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I literally like you just lie to me, you used my car against me, you used my manhood, my testosterone, my libido, my against me, and it was because I took the bait like a simp. And and she she thought it was preposterous that I was expecting it to her actually follow through.


I can't believe it, GME didn't go to the moon. No, no, no, I lost money. I lost tens of thousands of dollars and never went and never went to the fucking moon.


Welcome back to Impulsive. This is a podcast. It's No. One in the world. Thanks. Yeah. Hit that subscribe button the like button and also subscribe. I lost twenty five thousand dollars on GME.


I think I have a maybe a personal vendetta against the Vlad guy who shut down trading on Robertson. That I have to believe that was, that was why part of the reason why it stopped going.


Well think about it like the average man was the one who was behind this revolution. Right. The layman, the Joe and the the the platform that the Joe used to trade stocks was shut down. What are we supposed to do?


This whole revolution was supposed to be about the common man, the average man, the man you just talk talked about. And all I could see right now is average men like you, Logan, Paul, losing their shirts. And I actually got a look at some of the people who made a ton of money off of the GME bump. And it was already very rich people. The the founder of Chewey, the the Pet Toy Delivery Service, is the largest individual holder of GM's stock in 12 percent, made billions of dollars overnight.


So this entire revolution and then and then the sub owners, the ones that were in second, third, fourth place, were like fidelity, like massive holdings companies. So at the end of the day, this GME bump that was supposed to pay for pay off the student loans of all these average Americans was really just got rich people even richer once again. So it no matter how much they lose, they somehow find a way to fucking win. This fucking backfired and they're already making a movie out of it.


You know, this GameStop movies in the works already won one from Netflix written by the guy who wrote The Hurt Locker Zero Dark Thirty. And I think Noah Centineo is attached, has already been cast for it.


It's been a Lisey's. It's been one week. I said this. I said this is another Wolf of Wall Street thing.


And I think they're going for that movie. Yeah, absolutely. The potential name is the Anti Social Network Crazy, based on a book proposal from the writer that wrote the book that The Social Network was based on.


They're basing a movie. That's how, you know, it's quick when they're basing the movie off of a proposed book. The book is not even read. Yeah, but the movie will be based on it once the book is read. What what's going on over there?


And I know, Dylan, you're tripping over a bunch of things. You bring in chairs and thrown them through windows and today's a little bit of a different episode. We do have a massive live audience here today for the first time, I think how many would have fifteen hundred people in the audience, obviously all social distance and separated, but you guys will hear more from them later in the episode.


Yeah. Yeah. You have a you have a movie that's doing well. Yeah. Congrats. Thank you so much.


That was so I was, I was looking at the fake live audience and I got sidetracked. I got I'm sorry. Can I do that over. I thought you were going to go and I'm going to make you do it right now.


No, I think you going to do it. Do it right. Do it. I mind being on this side. You got to pay attention. I'm always bullied. I get all the comments I've got. I've always looked over to you seven times. You just picking your.


But now he's got once I pick him up.


Georgie, tell us about your movie on Hulu. My the Hulu. Oh my God. This is one of those days.


You're not going to start sweat are you. That's my no, I'm not going to sweat. I'm just super excited. Guys, this week was a it was a dream come true. I've always wanted to be an actor and be in a movie regardless of what stature it landed on. But yes, the movie that I did the first time ever did was called Follow Me on Hulu. It's called No Escape. And it was number one. It's still number one right now.


Wow. Yeah, it was.


Oh, I think it was. I don't know. I have no idea how it just came over and I started getting text and then a lot of people started tweeting me and I knew people that didn't know me because they're already I was like, oh, dude. So you play a social media guy and you are a social guy.


And I was like, what the fuck is happening? And then I went to Hulu and it was just right. There is no one.


Yeah, no, it wasn't. Oh, my God. So my. OK, guys, wait, wait, wait, wait. I have no idea how bad this hurt me.


I got I could pull up my phone right now. Still show you no one.


I've been waiting for this moment to call OK. And be like yo bro. Like you were right because he sat me down, he said, hey man, you suck at music. You'll never make it as a musician.


I don't remember saying, like, possibly make it maybe as an actor you got a lot to take.


You're a funny guy. You could do it, do the acting thing.


So when this is all hitting me up, I got crazy people calling me blow me up. This is the moment. This is the movie right here. I've been waiting for the call. I call them up. I go, Yo, Logan. Open up your real quick, because I opened it up. What do you see, because movies, what do we got?


I go see my movie buddy. Yes.


He goes, no, I go, close your app, open it up again. It goes OK. Opens it up because the fuck are we doing here? I go do my movies. No one. He goes, no, it's not all whose accounts. All of them me. But Logan's the moment I've been waiting for got shit. But you know, honestly, that's great comedy humbling me.


I think this algorithm didn't serve me his it didn't pop up as the main featured movie and I was scrolling dude, I tried to turn my TV on and off I went all the way to the end only when I went in the subsection of horror and scrolled for like five minutes. And I say, oh, there it is.


Yeah. But still, I mean, it was so it was the number one horror film in Syria, is that what it was? Syria. Azaria OK, got it. Got no. Actually when he said it didn't pull up, I got really scared because I was like, oh my God, did I just post about this that it's not actually there?


So I like had all of my friends open up their whole lives, but it did is just, you know, just my by the I don't remember telling you suck at music.


I remember those cried myself to sleep. I was like, guess my life. I said, you're good.


You're not great. I think you would win the majority of high school talent shows. But I think your true talent is in acting.


I remember that. And I remember because it hurt my feelings that I did win talent shows. And I was like, oh, my God, maybe he's right. Maybe I'm just the talent show act. Yeah, you're great. You're great. Great.


George Yeah. So that was that was cool. Thanks for bringing that up. Actually, I was on the same day that I released Bubble Club, so I was getting a bunch of feedback during the day of my stand up. I was so scared. And then you got everything. You got a lot going on. It was that's why I brought cake over and celebrated. But you guys didn't translate JDA.


Tons of it. Thank you. D d scared. She gave me a hug. That's actually my thumbnail for my video, so thank you.


So, yeah, George, you have a lot going on. Someone else who has a lot going on. Elon Musk. But more than you Elon fucking must look after. We talked about the clubhouse app a couple of weeks ago and how sweat equity bro was involved. Elon Musk decide to take over a clubhouse room last night. The room he had announced earlier in the day was going to come on the app at about 10:00 p.m. last night in the clubhouse.


The room immediately hit its maximum.


Within seconds of launching the room. I was peeing. I was brushing my teeth at the same time, also trying to get into this room on clubhouse tap with my thumb and one hand on the one hand, that room is full, room is full. It's the first time I witnessed and felt what it was like to be in a club in the digital world. You know, when you're waiting outside the club or the bar and you're waiting to get in the bouncer.


And I was like, no, please, I'm Paul's brother, you know, I'm here. So I went to an overflow room like that's where I was already. There you were. There was the only thing I'd like peanuts and pretzels and shit like that. It was like you had to pay for the bar, like the other room had, like open bar had like recliners, all that shit. We had to sit on fucking stools. It was horrible.


And I was I was back and forth between listening to Elon Musk talking about the difference between our limbic state and our digital state and dropping quads and call of duty war zone, which eventually took my attention.


