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I never really told anyone, but the real reason why I came to Tampa is because when he came down here, he did an interview with Howard Stern and he told Howard Stern, I had, you know, the nicest piece in the locker room.


Very beautiful. So I was like, that is a gentleman. What? A guy like that guy always thought that.


Some people spend their money on stocks, others spend their money on women, yachts, boats. Those are the same thing. If the size is right, I spend my money on Pokémon cards. Sitting to my right is one of the largest know the largest purchase of my life. I've collected six first edition booster boxes worth two million dollars.


I'm not doing it. I'm not. To me, that's two of my houses to my house.


Wait, no, it's worth more than that, though. The last one just went for four. Twenty five. That's like two point six million.


So I bought these when they're around three to four hundred thousand. It's taken me three months to collect these boxes. If you saw my vlog that I put out on my YouTube channel, they finally did that. Yeah, it's been a crazy journey collecting these boxes. I'm absolutely obsessed with it. These are my prized possession. We have to, like, scatter them across the earth so they're not all in one place.


Right, because they're each going for about 400000 dollars right now. But we are breaking open one of these on February 27th. Again, if you saw the vlog, you already know this, but each of the 36 packs inside of these, hopefully with chards in them, by the way, the Chargers are going for like three hundred fifty K now, each of the thirty six packs inside.


Whichever one of these boxes that I'm breaking open is up for auction right now. Golden auctions.


The link is in the description. It's going to be an epic historical event.


February 27 is actually the 25th anniversary of Pokemon.


It's on Pokémon Day.


And and speaking of cryptocurrency, bitcoin, the booming industry that is decentralized currency. We have an NFTE, a first break, Logan, Paul, Holographic NFTE that is attached to the pack. When you buy it, there's going to be only 44 ever minted by an upcoming block chain company called Bonaly. So if you win on the auction and gold in auctions dotcom, the link to that is in the description.


You also get this holographic nifty and expedited grading by PSA. Should you pull a holographic card?


Welcome back to Impulsive, the number one podcast in the world. Thank you guys for listening, subscribing, viewing, watching, subscribe, viewing, watching and listening, listening. Make sure you hit the subscribe button as well. We have a great episode today. We got Pokemon cards next to us. The Gronk brothers are coming on. We got to get them on Zoome We already shot it. We're just going to do it right now.


Thanks gentlemen. I can't believe I'm saying this.


We got the box in the house. The Gronk brothers are in the house.


Well let's go.


We got them live here on a positive Rob, as you already know, if you're watching, this podcast is headed to his sixth Super Bowl number six. That's insane. That's insane. You must be so proud of your brother, guys. My brother's not gone to one. We actually got an extra ticket for him.


Yeah, he goes and sit on the stands. He'll go, he'll go.


He's never played and he never got 20 grand ticket for Rob.


That's above face value. That's like a 50 percent markup, isn't it?


That one's fixed value, 40 grand. That is the great guy.


So we just got done doing a little Q&A for the fans on your guys YouTube channel, The Rocks, by the way, kudos to you guys for putting an effort on actually growing and fostering a YouTube channel and your audience. You guys, your dedication to your fans and even the fact that you're doing media during Super Bowl week, during this very special time of your brother's life means a lot to all of us. I know you guys are doing a giveaway.


I just want to let impulsivity is no. Real quick, tell me about this. Given what you're doing, you got cleats and used underwear. Correct?


So so we're doing a gift bag for my six.


Super Bowl is going to be a six day giveaway. It started today, Tuesday, and it's going to go all the way till Sunday until the Super Bowl. But we're just giving away products that, you know, that are my favorite brands, including my brother Brad Icemaker.


We're giving away a thousand dollars to top golf. Well, Wild Wings. And we grew up in Buffalo. We love wings. We love to eat wings. We love blue cheese on our wings. And we're also giving away side gear, side cleats, game on cleats, side gloves, Camborne gloves and also a signed jersey. It's just going to be epic. It's going to be a lot of fun. Chris came up with the idea last week.


He's been posting like crazy about it. Just go to win dot dot com to enter.


Fantastic. He's like he's done this before. He created plugging. That was such a good job. He practiced that one on the Lakers in the description.


OK, I'll make this quick. You know, we got thirty minutes.


I was hearing stories about you guys getting in fights growing up, you know, as, as brothers do, one in particular where a fork was thrown across a room and stuck in someone's elbow.


Who threw the fork? So that was off, but I don't know if he remembers, but he was chasing me, couldn't catch me because I kept running around the table, running around the island in the kitchen. So he grabbed the fork as he ran by the island. And I ran the other way and he threw the fork all the way across the whole entire house. And it landed in my elbow, got stuck with my elbow, walking around with my elbow.


But what I'm glad it was not my eye or something else that could have been really dangerous.


I imagine it's just dangerous living in that house at that time, just in general yourself.


Also, there's one other thing I did, the gladdened. There's a video out there, a home video on your plate. I absolutely love it. I mean, it was fair. I'm only four years older than him as kids, so I absolutely loved him. And he had to get stitches in his chin. And it ruined Christmas like four years. No Christmas better like for year separation.


Like he was in elementary school when you were in high school or like, what was the age difference? Yeah.


What is the age difference between you about is about four and I was about eight.


You know, you got to remember, I was also like five five when he was eight years old.


Oh, my size. I'm almost thirty four years old.


Hey there, Rob.


I was I was getting a lot of questions when we were on the livestream. Something about something that faking sprint.


Oh, yeah, yeah, so. So here we go. Oh, darn. Yeah, I just got it, but. Yes, OK, Dad, this is a problem because it goes all the way to talking with Dan tonight about this story, but over the summer we had to do virtual workouts because of pandemic, because we can't go in and do our actual workouts with the coaches. So we had to film about three sets of everything, like three sets of our, you know, three sets of our lower body workouts.


And then you got to at the end run. So you had about 20 sprints. You had a film about three to four of those sprints. So then I was getting sick of filming like it was like weeks five. I'm like, all right, I got to really film all this one day. I just brought it up a couple of t shirts and after three sprints, it's one me. I would take the t shirt off and then film the next three on the same day.


So the next day came the next time I had to run sprints. I didn't even run the sprints. I just I just, you know, just in the film with me with the other shirt on and Dan was there. Dan, what what? You were the witness. What happened?


So there was some secret sauce to it, too. I mean, you had that you had to do some other things. You were dumping the water over your head so your shirt would get wet. So it looks like you're sweating on it, too, for an extended period of time.


