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Do you think Logan Paul was partially to blame for the Sophea Alex breakup? I think he put ideas in their head when they came here, like, hey, you guys are being underpaid. I think that is when a lot of it started because I yelled at him.


I feel like the way we're dressed, we have to go and fight crime was Scooby Doo. I mean, we went to a pumpkin patch last night, Tony drive through the pumpkin patch when you guys invited me to. Yeah, it's the only way to do pumpkin patch during.


But you got to got to drive through the pumpkin patch. This kid gets out of the car for a second. A nice lady, an elderly lady, a grandmother comes up, says, Sir, I politely have to ask you to get back in your car, not because of fire camp or whatever.


The kids just out of control you punched in the face.


Why don't you go and suck my dick? I did not see any of that.


I didn't see any of that. On the elaborate, welcome back to the number one podcast in the world. Hit that subscribe and got a great guest today. Yeah.


So I almost kicked an old lady in the stomach, so I'm just kidding. But Hero here was her approach. Here was our approach. Yeah. She comes up to me. So wait, wait, wait, wait. You dressed like this where you dressed like this really normal. Oh we paid.


No Amara, Mike's sweet girlfriend paid ninety nine dollars for us to sit in traffic like it became congested. So like any normal human being, I hopped out of the car to get some fresh air and I'm just standing there and this lady came up to me. She goes waving our little like they all have lights, you know? And she goes, Sir, you need to get in your car.


So her approach right up, I reciprocate energy. So her approach right off the bat was aggressive.


So I said, no, like, no, I need to get my I need food, water and shelter. Those are things I need.


Like, I just like I don't like to be this wants wants all the fucking smoke right now. He's not taking no prisoners.


I said to him, I said, do that's someone's grandma bro. Like just get back in the car. Jose started. Jose started crying. Wait, stop. Oh, it was a mess. What I want to do, I will say this.


I hate this. I hate when you give somebody power and they just abuse the shit out of it. That's what it was.


And I remember one of those things that you land planes with, but yes, literally. And that gives people a lot of extra power that they didn't know. Here's the thing. I do give people that same energy back, but like, I don't do it to fucking older women.


You first off, she wasn't an older woman older. She was late 40s. She could get the smoke. Can you confirm she early. Too late? No.


You know, you have have someone she was also stealing. He did. You were stealing. Got out of the car stealing that I was giving them to the other attendants. My ears are burning because somebody like. How do we know, bro. We're sitting there for an hour. We pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to sit there for an hour. And so, yeah, there's like thousands of pumpkins. And I was gifting them to the people in the line.


Everyone's like, Logan, can we get a a different character?


I'll tell you why. You've spent a lot of money on Pokémon cards, but you get pissed about ninety nine dollars for pumpkins. But my time is precious.


Oh my God. That's a whole different story. We have a guest today, ladies and gentlemen, is the industry innovator, the maker of markets.


You work for the network. This man is the network. It's the president of Barstool Sports.


It's Dave fucking Portnoy, a legend.


Legend de de de de de de de de de de ferret.


Ladies and gentlemen, we got them. Fair enough for this episode, ladies and gentlemen.


We got fucking got them. You're in L.A.. I am. And we are so glad to have you on this podcast. All right. Yeah. Big fan.


I know he sucks my Decalogue line on line by. All right. You're already my favorite guests. Nice to meet you, Dave. Nice. Now, listen, I'm happy.


I'm happy to admit it. I'm a huge fan.


A car bomb. I get people send me this stuff.


It's so I see in my age demo the Internet Senior Citizens Group. So I respect you a lot. East Coast guy spent a lot of time on Nantucket myself. Big. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Where are you from. From Connecticut. Not New York. I'm from Connecticut. But I got to ask you this question. As a fan, a follower, I was going to start and ask you what you really are. But I want to ask you this question first.


You love to film yourself fucking how many sex tapes you have on the open market right now? There's two.


And who knows what will end up at that? You know, it's one of those things he's probably gone through a little bit like I never dream people who care about, like, watching me fuck.


So they're all old. Like, everything that came out is really old on VCR old or. No, they're not. Obviously they're iPhone old, but it's the magic them.


It's been on the table. So they were made I don't know who released it. I don't know how they got out. And I don't give any I really don't care about myself.


I do feel bad for the girls because they they don't want out and they're old. So there's two out there. Hopefully that's the end.


But when surprising if there's more who who doesn't have a sex tape online, that's Tiger. Tiger today is known for having a dick pick on.


What's he doing, like an only fans. Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah.


So he's that he's doing that on purpose of what is he, is he like is he if you like Lokey pimping out women to put on his only fans. Is that the shtick. Go. Oh I don't think I have any kind of answer.


I thought he was doing his own like he's going to put his own dick. No, no, no, no.


I think he's I think he's like I think he probably pays the girls a commission to like each other out and he's invested in.


He's done a lot of things with porn companies, he's he's like the face of some porn that just sounds like porn. Yeah, yeah. You say he goes right. So, like, at what point do we just kind of just excuse the question I was going to ask you. You do a lot of things. Are you a stock trader, a sports bookmaker, a brand builder, a goldfish trainer? Yeah, well, our little area, it's a little everything, you know, you don't know.


I mean, the stock stuff I didn't know I was going to be doing until covid struck. So you just kind of go with it and see what hits. I guess I've never I never really know what's coming.


He introduced me to you like maybe like a year and a half ago. He's like, yo, you got this guy, Dave Portnoy. He's hilarious. He's the president of our school sports. And I started following you.


And in that year and a half, the amount of things you've done is insane. That's a lot.


You do some pro watermelon eating contests on boxing, but predicting stop serving pizza.


That's what I'm saying. It's a little of everything. I can tell everything. How would you describe yourself?


Like, actually, let me just read your Twitter. But, you know, it's like business. It's oh, there it is. It's business is what I would say. Like, I don't like, you know, sometimes I've heard weird shit.


You probably get a lot like, oh, he's like a damn blazer that fucking drives me nuts. His business. I'm business guy. Like my number one priority now is Penn, the sportsbook gambling app, you know, legalized Vyse that were a part of.


So that's my number one priority.


And that's it. And that's just Pennsylvania, right. For now. How's it looking on the expansion?


It'll be every state that we're the company that bought us Penn National. They're actually like the largest regional casino. A lot of their different names I like at one point they own the Tropicana dump, but so they have a lot of casino you've probably heard of.


But it will be in every state that's legal eventually, hopefully by the end of like twenty, twenty one.


I invested a bit in Penn. Good. And at what price.


He actually one last week. Oh he's it's still a great time.


Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. But I mean was that for.


I didn't even buy it for someone advised me and I got to stop not listening to like my trusted advisor. Someone advised me to invest that for.


Well yeah. And you could have made more money than like God if you invested it for because seventy right now.


I know. I know. What do you got going on.


It is like people carry this shit.


I mean this look like Wayne's World out here we knew was your house because it looks like it would be your house.


Yeah, I have a two hundred and two hundred year old eucalyptus tree in the back. Yeah. That is dying. The branches collapse and it's getting dangerous. And so they're cleaning it up and it's it's massive. I said, though, I don't want to chop it down. It's the reason I bought this house. When that tree goes, I go like I have to move out of this house, but it's gone. How long you been here for?


Two, two and a half years. How many people live in here? I like these people. Who are these people are just hanging out.


We get a three sixty. We got we got a bit of a live audience, but we got Justin. We got Eric, we got George's girlfriend, Bell, and we got Ma Maple and they just sit and watch. Is that what it is? Sometimes, you know, it's a.. It's an open format.


Call them are maple. You may know a lot of roads. She was the guest of last week's call her daddy Apple. All right. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Alex texted me on the way over. She's like, I heard you going on this show. Yeah.


Yeah. Massive, you know, interconnected story. Call her daddy. That has done wonders for your brand. You've done wonders for their brand. Obviously, we're a little bit interwoven with that story. And I got to ask you this question. They're interwoven with it.


Well, we've had them on the show. Yeah, we've had them on the show. We talk about them a lot. I would call them like our sister podcast. Maybe that's showing a little bit too much respect to ourselves. Do you think Logan Paul was partially to blame for the Sophea Alex breakup?


I think he put ideas in their head when they came here, like, hey, you guys are being underpaid. I think that is when a lot of it started because I fucking yelled at him right after the way they conducted themselves on some of their answers.


I don't have proof of that. But I think you were like, hey, you guys are making this so low as a piece of shit.