I only stayed for about, I think, thirty to forty seconds of Ellen's speech, because I was just I was I was in the overflow room. It's like looking at the VIP from the Geet section, just like why why is fucking why is like Grant Cardone in there and I can't fucking get it because he's got hundreds hundred millions of gloss, dude. Nonetheless, the one thing I did do was I found this chain of Cliff Notes from a guy named Kunal Shah on Twitter, sent it over to and I wanted to run through some of these Cliff notes, say, from Ilan's little clubhouse chat last night.


Yeah, no one in five and a half years people will be on Mars. It's five and a half years before we get people to Mars. No shot. Can I see. Can I see something? Is it related to you? I'm also related to this whole space thing and I hope I don't feel like like a dick for saying this, but, like, I don't know, understand why they spend so much money trying to go to space when there's so much work to be done.


OK, so so that and we get to that as well. And so just just on the Marsing, let's take that first and foremost. People believe that we can get people to Mars, but the ability to actually inhabit or sustain life there. We are approximately one hundred, two hundred years away from that capability. So, yeah, so, like, would it be nice to, you know, treat it like like like, you know, Tampa or Tuscaloosa and visit for a weekend?


Sure, sure. Sure. Stay on the ship. You know, social destinies are social distancing on Mars. Yeah. Well, he says people that he means like folks or an astronaut.


So astronauts. So he talked a little bit about this more travel possible every two years and will need six months to travel. So it's only possible every two years. It's not possible to travel. And Mars is on on the other side of the sun. Can I ask you something? Yeah. He I love Elon Musk, right? Yeah, but the Tesla Roadster has experienced years and years of delays. I think it's delayed two years from the original estimate, maybe maybe a year.


I just don't know how this is remotely feasible. I just don't get it.


It might be just the thing to get people to invest in. You know what? You know what I think he's very good at is having delusional ideas and then eventually turning them into reality. Like when we watched his neural link speech live with the pigs who had the chips in their brain.


Mike and I were like, oh, this is all speculative. This is still very much an idea. Like, he's he's hiring people actively as we speak to invent the technology. That is still just his idea. Right. It's a good idea. It's incredibly optimistic and idealistic. But if he gets it done, you know, he is one of the greatest minds of our time. But he could be one of the greatest minds of humanity if he gets some of the things that he wants to get done.


Done. Yeah, we'll see it. We'll see what happens. I think there is a huge difference between, you know, getting people into space or getting people to Mars and actually being able to do anything meaningful there. And that brings us brings us to the second point, which was the question that George asked, which was regarding multi planetary and why are we talking about other planets when we have work to do here? And he talks about that regarding possible external calamities, which we've seen in history, such as mass extinctions.


And so I think I think Elon very much wants to have a backup plan and have an ability to get us off this fucking planet into Civilise if there's going to be a mass extinction event. Talked about this in the past and this is the reason why he's so intent on getting to Mars.


Yeah, but also that's just like a hypothesis that you're freaking out.


I say that to the dinosaurs and talk to any recently. No, they were hit by a fucking mass. You know why? Because they were trying to go to the moon. The dinosaurs were and they weren't thinking about each other, so they died.


Look, there's a lot of there's a lot of alien talk I found that was interesting.


I also find it incredibly disappointing for the the kid in me, the conspiracy theorists, who wants to believe aliens exist. He says he hasn't seen any conclusive evidence that aliens exist. Everything basically can be described with some sort of logical or rational means which which we I mean, you kind of have to he seems agnostic, but leaning towards the idea that.


Yeah, that there's no conclusive evidence. I mean, we don't have a we don't have an alien being in possession, at least that we know of. We don't have a ship in possession, at least that we know of.


And so is he talking about Elon saying this? Yeah, these are all this is all no turbulence. Is Elon, part of anything that has to do with a government is you have a is anti anti-government. OK, so he was I mean, he's heavy behind the you know, the crypto, the rising crypto and has talked a lot about the legitimacy of crypto as a platform for decentralization.


And so when the moment the question was asked about Bitcoin, I went to my Coinbase because who knows? Who knows what he's going to say? And he prefaced by saying, I have to be careful what I say here, because some of these things can really affect the market.


Yeah, that's crazy. As soon as the question was asked about Bitcoin, I bought a two Bitcoin seven K like that and it didn't have any money down. It went I think it went up like six hundred at the moment. There are some other people thinking what I thought, but he said he believes in it. Right. He said using bitcoin I should have bought Bitcoin eight years ago. I'm late to the party. I'm a supporter of Bitcoin.


It's on the verge of wide acceptance by the financial world. This one that didn't surprise me much, but I guess the way that he stated that those who control means control the universe means are complex forms of communication. Pictures say a thousand words, Meems, probably say ten thousand while he has a meme dealer.


A kick ass guy is a very like you can't really put a finger on, he's just everywhere. Yeah, mine is everywhere you talk.


And I heard him talking a little bit about that as well, about time management, about not having time, about going meeting to meeting to meeting.


And also even it was interesting listening to him actually state some of his weaknesses in that in that respect as to how hard it is to context, which he was using this term.


I think it was context switching between sending a man to Mars. Making a pig feel a tick sent from a cell phone and producing a car with a sustainable battery for the masses like like imagine going from your 12 o'clock, sitting in a room with astronauts that are like, yo, like, when am I going to the Red Planet? And the next meeting is with like some like live stock broker who's like you, I can get you forty six thousand pigs that are really affordable like this dude is.


This dude will go down and there's a lot of Elon Musk naysayers out there and I don't know how the fuck it's possible this dude will go down as one of the brightest minds in the history of the Galaxy showrooming.


Oh, he you know, he. Oh, yes, he absolutely is. For you to go from pigs to to astronauts, like you said. And not being intoxicated is like your brain hurt.


They've they've actually graduated. Yeah. Monkeys. We have the best monkey facility and are keen to get them to play some games with their minds.


Early applications could be for people with brain injury before it becomes available to all. And then this relink, yeah, and and then this next, he said it's a Fitbit for your skull. Coolman sounds good. What's the worst that could happen, controlling everybody to do stuff? Yeah, I'm fine.


I fixed my dyslexia, but my head, he just read a book up. Somebody fucking help me here. I was way too hard of that joke, man. Yeah. You really get yourself there.


Big, big, like brand shout outs to both YouTube and Reddit, which was which was really interesting. Most of my kids at Education is from YouTube and Reddit. The thing is, too, is like it's really interesting to see someone in Ilan's, I guess my also age bracket give such a level of respect to alternative methods of education and and Meems and Bitcoin like, I think. He I think he's the guy that's that basically looks at this massive introduction of new technologies and new shit that Gen Z has given us and been like, yo, that's one.


That's one. That's one. That's one. Everything else throw at the like or not maybe throw it away. But like these are the ones I'm sure of online platforms. He's he's a pacemaker A Yeah. And then B he's able to identify good taste curator almost.


Yes. Honestly maybe. Which is a talented, multitalented human. I bet you he has such sick fucking playlists on Spotify. I guarantee you it may be their public. I don't even know like Elon, if you have a playlist on Spotify, like send it to Logan. I know you guys talk a lot.


Yeah, never. Never. I did see him that one time at Boa, which was odd to me.


I passed him underground at a UFC fight.


You have to always assume it would be hard to tell while you're in the ground. Why were you on seven foot one? Got it. No, he's not. Six six four six. Looked like six five.