But we had that. He still did his other workouts. It's just he didn't want to film or he's like, all right, I'm going to go throw with Brady tomorrow and run five hundred sprints. I'm not going to do my run workout tomorrow, you know? So he's like, just film me now. Here's the water. Here's the shirt. Dumped water over his head and.


All right, I was watching our boys. It's a classic case of working smarter, not harder.


Yeah. I also like who likes doing sprints. I imagine you've been doing sprints for your whole life now. Like at what point if you just run too many sprints. Exactly. It was already too much. It was it was just what I needed to just, you know, cheat the system a little bit, wasn't even cheating. The system is working smarter, not harder. Like you said, bingo. The best part about it is our financial guy came up to me today and he goes, oh, so like, you had a little bonus.


And I remember, you know, sending the bonus over to you, to your account. He goes, I might have to take it back. We might have to give you a letter. You owe a step back because, you know, you can't really do the workouts. Start messing with me. But I told him, go, yo, your body might not. No, Mike, I'm keeping that money.


You can't do anything about it. You're right.


Rob Gronkowski, Rob Gronkowski comes out to you, says, yo, Mike.


Yeah, which is my name. Yeah, I'm taking your milk money.


Just keep it, man. Keep you can have it, bro. I can bring you more tomorrow night. No problem. You know, he said he eats before his Super Bowl children full size smoking children.


I don't want an entire cow. Like, what's the answer, dude? I don't know.


A peanut butter and jelly sandwich and chocolate milk. Oh, that makes sense. And that sounds like that sounds like some Amherst, New York shit. Dude, that's what I'm pretty sure that's what they do up there in fucking Amherst.


My mom and dad packed me that for the fifth grade. I didn't think I was going to be like a football field is the best athletes in the planet.


Well, peanut butter is a super great protein.


What about Nesquik? Isn't that kind of like, oh, Nesquik. I get you. I got you. Now I know why you're fast. But, Rob, I heard I heard you're feeling the best you've ever felt in your days. And I know, you know, you had a little stint where you had some fun. You partied in the off season, you know, in between games or whatever. You know, I wasn't there, but I heard.


But now, has the PB and J diet led you to become the super athlete or how are you feeling and what's your secret? You know, I'm feeling really good, man, I'm going out on my 20th game this year and I actually never played 20 games in my lifetime in the NFL because we usually, you know, my first nine years, I've always been a bye week in the playoffs, which is incredible. So I never played on the weekend.


So this is the first time I'm playing 20 games in a season. And it's also the first time I have completed a full season since about 10 years ago in two thousand eleven. So that's just incredible. I'm definitely super proud about it. And, you know, that was one of my goals coming in, is just to play every game, to be consistent, every game. And I would just say, you know, just you live and learn.


There's some you know, there's some times when I was like, oh, man, I should have done things differently. But now this is the chance to do it this year with a chance to do things, you know, that didn't really go the way I wanted to go back in the day. So it's about, you know, eating healthy, taking care of your body more, making sure you get the proper sleep as an athlete going into your 30s.


You definitely got to watch out. You definitely got to take care of yourself more. It's not like you're twenty one years old. I can tell you my regimen.


At twenty one years old, it was percent totally different than what it is. Thirty one years old. I was out of every game, even Friday nights. Now it's like man after the game Friday night, can I get some better treatment. What can I do some extra sleep. So just making sure you're ready to go week in, week out, you know, when you're in your 30s.


So so Rob, we talked about it earlier before you jumped on, but does that mean you will not be at Shrine Nightclub this time after Super Bowl number six, dropping one hundred GS in the club? Well, hold on.


Hold on. That's after the Super Bowl.


So you never know what you know, the Super Bowl. I will not be there. I'll be trying to shine on the field. That's right. And what about what about Gronk Beach?


No, no. Gronk Beach this year either.


Is that happening now? It should have happened.


We could have had, you know, the number one Gronk Beach or Gordie Gronkowski last year in the stands with the fans popping champagne everywhere, which was legendary. I looked over. I was on state house of the parties going on over there and the table section not on stage.


I looked over. That's right. Yes.


And then just now, we're going to take off this year from the beach party. But it's just pretty cool to be, you know, to have that Grand Beach party last year when I was not playing and then coming back and then going to the Super Bowl. It just means that in the end, when I'm not playing football again, that the beach party is about every year at the Super Bowl for sure.


I got to ask a question for for all of all of your brothers, Rob, is it ever annoying how good your brother is at football?


Used to that's all the other brothers that played in the NFL. Stephanie, I just I don't want to know.


Listen, I don't I don't want to compare, but, you know, six Super Bowls is a lot of a lot of Super Bowls. Yeah, is. Yeah. I think it makes you feel like great. We all had shorter NFL careers. Americans, just like we didn't even have an NFL career because Rob's so-called asshole. But sometimes I play the NFL too. And it's it's just Rob, I mean, we love it. I mean, sometimes it's better than being rich.


It's having a rich brother.


So I think we get to do everything he has to work, you know, hey, I can kind of relate to that. I could kind of relate to that with Logan.


How much how much of going to Super Bowl number six can can be attributed to having a strong family around you and having a strong team and having those brothers there for you your whole life?


Oh, you know, I got to you know, I believe that my childhood has definitely helped me get to where I am, because when we were growing up, you know, I had friends in the neighborhood. Gore had friends in the neighborhood, dad had friends in the neighborhood, Christian friends kind of had friends.


And it didn't matter what age you were when you were at our house or whenever we are not friends, we are all competing for each other.


So like I said, when I nailed Glenn, when, you know, in our home video with me next, he was competing with us.


It didn't matter that he was four years younger. He was competing. And then there would be a 10 year old when I was six and I would be competing. So just that, you know, getting implanted in my Modak competition, no matter who it was, versus like, I definitely contribute a lot of that. And also my brothers beat the crap out of me, like nonstop. So I feel like these hits now that I take in the NFL being young and just always getting pounded out and take those hits has got me prepared for such violence in the game of the NFL.


I used to beat the shit out of Jake and I said the same thing.


This is actually why he's a great boxer. You never made it. Never.


Well, that that's probably why he he won his last boxing match. Probably because of you, Logan. That's. Yeah.


What you guys what do you guys think of that? Did you guys watch that fight? Did you did you could you have predicted that that was going to go down that way? And what what do you guys think about the next fight against ASCAN?


You know, like like ask it's like asking who's going to fuck? You know, I think I got scared, like, I'm not going to say anything if I say something wrong.


They're going to beat me up and go, oh, hey, Rob, could you ever see yourself in a boxing match?


