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Um, three oh five mafia. Look, they love me. Yeah, they love me first. Love yourself for that. And God, we trust. Trust me. I don't trust myself. Your jewelry. I get it. Took no show.


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Of course.


I'm treasure Wilson, aka stat baby, along with your hosts, Mace and Camp Killer was good, bro.


How are you?


Chilling, man. Sweatsuit is fire.


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Okay, so let's get straight into it. In response to the Lakers in season tournament celebration, Charles Barkley said, you don't do champagne for the in season tournament. If they put that in season tournament banner up, I'm going to roast them on television. How do y'all feel about Barkley's warning?


Who is Barkley to say how you celebrate a championship? Now let me stop. Shout out to know, but no. Who is Barkley? No, we just know you're not playing. Now, Bogley is my guy, but I concur. But what do you drink? What do you.


Like? I'm not going to throw that on Charles, but you got to realize, I wouldn't say listen. And you know what makes me mad about us sometime is that we use the same people to say who's the same type of people we always like? Kobe wouldn't do that. Michael Jordan wouldn't do that. It's about nine people who wouldn't do that. J. West wouldn't do that.


Would Pat Riley do?


No, no.


Yeah, I'm just checking for reverse.


Went, you hit yourself with your own reverse racism. I don't think that any older people would do it, but what you got to realize is not they didn't get a chance to play with an in season tournament. So we don't know exactly how you celebrate an in season tournament because it isn't like Charles Barkley and shout out to Charles Barkley and Gail King. They just invited us on their show, actually, I got a call yesterday and they was like, they want us to come on. We're filming that day. So I don't know if we could do zoom or can't do zoom or whatever, but we appreciate the invite. Sir Charles and Miss King. We don't know how to celebrate in season tournament. It's the first one. You know what I'm saying? What I will say is that Giannis looked mad the other day. I don't know if it was because he didn't make it to the in season tournament or not, but he came out with Avengers outside of the little discrepancy fight that they had and everything else. I'm just saying it looked like he came to ball. And Charles Barkley is just from that era.


You look at their show on TNT, which is one of my.




Yeah. Which is one of my favorite. Yes, one of my favorite shows.


Shaq and a fool right outside of Kenny Smith.


Shaq and Chuck give people a hard basketball players a hard time because they were so know Kenny Smith is a champion, two time champion as well. And he was super good. Like really good. But, you know, Charles and Shaq were superstars, so they hold a lot of people the high expectations when the people that they try and hold the higher expectations may not be as good as them not saying LeBron isn't. I think LeBron is better than both of those guys, and that's saying something because I think both of those guys were good, but you watch them. Shaq used to give Dwight Howard a hard time, and Barkley say, well, I would have dropped 50 if the rules were the day. It's the same day and this, that and the third. I wish somebody would. I would have dunked on it. They hold people to high standard. To answer the question, I don't know how you celebrate an in season championship. Certain people will, certain people won't. I think LeBron wanted to make a statement. I think whenever the word championship is around, it's serious business. And to win the first one, I guess it was exciting for the Lakers.


What should they have been drinking? That's still the question. What is it? Kool Aid?


Water? I don't know.




High sea. That's a great question. I have no idea. I know one thing. You know when you win a championship and nobody takes care of itself more than LeBron, body wise, pause. But when you win a championship and you drink champagne and smoke or whatever their cigars or anything else, you usually don't have a game. The next know they had to go back to work. Yeah. You off for the whole summer so they had to go back to work. If not the next day, the day after. So I don't disagree with Charles, but I don't agree with him either. I'm somewhere in a gray area. You're the expert and people trust you to give their opinion.


I think they should add a soda.


So you're saying they shouldn't pop.


I agree with Barclay. It's not a lot to celebrate.


Okay, what do you think stat? You from New York?


I feel like there is a lot to celebrate. It's the first ever. I always have a different opinion from y'all. It's the first ever. So it's like shout out to.




I'm just saying what are you supposed to use besides champagne? They're not going to take shots.


Basically what Mace is saying is this championship isn't really that important to be popping champagne.


You got to go to work tomorrow.


This is true, but at the same know it's a lot of things. I think the in season tournament was great. There's a lot of different variables. I think we discussed them yesterday or the day before. Like you say, you want the champion of the nseason tournament to at least get the playoff spot, but then they may take the rest of the year off. It was dope. I liked it a lot. I thought it very exciting. Was it champagne worthy? I'm stuck in the middle. I'm stuck in the middle.


Well, let us know if you guys think it was champagne worthy. Give your comments in the comments. Okay. So we've talked about game managers before and Cam Newton dropped his. He said Dak Prescott, Brock Purdy, Tua and Jared Goff are game managers, not difference makers. Do you agree.