No, no, no. I mean, you what? You know, I'll be right back. I heard I heard your reaction to their breakup. And it's like a band thing I get they want more.


And if they were independent, they get more. But they also if they didn't sign with us, people may not know who they were, you know.


And we understood that. Yeah. We said, yeah. The reason we ask is this, do any bar stool.


He said this and and I I'm actually not I want to say I agree with myself here. I actually agree with that. Well, you know, when he said that, he said, can I say something else? I think the caller daddy girls mine started changing once they started. I agree with all brothers. I agree. There's only one me here.


No, no one was there. But part of that, too. Oh, God, I listen, I get Logan's a dickhead. So I thought I bring your second favorite place, Marcellus, because that's really fucking far. And MOBA is not that they have you have the L.A. version. Yeah.


You have he on Mulberry seven and a half the one Beverly Hills. Let's let's finish. Let's finish. Yeah. Fuck the pizza. No it was a great pizza song.


Play some. Washing machine, the brand new album from the high priestess of Cool Ruching Murphy. Featuring the hands in the air on them, something more. Machine machinery capable. Available now.


But the call her daddy girls brought, I don't I really don't think I was the impetus for that.


I really don't. I think it was in your because because I think it was going to happen no matter what.


But I think you were I think you were what started it like there was a little bit of a change when they went to L.A. and by the way, like, I think I was the one who coordinated like I knew your brother, like was in our. Yeah. Headquarters, and they had a bunch of different stuff they wanted to do. And however, that came about like I was for it. But they definitely when they came up when they went to L.A., their mindset had changed a little bit.


When they came back, I didn't plant the seed in their head because we had talked. We were like, yo, these girls are gray. I wonder what their deal is. So we asked and when they said, I think my reactions were a bit visceral and it maybe got them thinking.


And by the way, their original deal was fucking pretty good for them, like they were nobodies. They had nobody listening.


So it was like I think seventy grand a year, like for nothing. And it was like Sophia had a job that was some like baby got no she was like a financial firm. She was.


And so we didn't even know she existed till Alex measured like, hey, I have this partner.


You're going to have to hire her too. I was like, fine, we'll do both. And then they exploded so fast, so quick.


And we gave them raises. They're always a little bit coy with what was going on.


But the same thing I was at at the end of your contract, Gobe multimillionaire's. So but I do think it started with that. I do think it started with that here.


Who discovered them? That was a that was a bit of a gold mine. Find you discover them. Yeah. So the backstory on that.


So me and this guy, guys who I work forever, Alex's ex and and a girl that I used to hook up with had a history. So we were following Alex and Alex when she was dating the pitcher there, Syndergaard. It was like fucking putting shit in his face in front row.


She made a little a little like teaser for a call her daddy, like the first one.


And I followed our Instagram. We saw, like, what the fuck is this? So we called her in.


I met with Alex and it looked it was so slick.


And it's like, who made this for you? And she's like, I did. I'm like, What do you mean you did? Who caught it? Who edited it? She's like, I learned I do it all. I did all once.


She said that, like, OK, she's serious about self starter. Yeah. Right. Yeah. So so I think they had one episode out at the time, so we saw it right at the beginning, put it on the platform to a three year deal and exploded.


You always so far ahead of the game. I mean to be able to recognize talent in that way and the morality of what that podcast would be is is well we had no idea. I mean, I had some idea, although we thought it could work, but it's no different.


I mean, we have this conversation with Alex when shit was starting go bad.


You know, if we're investing in ten podcast, nine of them may be like failures. We're still paying those contracts. So the one that hits that kind of funds the whole thing when the one that hits is like, hey, we're going to quit or it the whole model blows up.


You know, the it's like a band model is no different than one, like a band hits it or a musician. I want out of this record deal like, well, we signed you so you'd be big.


I feel like there's few times where that's not inevitable, like always when you sign talent.


And my brothers went through this with Team Ten. We've seen it in every like Hollywood model where the network, the industry, the guy is signing talent. Eventually the talent like, hey, man, like they forget where they came from and a percent.


How can you avoid that? You can't. How did that not happen with Eminem and Dre? You know what I'm like. How did that how did that not happen with them? Because that's brotherhood, bro. Like like that guy was poor bro. He put food in his mouth. There's a difference. Like, this girl had her own life and did our own thing. So it's hard to, like, move on from that. But when you see somebody literally take you from underwater from nothing and then stick with you side by side, help you make your decisions like they didn't fucking leave each other's hips in our world, too.


I get a I always try to put, like, you know, you don't know, are they going to be, like, hot in a year?


So it's like you want to strike while, you know it's hot and everyone's putting shit in your ears.


I mean, we've had it with them. Part of my takes, gigantic. And Dan is like, been with me forever. They kind of exploded. It's like, well, you guys are under contract now is different because they're employees first. But it always happens. It happens not just with podcast's, it happens with everybody told the truth.


So I was just going to say to Alex and Sofia, break up probably one of the biggest stories of 2010. I was not just an absolute bombshell, created content for all of the platforms across the Web. You were talking about it, Alex. Talk to the whole Internet, was talking about the podcast where I was talking about it. Have you talked to Sofia Post? Is it all legal shit now? Like where where you I you almost know the guy she was dating is barely above water at this point, man.


Yeah, man, no, I've heard different rumors, but I haven't talked to her. It's weird because I was thought so feel like me more than Alex did.


So I was surprised the way like when I found out, like Sofia fucking hated me, I knew her boyfriend had an issue with barstool, which is crazy because he he considered himself something like. Greek philosopher like barstools, fucking sex is like you got your girlfriends on the raunchiest fucking podcast in the world, like what are you talking to us about?


So I knew he didn't like us to a degree, but no, I haven't heard, you know, I haven't heard much about Sofia.


And I don't know what would have happened if they stayed aligned, like once like once they turned on each other. And Sofia wanted to continue.


I mean, Alex want to continue because we gave her the brand, which is a no brainer IRP, which is a big part of the deal.


And she gave and you guys both gave Sofia multiple reentry options. Right.


There was that rooftop where the rooftop deal that everyone talks about, they basically bent us over because it was Korona and we need to pay bills. It's like, fuck it, just go back to work and we'll give you the thing. You leave, we'll give you the merch business. You'll be fucking multimillionaires if you can wait like 12 months. And Sofia, for whatever reason, do I do it? Supposedly, that's yeah.


That's that's the scary greed is is a bitch, bro. I don't even I don't even know that it was greed. It's like her boyfriend supposedly stuck the neck out.


No, he's trying to manage. He was the impetus. I'ma shove it on Stutman but truthfully and I guess statistically has the call her daddy brand identity suffered because of Sofia leaving or.


No, she's huge. Alex is a fucking superstar super superstar.


I mean, it's different, but even with me, like so people know me different ways. People know me from Basel hand out newspapers like, you know, ten, fifteen years ago. They know me from eating pizza. They know we were in the stock market when I took over. I hijacked like to call her daddy feed and basically was like, this is what's happening. It was a whole new world of girls who had no idea that, like, who the fuck is this guy?


They didn't even know, like, what Bastar was. She is even walking down the street. It's changed a little bit. But there was a I could go two steps out.


People be like, hey, you know, Alex, Alex was crazy.


And Superman is not the first person that you've gotten into a prolific battle with. Right. And and I don't give a fuck. That's one hundred percent.


So it's like people come into my world and like, oh, he's going to care. And it's like I don't I have my own world.


And this was the year you truly showed as you went to the stock market, you told everybody to, you know, long story short, suck my dick. Right. You went you went against a behemoth in Warren Buffett, a man with so many zeros in his fucking bank account. And you called him washed up. Yeah, that was kind of a joke that.


But then people took the joke and ran with it, say, hey, if they're going to run with a joke, because I basically went in on airlines.


Right. When he I said, I'm going all in on airlines. Ten minutes later, they issued like a release, you know, Berkshire Hathaway.


It's like Warren Buffett's out on airlines. So like, all right. Mano a mano.


And the airlines skyrocketed, like from them. So I just kind of start boss's balls. I mean, guys 100 years old.


So he brought I mean, you laugh like he is like, I think 1980. Right. So he's really fucking old. And everyone's like, how can you say he's 90? Yeah, right. So people they're like, how can you say he's not in his prime? It's like the guy's 90s. I hope he's not his fucking prime.


So late bloomer. I mean, that's like who's in their prime at ninety. You're lucky to be Moses.


Moses actually killed it at ninety. Yeah.


