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Trust. Trust me. I don't trust myself. Your jewelry. I get it. Took no show.


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What's up?


What's up, man?


How you saw twelve yesterday?


Crazy sound back. Sound back. Yeah. I didn't even get trust today. That's how Jack came back on. That's how Jack came back. Yeah, yeah. That's what we needed. That's what we came back yesterday. I came back on it yesterday as I used to get murdered in the hallway in school. Came back, I wore my short. Yeah, I wore shorts to work today. John came back like that. I don't know. That's what we leading the show on.


That is what we leading the show.


Murders, revenge. All right. When do you go like this?




Is back. And that's exactly what we're starting the top of the show with. The game was everything and more. The Grizzlies beat the Pelicans in a 115 to 113 win with jaw hitting the game winner. So first, what would you like to say to jaw? And then thoughts on the game?


I never fool with twelve being from the hood. It's going to be the first time we fool with twelve.


Yeah, I agree.


That's how you come back. For real. That's how you come back. Especially. He made the statement. He had a dog.


He did.


That's exactly what it looked like. I'm happy for the league. This is what the league has been missing. John Moran.




What did you say, killer?


Pardon me. Look, it's fucked up because they implied this rule this season. If you miss more than 17 games, you are not eligible for any all NBA awards. Whatever else comes after the season. Because right now, off that one game, ja's third team all NBA. For me, he's third team all NBA. I got Luca and steph arguing for the number one spot. Number one and two slot. And John Moran is the number three point guard off the first game back. Period. It's so sad. He's not going to be able to achieve any awards at the end of the season. But this is what I've been waiting to see. A nigga who wants problems. This is a nigga who wants problems. My man, he shot, got 34 points, 35 minutes. He scored, I think the last six or eight points.


And he was twelve for 24.


Yeah, 50% from the field. Even when New Orleans missed the last shot, he got the rebound and it was 8 seconds left. And the coach wanted to call time out. He was like, let me go. And I was mad. I was sitting there saying, why are you calling time out? This man is cooking. But they wouldn't huddle. They said, they said, call twelve.


Call twelve.


And he went, look, this is one of them situations, man. Look, I know that there's no problems when I'm on the court. All his problems is off the court. When he had problems off the court. But I'm willing to accept it. With this kind of play at this point, I'm willing to accept the problems. I see Marcus smart clothes. He's not even judged for the game. Running over to the.


Nannies. Yeah, back on the team.


Exactly. So when I see shit like that, I'm like, yeah, man, I was excited to see it. I see T. Moran back with the hoodie, the glasses. Look, all that shit we was talking last season, my bad. If we got to take some of these problems off the court to get this type of activity on the court, fuck it. Of course I'm exaggerating. You know, guns and shit ain't nothing to really play with. We got to say that I'm not in the NBA. I'll pull my pistol out for you, John. Call me when you got a problem. I'll go shoot. I'm not in the NBA, my nigga. Put the pistol down and put the ball in the basket. It was very exciting to see. And when I was thinking about this, I said I was going to wait till we got here. And I said to myself, I'm not comparing this to, of course, Sam Bowie, Michael Jordan, or Kevin Durant, Greg Odom situation whatsoever. But if you're New Orleans and you could have got job first in front instead of Zion. Yeah, what would you have done?


You're definitely thinking, it's over. I was going to go back even to AAU. This is the guy that was playing behind Zion. Zion.


He was in the b gym. Yeah, absolutely.


This is crazy to even think about. It looked like Jai is way past Zion right now. And think about, we had the, they called, I think they called Sham God and asked them who they should take and they was like, this is a godly, big job, Morant. But they couldn't see it.


Yeah, I'm going to be honest with you, the hype, and nobody knew that Zion wouldn't be in shape or be injured, anything else. There's no way you don't go with Zion at that. Know it wasn't a joy and Kevin Durant thing, because Zion don't get it fucked up when Zion is healthy and not in shape, and in shape, he's terrified. There was a time he went to the basket during this game, and I'm like, if anybody gets in his way, they're going to get hurt. Try and take an offensive foul, try and jump. That nigga's a locomotive. So when he's healthy, it's not a bad choice. But if you're a scout or you're a GM, you have to see, you.


