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That's what I'm saying.


She protecting the nigga now.


I'm not protecting, I'm just saying, like, light skin.


What is he supposed to do that? You like them light skin niggas?


I like good men. Good men with motion.


Good men with motion?


Yes. I hate dudes that don't.


You like the 1% then? Good niggas are good men with motion.




That was not for me, for you. Okay already, motion.


What's your definition? Emotion.


Like, they got their own shit going on. Like, if we go to a club, that's your shit. You wasn't the one that put in at the end. You have your own thing going on. This just brings me back to Miles. Don't invite me out if you didn't plan that shit. You have to be the one in charge of the shit.


You're trying to say you can't fuck with the help.


No, I can't.


That's crazy.


You have to have the motion yourself. Like, you have to be the one making doing shit. I don't know how to put it. No, it's not crazy. It's what I deserve.


I'm not saying each his own, but.


You can't deserve it.


Girls who like regular.


So if your nigga didn't bought a section.


No, he could put in. He could put in, but it's like, yo, you got to be the one starting.


So I don't understand that. If the dude didn't chip in, my man got the section, and then you all get there.


All the plans are based off of your homeboy, or there's like the main homeboys and you're the one on the side that's like, yeah, you could pull up, but you can only bring one. I'm just going to go do my own.


Like killer said, you don't deal with the help.


Because if it were me, I have the motion like, okay, you asked me. What's up? You're good. It shouldn't be from Jacksonville.


You didn't always have motion.


I actually always did have motion, though. That's the thing. It might have been slight, it might have been a little nerdy. I had motion.


You had nerd motion. What is nerd motion?


The whole shit is she went, frank wife, Scarface.


Yeah, you went straight Frank wife. I know you probably see the regular niggas.


Regular is fine. You can be regular. How?




Like, you have your.




He got, like a Walmart motion. Regular motion.


If you just have, like a regular, that's fine. If you do like regular things, honestly.


You can take you to eat a corn dog out of the.


I don't like corn dogs. But then cool.


I'm just trying to get your definition of regular.


Regular is like a dude that has a regular job. Like, nothing flashy, not a social media dude, just does his own thing. But that's fine because you do your own thing, okay? And that's motion. Like, you have your own motion. You do your own thing.


You is digging for gold. You're not digging for gold.


No, because I really just want a nice man, but they got to match me.


You hear that, fellas?


I was about to let it go, but they got to match you. So if you're making more than him.


If he doesn't have a problem with that, that's cool.


Okay. That's what? Because he got a regular job, but he got to match me. You make more than the average person.


I make more than most men that I know, unless they're doing things which I talked to all walks of life. But no, that's not switched up.


Switched up.


That's not switched up.


Let's get back to the show. Because you switched up.


She acted different now, guys, I'm the same. Okay? 543205 market.


Yeah, look, they love me. Yeah, they love me first. Love yourself. All that and God we trust. Trust me. I don't trust myself. Your jewelry. I get it. Took no show.


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Of course.


I'm treasure Wilson, aka stat baby, along with your hosts, Mace and Cam.


How you doing, man? You all right? Yeah, man.


Congratulations, man.


Likewise, man. Congratulations. I couldn't have done it without you, but congratulations.


But congratulations to you as well.


Well, no. Thank you for being a part of each other's life. I can't say thank you enough, man. You know, it's crazy. I'm going to just do what Shannon did. I think know Molly brought it up on first take yesterday morning, and I'm going to do what Shannon did. Well, I'm going to like to say thank you to a lot of people out here who helped put this together. You know what I'm saying I can't do this without a fabulous team. My man Mace, first and foremost, Mace, man, you being my brother back in my life really means a lot to me, and not just as a co host, man. And this is no kizzy or nothing. I just really appreciate you as a brother and as a friend. And us rekindling our friendship and can make money at the same time is always a beautiful thing. Stat. We really appreciate you. You get your terms. Let me do mine. That has been a pleasure to do this show. Your professionalism, your expertise, everything you bring to the show is very much appreciated. I'd like to thank everybody for showing you love as well. I'd like to thank everybody in Miami crew that helped us put this together in the very beginning.


We couldn't have done been here today without you guys. Help down there in know. My man Smitty, wiggy, Kev, Didi, Isaac, sound. Guys, we really appreciate you to our new staff that we're working with here. My man Nick, you know what I'm saying? And everybody in the building that helps put this together. My man Bob, my man Tito. My man Duke ain't really been here. He only here for a minute. I just want to tell all you guys thank you, man, because we've been doing this such a short time, and for us to be where we're at right now is really a big deal. So I just want to tell everybody out there who helped us get here thank you so much, and we really appreciate it.


And diddle, I want to thank all you and big church.


Thank you, big church. Anybody I'm forgetting? Definitely. Thank you, church. So we appreciate it.


We want to thank our sponsors under the.


Let's see. This is why you here. None of this. Well, it could have been. I like that Underdog helped us. They seen the vision and they seen that we want to do this full time, and they understood what I'm be honest with you. Me, I was thinking maybe two, three times a week, may said we should do this full time. So they understood Mace's vision when it came to being a full time sports show, because, to be honest with you, we probably wouldn't be here without the consistency doing this four or five days a week. So thank you, underdog, for seeing Mace's vision and Mace having the vision to make me see the vision for y'all to help us be our sponsor. Let me take this down. This ain't no sponsor.


And thank you, Cam, for trusting me to deliver.


Yeah, man. No problem, man. That's what it's about, man, you threw.