Never mind. Moving on, this guy's throwing all sorts of jokes. Go right over my heavy Christian. But you got into it with them.


I've even seen you go back and forth a little bit with the Winklevoss is on the crypto shit. Yeah. He's had more fun with them.


Oh. I mean so I was, I was I was in the Hamptons and they have me like a couple doors down.


And I was, you know, everyone's the crypto people are awesome. I actually like crypto on Twitter. They're fucking wild. But the Winklevoss is like, have this thing.


And they tried to explain to me, made no sense to me. They said Elon Musk, they were dead serious. They said Elon Musk, outer space.


He's going to mine asteroids for gold. Gold will rain down as plentiful as sand on the earth.


They were dead serious.


So I know I have nothing against the Winklevoss is exactly like what I expected them to be from the social network.


Right. Literally like or six foot three. And there's two of us. Exactly, exactly like that. So it's interesting.


I mean, it's interesting learning all that shit. Scooter Braun was a big one on its back. On Scooter Braun. Yeah.


That was a lot like people like that because I guess he's not used to somebody being like. So the back story that I've become friends with Dave Gruzman, who's like runs Miami, basically we love Grubman.


So he called me. He's like, hey, I got Scooter Braun on the line. It's like you don't have to talk to him, but he wants to talk to you about this Sophea thing.


I'm like, you tell Scooter, like, whatever we say is on the record, I'll fucking talk to him. But what's he want in Scooter?


I don't know. I know what he expected to happen, but he was not expecting to go that way. It were fine after it. But it's just like it's kind of like I don't give a fuck about Scooter or anybody. Is there anybody?


Anybody. I mean, I'm like a. Jimmy Buffett guy who I had a call with him, I grew up, but, you know, those people I respect and want to I just don't know, we're in a different world.


Like, I think when you're out in L.A., it's very different than our world out and like the East Coast. And we have this rabid fan base that doesn't give a shit really about anything.


And neither do I. Like we operate differently. And maybe you guys don't either. But like Scooter Braun, I don't give a fuck about.


We give we give them a small amount of fucks. We're not completely forclose, but it's it's lowering and lowering day by day. My question to you is this. How do you go from I don't give a fuck to becoming an enemy, a sworn enemy quite literally etched in stone? Because I know and this is the funniest fucking thing in the world to me, you engrave your enemies name on a bottle of champagne and then you wait for them to fuck up, fail or lose, and then you you crack it open and celebrate on behalf of their failure.


Yeah, I don't. So this started happening, you know. Yeah. Like Ace of Spades started sending me the bottles light because I just I'm kind of like a. cantankerous. Like I always a very vocal with who I don't like. And if people like dismiss us are like these guys suck. It's been that from the beginning, like underdog mentality. And we have a lot of people don't like us, you know, the best ones probably John Skipper, like when he was running ESPN, he was the the head of ESPN.


We had a show on ESPN. The shortest lived show in the history shows the last one episode. They canceled it after one episode and two weeks later he resigned.


He said he had like a Coke problem, but he was getting black male by his, like, coke dealer. So we had the bottle ready to go. We had the soup man bottle ready to go.


Yeah, it was like HBO did like a documentary about us and she saw the bottle.


She's like one of these like, yeah, these are all the fucking people I hate. I just put them on, put them on the shelf and wait for them to fuck up and then celebrate.


She's like, isn't that bad. It's like yeah it motivates me though and it does motivate me.


Are you, are you worried about fucking like like it's almost like even with Donald Trump getting covid, which I want to talk about a little bit, I feel like people were waiting for that.


A lot of people. Right, because we've been waiting for two decades and I'm sure there's people out there. But like, I'm fine with that. Like I've made a lot of enemies and if we fuck up, I'm sure they'll be the first one. I mean, people a lot of people truly don't like me. I mean, a lot of people truly don't like you. Right? I yeah, true.


But I would like to believe that the tides are changing. I'd like to stay optimistic.


I've given them in the past, you know, three, four years ago, like a solid, like handful of reasons that I like me, except I'm twenty one. Twenty two. I'm about I'm twenty five now who knows what I'll be when I'm thirty, thirty five involved.


I'm still super petty like I always say, like it's an East Coast Guard. Parcel's like that.


Like Parcel's the house that spight built. Like I like palpating with outing. That's what it's like to be eighty six when he's like cryin when he didn't get drafted. That's I look at people who are like oh Basel can't do this, they can't do that. Even this latest thing like the stock market has created so many new enemies for me because like Basel is going to fail.


Penstock sucks this that and they're all like, OK, OK, we'll see. It's not about money.


It's just like, fuck you is basically can we put a metaphorical cork in the in the stock market talk? I want to ask you about a couple of individual stocks and get your thoughts on them, if you don't mind. Amazon Monster, Apple Monts. Are those stocks like if you have money and they're always going to go, should be there?


Yeah. American Airlines.


I think that's going to see. I don't think the airlines are too big to fail.


Like maybe if you get enough airlines, if one goes out of business, the others like Spirit Air, they're still like 70 percent off what they were. So it just depends if you're an old person and you need your money soon, probably not. But if you can wait five years like covid, if coal is still here in five years, we're going to fucking problem.


So eventually it's going to go away, I think, or get a vaccine. Then I want to get to that last one soul cycle.


That's so that that's the connection with with Alex. Right. Like they're all connected. So soul cycle, the backstory on that is way back like. So I was married and. Are you still married now? Technically she's like my best friend.


OK, so we're like legally separated. But after that first time people really knew who I was. First girl that I like kind of was seen a little bit.


I was an idiot. I knew I was an idiot, but she ended up fucking her soul cycle instructor.


Oh, know. And so I asked and I went fucking I'd rather the ship burn with me. So I told the whole fucking story. I mean, we shut Soulsville down, they just shut their social media down. They were like, if you see this guy call nine, like while you still me it.


Was it a cheating scandal? No, no, no. It was after it was like right out there. Why you care? Because I felt like a fucking idiot. This chick, like, she stole my credit card.


She, like, literally paid for the soul cycle class pay for the whole family all.


You're going to do this like I'm going to find out and I'm going to fucking burn. Everybody down and I did people were going into the soul cycle studio, starting shit cycle on which I would never want to go up against, you know, I would never, ever want to, like, burn with the ship, which I very much am.


Like, I'd rather me burn.


But you burn with me than like like I could have not told that story.


Nobody would know. Have you always been like that or is it because you have a massive, pretty much untouchable, invincible network behind you?


It's always been like that even before it started. They want if you go read the first newspapers, it's like, so we're a newspaper. We started. It's the same. It's maybe it is an East Coast thing. I am very much like that.


We've had you. You are. We have tax where they're like, no, you can't do that. And I go, fuck. And they joke around, you'll get canceled. Then I was like, then I'll go back to Arizona like, I don't give a fuck, but man, you really don't get I don't give a fuck. So I don't look for the fight. You're like hunting for the fight. I don't hunt for it. I've always said, well, you have a bottle with people's names.


Yeah, but you know what?


All those people on there, I have them. I wouldn't know if they existed if they didn't come at me like I most of the people I fight with, like I don't even know who you were till you, like, kind of came at me.


So you don't like if somebody steps up to you, big or small, you're like, I'm fucking going.


I'm getting better at small people avoiding a small because there's so much.


But yeah, if you're big and you can by the way, a lot of times it has to be like multiple shots. I'm getting better. It's like if you keep but there's people truly in politics.


I think I'm like not political, but people think I am largely like I interviewed Trump. So obviously people think but if you listen to what I say, it's never political and anything I do. But politics in the world is so fucking nuts right now. Like, almost 90 percent of the people hate me.


If you go look at their Twitter feed, it's somehow they're talking about politics pretty quickly because those people just love to argue that everyone's everyone's, like, pissed off at you.


You had this interview with Trump, a massive deal. What was that like? What was it like going to the Oval Office of the current White House? Yeah, this magnet for trouble and interviewing Donald Trump. Know what the s on the lawn, right? Yeah, that was surreal. So I got a call to do that. I think we did it on Thursday night and I was actually on vacation and I got a call Wednesday night.


It's like, hey, Trump wants you to come to the Rose Garden and interview you guys.


You got invited to interview. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'm not that very.


I told him after I watch the interview, I was like, that was so smart on Trump's behalf. She had to get out. Very smart.


So you also did a great job to people in that's what the people who don't like Trump, they're like he's fucking using you. It's like it's the president of the United States, by the way.