Got to be able to foresee what's going on because that's the word foresight would have told you mean because Barkley saw it. There's a few guys that saw it that said his weight is going to be a problem. They knew it when he bust out of his sneakers.




So they definitely knew that. So looking back at it, they dropped the ball on this.


Yeah. And listen, man, I don't know what your relationship job is with the coach at Murray State where you went to school at, where he found you in that back gym only because he was hungry to get some Doritos or happened to peep in the gym and see you playing because you wasn't even in the main know. I don't know if anybody knows the John Morant story, and for our listeners who don't know what happened is John Morant had zero scholarships to go to college. He went to a camp that summer where they were looking for d one athletes. It was two gyms. The main gym, let's just call it the A gym and the B gym with the lesser better, the kids that weren't as good as the kids supposedly in the A gym, John Morant was playing in the B gym. A coach was hungry and went to get some Doritos. Doritos. Y'all should look into this sponsorship. With John Morant and seeing John Morant killing niggas in the B gym, he was the assistant coach, called the head coach and said, we found our guard. Ever since then is no looking back.


Jai went to school two years, came out number two pick. So what I was saying was, jai, I don't know what your relationship is with that assistant coach at your college. But Christmas should be good for him every year because if he didn't get eyes on you, we all may be missing out on a spectacular talent such as John. Look, man. Oh, goodness gracious. For those who don't know what's going on, I'll commentate outside. An elderly lady just fell face first. I didn't see it because Mason staff a better view than I do. She's going to be all right. She's not going to go on the bench. She's not subbing out or nothing.


She's not subbing out. Yeah, she's on the move.


Tough for that. Anthony Davis, my nigga. Look at her. That's her right there with the case still going. She fell on her face and she's still in the game. This is the shit I'm talking about. You know why? She's from the old school. She ain't with that. She's no substitution. She ain't no substitutions for that lady right there. She could have easily had the wing come bring her a wheelchair.


She could have easily hit the button.




Falling and I can't get up.


So this is the. It's funny that happened. They raised from a different claw from new. I mean, that's a whole nother topic for another day. I'm so excited to see John Moran back, and it looks like this is what it's going to take to make the team better. Me and Bubble saw about it earlier, and we were talking about how certain players make your team better. Bain, 21. He's been doing his part since he's been going, but it's not transferring in the wins. Jackson back to 24 points. Six rebounds is pedestrian for him, but it is what it is. Ingram had a good game, 34 points.




Yeah, McCullough. He had 18. Look. Zion, 13 points. Five from twelve for the field. Zion, three rebounds is not cutting it. Three rebounds. Where are you at? You're not in the paint on the defensive end, at minimum. New Orleans. We always say New Orleans is a threat and then they don't become a threat. You know, that's one of them shits where niggas be like, yo.


They'Re becoming like Portland.


Yeah, they becoming like niggas who be pump faking in the street like, nah, niggas keep fronting on me. Why? So I'm catch the ops. A month go by, two months go by, three months. You in the club with your ops now and you like, nah, police outside. I ain't going to do nothing. Y'all niggas is that dumb type of.


Niggas because niggas want me to throw away my freedom. What you mean throw away your freedom?


Exactly. It always seems like they're a threat and then they don't become a threat. I don't know, as far as Memphis is concerned, how much time they have left, if they could even make it to the playoffs that they're so far behind in the standings. But I'll tell you one thing, I bet you this much Memphis gets more nationally televised games coming up. There will be much more to CTV, and I think they're going to make.


It to the play.


I hope they really, really hope they do. I really hope they do. Last night had me so excited. Pause that. Like, yo, I'm still on one. I didn't mean to come and dunk on you, murder like that. I was really excited. But my man Nick in there, he said, cam, I just want to be honest with you. Because of you, I had the convo with you. I picked over on John Moran, everything. I put the camera on Nick. It's cool. Nick. Yeah. I said, go over on everything. Nick. Bet $20 over John Moran on everything, won $800. Now, listen, if you go to underdog fantasy and use cocaine, this is the type of shit that happens. Yeah. I mean, 800 ain't where Nick, that's my name. I'm happy. Listen, we could go off percentages because what is that murder we went to school for mad. Was that a 5000? 6000%.


It was a good flip phone.