Me the ball in the garden.


I knew this was coming for. I don't know what I was watching. I have no idea what I was watching, but I was watching the clip. I was watching the clip probably three days ago. I don't know what year this was, but you was in the garden. You said last time I was here, this would have to be about 2006, about twelve years after which. About your last time I was here, I was right there. And Camden, this is every time. That was crazy, man.


That was crazy.


Hey, man, but listen, man, I think we make a great team. And better late than never, man.




So thank you. And yes, thank you, underdog. We really appreciate you guys, Nick and the rest of the crew up there.


Super, super dope. And it's not even a year in, it's just the beginning.


So, moving along, you got anybody that you want to shit on? We'll give you the chance to shit on anybody that you like.


Thank you, DJ Hines, because he booked all the flights every time we was traveling from. And thank you, Jared, for shooting the shots and posting them on your own page, not waiting for know.


Yeah, man, it's a lot of people. I hope we don't forget anybody, man.


And King can't say I ain't shout King out.


He's been here for four days. King get the next season. Shout out to my man king. No, that's what's up. But, yeah, shout to King and everybody else. And like I said, I just hope we don't forget anybody because.


And last but not least, shout out to wallow and Gilly. Thank you for making it happen.


Absolutely. Shout to wallow and Gilly. And listen, shout to stats parents for trusting us with their daughter and moving out to a whole nother place outside of her comfort zone. I know she'd been in college for years, but this was a major move and her parents have a lot of trust in what we're doing. And so shout to stats parents, we appreciate you.




Shout out to mom and dad, because I just kind of dipped and they saw the vision. So shout out to them and shout out to the fans for supporting us and watching everything that we do. And I know I always take the high road, but y'all shout out to the dude in my middle school class who told me that my voice was annoying because now you're going to keep hearing it. Matt. Matt, he was like, your voice is so annoying. Well, look at me now. Now you're going to hear it all the time. I don't know what to tell you.


We need a new hotness.


So don't get mad. The new hotness, I know it got to be more than Matt, but I know Matt might have been the top list.


There's nobody else because I just remembered we don't keep it.


Okay, that was bigger you, though.




Because I never called people out, but I will never forget that he was like, your voice is so annoying. Because I always used to read out loud in class about history, like, the slave textbooks and stuff.


You probably could read out loud. A lot of people aren't good out loud readers, so they might have been jealous. What we'll do is once a month, who are you going to shit on now, stat. Once a month. We'll get the once a month.


Because I know I got to be asked, maze question.


We need to get you one person. Yeah, we got to bring that back to. A lot of people liked that, man. It's funny that I did an interview the other day, and they actually brought that up, like how you had took me to Biggie's house and everything up, and they were like, yo, that was one of the most dopest moments on the show, outside of being funny or sports related and everything else. So, yeah, we got to bring the ax mace back. And this month, who you shouldn't on, stat.


Okay. Well, even though we had a great start to our week, you know who didn't? The Miami Dolphins. They had a rough game, losing to the Titans, 28 to 27. The Titans were down 14 in the final three minutes and came back with the dub. How do you feel about Miami's loss?


Something is going on in Miami for real. When you think about this game. I know you expect Henry to do what he did, but this dolphin team, it seems like it's unraveling right before us. They started out so, like, white hot. Pause. White hot. Is that a word? White hot? It started out white hot, and now it just seems like something is going on, and I think it's something we don't know about, because when you look at the stats of the mean he. How you say? Mostert? Mostert. Forget it.


It's okay.


Just the running back. The running back. He's running well. But I think every time they get a chain the ball, they really win, other than Tyreek Hill, and it doesn't look like they did that this time. And also, Tyreek Hill doesn't get a touchdown. They're not really supposed to win. As he goes, as the team goes. Tua did well, but, I mean, he did a height, but he got sacked too many times. And whenever you're not protecting the quarterback, you're really not supposed. Really simple. What do you think, killer? I'm not going to give no bunch of credit to the Titans.


Tyreek ain't playing. Niggas ain't going to win. Tyreek was hurt a lot of that game. You know what I'm saying? That nigga was hurt. They looked like real shell shock without Tyreek Hill. And to me, the Miami Dolphins go as Tyreek Hill goes. I was talking to a Miami fan that we know closely. Let's be sitting over here. So you all ain't shit without Tyreek Hill.


He said.


Yeah. So I asked, said as the game is going on, I say, y'all niggas ain't shit without Tyree kill. He told, and I fucked the game plan up. And that's the reason you all don't have a backup plan. If Tyree kill goes down, there's a whole game plan is just fucked up.


That little nigga fast, though. Balls. For real.


Yeah. And it's kind of like, I know they put him in for some decoy plays a few times and so on and so forth, but to me, it's kind of like the 49 ers, not to that big of an extent, but we've seen this happen when McCaffrey goes down or when Debo goes down, or when Purdy's not playing, when they don't have their core players, or kiddles as well. When they don't have their core players, they're not the same team. And I know it wasn't three or four players that went down, but they look real pedestrian when Tyreek Hill wasn't on the field. And whether fuck their game plan up or not, you should definitely have a backup plan, because what happens is you can train all week or practice or look at film, or do whatever you need to do to guard Tyreek Hill, but it's almost, I'm not comparing them to Michael Jordan, but if you don't have the speed, you just don't have the speed. And a lot of times, these teams don't have the put. You could go in zone. You really don't want to try. Man to man, you're going to be playing yourself.


