike Tyson on our last episode, arguably one of, you know, just say it, one of the best podcasts of all time.


It was great of all time. And here we are, three fucking blabbering idiots, two of which apparently I thought it was just me are out of commission. Yeah. So tune in Tokyo. Let's go.


And it's tough. You guys are talking about Haleiwa. They're fucking coming, George. You see the blue light overlie who saw blue light. I never saw any blue light. Oh, by the way, I just wanna let you know I've been completely I did not have my phone the past two weeks.


I don't know what's happening.


That's one of my resolutions for twenty twenty on my phone. I have my phone.


Really have less time on it. Do you spend more time fucking living an actual existence. By the way, this was my resolution for twenty twenty twenty nineteen twenty eighteen twenty seventeen. All the way back to the origins of the iPhone in twenty thousand twenty thousand.


So it's a good.


I just want to be more pressing bro. Talk to my home. I don't need to see what all these scantily clad women boy.


So why are you still not evidentally. I mean what scantily clad women you talking about your waist up.


Yeah, but OK. Did you want to follow every girl you follow that bathing suits. I muted all of them. I swear to God I did. Yes, I swear to God I'm going to go badly for you. Said you did do. Here's the thing bro.


I'll say this with a fucking would like a chest out type shit. Every guy is capable of cheating. Just don't be don't put yourself in a situation you can't get out of. So, for example, I don't give myself girls on my feet. Why do I have to look at that? I'm off the market. I don't want to see that shit. It's like when you go to a Lamborghini store right now for me, I can't afford this shit.


Why am I there? It's pointless. Don't do it.


Do her, follow them or do you mute them? It depends who.


If you're like a rat, your whole you get unfollowed or if your if you hooked up with her before. Right to. No, no, I don't do that, OK, I don't dive into my girls past and dive into mine is like, oh, you made a song about it. Yeah, yeah. I don't need to know. I'm going to start you and some of these girls. And by the way, I feel like moron owes you guys a debt of gratitude for for having made me feel this way.


I'm going to go on I'm going to go with you a bunch of a bunch of thoughts today after we get off the show. It's not necessary. You don't need it.


I mean, listen, if they're giving you like if they're if they're like, OK, if they had a nice bikini picture and in that description or the title for it was like something super meaningful that you like world, I want to solve world hunger by showing you all my tits, that kind of thing.


You then save it. But if I go check out my only fans, one point zero.


So that's the why are you bragging right now? That's like the biggest thing right now.


Every girl is posting about like what where they are in the standings. You wouldn't know this because you have a bunch of mutes. You got a bunch of mutes.


No, I know from like like mutual friends that are like doing it. And I like I'll poke at them all the time. But it's like mutual friends that are subscribed to only know that having only fans and OK, yeah. They're like, OK, I'll poke at them, you know.


I mean if you take your clothes off, I'm still going to like help me take your clothes off because that's fine.


If you want to make money that way, that's totally fine. Where do you think the limit is for you.


Nice. Nice.


Where do you think, where do you think the limit is for when you could start bragging about where your only fans is positioned?


I thought about this yesterday and I calculate it's a fucking never know because.


Because no, because you can make all the money in the world like you showed your tits. I disagree.


I disagree that so not do I believe. I think Bella Thorne. Yeah, no, no I think not.


But just hear me out.


She's making a lot of money. Yeah. Not showing her tits. Well we all like she is. Well I know because every time she says she makes a lot of money then Tana's like I have receipts say otherwise like yo it's just such a it's such a dog eat dog world out there.


I know people love bragging about money, huh. I think it's a lame ass. So I think it's the same as I used to do it often and then I like kind of matured a little bit. I became an adult. I was like, this isn't like I stopped. I stopped where my rings and necklaces and shit on.


I have a great story. Oh no. I hear a knock on my door at six hundred and it's like a pound so it's like this.


I know it's Logan and only him knocks like that all of a sudden open up and I see mama with grilles you can close his mouth and it's nice chain and then Logan hovering above them equally with the grill and a chain. And I look at them and I, and I go, hey man, why are those men. I just have so much fucking money now I don't even know what to do with it.


I was like, well, you got to look at us. Oh my God. And I engraved our name with rubies in it. Mamba and Paul.


Yeah, but I hate this version of my something to be said about people that are just making fun of people who wear grills like that. Do you know, I'm saying like you guys are clear. That's what you found. That was the day you that's the alpha your way. No, I like you. Were you were taking that seriously. Like you were like, yo, I got a fucking Grella joke.


I think it's Plato called Tomé. Like I think I went out to the club twice in the group.


I hate me too. I posted I did one of those like what do you want to see recaps on Instagram.


And one of them was like twenty, seventeen local Paul. And I was like I, I really I use the word detest that version of myself.


Like I, I acknowledge that it was part of my journey. I acknowledge that this kid got me to where I am today. But man, I wish there was a workaround where we didn't have to go through each phase.


It was funny then I guess not really even I hate it if you notice in our timeline of friendship when we were at by the growth, we were very tight and the beginning of sixteen hundred once you started heading towards this version of yourself.


So I was kind of like, wait a minute, I'm like Mike from Love. Deal with this for a little bit. Why don't you tell me, dude. I mean I tried to but like I don't know if it was your hair or ego, but nothing to listen that was blocking. I could hear you.


Speaking of millionaires, Bitcoin is on a fucking rampage.


All the those are. It's crazy. It's crazy.


I need to learn more. I need to learn more. I need to learn more about it.


Like we like to truly sink my teeth into cryptocurrency, decentralized currency, the new ways anyone get scared of that shit at all.


Yeah. Oh yeah. It's scary. I don't ever want to hit my toes into that.


And it's like secure the modern day version of a bank heist.


You know, people come running with the masks. They steal the money from the bank clerks in the vault in the in the safe. Yeah.


There's no way to get your bitcoin back if you get hacked, which everyone gets hacked, especially nowadays with SIM swapping men. These hackers are getting so smart and they're so young. These kids are 13, 14, 15 years old.


They're paying they have Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile employees on their payroll.


