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Washing machine, the brand new album from the high priestess of Cool Roshini Murphey. Featuring the hands in the air on them, something more. So she machinery available now, it's awkward, to say the least.


Oh, I didn't know you were going to be. We don't.


We don't. We don't. Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you doing? Logan gave me. What are you doing? What are you doing?


You can't fire them. They don't work for us, but it's my first day back and I get fired. I don't think so. You don't even work here anymore. OK, that's good. Welcome back to Impulsive, the number one podcast in the world. Coming off a big week. It is another big week. Kanye is running for president again. Spenser's back. Georgias fired.


Everyone is getting fired. Yeah.


The guys, the engineers running our our sound board are not our typical engineers.


I fired and fired everybody. I fired them today, essentially fired.


I parked my truck in front of the gate and Logan just came out. Is that you're fired. You don't even work for the organization.


What do you think? My employment was terminated here, fired. He goes on these firing rampages and just fires everyone because he's the Christopher Columbus of the maverick organizers.


Well, that's why that's why all this is tricky, though, because the company that has done, you know, two hundred and twenty podcasts of ours, they've made a slew of mistakes.


I guess I gave them strike one. I said, this is strike one. I gave them strike two. I said, this is strike two.


And then I let like another two slide that they didn't know even. And I'll get into this on the Pokemon live stream.


The audio was absolute garbage for the first 20, 30 minutes. And we had to shave the first five because there was absolutely no audio. I had to do like sign like mime, language sign, mime, sign language sign. And so then what happened was I had to fire them because they didn't show up today because they don't work on Columbus Day.


I said, who doesn't work on Columbus? Is it a government thing?


Because the last time I checked Christopher Columbus, the racist rapist Pillager, who stole the lands of indigenous people not to be a snowflake, but at what point is that fucked up? I think it's just facts at this point. Yeah, Columbus Columbus Day is a actual banking federal holiday.


Kazmi doesn't work. So basically, like like I said a few minutes ago, you are being very Columbus esque in trying to deny cast media their federal holiday. Like honestly, like that's something Christopher Christopher would have done.


And also you you woke life liberal leaning son of a bitch. How much land have you personally given back to the Native Americans of your so. Well, a better question, but a question of how much land have I taken from the indigenous peoples? My ancestors may have been an asshole in that case.


You better make up for there. I can if I could this land back. You know what? I'm going to go find someone to give this land to right now.


It's such a sticky situation because there were settlers and then there were immigrants. Right. You know, like a lot of us came from immigrant families. Like I know my family came from western Russia, moved here after the settlers. But I still think we all must take some form of responsibility for the damage is done to indigenous peoples. That's just what I feel. I don't think it's like a snowflake thing we had here.


You know, maybe maybe not meeting. I'm sure, Snow said maybe the problem isn't always so. She's back. I thought this feels crazy. I feel like I'm on a space ship right now. It feels good.


Well, it's a weird day to be erotically as we sit here and talk about reefers left, you know, meaning of Christopher Columbus banking holidays because cars couldn't come in to run the show for us today. We literally have Ben Shapiro's podcast team on the boards right now. And I sense I see a couple of main sticking out there next to another, like disrespecting their hero. They're not saying that they're doing a great job, but it's it's crazy. A very charged day here at the Mavericks house.


But it's good to have you back. It's so good to be back. You bring a nice balance to the podcast that you did for for those of you who just discovered a Spencer, what, a hundred and fifty episodes straight from one to one fifty.


And then you moved. No. Yes. Temporarily moved back to Michigan to work on your dog. Grow your beard super long. Yeah. Make that truck of yours. You got a new pickup truck?


Yeah. Yeah, pretty much. I mean, pretty much all that's changes in my beard. OK, that's pretty much you do seem semi you seem like the same person. Yeah, pretty much. I am dropping my dog trailer today. Oh actually. Oh. When does this air to tomorrow. Today. Tomorrow.


It will be live today. So the dog is finally coming out. I'm really stoked about the education document that she was devoted.


Seven years of your life. Seven years. It's ridiculous. It must be scary. So congrats on that. Thanks. I know what you put in that much heart into a project and finally show it to the world. Spencer, I got to be honest with you. We're all relying on you, brother.


We're like the education system needs to be flipped upside down. I think. I think that's we're like the majority of the problems that we're facing in the world today can be remedied.


Yeah, it's at the root. Right. And it's yeah, it's tough, too, because when I start talking about education, I feel like a lot of people tune out. So that was one thing I was going to ask. Oh, boring ass.


It's so boring. It's so boring. I've spent only seven years. Yeah. It's boring as hell for me. This is tricky.


Do you guys have any tips for me to make it exciting. You should take I told you this. You should take a page out of the social dilemma. Yeah. Yeah.


Because they did a great job at explaining and. Elaborating on a subject that maybe not a lot of people really cared about, they made, they say, the stakes in that movie and we've kind of hit on it in on this show. The stakes in that movie were so high. I think where they may have went wrong is trying to show, like when they would when they were going to the little sketches or bits or like that, act out the scenes and go away from the testimonials, the talking heads of the social engineers at Google talking about how these platforms literally just mine all the data and know how long you spent on each post can predict where you're going to be next type things, what your interests are can sell you product based on that.


They made they did a very good job of keeping you captivated. So similarly with education, there has to be a way where you can show the consequences of what a stagnant, never evolving system look like. Right.


Right. Yeah. And it's one of those things where, like probably Intel, once you have kids, you're probably gonna be like, oh, wait, what was Spencer talking about with education? So I realized that part of this is a deeper purpose.


Like when people are ready to have that conversation, they'll check in.


Have you have a beard hair in my mouth? What happened to you all the time? Yeah, it's that my mustache hairs on the side. They they leak into my mouth like that. Like, look, I can actually chew on them.


Yeah, but you can, like, taste the wisdom when it goes in there.


You know, we were listening to Sadhguru yesterday. We and I think he's actually coming on the podcast Thursday.


I think he's our guest, which is Mind. My boy is a gangster. Dude, he's he's a legend.


I mean, to all of the followers watching this from India, I mean, it's the possibly largest public figure of India, really. He's the guy now.


He's the owner of the largest, most authority on artificial turf, the Sadhguru. Is that right? Forgive me. Anyone in India watches. I mean, no disrespect and I'm not up to date, but what makes you a guru on Sode?


No. So that's I think that's his name. And he is a guru in many ways.


He's like a he's a bad ass master of wisdom. I am so sorry. Yeah, it's OK. I apologize. Fine.


Yeah. Maybe just study up a little bit. But his, his beard. Oh that's the thing I noticed. I think he's ever shaved. Well he's got to be drawn. This power from somewhere is how it works.


Is that why oracles and disciples have these long and they're always what.


How, how are they always white. Why do the beards turn white the more intelligence you you garner is that it's got to be.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I don't know, it's, I don't think it's scientifically backed but I'm sure there's wisdom in there in fact.


So yeah we might have him on the pot, we have to do it outside with him which because they're taking it very seriously and rightfully so. I wish I could join for that. I mean.


Well George was fired so I you know, you'll be on we've had and we've had a lot of really good guests lately, Sadhguru.


And obviously, you know, a couple of weeks ago we got to have Charlie Rocket back on, which was an incredible oh, no incredible show for us.


And just a lot of people took a lot of inspiration from that episode. Pretty much everything he said on that episode checks out this.


