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Life is a combination of two things. A certain amount of time and certain amount of energy. Time is running away. You do something, you don't do something you're happy or unhappy. Tick, tick, tick, tick, it's going away for all of us. It doesn't stop for any of us. We cannot say today. I didn't use it. Let me roll it back. There's no such thing. Time is just rolling away. The only thing that we can manage is our energy.


We should start with just a deep breath, because this is the biggest audience of impulses we've ever had. There's there's a lot of people here because the guest today is very, very special. So if everyone could join me in just a quick inhale and exhale, I feel like that really does help break the ice. Here we go. I'd love to start the episode, but I do hear a plane coming off the plane. Maybe we could just wait till after that plane passes.


That will happen. That will happen. So that we could probably we could probably go. We could have run it.


Welcome back to Impulsive, the number one podcast in the world. That's the statistical fact.


I know what you're thinking, Logan. You're not on your typical impulsive set. And you're absolutely right. The backdrop behind me is probably not fooling you. There's a good reason for that. We have a very, very special guest today, one of the biggest crowds we've had as well.


This got to be, what, 700 to a thousand people closer to the latter. Yeah, standing behind the cameras right now. Hit that subscribe button, guys. I'm going to say before this episode starts. Take out a notepad. Honestly, this could be one of the most impactful, impulsive episodes we've ever had with one of the most special guests we've ever had, and it's actually why we're sitting outside.


I got the opportunity for my dear friend and ex roommate Andre to have this guest on our on our podcast. And he said the only way the only way he'll do it is if you if we were we able to do it outside. And obviously with a studio in my garage, that doesn't count. I said, you know what, we'll move it outside for this guy, because I really do. I believe in him. And I was able to attend an event that you guys had the other day.


And I just learned how bad ass and how full of wisdom this guy sitting across from me is. So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, we have in our presence one of the most prominent, most viewed spiritual gurus in the world. On the premises, ladies and gentlemen, Sadhguru, I want to get into how you started this spiritual journey.


I found that fascinating. When I listen, you speaking of injuries, you were 25 years old.


I'm still I'm still I can tell multiple successful businesses. And you were praised in the town as being a man of success, a man who had made it. And I probably should let you tell the story about your life.


When I asked I'm sure you've told this story so many times, but, you know, our audience hasn't heard it or some of them may have. Some of them may have not. And I know when I first heard it, I found it fascinating. So maybe just a brief introduction to how you got started.


And knowing everything in the universe of seriously, he all the answers wait till starts.


So, see, I this happened to me when I was just about four and a half years of age. Suddenly one day I realized actually, I do not think. Don't think means just don't know anything. If somebody gives me a glass of water, I would be staring at this glass of water for hours.


Because I don't know what is what, I know how to use it even now, you know how to use water, but do you know what it is really?


Two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen that sticks around, but water molecules.


But what are atoms like that? And right now. Two thirds of the planet is water covered with water covered by water, whether it is available in all the three states, it's liquid, solid aggregations, everything. Very well, if we want to search for life. We search for a drop of water. Somebody finds a drop of water, trace of water on Mars. And now we think life is possible. So this is the very basis of our life, but do we know what it is actually with all the scientific exploration, we do not know a single atom.


We know how to use it. We in the even the invisible atom, we know how to break it, how to use it, how to make a bomb out of it, how to kill everybody from it. But we don't know what it is. We don't know what it is, so if we find a leaf, I'm staring at it for four hours, five hours, if I sit up in the night, I'm just staring at darkness for hours.


My father being a physician, he started thinking that I need a psychiatric evaluation. You doctors, you know. Same with my dad, right?


Yeah, maybe so. I see. Oh, my God.


So in this condition, they sent me to school. My mother said, you must pay attention to the teachers, you're always at something else. So I went and paid attention to the teachers, the kind of attention that they had never imagined anybody would be to them. Nobody had ever paid that kind of attention. I sat there and I know they're past, present and future, staring at them, staring at them, staring at them. Sometimes somebody said, don't stare at me like this.


I'm just a little boy, four or five year old boy. But they're kind of uncomfortable the way I'm staring at them. So I went to school and initially they started saying things and I sort of understood what they're trying to say. And then I realized teacher after teacher coming and making actually sounds and sounds. And right now I'm making sounds because both of us think we know English language. You're making meaning out of this. Suppose I start speaking in any one of the Indian languages.


They will be just sounds for you, isn't it? We're just making sounds, this language is a conspiracy between two people. I make this sound, you make that meaning, either I make that sound, you make that meaning, you know, the whole thing. So I stop making meanings and just started listening to the sounds. And every 45 minutes, a new detail will come and make sounds and sounds and sounds. It became very amusing and that big smile spread on my face, but they were not amused at all.


So I saw that there was no point and I went to school only when it was absolutely necessary. The rest of the time I kind of. I would add more interesting explorations in the world. So one day it happened. I mean, now about 11 years ago, this school where I studied almost 45 years ago or more, they came to invite me for their one hundred and twenty fifth anniversary school. And I said, please, why me?


I was not just a bad student. I was not even still the student. I only came when it was absolutely necessary. Why me? They said, See, our school has produced ministers in the cabinet. Our school has produced sports stars. Our school is producing stars. But you are the only mystic, so you must come. I said, OK. And I went I went there and stood up in the quadrangle to speak. I looked around same oppressive buildings and then I looked in this particular room.


And then I remember I was around 12 years of age. One afternoon, because at that time I'm in this condition, I don't know anything if I pay attention to something, I can't take my eyes off it. I'm just looking at it, still trying to figure it out. What is it? So they can't get my attention. So he asked me a question, something.


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I just look at him, I don't even hear the question. OK, I hear sounds. I don't make meaning with something, everybody blaring something all the time. So I just look at him and he tries to get an answer from me for about 35, 40 minutes. He tries hard to make me say something when I don't know anything. What is there to say? So I was in that condition at that time. For many days I wouldn't speak because there's nothing to say.


What is there to say? I don't know a thing. So I was looking at him after 35, 40 minutes of frustration, he got so mad he came and held me by the shoulder, shook me violently like that and said, You must either be the divine or the devil. I think you're the lieto. Well, I was not insulted and abused by this. My problem is, what is this? What is that? What is that?


What is that? One thing was clear. This is me. This guy confused me about this. Also, I look like this. What is this? Is this divine or devil? What the hell is this? I don't know. What is this? Till now I was OK. I did not know what anything about anything, but I knew this is me. Suddenly this guy confused me. So that is when I started sitting with my eyes closed trying to see what is this?


Well, it took a few years, another 12, 13 years before I realized what is this and what was that? Oh, what was that? And the right now, what you call as myself is largely the boundaries of your body. We can do an experiment, actually, can you? Sure, let's do it. So you hold both your hands together.


And with your eyes closed, what you do is you intensely rub it like this for about 30 seconds as intensely as possible. It's going to get hot.