Cam? Cam? You know I like Paul's, I like Cam. But this statement is not accurate. I think Brock Purdy is definitely a game changer. I would even go on the limb, pause and say definitely a game changer the way he's playing this year. I think he's been left that game manager role a long time ago, probably like five games ago. But I could see him saying that about Dak. But even Dak been playing really well as of lately. As of lately, Dak Prescott doesn't even seem like a game manager. But if you want to say who else is there that he listed Tua and Jared Goff. Now, I can go with that.


That they're game managers or they're not game managers.


To not call.


This sound like mad hate. I'm keeping a hunted man sound like.


He wants his name in the public, and that's why I'm not giving it a lot of energy.


This sound like a lot of hate, man. Listen, man. You got my name. Cut it out, man. I don't like that. It don't look good, man. Listen, bro, you could say that about, let's go down the list. You could say that at one time, maybe about Brock Purdy. Right now, so is Brock Purdy, Dak and who else?


Brock Purdy is playing like an MVP right now.


Everybody on that list is in the MVP race outside of, you know, Tua may not be up there, up there, but Dak is in the race in the talkings at, and. And Purdy's definitely in the talking.


I think he's trying to put himself back on the roster.


You don't do it like this.


This is not the way to do it.


You know what it is? You got to humble yourself a little bit. And Cam's not a humble type of person. He's very flamboyant. He's loud when it comes to dressing. Nothing wrong with I'm loud. I'm just saying this won't get you when you're 38 years old. A Joe Flacco call. We ain't hear nothing from Joe, you know what I'm saying?


These are guys you may be backing up.


Yeah, exactly. From what I would Kim had talked about, I should have did this research before we came to work today. He was saying that he was given a couple offers, but the money wasn't what he wanted. And he was like, I know my value. So they're not just going to give me what they want to give me, Kim. They'll give you what they want to give you. You can't just go take what you want to take, and you haven't been playing for however amount of years. Look, I was a big fan of Cam Newton, and I thought he was going to be a difference maker when New England got him because everybody's like, he shouldn't go to New England. It's a lot of pressure.


Leaving right after that was a horrible decision.


Right. So I thought it would be a great decision. Because niggas with the name Cam want the pressure pause. We want to prove people wrong. We want to sit there and say, oh, you think I won't be as good as Brady? Cool. He ended up playing a few games. His accuracy wasn't there. He ended up getting Covid. And then that's when Mac Jones came and they let him go, and he ended up going back to North Carolina for a minute. Didn't work out. Nah. Kim, you can't do this to people who's playing this good. And I understand your frustration. I totally get it that you're saying them niggas can't fuck with me right now. They're doing. They can. But we can't forget Kim's accolades. And Cam had multiple 400 yard games. He's a league mvp at one time and been to the Super bowl, then won the Super bowl. Shot the TC played in the Texas Eastern Conference, where he went to Auburn. Shot. To all my people down there in Navarro junior College. He went to junior college down there before he went to Auburn. He has a lot of great accolades. And what happens is, when you're in such great shape, and I think Cam Newton's in shape, that has nothing to do with being an accurate quarterback.


When you think you are in your brain, like I told Mason, I don't know if I ever shared this with you stat. I didn't really understand basketball until my heart wasn't in it. And when my heart wasn't in it, I could sit back and say, oh, I was dumb for doing this, or I was stupid for trying to fight here, or that's the way you step into playing anymore. Yeah. Not wasn't playing. My heart wasn't in it. That's the difference. And Cam isn't playing, but his heart may still be in it. Yeah. So that's why I was making a difference.


That's where the hate is coming.


It's in his heart.


Well, also, in response to the complex top sports personalities list, Cam also had something else to say he posted on his story. Dear complex, may this be the last year you guys don't acknowledge myself and my beautiful team. This is my kanye. I'm going to let you finish moment. Congrats to everyone on the list. 2024. No one on this list seeing me love. So, given that you guys are both on the list, what do you guys think about Cam Newton's response?


I'm not going to go viral. Cam is from Atlanta.


That cam's from Atlanta.


Yeah. That cam is from Atlanta. How do you say killer pocket watching.


Pocket watching. Lead the air hustling, lead the pillow talking and leads the backstabbing.


Wired in.


My brain because it's all real, nigga pocket watch. And now you want to listen to see what's going on, then you go home and talk to your wife, and she tell you some dumb shit.


She confirms your negative bias.


Yeah, exactly. It's all visual if you think about it.


Now you ready to backstab a nigga that ain't doing nothing to you?


You want me to go? I got. I ain't going to. Wow out. I've been in the news all. I've been on every blog and everything last three weeks.


Listen, a better question is, Cam, who should you be over?


He said, everybody on the list. He said, everybody read one more time. I think you heard what he said. Like, read it one more time. So mace can.


He said, in 2024, nobody's seeing.