Yeah, man. But go to underdog fiancee, use code cam, and this is the type of shit that happens. But I'm excited, man. I really am excited to see John Moran back.


And as far as the game, Jaw's 34 points are the most points scored in a return game after missing 25 or more games in NBA history. So shout out to Jaw. That was definitely like a fairy tale ending to see him get the game winner. So it was real dope for everybody to see.


And you know what?


Shout out his mom's was dope.


Yeah, listen, Mason mentioned it after the game. He said, john, how do you get to do it? I'm a dog, man. I'm a dog. And you see, that's what I want to hear. And I don't want to say this because I don't know this for a fact, but this sound like a nigga that'll backslap you again because that's just what he is, man. We got to start accepting for people for who they are, man. We got to stop trying to clean everybody up. I'm definitely saying, put the guns down. But if he's a nigga, if you keep playing with him, he going to slap you. You play with his moms, he's bringing the crew to them. Look, we was dumping on all that shit last season. Some people are just who they are, and that doesn't mean that they're not good on basketball court. It's up to your friends, family and loved ones to help keep certain niggas out of trouble. Me and Mace salute to this all the time. Rip the dog, DMX. But DMX had to be watched consistently. His first album, DMX was. It was people on guard watching him.


In Baltimore protecting him from himself.




Every day, protecting him from himself, like on shifts?


Yes, exactly.


You get off at eight and then you pause, get on at eight and you watch them until the next morning.


That's an actual fact. Shout to DNY. They actually had people on shift to watch DMX from himself.


Yeah, but we love the music and we wouldn't trade it in.


But look what you got out of that.




From protecting him from himself. Look at all the great music that.


You got out of saying jazz, like DMX.


I ain't going to put it that far, my nigga. He was part of one of the people on shift. And I remember during that time, he's like, I said, what's up? And he said, no, fucking guy. Go find next, man. I said, what happened? He said, I thought he was in a room. I was in the living room. I went to check on him, he jumped out the window. I don't know where he's at.


So we're not saying jai is.


But you definitely need to protect people from their self. Sometimes you know somebody's ways and you know how they are. And if that's the go getter or the money cow, so to speak, in your team, and it's going to fuck it up for other people, then you.


Need to protect that solid next game, the spurs lost to the Bucks, 132 to 119. Victor Wembanyama was out due to right ankle soreness. Do injuries make you nervous for Wemby.


Anybody? Yes, injuries definitely make me nervous for Wemby, because anybody over that seven foot Mark has always went out with foot injuries and things like that. It starts to be the beginning of the wear and tear. I think we've even witnessed something like that with bo ball foot injury, right? Greg Odom. Just over the years, big men have had problems with that. I think even what happened to he when he got hurt, his list, frank injury.


He was out for a year.


The most recent, to your point, so you could finish. What you have to say is poising. Yeah.


And it's always in their foot. I don't know why, but it's just always been that way. So that definitely is of concern. I thank them for taking it very serious, but I definitely wanted to see him against Giannis. That was definitely something I was looking forward to.


Yeah, it's big history of big men with injuries, with foot injuries and so on and so forth. I'm not a doctor. I can't tell you why. It even goes back to Yao, me. But they not normal sized niggas like, yo, Sutton ain't going to be no. It ain't like these things walk through doorways and all type of shit. So I don't know the scientific fact why big men are always getting hurt. I think Shaq was really durable for his size, to be totally honest with you. Maybe not towards the end of his career, but in his prom, Shaq didn't miss a lot of gains for his height, but mace is 100% right. Tim Duncan is another one who's very durable. But once you're over like that, seven one mark. Seven two mark, it seems to always be a little problem. And what I will say to Wimby's credit is, this is the first game I know about him missing, if I'm not mistaken. And we're in a league where niggas take off every 20 minutes, so I will give him credit to say that we're 25 games in. I've seen a game, we actually looked like he twisted his whole ankle and got up and kept going, and I was like, damn.


Fuck is that nigga rubber bear, man? Pause.


That might be that same foot.


