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What's up, Murder?


Killer was good.


Shit, man. A little hangover. I'm good, though. Yeah. Yeah, man, I'm all right, man.


You onthe mic. Why you on.


The internet, man. Hard.


I don't ask for this. He is on the.


10,000 right now.


I don't ask for any of this, man. I've heard, man. I've heard, man.


You've heard? How did they go, man?


Oh, my God. I don't know what you're talking about exactly.


Did you get it? Isure. Did you get the second base?


First base? Did I get what, though?


I had to talk to you.


What are you talking about Nia-moor? Nia-moor. Yeah, listen.


You're in the.


Blogs, Jeff. Listen, man.


Don't mess that one up.


I'm not with Nia because I see people are doing exactly what you're saying. Yo, Cam, don't fumble this. Look, I met my Nia-moor. She was very cool.


I've seen actually, Shug bought her to me and he said, My brother loves you. I'm like, Oh, Nia-moor. What's that? She's like, So she says, You're funny. You're hilarious. I say, Yo, but I'm. I said, Did you see my DM? But you didn't open it. She said, I see. I said, What she thought about it? She said, That was fly. That was fly. I said, All right. Okay. We not said people. We took a couple of pictures.


Because the rumors in the street is that LeBron set it up.




Do you mean? That's what the streets are saying.




Streets are saying they invited Nia to the party and then doubled back and invited you to get back at you, Doke.


Oh, niggas.


That's when this shit is taking off.


Oh, niggas. You as well.


I'm not from university. I thought you were trying to shoot me. This is a nightclub. This is a nightclub.


On another level. Hey, man.


Okay, we got a problem? Oh, yeah.


They lied to you. They lied. They lied. They both of.


Us, actually.


Yeah, they lied to you. Hey, yo. Look, lie me, baby. Line me. If that's the case, thank you. I appreciate- I don't.


Think LeBron did it, but that's what the streets are saying.


Well, if it's any truth to it, thank you. I appreciate it. But I see a lot of don't fumble. Look, I'm not with me along. I've met her. She did not give me a number. I actually gave her my number, but she didn't give me hers. We have not spoke.


We took a couple of- You gave.


Her your number? Yeah, I gave her.


My number, man. That's different for you, Cam. It is.


But she's a different type of female. Matter of fact, I have found some shit real quick. This ain't no rimes or nothing. I think... Where is it? Damn, I know I had it, but damn, I don't know what I did with it, but I'll find it. I'll actually send it over to, what's my nigga? Nick to play, if I could find it. I don't know what the hell I did with it, but it was something fucking...


What did you think about it? You like Nia for Cam?


Oh, I love it. I was in the comments like, yes.


Thanks, man. Put me on the risk game. I was.


Supported-with a thousand %.


Thank you so much, man. Heard you was out the last couple of nights. How did you go? What's your shit?


Yeah, I'm in the background of some things.


Hold on. I found what I was looking for. It's right here. Hold on.


I have my childhood, so I really crush with Zar and Neil. I have my childhood, so I really crush with Zar and Neil.


I don't know what.


To do.


Okay. Somebody said that to me and said I was wrong. I didn't know this. But as long as I knew him, that must have been... That was interior because he never expressed that to me, so I didn't know that. But look, we're not up here to make a spectacle of things. Hopefully she reaches out if she doesn't, it was just a pleasure. Good enough meeting her. That's it, man. I don't need you people talking about Kim. If you see me out somewhere with somebody else and anything else, you fucked up. Why you do that? Because you all people are crazy, man. There's nothing.


Going on anymore. I don't think the people is who you got to worry about, is you doco.


I ain't worried about that. Okay. That's the last thing I'm worried about. I ain't worried about that at all. I go course, I would. I pull a course-sower.


At a rocket's game? Yeah. I forgot, yeah, this is a university, you know? Yeah, they're at the university.


Yeah, you guys are right. Forgot my umbrella, I come from.


Funny teeth.




Is that was in the background on a few things this weekend. How are you doing, Stat? I had a.


Great weekend, networking.




What it was.


But yeah, but on another note, everybody wanted to... It was so many people. Happy birthday to Rich Paul. There were so many people there that said, you murdered. Congratulations. Stad as well. They love you all. I mean, for me it was... I can't even name everybody. Me and Kevin Hart talked for about 25 minutes or you know, just about the show and what he's doing. The show was funny because it was an '80s, '90s party, so niggas had on troupe jackets and all type of shit. Kevin Hart, we was talking and he was talking. He's like, Yo, man, I love the show and what you guys are doing and you guys are being yourself unapologetically and you have to sugarcoat it and still do what you do. By the way, I got 15 bricks in the trunk if you need it. Then go back to talking. Niggas in the '80s zone out there. They were really thinking they was drug dealers and all type of shit. But shout out to Kenyan. I'm about to say Kenya.


Yeah, they said somebody saw you and walked out. You care to elaborate?


Sure, I could tell you if he wants. I don't want to make nobody uncomfortable.


All the cars came back to me. Your man just saw and.


Killed and walked out. Yeah, I felt bad about that. I'm like, Damn. Because you know it's crazy. I was thinking to myself, Sugar made a great point because I won't say who, but I don't want people seeing me and feel like they ought to leave because we're doing our job up here, so I won't elaborate on it. But damn, bro. God damn. I ain't trying to make niggas. Well, God, we're just doing the job. You got to have a conversation. You actually pull me to the side and be like, Yo, what's going on? Just don't get too crazy. Or you.


Could play better.


That's a great solution.


Yeah, the solution to not liking it is what it is. Just play better, man. We're trying to give honest commentary with satire, but honest commentary. So even the exaggeration or anything we do is to shed light on the truth.


Yeah, because you know what? Like, actually, he's here today. He doesn't come a lot, but it was funny because it was a lot of people in there the owner for Leonard Hawks. Rich Paul with a lot of people. A lot of money was in the building. And Shug said, Draymond's dream can't come to this joint tonight, right? He said, niggas, ain't how niggas said? Shug said to niggas, told Rich, if Draymore come in at the night, I'm leaving. I'm telling you that right now.


We don't need him to get a drink and then accidentally slap me by accident. Shug said he slapped me back.