I don't like this. I really don't like this. Not good, my skin is burning. Now hold your palms about four inches away from each of the. Something happening between them. I don't know, some kind of sensation happening between them. Yeah, yeah, my hands are high, not hands being hot between the two bombs. Is there something happening?


I, I don't know. Let's try it again. Not not not with pleasure, but with speed. Yeah.


It feels like there's like a magnet between the two. So there is a sensation. What I'm trying to tell you is how did you fix the boundaries of your body right now, do one thing, take your right hand and that your left hand is that you? Yes, that's the chair on which you're sitting, is that you? Now, how do you know this? I don't know, get off and walk away in the chair. Oh, there's a whole lot of people are walking away from their body, haven't they?


What about all the dead people?


Don't they come back on Halloween? I think I think the most important notion here is to understand that human experience is 100 percent self-contained, which you talk about.


No, no, that's not what I'm saying right now. You're fixing the boundaries of who you are only from the boundaries of sensation, where daily sensation it's you where there is no sensation. It's not you, isn't it?


Can I just ask a question? I don't want to get too far ahead, but I want to bring this back for the impulsive audience who may not be aligned with this way of thinking or know who you are exactly or your or your or your approach.


I have have always been one to have a tough time with with all of this mean. Andre, I've had many conversations about I'm open minded to it. But at the end of the day, I always have a Verizon bill to pay. I have health insurance that needs to be paid to the phone bills.


No, no. If you don't use the phone, there are no bills, actually. Oh, OK. Great.


Right. But great. And I love that. But I've got I've got bills to come to the Verizon later right now. First of all, how do you define who you are and what you are? Essentially, whatever is within the boundaries of your sensation is you, whatever is outside the boundaries of your senses and in something else, isn't it? Right now, there's water in this vessel. Is this, you know, before paying the Verizon and you need to drink water, correct?




Is this you know, it's not. It's not. It's not. No. Let's see. Like I said, it's hard for me to get on your level to answer the question. Is the water in the glass me? You know, I've been taught that the water in the glass is not me.


Yes, but if you try if you drink, it will become you see, that's what I don't I don't know. No.


All right. Now, two thirds two thirds of your body is water. So it doesn't it is me that it is you OK?


Is it still you in the toilet. It out is that's up to you to decide. OK, then you'll get flushed out.


What what are you going to decide if I feel like it's more kind of goes through, you know.


I mean like a car then go through please. Hello. It's not like gas. I know it's not like gasoline. You know, in here, your body is a certain composition of food that you eat in water that you drink in the air that you breathe. Yes or no? Yes, no. Right now we're just using water as an example. If it's here in this vessel, it's definitely not you. It's hundred percent clear. But the moment you drink it, it goes and integrate itself into this body and some level part of it may go out.


That's a different matter, but the rest of it stays. All right. So now that it is here, this water which is in this body, are you not experiencing this as myself? Hmm? Yes. Yes or no? Yes. I ask a question and a no. Like this is a legit question. I'm very new to this. No, I just want to.


You're not new to life. I'm only asking you I'm sure I'm supposed to wake up and I'm like, OK, I'm here today. My question is this.


If the water is me and I drink the water, then I didn't say to you, I just answer your question.


OK, so is it or isn't it?


Well, he's in he's in the middle of a spiel, bro. He's not done yet. So maybe put a pin in your question. No, no. The simple thing is this. Is it true your body is an accumulation of food, water and and whatever else you can do, correct? Yes.


So similarly, the water is here. It's not you, you know that. But the moment it's inside you, expediencies myself. Why? Because it's within the boundaries of your sensation. So your idea of who you are is only because of the boundaries of your sensation if you touch this, you know, this is not me. If you touch this, you know, this is me because they're here. There are sensations here. There are no sensations.


But boundaries of your sensation can be stretched simply. If you did this, you will feel sensations between your arms, do between your palms. Well, you have heard somebody had whatever an unfortunate incident and they chopped off somebody's leg. And still the experience of leg is still there, though the physical leg is not there because there is a sensitive body as there is a physical body that is a sensitive body. This sense, anybody how large it is depends on how intense your life energies are.


If your life energies are very effervescent and intense, your sensory body becomes larger than your physical body. Why everybody's rubbing each other all the time is because they want to experience somebody else as a part of themselves. If your sensory body became as large as the space, you would experience everybody here as myself. This is what your thinking is now. This is what your thinking is sexuality. All that's happening is your sense. Anybody because of a certain moment of exuberance has expanded because it's expanded.


Somebody feels like they have just a part of you at that moment. So now what do you sees, you make your life energy so exuberant, it takes some work, you make it so exuberant. If you sit here, then. Universe is a part of you because your sensory body is stretched like that. So your whole experience of life as to what is you and what is not you is determined by where there are sensations. It's you where there are no sensations.


It's not you isn't correct where I was going with that question. Trying to phrase it the right way is just that the phone company, it may lead to forget the phone company.


We don't need phones. Right? I guess I just mean half the country.


That phone company doesn't work. Right. Got it.


Where I was going with it is is just that I think to a lot of people that listen to this conversation, this is the conversation itself. And the entire thought process is is viewed by many people as a luxury, a luxury that many people don't have the time, the ability to to sit in and to understand where does my life force end? I have four kids. We live in a one bedroom apartment in your know domain for kids if you have only one bedroom.


Right. OK, I get it. Now we're talking about, you know, the moral morality of parenthood. I get it. But what I'm saying is people find themselves in circumstances whether they plan to be there or not. And life has a way of dictating how much energy we can we can devote to this type of extracurricular. Some would call it paranormal, some would call a theoretical use.


Does not answer to this question. How can you if you're not put labels on things that you don't understand, you just say right now, I don't have time. I don't have energy to do that. I will come to that. OK, OK, but don't put names on this. That is extracurricular. It's not extracurricular. It is most fundamental to life. If you want to live a sensible life, it's important that you know at least what is the nature of your existence without knowing the nature of your existence.


If you try to handle this, you will make a fool of yourself with the world.


Right? So now that we know that. Got it. And you ran us through that, now that we know the nature of our existence. No, no, no, we don't.


Oh, no, no, no, no. I thought we just went through all this. I'm the water that I drink. No, no, you don't come to a conclusion like that. It is opening up one possibility. This is for you to wonder what is the nature of my existence, which he thinks is a luxury. I'm saying it's like this. You want to handle something. Let's say you want to handle this camera. You know nothing about it and you handle it.


What will you produce? I'm asking probably have some horseshit.


Yes, that's what life is for most people. That's what he's saying. Horseshit in one room that five children. Why? There's one room you should know what to do. I'm with you by my I guess my question is, if I go to the grocery store right, and I get to the register, I'm buying my lettuce and all of my organic vegetables and I get to the register and they say, you know, that'll be 60 to 50 isolators, organic vegetables and all these two Extra-Curricular just buy it in Wal-Mart.