Yeah. So much credit to one b for sticking in there this long in a season where people just take out because they knows it's running. So I give him a lot of credit. As far as the matchup. Yeah, I definitely want to see him against Giannis. You got to realize they're on two different coasts, so they only play each other two times a year. Hopefully, they'll both be available next time that they play each other. What I will say is this, Yanis, I don't know how this is going as far as Damien Lillard and the Yanis combo, because they won the game and they won overnight against Indiana. When Yanis has 64, I forget how much Damien Lillard had, but tonight, Yanis had eleven. Damien Lillard had 40. It's no games. Maybe a couple where they like 34 and 32, 35 and 29, 28 and 31. It's either one person doing the work or the other person doing the work. And I don't know if they're in sync yet 100%. That's just how I'm feeling about it. But look, they're one game out of first place in the Eastern Conference. Still plenty of basketball to go, and they're in the right spot.


The Lakers are one in three and the Pacers are one and four since the in season tournament. What does that mean to you?


The Lakers? Tell me their record again.


One in three and the Pacers are one in four since the in season tournament.


I think this matters more to actually both teams because the Lakers definitely don't have games they can just give away, especially with the age of King James at this point. And they need to have that cushion going into the postseason. So this is definitely not a good thing. And when it comes to the paces, I think this is a real gut check to make sure that this team is really who they say they are. Now that they made this little splash and they did that one little incident, it seemed like since we've been saying the target is going to be on their back, they definitely haven't been answering the bell and they got all of the pieces there to be actually exceptional team. So I hope they really turn this around because they own a four game losing streak. Four games, that's not good.


Niggas hung that band up in the crypto arena, wherever old Staples center niggas got cooked by the Knicks, Kobe would have burnt that shit for, got up there, banners up and shit, and then get cooked by the Knicks. That ain't it. You know what I'm saying? That's not it. They should have just fucking took a couple of dollars, the 500, and got back to the regular season. Not saying it isn't something to celebrate. This is the first year for it, et cetera, et cetera. But niggas is like, oh, this is what?


I wouldn't have hung that building up. I would have put it on the scoreboard.


Yeah, I mean, that's a good one. Yeah, not in the Raptors, maybe across the scoreboard is good. Not in the air, not in the.


Sky, not in the air.


I like that. Yeah. So when you come there because you got Jerry west and throw his powder.


Up and got the powder on.


Yeah, I like that. I think the banner should be on the score table. I don't know if that goes against league policy or anything else, but it shouldn't go up there with everything else. You hang the banner up like I was saying, and then you lose to the Knicks.


Put it in a skybox. That's as far as far as you could take.


Possibly. But not only that, what happened is the rest of the league started taking notice. Not saying they wasn't taking notice before, but what happened is the NBA turned this in season tournament thing to a big fucking deal. And we was all excited to see it to the point where we was like, yo, the pace, even though before this tournament we were looking at Halliburton and everything else, like, oh, Rick Carlisle is over there coaching. And they all came from situations where it was fucked up. And buddy Hill. Yeah, buddy Hill. And they did that. Look, y'all niggas is being watched. And niggas didn't like it. Yanis didn't like it. 64 and you poking Holliburton in the chest. You and your pops all on tnt the other night, niggas didn't like it.


The word got out that them niggas was soft. That's what happened. Yeah, once Yannis ran back in their locker room and took the ball and no big man and nobody said anything, the word got around the league. All them niggas is soft.


Yeah, and not just soft. I agree with murder. But at the point where basketball wise niggas is like, oh, y'all niggas think that dumb niggas is them niggas. They really not them niggas. So now you got niggas who are those niggas? Like Joel Embiid or you're on Joe LMB's radar. You're on Yannis'radar. You're on whoever else in the east that we think are problems, you're going to be on their. You're definitely on Damien Lillis radar. Halliburton, with all this shit, you're on Damien Lillard's radar, my nigga. So you guys could even step up and meet the challenge that's going to be presented for you all. With the Knicks, with Orlando Magic, now with the Philadelphia 76, ers, with the Boston Celtics, with the Philadelphia 76s, with the Miami Heat. You're going to be on all these teams radar with the Atlanta Hawks when they feel like playing. You guys are the target because you're the reigning Eastern Conference in season tournament champions for the Eastern Conference. So now, since y'all want to be the Eastern Conference in season tournament champions, niggas want beef. That's the problem. Flip side of coin the Lakers. The Lakers. Y'all are a franchise that, like Murda said, hanging a banner, no big deal, but y'all always got a mark on your back.