He tried to pull out a line of Coke and say, I'm suspended anyway. I thought about it. I said, I don't know if I would have been uncomfortable, well, who knows if somebody else would have been uncomfortable. I would like to see Drayvon Green, but it was cool. It was very cool. To Bron. Bron was in there with his wife Savannah. Big shout to Bron. He showed much love. Keep doing what you're doing, homie. Ohio was in the building, man. In Ohio, we was deep. I'm talking about all parts. I think he's arguing about what part of Ohio and what's better in there, man. I don't know if you all would have felt that comfortable with that much Ohio, niggas, and that much money in the building at one time, man. But yeah, Big South of Rich for a happy birthday man.


Well, I'm happy everybody had a great weekend. We're going to talk football. We are now joined with our football analyst, OJ.


How are.


You guys doing?


I'm straight. What is that?


My mutual friend sent me that picture with you and Nia.


He wanted how I felt about it. Nia and my daughter were best friends forever. And Nia was like a niece to me. So I don't know if I was happy seeing you going out with knowing that you go out with others.


I didn't go out with her. I met her at a party. I actually wanted to go out with her. If I get confirmation that things will go more seriously with me and Nia, then possibly I may put things to the side with other people. But right now it's just a photo. We took a couple of good laughs, a couple of whispers that I won't talk about. We'll see what happens from there. But you're right, our mutual friend did explain this to me this morning because I didn't know I was on TMZ. He called me about it and said, Cam, I see you. He told me that your daughter was best friends with Nia for a while. Off the camera, I was going to talk to you about this to try and get the number for me. Now you put me on blast saying that you don't like it, man. I thought we'd have a cool conversation about it.


How you go from grand...


Oh, my. And Mia does what Mia does.




Good girl.


How you go from granddaddy issues to you don't like this for him?


Like family. This is Nia for years was like family.


Oh, that's like, I don't know. We can't call it pocketwatching, but it's definitely got-.






-yeah. This is straight-up cog blocking. I'm talking about my building my.


40oh, they ain't on your grandaddy.




Would never disrespect a family member now, but this is not blood related.


This is off-site. I'm going to throw the flag on the.


Play on me. You got the.


Flag on this man.


How are you doing today, man? Hold on before we start. Let's get a solo. I see some new... What is that? A Bill's pillow. Where is that? Over there. Is that a Bill's pillow? Where is that over there? Is that a Bill's-A pillow? -what? Right here. Over your right shot.


It looked like a Bill's coat rack.


That's a Bill's, a wood, my woods, my three-.


Oh, that's a golf. That's a golf.




Is my golf club.




My God.


Come on. What are you talking about?


Everything in this house has bills of 49, as you may notice right now. This is Ralph Wilson. He was the original owner of the Bills. He was the owner when I took over the team. He's gone now. But I ran him. Watch him what my bills.


Did to those cowboys. No, young cowboys.




Cowboys. That was.


Your cowboys. That was.


Your 85 bears.


Give me a break. I feel like the guys who watches football with us on Sunday that always shows up with their cowboy hat and their cowboy jerseys. When the cowboys beat a team they haven't won a game, they're saying they're going to the Super Bowl. They're going to the Super Bowl.


They weren't saying that today. Oh, you said they were going to Super Bowl week two. I did not say.


They were going to the Super Bowl. You said they were the 85 bears. Do you remember that?


I said they were the 85, they're way back in the beginning of the season. But let's face the facts. They normally do not beat teams with winning records, and they got it handed to them today. The way I see it is they don't play well outdoors. When they're at home and they're playing indoors, they really play well. But when they're playing outdoors and the weather is implement weather, they don't play that well. And it was raining in the day. It didn't look good. It didn't hurt the bills. But the cowboys had a lot of trouble that day.


Well, Mace picked the cowboys to win. So yesterday, we were here. We made our picks this morning. I can't.




That. The waist jumps around now..


Oh, that was pause because he was on fire the last couple of weeks. I thought he was going to continue his journey every time he was- Well.


You give it to him. He played great against Philly. But how many Philly defensive players were hurt? About five, six. He has not played great against good teams. 49, his bills or winning teams he have not really played great against and certainly couldn't call the day's game a great game. Now I still think they're going to make the playoffs. And I think what normally happens when they make the playoffs, which seems a lot like what happened today, will still happen. But they're... I mean, they got good players. They're a good team. The Bills are fast, just like they're fast. And you saw it today. They don't dominate teams that are fast and physical. They don't dominate those teams.


Yeah, I think this actually proves that Prascott is proving everybody right about him about being a game manager. When I see stats like this, just 134 yards, passing yards, and no touchdowns, and interception, this is horrible for me. I'm from Title Town.


Listen, Mase, this morning you was... Pardon me, sorry. I'm a little saucey. I got my days. At least I can tell you I'm sorry. I don't have a problem, main that we're waking up. What I'll say is this, mate. She was all dark press car.


Yesterday morning. No, I was trying to give him a shot pause because we were so dealing with him. We're without kid gloves on. I figured he got on a run. Maybe he'll keep it up on this because this would have been the game to prove I said that he's a real player, but it proves that he's not a real player.


Why would you give him that opportunity.


I know he wouldn't get it. They say to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I learned that on Sunday, there's no benefit of doubt. That's what they were talking about in church. There's no benefit of doubting.


You got toyou got to give purdy credit.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


No, no, no, no, we can't just jump the purdy, man. No, we can't just.


Jump the purdy, man. Oh, come on.


We are dead. We should get the party. How we get the party?


Get some blueberry juice.


You're talking about, Oh, you just jump from one game to we're going to get the party. You cannot go from that to purdy. We going to get the party. We promise you, purdy is coming up. Can we stick to this game? I would just want.


To say- This is just like, look at them.


This is just like. What about Josh Collier? You just went-.


It's the 49ers and the Bills. It's the 49ers and the Bills.


Anyways. Okay, let's talk about the Bills then. We just shit all over the Cowboys. What about your Bill's? I mean, they didn't have the best offensive game. I think the weather had a lot to do with the game. How do you think that they looked... I mean, they smashed Dallas and you made a great point. They may not play good in weather, but how do you think they looked at it as a team overall today?