It gets tricky. So tricky. I'm not trying to say I'm biased, but because he's a he's a nice guy. But I I'm I'm I'm. And there's no he is honestly, if I saw Charlie in person, I'd hug him.


Oh, my God. I thought that was going to go like I don't like ulcers. No, no.


I don't like to have animosity towards people. Like, he fucked up in that situation, didn't come clean about it.


Where I had an issue is he stepped on a platform that I helped build with you guys and lied about me.


And I was the one who helped get him here. Right? Yeah. So it's like, you know, come on, man, like Sanchez.


I didn't catch all of it. I probably tuned out or something and had a moment and I didn't I didn't feel like severe animosity coming off of them was.


But I knew, you know, because he had told me the situation about a year ago.


And I was like, oh, that's interesting. I remember thinking before he came on the podcast, I go, I hope he doesn't try to bring that up because, like, it it probably won't go his way in the long term.


And then you you hit me up after I did what he say because, like, I don't even want to.


Well, so there was there was like just briefly because it doesn't even matter. But there was at this point there was like ten thousand dollars of repairs that he had promised me he was going to do on the bus. And he didn't do them. Told me he did. And then I ended up finding out later he accidentally sent me an email with the repair shop that showed him telling the repair shop not to do it because he was struggling, which is at the end of the day, dude, if you're struggling with money, just tell me, like, I'd be like, yo, let's figure it out.


I'll cover it. No worries, but like to mix it around. But at the end of the day, I feel for him. I think there's like we're all dealing with shit personally that we don't like to be public about, and there's no shame in that. So I hope he feels OK and confident and comfortable to, like, just voice what he's doing.


Well, it's totally OK. And it's got to be hard for you to get into like any kind of spat with him because his whole platform is like being nice to people and everybody just knows he's the nicest person and to, like, get into like a thing with him.


It's so he he's accidentally sent you the email to say, yeah, that was supposed to go to the repair shop, basically saying, hey, don't repair these.


Yeah. Saying don't do. All these things we've all been I've been guilty of. No, I am the worst in this. I am the worst. And in a screenshot of the text message, oh, I see the person that you screenshot a text message that happens to all of us.


One of the most you know, that feeling when you go over to the top of the rollercoaster and you start to gain speed going down that instantaneous.


Wow, I did it. Yeah, I did it. I sent her the text message that I meant to send to Mike Fok. I had to I had two big ones.


The first time I did it was in high school because this is like a known error now and I can't be the only one I catch myself now because I've trained my brain to to really look at who I'm sending the thing to every time I do it. But any time I'm sleepy, I noticed I'm at risk. Any time I'm drunk, I notice I'm at risk and impaired in any any way. I'm not thinking about it.


But the first time it happened was actually with Greg.


With Greg P. Yeah, he was being he was being a dick or my eyes.


I was in high school. Right. He was being an asshole. He wouldn't let me go to a friend's house or something. And then he finally dropped me off there. And so I texted like Mac or something.


I was like, yeah, that fucking dickhead finally dropped me off, sent to dad, said to me, I said to Dad. And he goes, Who is the dickhead you talk about?


I was like. As ESPN networks, we keep the nation humming by connecting us all to Arlin's power network to increase the capacity and maintain the safety of the network, we may need to temporarily switch off the electricity in your area for a short period. As always, we will let you know in advance if you're going to be affected. To find out more, visit S.B Networks Doureihi.


You're just being so mean. So sorry about how many lashings did you get for that? Six. Six, yeah. Yeah, that's probably deserved. Hambro. This is a bit sensitive, but I actually actually. Nearly destroyed a relationship with one of those as well, there's a situation a few years ago where a friend, a friend was basically looking to me for approval online and you know how I am with feedback.


I'm candid. George, show me is music. We've talked about this before. George told me his music. And five years ago, I said, it's not bad.


It's not great in my opinion. I don't think this is your lane. Like, just candidly, whatever. Like maybe like I can tell you're a funny guy and you got acting chops, maybe reroute your energy into something that you're already inherently good at because music, I really do believe you got to be born with something. I don't think you can just work hard enough to develop vocal chords that sound good. Right. That are acoustically pleasing.


I think I think musicians I agree with in the right like like that's all it was.


I've always been candid with my friends and he asked me for approval on something. And this was like this is like a pretty, you know, deep rooted relationship. And I I sent a long text to Jeff saying, you know, like, I don't think this dude has the IT factor. Like, I'm not really interested in signing in. There's like a slew of problems that I don't see him developing in. I thought I sent it to my manager, Jeff.


I sent it to him.


You hate to see it. And in my mind, obviously, I felt horrible and we addressed it. But I do feel bad that to this day there are other people and through hearsay, I've learned that it still affects him. You know, something that was so it was just another business conversation in passing to my manager or so I thought that really affected the way this person created and went about their life.


So just like Beke and now and now you went and got rid of them off the podcast, fired back. At what point of view have you done so much that he's not going to forgive you anymore?


You know what I'm saying is it's. Well, that wasn't your it wasn't George that wasn't just talking about just now.


Sorry I singing about Charlie Rocket's boss. Are we still talking last on that?


Charlie, if you're watching this, I forgive you, dude. I love you.


I don't hold any animosity towards. Do you think he's he even gives a fuck though.


Hopefully not. Hopefully not. Do you think he's like, forgive me, I didn't do anything, like probably delusional.


See, here's my thing with delusional optimism. I think it's like a dangerous road to go down because sometimes it just turns into denial, like presumptuous denial.


And so I think that there's a fine line, like be be eternally optimistic. But then also it's OK to acknowledge if you're dealing with some shit, right. If you're having a bad day like suppressing it and just being like, no, everything's good. Yeah, that's not healthy. That's like suppression. So I think it's there's a fine line.


You know, I that's that's just my note on that. Speaking of speaking of verbal Schelling's, I've been under one yet again as me and Logan last week went down south to try Whataburger, we went to to Phoenix, Arizona to give Whataburger a shot because I wanted to finalize my standings on the moderate speed burger battle of twenty twenty or what we're calling now, fast casual burger battle of twenty twenty.


Only to find out that I mean how, how do I do I say this, I won't bend on this. I won't bend on this water burger. Is there one of the worst modern burger chains I've ever had in my life. I couldn't, I couldn't swallow the chicken tender. Some kid texted me today. He's like, bro, I got a bone to pick with you. Those water tenders are the best on the show and we had heard that.


But but let's but let's stay. Let's stay grounded in simply the ground beef here. OK? OK, I understand. And stick with the burger.


OK, Dave Portnoy was on the show a lot last week. I loved a great episode.


I love that episode. He's he went as far as saying that he did not believe that water burger should be classified as a moderate speed establishment, that it's more like a fast food. It was the fastest food I've ever received in my whole. It was so if we.


Ninety seconds they had us our our our cardboard burgers like this just native to the south.


The south. It's from Texas. OK, so we're still here. Some of these. So here are some of the issues. One is this misclassification potentially we may have I may have misclassified it as a moderate speed when it's actually a fast food restaurant. Heard from a bunch of people that we should have gone to Texas to try it. We went to the wrong state as a Texas started establishment. And even the bigger piece of feedback that we should have gotten, the patty melt, which is a specialty item.