And we're not we're in a what's the long coat that you wore? Trenchcoat. Yeah, but it was like stylish.


And so he just he's just like the one to you outside.


Just a big personality said.


This this one was really, really interesting to me, probably the most interesting of the things he said, why doesn't the world have more L.A.? And he said, I feel a strong compulsion to do things I do. It's very painful and not sure why. I'm not sure many people feel like doing it. Most people who want to be like me don't do it. Don't do a startup. If you need encouraging, don't do a startup. If you need encouraging words, it comes from deep compulsion.


People ask me all the time, where do you find the motivation? Where do you find the the drive, the desire? You know what what what would make me want to do the things that so-and-so have done? He's basically saying, yo, like, that's the kind of thing that's that you're born with, it's a kind of thing that you are born with to create business. Now everybody is born with something different. If you're not a startup person and you're asking startup people, you know, how do I get motivated to do a startup?


You're not a startup person, is what he's saying. It's a very, very deep compulsion that exists inside of you to want to wake up in the morning and devote yourself wholly to one or two or three or five in his case, projects over everything else in life over girlfriends, over partying, over, you know, family over, your pets, over everything else to devote yourself twenty four hours a day, 4:00 a.m. rolls around. You're sleeping on the couch at space X.


That's a compulsion. You can't you can't teach that shit. It's not a it's not available for education. Very hard to pinpoint where that comes from. I'm sure I'm sure one day there will be a gene discovered where it's like a compulsion based gene that drives successful people, but for now, yeah, I think what he's saying is, is it like a deep which is a deep focus on what you want to get, but where does that focus come from?


And why can you is I learned I think it's I think it's just a moment in your life that you're like, oh, that moment where he probably looked up into the stars was like, I doubt it and I doubt it at that age. What I think it was like 12 Elon Musk was like coding and selling multi thousand dollar programs.


Leaving him being a genius is obvious. That's what I did. So I was all part of it. I think I thought it was all about the drive of wanting to get something. I was just going to say, I think that there's probably a number of factors that continue to grow that compulsion over time. And so being of being extremely type A personality, that is that is driven towards goal setting from an early age, a plot, you know, then applying his his genius, his creative mind, his his ability to dream, his ability to network.


Like once you start to I think you always talk about this momentum being the biggest driving force in the world. And I think as you grow and excel in a certain vertical, every single factor that you learn about yourself that's really positive just adds to that rocket fuel. Like along the way, you found out that you're really, really good at networking. Then you found out you're really good at making deals. That and every single one of those just adds fuel to the fire.


He has already achieved all hundred factors necessary to be a successful startup person. And so now he's just he's on the way to Mars, quite literally and metaphorically and figuratively and the other.


Would you guys be shocked if, like, one day, like 20, 30 years from now, like he got caught, that he's like a fake genius that all these companies bought him then his look and how he like, not a robot, but like they paid him to be like him.


We talk about understanding. Would you be, like, shocked that he was like that he was like a poster boy for not a poster boy, but like a puppet for like think about it. Back in the day we had, like, pop stars that weren't actually pop stars.


They would fake industry plans. Yeah, industry plays. But Elon Musk is an industry plan that's like would you be like would you be like, whoa, or would you be like, dude, that makes so much sense. Look off. Hey, wait a second. I like this game. This is a fun game, especially for this guy. You could ask the question. Everybody tune into SNL.


Like a chain KONGOS weekend update took shots at Logan Paul this past weekend on SNL. Here to talk about it, Logan Paul.


Thanks for having me. Pretty rough stuff, Logan, what do you think of it? Yeah, I saw the the little clip. I thought it was a little fucked up. I don't know why they went after me. I think you guys got the wrong.


Paul, did you actually see the episode, Logan?


I didn't know I did it. My 70 year old geriatric neighbor texted me, said she saw me on SNL. That's how I knew it was bad.


After all, the retirement community are the only people who still watch that show actually like that particular program point proven.


You and Colin Jost actually have a lot in common, both in women way out of your league, SNL, I got to ask what's worse, being irrelevant or being replaced by the four of you page on Ticktock.


Thank you so much, Logan. Paul. Thank you. All right. Are we done with the terrible jokes, with the laugh track?


We get back to our actual show when people watch at our age. Audience thought that was that was quite funny, actually.


Oh, that was a fake laugh track. Nobody was laughing, actually.


Was quite dead silent. He's dead. Dead. So because you guys asked us not the same thing to do anything so you could add this bullshit laughing to the background. It doesn't help the jokes, doesn't it. Doesn't help the jokes at all.


Tell that. Tell that to the live audience that's watching the show. The audience you get. Just the employees that are working right now, they're all they're all getting paid. Not one of them that well, they're not laughing now. They're actually no one's moving again is a soundtrack. No, no, it's not made up. Fugazi. Fugazi.


I've been here for 250 episodes. How about you?


You look like you've been here for two hundred six thousand years. I believe it. I believe this is the first time talking about it, Jake. Paul? Ben Asqar, it makes me giggle, does it really? Yeah, I think Jake's going to hold on. Let's let's let's see. But also go he's a wrestler. I think in an overall fight I wouldn't have my money on.


Like I'm just saying, if it was like they saw each other in front of Buffalo Wild Wings and there was no more hot sauce, they'd get into it. So I put my money on Ben. But in a boxing match, I was looking up like striking stuff from Ben and I wasn't really impressed.


Then ask the world, oh my God, if you go back and you go, oh, oh, come on, I have a whole bunch of context here that offer Rogan covered it the other day, had a conversation.


I don't even know what the fuck I was talking to about it, then asked in world class wrestler, Olympic wrestler, one of the best in the world at wrestling. Yeah, not Ostreicher, not a you don't say not a strike. This is the dude who got knocked out by George Masvidal in six seconds. No, no. But I need to know. I don't know. I don't care what you need to know. He is, he is call has been screwing with the iron chin.


Now he did have one bad fuck up and he got hit by a flying knee from Masvidal, which is never going to happen in a boxing match. I don't think unless Jake is practicing being looking from fucking you, he was playing around it all.


But but otherwise, Ima's without being the BMF that the leader of being a bad motherfucker, supposedly.


Other than that, Ben has quite the chin, bro. He can take shots. If I was at his first fight in the UFC and I was very excited, I was with you.


You got you lost thirty thousand dollars on fucking time retiring. Yeah. And he got fucking dropped on this guy got rocked on his butt.


Then guess what he did. Got up and he got a fucking fun. He grabbed Robbie Lawler in some weird weird headlock and just squeezed for dear life in. The dude tapped out and Ben won and I was holding it. Can you hold the slam up? And it is so now he got he got rocked. Dropped Piledriver. I was excited to watch him get the UFC because he's a he's got an interesting look. He he's kind of the underdog.


He's funny looking and funny when he speaks.


He's just like he's an entertainer like, you know, I was ready and then damn he was getting the shit kicked out of me, got dropped, and then pull the wind out of his ass for his first win in the UFC and then just has been riddled with losses ever since. And I don't know if he's still signed with the UFC, the mass of it all. One was bad. Obviously, that was bad.