I thought they look great. Look, I'm not going to tell you that the cowboys don't have talent. The cowboys had talent. But you said they didn't do well. What did they score today?


No, they did well. I said Josh Allen didn't have the most amazing game today.


No, he made some great plays, though. He made some great plays. But Josh Allen is going to be Josh Allen. He's going to make incredible plays, and then he's going to throw the ball away once in a while. That's what he's done since he's been in the League. Okay. Today I thought he did better than most games. Today I thought he played a really good game. Okay. I can't recall that he throw in the interception to that.




No, but he had 94 yards.


He had 94 yards.


That's what I talked about. He didn't let me crack 100 yards. That's why I was axing.


Well, he won.


It's all.


About winning. Yeah. More blueberry juice for.


You, old man. I don't.


Know why I'm in my.


Teens, old man. I can't go there. Listen, I can't see you smile. This one's just about week six, man. You got big smiles on.


The day. You got a Bill's win, 49ers.


First of all, murder. I don't know. I have no idea why the golf clubs are even in the set just to let you know. Because they're the.


Real golf club.


I tried to put.




The reals.


In this room. Yeah, I see the helmet and everything. All right, man. This is your week, baby. This is your week. Go ahead.


So before we even go to the next question, I'm just curious, what do you have to say to the people who had Doc Prescott in the MVP race?


I can't argue that he has performed this year that would put him in the race. I didn't think he would win it, but I think, Purdy. I actually think a running back, McAfrey, should be in it. And I definitely think Tarik Hills should be in it. I hope getting hurt and not being able to play.




Hurts his run for 2,000 yards.


But that man, if he got 2,000 yards.




Should have it.


She didn't ask you about tarik hills, no running backs. She didn't ask you about tarik hills, no running backs.


I don't know what to talk about. She asked you about what do you think about that, Prescott being in the MVP race? Not who you.


Think should win the MVP. I answered that. I said, I can't argue.


That he... Earlier in.


This year, most of the year, he played like he should have been in that argument, but I don't think he's in that argument now.


I'm going to say this to the organizations. The Bill's organization and the 49th organization, OJ is my uncle. I think you all should try to wear more often because he got the Bruce Leroy glow today. It's not as if me are always just shining today. He looks healthy. I'm not saying you don't always look healthy, but it's a different type of light glowing. Bruce Leroy. Yeah, Bruce Leroy right now, man.


No, my fantasy team did well today and my two life... Well, not lifelong, 49ers lifelong. But the team I'm in the Hall of Fame with the Buffalo Bills, were very impressive today. I'm a happy man today.


That's great to hear.


Look, I answered the question, even though this was O'Jay's question. Get that the fuck out of here, pack him on up. All the cow, cow, cow, cow, cow. This was the opportunity for him possibly-.


To prove something.


Yeah. I'm just given Mace a hard time because we were just going against each other on picture yesterday. But he gave, all jokes aside, he gave Zach the benefit of the doubt. I said to... No, it was really two sides of the coin because Mace made a great point on saying this is the game that that could move into a League company when people mentioned the best quarterbacks in the League. On the other side of the coin, what I said was that this is the game where the Bulls need to make a statement if they want to make the playoffs because they've been on and off all season. We were just debating on that. But at the end of the day, Doc, you had your chance. Not just me, a couple of people gave you the benefit of the doubt, and you fumbled. You fumbled the ball.


Let me say this. Not only did you fumble like Cam said, if Jerry Jones doesn't let you know the next move he does, he has every right to do that. Remember in the beginning of the year, we was like, Jerry Jones don't got to tell niggas who he's bringing to the team. This would be one of those situation. He don't got to tell you you're out of here.


I would be honest with you, period. I think anybody on that team since 1997, he ain't got to tell nothing to. The only way Jerry Jones shit to where he has to be obligated to tell you anything now, if you're an elite player, maybe he could confide in you and ask you, What do you think? Do you think you could work with him or think you could work with him? Or what do I have to bring him in? But he doesn't have to tell anybody what he's doing. This is a guy who people always cry and say, Oh, he has given Ezekio, Elliot, a long-term contract. Oh, Dak Prescott deserves a long-term contract. Oh, Tony Robo or this person and that person. That's Bryant. Look, he keeps paying after you all cry and you all don't deliver this man a championship. I'm starting to be... Don't get mad when Jerry Jones hits niggas with a come on, my nigga.


Yeah, this game was definitely a come on, my nigga moment.


Yeah, absolutely.


Now let's talk the 49ers. They won again, beating the Cardinals 45-29. Rock 30 said he believes Christian McAfrey, OJ to basically what you were saying, should be MVP because he does everything for us. First thoughts about the 49ers and then thoughts on Christian McAfrey potentially being the MVP candidate based off of Brock Purdy's words.


There we go.


Well, I've been clear. I don't care how these guys messed up.


What I say. Say it again.


How have you been clear?


I've been clear. I've been clear. There are four more talented team in football than the 49ers. They had no real weaknesses. They got a little bit of everything. Now, I give... It was Arizona? I give them credit today. They played them pretty well for a while. But as I've said, when teams playing the same conference and they play twice, normally that second time they play is going to be a tougher game. And that's what that was for a while. But the 49ers wear people out. They get worn out as the game goes on. Debo is going to do his thing with two touchdowns a day for your boy.


Oh, shit.


Debo did his thing. A kiddo was terrific today. And look, Purdy did what Purdy does. He gets the ball to the open guy and the defense. Defense played real well when they had to. So I don't think anybody argues with me. I know Cam agreed with me last week that there's no more talented team in the NFL than the 49ers.


Yeah, I agree.


Yeah, I would just say when you look at the Cardinals. Football is simple. You're not going to win if all you get is one touchdown and the other quarterback get four. It's just math, science.


You have a firm grasp on the obvious, buddy.


That's what I'm supposed to do. That's why I proceeded by saying that. Listen, it's not supposed to be that complicated. It's actually real obvious.


I got an old-toed murder. Wow, you really know what two plus two means. You killed it with that. He told you in a nice way. You have a firm... I'm stealing that though. You have a firm grasp on the obvious, my nigger. Like, If you get four touchdowns, another person does it, of course, you're going to win. Yo, Murdy, you're trying to play you with intelligence, Lilo.