Like it's an inside job, dude, just a hack, someone's phone, and then once they get into your phone, if you have your BTC not locked up the right way or any cryptocurrency that should be gone, you got to be way safe.


There's ways to there's ways to take it offline.


Things called a ledger or a treasure. It's like a physical. But again, if you lose it and also people who have lost it.


Doug, Jake, Jake bought Bitcoin for one hundred dollars back in like I think it was like two thousand twelve twenty thirteen. It's worth like one hundred K now. Can't get into his account.


Doesn't remember anything about any of his emails, passwords or anything. A decade ago who would.


Are you joking. He broke regardless of social media. Jake would have made a hundred thousand dollars as is because he put one hundred dollars in the bitcoin way back in the day.


Bitcoin currently thirty three, around thirty three thousand dollars per coin. And it has been growing really steadily over the past three to six months, three to four or five right now. And what had happened was it had this fall off and then it started to creep back up. And over the past month, there was a massive what's called famo buying fear of missing out buying done by the institution. So over a billion dollars was pumped by actual investors into Bitcoin over the past month plus.


And that's what's starting to skyrocket it, because when you start to see these institutions that have historically been very anti cryptocurrency saying, I think we made a little bit of a mistake here and just starting to buy like crazy, everybody starts to listen. And so now everybody's buying it. It's just gone through the roof. And a lot of people are saying it's a bubble.


It's going to it's going to it'll go down a little bit. It's not going to pop.


Bitcoin is a long term investment investor money. You should get about it, but it will go down a little bit. This happened, I think twenty seven. I think three years ago it was that like it was like six or eight shot at the fourteen.


Everyone's freaking out because across 10k just kept going. And then I think it went back down to nine and then over the past two, three months, back up to thirty three thousand dollars, we should definitely have a Bitcoin expert on the show to really grasp all this and all the cryptocurrency go the way the way that Bitcoin is mined.


Oh, yeah.


Is unreal. There's a there's a finite amount of of bitcoin. I think it's twenty million isn't it. Might be ninety million or no. 20 million of the 90 million have been mined. And every day I think like six more are mined. So that's why the value is going up.


Because you mean mine.


So I think there's like a pause, like super supercomputers, like rooms full of super computers that are cracking some sort of code. And once they figure it out a little Bitcoin pops up, it just shoots out.


And I think that's why we got to show, like, somebody who was like, hey, we're going to like it's like the fucking dragon balls. They're trying to find my way. My guess is probably none of the three of us.


I guess that's what made you laugh out of all the jokes on the podcast this whole year.


Yeah, that's great. I feel like none of the three of us are educated enough on the topic to truly explain it to you or to your point. We should bring a of a boss man on here. But it's interesting to watch someone get involved in a big way.


OK, it was it was it started on my birthday January 3rd. I'm sorry again for missing that.


Yeah, that's cool. That's fine. I'm going to go to Chili's or something for. In the real world, we know it's the customers you keep that keep you in business, over 70 percent of Liberty car insurance customers stay with liberty insurance when renewal time comes around. That doesn't happen by accident. Switch at Liberty Insurance data and see why so many People's Day Liberty Insurance ready for the real world. Seventy four point nine percent of liberty insurance, private motor customers renewed between the 1st of January 30th of June 2020, acceptance criteria, terms and conditions of life, Liberty Security Company.


It is a glorious array of cigarettes.


S.R. trading as Liberty Insurance, as authorized by the general director of insurance and pension funds in Spain and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for conduct of business with. I got stories. What do you what do you got? Well, they're kind of like sexual. Yeah. All right, let's get right into it, baby. Well, OK, I farted during sex ed and sex and it smelled like shit.


I hate you. I hate you. How did that go? What position were you in? Doggy. Doggy. Did you were in dog your shoes? I was I was nice because if she was behind you. Yeah. You got trouble on multiple. Play it off. Did you keep going. No, there's no playing at all. Just play. I don't know if this has ever happened to you, but it was my first time fighting during sex.


This has got to happen to people at least once in their life, guys.


Well, there's a lot of pressure going on. There's pressure on you. There's pressure building up in your in your testicles. It could alleviate certain pressures in your sphincter. Let me ask you this question before you know. You know and everything. Thirty five. Well, so many people in the comments like this, I didn't know that first, but he knew exactly how your body works. Let me ask you this question.


Describe the fart. Was it was it that's the worst part. Like, OK, that it was it did you know it was hot.


But did you know, was it a hot fart like, you know, the one that it is hot. No, I didn't know it was coming. That's that's that's the worst part. I'm on a high protein diet.


Yeah, I'm in training camp. This isn't this isn't unnatural. I try to tell this girl, like, y'all got these dudes and they come out from time to time.


Except this one, I don't know, probably just shout out unannounced. I didn't feel it coming and like, I'll try to recreate.


It was a quick Erza long.


It was it was quick, but it was like almost like flapping to wet paper bags together.


It was like like that like like. Yeah, like that.


Oh like a flap always working worse. He goes he's like yeah yeah yeah. The ranch. No, no he's like you going to play that off me like he has already on the money. I'll get on. This is what you do. Next time it happens it happens.


Like I'll give you a demonstration. Right. You're like oh yeah. By the way I'm pretending that I'm having sex ok. Yeah right. Yeah. I didn't know, I didn't know you. Words that weren't visual. I think you say that there is so. Oh yes we have sex and that is like that is like immediately turn behind you be shocked just as much as. Oh yeah. Fuck yeah. Who is that. I didn't have that wherewithal that have to.


You got. I'm not that smart I, I froze. What are you going to do.


I'll show you this. I thought Oh. Froze and you just stared in her eyes.


Yes. Because I had to see her, I had to see if she herself is now he says what I do immediately is as soon as I fart I look at her baby.


Yeah, come on. Yes you are.


Every day she wasn't do it. It was so inconspicuous. I for a second I was like that had to be her. Like that's how secretive it was.


I didn't know it was coming. So, you know, I happened and she looked at me and she kind of smiled and I was like, and she knows where do we go from here?