We reached out and be like, hey, Biden, he's going to do this. He'll do it with you. Like, we'll do it both. But it's the president, the United States.


It caused some uncomfortable moments within Basel because a lot of our people fucking hate them. Some don't. But it's like the president, the United States is going, I've never interviewed anybody. I'm not an interview person.


So the first one is the president. You're nice. Yeah, no, no, no. That said that, they, like, wouldn't let our people necessarily.


Frankie, who's here, I think he was the only one that they let in. Frankie. Frank. Yeah.


Oh, that's very funny. Frankie. Oh fuck. Yeah, yes that's right. He's green behind the eye.


Frankie So like it was all his people just coming out, you know, Hope Hicks, everyone around, just the circle staring at you. I didn't get to meet him before. He just comes walking. It's like, all right, here we go. And I hit him with that leg line. I was going to say so. And then he liked me. So was that strategic? Because I obviously are strategic, smart, calculated, charismatic guy.


And the first thing you did in the interview was you gave him a nuance compliment that only a strategic, calculated, smart guy would know and he loved it.


And from then on, you opened them up and had a yeah, I wish I said I didn't even know he'd remember it.


I was trying just to legitimately be like, I'm I'm not trying to ambush you, like, because I thought he's going to think I was an alcoholic because it's like I've never done it. So it's like this is real. I didn't know he loved it. I had no idea. I didn't even know he'd remember.


I didn't know he didn't love it that much. If you still pay taxes, listen, I wish I didn't have to figure out a way for me to avoid that I'm in.


That was and that was right around over the summer, right? Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yes.


Because I think it predated a issue and some some a problem that you couldn't avoid this summer, which was a little bit of trouble over racism, the BLM stuff, and couldn't have happened in a in a worse year, obviously.


What was that like having to actually deal with something that couldn't you couldn't talk down or you had a hit? Yeah, that sucked.


And I've talked about this a little bit before. I view my world very much in like Abasto lens, like everything's like, how do we get past the next level? We got two hundred and fifty employees, like, how do we pay the bills, how do we do this, how do we do that?


A lot. People don't like me and I'll still like go to my grave. Whoever dug up the old shit was looking.


It's like they have to had said something. Now you can argue back and forth. I would never do like the one that really caught that people got mad at.


So we did a we do Super Bowl parties and like we had Josh Rule and Ashanti as the Super Bowl, our entertainment awesome party, by the way, and to introduce it, I do these emergency press conference and I'm like, all right, get you'll never guess what we have. And I sang Jah Rules, five biggest hits like 30 seconds.


One of them has an N-word in it. I sang the lyric, went along. Nobody really said anything in real time. Five years later, they dug it up.


And to me, intent does matter.


And now I'm a white middle class guy. I'm looking at from a personal perspective, some of our own employees. That's the only thing I care, though.


Yeah, you didn't apologize, right? You put us out on a limb, made us look bad. Can't send some of our employees.


We're like, you can fucking say it. It's like in a song and you have no intent. We know that's nothin other. Like, nope, that sucked because I know myself and I know my intent, but it put me in a weird spot for the first time and the world's fucking crazy. Do I think personally, anyone who looks at that story objectively and be like he's racist because that you're out of your mind if you think that? I believe that.


But I also understand I don't have the experiences, you know, of everybody else, certainly not grown up African-American. So I got to be better at it. But it was a weird spot.


Yeah. I mean, I think I think we're in a green sweater there. It's it's it's so tough when people go back in time and pull stuff and single, you know, single it out and don't apply it to the the rest of the poor.


And not only that, people are like if he says this publicly, imagine what he's saying privately. It's like that's the whole point where I'm on camera all the time, like literally all day writing blogs. I'm I don't use it. The only time I've ever said that word was like literally quoting the lyrics.


So it sucks, but it is what it is. And, you know, we're a little different. Like, I fucking hate Deadspin.


It's like they're different now. But like Deadspin, when a lot of shit was going to deleted their entire Twitter catalog, all of it.


And I was like, I'm not deleting a fucking thing.


If you want to go look at my history, it's all there. I stand behind all of it. I did that. And it wasn't like I didn't think about if I thought there was an ounce of racism or something bad. I'm smart enough guy not to put that online like I knew it was going on. I fucking put it online. That's how you live and learn.


Zooming out for a second from Dave Portnoy to the the network that is barstool. And we're in this cancer culture.


And obviously people are extremely sensitive at these times.


My roommate, Evan Dwarf Mobb, he's a dwarf and well, he was a legitimate legitimate, you know what I mean?


I remember that he wanted me to ask because I think we we have. Well, are you going to go on midget versus dwarf? No, no, no. I was going to say it's part it's part of a party that we have we have like a I got a guy Za Midia from Africa.


What is he what does he prefer to be called, like a major dwarf or a little person. He says he doesn't care. People got mad.


So Evan's adamant with dwarf and little person. The N-word is apparently incredibly offensive to the vast majority of them. And you guys put a post up that's something like would you rather have sex with two midget at the same time or two seven foot tall women?


And you guys ended up deleting it? How recent it was maybe four, five months ago. Yeah, yeah. And you guys ended up deleting it because I think there was a bit of heat. And Evan wanted me to ask you because honestly, he told me you were coming on.


He he got it right. He got up and I was like, yeah, he doesn't over oversee like his employees. Yeah.


See, I didn't even know for that, that, that happened, but like, I didn't know that blog existed. It didn't it not. But we've actually talked to ZA a lot about that. And he's like in it in a weird way, it does have parallels because he's like, no, you can use it.


And to be honest, a lot of things different with this, but words change their meaning in.


They almost always end up like whatever may be acceptable.


If what you say is fine now, a little person to all right to me, like dwarf could be like something in five years.


Words like really offensive, like things change.


Like I want it know that as myself being like dwarf verse midget to me that has absolutely like no difference. Well, and by the way, what is I'd be curious. I don't know.


He's he's he and we we all support him. He's fucking attacked me. Is he going to be hanging on my leg. No, no, no, no.


Because he he opened up and he he, he, he was willing to listen, obviously hits home for him and he's like taken the stance of educating people about the nuances of what it is.


Right. See, I have no idea.


Like you told me, those two words interchangeable, like like I don't know what the the origin of why saying midget like what's the negative to me that just literally means what it is like you're you're sure it's like they're equivalent of other really insensitive words. The issue with the approach in that community is that there are many people like the guy that you know, who are OK with. It goes both ways. And I think that in now now I think, as you know, public figures, we always have to assume.


That it's going to be insane, right? We kind of have to do that, but it really is tough when you don't have a unified front from a sense, from a sensitive or mismanaged whatever group marginalized marginalized groups saying that we feel this way. You have half the community saying it's OK. Right.


And we're like we do consider ourselves a comedy site. In part of the issue is if you start just everything is like offensive. Its intent, like I'm Jewish.


I've been called like an anti-Semite a million times, like you fucking talking about how can that be? So, you know, there is something I think to be said for what we do. We're we're equal opportunity.


Like you look at like could the office be made now?


Probably not like the best fucking show of all time could like all this. I'm coming back in there.


Could that be done? I know it's absolutely fucked. Three's Company and nobody's like hackles are up.


And to a degree, there's certain words. Obviously, we're not trying to make people feel bad ever. It's to make people laugh. And I do think intent matters.


But there isn't a part like why we just can't get rid of comedy is ever going to be offended that this is what I was going to ask leading from that conversation, because I spoke with that and I was like, yeah, sure. Like, I'll bring it up. I'm curious to see how you guys stay true to the bar stool identity, the brand identity. Like, I don't give a fuck you guys kind of a little reckless. You know, it's comedy.


You make fun of everyone.


Stay true to that while also balancing and being aware of the precarious times that is social.


Yeah, I think intent matters in.


And if enough people are truly offended and a lot of times as this may seem like dumb, but it's like people I respect, like if people that I trust I know there's a large group of people who don't like me don't matter what I say, I if I say the sky's blue, they'll be I know it's fucking green, you asshole.


But if there's people who, you know, I think are using common sense and you're going to watch it there unless your inner circle, right?


Yeah. Yeah. People I trust or even beyond that, like people don't have an axe to grind with me. That's what a lot of people have an axe to grind.


It doesn't matter what comes out of my mouth, they don't read what I say and they fucking are mad.


I get what if it's more like they're given an honest effort and they're not being mad just to be mad? I'll listen to what they're saying. The people who don't like you, are they in the no fun club? Yeah. Big time.


Big time. Big time, no parents. Yeah. That's the new or the no fun.