I think, you know, I actually went to the Floyd Mayweather Pacquiao fight and I was there with Amendola and Julian and like we were all, you know, gassed up after the fight and we were rolling around a lot.


I mean, Amendola had his hands up like this, and I was just throwing jabs at his hands the whole day, the whole time. He's like getting prepared for next fight. And like in that moment, I felt like I could do it. And then the next day, I going to show me his hands. His hands were completely swollen and we had to go at practice. And he I want to catch the full two days later still gets the cancer because we were just going at him.


That's perfect. It sounds like you're built for the sport or just all sports.


Yeah. Yeah. You know, I think I think we're going to take two great pros first to Paul's. Oh, damn.


I would. Please, can you do that? Can you do that at Gronk Beach? Do that at Gronk Beach as a promotional aspect of Gronk Beach, have Kaskade in the background or one of those guys? I would I would pay any money to see that. Speaking of money, if you guys decide to do that, let me know. At least two weeks I could liquidate all my money and put it on you guys.


Dude, I've been staring at your neck for, like for like how long we've been on this gig of a large fraction of what like to dispense candy.


And if it goes back like so so I kind of mentioned this on your guys live stream, but I want to ask it in a different way. Perhaps if you could go back in time and give advice to the 10 year old version of yourself, because you're all you're all successful in your own regard and you all know what it's like to grow up around a support system that is there for you at every second of every day. But what would you tell your 10 year old self if you could go back in time right now knowing what you know?


Well, who do we charge with all this? Yeah, he's going to the fact that he probably should have played football.


Yeah, that's right. I stood to and to play football, the whole thing, the whole story with that was the day I went out for tryouts, my younger brother, Dan, who was four inches taller than me and got all the chicks. So I was jealous. And I agree he was the quarterback at the time as a sophomore. He was throwing bullets in like Rob, punching him and his hands. I went home and my hands were black and blue and I was play football.


You ruined your brother's experience.


And then what would you tell your 10 year old self? Yeah, you just got to be confident and go after it. I mean, I was gored and I were the first to go through. I just saw Rob and you know that after SARS and they had the confidence rolling through, but we had to figure it all out. But let's go through and trust yourself. Trust in what you got. This is true, this is too serious a question for this show, we can go back we go back to Shrine Nightclub if you guys want to go back to China, I told myself to go party tomorrow.


Yeah, that's right.


We try we try to give some value some time. Yeah, it's a pretty serious one.


I was I was going to ask Rob again another question about Super Bowl six. What is what is six mean two compared to five, four, three, two, one, all the other Super Bowls you went you went to what does this one mean that the other ones might not have? You know, this one is a little bit different, but I'm saying, like everyone, a couple of people have asked me already this week, like what, you know, what's the most important Super Bowl to you?


And I would say so far it's the first one because it gets you inducted into the Super Bowl club like you're there. You made it like you won a Super Bowl. Like if you want to Super Bowl, three Super Bowls or one Super Bowl, you want a Super Bowl, like, you know what it took.


You know what it's all about. But the six one I mean, this is my sixth time going. It would be my fourth one.


But the fourth one, I mean, it would definitely be. And, you know, on that level of like the first one, because it's coming out of retirement, it's like it's coming to a whole new team, a whole new organization.


During the Super Bowl, my first year, I would just feel like, you know, it's kind of like, you know, kind of like the first one. You're getting back into that club. You're getting back into that Super Bowl club since I took a year off. That's what it feels like. I mean, it would be right up there with all the other ones. If not, could possibly be the best one so far. So we'll see Sunday.


This may be a dumb question, but is this the is this the first time you've played a Super Bowl in the city that the team was the home team or did you have one before that?


That's the first time ever in NFL history. Oh. Oh, it is. Holy. Yeah. Yep.


They say there's no such thing as a dumb question, but that one was at least I guess at least. At least. At least that's right. I can't believe he's he's younger than you.


He's a whole he's a whole elementary student. Younger, crazy, wild, crazy one. Crazy, wild bro. You told me, Rob, that you plan on when you win denting the Super Bowl trophy again. What did Kraft say to you when you did that the first time? Oh, you know, it wasn't, you know, at the moment, like, here's how it went down, I did it and then the PR guy, Stacie's like he's the PR of the team.


He's the media guy, and the team does a great job. But like, he gets real nervous, like when I do things, like I used to get real nervous when I put pictures of my shirt, like of my shirt off me, when I like people to take pictures of me, like my party rivals like Rob, like we can't have that like you like like that because he just wants a clean image and that's what he does.


And so that happened. He looks at me and he starts shaking. Like what. Like what. Like what?


What do you do? Like, so nervous. And I'm like, what do you mean? I bought it like, did you see that?


Oh, that was a face hit.


And he's shaking. He's shaking. I was like I was like that was legendary. Like really not that I really didn't think about it. I actually that's the trophy. I just did it and was like, oh yeah, that was nothing.


You know, he's sitting there like like about to crap his pants basically like what am I going to tell Mr. Crap?


And then Mr. Kraft, he told Mr. Kraft that Mr. Kraft told me he's like, man, we're going to keep it, man, that was cool. We're going to keep that for you because we're going to keep it for you because of that catch that you had in the game.


And I was like, thank you, Mr. Kraft. That's why I love you.


But I think it's I think it's our brand.


You know, there's a story behind it. Which one of your mattresses, I'll say, in a PG way, which which one of y'all is the biggest scaredy cat like like who's got some irrational fears or phobias that, you know, I'm sure one of you scared of spiders or.


Are you all just eating steel and fighting ghosts altogether, refused the most jacked one in the family, post all those muscles with this shirt off every day on Instagram. So if you want to see that, make sure you follow him.


But it's a flu shot and he passes out from the little tiny needle from the flu shot like unconscious pass out falls over.


Yeah. Yeah. You went down.


Wow. That's pretty close. And get a flu shot. You can't be the only one.


I feel like you're you're you're a pussy when it comes to that. No, in general. No, in general. Absolutely no. I'm telling you. Oh yeah. OK, I'm accepting it. I don't know you are from it also.


How are you going to go. Are you going. Wait. I know why Chris is so scared of the flu shot.


Because he's not really Jack, he he inflates his arms, so they look at him.


So then when he got pulled with the flu shot, you know, broke up the muscle because they were inflated.


So then they started playing bass.


So he has a muscle pump.


I was going to get a lot of sex.


But before how do you how do you all have this this drive?


You know, because each one of you has his entrepreneurial spirit.