Okay, so a couple of things we may have done wrong, but I say to those people this. If you want your establishment to play with the big boys in the moderate speed field, I should be able to go to any Whataburger and definitely should be able to get their main offering, which is the water burger, and be turned on and pleased by that offer. I have never gone to Shake Shack. I've never gone to five guys and gotten a subpar burger.


It doesn't matter if I go in Anchorage, Alaska, or in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.


Yeah, OK. I will say sometime, you know, I've asked for five guys there. My number one, sometimes certain five guys. The cheese won't be all the way. It'll be those just upset you.


It doesn't have to have also I love five guys that they've captured my heart forever. Right. And I'll forever put them at the top. But Whataburger, I even said in the video, I have never heard of this this chain. And forgive me, those of you who live in the South and know and love this me. Yeah, they love it. And it's I now see how I could be affecting who they are. It's a part of them.


It's part of their culture.


But my argument would be, I don't know if they really know better.


Do they know that the grass is greener on the other side? It's their in and out. It's they're in and out and so do people in L.A. in and out is everything right. It's everything. And so I don't know if the I don't know if there's no five guys down there. I don't know if there's no Shake Shack.


We arrived late at night and you're pulling my pants, right? Yeah. You have a mic. Why don't we just get home and quick. Really?


Oh, please tell me you got it. No. Managed to win on the hand. So you got a piece of hair, I got my hair, I pulled my kid's never been good with it, right? You should have thrown the Senate down.


But, you know, we got there late and there's nothing to eat. Mike, do you remember this? There was nothing to eat. Me and Milton going on a late night jog running around the city. I'm like, Mike, you got to give me food. If I don't eat, I'm in camp, I'm going to die. I it's not like, yo, I'm famish. It's like I'm going to die. Dude, my muscles start consuming themselves.


It's very bad. Is a food desert even even where we were, which I couldn't I couldn't believe that this this massive city was a food desert. Well he ordered food at two am I go to his room to get the food.


And this dude like, you know, this is the night before Taco, not waterbird. Whataburger didn't make me you didn't make me puke. This was the night before a different meal here. But I go to his room. He has me his food.


He's like a lot is like Babiuk. And I was wrong. Like, he's like, dude, I say so much food. You don't eat too much food and you throw up.


I said, no, I have a problem.


I think they took alcohol out of my diet and, you know, rampant, promiscuous sexual intercourse. I just started overeating. It's not it's not healthy and it's on people on and off.


But I ate too much. Oh. Another thing they have down south is this case. So they do Kasoulides. The Mexican restaurants there have they do kaso like heizo cheese with peppers and stuff. For whatever reason, I couldn't stop eating it. I ate and I ate until I projectile vomited of the case. Oh jeez. I know it's I never claimed to be a normal person. Guys never came on the show and said, you'll follow this dude, I'm a fucking lunatic.


Know you're not ready to. If it affected me. Mike, I walked. I left the room with the food, my hands confused, mainly hazy. I'm down the hall. I was like, hey, sorry about all the whole throwing out that thing and all I said, it's fine as long as it's not in the food.


But it's it's definitely interesting how cuisine differs depending on your location.


Like we're blessed in L.A., right. We can have that organic, healthy diet.


And I was just going to say, like this whole conversation, I'm just like vegan vegan mind is just like learning right now.


What do you do when you go well? So there's a there's a fast food restaurant. I would love to take you guys sometime. It's called Plant Power in San Diego. It's like the only vegan drive thru that I've ever come across.


It's OK. But what if you're in Arizona and you're not in San Diego? Shit out of luck. No. You know, really, what do you do?


You go to 7-Eleven, you go to Whataburger for something or something and you're saying, yeah, past 11:00 p.m. What do you do thing? Dude, there's nothing out there. Whataburger can't control this conversation.


Similarly to B.K., I think Whataburger has an impossible burger. Carl's junior does, too. Their role in them out. And we always talked about it. You were on the side of this conversation. You always said this day was going to come and now you continue to see these fast food joints. Roll it out. I want to just put a pin in the end of this put this end of the statement out to anyone I've offended. I will try again.


I will go to San Antonio or something like that. I'll get the patty melt. I think you need a shot. Need Shahdadkot. My my tweet. He said, you know, you're absolutely right. I think a lot of other people feel the same way. And, you know, we'll go back. We'll try to. Yeah.


Also to the people that you've offended, like maybe just don't care. I mean, stay still true in your in your lane. If if they need to improve Whataburger for you to be pleased with it, then let it happen.


It's also fascinating how you know how you you know how you forget the past. Like there were like we met he managed to get that food that made him throw up via post mates at two AM.


Right. But there was a time when post office wasn't around crazy. I don't remember how I would have gotten food at one time, especially not during covered in the shutdown. So the restaurants are closing extra early.


I don't remember. I don't know how I would have done it. And I think about this a lot. How before Uber, if I was just living in Ohio and I wanted to go to a friend's house with no car, how did I get to their house? What was the taxi services?


There's so many things that technology, because of the the comfort and convenience of life that we're living in now, we really do take it for granted. And we forget like like here's one Sadhguru example. He was talking about how he's traveling American on his motorcycle. Right. And I was thinking, OK, he probably put the GPS on his phone, puts it right where he can see it before the phone when he was still riding his motorcycle around India or wherever he was.


How did he navigate on a motorcycle? It's like, does he take out a map while he's driving and say, OK, I got to get off the one to one, take a left on your mind?


Yeah, I think their minds were, like, more sharper when it came to looking at a map. And then you kind of knew, like, your bearings, like today if you just, like, plucked a millennial out and put them in the desert, including myself, and said, face north right now, I'd be like, oh, do you know how many times I've known that I'm supposed to take the turn on to the 405?


And instead of simply turning onto the 405, I'm driving while looking at my phone, which doesn't catch up in time. So I drive past the 405 because my little dot. Because I'm not a human driving a car anymore, I am simply a little dot on a screen for sure, I don't exist. I am a one in a zero multiple times over an algorithm. That's all we are now. That's all we are now. There's no there's no more.


Com you know how you used to get places you go for rides with your parents. Now your parents are little blue bubbles that appear in a text message. You don't even see you don't even know what they look like. I have no idea. They're just little bubbles except for in your case, because face time 12 times a day, which they shot out. But, you know, it's it's a it's a major question. How did you get food at two a.m.?


I don't know for this. You fucking did it. You went to sleep.


You didn't eat no food at two a.m. which is why we are about to be the people from Lollie. Oh, no, Bones.


I always think we did Seabag back in the day, though, you would scour the snack cabinet in the fridge for whatever, like if there was a Kraft single and like some mayo or something.


That's it. Yeah, that's fine. That'll do. Who does this ready.


You open the fridge, you look up, you look down, Nathan, you open the freezer, you look up, you look down. Nothing. Patrick definitely got something good going in the pantry. You look up, you look down. Nothing back to the fridge. Yo, I've done this for thirty to forty minutes straight at a time before because I feel like I'm twenty minutes in and I go, I know something's going to happen. I got to get creative.


Something's in there bro. I would spend so much time just hoping I can conjure some sort of food in my fridge. Something's always there though.


Eventually you find, you find the jelly in the back and you look up in the bread cabinet and there's one piece of bread. It's always the end. It's always there. The scrape off like a little bit inside something mysterious. And you cry while you eat this because you've got no toaster for some reason. By the way, none of that stuff was there the first time you looked. So keep in mind, it was there. The jelly wasn't there.