UFC also has a passing ability, but that was honestly one of the more exciting fights of that night, the most probably the most exciting part of that night. And what we've seen from him so far leading is Jake fight is more of that kind of showmanship. When he unveiled this punching bag with Jake's face after the fall. The first thing I'm trying to understand this striking from Astron when I watch these videos of him punching, have you ever gotten into a fight against a apparition or a monster in your dream before?


And when you throw punches, they go so slow and you can't make contact with the being the murderer?


What happens every fucking time he's on drugs? Both. But but like but like, you know, you throw those overhand punches, you can't. And I watch Astron punching and I can't understand.


Is he doing this? Is he doing this as a joke? And obviously when he does in the ring, it's every story. But like, I don't understand. Explain to me what is happening with these with this striking not jokingly, please try to make me seriously understand this.


He comes from a wrestling background, right? He's a wrestler.


Got it. Not saying wrestlers are athletes, but striking is a different type of athleticism, Nate Robinson learned that real quick. Granted, he's been doing it for some time now, but. Do we know how long he's been fighting professionally? I don't so Jason, boxing for three years now, like every day, like the kid is super hungry, wants it more than anything in his life. And I think a spok might have been stuck in Ben's wheels after the Masvidal fight.


Like, honestly, now that that was embarrassing and Jake is going to chew on that bone.


The only thing all the press conferences, the only thing that was embarrassing about it was that it was Masvidal that did it. You know what I'm saying? Like, if it was some unknown bro, like, dude, a fucking monster in the ring, I know what you're doing, but you can't spin it.


No, I.


I'm going I'm going to do it. It sucked. But also at the same time, like in fights, shit happens bro. Like you know this better than anyone in fights. Shit happens, you can't plan around it. And you surely cannot judge an entire man's career based on one flying if you can. In no way. There's no man swore that he was going to win and talk shit for ages about mosfet, all about his character, about his family, about his religion for a while.


Do you know anybody else in the world. Yeah. Who talked endlessly about a man's character, their performance, their capabilities, and then showed up in the ring and didn't get the job done? Not in six seconds, we're talking about. Well, I'm just saying it's happened to me. Yeah, I lost. Right. All right. I love you, but I'm just saying, like, that's part of the showmanship. And then sometimes it just doesn't go all the way up a little bit.


Right. I don't think anyone's got a fucking ass kicking know, but it was a good fight. Was good showmanship and sports, great scripts, quick math, great sport.


Great. But so we know he has we know he has a chin. The big the big thing is a lot of people are saying that there's no shot, that it will end in knockout four for Jake. Paul, not no shot, but definitely less likely because he's been punched many, many times before and has not gone down to that type of action.


The question, I think, for this fight comes down to stamina, Ben, being a being a professional Olympic athlete definitely has I think has a pretty large stamina, one would presume. Stapel, do you think? One would presume. And this is an eight rounder, eight rounder, more than Jake's last six rounder, which was really a quick match to Rounder.


You know what I'm saying?


It's I don't think it's going to last day around the erm I think Ben's got an iron chin. I'm going to call round three. We should all call around.


You have a round three on what though. I say a knockout. I don't know who Jake. I don't know who but Jake, I think he's going to knock him out of the third round.


I just don't. My question once again, back to you. And I really just need to understand, this is how. How does Ben have a chance with those punches, I'm sorry, can you explain to me why it looks like that like. Can you show us something?


Yeah, just put can you pull up a video of any sort to show it's on Instagram just because, like, OK, so back when I used to babysit and caretake my grandfather, he was not he was 90. I'm this is not talking shit about Ben.


Maybe you don't ever bump into him, but. No, I'm not. I'm not. Because listen to me because listen, will you be Mike bumps into Ben Affleck and he falls to the ground.


He's tiny. He's a little guy. I'll tell you.


He's five eleven, I believe. No chance. Yeah, he is. And he's five, ten or five. Eleven and Jake.


Six, five, eleven.


You know, it looks I don't know, but can you please pull up the punch? Because I just want to understand it dude. Like I don't fucking. No, that's not his real punch. No, that's what I'm asking you. Your little hands. Can you sorry, can you pull up one other video, too, as well, just not just that one, because I know that's not he's joking around. That's not as we are seeing, pulling on ropes.


Now, maybe not that one either. There's definitely one of him, like sparring or just like messing around throwing combos, and it's just, oh, there's some Dogecoin charts.


Yeah, I don't know, whatever. I just I thought someone and obviously wants to get back to Olympic contender, world championship wrestler. Like, the dude has the background of fighting. And so and so I want to say this also in closing, I'm from my end. I gave Jake a ton of shit on all three fighters on Dadge Geb. And who's the last one? Nate Robinson, the slam dunk champion.


In all honesty, no matter how he punches, no matter how he strikes, Jake, Paul knocks this dude out. I do not come back that following Monday and talk shit about the fight. I can't do it. I really can't do it. I thoroughly believe no matter how bad of a striker he is or if he's old or out of the sport or took a flying knee to the face, this dude's a fucking fighter, a literal fighter that has taken shots to the head round after round and kept fucking trucking.


We saw him get pile drive to China, to China, saw him and get back up and choke the dude out. If Jake Paul knocks this dude out, I will no longer be able to say anything detracting from Jake Pausa as a boxer. The big fight. Good for Jake for taking it.


I, like his hair, could be dangerous or could sell his career into the path of glory.


We interrupt this program to bring you a word from our sponsors.


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Logan, just pay five dollars shipping and that's you two promo code. Logan, back to the program.


Speaking of glory, first time I'm officially saying, I guess on a platform as grand as this one, the Floyd Mayweather fight has pushed.


You may have heard the rumblings, which I am actually completely OK with, we know is going to be pushed for a minute now. covid some some business complications is what I can say. Fight still happening so easy with the rumors that there's no interest. I, I do feel the need to say that this fight broke every single combat sports record for presale pay per view, numbers shattered. Let's go. So, like, I just I don't wanna get that narrative twisted because, yeah, we had a leak inside.


Our camp was kind of annoying about the fight being postponed. Then everyone made up their own reasons why they thought that was happening. I just want to say a covid we want to have a packed arena somewhere that Beaufoy and I want to do and then be just the business side of things are we have to iron them out. He's got a lot of people on his team. al-Hamad got involved. If you know boxing, you know what that means for getting an actual deal done and figuring out a venue.


If you don't know boxing, that means God got involved. Basically, it's the equivalent of sorry, Jordano libel.


That's blasphemy, God of the boxing, God of the metaphorical boxing realm, not Jesus Christ. I love how you guys get so offended. I've said it. And I was like, oh, he's going to be pissed. No, I don't mind it. I, I need obviously is as much practice training, sparring under my belt that I can get against this guy. And I and I really do believe that every day that goes by, you know, I get one the two percent better and he gets one to two days older.


He's he is becoming quite the right. He is becoming quite the roller skater like.


And I mean, I love one of the best roller skaters. I'm not kidding, dude.


I'm going to be honest with you. I've seen some videos the logos are showing me.


Oh, it's my girl is fucking crazy. Can you show any of that on the show? I might post it on my Instagram.


I just get just sorry. I'm I'm I'll send it back right here.


It's ready, baby. That's all I got. I just want to I want to be careful because part of a don't show me whether what you got going.


Oh don't tell me either but show the audience. Wouldn't you think he's going to be all here going like this. Smoking a Cuban with a thousand girls and smoking zaza dude, listen to me for a second.