OK, so I'm at the Wal-Mart counter and they ask me for six dollars and I say, but I have found out the fundamental principles of life and I have a life force that exists in between my hands when I brought them together.


What I'm getting at is how do you how do you enthrall and ignite the masses to take part in this conversation about what life means? That's where I was trying to get to with this whole question. That's what I was thinking along.


I want you to I want you to understand you're dismissing a whole lot of human beings as masses. They don't know masses that are individual human beings everywhere. If you if you have the patience, if you have the compassion, if you have the involvement, even if you go into the slum, there also there are individual human beings. There is no slum dwellers there. Hello. Yes or no? Yes. Yes. This mass of people, there are no such people.


There are individual human beings. Every one of them is concerned about his or her life. Every one of them want to live. Well, I'm saying if you want to use the camera, well, the first thing is to read at least the instruction manual, even if you don't go for training, isn't it? Hello. Isn't it so. Yes. So I'm just talking about the instruction manual for such a complex machine that's been given to you.


The most sophisticated technology on the planet is this one, the human mechanism without knowing a thing about it. If you think you can handle it well, you cannot. If I can just interject here real quick, I think that for me, when it comes to spiritual seeking, it boils down to the question of who am I right? What is the nature of my existence? And the pointing right is to understand who I am. I the first, understand who I am not.


And so I feel like he was touching on, like most people are so identified with their mind and their body processes and they think that is them.


And so I think what he was trying to do is give a distinction as to the separation of who you are and what your mind and body are.


That is one aspect. First of all, I'm saying if you want to conduct anything, well, will you conduct it to. Well, if you know everything about it or will you conduct it? Well, if you know nothing about it, the former, that's all.


You don't really want to stand in the grocery line. If you're smart, you will never stand in the grocery line and not in a grocery line for years. All right. And for decades. Why it's growing because of your sub-group.


It doesn't matter. But somehow you will not end up doing basic things for the rest of your life. You will get to do something better because every human being is wanting to do something, but wanting to do something bigger. Wanting to live bigger, yes or no? Yes.


But I don't think many human beings are willing to activate on their desires. I say this all the time. Everyone wants bigger, better, faster, whole thing more expensive, more valuable.


They're only complaining like this, right?


Aren't willing to do what it takes to make it happen, understand what is the nature of their life and act upon it. So, so, so the curiosity that would lead to the answer to that question.


And it also it sounds like what originally drove you to meditate on that mountain, because I know, again, at 25 years old, you had like a spiritual awakening where you said every cell in your body was some sort of ecstasy. You had no sense of time and you kept having these revelations. And and one time you sat outside for 13 days and you opened your eyes. You thought it had been what I think you said twenty five minutes.


So did that sense of curiosity, is that what led you to to to go down the path you went?


If you must understand, it is intrinsic to human intelligence to want to know something more than what is there. If you leave your dog out here, he's just sniffing out everything. Even he's curious. He wants to know everything that's there in this garden. What's wrong with the human beings? The only thing that's wrong is they've arrived at too many conclusions, either because of religious beliefs or philosophical beliefs or ideologies or some nonsense that they've concluded. And they've lost the sense of the intrinsic nature of your intelligence.


His wants to expand, wants to know this is not somebody has to teach it to you. This is natural. You need a child. It wants to look at everything, isn't it? So where did you lose it because you made up your philosophies of socialism?


I if I can just riff on that just for a second for me, when I was growing up, a lot of my friends called me like they gave me the title of Truth Seeker, and it was because I asked so many questions to and try to poke holes in and what a lot of people would say.


And I really unplugged. You can do it. I believe in you.


And so you speak about how creating conclusions and beliefs about the world. One, if you really scope out and take a macro view of like we really don't know what's going on here within humanity, we scope out and we see that we're a blue marble hurtling around a gasifier at incredible speeds. It's like take yourself back and realize that the beliefs that I made about, you know, just dogmas and religions and politics and everything that you hold so close is hindering us from being able to look at things for what they actually are.


And so if you could just speak on how creating beliefs and conclusions about everything destroy our ability to seek, I think it would be very valuable.


How many of you believe in God? This is one that has. OK. About five people, six. How many of you believe you have two hands? Just raise one hand. Do you believe you have two hands, milk, he's raising them both just to prove it.


So I'm asking you, do you believe you have two hands or do you know that you have two hands? Both really now both if you know you have two hands where they need to believe you have two hands, one follows the other. No one, not. If you know something, why do you have to believe it? If I know something, why do I have to believe it? Yeah, I believe one follows the other. No, no, I believe the truth.


I have two hands as truth, I believe it, see, the word believe means the word believe essentially means you do not know something, but you believe it is so. But you could believe in no sympathy, I believe you are a good guy. What does it mean? So you don't know that?


I don't know. That's what I'm saying. I don't know. I don't know what you are, but I believe you are a good guy, OK? I believe he is nice. And I went to him and he was terrible.


So are you saying forget about the belief and just stick to what we know.


But first, understand the distinction between knowing something and believing something. Got it. So whatever we do not know. It is most wonderful of you unhuman of you to see. I do not know because I do not know is a tremendous possibility. Tremendous possibility. The moment you destroy. I do not know. Your entire learning and expansion process has come to cease. And this is what you are doing with your belief that you believe this. You believe that all these people are saying I believe God.


Now they're saying in California, I believe in myself. I don't know what that means.


I believe in God. And I do know that there's a God. So you're saying to sacrifice my belief.


So I'm not asking you to do anything. I'm asking you to look at the distinction between knowing something and not knowing something.


But what is the what is the metric for width for which something goes from belief to knowledge is is the knowledge.


I just want to be talking about knowing. Right. So let me make a distinction between knowledge and knowing, OK, is the religion and accumulated information. I know this, this and that, my knowledge means I have accumulated information today, everybody's knowledgeable about everything. This doesn't mean to say they know it. They know it through the phone screen, everything in the universe, but they don't know it by experience of anything so annoying is by experience. I have two hands is my knowing.


I know it is dead already. Even if I close my eyes, it's there. If you argue, it means that it's there anyway. So belief is something else right now. I know something. I do not know something. These are two facts of life. So you, if you live in truth, you will know some things, you will not know some things what you do not know. Naturally your intelligence will want to know. You don't have to seek it consciously.


The moment you see, I do not know your intelligence will start working. The in-between thing is what you do not know. You want to believe and make yourself feel like you know it. And that caused tremendous trouble to human beings, assuming things that they do not know.


I think that's one of the biggest problems we're facing right now in our country. I don't know how long you've been here, but I think it's safe to say America is probably the most divided. It's ever been, especially with a pandemic going on. Well, you had a civil war. This is better than that. Yeah, it is better than that, but I wonder how close we are to something like that happening now, like truth, truthfully, and everybody gets haunted.