It's again like there's this chick who fucking hated us at Deadspin and this is an example.


Drew Brees broke, I think the TD record yardage record.


He had his daughters, two sons out on the field, the 50 yard line. It's like cowboys. You can accomplish anything in this girl. Rip them because what about your daughter?


You didn't say it's like that's a no fun club person. That's somebody who's taking things a little bit too far, too far.


So that's somebody I'm going to pay no mind because they're going to be mad about everything, everything but these people.


Right. Right. And in a lot of them are out there.


And it is a crazy time. And, you know, I've been doing it forever. I think Trump is a huge fucking part of it. It's just broke a lot of people's brains. Like they can't get past short circuit.


Yeah. And it's like everything goes back to everything and they just fucking lose it. So.


So speaking of the no fun club, speaking of Trump, covid, huge, huge, huge, major, no fun club participant. You've had covid over one hundred. I've had it.


I had it at least twice. I know I got one like documented and I know I had it in March.


I didn't get tested, but I had the same exact symptoms. I'm like I think I got it. Didn't get tested then. I got it in August. Did get tested positive.


Have you fully recovered. Yeah. Oh, you know, you can smell everything. Yeah. I never lost smell.


Everything's working right in the nasal cavity. Oh it was, it was. I was just exhausted like couldn't get a bed for two days, sweaty and then I'd be wiped out in the evening like seven o'clock supertight. But I didn't lose smell and body aches. I never get bored of you.


Were you, were you responsible if you got, if you got an I fuck D.M. from the hottest chick on Instagram.


Well you had covered you would obviously know I want to not because I had covid I was that tired.


Just exhausted. No it wasn't. If you're saying like a the hottest check on this, it, it wasn't because like whatever it was.




And plus if you're like the hottest chick on Instagram, you're probably like twenties and you'll get over covid.


Yeah. Not a blowjob. If it was a blowjob, you don't have to do nothing. I was gas white man. We get it up, whites out. Why.


So you so you had covid Trump covid. Yep. Huge story out today, Cam Newton out this week, covid tough, even some are saying Randolph, the goldfish potentially dead from the sheer gall.


And then I took a long vacation and Randolph got we have this guy, Spider. I don't know why he's doing so. I don't know.


I'm actually wearing I wear it still. It's like the goldfish necklace, pretty Firaxis just one dollar Amazon.


Terrible day, especially for the for the unboxing series. I also sent you a love shack. You never fucking open day.


You put takes up a lot of romance in my it is in my apartment. I know because it's Kareem. Right. He told me. Kareem. Yeah. Yeah. Kareem it's there. They told me or you said go. You were about to say something.


I was going to say something. Say Cam. Oh yes.


No that was. Oh that was it. No, no, no. When I did my when I did the catching video with Cam Newton, we went in the field and caught some passes. I saw that.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.


It was I was good at a nice streak, but they had me hold it because I was hanging out with Tanner Fox who had just got confirmed for covid and Cam was about to announce and officially go to the Patriots. And I mean, it just shocked how quite literally he he has covid-19 change your bet for this weekend. I mean. Well, yeah.


What's it going to do with that? Well, they're send that plan on Tuesday now. Yeah. I mean, I think Jet hovers over the quarterback and I don't like I'm in Kansas City anymore.


They changed game day because of it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. They're supposed to play Sunday now. They're playing Tuesday. Are you are you banned from the NFL?


Yes, I'm banned from nesto NFL events. I mean, he's he's put Roger Goodell put me in handcuffs twice on fucking real twice another.


Another one of your biggest. No. Why explain that Goodell in that Goodell is a one. Right. So we're all Pats fans, Big Brady guys. And when he got suspended, there was no evidence like whether you think he did it or didn't do it, they never proved he came close to deflated footballs talking about deflate deflate gate. So, like, if they do anything, we're going to do.


So they suspended me and three other guys on NFL headquarters, handcuffed ourselves to each other like we need to speak to the commissioner.


We got arrested, thrown in fucking jail, spent like a night in, you know, New York prison.


From then on, it's been us first. Roger Goodell nonstop. We have clown. You've probably seen the light turquoise, the clown shirt with the nose like Matt Patricia has worn is the coach.


The Saints has worn it. When people get mad at the NFL, they wear that shirt. We printed seventy thousand of the towels the first time Goodell came back to Gillette, their hand hanging it out. And then I got kicked out a media day.


Last time I passed on the Super Bowl, I went to the Super Bowl. And I like your fake mustache because, like, you can't go Super Bowl.


But I paid five grand for my ticket is me and Frankie. And then at halftime, security came. They dragged me out of the Super Bowl. How they find you? The mustache didn't work.


No fucking clue was Maroon five playing in the background. They wait for halftime because the lights were off.


Maroon five was playing and they dragged my ass out of there, put me in handcuffs down the cell. Then they tried to kick me out of the Super Bowl party. They were dragging me out of there. And it's all Patriot fans. So they gathered around. Everyone's like yelling at the security. They called the Krafts and like, what do you want to do that? Like, he fucking stays like the Bob Kraft granddaughter's like an intern for us.


The house fucking love us.


Roger Goodell hates us.


Oh, the biggest one that I saw I thought was the auction. Right. Didn't you wouldn't you want to win, like, a quarter million dollar.


OK, so so during the draft, Goodell's like, all right, we're doing a auction for covid and whoever wins it can watch Monday Night Football with me in my basement.


Here we go. So I won. It was a two hundred fifty grand. I bid to get it.


Can you imagine that? Roger Goodell sees his name. He's like, Are you fucking idiot, bro? You got to disqualified me anyway.


But they sent me this, like, congrats, you won. And then I got an email a couple of weeks later like we did. We have a report we investigated. You said, what do you mean you investigate me?


You're the one who's arrested. Like all the charges, like I was robbing a bank, like arrested by the NFL, arrested by the NFL.


So they they refunded it and didn't let me go. I think that's cool. I think if you're going to be arrested and on anyone's shit list, it might as well be the head of the National Football League.


Yeah, he's done us a lot of favors because as we've gotten bigger, it's like let us maintain kind of this like outsider pirate ship mentality because I'm like, who's that? Oh, Dave's getting dragged out in handcuffs. It's like, what the fuck? Like he's worth. He's made it worth this big thing and all this.


And he's literally wearing a fake mustache fucking in handcuffs at the Super Bowl.


So do you ever feel embarrassed, like are you are you walking out handcuff you like. Oh God, no. I will say the Super Bowl.


So I was with Frankie and these guys fucked up at the Super Bowl because we saw them following us.


And I told Frankie, am I think we're. And followed by security right now in phrases like no, no, no, no. I think we fucking are. So the guy left like two seconds.


We went back down to our seats and I told Frank, it's like if they come, they're dragging my ass out of here, like, I'm not getting our camera ready.


But once they pick me up and I knew I was on camera, so I'm like, all right, this is going to be good. But then I was in a private area with no camera and I'm like, all right. I mean, they were fucking wedging me.


They have to be like every leg. And I'm like, all right, you guys can put me down now. And they just didn't know, what am I right now? It's embarrassing because I haven't taken out phones. Oh, no, no. At that point I was in a back room, but I'm like, all right, the gig's over, guys like and by the way, the Atlanta police, the game was in Atlanta.


I was pissed at the NFL because there was a lot of like I forget the exact time, but like it was terrorism and shit like that. So it's the Super Bowl and the cops are on fucking edge for real threats in the NFL screaming like we need like thirty people over here.


And they come over there like, what's the situation? Like I'm wearing a fucking fake mustache.


Like, this is what you called us over here. Are you there to cause trouble or just watch? I was just watching the game. It's it's it's the Cowboys are now going through this where you get so big that you can no longer go participate, do anything. Yeah. Because they get shut down before they even.


You know those guys. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. That yeah. They've got big and I mean it's weird because we've been around for so fucking long so we saw like the what was it. I'm smacked and those guys.


So we used to do all that shit like before, like we used to do this thing called the blackout tour. We'd sell out like we closed for Bon Jovi up in Mosul, like Live Nation, negotiating with us, being like, we'll give you two hundred and fifty grand to close for fucking Bon Jovi. And they thought they're low balling us night, but all these new fans will get to hear your music. It's like we don't have music. We fucking play other people's music and our people come up and party.


Yeah, but it got so big that there was no way to monetize it like people don't want us. We had like news crews following us around, so we just stopped with it. But that happens any time you're creating basically a stir on campus. I mean, the guys, we met with them all day, but they're running around creating these huge events and people are freaking out about Korona like it's hard. It's hard to get away with that.