The man only roller skates. He doesn't watch online videos. He roller skates, counts large sums of money and fox bitches. That's it.


Those are his three every guy's dream look. Well, the roller skating is the one that always got me excited. He dude, he loves his roller skating. I like that he roller skates. I think it's cool.


Come skate with me when you go skating with Joe.


Yo, yo, yo, yo. I got I have to show up at his. My God. We're going we would have to bring so much security.


Hey that's wild. You think, you think he makes his security team skate around them. These motherfuckers, a huge one is called the Great Wall. Oh yeah. He's like eight feet tall for fifty.


So how the fuck are we going to roll them? Well, we just want to roller skate. I want a problem with fucking Floyd Money Mayweather. You have to be a fucking. More on the fight that guy look at against the address that's in Vegas.


Dude, I love. I love it. Yeah, he opened up a roll at Rollerskate Arena Rink. What about the strip club promos? They're all gone now. I can post five to 10 a day. Yeah, I think he deletes them after. Is he owning like Vegas now? Is he trying to buy everything in Vegas? He's been doing that.


How did he go from like the strip club of forty five thousand drive forty five thousand hour drive.


You hop on a flight. They've they have those. You're you're well trained. Yeah. You're lethal. Sure.


What do you think? She did come out here, come on, go sit on my lap. You're not going. I got a better version of fucking policy. Is there a different show going on? What's going on over here? I did almost I've heard C.J. talk. It was everybody. The whole audience audience got involved for a second. Guys, by the way, thank you, everyone that came out today. And appreciate you guys. Social distancing six feet from each other.


Twelve hundred people out of nowhere. Phil in the audience watching politicians doing these shitty SNL jokes.


Your home over there, well-trained, lethal, no fight. Get postponed fight. Yeah. Mike, Mike, Mike goes fully like privately. He's OK. Man sucks and Floyd isn't happening. I'm like, you fucking moron. I didn't know that.


You know very well it's happened. Just because the date is pushed doesn't mean it's not happening. What I what I was getting, I think he's jealous.


I don't have headphones on, but I heard I think he wants to fight for it. Yeah, right.


What I was going to ask you what I was going to ask you was could you potentially see something else filling that that downtime between now and whenever the Floyd fight does happen, potentially another.


Well, I don't know. I don't know how much like downtime there is.


So I don't know. Not even because I see what you're doing. I see what you're doing. All right, listen, I am fucking ready to fight any time anywhere. I'm just going to keep trying to keep sparring. If some motherfucker wants to come and present a contract for me, I'm there.


I mean, to an extent, like, what if it's, you know, somebody with a past record of killing people?


I see what you're doing. That's confidential information. Oh, are you guys talking about. Oh, shut our mouth.


I hate this side of the table. Can we saw you also have to, like, live here 24/7 to understand all of it. Like, I'm pretty close.


You're here for a good you are good for here for a good hour. A day. That's true. I got one. Yeah. I'll say it in a nice little gift wrapped packaged package so everyone can understand this lady's. Do not give your man's false promises in the form of sexual favors. The fuck you got going on? Listen to me. I was in bed with me ladies sparring tomorrow morning. I'm tired. Sorry, can you just give a.


What did you just say you were in bed with me, ladies. That's plural. No, it's how pirates say Lady Millette. It's. I feel like no matter if it's a positive with me woman, OK, are you McGregor, a pirate or a leprechaun?


Listen. Go to bed, I'm tired, I got spidering in the morning, I'm out. She's watching TV doing something. Definitely wasn't doing nothing. And I'm sitting there, I'm able to order pizza. No problem. Hungry your late night snacks, I guess. Well, hi, Lynn.


Lynn, is there a pizza delivery man outside? She gets a notification. Turns to me. Great. I'm on. I'm sleeping. Y'all leave me alone. Don't touch me. Don't breathe. Don't. I'm out. Poke right now. Yeah, be immediately I knew she was going to ask me to get the pizza and so I'm like, how am I going to weasel out of this? Normally, I always do it, but I'm locked out.


She's not doing anything. Watching TV, like she can go get it right. She was sure enough. Well, you go get the pizza, but, you know, I'm tired. I don't want to get a beer, please. I really don't want to. Went back and forth for a couple of minutes. Finally she goes, suck your wiener. Did she say you mean she did say wiener. And that's how I knew this whole thing was a facade.


Because she said, Weiner, she goes, I'll suck your wiener. Now I'm listening. Yeah, but what did you say? And so I went. And so so I outlined the deal points. I had an L l i a letter of intent. And Mo, you say I didn't get the signature.


I was like I said yes. I said again, because you've done this before in the past.


I go down, get the pizza, you give me a wiener schnitzel. Oh yeah. Right. She's a yeah for sure. Whatever I go down I get the pizza groggy like in my boxers.


I have to make this weird like awkward exchange with the poor pizza person.


Come upstairs, I'm ready for the beach. It's what we agreed on. Give her the pizza. Let her finish. Sitting up now waiting to finish eating whatever you want. So you went from being super tired to, like, wide awake, just waiting. Let me stop you before you finish the statement, because, first of all, I don't know where it's going, so maybe I could just let you finish by telling us about that picture. No.


One, let me finish that night because I get the beads that I was promised in exchange. And, yo, I got it. I got angry. Like, I was like, yo, you just fucking lie to me. You use my dick against me. You used my manhood, my testosterone, my libido, my horniest against me. And it was fucked up because I took the bait like a fucking simp. And it she she thought it was preposterous that I was expecting her to actually follow through.


That's ridiculous. I go, I go yo we literally like I sat there for ten minutes and I outlined deal points with you. Woman she goes, it's like I just had pizza.


I go, I got the I just you just said it.


This is why I was about to cut you off. You made a fatal, fatal, fatal fucking error.


You give me the loss of my liver, let her know not even died for you. You had her eat food before sexual intercourse, especially girls, especially pizza girls do not want to get freaky when they start to fill out, they then what they want to put the PJs on. They want to cocoon up and they want to be coddled. OK, not to mention time also passed. So you lost the leverage. You made her fat and you passed all the time.


If she's in a horny state or you're in a horny state, that needs to be capitalized upon once once pizza gets involved, she's eating. What is what do you want to do after eat pizza, show off your six pack abs? Probably fucking not.


If I promise to show off my six pack abs. What does it not mean anything to you, Mark?


I mean, promise is a promise that I made to you or you have made to me. I would be a different story. Would that mean something to me? I mean, in my wiener.


Did you go to bed that night and you put the covers and you. Hello, you're like first mate. Whether or not this bitch back, everything they promised, they they cuddle.


No, I was sacked back to back and your sheets back to back on. I packed a bag like spread out. But she goes, you're really going. I go, yo, I just I feel betrayed just so I know who it was.


My you know who it is. I think I notice. Of course you notice. Who else would I have an intimate exchange like this that I've been with recently. Now. Now, yeah, wait, watch mindset's seven, we weren't doing all, you know, love. Oh, was it was it was the results are saying it was so out of character and it hurt me. Now I understand you're a fucking idiot. Why would you not see that coming?


Mike, do you agree with me here? I mean, I obviously playing the same toxic sludge that he does. So it's like I you know, I know what those fucking I've been there.