Man to man, you're playing yourself. So zone coverage doesn't always work. This kid speed is out of control, and when he's not on the field, you could prepare your defense a little better for the Miami Dolphins. That's what it looked like to me.


Yeah. I like when teams try to play the man to man, because then they start looking like flag football.


Yeah, it looks real stupid. It's entertaining for us. Probably a nightmare for whoever's on the defensive side. What I will say is, I'm not sure off top of my head, but I would say 85% sure that teams are up 14 points with three minutes left were zero and 196, and now they're one in 196. So that was probably the first time that happened in the last three minutes in a regular season, I should say, when I was looking at some stats yesterday.


Also, speaking of the dolphins, when Tyree kill got hurt during halftime, he texted his wife, this shit hurt. I need ankle massage tonight. In response, she said, you better get your ass back in that game, dog. So how do you feel about the way that she encouraged him to keep playing?


She said, dog, that's what he said. Yeah, I like her. I've never met her, but I like her mindset. Yeah.


To me, it's a couple of things I take from that. You fucking her, parlay up money on this game, or she's showing off for some friends that's in the house, and you can't be fucking up for the friends in the house. Listen, man, a lot of times, and I have no idea about Tariq Hill's girlfriend or wife or who he's dating or anything else, but tough love is the best. Know.


You think it's the best love?


Not all the time. Sometimes it backfires. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it works. And then they don't fuck with you after it works. You know what I'm saying? It sounds where you could be like, you could turn somebody to the best basketball player they could be because you've been harassing them since three years old. Training, jogging up and downhill, go to practice, come home, do this. And then they could be like, they get rich and they're being like, this was your dream. I don't fuck with you like that. You know what you could look at? Look, man, Michael Jackson stopped fucking with.


You know that nigga whipped from Joe?


Yeah, listen. Nigga whipped him into a superstar, beat the shit out of Michael, turned him into a superstar. The nigga like, yo, you fucked my life up with all this. Know, you can look at. And they still fuck with each other and they have a great mother son relationship. But look at Terrence Crawford tomorrow. Yeah. She gave niggas money to say, if you could beat my son, I often give you $10 if you could beat him. And nobody can.


Boxer, right?




This is when he was definitely tough. Yeah, this is toxic law.


Yeah, exactly. Oscar De la Hoya's father, he's been looking for his father to say that he loved him and then his father never told me he loved him until he lost a fight. Some people, and this is totally different because you're dealing with a significant other and I'm talking about parents, but she may have that authority. Get the fuck back out there. I don't know where she's from, but he's from Georgia, dirty south and that's how they going to give it up sometimes. You're embarrassing me. I know you're not crying over a little know. It's all those different scenarios. If I knew who she was, I had an idea of a personality. I could elaborate better. But look, I'm not saying that's the right answer, but at the same time, I understand.




Another quarterback injury. It's been reported Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert is out for this season with the fractured index finger. How do you feel about that?


I mean, he was trying to play through it. When they showed him on the sideline a few times he tried to play with it already broken. I know it says fracture, but it looked crazy. It looked like it wouldn't go in the right direction and he was just out there running around. I thought he could really cause himself further think. I think it's time to revamp the staff over there as Los Angeles Chargers. I think it's definitely time to revamp that staff. He's too good of a quarterback for them to be getting this kind of output and I think the injury makes it a great reset opportunity.


Yeah, I was going to say the same thing. He's been playing as good as he can in that system, I really must say, because the end of Mace's statement is exactly what I was going to say. This is a great time to sit it on down. You're not going to the playoffs. It's just looked like a mess all year. And the one thing that I will say is that Justin Herbert been playing through everything. He has not complained, he did not cry. He's not talking bad about the team publicly, he's not talking bad about the coach of staff publicly, and I'm not telling you to do that. But sometimes that's what it takes to get some things done. So I think this is a good time for him to sit down and then they can figure out what they're going to do with him and the rest of the team and the staff next season. The one thing. But I do want to say, though, real quick because we don't have that on the list today is shout to Joe Flacco, man. He's making Ohio look, man. And listen, I don't want to be reverse racism or anything like Mace says, but he's looking way better than the black quarterback looked in two games.


And right now the Browns are in a wild card position. Poor. So yesterday they bought me on Sunday, he had 311 yards. To me, he outplayed Trevor Lawrence and they got the victory and it put them at eight and five in the AFC, right in the mix for a wild card spot. So I know we was talking about Justin Herbert. From one quarterback to the next, I salute you, Joe Flacco, for coming up off the couch and niggas actually forgetting about you and you busting ass. Because one thing for sure, two things for certain, with this performance or this last couple week performance, and if you could keep it up to the end of the season, you'll have a job next year. Yeah, definitely.


Getting a deal with somebody. Yep.


Cornerback DJ Reed shared that Zach Wilson told him, I got nothing to lose. What's the worst thing that could happen? I get benched again. So how do you feel about Zach Wilson's mentality?


He's right.


Welcome to fearlessness. And to be fearless is to have fear present and to actually still do what you was going to do. And I think for him that's when you start either playing better and taking risk. Because even the movie tried to bust against the last. I forgot who they played. But when he got the ball punched out of his possession, he was trying to be fearless then. So I think sometime it takes a person to come to the end of themselves to say, man, let's just go for it. So I think that's what's going to happen here. Not that anything great is going to come out of it, but he's definitely getting to a place where he could potentially try to ball.