OK, now I wanted to build off of his his knowing versus believing. I don't remember which school of thought, if it if it was Plato or Aristotle. But do you believe that all knowledge comes from what is gathered by one of the sensory parts of life by one of the senses? Is that your belief? You see something, you believe, you smell something, believe it? Or is there or is there room for faith? Is there room for metaphysical understanding of certain things?


Do you leave that open or do you have to experience it through one of the senses?


See if you go beyond sensory perception. Right now, I did this and I say it's cool. No, I don't know what this is only because it's cooler than my body. I'm saying it's cool if somebody else who is much cooler than me that does this, they'll say this is warm, yes or no. Yeah. So I'm saying your experience of sensors is a very relative experience. It's good enough for survival, not good enough for knowing the nature of what it is.


For survival process, you're seeing, hearing, smelling distinct, I think, which is what you are saying, to go to the grocery store. All this is good enough, but if you want to know what it is, you cannot know through your senses.


How do you know? I want to get into that? How do you find out what it really is beyond your senses? What's that? What's the practice that gets you there?


It's not about a practice. First of all, the if you want to cross the border first, you must get to the border, isn't it? Right now, you want to go to Mexico, you can go from here, you want to at least get to the border first. So if you want to know this is why I started with the border, but you to do something else, I said the border of your experiences, sensations, if something comes and touches, it's a sensation.


If you see something, it's a certain kind of sensation. You smell something is a certain kind of sensation. Everything in your experience is sensation. It may not be sensational, but it is a sensation. That is why we're calling them as sense organs. They create sensations in the system. These sensations are vital. If you want to live in this world, if you want to survive in this world as well, you will know anything that you are.


No years eyes, no nothing. Would you know what is here? Nothing isn't a total blank. You fall asleep, what is happening, your heart is beating, your liver is functioning, kidneys are functioning, everything functioning. Now they're telling you you and your brains are functioning, but you don't know a thing simply because all the five Ogurtsov sensations have closed down, isn't it? So your experience of life is right now limited to sensory perception. And that is the reason all this confusion, because the nature of sense is sensory perception is such.


If you see this part of my hand, you cannot see this part of my hand, isn't it? Right. So you always perceive everything in parts. Now, with these parts, you are trying to make a hole. It doesn't work like that right now. People's understanding of what creation is, what existence is, is it's a trillion piece jigsaw, but they find three pieces, put it together and they form something and said, this is it, this is it.


I believe this is what it is. You can believe whatever you want. If you work hard enough on you from your childhood, we can make you believe any damn thing in the universe. Just know this. I agree with that.


Is that a shortcoming of humanity? Is that is that is that because our brains have not developed to a point where we are no longer limited by what we see, feel, touch, smell here?


Or is there a way to break that boundary? And have you done it?


The human brain, there's nothing deficient about it. A deficiency is people are trying to operate without using the user's manual. They don't know a damn thing about their brains. That is a problem because they have lots of beliefs. They have lots of beliefs and beliefs and beliefs, so they can't use their brains, but the moment you see I do not know something, do you see your brain starts working in a certain way?


I think saying I don't know is one of the most powerful statements and it starts exploding immediately. It's through exploration. You have come to America. I'm saying that people came to America because of exploration, not because they believed nobody believed there was a land here. They thought they were going to India. Yesterday, somebody asked me, what is what is your experience of, you know, that Columbus landed in America and called the people here Indians? What do you think about it?


How do you feel? I said, I'm glad he didn't land in India, but I'm sorry he landed here.


You talk about this necessity for curiosity and this, I don't know, or questioning.


I don't use the word curiosity. Curiosity is a very selfish thing. OK, but when you realize I do not know there is a pain of not knowing.


Right. And it leads and it leads to that to that questioning. Right. One of one of the things that some people use that aren't, as you know, that don't sit on a meditation system to get to that place of curiosity, to get to that place of questioning and not knowing and being open to looking at things in new ways.


Apply some vocabulary. What's seeking, seeking. Thank you so much. Like I said, brand new to this. One thing some of these people use is mind altering drugs, ayahuasca, psilocybin, surging acid. What are your thoughts on on getting to this to this place of understanding through alternate means?


The. It's like you can jinx the brain to create all kinds of experiences just by strongly dreaming about it, you can do it actually you can do it. You can hypnotize somebody and make them go through all kinds of things. If you're only hunting for experiences, it's fine. But what I'm talking is not about hunting for experiences, a genuine exploration. If you put on who we are and sit here, you may go to Mars right now. But you're not going to Mars, that's all I'm saying.


So by making some chemical changes forcefully, by introducing something, whether it's of natural origin or not, it came from the backstory of something. It doesn't matter where it came from, you stimulate something chemically. And an experience happened if you if you did it just one time and you you use this as a way to understand that I'm capable of these experiences. You know, yesterday I was just doing The Daily Caller Tuesday morning. The quote was something like this, if I can repeat that.


I did like whatever was the most wonderful and the peak. Level of emotion experience you had make that your baseline in your life because you're capable of that, all right? You're capable of that. What you're capable of must happen. What you're not capable of will not happen. That's a different matter. What is what you're capable if you your level if you're capable of a certain level of joy, that must be your baseline. Now you will explore what's beyond.


Now, most people think these peak experiences happen only when somebody loves me, only when I pop this bill, only when I smoke this stuff. This is the wrong way to do it. If you used it just once to understand that my body and my, you know, experience is capable of reaching such a peak and then you start living there, that's great. But every time you have to pop something and tomorrow you're sick, what's the point of that?


Save your peace and happiness. And I've asked you all, what do you truly want, right? Like, what do you really want in this life? And we in the 3D material world are chasing a lot of things because of the feeling that is going to give us. Right. And so peace and happiness seems to be the answer amongst a lot of people that I ask. And I hear you talk about how peace should be the fundamental baseline foundation in which you live, not the highest aspiration.


And so if you could speak for people that don't have that peace currently within their life and want that to be the basis for their whole life, how can they do that?


This is the most unfortunate thing in the world. And most human beings just do not know how to be at ease. They're not even at ease. Forget about joy. Forget about blissful. There is no easy at all in this general state. And now they say this is our human beings are doctors there because that's their business. Pharmaceutical companies say that's their business. For example, United States, we here in USA. So let's take this as an example.


This is the most affluent country on the planet right now. Why does an individual person or a society or a nation seek affluence in the first stage of affluence? It's a choice of nourishment. I can eat what I want if I'm hungry or I'm thinking of money. Why? Because if I have money, I can eat whatever I want. In the second level of affluence, it's the lifestyle I can live the way I want. I can do things that I want to do.


So now, in the most affluent country where there is a choice of nourishment and a choice of lifestyles like nowhere else. Why are you spending three point two, five trillion dollars has your health care? Something must be wrong with you. When you have a choice of nourishment and choice of lifestyle while you're sick, I'm asking three point two five trillion dollars is more than India's budget. All right. Annual budget for one point two billion people. So where do we go wrong?