The bread was there was only there on the 12th doll, like almost like Sadhguru. It was like, you know, I give these motherfuckers something. They have nothing at all. Can we talk about Kanye West? Oh, I don't want we have to talk. He doesn't want me.


I'm so sorry. What is he doing? What he needs to put out a new video.


I support I support all of this from Ray. I'm a huge guy.


Well, let's talk about it. He put out a new video today. I'd like to pull it up. And I don't know. America, what is America? I am so sorry.


Yes. Let me tell people what.


If you could just play this, if you can, I might just play a fucking video. Why does he have the laptop now? What are you doing? What are you going to fire himself?


I want to justify why we have to think about all of these things together as a people to contemplate our future, to live up to our dream.


We must have a vision. We as a people will revive our nation's commitment to faith, to what our Constitution calls the free exercise of religion.


Who put them against that green screen? Who is he looking at? Who is he looking at? He doesn't, including looking at America. Prayer through prayer. Faith can be restored. We as a people are called to a greater purpose than ourselves. We are not only assigned to the world, but we should be servants to each other to encourage each other, to help each other, to lift up each other, our fellow Americans that we may all prosper together.


We have to act on faith with the sure knowledge that we are pursuing the right goals and doing the right things. We will build a stronger country by building stronger families. Families are the building blocks of society of a nation. By turning to faith, we will be the kind of nation, the kind of people God intends us to be. No, no, no, no. This is a great idea, Subha execution. OK, stop, that was the message.


I like the message, right.


So, I mean, that message is single handedly, way, more way better than anything Biden and Trump have put out.


This is an instance for a movie about a utopia. Stop here, I listen, I love it. I love the positivity. Don't get me wrong. And by the way, huge fan of my dark, beautiful Twisted Fantasy. Great album and love to shoot you everywhere you go. But just him against the black and white flag with videos of the river running through the Grand Canyon, straight, straight cut to a woman sponging out a towel in the kitchen and just him just staring off.


So is the is the issue here the B roll? The B roll confuses me. And also, I didn't believe him. You can see him reading a teleprompter. You see his eyes going from left to right.


Right. Like he could have prepared that. I mean, most Trump no prepared.


But do you hear him saying, listen, guys, if you're going to deliver a message that kind of impact, like memorize it's a minute and a half.


At the end of the day, this is a this is an advertisement for my. This is a advertising genius. Here's the thing. I'm going to go after this podcast. I'm going to buy every single one of them. I take back everything I said. He's he's not trying to be president. He's trying to spread a good message and make money.


You won. I'm OK. OK, OK. So hold on a couple.


I want I want to intro a couple of questions here. He also put out a tweet today that he wants to go on Rogan Rogan's I would assume is one hundred percent going to take that interview was the one where he was on Rogan before? No, no, no. He was down for the interview before, so he wants to go on.


Rogan There's been a lot of questions about who a vote for Kanye is is really a vote for because OK, let's say this again.


We said it on the Mac episode. Matt caught a bunch of heat for being a candidate for president supporter. Let's be one hundred percent clear here. I will not mince words. Kanye West has absolutely no chance of being the president of this country in twenty in twenty, twenty especially. I don't even know if he's qualified to run in every state. I don't know what the fuck is going on here. Let's not mince words, Kanye. Kanye West will not be the president of this country come twenty, twenty one.


That's not going to happen. We all know that we're all aligned to any disagreement. No, I mean that seems like a fact. Just like the fact the sky is blue kite type five Hail Marys exist.


They do. They do. But they rarely hit their targets. They usually get intercepted. And that's what I'm bringing up. OK, OK, this one's getting picked off. Who is who is who is a vote for.


Can you vote for now. A lot. Now a lot of people have said that a vote count is a vote for Trump because I guess historically the African-American vote who people I guess would say is is the convo is it is usually a Democratic vote for a Democratic candidate.




But strangely here, Konya created a very visible and an open relationship with Trump in the past couple of years, which which, if you know about that relationship, does that then push people who may have like Trump's ideas and say, well, Kanye makes better shoes and better albums and doesn't, you know, do the things I don't like and doesn't tweet crazy? Oh, he does crazy shit. Yeah. But, you know, doesn't do some of these things.


Maybe I'll vote for Kanye. So who is it hurting? Who is this campaign hurting?


Well, I always come back to and and Logan, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this because of what Sadhguru was saying yesterday with the very idea of a democracy is that we get to exercise our right to vote. And so that no matter if we make a mistake with our vote, no matter who we vote for, it's really individually whoever we think is the person that is going to do it best. And in America, we all get that right.


Right. So when everybody says, go vote, go vote, go vote. I love that message because we are so blessed to be able to vote for someone to lead our country every four years. Right. That we don't have a dictator and then their son gets elected and then their son gets elected. So it's tough for me to condemn somebody because of who they're voting for.


At least it's so at least they're voting. You're saying, yeah, I at least vote. Right? You're right, because it's better enough. It's tricky. So voting, you know, when I was 18, 19, 20, wasn't wasn't I don't know, I didn't have the urge to go vote. And I would hear from my peers and my elders, people who are smarter than me, that this is what makes your democracy fella right. You got to go out there and exercise your vote.


And until I came into my adulthood, I didn't realize that that's so true, that we are the people, obviously, who shape our country.


But it didn't see I didn't seem to care until I became an adult. And I see it now starting to affect me. I was talking to a Tick-Tock star. I was like, yeah, Biden or Trump. He goes, What do you mean? I go, Are you voting for Biden or Trump? He goes, Oh man, don't hate me, but I'm not going to vote. I said, Yo, youngster.


You got to get your ass out there and vote you and all your friends and all your followers who are of age need to get that, get their ass out there and go exercise your right to vote, because I do think it's the important it is the foundation of this country and a lot of young people, because there's a lot of them don't think it's sexy enough or significant enough to go to the voting booth, but don't simply stroll into the voting booth.


I think the bigger message that needs to be spoken more is go educate yourself and then vote. Go educate yourself now, which is so hard.


It's hard to do in this climate, in this climate, because there is so much bullshit, there is so much bullshit. But but really pandering. There are everything lobbying, pandering, social media pundits at what point. But what they really need to do is you need to find a way to go look at what the candidates are actually running on. What is the actual platform?


What is that what is their what are their real beliefs and ideologies and what what, you know, bills are they trying to pass? People need to educate themselves. And it brings me to a greater question. At what point are some of these things more of a mockery to the process? OK, there was a there was a massive vote in for Harambee in twenty sixteen.


Haramis dead man, and also he's a gorilla. He's not a human, he's not a human right. How do you vote for a deceased gorilla? And people are like, well, at least they went out there and voted, man, no, you fucking moron. They went out and voted for a dead zoo animal. That's not that's not fucking right. What do you it's like saying like, oh, the kids got to eat and the kid eats the telephone and the parents are like is eating.


No, you fucking Tomas, what are you doing?


Educate yourself on the candidates role. Dog, don't go vote Konya because you know, he makes dope shoes. We already went through this on this show. We're not going to do this again. Forkball, educate yourselves and vote accordingly. Yeah, I think that's a great message. Right.


Great for them. Like a suspect in Hillsborough. This one's tricky. OK, I do want to line it up approach with how she's got guys. I always approach. Go ahead. Go ahead. A suspect because he hasn't been convicted of the crime, although video is generally relatively great and convictions in Hillsborough County, I don't know where this is stabbed a police deputy in the neck during a stop in a pursuit.