Are you ready for the quote? Ready. Dear complex, may this be the last year you guys don't acknowledge myself and my beautiful team. This is my kanye. I'm going to let you finish. Moment. Congrats to everyone on the list. 2024. No one on this list seeing me, love.


Yeah, he's talking about 2024, but what.


He'S saying is this the last time? So this must be. It must have been before they made a list and he wasn't a part of it.


I definitely know how you feel when you feel like you put the best work out there and know some young niggas come out of nowhere, get the award. They don't acknowledge you. But how many years they haven't been acknowledging, Cam?


I don't mean. I don't think he's been acknowledged. So since they started the list.


Well, we're going to acknowledge you, Cam. We're going to acknowledge you.


Acknowledge what?


Really acknowledging that. What's the name of his podcast.


Show? No, it's not. I don't know what he's basically trying to say. Killer is saying you didn't know it.


I didn't know it. I thought you would know it since you want to acknowledge, and no disrespect to Kim, we're trying to get people to know. Yeah, this is what I'll say. All right, fuck it. This is what I'll say. Want to play football or you want to do podcasting? Bro, you just said that niggas is game managers two minutes ago, and you was like, yo, niggas is game managers. So what I'm taking from that is if I was playing, I would be busting niggas ass. Boom. Stop there. Now, you said nobody could fuck with you in the podcast world. And don't get me wrong, you could do both as the Kelsey brothers do as Draymond Green does both. Paul George does both. A lot of people do both. But you hate every which way you go. It's a problem in the NFL. It's a problem. In other words, niggas stop playing with your name. That's what you said all over the place. Put some respect on his name. So I dig it. Kim, I'm not mad at you, but it sounds like hate, so maybe you want to do it a little differently. You know what saying, like, I'm just advice you because I'm pretty sure he'll say something about us, like, who the fuck is you all to know what I'm going through or what I'm talking about?


Just some advice. It sounds like hate, and nobody wants to sound like a hater. So I wish a podcast luck, and I hope you do get. I'd rather see you play football in podcast than to be honest with you, man. I always say you and doesn't really look good for Colin Kaepernick. But if they could go get Joe Flacco off the couch, it's no reason that you shouldn't be able to get a job out there. And I know you want a certain amount of money to go to work, but we are all getting older, and I believe you're about 33 or 34. How old is 34? 34 years old. The clock. Joe Flacco is 38. So you got a couple more years to try and get out there. Hopefully, I'll see you on the field before a podcast. That's what I would like to see.


Set it here first. And no disrespect to Cam Newton, because obviously you're doing a great job with your podcast, but it was said you.


Didn'T know the name he was.


Well, I've seen clips of it. I've seen clips of it. I sat and watched it, either.


So how you know he's doing a great job?


If you ever clip circulating, I'm like, you got to be doing something good.


He wasn't on the list.




We got 24.


So we got. We got Trump, Biden, Kanye, and Cam Newton.


A lot of things happen, but all.


Jokes are a big shout to Cam. Definitely.


Okay, moving along, UFC fighter Colby Covington came for LeBron James in a speech saying, if you hate America and don't like the country that gave you 1 billion leave it. Go to China. Go to sweatshops that pay pennies on the dollar. F you, LeBron James. You're a spineless coward, a bitch. Said a lot thoughts on his statements, especially if you were LeBron.


Hearing it sound like everybody just trying to go viral, niggas. There's a lot of. What'd you say? Killer pocket. I'm hearing it now. Pocket watching. Lead to ear hustling. Ear hustling lead to pillow talking, and pillow talking going to lead you right here. Backstabbing.


That's a fact, man.


And he's not even a heavyweight. And he said he put hands on LeBron, basically.


That's fucked up.


That's hate, because I know what that feels like. Pause.


I'm pretty sure we all do.


Yeah, when you doing so well, niggas want to fight you, and you never even asked for a fight.


And not only that, you're a fighter. Like, yo, you trying to start problems with LeBron. He's a basketball player. Nobody got time for a random UFC fight outside. My nigga. Nigga put you in the chicken when you think you're having a regular fight. Kobe coming to. I forget which UFC fighter it was. Got into argument. Then nigga tried to pop on the nigga and the nigga ended up getting fucked up. You don't know who these niggas know. You go to Google and Google Kobe Covington, and he got on the red. Make America great hats again. American flags, clearly, if not a Republican, which I don't care if you're Republican, Democrat, independent, whatever. But if not a Republican, a Donald Trump.


He's definitely conservative.


Definitely Donald Trump supporter. And you know how Donald Trump feels about LeBron. He throws a lot of shots at LeBron all the time. So maybe this just be picking up from where Trump left off. But the end of the day, follow LeBron. Listen, man, I wouldn't even feed into this and keep security close. LeBron may not even know what Kobe looked like. Yeah, I wouldn't know what Kobe looked like.