I don't get, like, angry, angry, but I was definitely peeved is the word I'll use. And then I, then I then I got I got peeved at myself for getting peeved. I'm like, yo, I don't like I'm not even that horny of a person. But my hopes were raised right.


My expectations were high and I got no one would ever listen. What was the valuation of the beef stock that I had you already had you already fornicate.


Why the fuck were you gripping pipes at that point anyways? I mean, she should already release the dragon. Forty times I was tired. I'm telling I'm tired.


So now I feel a little bit less mad at her because if you're not if you're not showing up to the fucking ball game, you're tired as you go on to the pitcher's mound. You can't expect her to just catch whenever you're ready to throw. What's better than a good old fashioned Bede's when you're exhausted.


Got to tell me I'm a fool. I'm a four to seven BS per week kind of guy, if not more than that. I'd prefer a business. I don't. I prefer a bija day to completion. One hundred percent. Wow. Because because listen, there's two types. There's two types of bijoux. Most if not, you know, a large majority of Bijoux are used as a lubrication readying device for force. Right. Like it's like yo, let's fuck around it like and like have this thing happen.


But there's just something about a full on bull run, especially when you're sitting in a nice seating arrangement, whether it be a recliner or a toilet. If you're extra risky, you'll get a bump bump or it's just it's just something about that. I'm not going to do anything and you are going to use your insides. I'm not I just I don't feel like my exact thoughts.


I just feel like you had you had a way to go. No. So listen, I got peeved. I got peeved at myself for getting peeved, just as everybody knows.


Daniel Day left. It's I wonder why. Well, I come on, we usually get our earmuffs. Well, we thought we were hiding. What's a beach? Come on. I'm going to be on the both of you guys around one. You should know Logan by now. And it's not the blowjob that got him mad. It's setting him up for something good and then not delivering on it, like maybe a funny George. Look, the audience is really going crazy over that one.


Would you stop putting boot tracks over everything? I none. That was half a reaction.


I'm going to I'm going to try to get this thought out. Yeah, I got angry at myself and I came to the conclusion that sometimes I wish I didn't have a penis.


That is 100 percent surgically repairable in this day and age, it's only sometimes, but I noticed that, A, it's distracting, like this motherfucker has a mind of its own.


He's he dies. I'll be sitting there then. I don't know.


Where's yours? Vlok hormone monts hormone monolog at the gas station. Fucking I'm in class. I mean, I'm studying.


It's a biological joke. Well girl is like, oh that's hot in a lot of girls.


No dude it's it's just hang in there. Doing what. Know. Yeah. Right there girl. It was designed as a joke. No it wasn't. It's weird. And then you got those little things, the balls hanging beneath it. It's fucking weird. I think it's awesome. I think it's what you do. I think loves Dick. No, I just think it's in a way it's in the shape of a weapon. Do you remember those?


Remember those like what were they call the mace, the fucking spiked ball that you could smash someone in the face with? Like, just it's a cool ass fucking it's like a broadsword with two Mace's at now.


When it's flaccid then it's OK. That's what it's like. Who are you showing. It's flaccid. Your documents Wellman's. I mean, let's I mean, prepare yourself, man, can I share my back to back talk to your women's. I feel like you're the type of guy to have an accent right before you have sex.


Oh, here we go to fornicate. And can I ask you guys, what's the deal? Sure.


A guy comes. Why the fuck did they just lose interest immediately? It's the plight of the man.


What is this? Not the same case with women. I remember when I was like single and as soon as I was there, I was like, this is great. And then released. And I was like, why am I here? Are you like that with your girlfriend?


Huh? Are you like that with your girlfriend?


That's how I kept her, because no big go as soon as I was like, you know, like, oh, I don't want you to jump on the bed and watch your telltale sign that this is the right girl. I swear to God, that's wild.


I feel bad for every girl that's ever hooked up with me and watches this. I'm like, what the fuck?


Why didn't he do that with me? It's a it's a moment of clarity, George. It's it's it's what comes after you come you stand in the mirror at myself.


Oh, fuck, fuck.


Dude, I actually there was a point in my life where I'd gotten so used to a two motion splurge that I got so good at finishing and my hand immediately open the Uber app like like a meet like I would I would finish Uber app Hubers outside to the girl like every fucking time come Uber app and I had to break that fucking habit. I've always been. Would you rather this is the question. The question I filed, the question I meant to ask you and I want to ask you, would you rather finish from.


Danny's back full on Hanky-Panky or. Auroral Hanky-Panky. Like which and I already know the answer for you inside. Yeah, yeah, so, so, so so does any of your maps. Oh, Jazmyne, would you rather come from raw dogging and, like, finish an actual inside splodge Buerge or would you rather blow your head off?


It's circumstantial. It really is. For some people. I think it's vastly answerable.


Like for me, my explosion from from a bije is like 50 times greater than than than sex. I don't know why.


It's very strange. Like, for some reason, like like I become that guy that you see in adult videos when I call him when I get ahead, where I actually like go through the motions and I get super into it, like I get very excited.


I got a question for you. Sure. Well, why don't you answer the question I was asked, do you have a preference?


I don't want to answer that just because I don't like the I don't like any of this. Wait, sorry. What the fuck? We're talking about dicks, balls and having sex with people. I know what you're talking about. Exchanging it for food. It's I up at one point on my why am I fucking overboard.


This, this bludge. That's where I'm like, oh so it's after Mike.


Come on. OK, forget this.


No matter what you guys rather have sex or get ahead. Can you answer that.


I'd rather get Heggarty which is so deep in the dick sand I started to like. I'm starting to think weird cringing.


Yeah it's great. My mom watches my like your mom watches this, just watches it. But she's OK with that. Just for context, once again, I didn't introduce this topic, but you continue. Yeah. Oh. So who are you going to blame, the fucking messenger or the fucking mailman? But you know what I'm saying?


Like, if it comes to splurge both, I get mad at both. Here's my question. Don't fucking censor. It's just we're talking about sexual activities. I no longer watch porn, but when I did watch porn, I have in the past got sucked into the fucking story.


Do you do you ever, like, watch what's like the storyline and then you're finished and you're like, what happens here if I get caught in that? Just me. All right, I'm just a storyteller, man, I just want to know what the main characters were they got into. There's that laugh track nice, that's a joke. Let's go through all of this.


Take a hike or I'll see you guys later. What's wrong with your walk the story line? Why do you believe you just said that? I did not take you, Caleb, you know, actually, come on, came in there for Zach. I can't believe that no one does that. I feel like all right, so first of all, this is Caleb, he's he's our camera guy and him just overall show producer, he's the guy responsible for impulsive clips, for the edits, for dealing with YouTube's bullshit when they give us trouble.


I mean, what else? Tock, tick tock, tick tock. Instagram account, which you may have said, he actually films the episodes. It's everything. Impulsive. Yeah, everything. And here's the lesson. How did you start working here or meet me?


I actually sent Logan a random email right before my final year of college called Now where I was at the bar in two days. Yeah, two days before I literally looked at my father like Logan, Paul said, I got an email from Logan Paul.


I'm like, all right, this is 100 percent fake. And so wait a day or something. And then because the first email that you sent back to me was like, all right, you know, when can you start?