Can can I point something out? Yes. Does anyone notice anything about that young man in the video that that I'm seeing? I'm not the only one seeing this.


So the reason I bring it up is he's actually wearing your merch man. Oh, he's wearing a maverick hoodie.


And I think the cop gets a little bit. Let me.


Yeah, that appears to be your once again also deceased bird, maverick, the parrot and deceased Mirch. We don't we don't make that any movie that we made that four years ago.


Right. Well, this this this this irks me in every way, obviously. And this this gets this gets I don't know why.


Pretty violent show on this podcast. OK, so so so he's about to make this arrest here. I'm going to zoom past this. Should we skip the stabbing with the taser. Yeah. So so he so he he tries to arrest this kid. This kid actually pulls a knife out and stabs the deputy in the neck.


It's just so, so, so the cop is in pursuit of the kid who just stabbed him in the neck right now.


Gun drawn firearm. Yep. Play I think even says like I'm.


Stop, stop right now. I got me a good point, because it was it's so now you have to make a decision.


You're this cop, the kid you stabbed you in the neck, the lethal, lethal force. He's running away. He's armed, he's a threat, he's definitely a threat. You're in the middle of the woods. In this scenario, this police officer would have been justified in taking his life for sure. He had already been stabbed. This kid is obviously a threat. Yeah, and I think the argument that I see here is, you know, if this man was, you know, African-American or not white, would they have shot him dead?


God knows. No, the officer going to be the one.


Turns out this is a fantastic job.


Takes out his taser.


I'm sorry to say this, but I love those Taser face knives. Like when when somebody fucks with the cop and they like brawl. You said you stabbed a cop. Like I'm debilitates you. I'm excited to see you face down. Yeah. I'm sorry. Yeah.


Yeah, but. But. There's so many things to talk about in this video, and Spencer, you brought up one of them and obviously, you know, the maverick Mirch is just another just probably one of the worst brand plays I've seen today.


It's really bad. That's that's the that's a counterfeit kind of approach, by the way. It's not the real one. The kid got it from a from some.


OK, applaud. You got to applaud this. Officer Hafter in that moment when he had the ability and. Right. Rightful ability and I don't know what state this is or what the law is. So I want to speak out of turn it.


Maybe he didn't have the ability to shoot, but switching from his firearm to his taser when he realized that this kid was a threat but had a close threat, a knife, which which if at moderate range, you could take care of it without without killing this, I think if the kid came at the officer, there's no question he might not be alive.


No question he's already he's already right. So but but as we watch this video, we talked to a couple of people about it. It brought up not only the officer's conduct, which was incredible, but also just the mental illness issue that we have in this country. And I think this this kid is obviously mentally ill and disturbed and, well, it would have been justified. It's also very sad to continue to see these all these these interactions between police and mentally ill people that end badly because clearly this kid needs help.


And it's a shame that it wasn't identified or taken care of before he reached the point of no return.


Right. Like, I don't know what we need to do.


And maybe this is something you might have answers to. Spencer, in addressing addressing those who suffer from mental illness. Like, I would presume there's some sort of deep rooted mental illness here. The kid's 21. He's got he's been arrested before for previous violent offenses. We found out and it is a shame that there's not a system in place where something like this doesn't happen anymore. Right. Because, you know, he's lucky to have to still be alive today.


I don't I don't think anyone, if the cop shot him, would have been like wall of shame. I mean, maybe there would have been some backlash. But you stabbed a cop in the fucking neck, right?


I think it is in our backyard as well. When we look at the homeless situation in L.A., which is like a huge cause for so many people leaving, I'm sure Ben Shapiro is he I know he's voice that so definitely a fact.


I mean, I live in Venice now and it's horrible. I've lived in in Venice, Santa Monica for four years. It is horrible. And so many of them deal with mental health issues. So it's strange that our legislation here in California, they're passing laws that make it legal for them to just live on the side of the street.


It's just a anywhere. It's just a really tricky topic because. No, no, because I was going to finish this before.


Yeah, it's awkward, to say the least. Oh, I didn't know you were going to be. We don't.


We don't. We don't. Well, what are you doing? Logan gave me. What are you doing? What are you doing? Stop, stop, stop. What is happening right now are we're doing. What do you mean what am I doing? What are you guys doing here? Or in the pocket of the book, you're going to bring a guy whose bare feet to the podcast. He's barefoot.


I did not show feet. I can't see your feet. You were fired. I'm fired.


No, no.


Don't you go to the jungle. Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie. We didn't fire him. Why is he not in the jungle?


We didn't fire him. We just showed up late. You did.


You were supposed to be in Hawaii. Why are you. Oh, no. He went to Michigan after that. You went to Michigan after Hawaii from Michigan.


OK, my condolences. Quick. Oh, he's got you stuck on the whole Michigan collateral damage. I'll pull up. Pull up a chair. We got George. We asked you repeatedly to sit on my lap. Sit on my lap. No, I'll be here. All host meets new hosts. You just like a puppet. Except for my hands up.


Yeah, it's more. Never mind. I right. I'm excited. George, do you want to sit on us.


You see. Where are you going.


I mean that seems a little weird. Oh I really got a good dependent on real bendy.


It's all good. Yeah. Pull up that microphone. We'll just continue where we left off. I mean I'd like to switch topics. Right. Of course I was getting a little heavy. Yeah, it's heavy stuff. And now George here, let's let's let's do some more. Hello. Hello. Oh sick. This one works. It's good, right. Oh fantastic.


Guys, October is upon us. Oh boy.


That means spooky season has returned. What's up with his chair.


That's the one you have to guess it has no back. My sister. Six nine. Can I have your turn. You have this one. Don't you dare bring up six, nine or honey, you know how badly that went from. But it is a great fuck anyways. October has returned. That means spooky season is upon us. No, I feel like today might be a great day to talk about some of our favorite scary flicks. Everyone likes scary flicks.


They like a good no, no, no.


They're more into to thrillers.


I've been a fan. Oh, yeah, because you have that movie that I got, right? It's fine, it's fine. We're proud of it. Yeah. So I hate to do. You're scared of them. That's terrifying. Why?


No, I do not watch it. We would literally when he was single, when we were single, we would just try to invite girls over and get cuddly with them and dead cold faced.


No, I can't because I'm clinging on the girl and I'm like gripping too hard because I'm terrified. It's it's you know what ones get me the paranormal. I can do Ghar, I can do Thriller, I can do suspense when we get to paranormal, when I'm talking about ghosts, things that I can't see that are fucking with me and my mentor.


We went out, we went and saw Quiet Place is out. It was fantastic. What a great movie. And by the way, the advertisement for Quiet Place to Fire has been up at LAX for 18 months now. It says in March in twenty nineteen. Is that is that a good thing or a bad thing?


Because honestly, at this point, it's a great promotion.


That's a good point, that they paid that one time and they just stuck it up because nobody else wants to buy it.


But great film. Great film. I'm currently the reason I bring this up, by the way, is I'm currently watching American Horror Story. I know everyone watching this has already seen it. You all have probably already seen it. I'm watching the one about the murder house. Yeah. Great show. Yeah. Great show.