Yeah, they just got rid of the third string quarterback, the original third string quarterback. So he's like, what y'all gonna do? Which are going to do? There's nobody else really here. The jets don't look like they're making the playoffs. They're five and eight with a couple games left. Right now he's just playing for stats and hopefully to keep a backup job with the jets next year when Aaron Rodgers returns. But, I mean, that's one of them joints like, ooh, what are you going to do? You're going to bench me? I'm so scared.


So he should have taken full advantage of this time, and that's what he did not do. He should have taken more advantage of this particular time. With Aaron Rodgers out, he was supposed to at least play halfway. Really want to give a good commentary to it. All that time he's watched Aaron Rodgers. This shows that, Zach, you learned nothing. You wasn't watching anything. Rogers.


I got to disagree with that. The reason I disagree is because. No, I'm not disagreeing with what you're saying. Disagreeing with. This isn't what they laid on the table for him. What they laid on the table for him was watch Aaron Rodgers this season. And after this season, you can see what to do. So you get Aaron Rodgers three minutes, and they're like, oh, that didn't work. Get the fuck out. Yo, hold on, man. I wasn't supposed to be out there this season. I was supposed to be learning all season and next season or the season after, if Aaron Rodgers feel like he couldn't play no more, then I'll be ready. Look, you got a Zach Wilson who stunk it up last year. And that's the reason they brought Aaron Rodgers in. And now he like, okay, to agree with you, it's like, okay, I'm learning the preseason, I'm learning this. But the plan was to watch Aaron Rodgers this season and learn from. But to your credit as well, murder. The slogan is, any given Sunday, any given Sunday. And then the next slogan is next man up. So this could happen at any given time.


And Zach Wilson, you should have been better prepared. But I get where you're coming from, Zach. This was not the blueprint y'all laid out for you. Like, yeah, we got Aaron. I can sit back, relax. Not a lot of pressure on me. Three minutes into y'all season, pressure is on top of y'all.


Yeah, that nigga's still going out on Saturdays, and they play on Sunday.


Yeah. So at the end of the day.


He'S just going to cruise through.


Yeah, but you live in New York City or you play in New York City, so that's what you have to deal with.


And then in that game, for context, because it was before their game versus the Texans, he did throw for 301 yards, had two touchdowns and zero interceptions. So that was one of his better games. But granted, it is against rookie quarterbacks.


Well, who would you rather have? CJ Stroud.


I would rather have CJ Stroud.


So we got a rookie quarterback that we would rather have over a quarterback that's not a rookie.




Okay, moving along, Robert Kraft has reportedly already made a decision regarding Bill Belichick's future with the Patriots, and it's not looking too hot. He said, we like to win, so we want to do everything we can to get our team back so we can be winning it. What do you think the decision should be? I mean, rumors are saying that he's going to release him. It's not confirmed, but what do you guys think?


What was the exact quote?


He said, we like to win, so we want to do everything we can to get our team back so we can be winning it.


So niggas take that and equate it as niggas not fucking with Bill Belichick no more.


Basically, yeah, but how do you get.


That from that quote?


So basically, during the Pat McAfee show, he was asking the future with Belichick, and that was his answer. And so that's been the rumor. Not going to say that they are releasing him, but that's what's being said. So it's like saying it without saying it.


But that ain't what he said. That's how false reports get out. You know what I'm saying? That's exactly how false reports get out. That's why I want to get the Exact verbiage. What do you think about us and Bill Belichick? Well, we want to do everything we need to do to win this down the third. So I get that. Could be saying that, but that isn't exactly what he says. So when you don't get rid of Bill Belichick, you'd be like, I never said that I was. I said that I was going to try and get us back.


Pause. I'm open to modifying what we're doing.


Yeah, exactly. So I wouldn't say that that's what he said. Because I believe if Bill Belichick wants to come back, he could come back. I believe that he earned that much cachet with the New England Patriots, that it's almost a golden state situation.


But he won't be cooking and buying the groceries.


Yeah, I agree with that.


Which one you think he'll be doing?


Well, he hasn't been doing good at buying the groceries or cooking, but I think if you ask me, he'll want to be on the field. But at the end of the day, I don't really know his health. I think he looks great, and I'm not even acting like something's wrong with his health. But we do got things to account. He's 71, 72 or 73 years old, and that could be draining a lot of people don't realize that coaches do more than players. I'm not talking about as far as physical or being on the court, but drawing up game plans, staying there before the game, getting there after they getting filmed together so players can see the film. That shit could get draining if you don't love it. And I'm not saying Bill Belichick doesn't love it, but if you're not winning, it starts to get frustrated.


Yeah. You'll hardly ever see like happy coaches for a long time.


Unless you're winning. Unless you're winning.


And then just to add for more context, because that's why exactly. I like to read the quotes because that has been the rumor. Like, oh, Belichick's going to be out and I like to get you opinion on it. So after Robert Kraft said that, Pat McAfee said, I don't envy your position, what's about to happen, we all know. So that's alluding to Belichick being fired.


Yeah, there will be a modification. There will be a modification.


But if none of this happens, niggas can say, I never say that. This is know, they allude to it. What I will say is this, and we never talked about this on the show, and maybe we need to do it one day before when we wrap up, but did y'all see Bill Belichick creeping out a joint house in Rhode island? Like six in the morning with no shirt? They caught him on the ring. You seen that, Nick? Yeah. We got to google that on a ring camera. Yeah, google that shit. We're going to throw it up on the screen. They got the nigga Bill Belichick chest naked coming out of somebody's crib in the morning. So Bill's still out here?