I was like, OK, this is one hundred, though, right off the rip. And because I think your email, your e-mail was one of the most impressive, like first off the bat emails I've gotten because you provided examples of what you were going to do in that email. Yeah. And we had been looking for that position. You know how long I've been on that. We need clip's we need no one watches the full package if you're watching football, because we'd love to show the clips are so digestible and we need clips is the way that this is going to go viral and really start making strides.


And we needed that position in your email. Covered it immediately was great.


Yeah, because I sent you thumbnails of all the clips. Yeah. Would make you like here's what I would have done. Time stamps. I remember I talked about like Maverick as a company and I was just saying, like the you guys are energetic, you know, you guys have a whole bunch of mikes.


My favorite I remember the email. The thing that you did was this was the same thing that Judd, my esteemed producer on Twitch, did.


He he reached out with work, put into the email. You put work. You know, these are the examples. This is what I would do. This exactly said. This is what the thumbnails look like. When he sent me my the first email, he sent me, it had animations done. It had actual value built into the value proposition. Yeah. This is what I'm going to do. And by the way, here's what that would look like.


Yeah, very fucking smart.


And what I mean, I worked with you for eight months. Remote, remotely, right? Yeah, remotely until I even came out here. So I had to kind of work my way up a little bit. Yeah.


Only the only question we had for today. Do you ever watch the storyline before the porn? Like, do you actually watch that part of the fucking job or do you fast forward it through it like normal people?


Storyline, a tiny bit, not not OK, OK, but afterwards, like once I'm dying, like it's off.


Got it. Now I'm not watching it.


The you take a hike in they scaled hurts when they can't believe it.


You know this girl. Yeah. I don't like being a big Stanfords too long, but you know, this girl one time was like, yo, we should watch porn together. Yes. I wish I had a movie theater. Super nice. So luxurious. Never done this before. I so we put one on and I was sitting there like five and we were just like watching. It was there wasn't really even a storyline. It's like, you know, boyfriend girlfriend hooking up in a like immature immature.


No, pretty good. Just watching them. You know, we get six minutes and I'm like, oh, I've just been watching like I don't people fuck. Let's skip to the good part. And when I skipped ahead, she got angry with me. She got upset. I don't know. I think I think maybe the storyline.


Means a little more to women, you're a woman. Yes, I agree with. I didn't say I think I got some some miscommunication. I look forward to when I used to watch. I don't watch it, but when I did, I for four four.


And then they fucking they did this click bait shit on me where I was done and I was about to appeal my way out of here, but I was like, what the fuck, what are they going to go to?


And they just fucking the story continued and then all got.


Wait a second. Stop, stop. The story, actually, I have never clicked or been around after they like like so if the so if the guy comes over and the retailer girl, it's not didn't finish like something happened where she had to get dressed and leave and the shot broke. The father, some say, sounds like a whole lot here.


And I put it back and I was like, she's gone.


And then she got out of the car and there was another guy. But this guy was part by the Mafia. And I was like, OK, what?


I was like, whoever wrote this. OK, so now, you know, because George, here's the thing. You have to talk me out once again out of a habit. As soon as I finish, I have the same exact habit. Tissue's go in the garbage and I immediately start crying. That's happened every single time I've jerked off since I was 13 years old. I finished Tissue's trash, start crying, feeling guilty and imagining my my ancestors are watching me masturbate to hentai was horrible.


Hold on a second thought. That was that was the first thought that every 12, 13 year old has the I swear, the first time to put a black dog. I'm flashing me back.


I was 12 in the bathroom. I think I touch my we for the first time. I'm like, my grandpa just passed away. I'm like, holy shit, Grandma Spike is watching me. How how could he not be watching me? And the question remains to this day is, has he been watching me this whole time? Does he grapple steadily better than graphics like watching you before he passed away? That didn't happen, OK? Honestly, no, I got it, you got a thing making forces out of my dead grandparents and I don't like the way you guys are a father passed away.


You remember what you said to me, your music, your music sucks. No, no. Worse and worse. And you're probably going to cut this shit out. But I went and I was really sad and I stood there, and he's the worst person to come to because he ever gets really uncomfortable ever. And I go and he goes, what's wrong with you? And I go, try not to laugh when I go. I just found out my grandpa died.


He goes ommen. Fuck your grandfather. And then he goes, Dude, I'm so sorry, I don't know what to do here. That is the worst thing. Did it work? They were doing so obviously a fucking you know, that's funny. It's funny. It was what had happened. Doug, I know you and you you will not be smirking. I did it. You were not sad. It was like my grandpa. Yeah, but you were devastated.


It wasn't you didn't come to me in a moment of like, hey, I need a friend. It was just like, I have this news. It's not great. I'm OK. My grandpa passed away and I may have said a fast to make us all laugh. And then I said, I'm kidding. Hold on, calm down. It's like it's a joke. I also obviously fucking with you gave me this exact look I kept playing in my head.




Is it.


That was the Loganville face after a photograph like did you just come after you insulted me like a fucking grandpa? Yeah, but then what happened?


Then you hugged me. You only tell and remember the bad things, please. Yeah.


Because those are the first thing we get from your dog. Hey, hey. I'm here to make my friends laugh, you know, get stories like this one. And by the way, I only said this so you could tell this story on a Post-it that I had invented at that time, yet that I wasn't even the guest.


He's not good on the receiving end of of stuff to make him feel better either.


Like I always remember when when Maverick died or when Kong died on pretty much everything else he's ever come in.


His house died because it's just a house of fucking death.


So sorry, but to be honest with you, is just a fucking stoic psychopath of sorts. He has no absolutely no reaction. That's not true. He was sad. He was really sad. He was quite sad about Khong when he got eaten by that coyote.


Takes a while, takes a while to sink in a cry, I think. Thirty six hours later I timed it because I was like, Oh, this is how my emotions work. I had to report that all day.


And I had a report both deaths two, which was why the entire maverick maverick clan had had decided that I was actually the murderer because they were like, Yo, how does Mike always have the info on these dead pets? It's pretty obvious, like he's the one killing them. I don't like the way you look at me after you say stuff like that. Maybe I have an idea. Yeah. Just I just want to say it's already finished, but I understand the adult film section I was talking about this, you know, the show The Bachelor.


Yeah, I dated a girl from The Bachelor. Oh, that's right. Great show. Oh, wait. He did. Yeah, I'm sure you did, yeah, because remember, we were like, hey, never again. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. How can we be about the name, by the way? Good show. Great show. Except you never see these people's sexual chemistry, and for some couples, that's a big thing, right?


Sexual chemistry.


Why do you need to see it, though? No, you don't see it, don't you? You see, I say you don't see it. I can't be the only one who's like, Oh, I wonder how they function in bed together. Like, was it steamy? Was a good was it shitty? It may affect how you perceive or feel about someone I don't know.


Yeah, no, absolutely has to. So sexual chemistry is like a bedrock for success relationships.


I think it has what it's what I'm saying. I feel the same way.


You know, everyone's different. I agree with you. Yeah. So I'm always curious, but obviously I can't show it to network television show.


What if there was some sort of X rated adult film, X rated bachelor, whether it's the show as is, but like they're all willing to fuck on camera some to think about. I won't do it.


I've something tells me that something along those lines already exists. Yeah, there is like a porn reality show feel like brazzers or something like that. Is there still a thing I want to brand mentions. I saw some, I saw some, I saw some highlights of The Bachelor recently shows kind of fucked up. It's kind of shocked. I don't understand the concept of it.