Fantastic trying to get the director of those seasons on this podcast. That would be incredible. Yeah. Yeah. Gritty, grimy. I mean, the thought process that went into that show is like you got to have you've got to be a pretty fucked up individual to.


So I met the person who wrote all the final destinations once again, and I'm looking at this guy.


I'm like. I'm trying to gauge whether or not he's like a fucking sicko because there's some fucked up shit that happens in final destination.


There have been very I know he was like, I don't know, I've never met Stephen King.


Right. But he was like this was like a normal dude. This was it was normal, like nice human being. Was he, like, coked up while he was writing his novels or was that somebody else?


Oh, it's every other person. If you got it, you're not going to like you're not going to do well like everybody like Star Wars. You think he was sober writing star? Oh, no. OK, then his sister. Sister Leah. Yeah. All of a sudden sister middle of the movie. OK, yes. They have lasers out of their brain and at no point do they bring it out unless they have to and they need it.


That's it.


I saw something crazy from Joaquin Phoenix when he was preparing for the Joker. I got to mentally get on that level. You guys have seen that? Yeah, right.


Yeah, I didn't watch it. Oh, I mean, I watched the movie. I didn't see him prepare for it. Yeah. It's arguably one of the best movies.


Incredible he to prepare for that watched animals being slaughtered really just like endless roles of animals being slaughtered to get on the vibration of like actually being able to pull fly. So people are doing they have to do something to get onto that level.


Yeah. Moving on to more dark things because I feel like we're on that way off the movies. Nope. Same exact movie.


OK, I mean this might get cut, but it's really sad that I had to walk out of that theater because I was so scared somebody was going to shoot up the theater while watching it. It was right when the movie came out. There were so many others. A ton of I was shown I couldn't even focus on the movie that I was like, yo, if somebody's going to shoot up, something like this is the place to do it.


We were going to go together and you didn't come for that reason. And then I tried to do it and everybody kept making fun of me. They're like, dude, you're paranoid. And then I sat there and I could not remember anything that was going on because I just kept do. Somebody went up to go get popcorn and they got up. And I did ask, where are you going? And the guy's like, I'm going to get popcorn.


Can we should we tell one story?


Oh, my God. You know that that was was it what movie was it during a quiet place? It was.


It was during one of those like Thriller, intense, insane insanity. Basically. You want to run it.


I'll go ahead and do it because I want to get back to the horror movie. Yeah, everyone loves a good horror movie recommendation, but you look me in the eyes and tell me the story. No, because there's more than one of you on the podcast.


And I like the well, and there's an audience as well. I assume you'd like to address them as well. Check it out. We're in this movie theater and after that one shooting from I believe it was Batman in Colorado or.


Yeah, everyone's been terrified of of theater shootings, obviously. And so for these high stakes thriller, insane based movies, I'm always on edge. And we went to see one and we brought our whole group. Me and Mike were in the front row. And we see a group of like, oh, we heard it from.


Yeah, so so three to four people all at the same time are like taking these fucking things out from under them and like screwing. And you hear, you hear.


No you know Branch I go scary you know, I go, I go, I don't hear that.


And I turn around and sure enough, like I'm talking like, like sticks this big and like they're putting them together. I go, yo, this isn't I don't like I don't fuck with this shit. I am the guy who leaves before the bad thing happens because I'm not like afraid of looking dumb or I'm leaving. Right. So Mike and I spread out and we go to the the employee and employer and employee with y'all. It's like someone's like something like it looks like a rifle like I don't know how to tell you this wherever he goes, I like like how high up I was like I don't know, like five, seven rows are like oh that's like that's our def section, like our hearing impaired section.


They set up these screens so that they can actually get subtitles within the movie.


Oh so ok. OK, so we're safe.


I think it's better to play it safe in that situation. But also I felt like a fucking dickhead dude just trying to watch a movie in here. I am thinking they're going to shoot shoot everyone. Would you have felt like more of a dickhead if they did shoot everyone else? Would you do anything about it? You feel you were dead, so you can't say anything. Yeah. Would you feel more of a dick.


What are you doing? And they don't respond to you. Go what are you doing? And not responding like just about how scary that she was because they're looking down and they can't hear you. But it was it was horrifying to stick, he said. Speaking of speaking of scary movies, you brought a final destination.


That's a movie that changed. How many movies have changed the way people thinking about think about driving on the highways every time you get behind a truck that's got logs on it.


Oh, you see the way you drove, that's crazy. So that's that's the kind of impact that some of these fucking movies have.


If I see a truck with rebar, I'm like in the other lane, dude, are you that bar or palate's? Yeah. No Palate's for me. No logs for me. I don't really fuck with semis. When I'm, when I'm sandwiched between two semis, I will press my brakes. Y'all can go ahead.


Yeah. I watched a couple recently. It follows was in the.


And that film didn't watch it. You should watch it, it's an independent film that starts slow. A lot of films start slow, but we had the patience to sit through it and it ended up being pretty riveting film.


It follows Gerald's game I watched was another interesting one.


The Hills Have Eyes is a of a gruesome favorite of mine. That's absolutely disgusting. It's about a family that ends up in a nuclear testing site, I think somewhere in like Utah or something.


And they run into this like family of of people that have been affected by nuclear fallout. Absolutely disgusting film. I also love the hostile series Hostile, another gruesome, gruesome horror or horror movie about these these guys that go to what, like Eastern Europe and they get brought into it.


They think they're going to this hostile. But it's really a place where rich, very wealthy or rich people can come and kill people. And so they get sold into this system. Another disgusting movie that I love. But it's that time of year. It's that time of year, guys. Yeah.


I'm not so into Halloween. I like dressing up. No, no, I'm 25 then. Yeah I know.


I'm saying for parties and stuff, but you can never be too. Oh yeah. Yeah I'm twenty five year old. I just said I just put a bow tie on and I say I'm like yeah no strippers.


I dress up my logs to make me money but I'm not going to show up to the party because someone else is doing it.


But I'm, I'm the guy dude. I'm the stooge for Halloween. That's me. I'm, I'm in the no fun club. The Grand the Grand Isle. Carve the shit out of your pumpkin. But the moment I see like heavy makeup coming in and. People switching costumes throughout the night for the different parties, you know, I'm saying it's too much. No, no, no.


I know people who do this to go from party to party to party and switch costumes each time just to just to Milkin for like, that's a serious party was last year. And I went to this Halloween one and I was with my girlfriend. So pointless. When you're in a relationship, Halloween parties kind of suck. I sound like some Karens.


Yeah, I know. I know. I know. Shame on you. I'm an old man. I know. You can say I know you defended it. But I mean, listen, if people want to you know what I always say different strokes for different folks. If you know, you get your rocks off dressing as a toaster for one event, ketchup and mustard with your significant other for the next one.


By all means, I like clever costumes, like I was a kissing booth in eighth grade that worked out very nice. I think Halloween came originally from the Day of the Dead. Yeah, I was actually just about to. So like, it's funny how the Western culture is like, let's just dress like sluts.


Like, that's not the tradition of what it was supposed to be. Everything, even Christmas.


Well, everything that got these thigh high boots for church, I fuck Christmas.


I love Christmas like I know what it's crazy how different holidays activate people differently. For some reason I like I'll carve the jack o' lantern. That's fun for me dressing up. I have no interest in what am I because I could care less and always have cared less about like fashion and what people are wearing. I care about people. Yeah.