That's what we are looking at now. It's not about greed. The problem is without understanding, if you do not know how this camera functions and you use it, I assure you this is going to break down in three days. Yes or no one who knows it, they may use it for a lifetime, one who does not know it will break it in three days. Yes or no? That's all you're doing? No. No, no, it's not about them.


You are in charge of your life, you don't know anything about this because you think by fixing the outside world, everything will be OK, because roads are done, bridges are done, airplanes are flying. You think everything is done? No human. It's human experience essentially happens from within you, outside conducive atmosphere. So we want to create that is there. See, it's like this if if you look at it, he articulated this in one way, essentially, what is it that you want?


You want pleasantness of the body. Your body becomes pleasant. We call it help. Do you want it so badly? Yes, so bad. If it becomes very if it becomes very pleasant, we call it pleasure. If mine becomes pleasant, we call this beast, if it becomes very pleasant, we call this joy, if your emotions become pleasant. We call this love. If it becomes very pleasant, we call it compassion. If your very life changes become pleasant, we call this blissful less, if it becomes very pleasant, we call it ecstasy.


If your surroundings become pleasant, we call it success only to create your surroundings in a pleasant manner. You need the cooperation of all these people. But for pleasantness of body, pleasantness of mind, bloodiness of emotion and energy, it is 100 percent your business, yes or no?


Yep. So only to create pleasantness around us, we need because there are many forces involved, we need help from them, we need cooperation from them the way anybody can make it nasty right now. But what happens in your body, what happens in your mind, in your emotional new energy, is absolutely your business. If you take charge of this creating pleasantness, an atmosphere, you're at least competent to do it. Otherwise, you're always at somebody else's mercy.


Why everybody wants to meet the most wonderful person. Why I I'm asking you, why the hell are you not that wonderful person?


Why are you looking for that wonderful person to mess them up? Andre Andre brought up something which is near and dear to me, and this is this fight or quest for inner peace. And and I, I you speak about this a little bit and you speak about people's inability to to understand and and to not ask the right questions or to not seek properly. What are your thoughts on underlying mental health conditions as a as a combatant to people's ability to find that inner peace?


Do you believe in true mental health as scientifically diagnosed or are you not a believer in it?


I'm not a believer or a disbeliever of anything. I'm willing to look at every aspect of life as it is then, OK, everything is OK.


Who am I to say that it's not OK because you're continuously coming back to believe?


Believe. Do you believe this? Do you believe that? I don't believe a damn thing, nor do I believe anything. What happens when you die?


I love that laugh. Why are you making me die? Why don't you ask the question.


What happens? What happens when I die? Some things you know best on my experience.


So you want me to die right here right now and come back and tell us this will get a lot of use.


I'll tell you that much and I won't do it.


But seriously, so you based on what you just said, technically, you don't have a belief on what happens when you die.


But surely you think I've just this year, in the month of February, I published a book called Death, which is on a top seller list for the last ten months continuously. The book is titled As Death An Inside Story. It's Only for those who shall die. That's that's going to be that's going to be was that how could they read it like this book is for me? Oh, and marketers. What happens when I die?


Well, I. Well, maybe not me, but like, does one go to heaven? Well, whichever one you want to go, because every religion has their own heaven. This is where it gets tricky right now. Now you've lost because you do not know what is in the heaven. Let me describe it to. In the Hindu heaven, food is very good. If you're a foodie, that's what you must call. In other having that, you know, long white gown lady is floating in the sky you like, that means you go there.


That one's my. Like in another place.


In another place, you will encounter words and problems if that's what you're looking for. You go there. But what do you have to do to go there? You got to die first. That's the important thing when you die depending on your culture. We will either bury you, burn you, will cut you and throw you to the birds, do something with your body, because this body is a piece of this planet. When your job is done, you must put it back.


If you have not done anything eco friendly, at least this much, you must do put the damn body back. Some people are talking about going to Mars with it. All right. You must put it back. That is one sensible thing to do. I'm telling everybody in the United States I know I will become very unpopular. Why are you wasting cutting a tree when a man dies? At least plant a tree because you make good manure.


Have you seen those? Have you seen those sacks? Have you seen the series? There's there's these sacks you can place your body in and a tree will grow out.


You don't need a sack. Also in India, we just wrapped them in a cloth. So it's all done everything and we put them there and plant a tree.


I got to ask you, is Mar's out of play, like in the way that you seek? How can I ask this question properly? Like, if I get buried on Mars, is Mars out of play your body material unless you want to be exported to another planet?


You this material you picked up from this planet, when your job is done, it's best to give it back because it's just a loan.


Well, some girl's Mother Earth gave you this body thinking that you will use it for your well-being and put it back when your job is done. You want to steal it and run away somewhere.


Well, some girl at Whole Foods once told me that I was just made of stardust. She was very convincing of it. She said we're all just stardust.


All right. Where I I guess what I'm getting at is it's like I let's let's finish this.


OK, so these are all different offerings in the heavens. Sure. But this thing is you must die first. When you die, you put your body here no matter what in which form we put it, we put it somewhere either in a tank or a box or whatever. We put it here. So you went to heaven and you don't have a body. Now, what do you do with good food and virgins? Hammanskraal. Oh, if you have no body, how could you take advantage of the good food and the virgins?


Well, here's why this is tricky, because they say you die at a very young age. Seriously?


Where I get confused, what goes to heaven, your soul. Great is your soul is it is your own right and left.


The left soul on my shoe.


Is it the soul unfortunates? Something unfortunate happens. A five year old dies. Does the does the soul of the five year old go. To heaven or hell as a five as a five year old soul, because the soul has wait, there is no line between what you know and do not know. That's why all this confusion. Right now, you do not know the nature of your existence, but you're talking about a soul because somebody told you so, I'm not questioning whether it's true or not.


All I'm saying is you don't know. Hello? I have no idea. Maybe something may be true, but you do not know. That's the important thing, because unless it comes into your experience, it's not there. Isn't it the right. Now, if I close my eyes and sit here and doze off, all these people don't exist. Because they're not in my experience, isn't it? So. It's only what is in your experience, which is true for you, the rest, you are just assuming if you concretize your assumptions that called belief.


Are you afraid of dying, but it looks like you're a person who loves life in.


The. Life is not my decision, life has happened to me, OK? If we were able to cause life that's different, we didn't cause it something much bigger than us cause life for us. Now it's your business to see that it happens at the highest point. Because you've been given an intelligence, you've been given a capability, you must see it happens at the highest point. When I say the highest point, not in a social context, but within you, you must be at your peak.


Otherwise, you're wasted life. Can I can I take a shower, I have concerns that you have to pay, but I been so you go with the long face on the street. No, the the thing is just this right now, the only and only and only thing that you have is life. Rest is all your assumption, I think.


You know, from from religion to responsibility, from Salis to solution, I hear in these conversations and I'm really curious with a privilege that we have right now in this gathering and with Logan's influence and the influence of many people that are watching this, they don't know where to begin. It seems like a lot and it goes over their head.