He's trying to put his name with.


LeBron is very smart, man. And what he feeds into and what he doesn't feed into. LeBron pricing. I shouldn't say, man. Go ahead. The thing about it is, if you want to be mad at anybody, and this is no slight on anybody, be mad at your endorsements and the UFC for not. You don't have in a billion dollars. Like May said, this is pocket watching at his highest form. The highest paid UFC fighter that I know about was Conor McGregor. And no disrespect because I'm a big fan of Dana White. Big, big fan of Dana White. But Dana White didn't pay Conor McGregor his highest pay ever. Floyd Mayweather made that happen for Conor McGregor.


Good point.


So a black fighter is what got Conor McGregor, which is in the UFC. Probably one of the. I don't know about today, but was the biggest star for years in the UFC. His highest paid fight, which wasn't even a UFC fight, came from a black man who's not even in the UFC and is a boxer, got him over $100 million. So as much as I love Dana White and as much as I fuck with the UFC, the checks are going to the UFC. They're not cutting no 100 million dollar checks. A black man did that for a white man.


Okay, so after the Lakers in season tournament championship and LeBron's MVP, Reggie Miller put up the idea that the NBA in season tournament mvp trophy should be named after LeBron James. Do you agree with that idea?


Everybody's hustling, right, Reggie? Come on now, Reggie. Is this how they do it? The first person that wins it, the trophy should be named after them? Is that how we got the Vince Lombardi? Is that how we got. Okay, come on. Come on, my nigga. This is a good point, and I appreciate Reggie Miller, but sometimes it seemed like they just be going for LeBron. I don't know. That's what makes me feel like I got to offer the other side. Pause. But not in a hating way. I think maybe after LeBron James Trophy, I think maybe because they wouldn't have called it the Halliburton Trophy.


True, but Halliburton doesn't have the body of work that LeBron has either. So that's a great point. If you're going to name. I get what you're saying in Vince Lombardi, that he's the first person to win it, but LeBron James does have a great body of work. I think my opinion on this is, if I'm going to judge between you and Reggie, I say this, I say temporarily name it something else. And when LeBron stops playing, you can name it the LeBron James Trophy because nobody wants another person's name. Let's say somebody wins it and LeBron's still playing and know we from Harlem. I'm already thinking about.


That's a good point.


Yeah. I'm already thinking about slick shit. If I'm from Harlem and I'm LeBron, like, niggas stop my name in their house and all that. If I'm still playing. Just a bunch of slick shit. You can still say why you're not playing. I don't know what the temporary name would be but I think it'd be a great idea when LeBron's not playing because there's just too much shit. He can say why he's still playing that you got the LeBron James trophy but I'm not mad at that moving forward once he's out there ba we're.


Going to go to break and when we return we will talk about the sun's big three debut.


She calls me about toxic four years accounting got you feeling like option maybe I'm my own problem babe she's out of here and I don't know but something in me won't fall dealing with this thing called was she really thinking about you want to be free? Why am I.


Welcome back. So let's get into our underdog fantasy picks of the day. Tonight the Lakers will play the spurs. Underdog fantasy has LeBron James at 27 and a half points. Do you have him higher or lower?


Mace, pause. Lower as well.


Victor Wembinyama is at twelve rebounds. Do you have him higher or lower?


Camp? Lower. Lower.


Okay. And spurs point guard Jeremy Sohan is at nine and a half points. Do you have him higher or lower?




Make sure to download the underdog fantasy app and you can make your picks too.




So the Phoenix Suns finally had their big three debut with Katie, Devin Booker and Bradley Beal with Booker dropping 34 points. But they still lost to the Nets 116 to 112. How do you feel about the trio?


This was horrible. For real. Even though they just got back together. If there was any team to not lose against, this would be know. I don't want to hear about as early in the season. I know we said that before. It's like man, we've been waiting forever for this team to get together. You can't lose to the Nets. Not Ben Simmons and un. What do they say? Unacceptable. I was about to say unapologeticable. Make up a word.


This is what you mean Ben Simmons and who? Ben Simmons and what you mean Ben Simmons?


Ben Simmons is on the Nets, right?


Is he? Is he really? Is he really?


On saying when I think of the nets I know they got Mikhail Bridges in them but they got to change that up, man.


Don't never say Ben Simmons. And nobody until further notice. We don't know where that niggas at. He's not even on the do not playlist. He's not on the roster of not playing or nothing. When I go to the stats to check on his shit, he's not even up there for like coaches decision, do not get rich.


Got paid.


Yeah, the reason I think this is not the team to lose to agreeing with mace, but for a different reason is that this is the team that niggas made to trade. Know Mikhail Bridges. He was with the Suns and KD was with Brooklyn. And this is the team that Bridges and them is like, yeah, y'all want to get rid of us for these, huh?