You were talking booze on probably booze. Yeah. Would you meet with them for or. You can't talk about it?


No, we would love them to be like, fucking, you know, interested in everything we do.


I never met that Cinergy person. It seems fucking insane. I was gonna say, when you're getting like, dragged out of the NFL stadium or even like, you know, when you're about to go toe to toe with the Winklevoss, do you ever think, oh, this could get physical and I'm ready?


Are you are are you combative in that way? No, no, no. I just just things turn fucking physical. I get the fuck out of that I like.


And and then when I'm back in my room, I'll throw a Twitter shot and then I'm not like nice.


I'm not at least you know that that's dope.


Yeah. You're saying a fucking fight. People fuck no.


One other area you've created some some enemies in. But I think it's probably your most well known place is the pizza world. And George went and got a got a pizza. Oh you got it.


I literally forgot about it. It's probably cold. This it's cold. I did it because my my roommate, that's why he's here. He was telling me and it's very cliche. Well, we had two guys sit down and bring me the pizza. That's like that's that's the number one people.


He's new. He's new, but it is his third child. So, you know, I'm sorry. You are no longer my favorite. No, but you're my last name. Not out of the three you've been on. Wow. That's so quick. You sat on a podcast and immediately made an enemy. I don't like racing over here. Now, you don't want your name on the champagne bottle, right, Turner? Yeah, it's my brand.


You can talk about it.


It is Barberton. But it's it's like we're all the cliche people coming by, like I mean bringing a pizza instantly.


It was cliche. I know. It's fine.


You got to do it. He's seen everything he does. You've got to impress this guy actually was kind of impressive pizza you fucking hate. I've eaten a ton of money. Where did this come from. Why did you start.


So so it was me and another guy, big cat Dan.


We had by the way, you don't name anybody by the real name. Just nicknames, suit guy pizza guy. No, forget people's names. No, no, no. I don't even know.


I don't think suka is real name, but then that's it.


I think it's his real name.


We got a debate maybe right before we moved to New York, relocated, which is like five years ago. If you could eat one food the rest of your life, what would it be? He said Burrito's I did pizza, so we literally had it for like a month straight. That's it. And I was eating so much of it.


I just was like, all right, I'll just fucking tell people if it's good or not. I took a bite and reviewed it and it was pretty obvious right away that people were gravitating towards it. And then when we moved to New York, I said I tried all.


I think it's almost the number one thing people know me by, to be honest.


And that's why I bring it up. And selfishly, the main reason I bring it up is because I have to ask you this question. If you could name one city as. The pizza capital of the United States, is that where you're from? I know you said you're from Connecticut, motherfucker. You know it's byas. Well, you got so excited when you showed up in New Haven Haven. Yep.


New Haven's spectacular pizza Sallies is like my favorite. I had one actually similar to that the other day, but they also closed Sally's Pepper's modern.


I mean, they got great.


Great. And that's the type pizza I like. So could party's over in West Haven. I mean, they got the books on it.


They take it real serious. Is spectacular pizza really better than New York? Well, yes, but again, New York has way more of it. So there's less pizza in New York. But this very good Johnsbury, you can go visit anybody and they have very good pizza. New Haven's this is like the fact that Pepi's and Sallies the baseball field away's and. That's the Yankees. Red Sox. And it can salaries is far, far better. Yeah.


And so so for me, the one I do is moderate speed burger chains. And so I want to ask you this question is important and I'd like to hear your answer on it.


So you're talking like it is an in and out a moderate on and out Shake Shack. Five guys want a burger down south. You gotta pick one winner.


I like ordering my guy to my guy. Okay.


Can you order down the list? Have you had Whataburger? I haven't.


Do you mean what what what burger. Actually, I have no idea what that is. That one I think is lower on the I don't think that's in the same category as the others is it. To me that's more McDonald's.


It's a little too fast. Is it. George, you were just there is a chef I don't even know hypothetical. OK, ok, but five guys.


OK, so shake, shake, shake, shake shack number one. I do like five guys. I mean I've only had because not on the East Coast but I wasn't. It's built up.


The hype is so big on it. I was like, guess it's tastes like the others. Shake Shake Shack, then I'd probably go five. I always Shake Shack if I mean, that's exactly it.


He gets it regarding the nature, the cliche nature in which George tried to have you taste a pizza when we were in the middle of some other great conversation about caller, the reason why I thought because if we were hungry, we could have eaten. And it's good pizza. No, I'm not going to be like, you know, if I don't give a fuck about the pizza. You wanted them to do the I got to defend. And I did this last episode with the interruption.


It shows fucking effort.


It was just a thing like I did, like nothing anybody says, like, I don't like Shake Shack. So you say you like Shake Shack. It's not going to make me run to Shake Shack. So I was going to be like, what do you think about the peanut? Know what I like to say? That, you know, I hate Shake Shack. Why? What are you saying? I don't like Shake Shack. Why would you why would that exit your mouth, that sentence?


Oh, because he likes it and I don't like him anymore.


I go home and I'm going, no, I don't drink.


So I'm Naweed. I'm a roll up a joint and write your name on it and fucking let that shit burn to ruin. It seems like you might hold that by the time I'm done smoking. I probably won't give a fuck because I'll be high. But you just know when I the beginning of it I won't like you. At the end I'll be like you. It's ok.


But regarding the cliche nature, it's look, it's hard to get your attention. It's hard to impress you.


And we thought this was so funny when you dressed women how to slide properly into into a man's DNA if you want to get the thing down.




Correct. Right. So and you what was the instruction you say you want to.


I, I fuck. Right. How's it been going. I get a lot of them.


I get from everyone, get guys, girls, everything. And the prom is what people now like to talk to.


You see we were talking Frank in the way I was crazy because I've been doing this fucking thing forever. Like when I started, like MySpace was just fucking starting right top and doing it and then, like, I didn't know a vine.


Damn, you are not far from Warren Buffett, half the age, basically. So it's like.


And then you you were born from Vine, right? Yeah. Yeah, yeah.


So like, I really didn't know what Vine was. I got new to it.


And now if you're like an elder, like the ticktock kids now are everywhere. It's fucking subtle squaddies. Yeah. Fucking little Hudis. Right. So it sucks when you have to like try to stay relevant and be like, all right, what the fuck's going on. A tick tock now. But I made it. Yeah. That that caught on good and bad. Good and bad.


You Mike Mike says this sometimes I big up our guests a little too much. But like I will say, I'm impressed with your ability, ability to that you popped up you pop up on my Tic-Tac feet all the time. And you have to. You have to. And a lot of people a lot of people are.


It's part of part of your shtick. And.


Yeah, well, listen, I think it's the biggest compliment somebody can give Bastad myself is we've been I think people would say edgy for almost two decades. It's almost impossible to do that for a company at least like whatever company we look at be like, yeah, they're kind of still like cool, like a high school or college kid.


Like, yeah, that's kind of fucking edgy. We've been there for two decades, so that's hard to do. And now we hire people. We have like young people coming in and building stars.


Is that how you like how do Franki looks young?


Is he is he looks younger than he is. Twenty seven. Twenty six. He's young. He's young.


So so how, how you who came up to you said yo Portnoy you need to do tick tock. And then by the way, here's what that format looks like. Yeah.


Social people on it like we're very big with, like we have one of the fastest growing main handles, but we have enough young fucking people who are paying attention to it. Like we I think the first Charlie Demayo was in our office, had no fucking clue. She was so was like some big tech talkers are like, what the fuck? Talk.


And then someone showed me a video of her and it looked like the Beatles, like people swarming, OK, we have to pay attention, whatever the fuck this thing is.


And you just go, I mean, like, I don't run my tech talk at all is just people taking old content, cut it up and sticking it out there.


Yeah, always you with the microphone and stuff.


So I just thought about this yesterday. Tick-Tock is a lip singing based performance back in the day your career was over.


If you lip sync and now your career is made, if you look at the whole film story, first of all, they're like fourteen is like wildly sexual. So it's like you.


I didn't want to say it. That's deleted that. I don't like it. Forty is like I can't really be doing anything on there.


So it but it's, it's huge. And who knows. Like I'm curious is obviously the handful, 10, 20 of them. And what will happen to the rest of them. Who fucking knows.


Well we don't even know what's going to happen to the handful. That's the question. I mean, we don't I mean, these guys translate it.