Bill's still creeping.


Bill's still doing, what he doing, man? We didn't get a chance to touch on it. Pardon me. All my allergies are acting up today. But yeah, Bill's still creeping, man. So if he got time to do that, he got time. He got time to coach. And listen, man, it's only a few great coaches in the NFL. I mean, it's a know you'd love Mike Thomason. Bill Belichick, of course. Andy Reed in Kansas City.


Wait, Bill was coming out the crib in the winter with his shirt off? Was it winter, though?


Google Bill Belichick. That's a video right there.


Was it winter, though? Is what I want to know.


It looks like regular.


Whatever it is. That ain't his house. And they got him creeping Bill is.




Bill with the sneaky link is crazy.


Just let me. Yo, Bill was playing Snoop Dogg.


Yeah, well, the video is searchable, so there you have it. Let us know in the comments what you think Bill Belichick's future is with the Patriots. We're going to go to break, and when we return, we will talk about athletes that just haven't improved their game. Don't go anywhere. We.


Call this thing about toxic. Four years accountant got you feeling like an option? Maybe I'm my own problem, babe. She tired of him and I don't know what's happening in me won't fall dealing with this thing called trial but she really thinking I want to be free why my enemies want to wait free hell, I don't want to see a walk away I wish somebody told me the rules disagreements let a win in this climbing when it's cool even when I'm right the same about you.


Welcome back. So let's get into our underdog fantasy picks of the day. This afternoon, the Pelicans will play the wizards. Underdog fantasy has Brandon Ingram at 23 and a half points. Do you have him higher or lower, Mace?


Who they playing?


The wizards?


Yeah. Higher.


Okay. Kyle Kuzma is at four and a half assists. Do you have him higher or lower, Cam?




And Jordan Poole is at 16 and a half points. Do you have him higher or lower, Mace?


Higher. Pool party. It's time to get going.


Go higher as well.


Okay. Make sure to download the underdog fantasy app and you can make your picks, too. Okay. So last episode we talked about Gilbert Arena's views on Clay Thompson not having improved his game. Are there any players that you feel like haven't improved their game, haven't gotten better? Any players that come?


I definitely got one. Players who have not improved. Let's start with Ben Simmons. I don't know how we could not have been on the list. Don't start that. He's hurt.


He is.


Hold on. Murder. Hold on. Hold on. I want you to finish what happened. Why is he hurt?


He has a nerve impingement. So something in his nervous system. Boy been out for a couple games. I don't know how the progress is, but I'm like, he is hurt.


Let's do a few things. He's nervous. And he got the nerve to even still be in the NBA. That's what it is, the nerve. And he's nervous. Sorry. Murder cut you off. I want to know, did you? Nervous system, bro.


Allegedly. Ben Simmons. You're always hurt and I just don't get it. Like how he was so promising as an NBA player. Like that first year, then the second year, then it's like, what happened? Are we allegedly just putting this all on girls he date? I'm not going to say any names, but this was the quickest get out false I've ever seen.


It was quicker than the movie.


Yeah, this is quick. It was quicker than Reggie Bush, I think.


Yeah, look, and I don't notice for a fact. And I really don't like to get out. Yeah, that's what it seems like. I really don't like to make false accusations. This is just a Cameron assumption. This has nothing to do with anything else or anybody else. And I could be totally wrong. This is my assumption. It's not bad. It's not bad at all. It's just what I think was you was playing around with that mental health shit. Not saying. Because I don't want to say he wasn't going through mental health because that shit is a serious topic. That's what I'm trying to say. I'm trying to be clear on how this is what I think. Yeah, you was trying to get out the contract. You got out your contract and you use mental health as part of it. And now it's coming back to haunt you. Karma. You can't play with certain shit. The universe is some real shit. And when you sit there and play.


Getting a sick note did not go to school and now you sick for real, right?


It's the movie thinner. You know what I'm saying? You can't play with certain shit. I'm a superstitious ass nigga. I'll be having stomach problems. When I was younger a couple of years ago, and I all equate that. I used to be playing in her wheelchair. Niggas say, stop playing wheel. I want to play games in a wheelchair. I want to do wheelies, and I want to do all type of shit. Now I have a permanent stomach problem for playing games. Yo, handicapped spots. That's park. Yeah, I walk around it. I don't even walk on it. I don't even touch it. Because that spot could be potentially your spot. If you really want to park, they'd be using it. Parking the handicapped spots instead of walking the extra 25 30ft to go where they got to go. I'm a very superstitious person, but to me, like I said, this is all cameras thinking because you may have been really been going through mental health issues, but it seemed a little forced. Your phone was falling out your pocket. At practice, your backs are, but you wasn't that mentally ill to go back to get your $20 million that they have to give you because your money was guaranteed, you've doubled back for that.


So I don't want to sit there and say he was playing with mental health or anything like that, but this could be karma because he definitely hasn't improved. I think this is bigger than Clay Thompson, actually. Mace, this was a great athlete to bring up on people who have not improved.


Yeah, have not improved at all.


Right. And stat, she may be finding a reason to say his nerve index, whatever injury it is. And what is he supposed to do if he's injured? My question to status this, when is he not injured? He's been injured since he left. He was injured in Philly before he left Philly, then got injured when he was in Brooklyn. Now he's been injured this season and he doesn't know this is bigger than just injury. But if you want to believe he got a pinched nerve, that's fine with me. Treasure, the first name is crazy.