So this was as much as it was probably getting the chemistry together for Phoenix. This was probably, I won't say emotional game, but kind of like, yeah, this is who y'all wanted and got rid of me and sent me to Brooklyn for these niggas and I'd still do it tomorrow. I still go craft KD tomorrow. But at the end of the day, Bridges and them was probably like, yeah, let's win tonight because they got rid of them for KD. It's going to take some time, man. Bradley, Bill, how much time pause you.


Need with that kind of firepower?


For real. No, what I'm saying is this. We was sitting here shitting on the Clippers when James Harden got there. And then I think in their last eleven games they're eight and eleven. So sometime it may be some chemistry. Remember we sitting there saying, damn, who's going to come off the bench? Should be James Harden. Should it be Russell Westbrook? We was giving them really hard time the first six, seven, eight games they lost. But since then they're about 70 or 80% winning, winning on their behalf. Yeah, but I agree with you, Mason, time is running out. It's about to be Christmas. Not only Christmas, about to be New Year's. So their clock is a little shorter than what the Clippers had. But the only reason I won't count them out is because what the Clippers been doing lately and we'll see what happens because look, this was my pick to go against Denver in the Western Conference finals the way it's looking, especially the way Minnesota is looking, the way Dallas is looking, even the Lakers to a certain extent, I may be wrong about my Western Conference pick, but we do have some time.


If they don't turn it around by all star break, then we need to be concerned right now.


Where do you have the Suns fifth place?


What's on the standings or what? I think your brain.


I pass Denver, they're certainly not past Minnesota right now.


You're right. Absolutely right. I don't know if I'll put them out of the Clippers. The way the Clippers been playing right now, you got them past the Lakers. I wouldn't say right now. No, I wouldn't. Because the more the Lakers play, the more chemistry they're getting together.


So that's four teams, so they're fifth.


Maybe so. Maybe so.


Gilbert arena spoke about Pistons rookie Asar Thompson and said, you're 20, turning 21, averaging ten, you're not in my future. Do you think that's not enough to give the rookie props?


But why did he say that? Did he say some slick shit about Gilbert Arenas first?


Well, no. I mean, Osar Thompson has been a lot of conversations of like rookie of the year, like with Wemby and Chet Jaime, Derek lively.




He got a point because he could tell and I always try to give the objective you. If you look at stats, I think he's right there where Gilbert was in his rookie year. Gilbert wasn't past that in his rookie year. I mean, he went crazy after that. He went agent zero after that. But first year he's right there.


I don't know Gilbert stats. Sounds like you know something. You went and did some homework on Gilbert. Gilbert Arena's first year thought about it.


I mean, his rookie year wasn't crazy, we know that. But after that he started going crazy.


His rookie year just to go off with me says, yeah, he was averaging about ten points per game, two rebounds per game, three assists per game.


The guy is actually playing better than Gilbert in his rookie year, actually.


Yeah, because Sar is averaging eight rebounds per game, two assists per game, 10.5 points per game, just more rebounds. But it's about the same.


Gilbert's family. But I got to tell the truth, Gil.


Yeah, from the stats we just read from stat and from what murder said, he on pace to be just like you. So if he keeps it up, he'll have a great career like Gilbert Arenas did. Because I didn't know that. That was great homework, Mace. That was really good homework.


That's why you got me.


Yeah, absolutely.


Thanks to the young boy, what's his name?


Asar Thompson. And actually he has been playing pretty great because he's second leading rookies in rebounds after Wemby and they're not even nearly the same height. And he is on the Pistons. No. Hate to Detroit, but like he's doing what he can with the team. So I'm going to give him his props. Yes, I'm going to give him his props because he plays really well defensively, which is not something that we see often. Okay, moving along, we got to talk about the Yanis exchange with the Pacers. As we know, he got in a heated exchange with the team because he didn't get the game ball. The Pacers argued. They took the game ball and brought it back to the locker room to give to their rookie Oscar, who scored his first shot. So my question to you guys is, who should have got the game ball, Giannis, for getting his career high or the rookie who got his first shot?


Giannis wanted the game ball for Damien Lillard because Damien Lillard passed Cal cover for fifth all time and three point shots. So Yanis said he didn't even want it for himself. He wanted to give it to Damien Lillard. I get it to Indiana that they wanted to give it to the person who scored their first shot. I think the person with 64 points decides where the game ball goes. If you ask my personal opinion. They said they gave Yanis a game ball. Yanis was skeptical and said it wasn't the game ball. It was a stunt double. Get basketball. Look, man, look at halftime, when you go in your locker room, you really don't even know if that's the same ball from the first half. You get the basketball, you dribble it, you figure out which one is most comfortable.


You could tell pause by touching the ball. He knew that wasn't the game ball.