It's not like the Cardinals is really a great team. I mean, it ain't much to say. If you have one team is stacked and one team is pretty much horrible.


I like that.


Well, they beat the Cowboys. They beat the cowboys.


I know, but they are three and 11, right? So that is the obvious. I'm not.


Agreeing, Keith. I'm just telling you that when they're.


Playing twice, that second time is normally a pretty tough game.


I'm still in that one all the way here. You have a firm grasp of Poison, one obvious.


That was good.


For TVs.


But as an expert, they are three and 11. You got a team that's three and 11, playing a team that's eleven and three. What would expect to happen if they played twice?






Don't know if you all two is.


Finished with each other. I like the smoke he's coming with, but good thing I know what I'm talking about.


You're saying he has a firm grasp on the obvious.


Yeah, he has a firm grasp on the obvious. The team is three and eleven playing a team that's eleven and three. No matter how many times LeBron plays Julius Randall, he should win every time, right?


This is all tough. I'm just licking. I'm just a weird man in my business. Because it seems like both of you have a firm graspon the course on the obvious, both of you guys. I didn't know who was going to win the debate on who.


Has to- That's why I started by saying, I'm a firm believer in math and science. I went to school for science and math. I'm actually a genius.


We went to the same school, Mace.


Hey, I took a test to get it. You played basketball to.


Get it. Mace, you got recruited, too. You went to Junior Richmond. It was his own school. Coach four came and got both of us done. You could sit up here with your jacket and glasses, and we both got recruited to.


Go to- He said he'd.


Been He did not take a test. I'm not going to let you go at that. Let you slide. We both was in.


The scene.




Sorry. Were you guys looking at painted shoes earlier?


Where are we going? Oh, no, that was Mace ordered some sneakers.


They were- This is what my daughter-in-law did for me. Check that out.


Oh, that's crazy.




Give me your shoes, guys. You guys, give me your shoe size and I'm going to get a cup of pair for you all.


That's okay.


That's what? That was crispy.


Nice. Well, they got to be the Bill's colors, though.


It's 32. It's Bill. It's number 32. You know why they got to beat the Bill's. Let me ask OJ and Mesa a question. Who would you guys rather have not starting the team or anything like that? Today. Today. I may know OJ's answers, but I may not. If you needed a quarterback today to start the season, not necessarily franchise, same age, everything. Who would you rather have? Brock, Purdy, or Dave Prescott?


Oh, come on. Purdy. I'm taking Purdy.


And Purdy and him. Purdy played a-.


This man is never lost. Yeah, I would.


Definitely go with Purdy. This man, all the guys were.


Together with him and Debo and Williams were tackled, when they were on the field together, he hasn't lost the game yet.


Let me give some expertise since he says I have a firm grasp on the obvious. O'j, the guy, Purdy, actually seemed to be getting better every game. That's the point that you really got to pay attention to. Some people are on a decline, and some people look like they're going to... Purdy is one of those quarterbacks that look like he's going to be better by next year because his confidence is growing.


I want to get Purdy a bunch of props. Purdy is one of them players that were, I believe, one or two players away from not even being... He could have went to any team. He wasn't going to be drafted. I want to give him a bunch of credit. I don't know what you call him now. You may call him Mr. Relevant. They was calling him Mr. E. Relevant.


Yeah. Just early in the year, O was calling Purdy a game manager.




That was- Since he got a grass on the obvious.


Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.




That true? Would you call him a game manager at the beginning of the year?


Well, in the beginning of the year.


Just yes and no. I said.


If you just.




Him the players that he has, he's as good as anybody. That's what I said.


We're going to have to go to the table on that.


Because- Because I don't remember.


I don't remember our slogan.




Right. I need clarification. Are you guys all in agreement that Brock Purdy should be the MVP?




The season? Yes, because that was basically he was saying it should be Christian McAfrey. But who do you guys think should have that title? As of.


Right now. Well, listen, we're not ready to give them MVP right now.


I think.


It's a few games left, and I think it's other players, not just on the 49ers that need to be looked at. But if I had to pick somebody on the 49ers, I think I would agree with Brock Purdy and go with Christian McAfrey. If we're only going on 49er players. I believe he's ahead of Purdy because, listen, not all running backs could catch as good as he can. O has a particular name for them. What do you call these running backs to catch? Let's get at it.


I don't remember.


Yeah, I don't remember either. They're a hybrid. I forget that O had a great name for him.


You have guys that they can do both. They're the name I used to.


Call him. It's a half bag. I don't remember what he said. But off the top of my head, but off the top of my head. But I just think Christian McAfrey is a Swiss Army knife. He can do a lot of different things.


Two skills. I mean.


He does it all.


He blocks for Purdy.


Yeah, exactly. That's why I said the Swiss Army. He blocks the ball.


And then runs the ball. He's going to be right near the top in rushing this year.


But if.


I- Don't forget. I mean, Perique Hill, if he comes back, if he can get that 2,000 yards that he's been chasing, boy, that's a wide receiver to get 2,000 yards. And I don't know how many touchdowns. That's quite impressive.


Well, just so we know, I picked it up real quick. And just so we are... They're leading that in Vegas with the odds for MEP. I'll give you guys the top five. Brock, Purdy is leading, and Dave Prescott is number two. Lamar Jackson is number three. Jaylen Hertz is number four. Christian McAfrey is number five.


It's pretty interesting because even as a quarterback, Purdy doesn't have the best stat. It's interesting just to think about. He's probably like number four in the stat as a quarterback. Just stating the obvious.


You all to the day.


Since we stayed, my obvious.




This conversation will be continued because I want to know you guys thoughts as the season progresses. But let's move on to the Dolphins versus the Jets. The Dolphins crushed the Jets, winning 30-0. The Jets are officially eliminated from the playoffs for the 13th straight year. This is the longest active drought in America's four major sports. What change needs to happen to the Jets? O. J. First.