I have not heard chance or face on treasure forever.


You've got that no problem with me. But what you think, and I hate to bring this up, because this is my man, this is my people. What you think about PJ Tucker?


You haven't improved.


That's what I'm saying. I'm throwing some names out there, possibly shout to PJ, that's my guy, but we're doing a job.


He's improved his fashion. He's improved his fashion. He'd definitely be swagged up, but he's.


Definitely a fashionable guy. Another person, I don't want to say they're not improved, but it seems like the last two seasons, he's always hurts. Adams down there in Memphis as well. He's not available, but at the end of the day, I have not improved. Right. What you think about Cal Kuzma?


Have not improved. I was thinking the same Cal Kuzma out of bed, what's his name down in Orlando? Greg Anthony. Son call Anthony improved that much.


Well, they're winning.


They haven't improved.


I don't know. I'm not going to lie. I'm be honest with you.


I'm trying to pause, set the fire.


You know better than me. After I see him in that dunk contest, when Timberland's eyes turned off, I stopped paying attention to the nigga. He woke pair construction the dunk contest, and it really irked me.


So I have a list of actually a couple names.


What's Lonzo Ball.


He's hurt.


Yeah, he's hurt.


Why? You'll mention him being hurt. And Ben Simmons. You got something going on with Ben Simmons?


I said that. I said he's hurt.


Who's the list you got?


Okay, so you guys know I go deep into these little blogs to see what people are saying. So some people are saying Trey young. Yeah, I'll just name a couple of people.


He's definitely.


When you name somebody. Yeah, that's a great point.


He's definitely the same player. And I didn't know when we was talking about who did not get better. If they're already good, though, because there's a lot of players that are good that haven't got better.


This is a great point.


Wiggins hasn't gotten RJ Barrett, Andre Barrett.


And when we say get better, we mean you're running a steady mouth. Not necessarily went down.


Yeah. Like Kobe, when he would come back, he had another part of his game that was different than last year, that he's now ready to take another step. Like ant man. He looks like he got better over the summer. Some people look like they just trying to stay the same. There's a lot of players now that you think about it like that. Right.


Julius Randall.


Julius Randall.


Because he actually received most improved player two years ago.


He stayed the same.


Actually may have got a little worse numbers wise.


What about Ingram?


That's a good one. I haven't paid attention, but we were so focused, you know, that was a great point. We're so focused on people who's going down, but it's a lot of people who still run a steady line that has not gotten better. So we have to pay attention to the question and maybe revisit it.


But this is great. This is really good. Kawhi.


Yeah. Kawhi Leonard. Absolutely. Kawhi.


Godus Paul's picked it up a little bit.


Yeah, I would get Kawhi actually may have gotten a little bit worse from the Kawhi Leonard that we're used to seeing.


Then the last couple of people I have just Deandre Ayton, Kyle Lowry, Rudy Gobert.


Definitely Kyle Lowry.


Cal Lowry. Just getting older. Know he's getting older.


I wouldn't have put Cal in that list.


Yeah, because Cal's on the tail end of his career and I think that he's doing great for where he's at in his know. Is he the Cal Lowry from the Raptors? Absolutely not. But you're in the backer role giving some veteran leadership to the team and hitting some key shots when it's happening.


If you're going to say, Trey Young, would you put Murray there, too?


I wouldn't put Murray there because I don't know if Murray wants to be there, and I don't think that they're jelling. You could put him there, technically about.


Did he get better?




Is he better than what he was in San Antonio?


I don't think we're getting a chance to see if he could be better or not. I think that's not the right system. But if you're being technical and answer questions, no, he hasn't got. If I have to get better, if you're putting my back against the wall, pause and tell him, he answer the question, then I have to say, no, he has not with Murray here.


Yeah. Okay.


Well, moving along, we got to talk about the Pistons again. As we know, they have a very poor record with a 20 game losing streak. Wingstop is offering five free wings if the Pistons win. Is this a promo idea?


Niggas messing up the parlay for the wings is crazy. They come to the game. Come on, my nigga, hit them shots. Who they playing next? What happened to the coach?


They're playing the sixes.


I ain't getting no wings.


What I say is this. Is there a food shortage up there in Detroit? Like, everything is food related for victories? Isn't that the same thing we was talking about the other day? If they get three wins in a row that the coach is going to take them to dinner. Now, if they wing five wings in Detroit, now, you get a pack of wings if you win. Like, what is going on with if you win? You eat poor type shit.


They're playing the sixes, so ain't going to be no wings. Yeah, niggas ain't getting no wings. Wings start trying to look like they doing something good in the hood because they know them niggas ain't going to get no wings. I give you five wings if you.


All be Joel and be the wings for the fans.


Yeah, it's just like pistons. And then also, the food incentives was for the Raptors.


Okay? The Raptors. Pardon me.


Growing up, I remember this. Like, me and killer, we went to a school called man center for science. And this. I need a disclaimer for this. This is allegedly, this is a satire show. Everything we say is not actually true. It's exaggerated. But I remember going past the special ed class, right? Yeah. They told one of our friends who was in a special ed class that they were going to get let me. Not just.


Because I know what's in there. I don't know which friend. I think I know what you fucking about.


We're not talking about.


Listen, a lot of y'all wouldn't befriend friends. We have about three, four friends. A lot of y'all wouldn't be friends. Special ed. So go ahead.


The guy that we knew, he tells them he's buying pizzas for everybody.