But is it genetics or is it something your parents did? Right. Is it the competition that your brothers created? Where does it come from? Papa Grobman, thirty, thirty five years of business now, dad raised us two jobs for six years, starting his own business while raising five boys. Man Danity thinking about it. I think we all saw him as well, just his Grinderman coming from nothing and. And he's in the room. And if you ever heard our our pops in the morning.


When you're having breakfast or you're sleeping, all you wish everybody was, you mean he's fucking kidding?


Well, you know, the gym in our basement, he works out oh thirty eight oh oh oh.


That's fucking getting it in every morning. He has two jobs. Five kids usually get it in early in the morning or he will forget all six o'clock in the morning.


Rob, I've heard you say before you hate being bored.


You started a YouTube channel in the past year, Spike Steve Harvey's Lego head on national television. You hosted a TV show. You were on the mass singer.


Do you do you enjoy these other ventures to keep yourself busy? Or what are some of things that you want to do?


Yeah, I actually do it like enjoy, um, for sure. I mean, sometimes, you know, if you do it too much, you can. It can, you know, where I do a lot of traveling for traveling around when when things line up and you got some time, I'll just hop on TV show host a TV show or something and you've got that time to do it.


It's a blast and you've got to enjoy going out. I would probably say that was one of my funnest things to do because I kind of always wanted to learn just how to sing a little bit, you know, how to dance a little bit. And we are terrible, I would say, as a family at remembering songs. So I just wanted to finally remember a song for the first time in my life.


And it comes from my dad, I think, because when you see him sing like he says, one word every like twenty words.


And I was like, oh, it's like I got to be like a number of songs. So when I went on the Messenger, this was a lot of fun. Just learning a song, learning how to dance a little bit.


But let me tell you, it took a while to remember that first song. It took me about five hours. But then after that, you start picking it up and you start remembering new songs like just like that as it goes on.


What was this? What was the first song? Was it Vanilla Ice or something like that? That was Vanilla Ice Ice Baby. And then I got so like I got it down, like, you know, the song by Eminem Rap got like I can sing Eminem, Ice, Ice Baby. I mean, Vanilla Ice, Ice, Ice Baby that quick now to do you want to.


Is there any chance you'd want to give us a quick snack. I'll. I was about to stop collaborate in this and I suspect with the brand new invention, something that we feel like I stop you, I don't know, turn off the lights and I'll go to extreme. I come back to the states. What kind of dance? What speaker that booms to kill your brain. A poisonous mushroom, deadly. When I play the only thing that's in the best of the film, we love it or leave it again.


We're going to die because it's going to play the part. We also don't want my kids involved.


Whoa, whoa, whoa. Something go. I like that. You can't believe the whole time to say let's go through it.


I thought we were going to get in trouble with the whole Tampa Bay crowd as if his head exploded before it almost happened.


Oh, my God. That was amazing.


I think it's so cool. That you went to Tampa with Tom Brady, that that that relationship on and off the field, I'm sure contributes to how much success you guys are having. Is it is that awesome to travel with the team and especially one as special as Tom Brady and then make it as far as you did time and time again?


Well, this is I never really told anyone, but the real reason why I came to Tampa is because when he came down here, he did an interview with Howard Stern and he told Howard Stern, I had, you know, the nicest piece in the locker room, very beautiful.


So I was like, that is a gentleman what a guy like that guy always thought about, you know, as soon as you go to Tampa.


Now, when he went down there, I was like, I got to help him out. He can help me out, tell telling everyone I have the nicest thing going in the locker room. I was appreciate it.


As soon as as soon as you opened your mouth there, Logan already started laughing because he knew what was going to come out was going to be fucking nonsense. No nonsense. Wait, is that you go to all the to all the brothers. I mean, I'm sure you guys know better than better than anybody else. Is that a true statement? Is Rob pack in the most he in the family or.


What I don't know is the probably as Tom.


That means Tom saw all of you guys naked.


Yeah, I'm sure they said they're going to Dubai on that.


They said they're going to do but ah they would go to Dubai on a jet after if they could go anywhere in the world. Now I'm speaking rhythmically.


Yeah, well, I mean it's it's semi open, right. Yeah. You can go there and do have you guys been to Dubai before. All of you guys. We've now never had any plans after, like, Rob, you're going to go crazy. No, you know, there's really no plans right now. Just really it's all about the game. But, you know, I can you know, with the pandemic going on, you really you know, you really can't really make plans right now.


And I'm not really worried about because I've traveled so many places already and I'm just really, truly worried about the game. And then when that when that finishes, then I can plan some trips because I'm definitely on gleiser trips, like I got to like I've been literally six months straight, like I haven't had any time off since August 2nd. We've been playing football for twenty eight weeks. It's my twenty eight weeks straight playing, so I'm ready for a vacation, but I'm also ready for the game on Sunday.


Hell yeah. Hell yeah. If you, if you, if the pandemic wasn't going on, you had any choice in the entire fucking world. You win the Super Bowl and you can't include Srei nightclub. Your answer. Where would you go if you could go anywhere?


Well, we kind of we kind of answer this. I start Dubi. Oh that's oh that's. I thought. No, no. He goes there he goes. He just said, Devi, no, no, no, no. But I thought that was because it's kind of open. I didn't know if you had like a dream location, like Tom Tom Brady's basement or some fucking other answer, you know, I don't know.


Hey, hey, hey, Chris. I got a question. Yeah. You guys have played you in a regular season game before you've played against each other. Was that cool, was was it was there inherent, like, yo, I have to, you know, murder this guy now?


What's that like the pressure of the NFL?


What ended up happening was he pulled himself all off all the special teams so I couldn't actually go against them because we're both on offense on the sideline.


And every time I ran by you, he would yell out, forty four sucks for everybody I could think of and, you know, ended up having a great game and got special teams. Player of the week. I got the belt, so I think I won that one on him down.


He had zero to do. You know, I can feel the tension.


You just brought that anger. They get off like, you know what, fuck that guy. He's about to say something.


Whole lot of them say he's got a lot of our best man. But I got the I was shit talking on the sidelines. So if you should talk to you win.


You're the winner that I ask you this on the last livestream. But which one?


You had the most fun in college. Oh, yeah, yeah, I think we ought to talk about the hot tub here, gaud, you want to talk about that one? Well, I actually had the most fun at Robin Kris's College. I went to college for 15 years.


He was in college. Can you believe it. Pretty much studying the whole time I was living with them.


You are a super duper senior dude.


You were living with your brothers, going to class or just, you know, hanging out hang. No, I skip class, so what I would do is I'd make sure when they got home that the floors were soaked up real nice so we could do slip and slide right through the kitchen, then the dining room and out the back door so we could jump right into the hot tub. And there was a nice tree right there. And it might have been filled with panties and bras.