I like to coach, I'm going to tell you that. I do like it. He coaches a great defense, but they need to offer some line, guys. I don't care if they're telling me that is coming back, that he's going to be eligible this coming week. Anybody is playing quarterback in the jets' backfield is going to get beat up. And he's going to be running for his life. And even Rogers decide to play, which I don't think he will, but if he decided to play, he ain't going to look too much better than the guys that have been playing. That offensive line is horrible.


Yeah. No, seriously, oh, man, great point. I was talking to Tito, Tito's team. Tito said it looked like a setup. Tito said, Yo, I don't know if they paid the offensive line or whatever, but everybody was under distress, and it was terrible. He was really upset about it being that he's a Jets fan. I all mean, this is another game that I picked the Jets to win because I was like, Zach Wilson was talking shit. He was like, I don't give a fuck what's the worst they could do is bench me. That's not what they did.


I was waiting to see that. Yeah, he got beside his own.


They said, What's the worst you could do is bench me, and they benched them. Don't get too fly to What do you think you can get best? There's a couple of things I have to say. Well, congrats to the Dodgers... I mean, the Dodgers, the Dolphins, of course. A couple of things I have to say about this, not really about the game. There's a few things about what OJ just said because I was thinking about it as well. I don't know if Aaron Rogers is coming back or not coming back, but I wouldn't risk it and come back. But this isn't even about if he does come back. The fact that he's eligible to come back is crazy. Because what they're going to do is put more pressure on more athletes to say, If you got an Achilles problem, you need to go see the doctor that Aaron Rogers got. There's no way. He's 39 years old, and he was out for three and a half months, and now he's able to play again. Why you need two years to come back from an Achilles injury? It's a couple of things. They got the best doctors, Aaron Rogers, that is, or this wasn't an Achilles injury.


I don't know which one it is, but it's crazy. It's crazy that you come back three and a half months from an Achilles. I just don't understand it. What do you think about that, Mase?


I think number one, he definitely should not come back. I think number two, they're definitely going to use his recovery against other people. It's going to be to a lot of athletes detriment because he's probably just a freak of nature, pause. But everybody else that try to come back from an Achilles, that's a hard thing to recover from. Many athletes are never the same no matter what sport it is.


Yeah, because that's the reason. He's 39, you're 26. Why you can't come back if Aaron Rogers did it?


And- And that's your explosion. That's your explosion. That's where you get it. You generate a lot of your own speed from.


Right. What I want to do-.


First step I meant.


What I want to do is just give Aaron Rogers a lot of credit, period, because let's break down the timeline real quick. Before the season starts, he gives back $10, $15 million, takes a pay cut to get other players so that Jets can have good players around him. He gets this injury the first three minutes into the season. He stays around the whole time helping out Zach Wilson and others around the franchise as well as rehabilitating getting back to where he needs to get to. Then to be eligible to play in week 16 for a 39 year old, this is really, really dope because a lot of older players would have been like, give me that money and you all figure out what to do. I'm not going to figure out who else you all can get. Wasn't selfish about that. Wasn't selfish about like, I'm going to sit around home and moat about this injury, stayed around the franchise. Then even if the jets were good, I agree he should not play. But if they were in a playoff hunt or even close to it, I think he might have tried to play. Aaron Ross, salute to you for being 39 years old.


This isn't even an age thing for me. It's the fact you're 39, but a 25-year-old wouldn't do what you're doing. So big props to Aaron Rodgers.


I think a lot of this getting lost with this Miami Dolphins and the jets game, because one of the running backs, he broke the record with 20 touchdowns this season. Mosart. Mosart. Yeah, he had 20 touchdowns to break the single record, which was 18, which has been broken since 1984. I was waiting to tell O'J that because that's why he probably clicked off.


To let him know you ain't the only one out here.


And it wasn't so obvious. Then I was going to tell them about it. So O'Jay, I'm talking behind your back, but I'm on camera. Even Tour is amazing because Tour is having a similar season that Purdy. The same thing as Purdy, and his numbers is better than Purdy, and he's only one game behind what Purdy has done. But we're talking a lot about Purdy and not about Tua. What you all think about that? Tour is beating them on stats.


That's a great point. I think people like the story of Purdy. I think that Tua was an elite college player. He came in with high expectations. I think he has a great story too, because of what happened to him last year, getting injured. People were saying that he wasn't going to be able to come back. He can't get hit. He did a lot of things in the all season, even including learning how to fall so that he doesn't hit his head. He has a great story too, but there's nothing better than the good old American white person coming out that wasn't-.


That's what I was.


Getting to. Yeah, your reverse racist. No disrespect to white people, but I'm just saying, at the end of the day, let's just be realistic. Of course, at the quarterback position, you guys have been dominating for years and over the last decade or so. I'm not saying there wasn't people like fucking Randall Cunningham and my nigga Moon down there in Houston years ago has been scattered black quarterbacks. But over the last 10 years, it's been a lot of black quarterbacks. But I didn't want to necessarily focus on quarterbacks. I want to focus on it's been a lot of dominant black athletes, period. In baseball, maybe Spanish. So when you get somebody white who's elite, it's a big deal. I'm not saying that they don't deserve. I think Brock Purdy deserves all the credits. So that's going to be magnified like, Yeah, Mr. Irrelevant. He almost wasn't drafted. Now you're out here killing. Matter of fact, he never even lost a game when everybody's playing. I think that story is bigger than to a story no matter what the stats are, because they're both winning. It's a great point that you brought up, Mason. Thanks.


Okay, we're going to go to break. When we return, we will discuss the Patriots versus the Chiefs.


She called us thing about toxic.


Four years in counting.


Got you feeling like an option.


Maybe I'm my.


Own problem, babe.


She tired of hearing, I.


Don't know. My stubborn enemy won't fault. Dealing with this thing called trust. But she.


Really thinking about it.


Why am I in this room? She's way free.


Welcome back. Let's get into our Underdog fantasy picks of the day. Tonight, the will play the Nuggets. Underdog fantasy has Luca at 35 and a half points. Do you have him higher or lower? Mace.


Against the Nuggets, lower. Right under that 35.




Going to be in 30, though.