And so now it's very easy to make it very clear where to begin unless you happen with in between things like this. Right now, standing in the grocery queue is not even on his mind. All right. He's just throwing it because he thinks that is a philosophy which will counter everything. I want to tell you, I've become a strong activist when I'm just 12, 13 and 14, 15. I'm thinking of doing joining the armed struggle. So it's not new to me, that kind of logic, that kind of rhetoric, as if it's a solution for everything.


Yes. Intellectually, it looks like socialism. Communism seems to be the ultimate solution. Police tried to enforce it and see what a mess it becomes. Guernsey and other parts of the world where it's become an absolute mess. All right, so this is not because this is not because I like something. You dislike something. It's not about that. Ultimately, when it comes to life, what really works for maximum number of people? That is the important thing, isn't it?


Regardless of the success rate of communism or socialism or the grocery line way of thinking. Right. That I'm stuck in or have not thought my way out of it is the way of things in this world right now. In many places, maybe not so much in other places. What is the reason for that? Is it the teaching of the parents? Is that the education system? Is it mostly religion? Who is the main perpetrator when it comes to set belief systems and as opposed to giving us a starting point for creating new belief systems?


How do you create a desire for the teachers of the next generation to look out, to think outside the box? A. But a long time. In the name of religion, in the name of philosophy, in the name of ideology, that idea of crime, all sorts of things have been promised. And all the promises are elsewhere, not here. I'm saying because you're run continuously talking about belief, if you believe there is a better place than where we are right now up there, why are you not gone going?


I'm asking. That makes sense to me, if you genuinely believe that are in a better place than this, you should be gone.


Isn't a local based based on the religions that people utilize to believe in this better place? We don't get to choose the day. The day you can choose the day without saying.


You can choose the days where the simple. Go ahead. Well, I think it just speaks to what we were talking about earlier, right? If we really knew that there was something outside after we die, if there was a heaven that we really knew, if we actually knew, then, yeah, I would want to go right now. Yeah, but because it's because it's a belief that becomes a difficulty.


I like to hear George, because that's that's wrong. So like you said, life was given to us, so we're not allowed to take it.


For example, I can't take my own life and I can't take my life to redeem the reward that the Lord has given to me at the end of my time when he is chosen, my time, not me, because I haven't gone through what he need me to gone through. Both of us.


I agree with you have no you or anybody has no right to take life yourself, somebody else's. That is a given. All right. But I'm saying. Why is it that the idea of a better place than this has come is because right now people are suffering within themselves? All right, why are they suffering? I want you to understand this, whether it's joy or suffering, essentially both of them are happening from within you. Is that correct?


If it's happening from within you, what happens from within you at least what happens from within, you must happen your way. Isn't it very true? If it happens your way, would you be blissful or miserable? I wake up every single day blissful.


Blissful, I would presume. What presume tell me, yeah, choice, would you make it pleasant or unpleasant for yourself? Plus, I probably go, yes, if you are feeling very pleasant, will you be always thinking of going to another place which is more pleasant? No, right now the entire human thing is set up in a better place somewhere else. So before I guess a lot of people, if I say this, people are going to comment down below.


OK, sure you feel your place is great, but coming from a 2005 like five, George, where I'm working at a nine to five every single day and I do have a boss to answer to, and I do have bills to pay and I do have responsibilities that I do not want to take part of. I still found those days just as joyful as the situation I have now because I invited the Lord into my life. So you're saying why don't you just go there now?


I'm saying I am not saying you should go there now. No, but you're saying no, I'm not saying you're saying. But I'm saying if that was the idea of like if OK, if there's a better place in heaven, why don't I just go now? My combat was why don't you just bring her in here with you. I think that's what he's saying. That's why you're both on the same. That's what I'm saying. So I sorry, but I don't I am still looking forward to something greater, but I'm also bringing it here.


So I feel like religion can do that.


And I feel like, see, I never said a word. I don't know from where you're getting this. I haven't ever said a word. This is it. And that is all I'm saying is. Instead of simply seeing what I do not know, as I do not know. You're making up things in your mind now. Is it true that major religions on the planet, unfortunately, are on a collision course all the time? Truth? Sure.


Why? Because I believe one thing. You believe another thing. After all, it's just belief. Why don't we change it the way it works? Because believe me, you made it up. I think just the respect of you have your beliefs, I have my beliefs, we could still be on the same planet. It's not worked, right? I mean, millions and hundreds of millions of people have died in the last five hundred years. Yes.


Because of my religion versus your religion. Is that a fact? That true? Yes. And I want you to believe I want you to know this, that all these people genuinely believe that they are doing the right thing when they killed other people. They believe 100 percent right now, that man who goes and explodes himself somewhere, he believes see anybody who takes his life for something, you can't question his integrity, isn't it? I'm willing to throw my life for something I can't question.


It depends what you're doing it for.


I'm doing it for my God was different than your God. Do you see what I'm saying? Yeah, but true.


But if your God interferes with my life and so that whatever that you to what you just described is why there have been that's saying I want you to understand every religion starts off with this. If you worship the false gods, you must what terrible things should happen to you. So that has been the basis. Unfortunately, what you think is right is this is absolutism that you think this is absolute. Everything else is not OK. I'm saying. The thing is, the most fundamental thing is if you're truthful, if you're sincere about your life.


What you know you know what, I do not know. I do not. If you really look at it, you hardly know anything about anything, that's a fact. And just when you're walking on the street, if you do not know how you walk on the street, if you think you know how you walk on the street, is there a difference? You're a bulldozer and you think, you know what? Everything when you don't know. You are a humble, nice, wonderful guy, isn't it?


So depending on what arena you work in, being the humble, nice guy may not always be the winning tactic. How do you how do you bring that humility into the sales world, into the stock world, or should those world cease to exist suddenly?


You're talking to me like I'm living in some Himalayan cave and I'm just.


I want you to understand, I'm running I'm running an organization with over 11 million volunteers with that idea of activity across the world. All right. With various active projects, which I do every day, I have to be done and businesses that have to be done and the people on my hands all the time. So I'm not coming from a cave, but I have no responsibilities. I have no nothing. I have nothing to manage. I'm sitting around talking lala land.


Do you. Come on. So so I guess so.


I guess what you're saying is these exercises, these practices, the seeking is something that could be layered into the lives of just about anyone.


Please tell me this. I'll do my best. It doesn't matter what kind of job you're doing. Even if you're a soldier fighting a war, would it help to be very balanced? Saying joyful, and then you will do, even if you have to kill, you will only do to the extent you have to. Nothing more, nothing less. Right now, people are taking pleasure and doing what they're doing, isn't it? Something has to be done sometimes, unfortunately, if the situations force you to do it, but you will do it only to the extent it's necessary, but.