I said, I always know where where I can leave if you want, and I'll understand. But you were in your house.


No, they were at her house. You got to be a man about it. Cuff your hand. Thrown her face down. Yeah, I've done that.


But not the sex. Do you throw a fart. Yeah.


Listen, if you're if you're with a girl that doesn't find those type of jovial moments funny then shit.


I wonder what percentage of girls are into like, like secretly into their boyfriend because. Well, because of the pole on the screen. I'm going to be honest. Here's what I think I know we want.


No, we won't. We never put the fucking ball on screen.


Here's what I think. I bet you when you look at. Married couples there, they're both laughing because both of them are farting in front of each other. Do you know what I'm saying? Like, I like when you get to that comfort level in a relationship like Bell doesn't ever squeeze out a little, too, but I do in front of her and then I do that joke or I like, what the fuck was that?


But I'm like, I'll stick to character. I'll just never put her arms. And she's not I don't know.


I feel like she'll never do it.


I think she just wants to be like a lady in front of me. That's this particular girl. I'm just a gross animal.


A lot of girls too that don't or poop at all. You know, they have no, it's like they might not even have a ball at all for it to come out of. OK, OK. And so maybe you've got one of those. It's like a little like a mermaid almost it maybe.


I don't know. But it shook me. It shook me. I didn't hear any of those. The fake his laugh either. Yeah. I got that was a great one my friend out here. So I wanted to join up. Is that like when I went back home and I was at the gym because the gyms are open every two seconds. People coming up to me be like, dude, like that podcast.


Oh yeah, stick if they're tuning back in and we're just like, oh, they're like, what happened?


What how did the caliber go from here to there? Yeah, well, in front of us it's probably already hard for them to recognize.


It's the same show because we have the new studio and shit to happen.


We supposed to come back after break and this was supposed to be a nice clean wooden slate, a set full of wood and aged up. It just doesn't even look on the list.


But oh, it does. It looks the exact same.


Some would say I. covid delays, that's why it's coming, I drank a bottle of Dom Perignon. Holy shit, you broke your silver streak. Well, I mean, I completed the mission twenty 20 and it was over 20, 20.


Oh, nice. And you you little bottle. Yeah.


The whole year didn't have a single set. Well congratulations. Which was which was which was great. Got a lot done obviously. How did it feel.


By the way. Which part. Drinking. Well let me actually let me, let me say this to not drinking was me was amazing. And so just looking back, it was the best decision I've ever made. I got so much done. A ton of you look a lot healthier. I feel healthier. I feel better. I made better decisions. I got better and so many different places. My anxiety got a lot more under control. So I'm in Turks and Caicos, by the way, the White House absolute whitest place on Earth, like I've never seen so many whites.


This is correct. Greece or the or the Caribbean, whichever one you decide.


Oh, infiltrated by white people. Just just tons of like like investors, like cryptocurrency investors. And we should bring them here to talk about Bitcoin 100 percent. I met a couple of them, but so it's like eleven fifty and you know, amrs like she's already drinking champagne. She's like, no, no, no, I'll just have some now. I'm like, you ain't breaking this fucking joke.


I'm making good. Good for you. So twelve to one hits and man you know I have a few glasses of champagne. She's like, yo you want to you want a rich and forty two.


And I'm like I mean whatever. And then I'm in this hot tub with all these strange people and there's like you know they're telling stories and like yeah I just got in hip hop man, I think this is my year and I'm like. You know, this is this is where it leads, where the alcohol leads, which is in the hot tub. People are like this in my ear and you look around and you're just like, damn, dude, like it's 4:00 in the morning.


And I woke up the next day. And so so we were supposed to leave in the morning to come back to L.A. and we woke up and she was so hungover, she's like, we got to book the room further. And I said, three thousand dollars. And I said, I don't care. So now we got to stay another day. I couldn't get back and start my work. I felt like shit all day. So over twenty, twenty one restarts right now.


And they're really not fucking doing it bro.


It was awful. It was fucking bad. Yeah.


I'm going to vote. No way. It was so beautiful. Was so what about my obligation. What have I not. It's honestly I fell out of love with it just feels like poison now. It is. It just feels like when I go when it goes down your throat it's just like I just didn't have any like bro my dick wasn't even as hard as it should be when I'm, when I'm like when I'm sober, bro, I'm throwing I'm throwing solid dick bro.


And this was. We were like, yo, let's use the exit tonight instead of just the entry. You know what I'm saying? It was a big night and that's you know, that happens quite often. But it was I like to really go hard on those nights, quite literally go hard. I was wrong to tune your pocket. I did. But even with a blue choo, it's like it's like the alcohol and blood. You do war in my stomach.


You know what I'm saying? In the dorms, it's like on guard Blue Chugh and they fucking they battle each other, bro. Now I'm sitting there, I'm all fucking red faced and drunk and pissing on myself. All right. The last word.


But I'm just saying it's just a shit show, literally. I'm glad you came to that realization, Hayday.


I just don't think this is just for me. If you're out there and you enjoy drinking, I encourage you to continue funding. You know, that that industry. But I fucking I just didn't have any fun. I woke up the next day. I felt like shit.


Are you really doing so? We're trying to on you. Are you just saying this? You're saying you think you might like break a couple of times just because, you know, as a homie, I got a well last time we shook on it on the show, OK?


If you're not prepared, I'm not going to make you. That's a big you're not doing it right now.


But I also don't I know you don't drink much. I drink 10 to 12 times this whole year. Like, I just don't like it.


I'll think about it. I'll bring a report back on that, because I just it just was it sucked. It just didn't it wasn't fun. And like, you know, I think there's more of a case for, like, weed even. Obviously, it's just like you smoke. Yeah.


Yes, I do. I don't like kind of like promote it because I don't want people to get the wrong idea. I think you need to be very educated before you do something like that. Yeah, I do it because I have really bad insomnia. So I don't know how to party or socialize or do work. I don't let it become a crutch, but like to help me sleep. I smoke and I love it. I love it. Yeah, I'm, I'm show for it.