I was going to say right under 35 because this is a battle of Europe. This is Luca against the joker. They like, We both from overseas, we ain't come over to plane or anything. This is the shit I like. Listen, underdog, shout out to underdog. If you deposit up to $100, they'll double-year deposit. Use cold care. I think it's been killing with cold care. They have. They really have. I really need that. Listen, I'm not as no cap. I think it's now. I spoke to my nigga, nick. We got 12 people since they've been using cold care going to the Super Bowl this year, and it's generated over $1.7 million using cold care. $250,000 there, $10,000 there. Fuck with me, my nigga. I'm a fucking gold mine. Listen, I have a song. I have a song that says if you ever brush shoulders with me, go play Latto, 9 out of 10 times you win. So every morning you brush your shoulders with me, go to Underdog and play some bat, nigger.


There we go. But back to what I was saying is I agree with Mason, but it's going to be right underneath. I was going to say 34, but Luca might score 37. Look, these niggers ain't come to this country to play no games. They left their family overseas to come play basketball in America. You don't really see Luca taking nights off. You don't see Luca doing load management pause to say, I need to get back. These niggas is not home. The niggas will be taking days off and on and live in America. These are these things from overseas is not over here to play no games. The joker may take a game off here and there because niggas joker gets beat up. He's down there in the paint. Niggas is fucking them up. Lately, last season I think he missed six, seven games. This season I think he missed a couple of games. The seasons before that, he's playing 82 games. They're not over there playing no games. I want to say Luca for 37, but I think it'll be about 34. To answer the question, I'm going to go lower, right underneath 35.


Okay. Yokitch is at 50 and a half points, rebounds and assists.


I'm going to say, fuck out the door, the nigger about to drop 50?


I think he's supremely dominant in the league, but I'm not going 50.


I'm going low. Fifty and a half points rebounds and assists combined. Fifty? Fifty and a half.


Yeah, I'm going lower. Okay.


I'm going to go actually higher. Look, he may have 33, 10 assists, 12 rebounds. He's averaging a triple-double just about, I think he's 0.2 assists underneath. He's averaging the double-double with points and rebounds and assists. He's at 9.8 assists. I'm going to go higher.


He could be higher because if we get 25, 15, that's 40 again. Yeah, higher. You're right.


Okay, and Jamal Murray is at three and a half rebounds. Do you have them higher or lower, Mace?






Make sure to download the Underdog fantasy app and you can make your picks too. We are joined back with our football analyst, OJ.


Oj, I had a question for you. You ran off. I was about to give you some pause that wasn't the obvious. They had a running back down there in Miami that broke the single game record or the single-season record for 20 touchdowns. Do you know about that?


Most start. You mean run and touchdowns, right?




Okay, he didn't break touchdowns. I had it at one point at 23, but I think...


Yeah, I know it. Don't act crazy with my uncle, nigger. Don't act crazy. I'm just here to.


Let you know. I don't just know the obvious.


Yeah, don't act crazy with my uncle, man.


I'm running and seven were receiving. I think most are there's a couple of receiving touchdowns also. But I love him. I love him when he was with the Niners. I love him when he's with Miami. I drafted him. Number one is my running back on my fantasy team. Most artists, I mean, he's a beast, man. He runs hard. I think he was a 100-meter champ in.




Big 12 or the big 10 or something back when he was in college.


Can I say something real quick? I'm so happy you knew all this. Mays ain't think you knew none of this shit. You went back to college on him. He thought he had your number. He thought he had your number. You didn't know you used to.


Play at the 49ers. That's what you fucked up at. No, I got.


A 49er question too.


Okay, back.


They let you finish. Also you making this big deal about Purdy and two or a got better numbers than Purdy, and he's right there with the wins. It's 10 and 4 versus 11 and 3, and two or numbers are better. Is this reverse racism I'm hearing from you all? No, man.


You could have better numbers, not making you the most valuable player in the League. Every year, that's the guy with the best numbers is not necessarily the MBP. But before you go, I know we're running out of town. I need you guys to talk.


To our guy.


I'm not sure on TV besides. But I need the picture and I need a shoe size.


Oh, yeah. No, listen, those dresses is tough. Those dresses is tough. I'm going to get on. I would love to wear the Air Force 1 O'J's Buffalo edition, man. I'm going to definitely get our sides over to them. But I'm so happy. Listen, you're so smooth. You're so smooth you don't even realize you shut Buffalo down until he...


Because I still got questions.


I'm going to let you get the question. But hold on. You ain't know that nigger, ran tracked the most. Secondly, he said, Because the numbers are better, that doesn't necessarily mean it did MVP.


Which is both correct. Which is I wanted to debate that, though. If you say somebody's numbers are better and they win as much as you, what are you basing the MVP on? If we got better numbers and we win the same amount of games, what's making you MVP? Are you white because you get MVP? Or this guy is black and he got better numbers and he won the same amount of games?


Well, we agreed earlier, I believe, that the season is not over. It comes down to winning has a lot to do with it. Who wins has a lot to do with it. And it's what, four games to go?


So if we win the same amount of games, how are you better if I got better stats and we win the same amount of games?


What does that mean you make it to the championship game and they play a different to the conferences, it doesn't.


Make you.


To the Super Bowl. There's a lot of teams that had the best record in football. I remember Green Bay was basically undefeated and they took a week up, two weeks off, really, with the Rogers. Then they lost when they came back and didn't even make it to the Super Bowl. We got to wait and see. We got four more weeks. We'll see.


Does that make sense? If I got the same many wins as you- Yeah, and my stats are better than yours. How are you MVP over me? That's a valid point, right? Yeah, that's a valid question, yeah, it is. I'm just making sure. I'm just making sure. I'm just making sure. I'm just making sure. I ain't got blueberry juice up here. I just know this from what I know, but I appreciate it.


I had a season where I had the third most rushing yards ever.


And I broke.


I didn't get in VP. It happens.


What did you win to know?


We won nine games, I believe, and 14 game season. Hey, you talk to our buddy and get me some numbers. What was your number in basketball?


I was number 11. Mace was very- Twenty-two. Twenty-two. Some days he's 15 and some.


Days- No, they ripped my jersey. You forgot that Coach ripped my jersey. Okay.


Yeah, I just seen the picture one day. I'm like, When did he get.