They get a seat on the chest. But we know they're not going to get this guy. Not them, not them. Allegedly. They knew he wasn't going to get a seat. So it's a way to look like you're being a good samaritan because you know the thing that's going to be required? You're never going to have to live up to your part.




Because I come back, he's rolling his boogers.


Yeah, man.


Why he tell y'all y'all was gonna get peace?


I don't.


That was never gonna get feed.


The reason this may not be as funny to y'all is because my mind is in the cafeteria. Yeah.


Trick, trick. Shout out to the no fly zone. You're not getting no wings.


Yeah, and it's a great market employee for Wingstop as well.


Yeah, because they make them look like they're being generous, but they're never going to have to cough up any wings. Right? That's basically what we're saying. Allegedly satire.


Okay, well, the celtics, they defeated the Cavs 120 to 113. The Celtics are first in the east with the 17 and five record. Right under them are the Magic and Bucks. How are we feeling about the Celtics being first?


Well, when they got. Let's just back up a little bit, okay? When the Celtics, like killer said earlier in the season, when they got poor zingis, they are the top. Like they're a championship team. I'll go as far as saying they're a championship team with poor zingas. When they do not have poor zingas, they're just another team out there. And I'm really interested to see how holiday is going to gel because I think he has to become extremely more assertive in order for this to be a championship team. So, holiday, if you're paying attention to this, you got to really turn up. You cannot just be a defensive player. Think that's going to help you all win?


Agree. Porzing is there. They look like head and shoulders for us above the rest of the east, Bucks included, which was both our pick, actually, if I'm not mistaken. It was definitely my pick to go to the championship and win the Eastern Conference. That's not working out as well as I thought it will now. It isn't like the Bucks are far out of first place there, I believe a game and a half right behind the Boston Celtics. But what I was thinking, that the Milwaukee Bucks would have at least a three, four, five game lead on the rest of the Eastern Conference at this point in the season. That was just my thinking prior to the season starting. But the first eight, nine games, when Porzingis is playing with the Celtics, they look like they're the best team in the east. And when Porzingis isn't there, it looks like the Celtics from the last two or three years. I think that drew holiday is a step up from Marcus Smart, but is it enough to get you over the hump to beat Denver, or even Philadelphia for that matter? Or even the Milwaukee Bucks, maybe.


The Milwaukee Bucks may take some time to get things together and they may go on a run, but with poor Zingis in the lineup, like Mace just said, they look like head and shoulders above the rest of the Eastern Conference. I don't support it, but I do recommend it for only this particular situation with load management because Warzingis is always hurt. And if you know that that makes your team that much better, you need to monetize his minutes and monetize his games so that when the playoffs come, you don't have to go through this when the playoffs get here.


In a close game, the Mavs came out victorious, 127 and 125 against the Lakers. In the west, the only teams above them is the Thunder and Timberwolves.




That end season shit over, nigga. Back to reality.


Back to reality checks.


Yeah, back to the real shit, nigga. So y'all have fun winning that. Did y'all enjoy yourself? So, look, I thought, LeBron will this team. And look, the Lakers right now, as it stands right this very second, they're in 6th place. We were just talking about them not being in the play, in being in the play in to being in 6th place. And it's looking like they're getting much better. I don't know what's going on as far as LeBron willing them. I don't know if coaching, I don't know if Anthony Davis got the memo that they want this to be the same because he looks sensational in the in season tournament. But Luca and them guys had other plans and said, look, you all was taking that shit serious. We wasn't. And now it's back to regular season shit.


Ad had 37 and eleven went against Dallas. No big man, though.


What you talking about? Say that again.


Ad had 37 and eleven against Dallas.


Yeah, I'm saying maybe he got the memo. That's what I was saying. Is that because the last couple of games, like, oh, maybe LeBron do want me to have the team and maybe it is my team. Dumb big man. Shit, hopefully he keeps doing what he's doing so this much pressure won't be on a 39 year old man to wheel the team. But it goes to what DeAngelo Russell told Bruce Brown. Yeah, you can't do it when the joke is in which you. And that's when it's going to count for AD. And that's where AD to have to stand up when you play against the Joel Embiids, when you play against the Jokers, when you play against the Yannis's. Because, listen, it was a time, and I know that we live in what have you done today? Or what have you done for me lately? Society. But it was a time that they were considering ad top five players in the NBA, probably about four years ago. Three, four, five years ago.


So trying to get him to LA.


Right, exactly. So that's the reason they wanted him. He was a top five player. And after that championship that the Lakers won, I don't really know what happened. Injuries, of course, happened, but it didn't look like he wanted as much as LeBron James. Part of the complex interview that we did, somebody tried to get at all three of us, actually, because they did. And I'm thinking that we should start a show and we will have to change the name of it. But they had all the people who would say good stuff about us on the show or bad stuff about us on the show or Twitter or Instagram. So they got people's comments. It's kind of like a rapid fire situation. And I think that we should actually go visit some of the shit that people are saying. So basically, one of the questions was that we were saying that we would rather have bam out of bio over Anthony Davis. And they said that we were delusional for saying that and put up 80s numbers. So they was like, what happened is I read their question, answered their question and said, you all said, you all have bam.


So you all must be delusional. And I said, nigga, you delusional? Because if Bam was playing with LeBron James's numbers, may just be better than ad. If you played with LeBron James, we have to take into consideration we're playing LeBron James is not playing. No disrespect.


And if you ask a question that's open to a person's opinion, you're the idiot for judging their opinion. They supposed to have one, right?