Actually, I had a life changing moment and it was from a fucking cartoon.


Which one. I think it's called soul. Jamie Fox.


Why is it twice. Watched it twice. OK, so I'm not I'm losing my great great film. Brilliant. I watched it and I was I was a little up there. Oh. High up in the clouds and I started getting really choked up.


But just the overall meaning for me, what it meant was like, I think this could relate to us in general and hope to God a lot of people out there. But like. I've always chased my dreams always, always, always, and I always, like, will never put it second place to anything and I just keep going, keep going. And in my mind, I'm like, yo, there is never going to be the top of this mountain.


It's always going to keep going. I'm never going to be satisfied. And I always thought I was in a healthy mindset that way. But when I was watching this cartoon look at trees and like, I don't know I don't know how good animation got, but it just it blew me away. I haven't watched a cartoon a long time, but for him to show me that life is worth living in a whole different like it's not all about goals and ambition and money.


It's it's really just about living in the moment. And it just took me back. And I go this year. My my main objective is to to be very healthy in my physical form and my mental form.


But also it's got to kind of fucking cool out. Like, I can't let little things bother me and send me in a spiral or let a goal dictate my whole entire month and how either upsets me or excites me. I think I should be equally excited just going outside and enjoying being alive. And I can't believe a cartoon really made me feel like that, Drake said.


I love Drake, obviously. He said one of his one of his interviews. I watched damn near all of them. And I take notes because I think he's so wise. He said, I try not to get too caught up in the highs or the lows. It's kind of what you're saying. It's like. Don't let either consume you and and that end goal. Isn't your end goal? It's not going to be how how how can it be?


We've had we talk about it on the show a lot. It's the what now moment.


And he had it in the in the in the film. And he was talking to the Dorothy Williams. Right. Because I heard the story a young fish came up to an old fish. Said to the old fish, excuse me, I'm looking for the ocean, can you tell me where the ocean is? The old fish goes. You mean you're in it? This is the ocean. The fish goes. What do you mean? I want the ocean.


This is water.


And then she got in the taxi cab and rode away, but living and the spark that 20 to the soul spoiler alert the soul that couldn't find her spark, the reason that made her ready to live was just living the spark of life, was it?


And I think Pixar is so brilliant because this movie can have so much impact on people who are lost in life. Like it was like a perfect timing.


It was it was so symbolic for, I think, how so many people are feeling right now in the world. And I think so many people are going to relate and like shift their perspective on life because of it, like it affects the way people move. And that's powerful film. It really is.


It's it's very rare, especially in our day and age where you watch a movie and it's benefiting you in a good way.


You got to say, like, I feel like we watch a lot of junk and we don't resonate with it. But I'm so proud of Pixar for like especially now in twenty twenty, bro. Like I know that was last year.


I'm sorry, but like a lot of people are down on their luck and they just didn't really want to keep going. And when I watched that I was like, man, I hope everybody watches this movie.


I came the cartoon. Blew us all away like that cartoons have that power lately, do you know they've been great like like I remember how much up was Pixar?


Pixar, Pixar is brilliant. They're brilliant. They're some of my favorite movies ever. Pixar animated films. I've said this before. They have a brain trust. This is part of the reason why they're so brilliant. It's called the Brain Trust. It's a network of the most brilliant people at Pixar as most brilliant people. So they'll go through the script and have years, years of revisions.


And I bet that script was in the work for five to 10 years, probably, probably.


Probably closer to a decade. What a beautiful year to release it on.


No, seriously, seriously beautiful. And the method of releasing because there's no movie theaters. I say to Disney plus. Yeah, it's interesting. It was interesting to see a movie that should have been in theaters. Right. Traditionally would have been in theaters.


Not a lot of people would have gone broke the box office numbers, whatever it is. And now it's on Disney plus. And I would bet it probably probably is. The same, if not more successful than a typical theatrical release. You know, Tony, I'm so I'm so out of touch with these movies, considering what we watched last night and then, you know, I watched a movie called The Lighthouse House last night about two people trapped on a fucking island that was shot in a thirty camera at Logan, Washington, D.C. So it took four years to write.


Oh, yeah, four years to write. It was supposed to come out this summer, but I got to watch it.


They put, you know, you know you know, I think it was primarily made for adults, like there was a meme going around, like kids watch.


So kids go, oh, I like the cat. The cat was funny. Adults are like, oh my God, that changed my life for real. Because think about how abstract some of these concepts are.


I have to ask you, as a religious person, how do you feel about how they portrayed God? I love the afterlife. I loved it.


Obviously, in a religious I want to be like, yo, that's that's all right.


But the views and the point, anything that's going to bring somebody to, like, really be excited about life, I'm super for it. You don't even have to know who Jesus Christ is. If you want to inspire somebody and you use any type of methods to inspire that person to be here on this planet. Happy, you got my vote. I'm with you. I just want people to be excited to live.


I watched it the second time with some really smart foreign friends and they said this movie will not be allowed in some countries. Yeah. Because it goes against their beliefs.


So. Well, I mean I mean, that's why I love America. And I got very upset last year when people were talking so ill about this country. Like, you can talk all you want, but nobody's taking away your privilege of learning and studying your own religion. So, man, we just got deep after talking about farting during sex.


That's what we do here. On important topic to topic topic, have you guys ever heard of, you know, there's all these subgenres on tick tock years, cartel tick tock. There's saying tick tock. Yeah, there really is. Is David here? Have your little tick tock before. It's literally just tick tock from cartel members like Kabul blaming. It's like a serious thing. Oh yeah. That sounds tick tock. Yeah. Then there's military tick tock.


They're like they're not and you can't search them out. They're just ingrained in the overall engine. They call it like I think it started with like black Twitter, like black Twitter was a huge thing like four or five years ago. Now they just call anything that's aligned with a certain topic that tick tock, my girlfriend is obsessed with this. It's like dating and gossip, tick tock. And so it's these girls that that they go, girls, if your boyfriend's doing this, that means no wrong, no wrong.