But, you know, I'm not sure what might happen, so I can't imagine you guys like.


I don't know, like if you were in the NFL, what would you would you be doing that in a park they'd be doing that dude's just partying in college. Yes. They'd still be in college right now. Like, wait, where did your wait where did you all go to school.


Did you all go to different schools?


Yeah, Gheorghe, can you name off your list? Amr AMR's Community College for six years to start.


Which one of you guys growing up was like the biggest simp for girls, like would do anything? Oh yeah. Which one. You're like, my God, he's such a pussy when it comes to.


Wow, you got to stick together, huh? What fucking. No one wants to answer that one, I would say. Gordon You want to answer that one? I don't really know because I like growing up. That wasn't me. But now there's a little different story.


I was a great dancer.


We know which one of you guys are single because I know Roberto has got his got his lady. But what about everybody else? Hey, I don't have my name next to anything that says Mary, so I just consider that saying, oh, let's go.


And whoever you're dating right now is not going to want to hear that. She's going to go she's going to say it was right.


Your family. You said that about me also.


I don't know why she's 90.


You know, I remember I remember I remember growing up with a line that I remember growing up.


My brother lost his virginity before me. I was pissed like like growing up in high school.


It was it was a big deal that, you know, my little brother was he's laying pipe before I did.


We were like a mafia, like a math nerd or like, what was it if you were in the physics and stuff, weren't you?


Just so I say I was a math nerd.


Why are you making fun of. OK, I feel like your brothers told me you were when you dropped off the livestream. They said the grades weren't as important to you as like anything.


He is good at math.


Do you not see is is. What did you say? I didn't hear that.


They said they said that grades weren't as important to you because I asked if you guys were competitive in the classroom and they said you didn't care as much about the grades.


I was a plus and not caring so many one liners just left or right. You see, your team has your team.


Send me some funny questions to ask. Who wins in a spelling contest? Not against me, none of them. No, but you're good at math, though, right? Like, that's why I saw some.


Yeah. Yeah, real good at math. Fantastic.


So maybe you would have been in your equation, Rob, to rob all six plus nine plus six times nine.


That was a good one.


I was going to say you said it wrong. I think you said it wrong.


I think you tricked me into nine plus six nine nine. OK, well, six times nine is it's 54, if I'm correct in that.


If you add six to that. No, no, no, no. Six. If you have nine more to that, what is the answer.


Let's go. I don't know, I you have to figure out 15 times 36. I'm not you know, I'm not a calculator.


No. What are you talking about. No, he just gave it to 60 plus nine to say the answer. Sixty nine. There you fucking go.


Oh my God. My God. Now you're no longer. I don't know man. I don't think he might have just not been listening.


To be honest, he's not he's not too bad at man. I was fully paying attention and completely lost.


But I was doing I just did.


I was quickly, I just quickly did fifty four plus fifty, sixty nine pendas you got to see.


That's a fantastic explanation for a vacation when you guys, when you guys weren't, when you guys were, you know, playing sports, even peanut butter jelly bean, the shit out of each other growing up.


Well what were you doing Checker's puzzles duty.


God, there we go. Who's the who's the best war zone player in the house or in or in the family? Zombies. Oh, zombies.


I lost about ten years behind in video games. Did you guys play Burri? I was. What did you guys play buried? It's like buried or some like that with zombies. I've never know. What's your deal, George?


Well, it's our only time I but it's not a whole lot of sabotage. First, let me first of all, you're not 10 years behind me because I'm I'm geriatric. I'm elderly. I'm Logan's old friend. What's the best call duty ever made?


A call of duty red PLG dog title. We got it because it started it off and started the chain. Got it. I have I have a selfish question that any of you enjoy. Collectibles, sports, collectibles, Pokemon. I don't know.


Yeah, we used to have used to have Pogs back in the day, Pogs and coins, different types of money.


Oh, OK, good. OK, so you're slightly into I don't know if you're in a Pokemon, but this is still cool. I'm going to show it off because I'm proud of it. So I'm really into Pokemon. So right here.


Yeah, I have six first edition boxes. This is literally two million dollars worth of Pokemon cards sitting next to me. I just got it.


I don't know if you care, but I have some sort subtle flex, Sarto flex and hey, hey, hey, don't worry.


I used to trade Pokemon cards and glad you know we did.


OK, good. Yeah I see. Ah that it by far.


Oh yeah. Yeah. Hell yeah. This chargers in here.


I can feel them can to charge fire fight here eh. I mean I appreciate your guys time.


I know, I know we're sort of limited and Rob you, you want to focus on the game this week. But I really do want to say I appreciate you guys coming on and speaking with us. This was this was a fun episode, man. Thanks for having us, man. Absolutely. Yeah, yeah, of course. Oh, thank you, ma'am. We'll see you soon man. Of course. But let's do this more often. Definitely.


Rock Beach Party will require you to show up, all will be it will be there for sure. For sure. Rob, good luck. Go fucking get them. Bring it. Bring getting home for Tampa. Do it for Tampa, Rob.


Rob, thank you. Let's go let's go back. Yes, right. No good luck, guys. He better win if he loses.


And blame it on us. Bye bye. See you, boy.


This low. What a great family. What a great family. Yo. That was nuts. It's always tough when you get 12 people in the same room trying to especially over Zoom, but it's 12, 12 people in different rooms and it worked pretty well.


I learned I learned that this is the first time ever the Super Bowl happened in a city and had the hometown, the hometown team in the super. Very cool. Pretty dumb question. I'm sure no one on this set far can do that. That was it was a dumb question. Oh, great. OK. I didn't think it was cool that that helps a little bit.


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Let me ask my Michael, the host of the actual show, Logan. Sure thing. Yeah. There's some things we can cover.


OK, Jeff Bezos stepping down as the CEO of Amazon. Do we know why should I search it? That's interesting. Stock is up. After the announcement stock went up.


Everyone thought Bezos was not good for the company. He lost the case. I don't know. No, that's not the case.


I don't know. I don't know what it is. Maybe a maybe a renewed drive and renewed thought about this this new blood coming to the helm at at Amazon.


But the stock, as as we both know, because we dropped the shit ton of hundreds of thousands and but you were you were getting a little hit on it right at all.


It was so stagnant for so long. I took it out, put it all in GameStop, lost the majority of my money and now Amazon stock went up. By the way, it's how my life tends to go when it comes to trading money on the stock market.


Any exchange rate as he's sitting next to two million dollars worth of Pokemon?