15 on that shirt? He had me rip my jersey, remember? He was like, Go out there and do what I'm telling you. I had me rip my jersey like all Kogan. I'm like, It's crazy. The whole picture day I had the wrong jersey.


On it. Our coaches was on cocaine. That's how strong he was. Our coach told us, Look, you all little punks don't know what I do. When I get mad, I get a nine millimeter, two kilos of cocaine, and go to Puerto Rico and do the wild thing. What coach was that?


He was definitely.


A poor example of a coach.


Real crazy stories. But okay, let's talk the Chiefs. The Patriots lost another game this time to the Chiefs, 27 to 17. Do you think the Chiefs are one of the biggest threats? O. J. First.


No, I don't. I think they got the best quarterback overall in football, but I don't think they're a threat this year. I think those wide receivers, the day we saw it, they're dropping passes all over the place. I think because every year they seem to change all of our wide receivers, this year didn't work for them. I don't see them as a threat.


Now that's another one of those conversations, though, where people would ask if you're not even the best at your position, how are you the MVP? But I'm going to let it go. Pause. I'm going to let Cam talk. But that's inquiring minds would want to know.


You all are trying to say? You sound like I want to respond.




No, I don't think it's MVP. I just said if you were drafting the quarterback of all the quarterbacks in football, I don't think anybody wouldn't draft Patrick Mahomes. Okay.


Mason is just so mad you knew that I think I ran track. He wants to start an argument with you.


I'm not tripping off track because I told everybody that was the cheat code in the beginning of the season, right? That track was the way people are actually better athletes. I said that early in the year.


Well, the thing about it that O'Jay was actually a track star as well. We knew that coming in when our analyst was actually a track star as well.


I know, but I was the first one to say it on camera.


Well, we had an example of it. We didn't necessarily have to say it.


You see what I'm saying? Thank you all. We're looking up on camera. I wasyou know?


The question is, is the chief is a threat? I think that as long as you have Patrick my homes on the field, it's always a threat. That's just my opinion. Are they looking elite like they've been looking the last few years, not as elite, but it's like Patrick my homes is like my Steph Curry of the NFL. I know Golden State is having a poor year this year, but when they have a decent team, as long as you got a Steph Curry, in my opinion, you have a chance. That's just how I feel about the chiefs. I think they still have a chance. Let me take a look real quick.


Obviously, I'm going to just straight up with you and killer right now. If they catch pause, three of these passes with 12 and we would be 12 and three. What we're talking about is a matter of those wide receivers catching the balls. They were perfectly placed in the end zone on at least three of those games. Now, I know you don't win off. I know you was going to say that, but I'm saying, so when you think of this team being a threat, they are definitely a super threat because we would really be like 12 and three right now. Well, that's where we.


Should be. The thing about it always that he has a grasp for the obvious. If Factor behind can't throw and catch the ball, you have to catch.


The ball. I know, but I'm basically saying it's not like this team. When people talk about them not playing well, these are just three freak accidents. This is not like they're playing horrible.


Bro, Kevin Durant, if he wore size 14 instead of size 16, they would have went to the fucking championship the year the Bucks won. He stepped on the line with a piece of his toe. We could say if to a lot.


Of shit. I get that. But he didn't step on that line three games in a row.


At the end of the day, that word game mattered. Look, the Chiefs could have won the game last week when the nigger lined up all sides. When they threw.


The lateral pass. That's why I'm saying there's a lot of special things that are happening even while they're losing, because that play would have been a play for the ages.


You hear how you say what a cut of shit? And those things that don't matter, Mase, what a.


Cut of shit. I know, this is Title Town. Until you beat the champs, you're not the champs. I mean, I am talking with people who know sports, or am I? Should I just walk out? Are we.


Talking to people who know sports? You're also the same person that didn't even know who was the quarterback with the Kansas City Chiefs until they won the championship. We know you- I actually did know. No, we told you it's Alex Smith. We know you live in Title Town because you just moved to Title Town. Whoever has the title, that's the town that you move to. So you're always going to live in Title Town. It doesn't matter what city it is or what state. You told me and Maurice Clare, don't act like Michigan ain't in it. Where did Michigan come from? Out of nowhere. We always know you live in Title Town.


I've been in Michigan before I went to Milwaukee.


Actually, let me get on the mic. I was in Michigan before I went to Milwaukee.


But you were a Georgia Bulldog and everything else. As soon as they out, you're talking about I wore blues a day for Missing. You always going to live in title town.


I got maroon on for Alabama.


We can move on here. Okay.


Before we go to the next game, I know you guys are in agreement about Patrick Mohones being the best quarterback in the League, but do you guys believe he's the best quarterback this season?


Right now, based upon stats, he's probably number eight. The person that got the best stats is probably the guy from Detroit, but I don't think nobody would call him the best quarterback. So to O'Jay's point.


Who got the best stats?




Goff. Jared Goff.




Why he ain't an MVP race according to you?


That's a good question. That's what I'll be asking O'Jay.


Yeah, but that's why I'm asking you didn't bring him up. Is this another case of reverse racism? Right, scratching your neck.


Start doing all this? That's a good question. Will you start doing all this? Will you start doing all this? You make me think you're thinking about something because we just went... You just said that two of us numbers are better than-.


What is Detroit's record? What is Detroit record?


Right now. I think it's the same as... Yeah.


Yeah, this is what you need to be telling OJ, Cam. This is.


What I'm saying. I'm not beefing with no one. I'm just trying to figure out. I'm beefing.


With them. I'm beefing.


With them. What is it? What's my life worth? Okay, so right now they're 10 and four, but that was a pretty valid question.


Thank you, Cam. Yeah, because if he has the best number, I'm going to feel for lastly, if he has to say the best numbers and he has to say he recognizes the Dolphins, why was it you bringing him up in the conversation?


I was basically saying anybody. I would add him to... I would add Jared to it as well.


No problem.


I mean, what's a better story than the Detroit is finally winning?


That's a good point.


He's white.




I'm not mad.


At it. Talk to O'Jay. You talk to me. Maybe O'Jay can answer this. He's the hall of fame. O'jay, you answer this.


I'm not the biggest fan of the game. When he was out here with the Rams, I'm just not the biggest fan of his. But I do say he's playing a lot better than I thought he was capable of playing.