I am so sick of these girls. I'll be like I'll be like should like what do you want to eat for dinner tonight. I'll be like I'll do. I don't know. Let's have tacos girls. If your man wants tacos for dinner that means he's probably interested in Spanish. Woman And if you're white you should be worried. Go through his deep Ms girl and and and then I'll watch her like I can't hear it. She'll have headphones in and she'll just go like this.


And I'm like, look, I'll be sitting there watching fucking the lighthouse or some shit and it bro.


So it sounds like a real trivial shit. It's so dumb. It's just mind blowing. She watches it all day fucking long. She's watching this tech types of girls like girls. If you're boyfriend, you know, compliment your feet. He really doesn't like your hands and like to see what she said. You don't like my fucking hands and you can't argue with them because Tick Tock told them dating tick tock, it's crazy.


Like some people could watch something on a screen and be just committed to it. Do you have to say like. That's right.


You watch like a lot of conspiracies. Are this how they react or they see it and they're like, this is everything that exists in this country right now.


That's the human race is everything that exists in this world right now is a result of what someone who was probably not educated on said topic said on Twitter or Instagram, like like bro, think about that. All of those conspiracy theories that you hear about all of the steel, the steel, the electors stealing the election. Stop the steel, there's no fucking steel. The Supreme Court, every state court, everybody said, yo, we appreciate you bringing the evidence to court.


Unfortunately, there's absolutely nothing here. And I mean, not like, yo, there's nothing here. Like, yo, we're working with the deep state to stop you from being president again. There's nothing here. Nothing was stolen from the machines. No votes were shredded. And the people are. And then the people are like, well, we have evidence that shows that the votes were shredded. But but the problem is that they don't there's no evidence it doesn't exist.


There is a there was a conference call with somebody and I don't know if this is a conspiracy or not. I'm not educated enough.


But there's some type of warfare where they will transfer people to this country and be very educated about stuff.


Yeah. And they'll go online and they'll put together, like, these guys are really good. Like like, for example, like a therapist is good with the mind. Yeah. They'll create videos for you to, like, hate your own country.


It's called propaganda and now it's digital propaganda. This has been a tool, a tool of our enemies for hundreds of years row. And and it's like it used to be. It went from everything from pamphlets to radio programs. Propaganda is crazy. And you know who does it better than anyone?


North Korea, us, us. But we would never know. You never hear about it. But us and Russia. So the Cold War was it was massive on this.


You don't think North Korea, you wouldn't put them and they put. No, I don't have to do it.


I don't put North Korean anybody. They don't even have fucking Internet. The people in North Korea don't even know computers exist. They have like a certain Facebook. I heard about this, but they controlled. Yeah, yeah. State controlled.


But but yeah, that's happening, bro. Like like there's a reason, there's some reason to believe that there's a lot of reason to believe in a lot of evidence that Russia was involved in anti Clinton propaganda prior to the last election. People have been arrested for it, I believe. I believe Russian Russian agents have been arrested for infiltrating and running propaganda during the last election.


I think I don't know if this is one of them, but I keep over and over again. I keep hearing school sucks and everybody keeps shitting on school.


And that scares me because I'm like, who the fuck is going to help us run this country if they're not educated because people are looking at a video is fifteen seconds long and they're like, that's it.


That's all my study is.


I'm committed to this situation. And I'm like, that's not how it works. It's horrific. I was dumb in school, but that's because I'm dyslexic and I couldn't put the effort in. If you're smart kid and you're good at books, don't shit on school. Somebody needs to be a doctor. So I'm saying, yeah, there's just there's so many ways to get educated. Now, I had a dinner. I tell a story on a Post-it at a dinner with a family, and I met these kids GenZE like the heart.


I told it already. I don't know.


Are you sure you did? You did. But but you could like just him back, put it back. I had these kids are fucking really smart. They're so smart. And I think because of that, the infinity box of infinite wisdom and misinformation they have to choose, but which is actual legitimate information, which is not.


But I'm saying there's so many ways to get educated now because everything you ever wanted to know is at the tip of your fingers.


It is.


But it's also not it's not like so like, well, here's the deal. If you sit with someone for a dinner for an hour and you you go over the course of twelve different topics with five with five minutes devoted to each topic, anybody can sound like a subject matter expert for five minutes. I'll run, I'll study for an hour, run you down headline after headline after headline after headline. Oh, Russia did this in eighteen in a lot of ways.


Like sometimes we do this on the podcast and it's perfect and you know, it's entertaining, but. When you go in to get your NCL replaced and your fucking knee and some 18 year old kid walks in and he's like, Man, I've been Googling for like the last two hours. I'm pretty sure this is going to go great. That's bad. That's. And here's the fucked up thing you prefer. It doesn't even know that's bad. Like the GenZE.


They're like, nah, man. Like, I, I got this all figured out that that's what this current age of of not even misinformation, disinformation, but Simmi information has done, has created subject, subject matter experts that do not exist, that do not exist. And they get up and they debate against people who have decades of deep understanding and knowledge on topics and and from from a distance. The general public can't tell the difference between the two, which is scary.


It has to scare you. Billy, Billy Bob, Billy Bob in in fucking Wyoming, who is who is an H back technician, is as qualified on Twitter to debate on the current political climate as the head of of a political science program at Yale, because in one hundred and forty characters, he can put together some sort of magical tweet ready to go yet to expand to 80.


Horrifying, just as scary, scary, scary fucking times I've said I've said it before. You just don't know who you're listening to, what you're listening to. If people use evidence from this website, well, guess what? That website's telling a story they want to tell. There's like they're like CNN tells the story and I'll go the other way. Want to say CNN tells a story like we have, you know, pages and dozens of pages of evidence that lead us to believe, guess what, you never see dozens of pages, the evidence.


You never see it, but your mind, you read it. And it says we have hundreds of pages of evidence that conclude that there was no stealing done in this election. But you never see the fucking evidence and never, never actually comes out. There's no there's no sharing of that it exists, but we're all too lazy to look for that. We just read the headlines.


