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Stages are the most powerful way to increase your revenue and impact. Each Thursday, join me, PV3 – Pete Vargas III “the Stage Whisperer” inside my personal Greenroom. If you’re an Event Producer or run events of any type – we show you what Event Producers are doing to uplevel their events in every way.

If you’re a speaker or are wanting to explore speaking, in every episode we take you inside of the mind of the folks who control the stage to learn cutting edge strategies and tactics so that you can get inside THEIR greenroom.

Whether you’re a speaker, business owner, entrepreneur, coach, author or if you are a Meeting Planner/Event Producer who hosts events, conferences, or online events, then this podcast a “must listen.”

60. Starting The Project That’s In Your Heart with Nick Unsworth

Inside The Greenroom With PV3

  • 9 months ago
  • 52:31

Welcome to Inside the Greenroom! Today we speak with Coach, international speaker, & best-selling author Nick Unsworth. During Nick’s career, he has coached over 10,000 entrepreneurs and sold a massive marketing company by the time he was 30. With this kind of success early on in his career, he quickly became a well-known name in his space. In an effort to scale his business and create more impact he started leveraging the power of stages. This decision led Nick and his team to even more success.  After a string of events, Nick decided to do the one thing many entrepreneurs are scared to do. Committing to a niche. Nick has mastered the concept “you can’t be all things to all people.” Learn how creating a target audience and niching down his business and message gave him the opportunity to start the project that was always in his heart and more! Here is what we cover: How Nick overcame his fear of speaking Don’t try to be like anybody else Stepping into your authentic self  What took Nick 10 years to figure out Nick’s process for designing a vision for your life, and stepping into its reality When money and success doesn’t fill the void  When Nick went all-in on his dreams Niching down in your business The power of online challenges  And more!   We invite you to Take Nick’s Final Action Steps:  Ask yourself…. “To take inventory on, how you are showing up right now?” “What can you do to catch a new vision?” “Write it out is if anything is possible.” Whether you are a speaker, or a business owner pivoting your company online, this episode is a must-listen!    LINKS:   Connect with Nick: Join their free online www.LifeOnFireChallenge.com to learn how to clarify their God-given vision, create a success roadmap, & launch into action. Facebook: www.facebook.com/NickUnsworth101   Website:  www.LifeOnFireChallenge.com Twitter: twitter.com/nickunsworth YouTube:  www.youtube.com/c/LifeOnFireTV/featured   Connect with Blair: blair@advanceyourreach.com  Learn More About our Stage Agency:  www.advanceyourreach.com/stage-agency stageagency@advancyourreach.com Connect with us: Facebook: ​​www.facebook.com/advanceyourreach Website:​​ advanceyourreach.com Email​: ​info@insidethegreenroompodcast.com   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:02 What to expect today 2:46 Meet Nick 3:55 Nick’s entrepreneurial journey  11:09 When Nick froze on stage 17:06 How Nick became a great speaker 20:34 Pre-pairing for your vision 25:31 The steps of launching a challenge 33:24 Why Nick went niche with his audience 37:33 How Nick named his company 43:43 The speakers who have impacted    More About Nick: Nick Unsworth is a Business Coach, international speaker, & best-selling author.  “Nick is in the 1% of Marketers & Funnel Experts in the World” ~ According to Tony Robbins As CEO of Life on Fire, Nick’s mission is to build a thriving community of faith-based entrepreneurs online and support them through digital marketing to grow God’s Kingdom. Nick sold a marketing agency by 30 years old, coached over 10,000 entrepreneurs, and has consulted clients including Daymond John from Shark Tank, Spartan Races, Navy Seals.com, Joe Polish, John Assaraf, Keller Williams Real Estate, Safeco Insurance, Awaken Church, and many more.

44. The Three Decisions That Determine Your Destiny with Tony Robbins

Inside The Greenroom With PV3

  • about 1 year ago
  • 01:09:00

Welcome, Tony Robbins, public speaker, life coach,  philanthropist, entrepreneur, and NY Times bestseller,  Inside the Greenroom!   Between 43 years of entrepreneurship, and a rocky home life growing up, Tony has experienced the "winter" seasons in all areas of life.    Tony shared with us that these are some of the most challenging times he’s ever been through with his 52 businesses. However, he is being proactive to get through it by taking action and focusing on the right things.    In this episode, Tony shares his action steps, strategies, mindset shifts, and daily habits you need to not only survive but thrive during uncertain times. Whether you are a speaker, meeting planner, entrepreneur, or something in between the wisdom shared by Tony will serve you in all areas of your life.    Be sure to sign up for riseupworld.com Here’s what we cover: Learn the critical need for community How Masterminding is one of the most important things you can do Find Your breakthrough in Crisis How Tony dealt with not only today’s crisis but past crisis  The four seasons of businesses How to handle the waves of the economy Where you as a leader should start in this crisis Making decisions and testing the outcomes Three decisions that shape every aspect of your life Learn just how powerful your focus is Three habits or patterns to be aware of How to overcome achiever’s disease Destroy the two emotions that destroy businesses How you can fight fear Mentors and coaches in Tony’s life How important coaching is What expanding your circle can do The importance of communication How to communicate with a purpose Why motive matters AND SO MUCH MORE!   LINKS: Join The Rise Up World Group insidethegreenroompodcast.com tonyrobbins.com www.facebook.com/advanceyourreac ​​advanceyourreach.com info@insidethegreenroompodcast.com       Episode Minute By Minute: 0:02 What to expect today 2:15 Welcome Tony 3:10 Why community is important 5:38 what you can learn from Tony’s past 9:52 Knowing your numbers  12:50 Winter doesn’t last forever 15:00 The three decisions that shape every part of your life 20:08 Focusing on what you can control 25:37 Seeing things for what they are 27:57 Feed and strengthening your mind 29:55 How Tony starts every day  31:41 Find a mentor you look up to  35:54 Serve those who are worse off than you 38:00 Pete’s results of following Tony’s process 40:58 Tony’s mentors 50:37 The power of communication 54:23 Over prepare for everything 55:57 What matters more than intelligence  58:34 Tony’s final thoughts 1:06:20 Pete’s biggest takeaways   Share this episode with a friend who needs encouragement.