I'm going to overrule that. Touching the ball, I'm going to overrule that. That was a little crazy. Touch it and know what time it is. You've been cool all week. Listen, man, I ain't going to argue with Yanis about knowing if it was the game ball or not knowing it. The game ball. I think it's all just ridiculous, personally. You write your signature on it, you put it in a glass case, you move house to house, and you end up not being in the same city that you started in. The ball gets lost unless you got somebody who's really going to take care of your memorabilia. Outside of that, this was nonsense. The way Yannis was running around, his brother wanted to fight niggas and sprinted to the locker room.


Personal. Yeah, definitely was personal.


I think this had nothing to do with the game ball. This was more about the Pacers beating the Bucks in the in season tournament because there's no reason to be poke a halliburton in his damn chest like that. That was just. Yeah.


Meet you in the hallway and all.


No, because this was not about no game. Boy. You could sit there and say it was or wasn't. This was about them niggas sending y'all niggas home. And y'all didn't realize that the in season tournament was going to turn up to where it turned up at because there's no way in the world Yanis just comes out and scores 64 like that on the niggas who just sent them home. This was a vendetta to me. This was a vendetta. So as far as everything else, this shit was stupid. If that's what it was really about. I'd rather niggas say, I don't fuck with them, I don't like them. They sent us home. So I got an attitude with them the rest of the year till further notice.


Well, through it all, shout out and congratulations to Dame for becoming the fifth all time in three points made. That's super dope. So congrats to you.


Big shout today.


After the exchange, though, a little bit more about it. Tyrese Halliburton tweeted a Dr. Seuss meme saying the cap on this app. So just in general, after the in season tournament, a lot of eyes we know are on the Pacers. Do you guys feel like they're getting a lot of unwarranted hate, or do you think it's going to make them better on the court? What do we think about the Pacers right now?


Well, this is going to actually help them to be a better team because they're going to have to perform. When you start going online and trash talking, you definitely got to come to play, but it doesn't seem like he's been short of any great games, so I think it's going to really help. Yanis poking him in the chest just started that, and I like the fact that he at least says something back.


Nigga wanted to go Dave time the other day. That's what all this is really about.


Yeah, I forgot he went Dame time.


This is really what this is all about. This isn't really about the game ball. Who said this? Who said that Paces was showing off. Paces. Nigga. Hollibur hit nigga. Dame Tom on nigga. Niggas like word. Because even Damien Lillard afterwards, he said enjoy the know. You have to remember these are moments and you want to show off. Enjoy them. Because I had a lot of great moments. So people tend to forget because we don't remember yesterday, but it was just last week when Halliburton was damettoming niggas and Yanis pretty, I don't know for a fact but if my nigga murder and we playing ball and he had a signature moving and nigga got the best of our team and they did this, if this was murder signal and when we playing ball and nigga got the best of murder and did this, I'm like, nah, we play them next week, I'm going to go crazy on them niggas. Pause. That would be my attitude. Not saying murder can't handle business, but that would be my attitude.


If I was in Yannis, we definitely want.


Yeah, if I was in Yannish shoes, I'm like, word. Niggas trying to take murder shit. Calendar say less 70 on them, Nick.


Yeah, it don't matter if it's a home. All way gay.


Exactly. So that's what I think this is more about than anything else.


Definitely. Okay, we're going to go to break, and when we return, we will talk about the Timberwolves versus the maps.


Pink horsepower. She calls me about toxic. What's happening, babe? Baby, what's happening?


Why are you walking like that?


That's how I walk.


And then you, come on, breathe on me like that.


I fucking breathe to live.


And you used to be dark skinned, and now you act like hella light skin.


Are you fucking blind? I'm dark skinned. What the fuck?


And then look at your beard.


The fuck is wrong with my beard?




What the fuck are you talking about?


No, I don't even like it. The way you breathe in all of that.


Has this ever happened to you? Your girl seems to be mad, angry, upset. She's frustrated. It's only one way to handle that pink horsepower.


It's really refreshing.


No, just trying to give you a massage.


Plus, have I told you how good your beard looks lately? It looks so good.


No. Php, it works every time.


Wait, where are you going? Welcome back. So the Timberwolves beat the Mavs 119 to 101. Luca dropped 39 points, but it still wasn't enough. Thoughts on the Timberwolves win?


I think the Timberwolves are serious. I think it's time to start taking them serious. Realistically, the way they're playing, even when Ant man is out, they're still looking like they've made it their business to win games and win against people that they're definitely going to have to beat moving forward. So I know Ant man didn't send me my sneakers yet.


No, I talked to Cecil not to cut you off. He said you gave him a Georgia address.


I did.


So then why you ain't telling me that, man? But you're trying to give more than you joint. You trying to go. Definitely did you trying to go by my bag and get extra sneakers? I'm ready to give you my sneakers. I gave him your size today.


I didn't get an alert that they came pause.