Yeah, that's you hit it right on the nose. It's laziness. Oh, it's one hundred people just take shit for face value and they're like, that's it.


And also, you know, what else kills people is when you like handguns.




Cars, knives, toasters and bath chainsaws. You know, that was meant for people that were pregnant. Oh, shit. That's right.


It's called George George. So be careful, even your loved ones. I feel like that is the biggest like Dent is when your own loved ones tell you something and you're like, oh, it's like you would have lied to me.


But they don't even know that I'm not lying to you. They just don't know enough. Right. So when your own mom and dad tell you some shit or your best friend, like, not studying, it's like.


Well, this goes back to well, this goes back to that topic we had about telling your truth that time. Remember, I was like like, oh, my God, this is the one thing I got kind of.


You got smoked because because when you tell what you believe to be the truth to you, that's the truth. But it's not it's not truth. It's not the truth.


But it's your truth. Your truth. And is that crazy that your mind is like not true.


Not and you get offended. Remember that time you guys called me outside? I was like super fun and I was like choking up and then like a couple of days later, like, oh, I was fucking wrong.


And she's embarrassing, but at least I, like, figure that shit out. And I was like, all right, correct. I'll move on. Do you have pride in the mix? People don't want to learn, bro. You are here for it. I used to walk off the show. George used to walk off. I used to I would be like, you know, fuck this and I'll just walk and just sit in the fucking audience.


He was trying to second guess the walk and only happened one. But I mean, there was and there was other times I would just get mad like and as you've noticed, if you watch the show since the beginning, I now take my corrections, my inaccuracies in stride and laugh about him and then re-educate yourself and do better next time. That's all.


That's all it is, you know, what's that idiot authentication. Oh, were you on medication? Yeah, for a while.


For a while, by the way, was. Well, I think it was that stop and booze. Yeah, it was a mixture thing. Well honestly I felt the Lexapro was making it worse.


Was I was I psychopath when I was on that shit, I was on really psycho. Holy shit. Wait, what medication have you? Um, I think the last thing I was, I was Effexor. What I don't even know that is I don't know either. They told me to take it. Well, don't do that. And the person that told me to take it was actually sixteen. Got their degree on Twitter. So you prefer your doctors.


It's not nice.


What do they give kids when they're on when they're like ADHD? It's Adderall, right. Or non diploma.


So when that first came out, I was in the third grade and it was the year I got held back. And I was so scared because I just got held back.


The teachers brought my mom and they're like, hey, you know, we wanted to start taking this medication. And I was like, whoa, hold on. Like, I don't want to give my kids anything of that nature. Yeah, no. Know, that's what they were saying.


Her mom said he's just voicing your parents. My mom didn't call anybody, daddy, but ok, ok. I do hear you.


I love how on up to speed is on any pop culture reference. Like you could throw a no no. I heard it and I just think it's fucking weird. I'm not doing that. Everybody like that. It starts with a Z. No, no. Miss Janko, we think your son should take Adderall to that age.


But when he and I it's from a video.


I am sure I get it interrupting you guys.


That's cool. I forgot what I was.


Your momma yelled at each other then. Yeah. So she's like, chill daddy. And so and then so daddy spoke back and he's like, well why don't you talk to Dr. Daddy.


And she went to Dr. Daddy and she they, they proved to her that it's a healthy thing. A lot of kids are doing it. So I was young and I just got held back. I don't want to upset my mom anymore.


But what I didn't tell her is every time I took this medicine, every time I got to school, I just started immediately vomiting nonstop. And so I was really scared that I was going to get in trouble for, like, throwing up. So for like a month, I was getting really, really sick because I just kept vomiting. And finally a teacher saw and they were like, hey, look, why are you throwing up? And they found out that was the time I started taking the medicine.


Oh, oh, really rejecting it, but yeah, that's I'm saying like, be careful what you give your kids, like, just because the doctor says it's OK.


L.A. loves Adderall, do you recreationally.


But on your topic that you're talking about. I know I said this before, but these doctors, they they throw a dart board and this is this happened to me. I went through this entire process. I you know, you go to the doctor and you complain. You I have anxiety. I feel like this. I feel like that. And there's such little empirical data that provides exactly. Each medicine does because everybody's body reacts different. And so what they do is they're like, oh, you're feeling anxiety.


And they cover their eyes.


They take heart and they go and it hits Lexapro. You we really feel like this med will complete your, you know, everything that you need or move this ball a lot and they give you a spiel and you take it, you go and you start throwing up on yourself or your dick doesn't you can't calm or or something happens. Then all of a sudden you find yourself in an even worse place. Now you're at the doctor. You're like, wow, I first came to you with those complaints of mild, you know, insomnia, mild anxiety.


But I've actually now fallen into a deep depression and I don't want to get out of bed in the morning. They're like, oh, no big deal up. In order to handle this, we're going to also mix, you know, Ambien into the mix or effects are now before, you know, Wellbutrin. You've got these kids and young adults and adults out there. They're taking three, four fucking prescriptions when they went there because they they had a little bit of social anxiety when they were talking.


It's a real it's and this shouldn't scare people who are watching this away from taking meds. I'm not I'm not trying to say that they don't work because some people find dramatic success with the right antidepressants, SSRI or whatever. A lot of people that are very confused and they don't feel like they should. But the problem with it is that the medical field is as confused as the end user. That's the issue. That's the issue. I think I think they've done a lot of good work and they've got a lot of evidence that that proves, you know, this or that for each drug.


But it's still at the end of the day is that you're fucking with the makeup of a human mind like it is. It is it is a dramatic, dramatic process that that I don't think we fully understand.


It all starts with the good intention. A lot of bad things start with a good offensive.


Just because the doctor, like, fucked up doesn't mean you wanted to.


But just be careful what you put in your body. It's it's like medicine. It's not like there to just it's not a lollipop. It's fucking with your DNA. It's not even that they fucked up persay. Right. It's like it's like when we tell people to to shoot for the stars or to experiment and trial and error to find know what job works for them or something like that. They're doing the same thing. But with your brain sucks, sucks.