Oh, I'm going to have to pawn like gold. I'm going to pawn all of it.


It was all it was stated on the last episode when you talked about selling out of your options on GameStop, that I saw some comments in the section that you had paper hands that you were able to you weren't a holder. You are not you are not a holder of stock.


You didn't have the diamond Felhaber heads and that you were that your week for letting go of it.


And there's a lot of people that think that GameStop is going, quote unquote, to the moon.


Some guy just texted me right now, a guy who told me to invest in GameStop when I was first going up swearing on his life. That was going to go to eight hundred, possibly a thousand.


He said, I'm still holding on to Jimmy.


I trust the stock to still show up at eight hundred to two thousand I. I would go ahead and say that's impossible. Oh, we don't like that term here on the show, it's pretty impossible. How about improbable? Impossible. OK, fair enough.


Like, I think Portnoy was getting some heat, too. Oh, yeah. Because he sold out and lost oh seven oh oh oh seven hundred thousand. Why do you cut your losses?


The fastest dollar earned is the dollar save mark.


Well, hey, you don't got to tell me that. Look, he said he bought it at the absolute high on AMC Noki and they canceled that exact bottom. I lost 700. And people are calling me a suit and a pussy and maybe a pussy, but I'm def not a suit. Well said.


I feel the same way.


Like I might be a bitch ass for selling my stock. But you're not a suit. No chance. Yeah, because there were other people in the comments saying that that you were a puppet for Wall Street or whatever. No, no one said that. Not a single person.


I like how you talked about Amazon right after the crocs wobble. I thought maybe just to stick with sports.


OK, let's all talk about sports for a second.


Which exercise area do you guys want to settle on in the sports arena? Whoa, whoa, box.


Hold on. What what are you talking to?


Oh, one and one professional boxer and all stay American in football and one of the best wrestlers in the state of Ohio in high school. And you're talking to a guy who is top five fastest in the Challenger Games. Oh, that is true. Don't knuckle me a fuck.


I was a commentator at the chowder games. Yeah, that's that. That's cool. Matters at all. Freshman beatdowns.


I remember him. Did you ever get one? I was I was a little too big for that. But but but actually I had this one kid. I'm just I just shot him out. I had this one kid my whole life. His name was Brian McKenna, real Irishman. And this kid beat me up. He was, I think, one grade ahead of me. But he's a family friend, quote unquote, friend.


It just beat me up the whole the whole time as I was growing up. And he always said the same thing to me. I'm going to continue to beat me up until you hit me back. I am only doing this not to bully you, but to train you, to fight back. That's it.


And for years I was like, if I fight back, it's going to get so mad at me.


And then one day I fought back and never did it again. Wait. Yeah, shut up, Brian McKenna. Dude, that was that was an important lesson because I didn't have brothers and he knew that that's actually an elevated level of bullying.


Everyone went to Westlake High School in Ohio, Cleveland, Kootz. Oh, the Koch brothers, that they were like, oh, brother, no bigger, bigger and wider was the thing. These boys were huge. They call them a monster, half man, half monster. I thought it was a hamster hamster. Yeah, I'm talking like the freshman playing on varsity. And I went to one game and he he was he's in the middle of a run and he got tackled and he, like, snapped his fibula.


And everyone was obviously pissed because he was like our best player.


And he was the freshman took a blowtorch and fused in a place, the whole stadium.


And by stadium, I mean small high school ampitheater bleachers. It was horrifying.


But these kids were so tough and he was the one who kind of like led the helm of some of the freshman beat downs. I was lucky when I was a freshman. I tore a piece of cartilage in my knee and so I would walk around on crutches. I'd still go to the practice to support my team. But I was always so scared whether or not he was going to beat my ass because I was already like a crippled the cripple.


Yeah. So nobody thought to your day call you gimp and shit like that.


They call me Championship and I remember being. Scared, I'll just say, like, I was scared because my friends call me shrimp before I went through puberty, I was I a super small I was kind of frail.


And I was I was able to for me, luckily, like, postponed in the same way, you know, Mayweather versus postpunk, my my freshman beat down until sophomore year where I could sort of defend myself a little bit.


And I remember like just counting down the days till Kootz graduated and I think it my ass kicked. So for all the freshmen out there, you got to get your ass beat.


Well, sorry if I can injury for the entire year, transfer schools, fight back what?


Well, that's how I got out of it, because this is probably I don't know if this is probably a good cut, but I would pee in the football player here pants.


No, they were taking steroids and they knew that I didn't do any drugs out in clubs.


And so my pitch that you're like, that's amazing. That's amazing. That's how I got out. The guy came up to me. He's like, hey, we're not going to buy a shirt no more. He's like, but also we won't beat your ass. And I was like, done.


You got out of being bullied by sandpits freshman year. The worst part was in eighth grade and it was like the high school.


I don't know what's it called. They teach you about, you know, high school, I don't know, orientation sort of, yeah.


Yeah, I remember they had these counselors and we were all like, is that what are you talking about? Drug in high school, drug abuse, resistance, education there?


Yeah, no, but I remember they were the counselors were telling us about this. Our freshman beatdown thing that I've heard about, and they said, oh, no, it absolutely does not exist and my kids are getting hospitalized, like when? The first week. I'm like, oh, my God, they lied to me. Is this is crazy? This is inhumane. Why would anyone go to this high school? Like in general, not just mine.


Like, why would anyone go to high school for fear of getting their fucking face punched in? Now I know. Touch me. Now I know why I got to skip the freshman segment because I did freshman year at a Catholic high school. And if you did any shit like that, they'd literally beat your fucking ass dude like the brothers.


Yeah, well, it's Catholic Rose called Notre Dame Westhaven and the brothers were. They still are. This is back in 54, 1954. And they still had the ability to beat the fuck out of kids. You know, they would smack my wrist with a ruler, punch me in the back of the head, like, how old are you from that 76 that my mom and dad, I think they stopped doing that.


And then, dude, when I played football, I was a I was pretty good because I was big and I didn't give a fuck, like, whatever my coach said I did. And a high school football coach, his job is to win. Right.


So he wasn't thinking about my health or my future in any way. Right. So it's pretty much go go sacrifice yourself, your body, your well-being for the team. And I did. And I liked playing with my boys. You know, some of the people I still text to this day, Mac, we played football together, like and our team was good. We went to the playoffs for the first time in eight years, which was a big it was one of those years that was a big deal.


We were nine and one and then lost.