But yesterday, you know what? The address you gave the nigga.


I know, but it never showed up.


You ain't been there. That's crazy, Charlie. I was going to give the niggas my sneakers and you got to be talking about, I'm a sucker. My bad. He texted me today and he corrected me. He is an agent that just won the award. He's not like an agent. He is an agent. And he focuses more on marketing for his clients. So sorry, Cecil, for the misrepresentation.


And back to the Timberwolves. I mean, they got one of the best logos, so winning will actually help their brand. So I hope they start winning more.


The logo, the logo with the logo.


Wolves. 40 wolves.


I like the wolves. You know, I'm from 40 wolves. We 40th Street. I definitely like the logo.


I was gone.


Well, gauchos had a tough logo, too. I like gauchos logo. Riverside logo wasn't all that. Yeah, the Hawks was the Hawks. You're right. I like the life the best. Purple and yellow gang was crazy. Purple and yellow gang was crazy. Yeah. Mace is 100% right. Because, you know, it's one of them things where you look in the standards and you'd be like, okay, it's early in the season, the Timberwolves are in first place, but they've been in first place for about two weeks now. They've been in first place for a little minute. And I remember thinking when they acquired Rudy Gobert and already had cat Carl Anthony Towns, I'm like, who think they putting the twin Towers together? What is the GM over there doing? And it ended up being, it really does. It looks really good on the court. Like I said, I was saying to myself that in the preseason, they didn't lose any games and he had a rough start, but it seems like it's panning out. It really does. And I talked about it before. He's so under the radar and not talked about a lot since years ago when he got that big contract.


But as far as a floor general and a pure point guard. A pure point guard. I would put Mike Conley right underneath Chris Paul as being one of those pure point guards. Not the new. Not John Moran hybrid. Yeah, exactly. Not John Moran, not point guard body. Yeah. Russell Westbrook. If you're talking about pure floor general, I would have to put. He has years of experience and he's not a spring chicken.


Paul, you put him before.


Not on defense, though. If I need a defensive specialist, Pat Bev is at the top of my list. But as far as a pure point guard in the NBA, who do you think is a pure point guard? That's better? I'm not talking about Trey Young and niggas going to shoot from half c. I'm talking about a floor general because, you know, they salute Chris Paul so much for that. And him and Mike Curly got the same amount of rings. Who is a pure point guard outside of those two that you could think of? Because I'm just trying to think off the top of my head as well.


Instead, if you really like a pure point.


He's not really pure.


He's not really pure.


Like, you know, one of them does go through. He's a point guard position. I'm talking about a pure point guard, a floor general. What they like to say. I think that's what Mike Conley is right under Chris Paul, and he doesn't get mentioned a lot. And I think he's a key part to this Minnesota team. As far as Dallas. Look, Dallas is always good at this time of year. We got some friends over there, Dallas, that actually told him this today. I said, y'all guys are playing good, but you always play good in, you know, the key is to, you know, they start going down like the end of January. Year after year after year, the record gets worse and worse and worse.


Right after all star break.


Yeah. So like I said, I was talking to a friend of mine who works over there and I told him that. I said, straight up, y'all always good in December. We have to see how good you're going to be in February, March, and of course, April. So it's early. They look great. We got to realize Kyrie is also hurt. He's not playing. We have to take that into.


Yeah, that makes sense then.


Yeah, we have to take that into account as well. But I think Dallas looks really good when Kyrie is there as well. The Nuggets, these are two teams that may be sleepers as well as we was naming our top five teams in the. We can't, of course, we got Minnesota up there, but we can't sleep on Dallas and Minnesota. Maybe in the semi conference finals when it's all said and done.


Semi finals.


I said the semi conference finals. So, meaning the top four teams in the Western Conference, they won't make that.


Not Dallas. They gotta get a big man, Dallas was there.


They just beat Phoenix a couple years ago when Phoenix just went to the championship. The previous know Luca killed them niggas and sent them niggas home. So it isn't far fetched. Like they won't make it there. They've been there.


Denver. And you forgetting Sacramento, man. Even when we do our top four.


Sacramento has kind of been stinking it up a little bit lately. To me, they haven't been playing as good as they've been playing at the beginning of the season, right?


Notice we had a top four and we didn't even say Golden State.


Golden State's been stinking it up. We don't know when Draymond's coming back. Clay Thompson. We're over here trying to with Draymond, man.


What's that with Draymond, man? What's that with Draymond? Tell Rich Paul that I'm going to start counseling this team, man. For real.


Nigga looked at me like I knew what was over the nigga. I don't know. I don't know what's over the nick. He said it was an accident. He said he was trying to sell it on the. He flares his arms a lot.




Yeah. But what are the top four teams that you were going to name? Are who? Denver.


Denver. Who else?


Who else, man?


We want to say the Suns. Then you got who else is in the west that's looking well?