And unfortunately right now that's the way it has to be. And so you go through like, bro, I had meds that were doing whole I mean, I have had night tremors, horrific nightmares, you know, terrible shit, terrible shit while trying to find a solution for, you know, mild depression and a and a social anxiety, you know. And so now I'm off everything.


But I believe there's two people you should listen to, and it's your mom and dad. And you guys make fun of me a lot because I always say, oh, you know, my mom and my dad, it's because guys, we come from them.


You know, my dad told me when had ADHD, he took the meds flushed down the toilet. He goes, You want to help yourself shut the fuck up and pay attention.


I love I love that. Shut the fuck up and pay attention. He goes, You're not an idiot. Focus. He goes, push yourself. He's like, guess what? There's going to be car alarms. It's going to be people talking. You want to help yourself fucking concentrate. And I did. And it started working.


What I'm saying is I feel like people are throwing money. I'm sorry, George. I can't I can't get on board with this on. I could it's like it's like to be going up to a kid who's got covid and be like, stop your fucking sneeze, stop coughing, stop your fucking girlfriend. And they're like, and then one day I woke up, it's gone. I think a lot of it has to do with me. You're right.


You're OK. You're you're absolutely right. You're absolutely right.


But but but like, people will take people and if someone does take serious offense, you're saying that they can go fuck themselves, but people will take, you know, semi offense to the idea that mental illness or mental health can be.


When I say no, I'm not saying for them to get offended. I guess what I'm getting at is that that doesn't help this offer. It just doesn't like if you truly have a really bad case of ADHD, you could try all fucking day to focus. You ain't get a focus. Yeah, but guess what? That's what made me very creative. And I'm glad I got. Oh, of course I agree with you. I think you also get bad grades, super bad grades.


But I feel like I worked out, you know, I mean, like. Yeah, you did. Yeah, it's true.


But about the people who just got back from everybody else, but they they might be creative artist or something that has to do with their hands. Or maybe they're a visual learner. Yes. So like on a day like we don't fucking know we're adapting. Did you know if you look at my baby pictures, like from like the third grade is like the fourth grade.


I had glasses and you guys are probably like, oh, do you have Lasik? Or like you get contact?


No, I was dyslexic. Nobody fucking knew.


So when I was like I was real fucking other line. It's over. Two is bumping into walls was like, this doesn't make sense to me.


What I'm saying is they try to fix you. You don't need to be fixed. You just need to be understood.


So you you thought your vision back?


No, I didn't have that vision. I was reading the wrong lines. OK, they say they got glasses.


He's not doing so well. Listen, when I'm see these three times this morning, I'm not saying. You're wrong either. I think I think the right mental state and the right frame of mind and mind will bring you a long it. Let me just tell you.


Yeah, I'm starting to sweat. Go ahead. Relax. You are you are kind of glistening. You don't feel good. Relax, bro.


Maybe honestly, a lot of times the back of your neck needs to breathe and it's clogged up with that mullet right now, OK? That hurt. That upsets your neck. You know, you got to protect your neck.


So you are not a boxer. This is just for Klau. You don't stand a chance. And what you're doing with Floyd Mayweather is not good for the sport. Oh, Jake said these things, this is, by the way, today with my new approach, I will only be reporting what was said. I have no thoughts on it. I don't give a fuck an opinion.


I'm just bringing it up. Yeah, my brother said I'm a fake boxer. That's crazy. What do you have any like? Was that real or was it like.


Yeah. What was it like? To be honest, I don't. I don't fucking know. I don't know. And what do you feel like what do you say to that?


Well I'm like I like little brothers up to some shit. Like he wants to get some attention for like go for it.


But I fully support Jake and whatever drama he wants to stir or create, like it really doesn't bother me. Like, oh, you're a fake boxing like. OK, let's box, because Jake, as a kid gets beat up by my sparring partners, that's that kid. So real boxer, fake boxer, it doesn't affect like this would be like me saying, oh, George, you're not a Syrian bro, but I am a Syrian. Right.


I get it right.


So and also I've become I've become like rubber sheet metal dude in this fight.


If know, everyone's saying a lot of things for good reason, a fine fluid fucking Mayweather. And so I've literally become immune to everything.


I've heard it all. I've seen all the memes. I'm screenshot of them and make a video out of them. These profit off these fuckers.


Yeah, I've heard it all and I'm fully aware of what the boxing heads even like my brother thinks about this fight. I don't know where it stems from with him.


It could be just to continue the narrative of like Jake, Paul Logan, Paul, which I like. Absolutely.


You know, because I always support him. Like if he were fighting if he fights McGregor, like, good luck.


Like, I don't you know, I don't see any problem with one of those boxers.


So I wonder if it was out of context. Was it a video or as a TMZ video? No, no. Yeah. And I didn't understand it either. And by the way, as as I said on stream, I think I said on the show, I'm rephrasing and and doing a better job on how I talk about him. I think the biggest thing is I just don't understand his approach on a lot of stuff. I don't think I think a lot of people don't.


But I think if if if people keep in mind that it's rooted in a desire to continue marketing, making money and making fights happen. And you look at it more of like he's like the six or nine of the boxing that now. And I mean, no disrespect. I mean, you know, he's a showman. He's a showman. Yes. One hundred percent. He really has. And as you can tell, I mean, as you see him and he's doing a great job and as you see his Instagram continue to rise, you see him continuing to bag fights.


You see him beating all of these actual fighters in to the conversation, like these these fighters who who, you know, like Connor didn't like these fighters are are are seasoned veteran fighters and continue to get better. And so he's doing a fantastic job.


Another thing I don't like about it besides like everything is right, he sort of your moments when you do that, he pissed off in a way.


You know, he's been going real hard, so hard on Dana White and not Dana has, like, grouped us together, which. Which sucks. Which sucks.


I love that. You know what I love, Dana? What? I love the UFC. And now Dana's mad at me because he thinks we're the same person. I saw the meme. I saw the meme. Where you guys think where those two brothers from.


I got it. I got it right here. What's that? What's that movie?