If you are not in that state, if there is a certain level of angst that is a certain level of anger and hatred in you, you will do things beyond the limits of what should be done. This is happening all over the world in the name of nationhood, in the name of religion, in the name of race, in the name of caste, creed, race, every kind of thing and gender, every kind of thing. People have done horrendous things.


Why? Because they believe this is it. That is it. Absolutism, if you see. I do not know are you and walk gently. Absolutism is the devil.


Can I say that accurately?


If you are getting religious absolutism no good.


The worst. I have a question. Never taking a sip of alcohol right after taking a sip of alcohol.


I don't need to because I'm always drunk. Everything I ever smoke weed. I'm always told you.


Not seen my eyes yet.


Oh yes I know that. I know that. So, so, so straight edge. But I'm wondering as a as a fellow person who's.


Curious about life to the highest degree or as you would say, seeking. How have you not had the desire to try? The you are living in Los Angeles, you think that is where life is? No, sir, I don't. I'm from Ohio. OK, I also I heard a lot of overdoses last two months. Yeah. Yeah. So you're living in a certain sort of society.


You think this is the only way to explore. I came up in a place where I made sure I'm not influenced by anything either whatever the religion around me, the family around me, the community around me, the politics around me, I made sure none of those things influenced me. If nothing influences you. It's a I keep telling people to I'm absolutely uneducated, they think uneducated means not going to school or college. No, uneducated means you did not pick up any ways of anybody.


You are simply the way. Their life is because your life, everything else is assumed if you have experienced the nature of life that you are and the source of life which is also throbbing within you. Why would you try picking up leaves and read some? Aren't you curious I know what what you know, through the weed, I know a million X over that within myself, so I will be curious about something like that. Do you play with the daily bread every day today?




Yes, he does. Why are you not? He does.


So you're not curious how it feels that I love it so much. I went through the phase. I experienced it and decided when you were a child it happened, correct? Right. So I'm saying I grew up when I was four and a half years of age.


But even like even like the nature of psychedelics and the mind opening experience is something I have that right now, these 11 million volunteers have gathered and nearly a billion people are in one way out of touch with us. See, I'm not selling tickets to heaven. I'm not offering are miracles, pulling out gold chains from the sky or something like that. No medical, no tickets to heaven nor anything. Why do you think they're gathering? Because I'm giving them dope.


You're selling drugs? No, no, no, they're because it'll be dangerous. I'm giving them dope that no drug dealer can give them. If they closed their eyes, they are gone.


I know you're big on semantics. So what semantics do not semantic.


Well, you're saying dope, and it's not actually dope. It's not weed. So what is it that you're that you're selling? Like, what is your mission?


What's your. Well, there is a lot of scientific research which says there are millions of cannabis receptors in your brain. You think they're waiting for you to smoke weed? I don't know, but they are there a of. So obviously the system must have something to provide that possibility within the system. It is not that you have to go and pick something somewhere. It is here because this is looking at this chemical factory. If you knew how to manage this, you wouldn't be in the back streets.


You would make it happen here.


Getting half life, getting high off life. Look, I understand. I understand. I'm just saying, like, I'm also a fellow curious person, and I had the. Thought process that I cannot die on this planet, not knowing what a psychedelic does to my brain, I I've reviewed that's something I wanted to try before I died and I did.


And I'm just wondering from a fellow person who is seeking. How how that doesn't titillate you in some way. See, the thing is this right now. We are all sitting in the same place. Breathing the same air, probably with similar food. At this moment, what is happening within me, how I am, I will not exchange this for anything in the universe, you give me the world, I will not change it. That's how big it is.


If that's happening within you, you will pigweed. That's all I'm saying.


So, so, so, OK. So I'm lacking.


So I'm curious because I'm lacking because, you know, live with or whatever else gave you a little experience. You must understand we cannot experience.


It's you who experiences we might have stimulated some experience within you. Whether it is simulated from outside or inside is the only question. Right. If it is from outside, it always has a flipside of negativity chert. If it happens from within when they are supposed there was people living or if there was no hangover's, if there were not only were burning up whatever, they would be drunk all the time. If you could be truthfully drunk and fully alert all the time, would you do it?


Everybody, I would advise them drink alcohol. OK, right now that's all I'm telling you. There is a way where you can be fully stoned and fully conscious at the same time.


I believe you. You're also much wiser than you don't have to be anyone here.


You just have to take out my life, how I live.


But I'm saying surely you are in your early twenties and I know like you grew up in the sixties. So when you before you had the spiritual enlightenment, there wasn't a part of you that he said he aged at for you. So you're saying that us intoxicated, we're at a level of here, but you sober here and you're teaching people that from your past conversation, you're saying that if you are to try it wants to tell your body you could be here.


That's fine. But if you're going to consistently take it here, that's wrong. You shouldn't be using a substance to get you to happiness that the choices this.


Suppose let us say the compound wall of this house is 25 feet tall. You're not seeing anything outside of that. You always lived here. It was quite OK, but one day you went on a trampoline and jumped up and you saw the whole wide world out there. But for a moment and you came down, you again want to leap. This is addiction. You want to sleep, sleep, sleep and have a little glimpse, little glimpse. So what we do is we don't put you on a trampoline because we know you will fall back.


We teach you how to build a ladder. Nothing romantic about it. Nothing exciting about building a ladder. You build a ladder, climb across the wall. The job is done. Why do you.


What if I do? What if I made there be no wall? What if I told you to knock that wall down into a pile of rubble that you never had to climb a ladder over ever again?


That's not true. My question is why?


Why build the ladder if you never experienced the trampoline to the front? That's what I said. It is not because somebody takes to the drug or somebody has got some teaching. Somebody believes in a scripture or in a religion that they're looking. It is intrinsic to human intelligence to be wanting to be something more, that something more. If it finds very physical expression. We call it sexuality. If it finds emotional expression, we call it love. If it finds, you know, mental expression, we call it the word conquest or shopping or whatever.


If it finds conscious expression, we call it yoga. This is not decided by you. This is the nature of life. It wants to be something more. How are you to if you know only money, you're thinking more money. If you know only this kind of experience, you thinking of more experiences. If you know love, you're thinking of Motlow. If you know knowledge, you're thinking of more knowledge, whatever. You know, you're trying to hit the peak with that, right.


How do you know you found the one? Love how and how, you know, when you've found the one right, the right partner in life. Oh, I want to have that last one and I want to laugh like that one day. Amazing. You need a beard to laugh like they have to. You have to have one. Yeah, you could start laughing like that.


I'm close anyway. Anyway, this is not the United States.


Not in 2020. This is 1990. And this is India. That things don't happen. Like how it happens here. But that's all. I just looked at her and in three days we were married, you know. So when for when I went home myself, I said because I everybody thought I'll never marry because that was the intention, because I was living while all the time I'm camping in the mountains here, there. And I have no interest in such things.