They'll like it. The male has millions of followers everywhere. Isn't the awesome with the Cardassian? She's in movies. They're clearly on their way, right? Oh, yeah.


It's a great there's a select few who make it out. I think. I think I think you being on tick tock and just the way you're innovating on on social definitely.


By the way, is your Instagram private? I think yes. Why why is that.


I know we just switched it. Switch it like three because I'm getting. Shadow, I've been shadow band since I did the Trump thing, like literally I don't I think I have like almost three million followers. I was lucky to get, like 50 new followers a day, which is mathematically impossible. Yeah. So private. You got to follow me to see it so it increases it again.


But you have to go through and approval or can you mass approve people.


I have just an intern who just sucks. Was it his only job.


But yeah, that's why I was just was recently because for the last two months I've maybe had one hundred new followers. It's crazy and people follow me, can't find me. So I'm so I'm, I'm some I'm weaving this into a question. So yeah. You've done a good job at adapting and staying relevant. And with the culture, I'm presuming you're attracting these women who are sliding into the arms with the I fuck. I would imagine a lot of them are younger.




Do you have plans to get married again or are you just having fun or because. Oh, I'm, I'm a young man. Right. What is what is what is marriage look like in the future.


What's it like. So I do it again. So for me it's pretty simple. It would be like if I if I'm seeing somebody or I like somebody in the next day, I have no interest in checking my DMS or looking. That's good. And if that happens for a day two, great. It happens for a week. Great. Happens for fucking two weeks and you got to get to that point like block out the moat then.


That's your metric. I like that.


But if I'm fucking with somebody or interested but I'm still looking at the ends are like that checks out then it's not strictly based on how intrigued you are by said yeah, yeah.


Stay out of time. Ours is ours is that we call it the frying pan.


Wake up in the morning if at any point. Well laying next to the girl you think about grabbing the nearest frying pan and just rocking them, you got to get on.


That's a lot simpler than light. My method. Yeah. If you want to fucking whack someone over there with a frying pan, you've got to get all that happen.


You know, it's but it's not it's like I kind of look at my life so fucking different than I ever would have dreamed. I had nine to five for a while. So where I am now, the fact that, like people recognize all that shit, I don't plan. It's like just take it day by day.


Can't candidly, can I ask you, do they do tend to skew towards being attracted to like younger woman, mid 20s, 30s, because younger girls are the ones who are like more aggressively hitting on me and I don't go out all that much meeting people in bars or something, but I wouldn't say it's an age thing.


Like how do you I'm just curious how you carry conversations with with younger women like, yo, you're an established, successful adult.


And I find that most of the girls who are interested in me like me for like I'm not walking on the streets, like, hey, there's fucking Brad Pitt. It's like they watch the previews, they watch me and they think I'm funny.


And if you think I'm funny, it's like you think the office is funny. Your sense of humor is the same. And then we get along. Now, don't get me wrong, I may be like, hey, do you like The Sopranos?


I like what's The Sopranos? That's like that's fucking what you're looking for.


The most part, it's a cultural fit. And also at the same time, like, I don't care.


I know that show. It's like we laugh at the same shit that I like. You know what the lines are definitely don't know. But Pearl Jam, that's been like one of my all times, like, you know, Pearl Jam.


And like one girl said what she called them, a dyno band, like extinct.


She said, I know that's that has to hurt my microphone, listens to CCR and shit.


She knows about Creedence Clearwater. Right. But but at the same time, like, do you really give a fuck? I don't give a shit about. Are you talking to Mallott? Right. It's more like the personality, you know, right now. I do. I mean, I have to like the person, right. Like, I, I don't care how hot she is.


If I can't, like, fucking kind of have a ten second conversation. I have no interest.


I love how your caps. Ten seconds. Good. We can fuck no captures attention quick.


I'm most people that's that's my rule. If I'm not intrigued in the first ten to fifteen years ago. What the fuck am I here. Right. Let me talk to Time's money my friend.


Are you planning on doing, doing what you're doing for the rest of your life is there. You got to end game. You're going to retire at some point.


Well, of course at the end game is I mean, so we sold the company at Penn National, which is the gambling thing. I think probably in the history of like or in my lifetime, probably yours they'll be, what, two to three legalized vices like you got drinking weed and like gambling.


So we're at the forefront of, I think, a billion dollar fucking industry. So we want to be the leader in that. I think we can do that hopefully will get me out of this thing in like reasonable time with a fucking shit ton of money.


Are you worried at all that that may not satiate your appetite? You already had a huge exit date. You already had a huge fucking. It's not really. A lot of people go a hundred million, a huge exit. Well, there wasn't one sixty three. Well, whatever.


That wasn't one sixty three in my pocket. Like I probably when it's all said and done, I probably made like one hundred million.


I want to ask you this. You get a billion. Do you go so much money. What if a lot of money.


But I like I signed a contract to work for like five years. I think I think if we do this fucking thing right, I can be like sports team ownership, like that's how much money is in this fucking industry.


And that's like when it was just. Like like even the stock that I fucking got, like I'm just gonna throw a number, but it's less so people could do the math on it. Half the deal stock, half of the deal was cash. The stocks already tripled. So it's like and we haven't started. We're in one fucking state. So I really think if gambling's as big as we think it is, it's not only that.


Like we want to have hotels on the Vegas Strip. You go to the Vegas Strip, it's like of hotel. It's endless.


What we can do with these guys, like, they just fucking raise a billion dollars for nothing like last week. So, yeah, I think there's a lot more on the table.


Sports team will be six six. We had Tilman Fertitta on Billy Donia. Yeah, we save Tillmann. What's what's the most fun, exciting purchase you made. He said it have to be the Houston Rockets. You know, I hate going to believe you're talking about a Rolls Royce, a form Europos God. You're talking about a fucking sports team. I probably couldn't even buy one because it's such a like even if you have the money, it's such an old boys network like Kuban couldn't buy the Cubs back in the day like it's still exclusive.


Like bunnies with this guy, Mike Repoll, he started like vitamin water and body armor. Billionaire just tried to buy the Mets with A-Rod. Couldn't do it. So but that would be I'd love a football team and I would make myself the offensive coordinator.


Like, I just go day game. How are you going to buy a sport? That's what I'm saying. I don't think it would happen. Oh, good.


With the craft sell you a percentage. Probably not part owner. And by the way, I don't want that either. Like, I'm not in it. Like, oh, I own, you know how like a million people on bars, everyone owns three thousand people own the same bar. It's like, what the fuck are you on zero point zero zero zero one.


I'm not in it for that. I want to own shit out. I want to be like that. He's the fucking owner. Yeah, that's not going to happen. But I'd love it to happen. I'll never say never you party. Yeah, a little bit. I heard I heard you party pretty hard.


Oh yeah. How'd you hear that. I don't know. But I heard Alex know. Alex texted me on the way here.


She's like, I heard you coming on the show. What are you guys fucking best friends? I talked to her earlier. She wanted me to ask you, do you really love her? Do you really love her? Do you want me to get an Alex?


And I's relationship is very good right now, and it should be.


But with her, you never fucking know what tomorrow is going to bring. I mean, she was looking us in the face being like, we're not fucking throw you guys under the bus.


We're going to be like, you did this like you fucking son.


Did it get that ugly? It got pretty ugly or what? It was going to get it, because if that call daddy fell apart, it was going to be if they stayed together aligned.


And what they said happened is going to be their word versus mine was going to be the truth.


But nobody would believe me in her Crout, because I never they had no idea who I was. So once, like now call her daddy.


Their fans know who I am. And they know I always tell it like there were some crossover when it was kind of like the he said she said like barstool call her daddy, who had known me for ten years. Like, that's kind of weird because Dave is pretty straightforward guy. Like, he doesn't care if you're like him or hate him, but he's going to tell you the truth. Yeah, but ninety five percent of their audience didn't know who I was and they would believe them.


So it would have turned quite ugly if they left and stayed aligned in their version of events, which was going to be a not true version.


The reason I ask the partying things, because you look in pretty good shape, what's what's the workout regimen which with the travel and if you do party or not, I just like obviously.


Yeah. So I used to be fat and gross and that like when I started Barzilai just at my computer hunched over, I've told this story, but I would have like Piñera for lunch every day. You know how you get the little baguette. I'd also get a full baguette and I'd eat it every day and then I'd have pizza for dinner, moved to New York, got separated. So when I was married, all my favorite food was in the house junk.


Just eat it now. There was nothing in the house. I walk like an hour to work, so. And Adderall keeps the brain is going to have a real really and keeps you skinny.