So like Christmas is a celebration of people and connection between you and your loved ones. Halloween. I'm not really I don't love the vanity of of maybe what takes. Well it's a very important day.


I mean Halloween to to the point over on that day, I don't remember who said it is based on the feast of all the eve of the Western Christian Feast of All Hallows Eve. And I think now and it's a and it's a the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead. And I in American Horror Story, the murder house, there's a whole episode about it around it being the only day the dead can walk the streets. They can leave, they can leave it amongst the living, could walk amongst the living.


And so that's what happens on Halloween every year that the dead walk amongst the living.


Right. And now we're strong. Now we're kind of like skort or anybody that says Thanksgiving is a is a my favorite holiday.


It's good. It's a good gathering. Your family doesn't argue, though, at the at the table. Do my parents argue when they the first thing that before they brush their teeth they argue. Oh no. Yeah. Like but that's just the Middle Eastern roots. And when I came out here and people weren't arguing, I think what's wrong with this? What what do they argue about, bro?


It's not like it's kind of like, you know, you grow up and you're like it's not what you say, it's how you say it.


We say everything with anger, like it's like, come on, pass me the bread basket, you idiot. Right there. That's what you get for being on that side.


That's the same dad that once said, put it all on seven now.


Yeah, my due do they will love the shit on each other and like I mean I can't say that anymore because times have changed, but like ethnic people are very aggressive and loud, but they kind of like they stick together.


They run that shit until they're into the grave. Right.


Christmas is a funny one because they just came out and said, like, hey, you guys know that's not Jesus birthday.


And we're like, yeah, we knew that from day one. No, no, we don't.


Sorry, I did. After finding out right now, it's not his birthday. That's what's his what's his big Easter time. Right. Like April. Something I got something darker, actually.


Demonic thing. Can we slow down with Santa being demonic. Slow the fuck down, George.


Slow down the three kings show up to the to the barn. God, I feel like I'm doing the Pokémon thing again. I know this story. Three Kings, they show up to the pastor pasture behind the hotel that was overbooked Christmas Eve on Christmas. And there's a baby with Mary.


My God. What and what do you mean? The three wise men know that was sent by the sorry, the three wise men that bring the gifts. Oh, I thought it was we three kings. No, because the kids not saw them. And you want the king wanted to kill. You got a song that goes with the story regardless. Tell me this, George.


What what day would Jesus go to Chuck E. Cheese. What's what's his birthday man?


What do you say? I mean, I absolutely know.


Did you just ask Jeff when Jesus was born? Yeah. Jesus was a Jewish carpenter. Jesus. Yeah. Jesus, Jew. I know.


But George, you're telling me it's not on the twenty fifth, but you don't know what day is on now because technically, technically, Jesus never was like going to celebrate.


What if we just like Googled it on one of. It's not, it's not proven. That's a crazy thing. We just like look it up. It's a hypothetical Easter with the.


That's why I said I thought it was like April 4th.


There was no Easter eggs. Are you asking me what you saw was for I thought you have claimed knowledge when Jesus was born.


Few in the first two Christian centuries, although Christians celebrate on December twenty fifth.


Right. Is there a chance, like the food that you find in the fridge on the fourth go around, that Jesus wasn't born? In fact he was just conjured? Could be just that's why we celebrate multiple days. That's why you get a little little food hangover.


You wake up, make a little turkey sandwich. I don't know.


I'm going to go ahead and say that he was. Born from a virgin. What do you know, the son of God? All right, so I mean, we got funny stories.


Yeah, there's no more impulsive moment than going from the things falling off the truck during final destination. Somehow that's not really smart, which, by the way, what do we gain?


He pours me on the way back from the from the the pizza catastrophe that I did pizza get. No, no, please don't put that on the pizza. No, no, no. You said no, no, no. You said were you talking about the pork. I will bring you guys with me.


Portnoy Did you guys think that trebly sin is getting dark?


I'll bring I'll bring everybody OK. On the way back from the impulsive of Justin, I always drive from trucks to cars, away some cars next to the truck. The semi truck didn't see the semi truck and just fully just into the boom, got to check your blind spots and it was to slam on the brakes.


Almost died.


Tough to miss a semi. It really is. You got to be legally blind. Can I can I talk about the Pokemon stream RehabCare.


Oh, please do something. You just go to that already. The first we should have.


But I am so proud of what we, the community team Maverick was able to accomplish just yet another round of applause for what was a world record setting, internet rippling event that we didn't we didn't know it was going to be this big.


I would have been happy with fifty thousand people watching and 300, 250 to 300 thousand people watching concurrent watching a grown ass man, three stadiums full of people watching a grown ass man open cardboard for three hours straight, didn't dip below two fifty type shit crazy. At this moment in time, the video posts stream has seven point four million views, more than more than most of my blogs.


I don't know what it is, and I'm trying to wrap my head around how that's possible.


Maybe it is because we drew the Shazad for a German fellow named Kevin Papa plot.


They do Pokémon means so much to so many people. I still remember the day that I bionics in that first you do in the first.


Oh, Brock Sonic's. It was the it was the greatest moment of my life. I was in the swimming locker room just chilling in my Speedo. Just I did it dude. Yeah. So when you posted this dream you like brought something back.


I did you a little. Hey, not before there's not a lot.


Hey Mike. Mike broke during the stream. He said, he said, yo, I got I got to say like bro. Three hundred thousand people watching after I drew the shazad. I don't I've never seen donations flow that fast in my life. Everyone donated two to two dollars credit. We got like seventy two thousand by the end of the stream. Right now we did reach our goal. We raise like one hundred thirty thousand dollars for the National Alliance on Mental Illness.


And Mike broke. He said, yeah, I know I've had my reserves, but I'm proud of you, man.


And it is fascinating how Pokémon brings people together because it's so much deeper than Pokemon. We have people here who are girls.


They have a couple of girls over and just eyes locked on what card was going to come next. And I get calls and people like I don't know anything about Pokemon, but something about you pulling those cards for people and freaking out of the charge of the energy is so contagious and it's so fun and it's benefiting charity. And so many people watching in the event had a magnitude. I never thought.


Well, think about it. First of all, I sat on that stream. I want to clarify this, that it was the first time I was proud of you. That is not fucking true. I'm proud of you every day, your incredible fucking person and proud of you so many times.


But watching the potential for someone to get rich quick is exciting. Yeah, whether you like Pokemon or not, if you did a live stream of Logan doing scratch offs that people paid twenty bucks, more people would watch that. And I mean, I got to say, whoever that was, that did the color commentary with you as well was absolutely incredible. Well, so we were we were vacillator, we were vastly underprepared. We didn't I you and I both thought you'd be there for two minutes and make a couple of jokes and leave three hours later.


You're calling Madama. I thought it was so I'm trying to. And by the way, Ben Shapiro once again got a ton of action in that live stream because Bill, one of the Pokemon trainers resembled in no way but to me resembled Ben Shapiro against a brick wall.


And I said that so many times in a lot of pokie fanatics and likelike true Pogi fanatics said you did a great job of playing the straight the straight guy, the guy who didn't know about the thing and would comment on it. So you captured and entertained the audience who was like who has no idea what's happening, but people want to watch you call or say the item finders, use this to find your cell phone when it should have been a fifty thousand dollar car.


They called me.


They call me the guy that made it possible for the Lehmann's to watch that. What? That's what they said.