But it was it was a good year is a really good year. And I remember a couple of times getting concussed, got my first concussion. It was a classic head to head collision. And I it took me longer to get up because up until that point, every hit that I deliver, like I lacerated some kid's liver with it, done with it, not intentionally, but he's he's probably I hear about this I'm to this day so sorry.


He can never play contact sports again. I didn't again. Not intentionally.


I ran into him on you and I was like, by the way, sorry about the whole liver thing. He's like, it's fine man. This fucked up. But anyway, anyways, this first time I got a concussion, I was on all fours and my dad could tell something was wrong. He was like an assistant coach. He was like an assistant assistant coach. He was the water boy, is what you're saying. Damn near you. Was newly divorced, didn't have a job.


He just hung around. You really had no business being gay, just legally couldn't tell them to leave. They will.


Everyone wanted to do it, but he he he notices something was wrong.


It took me a longer a little longer to get up and I was the linebacker. I know how much I know about football, but the linebackers called the play called the linemen pick the play.


Look, the signal from a coach and I get up and I literally did not know where I was. I knew I was supposed to be doing something, but I didn't know what and I didn't know why.


Chores or something. I had no idea. Well, it quick just quick stop. What the fuck were you playing? Linebacker. What was the size?


You're small. You're not a huge man from high school. How big? I saw the high school videos of you weren't a massive man.


I was the same size. You just you are the same as you are now. Same size.


Except I have a beard now. Oh Lord.


OK, well, well I mean even with, without, well even without the beard I wouldn't have been scared. I mean remember shaved face and it wasn't the scariest.


Oh he was a little thicker in the face because he got, he had some information from Russ and constantly getting hit in the ring. Yeah right. A lot of it. Yeah. So yeah I remember thinking like oh yeah.


I suppose I'm supposed to be doing so that's four fucking times.


I literally will lacerate your liver. If that happens, turn the phone off, put it on. Do not disturb. OK, how is that. We have such a massive podcast.


You're being unprofessional like stop yelling at him. And so he told me not to go to sleep and that's all you want to do when you get concussed. Everyone who has a concussion knows that you just want to go to sleep in like end it.


And we ended up winning this game, long story short.


But I went to a party afterwards. I don't know how I got there. I don't I don't remember, like, my freaking customer Ruffy.


What's going on here? Why are you so confused? I got Rupi at the party. Stop it. Oh my God. It's not funny.


It's not like. Stop it, go on. That's that's it. That's a story. Just don't play football. Do you remember.


Actually I got it. I got a quick story. I will, I won't let my kid play football unless unless he's like, yo dad, I'm leaving this house forever. If you don't let me play football. It is it is so dangerous. If you don't play the right way or have coaches who are guiding you in the right way, it is a dangerous sport. All of my injuries that I feel to this day pull hip flexors, surgery on both knees.


The concussions that I experience often, football. My parents are are they just heard the truth of the story.


It took me years to tell them the truth because I was terrified.


But 6th grade, no. Seventh grade, two hand touch football. No tackling, no nothing. The grass is wet and I was punting the ball and I slipped. And I won't fall back on my back of the head completely fine. So embarrassed, I was so embarrassed because the girl that I liked was staring at me and I did this like I did this weekend and I went and I went and I missed and went home and I just closed my eyes like, oh, this is not happening.


I did not just wink at her with all that confidence and just fall on my head. So I stood there in my mind just like, OK, what do you do? What you do? And then I heard her go, Oh, my God, George. And then I was like, oh, my God, God made this happen. This is my movie moment. She's going to run to me.


So I just I just sat there with my eyes closed, like, oh, she ran up and I felt like a hand on my penis. And I was like, this is amazing. But then I was like, these are some heavy hands. Oh, I got I got my eyes off. I look like it's the teacher and he's like, don't move. And I was like, oh my God, what am I doing? A completely fine mother.


Like, I could got up teacher man was it cool when he performed CPR on you didn't touch me immediately. Called the ambulance. He's like, you can't move. You were out.


And I was like, no, I'm good, I'm good. I'm not one of those. You can't worry. Where have you under concussion protocol to your for blows the whistle. Everybody go inside. What bro.


Everybody's walking by me. Oh my God. People are talking shit. You got to look for this. We're going to pick you up. I'm already hated like so laying there and I'm like OK just embarrass myself in front of this crowd. Right. Hairy knuckles on my body.


A serious everybody's talking to me. Yeah. I go this can't get worse. Ambulance come.


Oh my God. At what point are you just going to refute like yell motherfucker, I'm fine. Stop touching my dick.


I'm so deep and I'm like, this is fucking embarrassing. I'm writing this shit. So I thought they're going to come check me with the light, be like you're good, go back to class, bro. I swear to God, am I lying there doing the IV thing and the fucking dude is new or whatever, but he keeps missing. And at one point blood squirts on to my shot, bro, on everything blood squirts. So now I have blood on my own blood.


No one else's blood. My blood. So it was your blood, my blood. Nobody else in blood, somebody else's blood. Maybe not somebody. I got it. My blood. They put me on a stretcher, bro. They go, how is this all fucked up? The guy asked me in front of, like the PE teacher and he just sent everybody into class. He goes, how bad does it hurt? And I'm like, I'm like I say four.


I just sent everybody back into class. So he goes out of ten or twelve. Oh, I can't move.


He goes, Oh, my God, they put the fucking thing or my brother on the stretcher. They start putting me in the fucking ambulance. I go, oh, god, this is deep. Like, this is really deep the fuck. They put me in this special room, they're like immediately doing all this shit. My mom and dad meet me at the hospital. The school calls them. My mom walks in crying. My dad told her mom my sister got out of work.


She came.


This is this is now they signed this shit with fucking blindspots on me. They're just crying and they're like, how are you? OK, I barely made it.


Like, I don't know what you can be going through your family. What the fuck, Mike? You know what my dad said?


He goes, I swear to God, please give him the right accent. He goes, three thousand dollars.


That's how much the fucking ham you couldn't drive. I go, I'm in seventh grade.


So you're 12, by the way, also of story. Two weeks prior, I was in the hospital for eating flaming hot Cheetos and I had acid reflux.


Little Zach having a heart attack. So I got my chance to go out and my mom, a hypochondriac like me, you know, my son's having a heart attack and the doctor is like, no, he just had acid reflux. So I had a hospital bill over that. So they had six or seven thousand dollars that month over nothing for me a long time.


I was actually at dinner with them like recently, a couple of years ago. You guys remember that time I went to the hospital? I'll never forget. It was the first time I watched Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk. They put me in the hospital bed. They played this bullshit. I show and I go forever and always. Now I see Lou Ferrigno.