I was going to ask you younger. Yeah. I was going to ask you about extracurricular activities when it comes to partying. Do people think I'm a and that's why I'm asking that.


I always say, fuck, are we dressed like this? Well, well, I have some shirts like one shirt. I was like, you run Miami through Coke Speed being sincere about this, like saw the Scooby Doo thing. No, see, you started with me. Now you're going to end with me, man. The jokes are coming. Oh, that was an insult. No, no, no. I was you know what?


I got all those shirts and like them boxing. So just fucking weird. Yeah. I feel like you're the type of guy that doesn't really give a fuck what you wear as long as he gets his day started.


And by the way, I don't care if I was doing like Coke. That's the thing I've said it. People always accuse me of Coke is there was one video someone did they posted on the Internet. Again, people don't like me. It was like a girl doing coke in my house. And I was in the background. I wasn't doing it. And they just put it on there to, like, get at me. I felt bad for the girl.


It's like this a random girl who's just doing like she's on the Internet now. And but I says, like, if you haven't been to a party where there's fucking Coke being done to a parking loser, never been to a party.




So especially in New York, I don't care if someone's like, hey, you did Coke. It's like, OK, I don't I don't give a fuck. Like, I'm. Pretty straightforward with everything I do so so at ease, I like Admiral Aligator all more almost for work. Like I feel like I can cure cancer, I can get it going.


I when I saw how pumped up and I did, I roll over there, I'm like, all their brains are going to like turn mine on before this podcast. You guys had such high energy.


I'm not like a high energy. Oh, and your brother, the first time I met him, like, I was very curious to see what his deal was going to be like. And he was so high energy. But then when the cameras are off, he was normal.


So that's the mistake we both made, which is why you even hinted at one point in the episode you. Oh, a lot of people don't like you like back in the day, cameras up, inject as much fucking energy into this. That's what he was. And then you turn it off. He's like, how are you doing? Very normal. Very, very normal. Yeah.


And that is one thing with us, which I think our fans like. And I've said a million times, I really don't care if the cameras are on. Like if I walk out, I'll be the same. There's never like a rise or it's just me kind of just being me.


Yeah, I've learned that as I've grown in this podcast is definitely help with that. You've got a preference on the Paul brothers after doing the show.


Well, you know, I was doing Jake, much like the tick tock. It's like, all right, what the fuck is going on with this crowd? It's younger. We got to get them to kind of know. But we've talked more like I don't even know if you're like, hey, do you remember doing that with them? He may be like, no, like he was in town doing something. Yeah. He remembers. Yeah. So it was fast.


It wasn't there was no like real wasn't it.


Yeah I, I went to the office once Alex invited us. I think you're there and we went in your office and I was, I was going to do something but I felt maybe, maybe a little disrespectful or do something what should on your dad.


So I think that was just so I felt I felt like that was the conversation and we chose no on the poop on the desk because I would have been bad.


Yeah, that was Alex. All Alex is Alex's idea.


We do a lot of stuff with KFC. We did his podcast after the Yeah. Dick, great dick sucking Logan Paul Politics hacking scandal. Twenty eighteen.


I remember that came out right about your thing, came out almost the same time as one of my sex tapes. I remember that because they were like we're both kind of trending.


I, you know, I, I, I didn't know he was feeling and I do now regret something I didn't upset.


I remember, I remember that that has some people in the world that I see he admitted, oh, about a quarter million tweets telling me I'm sucking dick. I really had I go, did I do that, bro? My mom and dad asked me.


They got the phone, I swear on everything. They came and said that it goes so Logan's gay and I go, Why?


And he goes, He's gay. How can we never tell me we're close? And I was like, I'm pretty sure he's not gay. What are you talking about? He told me about I have no idea.


What's the deal with your boxing stuff.


Oh more than a yeah. Yeah. More boxing. So, you know, we, we like have our own boxing. Karate. I know, I know. We talked, we talk about what I what's the room. You guys. There's like five guys in a room. When I was there I hopped on really quick. It's, it's right when you walk in your office there's, there's a room, it's just a little studio.


So there's different shows there. OK, ok.


Yeah. Yeah we talked about it then they invited me to do a fight and rough around. Yeah. Smart. I mean so I mean that obviously is a huge lucrative thing I would imagine. I do it, I do it because I love it be it's lucrative. And then when I moved to L.A., my goal was to be the biggest entertainer in the world. It's it's all I wanted. And as I got older, I, I sort of put it at the back burner because I like you.


If I'm a girl, I just keep grinding and stay true to who I am. I'm sure something great will happen.


This boxing shit came up and you quickly go from YouTube to to Fox or even in a warrior in a little sense.


And like it's just a different amount of respect. Put on your name. Just I don't I don't like the stigma of being able to talk to any, like, Internet based kid. The tech talkers hate being called tech talkers on Vine. I was the Vine guy.


Didn't like it, but yeah, that's what I was saying. When people are I consider myself a business guy.


Exactly. Like, you know, people come over, yo, oh, yo, you're the guy who does the pizza thing like. Yeah, but also not.


Yeah, I do. I mean that's a Mbali but yes, I get what you're saying. Yeah. I just wanted to I like the respect and that people put on you for for being a fucking pugilist. You're fucking fierce. Right. Did you hear about his rumored upcoming fight by chance. Nah. Yeah. The AB one. No, it goes deeper with the AB one has the AB one.


There's a real I would have back by the way, all my money on AB versus, you know, fucking Dave, you know, no money, all my money. Yo. Why. Because he's a pro athlete.


Yeah. He's like fast as fuck. But this is boxing. This is not a sport.


You happy. Yeah. Yeah. But if you're lightning quick you lightning quick.


Do you think he should have taken that fight because. Because Wahhab he got suspended. Right. I don't I don't have any idea on the finances.


I someone was telling me the day I forget who was who's very like reputable and like no fucking way that they thought he was going to come back and sign a big NFL contract, which to me seems insane because I think he is insane. He is, but.


I mean, depends, I'm just going strictly on the next level, and I just like lightning speed. It's not like quick.


I don't I think they do. I think he should have taken the fight. I think you're right. I think. Yeah, yeah.


I think I mean, it would depend on if he's like, you're not going to hit me. I think he could make it so like you're not going to hit him because that quick.


I should've been boxing for two and a half years now. He's like, I'm telling you, this is not it's not a show. I don't I don't disagree with that. But I think your level of athleticism I clown this dude trying to bait him in a fight because it would've been the best thing of his career and he didn't do it.


And not not not this morning. He fucking sends a DM to my boys. Girl, high prices high. And yes, this is a lot of rude Drayson right there. Well, there we go. She's out to everyone's probably Senate Dems now.


But why it's ironic is because a bad week, you know, just on us, you know, she know she has a boyfriend and more.


So this is the same guy who the no white women. Twenty twenty is a slogan like, really? Why are you why are you not holding you got this tweet that and then this is like the third white woman that I know personally. I slid in there, I was like, I still fucking fight this guy on that. No, the supreme athleticism. My brother's fighting Nate Robinson on November twenty eighth, I believe.


You know, of course, that's another guy would say supreme athleticism.


Now I think you think I bet one hundred thousand dollars on Jake. So I hope to God. When are they fighting. November twenty eighth. He's, he's on the taison undercard.


Someone tried to get me to announce that. Should maybe you're talking to Tyson. Roy Jones here is Nate Robinson taken seriously, supposedly some training.


Yeah, that's OK.


I assume your problem is taking seriously there. So it's like if Nate Robinson is taking it seriously, I think your brother's in trouble because he's wildly athletic.


Dave, thanks for coming out.


You guys want to follow him on Instagram? It's still president. The president is at the E at the end of the post.


That was the only thing that was available. Love it to love it. Appreciate that.


By the way, the second piece of news, one of the best ones we ever do. You guys watch succession.


There's this great show. Do you watch it? Yeah. This guy, Greg.


Greg, the egg walks up with a mask on. It comes in in like two minutes. Oh, what you can watch late. We have no idea who he is and he's like a huge fan of Basel.


And Frankie's like, you know, you sound like Greg the egg.


I'm like, who is like Greg?


The egg succession. So you like that show like. Yeah. Pulls Postmaster's fucking Greg and then Bojo I just saw. Yeah. Bon Jovi's crazy fucking watch your friend. All right.


Cool. Awesome hit that subscribe. We love you guys. We'll see in the next episode of Impulsive. Take it easy. Vampy.