Let me give you an example of why girls who complain that guys are players, but they all watch a guy line up girls and be like, I don't want that. You don't get a rose today. You get a rose, you get. Yeah. They're like, oh, my God, I'm fighting for them girls. Let's not stick together and find our own men, but let's all fight for the same one wall fighting. For what the fuck it's happened, it's fascinating and it's it's weird how the women come on the show and they automatically assume that they're going to be in love with the guy like I don't watch adamantly.


But does it ever go the other way where the where the girls say it, say it's the bachelor and the girls are going for the guy and the girl gets involved and gets deeper and deeper into the show. And she's like, actually, I don't. Oh I'm sure.


Yeah, that happens, you know. No, I'm not in love with you, dog. You're the bastard. But I'm out. I'm not this bitch. And and the cameras and the kissing. Multiple women and the. I don't know, just such deep conversations on camera that probably should be off camera, I guess that's the show, but it is a little awkward sometimes. Imagine us us on a show and we're all dating a girl and then we have to be put on ice while this girl is on a date with another guy.


Yeah, that's bachelorette right now.


What I'm saying is that regardless of what sex you are, you're fighting for the city and you're hanging out with the people that are trying to date that. Also, here's another thing. What happens if the main guy doesn't like any of them? Does that ever happen? They never say that. That is for the 16 percent.


It's like a six, I think a 16 percent, maybe even lower, like a eight to 16 percent success rate. There's this one season that Ari had. Silver hair is like a silver surfer.


Could it be that, oh, I just thought I thought that was interesting, but he he got engaged to the one girl. Yeah. And then like two or three months I like oh, I hate him.


I feel like I wanted the other one. Sorry. And then he was sorry. So he calls his producers. He's like, I got some good. They're like, yeah. He goes, I wanted the other one. And then they set up the meeting and this poor girl walks in and it's supposed to be like a vacation. He sits her down and in the most sociopathic way is just, hey, you know, I don't know what to tell you.


I don't know for Bakare, the other girl.


And and you could see the producers walking around in the background and like the reflection of the mirror and they're zooming in. And Falke on this girl's face, her tears are streaming down and everyone's just having the heart, the heartbreak life.


Do you know how many people are in the room during these conversations? I would guess probably 20 to 30. Crew, cameras, big lights, a. Could you hold that second really one, Rebekah's heartbreak, reset, reset, reset.


The cameras are rolling. Go, go, go, go, go. Fuck the lights. It's wild, but I'm in in. I'll continue watching this. See how they you a you kiss. The girl said let's just watch the fucking show. What happened. What's ok one fucking watch the next episode. Let's watch it. But do this other ones like Bride to be or like there's episodes, there's TV shows now where like you will be married at the end of the bettino.


But those are all but those are all just children's games. Now the big ones are the ones deal. And you probably know about this marriage at first sight. No marriage, that first marriage at first sight like you, me and what you meet and you get married. Right. The Middle East is that he's talking shit about it. Miga and then what's the one fifty is a ninety eight point fifty eight fiancee. Nadia fiancee. That's the one with my guy.


Big ad. Right. That puts mayonnaise in his hair. See, those shows are starting to produce the real winners. Those are the those are the real fucking shows. Those took it up a notch or like, yo, you don't even get to get to know the person. You just have to.


Man, I know it's not funny where you come from in Pinga, but and 11 percent to 11 percent of the bachelor success rate, I think they should create one for mentally ill people.


And I would go on that one. They do this one on the spectrum. I saw that fucking show with autistic people. No, that yes. OK, we do we talk about this on the show. You did. This show is Fox, where they put two relatively two very autistic people together in the same fucking room where they are on the spectrum.


Is there that. Yeah. So what's the what will happen is the link-up people that are in similar areas of the spectrum. Right. Sometimes a little bit different, but like dude like it is they always know they're not talking funny on a date.


It's exactly what you would want to say.


They just say, yes, that's what it is. So, so ready for this. George, you know how you find a way to beat around the bush to find out what a girl likes? They always say the same thing. Why don't you tell me a little bit more about your hobbies and interests? Then the other one says, well, my hobbies and interests are A, B and C, what are your hobbies and interests?


They're very, very rooted in what they have been taught a date should go like, and they do not differ from that path at any fucking point. At the end of the day, they say the same thing that like, do you think that it would be OK if I were to get your cell phone number so that we can contact each other for another date in the future?


Like I got pretty into it. If you want to say, is this organic? No, it's parents. It's OK. It's their parents. So they all they generally are coming from some of them live independently, but some of them come from a house where they live with their parents. Oh, cool.


I know it is. But also. You have this, like, slightly dirty feeling when you watch it, like you're like this seems OK because I know a lot of people are watching this, but at the same time, it feels like I shouldn't be enjoying. I really so I felt that for a second when I first started watching it. And then as I continued to watch how the show was made and produced, I did start to feel better about the intention of the show because I really do believe it was an education thing.


And for me, I enjoyed seeing someone's life who I didn't really know much about the spectrum or, you know, the autistic community.


And it just shined a light on the things and challenges they go through, you know? And I mean, I think that's what their intent was, was just to create entertainment. I was a little bit of both. And I think they did a good job of, like, balancing. And I agree with you. And also on top of that, not only they educate the audience, but they also created connections between people that may have not found each other and the artistic identity.


You know what I'm saying? Yeah, we have A and B up and now they have fallen in love.


But it's just very interesting. You watch it, you know, it show brings me to tears every time.


Undercover bosses. I'm saying you haven't watched a great episode. I'm going to do that for my vlog one day. You do what with us? Yeah. He's going to get dressed up and like, be the new manager of the team that just comes in and starts firing people.


Would you would you recognize me? Yeah, not if you were dressed up as Clyde Daniels. Clyde Daniels reporting live here on the campus of UCLA.


Who do you think is going to win? Floyd Mayweather, Logan, Paul. He need to bring he needs to come back come back about to get a phone call right now from Rob Gronkowski. Who is, I believe, at this particular moment, I'm coming on the podcast this Thursday, right before the Super Bowl, six Super Bowls, this guy, you can't you can't stop.


You probably won't stop even. Six Super Bowls went with Tom Brady, a big Super Bowl preview show, we're sorry, you can't say Super Bowl. The big. I can't.


No, you can't. You can't even say that two thing. Can you remember something? Super Bowl. You could say Super Bowl, Olympic's. If you ever worked on the brand side, you've ever had a career in corporate. I knew that things you can never fucking say. You could probably say, yo, I've murdered kittens in a commercial. And people would be like, that's absolutely fine. We don't want it. We don't want to step on your your free speech.


If you order that so much as utter the fucking word Super Bowl, you will be sued into non-existence and your entire company gets a public fucking lashings.


Well, while I'm not fucking playing, they'll kill you and your family. Will you sleep, George? Not that. Don't come the Benji. They'll kill everyone. I'm not kidding, dude. The only ways that we are going to sign off because the phone call that's coming fucking death, never say it, George.


Thanks for listening to this episode. And Paul said, we love you guys that subscribe on Thursday. We think at this moment of time we have Rob Gronkowski coming on. We're also going to be announcing and explaining some of the details of my Pokemon Boksburg taking place on September.


He broke in September is coming. Stay tuned by.