Yeah, you mentioned on Detroit since the season started, I'm going to be totally honest with you. You said when the players come, Oh, fuck Detroit. That isn't the exact words, but you said, Oh, forget Detroit. Then nothing's going to matter when the playoffs start, so we don't even need to pay them no mind. God damn. Why don't you just sweep them under the rug like that with a 10 or for a record after all they've been through all these years?


I think when you get to the playoffs, he's going to do Romeo and he's going to do stack.




I'm correct. I stand corrected. Mvp is regular season, right? It has nothing to do with postseason, right? So then we should be going by that. We should be going by what he does in the playoffs because the MVP ain't got nothing to do with that.


I know in basketball, it doesn't. O. J. Can actually answer that, but that's a great question.


He knows that's the truth. But let's see what he got to say. Go ahead, O.


I said, I don't totally agree with that, but that has been the way it is. That has been the way it worked.


Okay, so I'm right.


You're always right.


I'm putting you on my shirt saying you're always right.


If you believe that, you're always right. That was just super sarcastic. You're always right.


Okay, so next game. The Ravens beat the Jags 23 to seven. Their record is 11 and three. How are we feeling about the Ravens right now? And did you expect them to win? O'jay.


Yes, I expected them to win. For most of the season, I thought they played like the best team in the ASC. Not that I thought they were, but I thought they.


Played like it.


This is a big win for them because they played against a pretty good team. And basically, they dominated the game. So they're a tough team to get by. They're going to be a tough team to get by in the playoffs. I see them going against the Bills, Kansas City. I can't throw Kansas City out because like you said, Mates, they got the man. But I can't see them being the same playoff team that they were last year and the year before. I think that those running backs are going to hurt.


I'm sorry. No, you're great. That was great. Looking at it now, they clinched their playoff birth today. We knew that they was going to go to the playoff. I think this is more about Jacksonville losing. We talked about this yesterday morning. Now it's a three-way tie for the division between Jacksonville, Indianapolis, and Houston. The next few weeks we'll see who wins this division and makes it to the playoffs. But I'm not surprised I picked... Actually, I think I'm not sure I picked. I may have picked Jacksonville because I know Mason. I was going against everything yesterday that was supposed to go right. Not surprised that Baltimore won, but I would like to see who's going to win the division. I'm rooting for Houston to win this division. I wouldn't be mad at any one of these three teams that won the division because Indianapolis had quarterback problems at the beginning. Jacksonville been going through the wringer for years, and they got Trevor Lawrence, and this would be great for him. I'm not mad at the story down there in Houston either. I don't have a dog in a race, but any one of these three teams that won the division getting the playoffs will be interesting to watch.


Okay, last question. Sportscaster Al Michaels will not be part of NFL playoff coverage, and people are speculating it has to do with his Taylor Swift comments. He referred to Taylor as a sideshow and said, You can't make a side-show the show. But other sources are saying he's being criticized for his lack of energy. So thoughts on his Taylor Swift comments.


I can't talk about his Taylor Swift comments. Al was a long time friend of mine. We did the '84 Olympics together. We did some track and field and other events together, even a little football together. He's a great guy. He really is a good guy. I think he's in his early 60s now, so maybe he's losing some energy. I don't know. But it did seem plausible to me that he would put his football, at least, announcing career in danger. It's all because of Taylor Swift. But I don't know. I didn't hear him say it, but with the publicity has gotten. I have to assume he did.


Real quick. He's 79.


Yeah. What did you mean by putting his career on the line for Taylor Swift?


Well, you just said that they've taken him off football.


Basically, he was there with Norris. He said some shit like he was basically... What did Taylor? What? Treasure write is basically he's saying that you can't make the football game about the sidelines spectacle. The spectacle on the sidelines meaning show and tell the Swiff all the time. That and that's comments may have gotten removed from announcing the playoffs. That's what we're talking about. What do you.


Think about this? Yeah, I don't agree with that. I definitely don't agree with that because one of the things that's missing from sports is honest commentary. When somebody is being honest, a lot of times people here lies so much that when they hit a truth, they're offended by it. That seemed like what Cam went through when he went to the party. This guy is 100% right. Just because you all fan boy for Taylor Swift, that doesn't change his opinion. He's on TV to give his honest expertise. You said you play with the guy. He's obviously decorated in the sport of football. He should have the right to say, This game is not about the people on the sideline. That's what I was saying in the beginning of the year.


All I could say came with me. I always thought he was a terrific guy, so I'm kinder to say that this is really happening, that this is happening to him.


Look, and to add on, we had a situation, not us, but we looked at a situation maybe a month and a half ago when this guy said something about James Harded, a broadcaster, and they erased it or some shit. I forget what happened exactly, but he gave his honest opinion, and they made him take it on social media or erase it or say sorry, whatever it was, he wasn't able to give his honest opinion. I agree with Mace 100%. Like he said, just something similar happened less than 48 hours ago because people can't accept honesty. When you're giving them honesty, they get offended by it. But what I will say is this. You have to realize when you're not bigger than the system, be whether you're right or wrong, and nobody's bigger than the badge, which when I say the badge, it's the NFL badge. So if Taylor Swift has generated money for the NFL and somebody goes against that, I don't think it's right, but that's what's going to happen. I don't know the numbers. I'm going to use an example. If they're getting the extra 3 million, four million views per game because they feel that you may get a glimpse of Taylor Swift, then you're affecting their bottom line.


When you affect their bottom, you have something to say about their bottom line, they don't have any problem kicking you out the system, which I think is totally wrong.


Agree 100%. That's really good.


Well, good points. Well, OJ, thank you for being here.


We love you, man. We appreciate you.


Talk to my guy this week. I'll make sure you get your shoes.


Cool, man. We're going to call you. We're going to sell you some of the sizes and everything else, man. And that was a great job.


And great show, O'.


Great show. Thank you. Both of you all seem to have a grasp on the obvious for us. It's a great show, man. Both of you guys, man.


Well, thanks, OJ. That's all the time we have for today. Thanks for watching. And as always, it is what it is.


I'm a Superstar. Like Gwendo, doing them two-for-five. Two-for-five.