I think of myself dying, but not dying.


But yeah, that's the time I hurt myself playing football injuries that happened during, like, relaxed, like low key sporting activities. Always make me laugh and not really laugh. I mean, more like cry because I ruptured my spleen playing basketball when I was 15 years old. I ruptured one of my playing basketball. Yeah. My major internal organs.


How'd you do that? Shouldn't happen if. Yeah, you're fifteen.


I was at the top of the key. I finally got the ball.


I was I was as low as the reference pain. Right.


As long you would always say he's too big to be moving like that, you know, and I at this moment I was like, dude, I'm going, I'm going to drive hard, I'm going to go for the layup. And I went and I was driving and this kid, T.J., saw me driving the whole and he couldn't break away from his other defense to to block me from going for the layup. So he just stuck his foot out.


He thought that was the right answer. And so I classic streetball move. You just tripped the motherfucker when they're going for the layup.


And I went and I went to jump up and I got elevated and I literally went like a domino straight down to the ground. And I just remember hitting the ground full bore with, like my abdomen. And for a second it was it was that same kind of moment.


Like, everything kind of like gets wide around you and you have just like that second and I got back up and somebody passing the ball and I was like I started dribbling out the top of the car. I don't know why I kept on the ball. Top of the game, out of fucking point guard. Six foot three. What the fuck was that?


But I was like and they were like, yo, you go. And I was like, go inside. And I walked inside to my frontages. House was No. One was home. And I laid down in the bed for a second and it was like it was like a warm spring day. And I just remember the drapes were like blowing in the breeze.


What a vivid picture. I remember really well.


And I was laying there and all of a sudden I literally closed my eyes for half a second. I opened them and they were all just staring, standing around me, staring at me like this. Staring at me like I was looking at five of my friends, staring at me with their mouths open, they go, you're Mike, you're blue, you're blue, you have you are blue. Like, we have to do something. And so I call my dad.


Doesn't anybody else do anything? I don't know. Because because I know all honesty, bro, this was a different time. I remember when I fractured my skull on the skiing hill and my brains were leaking on my head. They were like, yo, can you get down to the bottom of the hill? They'll ski like it was a different time. There's none of this fucking bullshit like, oh, George slip kicking a ball.


Like it was like, yo, put your brain back in your head and ski, dude, you. My dad paid sixty five dollars for the Killington lift ticket. You're going to finish this fucking day. But it was a different time zone. So I called my dad like, Dad, can you bring me up? And he comes and picks me up.


And this is like the fiftieth time he had to pick me up for some dumb shit. Sometimes I call my hand arm would be hanging the fuck is this shit now?


But I actually called ten years old and used it every time because you guys could be so much. I like to play with it. So he so drives me to the hospital and they're like, I'm like dude, I'm in so much pain at this point.


They're like, what's wrong with them? Like to see, you know, what to do, break ribs, really broke some ribs. But here, drink six gallons of this brown liquid. It was this dye. It was dye. So I drank it. They did a CAT scan and they go they come back in and they go. We actually have some bad news. My mom had come to that point, she goes, your son ruptured when your son obliterated his spleen.


It doesn't exist anymore. The internal organ has burst completely and he has lost one third of his of his blood into his stomach.


And a nurse, a nurse walks in and she goes, Honey, honey, how much pain is in right now? And I was like a thousand.


And she's like, I'm going to tell you something that you're not really going to like to hear right now. But we have to do it anyways.


And she she pulls this lub out and starts lubing up a tube like this. This is like my worst nightmare.


And I'm like, where the fuck is that tube going? And I'm and I'm sitting there bleeding out, you know, and I'm not right, doc. I've been here because I'm sitting there bleeding out. I don't need to live just thinking it was like 15 booty fingers yet.


And she comes over and she takes the tube and she starts feeding it into my nose while I'm wide awake and it goes in my nose. I feel it turn in the top and then it goes down my throat into my stomach. And I'm just sitting there with her and my mom's watching on and then all fucking I'm sorry, it's gone quite dark. They're all crying and like screaming. Why are you feeding a tube to my son while he still fucking awake through his nose and she hits a button and it goes.


And I see this brown liquid blood and fucking organic organ fluids are coming out of this tube and filling a vial ganic organic. Anyways, long story short.


Yeah, we got to go in there. We're going to cut a hole down the center of your body and we're going to rip your dilapidated, fucked up spleen out of that orifice that we create. This is all from a guy tripping. Yeah.


Where is it now? I'd like to put in I don't know. And it only got worse from there.


They they, they took it out, they showed me back up Knowsley and they took care of all the internal bleeding, whatever. Two weeks later I'm sitting on the toilet just having a shit like a normal night shit.


I had some wendys earlier, that nice dude bro with me having to shove it and I'm in a shitty shit.


No turds are coming out. And I realized, I thought about like Ivan shit in like three, four days. The fuck's going on. My intestines is a common relapse after you remove one organ tangled into a full not my intestines were not so nothing was being through. So I go back to the fucking hospital, I go back to the hospital and the doctor goes, oh, we're going to we're going to have to sit. We're going to have to go back in for surgery, opens the shit back up, untangles my my intestines yogurt's.


So I tells my mom when we come out he goes, the wound was so fresh that I didn't even need a knife to open it. I just ripped it open with my thumbs.


This is this is he said that this is horrible, horrifying wonderland. Is the story over. It's over.


This is so old. I feel like I could probably say this now. I got in a fist fight with them in his closet about three years after that, and he had a little brother who was about eight years younger. And he was so scared for him that we were having like an actual fist fight that his brother stabbed me with a steak knife in the leg. I've never this is not even in the book. I've never told the story before.


Hey, man, he was like a little Chucky doll because he was so young, he ran over and put a steak knife into my leg, like, what the fuck life have you lived?


First of all, why are you fighting in the closet?


What's happening? We wait till we fell into it like we're throwing punches in the closet was open.


We fell into it, and all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain and I took it, stabbing you in the leg for you to come out of the closet. Fire.


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He said while that was a good interview, I'm crying like we just do it different on a positive. We got a good cast and when we vibe with the right people, it's a really special program. But yeah, that is it.


Sorry about your body and getting stabbed. We can get those back some day. It sucks that they don't let you keep it right.


I think I probably could. You can't. But I tried. I've had so much of my body removed. The testicle, the knee. I think there was a pause.


Why what's the if you had like if you have your butt off, you surely can keep no chance. Unless you do it well, that's I mean, that would be the plan. Thank you. Well, thanks for watching, guys. It's subscribe. We'll see you next time. Bye.