Is he is he the guy who is it right now?


This one. I know what you people think, I know you think were these people that step up, you got served, I mean, fuck you, fuck, we're so different.


We're so different. And I. I love the U.S. face. I want to I want to.


Do you obviously fight one day. Like I'm not saying not like, you know, let me get my skills up. So what do you have to say. They take me back.


They take me back. I'm not Jake, please. Oh he's giving me tickets to go to UFC fights before, like, fuck, fuck.


You just ruined a relationship, all of them, because you called.


I love Conor McGregor. Do you call him a boy? I love you. Call them an Alaskan Bollworm from SpongeBob fucking yo.


When I was on the toilet and I was in a mental hospital and then I saw that and I just shit my pants. Well, why were you wearing pants in the toilet?


I fucked that whole joke. But speaking of fights, Ryan Garcia. Oh, my God. Ryan fucking Garcia quoted by the tweet.


I was so happy he went all those rounds because they say he can't go the distance. Yeah. And you want to say he was thrown into. He was he got he got faster and angrier and more powerful. As the fight went on. I texted him.


I was like, yo, you showed your true champion tonight. Yeah. Because you got knocked out in a in a big way and got back up like that. And the one with a body shot, bro, should we bring melinde on for a comment on what he thinks, how he thinks the training's going along now. No fucking time. And also fuck you for getting Logan sick. You're sick too. He's the one. He's a carrier. I it's fucking say I'm not feeling great.


The way you felt, it was only one day it was a one day recovery. It's a call. It was it was a call for fun. So, yeah, we're trying we're trying to get right on the show.


But Body Shop was more gruesome. It was so perfectly placed.


I, I watched like nine times. The poor guy couldn't breathe all of it. It looks like his whole body collapsed. Lucania said is a tough issue. Have you ever been hit with a duty. Looked like the guy couldn't get back on you, OK. A lot of people that never got hit for you to get hit and you can't breathe to get up, especially under pressure when your adrenaline is hitting like that. Must have been and probably felt like he got hit by a car.


Yeah, no, seriously, that's what gets the body shot. Challenges paid off, all the photos or videos.


He has all the tock. He said, I've been practicing this week because no one takes to get serious.


And like time and time again, he's he's proven he's a fucking lethal.


So what Lou Campbell is a beast that he is fighting is a beast. They are not credit. He won an Olympic gold medal, went rounds with Lomachenko. Let me take all of them. What's next, what's Liniers? He's a beast, what is next for Garcia Tank, right? I don't know. We'll have him on the show. We'll ask him. But I would prefer if he takes his fucking sweet ass time because he aside, he'll always be a side.


And I don't think he should succumb to anyone. Thinks he should fight like he's. You've proven yourself. Yeah. Like like get that experience. Take you take two years. Take three years to just like get a couple, a couple of fights under the belt gets like good credible fighters who, you know, you're going to win against, you know, you're going to be. And then when you're a fuckin we'll take on tank or. But what are you doing.


We're not able to take them on.


No, I think he could I just like, you know, I'll be his toughest battle. That's why I'm saying, why do I do that? Why do that if I wanted to be so young? Because I think the baggage always be there. It's only gonna get bigger and bigger as long as he keeps winning. No, no, no.


I'm not talking about the I'm talking about I thought you said the baggage.


I think back at the baggage. Oh, baggage. These people, every time you win, they always like they discredit him. They're like, oh, 100 percent dodging the fighter. And to me it's like that's annoying. Did they say that after this one. Yeah.


Oh Luke's not. I thought Luke's a really good.


That's what I thought. Assuming I see. I don't know.


Have you been reading the tweets and know what you're saying. He's wrong and I'm wrong. No, you're wrong. Oh maybe a couple. But this was a fight that Ryan can hold his head high about by a hundred thousand percent.


Agree with you. I was just reading tweets that pissed me off on that, but no children.


Tonya Roberts, who's an actress from that 70s Show of you to kill a couple other shows, her rep went to TMZ to a bunch of other outlets and. Said she was dead. She ain't that's not dead, she's actually she's she's alive thought. Her partner explains why he thought she had died. Man I woke up. I could have sworn she was dead. How do you fuck that? How do you fuck that up, dude?


She doesn't look. George, why is he just he just he said he was devastated, walked out of the room, the hospital never spoke with the medical. What are you just sitting there like and saying? Look, it's just Dad didn't check with the doctor, didn't check with the nurses, didn't look at the machine, just walked out. Sad, sad day. She was taking a fucking nap. Just taking a nap.


She OK? I hope she's OK. I don't know. She I mean, she's better than Dad and he went right to TMZ or. Yeah. First call when you're when your your your partner dies, that this may, this may cause some problems in there.


Yeah. Oh. Oh, we can't pull that back, because what's more shocking, Lance was recording an interview with Inside Edition when he got a call from the hospital.


We deliver on the news that she was alive for. Oh, my God. You want to talk about cloud chasing, hitting up outlets to fake your wife's death for Instagram followers? That's cloud. Yeah, that's real fucking cloud.


Some people are really committed. He just hit up TM's the automatic. He's like, hey, my wife's dad. You think you can tag me on time? My dad ask me in the post. My name's Lance.


Lance Pringle is his name's Lance Pringle. You guys mind if I go take a nap? How long you been on for? An hour to an hour or two. Somewhere between Huis.


I'm on the I'm not doing great. I don't want to take a nap.


Hey, hey, hey, hey. Listen up that subscribe button. Thank you guys for listening to the first episode of the twenty twenty one. We did it. We did it. It was tough. I was, I was this close to canceling it. And then Mike said, you know, you can sit in this fucking chair and do the show. And so yeah, we hope it was decent.


We'll go with that. We got some good stuff. I agree. Great. Yeah, yeah.


Yeah. Big fact's. Yeah. Including a new set. Soon we're going to try to get Ryan Garcia on for the next Drake. Yeah. Yeah. Drake. Yeah kind of.


Yeah. All the big dogs. He does subscribe. And again, we love you. Thank you.