I'll read the standards to you as they are real quick because I just pulled them up. I'll read one through twelve because it's important.


We got Minnesota.


Minnesota is first. Oklahoma City Thunder at number two. Denver Nuggets are number three. Dallas is number four. The Lakers are number five. Sacramento is number six, Houston rockets a number seven. The Clippers a number eight. New Orleans. New Orleans pelicans a number nine. The Phoenix Suns are number ten and the Golden State warriors are number eleven. Right now, the Golden State warriors are not even in a plan. If it started today and Draymond is out indefinitely, we're sitting here when it comes to Clay Thompson. We're trying to compound stats to get him with underdog fantasy, a clean bet. We're trying to gather up 22 or something.


Points, rebound 22. Come on, Clay. They playing with your name.


Exactly. So I don't think this is going to turn out good for Golden State. I love watching Golden State, so I hope it does turn around because they're a very exciting team to watch when everything's going well. But looking at this list and who's playing well. It doesn't look good.


I put the Lakers in the top four.


You only named two people so far. You said Denver and the Lakers.


I said Denver, the Lakers. Minnesota and Denver, the Lakers. And the.


Mean. I'm not, I'm not going to go against the Suns because that's what I picked in the beginning. But God damn, they five games out and they in the final spot. If the playing start today, Bradley Beal is back. We'll see how that works out. It may take some time for them to get back. Not back. To gain some chemistry. If I had to pick the final four right now, tough man. Because Clippers are doing well. Phoenix. We need to gain some chemistry. The Lakers are looking right. Let me stop being around the bush. I'm taking Oklahoma City Thunder out of there because they're number two right now and that may not be fish out to Oklahoma City Thunder. Yeah.


So how are you going to put Dallas in there?


I'm taking them out right now. If you want to be technical, Dallas is number four. If we're being technical. If we're going to be technical, number four. I'm just telling you.


Tell me this at Christmas.


I told you. I told a nigga from the Mavericks that today. I said that already, huh?


That's what I said.


Mace switched up whole shit. He says, sacramento. I told him, six down. Sacramento ain't in the convoy no more. He just says, sacramento. I said, yeah, we can't forget about Sacramento. I said, they're six now. They not in your final four. Things change in 330 seconds. My opinion for the conference finals real quick. I don't know if I want to put Minnesota in there for the conference finals because when the playoffs come, if you don't have a lot of playoff experience, winning playoff experience, it matters. It took a while for Golden State to get over the hump, to beat San Antonio, to end up going to the championship. They may go out in the first round, who knows?


Ant man said he got to win the championship so he can go and play football.


That's what he said. You're absolutely right. Yeah. If I had to guess today, and this may be just going off the name, man, I could be totally wrong. I'm going off the names right now. I'm going with the name. I'm going with the superstars. I'm going with Phoenix Suns. I'm going with the Clippers, going with Denver, going with the Lakers. And it's hard between the Lakers and Dallas. Pause. I don't know but who I want, but I'm going to go with. I want to see KD and LeBron and Kawhi and the Joker. So that's what I'm going. This is what I want to see.


Well, I definitely can't wait to see what happens, and if you guys'picks are correct. Okay. Lastly, the Grizzlies lost to the Mavs 120 to 113, and Luca decided to hand a Grizzlies fan a towel for his tears when he was crying about the refs. How do you feel about Luca's actions?


The Disney assassin is serious.


What country is Luca from? Them niggas over there. Dumb niggas is niggas. Yeah. I don't want to say the wrong country because, you know, they beefing Slovenia. Yeah. Don't Slovenia, y'all niggas over there. Slovenia. Take a towel. Stop crying. Told nigga like, shut up. I'm busting your ass. Nigga like, niggas crazy. You know, we was watching my man Otani get his 700 million contract today. They did the press conference with the Dodgers, and I ain't even knowtani can't speak English. He grabbed 700 mil, can't even speak a ligament. Shout to that nigga, came in, didn't even speak English. So, you know what's funny is that when I was watching that Otani, what is translated? I say, look, think about this. Giannis couldn't speak as much English. The Joker couldn't speak that much English. Luca couldn't speak that much. It's a few people who came over and learned English very quick, as opposed to us going somewhere else to try and learn a language. And I was saying to myself, Otani, about this time next year, tell the empire, fuck out of here. But far as Luca, that nigga's a nigga, man. They got some shit going over there in that country to where they act like niggas from America.


Bust your ass. What the fuck you crying for? Here's a town. We'll see what the next thing he pulls off. But I like it. You know, I'm with all that. I'm with all the antics. I'm with everything that's antic related. Especially when you're good. Especially when you're good.


Okay, well, that's all the time we have for today. Thanks for watching. And as always, it is what it is.


Two big Macs, like, when they doing them two for five in a drive through.