I mean, no, I handled niggas. I definitely took care of business. I definitely took back a business. I'll actually play sound for you what I told niggas. But yeah, I took care of nigga going to be talking to us all crazy.


For real.


But yeah, I think that Anthony Davis may have got the memo, but if it's not resulting in wins, it doesn't matter. But what I will say this about the Lakers is that I think that is fucked up that those games didn't count on their record. As far as the in season tournament, they don't count on their regular season record. So now you're playing extra games and it doesn't count.


Not only that, how many extra games? Seven.


How much you win?




So if you keep winning more games, you play. But none of those in season games counted at the regular season on them Tuesdays and Fridays. And not only that, you don't get to make it. You don't make it to the playoffs. So it's like no guarantee is no guarantee of even making it champion, at least. But see, you know what's fucked up about that? That's a catch 22. Because now you're like, we could take the rest of the season off, basically because we're guaranteed in the playoffs. So that's something that they are going to have to figure out as well.


Well, we're going to go to break, and when we return, we will talk about Yokich's ejection. Don't go anywhere.


Pink horsepower, she calls me. What's happening, babe? Baby, what's happening?


Why are you walking like that?


That's how I walk.


And then, like, you. Come on, breathe on me like that.


I fucking breathe to live and like.


You used to be dark skinned, and now you act like hella light skin.


Are you fucking blind? I'm dark skinned. What the fuck?


And then, like, look at your beard.


The fuck is wrong with my beard?




What the fuck are you talking about?


No, I don't even like it. The way you breathe in all of that.


Has this ever happened to you? Your girl seems to be mad, angry, upset. She's frustrated. It's only one way to handle that. Pink horsepower.


Your breath is really refreshing.


No, just trying to give you a massage.


Fluff, have I told you how good your beard looks lately? It looks so good.


No PhP. It works every time.


Wait, where are you going? Welcome back. So we've got two ejections to talk about in basketball. First one, bulls lost to the Nuggets, 114 to 106. Yokich was ejected for arguing with the ref, although the Nuggets won. How do you feel about Yokich's ejection? A lot of people feel like refs are getting too involved, but what do you think?


I was just about to say that is, nobody comes to see all niggas. Yeah.


Be in the way.


Yeah, I was just about to say that because there's been a few people who's been ejected this year, and if it's call for ejection, I get that. But what you're not taking into consideration is a family that saved their money up to see their favorite player that you're kicking out. They may have saved up their money last year to come see them this year, and you're kicking them out for them, giving their opinion. That's the same thing. I'll be so mad at players when they take games off or they're hurt because you're really doing these kids and parents and people who save their money up to come see you guys play. Not everybody's rich and can afford floor seats after selling the floor. It's people who actually work hard to go to these games and see these players live. So as much as we get on players for taking nights off of load management or having a nerve, the refs. The nerve index in their pinky finger so they can't practice the refs. You all got to take this into consideration. This is not your show. This is not your show. This is for the fans and the people who came to see these players.


Now, if they get out of line and get crazy, I dig it. But take that into consideration. I really wish you all would. I'm sorry, murder.


That's right. I think even when it comes to the refs, the way they be running down, I remember it used to be like two reps. Now it's three reps. Now is the playback. It's just like, bro, just let niggas play.


More. Okay? And then during the Suns versus Warriors game, Draymond Green was ejected for the third time this season after a swing at Sun Center. Nurkic, thoughts on his third ejection.


I hate to see Draymond walking. I've seen that slap, man.


Watch your.


What you know would be funny about Draymond to me, that'd be hilarious about Draymond is know outside of the Jordan pool situation, of course, is that every time Draymond does Sonny kick somebody or elbow or whatever, like last time, he stepped on nigga head and tried to jump over the nigga to say he tries to make it basketball related. And when you go to the Insta replay, you could tell that this is definitely basketball related.


Let me chime in for a moment. Doesn't everybody, no matter where you are, anybody looking at this? We all know a Draymond. If you playing in the park, you know a Draymond. If you're in a YMCA, you know a Draymond. A nigga who's just a dirty player.


Last night was out of pocket. That was a full fed bitch slap. I may post that and put head ice verse behind that head. I said I slapped a bitch out shoe and put you on and put it on. A whole how he slapped that nigga Nurkage and Nurkis went down. And I know Draymond gonna say it was a basketball play, but watch this.


Everybody's watching. It is what it is. Go in the comments and tag your friend who does exactly what Draymond does, and watch how many people being there.


I'm going to keep it a honey. You do that last one, they got to pull a pistol. That was crazy, bro. That was a railhouse slap, my nigga. That shit was wild, bro.


You know how when people used to get the rebound and then just elbow somebody?




Range of motion. This was like, bro, well, you just turned around and slapped them.


That nigga Draymond is like the junkyard dog. He just put a nigga in the chokehold. He might need to do UFC. Draymond is really out here? Fuck, yeah. He out here fucking niggas up. Do you think that. And I'm not saying he's seen it or didn't, but do you think he may have heard that? We said he liked the bad boy.


I don't know why that was so Bill Lamb.


That was Bill Lamb. Rick Mahorn.


Yeah. Rodman.


Yeah, Sally. That was. That type of shit that he just did. That was definitely the 1989 Pistons that I just watched just now.


Well, tag your friend in the comments that acts like Draymond. We want to see. That's all the time we have for today. Thanks for watching. And as always, it is what it.




Like when they doing them two for five.