So it was cell phone and the audio we didn't know was going to be this big. And so the stream ended and I'm like, oh, my God, if this wasn't a case study for for something that could be absolutely brilliant as I as I continue. Growing as an entrepreneur, businessman, entertainer, I don't know what is, so I got the bug, I got to do it again, right? I have to do it again. That's what I was going to ask.


Are there these are these produced packs exist? Do more of them exist? Needles in a haystack, not to mention, are they extremely hard to find? If you do find them, the chances of someone being willing to sell are low. I fucked myself because everyone thinks the boxes. I sold the packs at eleven thousand one hundred and eleven dollars each. There's thirty six of them. I made around three hundred and eighty thousand dollars. I spent two hundred thousand dollars in the box.


That's not including some of the sponsorships. We did donate 50 K from current to nomy, but it was, it was a, it was a very strategic fund business play where we were able to do a good thing, make some money personally and also put on a fantastic show. But I screw myself because everyone now thinks that the boxes can be sold at the premium that I sold the packs for. Does that make sense? The packs weren't there, not eleven thousand one hundred eleven dollar packs, maybe, maybe maybe six to eight thousand dollar packs.


But the premium was the fact that I see your name on the thing again. The German kid, Papa Platek Kevin Teller, who drew the Char's aunt, made a video out of it's going to get two million views. Every creator that was involved makes a video out of it's an experience and that's what I was selling. Unfortunately, now that I'm on that hunt again, apex predator style dog, someone goes today, they go, Yeah, I'm selling my dogs.


Four hundred twenty five thousand dollars politely suck my dick.


Problem is, he's going to get it. No, no, he's not. I don't know who the market is. No, no he is not. The market is not there yet, which is a problem because a lot of a lot of the guidance that I was receiving during the stream were inflated prices.


The market isn't there yet. PSA nine first edition cards. Three in value since my video came out. There they are there yet people have this delusion of how much a their first edition based cards are worth granted. They're still appreciating, but not at the level that everyone thinks now, because the screen and this is my screw myself.


I know because I'm negotiating against myself, because everyone thinks they can sell me for a thousand bucks, bro, I will not buy. I get it.


And was this the first video that you had as a number one trending for like a few years? We had one earlier this year.


I don't know what it was, but yeah, it was it's it's just cool. It's very cool to see people, YouTube advertisement companies receptive to me. Again, like, I I've made a slew of mistakes. And there was a time in my life after the first fight where I said I I'm not asking to be forgiven. I'm asking to earn the chance to be forgiven.


And after grinding and hustling and really changing who I was and the way I carried myself, especially publicly, I'm in a great spot.


And I and I'm and I'm so happy that I have awesome people around me and and people who were once turned off in Earth by the sight of me. Now see me with a beard and go.


There might be some wisdom that there might be some wisdom in this in this young man's life who was once a young man but is now turning out to be a fine, young, bearded human.


I think you're also on the forefront of innovating entertainment and, you know, impact, which is like the Mike Tyson fight. And like they're raising quite a bit of money for charity.


But the fight, I think that's a really cool model that's happening right now, that you're at the forefront of helping to to navigate optimize everything to concepts that I'm obsessed with recently, optimize everything. We optimized the shit out of that stream from selling the packs at a premium to putting on a fantastic show, to raising money for charity, to getting sponsorships to allow me to contribute, raising money for charity while still making a profit. Everyone likes making money.


Not all of us like working for free.


Some of us do, you know, but like it's it's it's part of the game that I look at me. I don't know. It's part of the game. You have to be like we were able to fly out a member of the Mavor Club. Fucking Vinny pulled one of the second best card. He was in the Maverick Club. He goes, Yo, I bought a pack them in the club. I go, we're flying you out. You're coming to my house.


You're watching live. We flew him out here. He was on with us. He was awesome. We drew a fucking Blastoise.


And so again, and optimization in allowing chances and allowing us to fulfill a goal, a desire or want from one of the members of one of our most cherished verticals and also leverage your life.


Imagine if I went on this dream and three hundred thousand people were watching and we didn't donate money to anything. There's three hundred thousand people they're eager to fix this broken, fucked up world that we live in. And if I'm at the helm saying, hey, look to the right, look to the right, you see a little browser. Yeah. Donate button, draw shazad verbal agreement. Everyone donate two bucks. Thirty, thirty, twenty thirty thousand people did it, insanity, leverage everything, I was able to sell the packs at a premium because of my YouTube channel.


My YouTube channel allowed me to make a contribution to charity.


I don't know where to go from there, but but but but it may be because of the charity tied in with the rest of the of the programming allowed me to put on a brilliant show to entertain 300000 people in our seven point five million people.


Just just magically just really, really magical.


I think it's a model a lot of people could learn from, including the people who lead us, you know, like can can we instead of arguing with each other, could we attach more social causes?


You know, could we, like, plant more trees? Could we take care of people's mental health? Could we. There's so many things that we can do.


Imagine being in this in this 20, 20 and not having that at least on the on the burner. So, you know what I'm saying? It's just it's wild to me.


Yeah. There's a couple of other things here. We could we could end it out, we think to you and God, you got anything else going on?


I mean, we just got George back with his curly flow. What were you what were you actually doing today during a commercial? Yeah. Yes, I'm sure it was full of paint.


By the way, don't doubt yourself with paint. Takes at least an hour to get off. Oh, really? Oh, my God. It was bad. Well well, I think.


I think it's. Oh, I think it's a solid episode. Well, I loved it. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Thanks. Thanks for watching, guys.


Spencer's back permanently for now. No, actually I had one. What was the fact I could bring it up. Time for fax.


Which you should you should do on that I think is it's so funny. I'm always like, hey man, can we just go a little bit longer?


Please, please, please, please leave a screenshot of the earlier you having kids go. I don't think so.


OK, OK. So former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the U.S. government has been hiding key details about UFOs for years. So he said why the federal government all these years is covered up, put brake pads on everything, stopped it. I think it's very, very bad for this country. So do you guys think it's bad for the country to cover up UFOs? Do you think we're going to have aliens visit us? Well, it's going to be it's UFO doesn't always mean aliens.


It could be like other countries.


Yeah, correct. I mean, what's their claim is always that they're protecting the the panic levels of the country. Like if the country were to find out that there were extraterrestrials or unidentified flying object from other countries flying over our airspace, that that would cause mass chaos, which a lot of ways it could. And so I understand that there's a lot there's been a lot of stuff coming about this. The Navy one is the weirdest one.


You guys studied that one. You talk talk to Tic TAC. Yeah. From sixty thousand feet to ten feet above sea level in three seconds.


Yeah. Yeah. That doesn't make any sense. That one's weird now. Yeah. So we'll get to the bottom of this. What's happening. Yeah. I will say the aliens did contact me. They did want me to be the liaison between humanity and extraterrestrial life. That's good. I did say yes I trust.


Yes, I'll be thirty years go by and you take your face off and you're like, dude, I've been an alien on God. I'd be like, I knew it. Yeah, I totally I can totally I don't think I am.


I'm just I'm just the messenger. I'm just I'm just the middleman. Guys, thanks for watching. Impulsive, the number one podcast in the world.


Spencer, good to have you back. Good to have you back to be back. Jorgy, you cut your hair. Thanks for watching, guys. Subscribe button. See you next time. But.