One day I went and said, I'm marrying this girl. And what was she? I knew her name. I don't like what she's called. I didn't know her full name. Then they asked, what's the father's name? I said, I don't know. So what you don't know father's name, what's their cast? I said, I don't know. And you don't know father's name there, you don't know what the family is, how will you marry this girl?


I said I intend to marry only the girl, not the father.


But did you know? I didn't know. You didn't know what did you did you know she was the one Abdulahi, you know. But was there ever a time in the marriage?


You're like, man, I picked the wrong one. Like this girl really acting up.


We don't know those things.


You're putting me in the girls because we are not the I want you to understand this. I know this culture was just built up now. If you are looking how to extract life from somebody. Anybody, whatever kind of wonderful person you pick, they will disappoint you. Because you can't pick life, joy or pleasure from somebody else if you're seeing that your life is an expression of your joy and you're seeing always how to do the best one other person, it never will happen to you that, oh, did I pick the wrong one?


Did I do this? Did I do that? So tomorrow suddenly you think is the wrong tree and cut it off and put some of the tree the stupid. We look, I feel like we look for in our culture and it's the same like find my other half right, which in a sense is saying that we're incomplete by ourselves. Right. And we're looking for joy in another being. And I think that's really the key is just finding that if we can have two holes come together.


Right. And so I'm that we're coming in and union in relationship to not extract joy from one another, but to share joy within one another.


And those guys become wise because you have quite a few of you. But are we on time?


I mean, I could probably sit here and ask questions all day. Well, he's probably got places I need. I need some answers. Have you seen The Matrix?


Which would you take? Which pill did you take or did you not take a pill? Have you seen The Matrix? Let's start there. The movie.


Well, I am The Matrix and you are The Matrix. Yasuhiro So this is the arc. He's the architect. He's the architect. Do you watch movies? Well, can we humanised I want to take you away from this Gandalf exquisitely second and humanize you. Do it. What do you prefer? Please tell me.


Well, more time can you see at. What kind of motorcycle? Well, I have a sixteen hundred two BMW fantastically my my dad has a motorcycle.


He loves it. He loves it. It's he said he's he sold a pickup truck that I bought him to buy the motorcycle.


After he didn't tell me, he sold the pickup truck and used the money to buy something else that I didn't give him.


So I understand the love for the motorcycle. Would you have for breakfast this morning?


Uh. No, I just had brunch in the morning, not breakfast, because I, I normally get to eat only one meal a day, so we would have.


It's an Indian food, Indian food. What's your favorite American movie? Favorite American movie, maybe Roman holiday, Roman holiday. God dang it, I don't know, I mean, either have no idea where the words in my head like I knew, but how do you stay cool with so much clothing on?


Because I'm cool. Very good, very classical. What's your favorite spot you've been to in the United States?


I don't go by favorites, but in the last few days, what I've written through, like the Arch National Park with the Bryce Canyon and the Zeon Valley, oh, these are the most amazing places as nature goes, Utah and most incredible. Have you ever had a near-death experience? All the time. How many? Too many to count. What was the sky? Always people. People always said if there's no danger, said the group cannot exist.


So always is creating dangerous situations for me too.


I punched a window yesterday. I got nine stitches in my arm because I found out a Pokemon card was fake, you know.


I've heard I don't know what that is. It's a good investment, it's good. I think I think we have time. I think we have time for one more question. Just do the Tiger Woods time again. I can't just like the privacy that we have here with this platform, with with Logan's audience and the millions and millions of followers and people that will watch this. Is there something that, you know, advice or something that you see in Logan that you think would be most beneficial, that would impact people in the most positive way?


Another of many things. Well. Compared to a lot of people, he is very alive, if it analyses that well, a good possibility. But in the more that you guys have taken, I don't know whether you guys will generalize now or much later on in your lives because. Life is a combination of two things, a certain amount of time and certain amount of energy. Time is running away. You do something, you don't do something you're happy or unhappy.


Tick, tick, tick, tick, it's going away for all of us. It doesn't stop for any of us. We cannot say today. I didn't use it. Let me roll it back. There's no such thing. Time is just rolling away. But the only thing that we can manage is our energy, our energies. We can manage in such a way. Either it is, you know, where he makes your life very profound. These are two aspects when it comes to life.


One thing is to make your experience of life very profound. Another thing is your activity must be impactful. I think you guys are overly focusing on your activity being impactful. Not invested on making your life profound because right now you think Assad will make your profound smoke will make you profound. Well, it gives you a facade.


I didn't say that. I asked you this question. All right. So I'm saying it doesn't make your life profound. In fact. It makes you frivolous. And it is also possible, I'm telling you. During my time, I'm saying when I was in university. I 13 of my friends over a period of seven, eight years, 13 of my friends died. Some. Two drugs overdosing, some riding motorcycles, two wild. You know, not knowing where the limit is, trying to ride like somebody else.


All right. You can write to your limit. You can do what somebody does, somebody else maybe doing something else. You must write to your limit, you must know where is your limit and use down that edge and see how to push the edge, but you don't try to do what somebody else is doing right now. So like this, 13 of my friends in seven or eight years time, about four of them to drugs remaining, nine of them to motorcycles, they lost their lives.


They're all wonderful riders. They rode with me for many years. They're all it's not like in the United States, OK? This is like sitting on a my microwave riding in United States. There is nothing just put it on a cruise and you sit. This is not like that. In India, riding an elephant can be on the road. All right. And you need to be super alert and intuitive to ride at a certain speed. These are good guys, very good at what they're doing.


But somebody drinks and drives and arrives. Somebody thinks you can smoke and then smoke up and then ride like these kind of things or somebody at any cost who wants to go ahead of somebody, whatever. Essentially not. Calibrating your energies right? Those who died died, many others, they became accountants, they became lawyers, they became something else. They're all my age now. When I look at them, they're all they're all successful people. They got money, they got wives, they got kids.


All this, but no life in them. So this guy has got some life. Let's see how he handles and manages his energy because time will run anyway. Whether you like it or you don't like it, today gets over, tomorrow happens, tomorrow gets over. It's happening to all of us. So these are the only two ingredients you have. Time and energy, what do you make out of your energy is the profoundness of your life and also the impact of your work?


Liz, all of you make that happen for yourself, first and foremost thing is life should become profound. In your experience then how you impact people. You don't have to worry. Whichever way you do it, it'll be for the best. But if you live on the surface and try to impact people, sometimes you will do good things. Sometimes you will do terrible things to people, maybe with good intention, because most horrible things on this planet are done with best of intentions, not with bad intentions.


Sadhguru, thank you for blessing us with their wisdom today. We'll get a round of applause for everybody. Fantastic.


Seriously, seriously appreciate the time. Yeah. For those listening that subscribe. And we love you. Thank you once again for listening to the part of the number one podcast in the world.


And A.J., thanks for making this happen, brother.


Yeah. Yeah, we love it. I love you. See you next time.


Take it easy piece.