The thing about LeBron that I'll give him credit for is I know he had a lot of business in LA outside of basketball, and he wanted to finish his career on the west coast with his movies, production company and everything else he has going on. But I will give him this credit. Not the in season tournament, it was pressure going to the Lakers, period. You got to realize, you know, it's one thing winning in Miami, it's another thing winning in Cleveland, and it's another thing being in Los Angeles. So at the end of the day, when you got there, you knew what you had to deal with. Like May said it the other day, that was one of them teams where it's no rebuilding stage, there's no rebuilding in Los Angeles, there's no time to rebuild. You went tonight. You went tonight and that's the target on your back every night. And now it's two targets. So now they're aiming for the head and the chest pause, because you're the in season champions. And not only that, you're the Lakers. So now what you gonna do? What you gonna do? Yeah, what you gonna do?


And it don't look right. The Lakers being behind the Clippers.


Yeah, I mean, listen, when I walked in the rich Paul party, LeBron was chilling with Ty Lou and LeBron together. That's still his nigga. But at the end of the day, we want to give, like May said, we talked about this yesterday. I want to give a lot of credit to Talu because Talu told you give him ten games. And I don't think he even needed ten games to figure it out. And sitting here looking at what's going on right now, the Clippers are in 6th place, the Lakers are eigth place with a two and a half game or pardon me, a game and a half lead over the Lakers. But yeah, it looked like the Clippers are good, but the Lakers, you got a target on your back every night when you throw on that Laker jersey. So in season tournament just added fuel to the fire.


Yeah, the west coast look weird. It looked weird with Minnesota at first.


And Oklahoma City at second. So we can look at the top six right now. It's Minnesota, Oklahoma City dunder, Denver at third, Sacramento Kings at fourth, Dallas Mavericks at five and the Clippers at six. Those are your playoff teams at the moment.


Yeah. Where is Phoenix?


Phoenix is in 10th right now I'm.


Saying, where are them niggas? Man, stop playing, man.


You see what happened the first game he got back, he played for five minutes and got hurt again. So he came back after missing however many games, played five minutes and got hurt. I was watching that game. He actually did shoot a three and come down the nigga ankle. It was legit. But niggas, I don't know what to tell you, man. Where are y'all niggas, period? Yeah, because at the end of the day, I'm not saying Chris Paul didn't make a difference or aiden the big man didn't make a difference. But you still have Kevin Durant and book over there. And that speaks volumes for you all to be right now in 10th place with the warriors in 11th. Well, I tell all y'all niggas saying, john Moran coming. I tell everybody right now on the west coast, John Moran is coming. I don't know. Pause. I don't know what the fuck is you all going to do because if anything that we seen last night is about to take place the next. What?


Yeah, he's going to get crazy next.


Game, the next 55 games or whatever. Y'all niggas is in trouble. Everybody's in trouble. If anything I see of last night moving forward, it is a problem. I don't know how it's going. I don't know how it goes with the all star. John Moran got my first team selection if I was voting for the all star game purely off of last night. Look, we have 64 points. I'm Yanis Damien Lillard. Have 40 tonight. I'm pretty sure Brussels have 50 the other night. It's been a few outstanding performances.


Indiana next. That's going to be a goodie.


Yeah. Hollerburg. This is what I like about this. You know why I like shit about this? Because we're noticing Halliburton this season because he's doing spectacular five and twelve right with Indiana. He's striving in their system and to the point where a lot of people probably didn't know he played with Sacramento before he got here. But you know who do remember him?


Going crazy. My little one going crazy.


That's what you only.


I'm going to fix it.


I got it. That's him from Sacramento. No more. He played against Hollerburg Thursday. I don't know what underdog putting on it. I'm going for the 38 Nova. I'm going for that.


Well, speaking of where these players are, Clay Thompson publicly said he's been playing like crap after being benched in the warriors versus Suns game. Since making that statement, his recent game stats have been 30 points, 24 points, 28 points, five rebounds, four rebounds, three assists, one assist. So he's made some progress. But how do you feel about Clay right now.


With this turnaround? First, I appreciate him acknowledging that he was playing poorly. Secondly, I appreciate that Steve Kerr had enough wherewithal to bench know, because sometimes a person be living off their name a long time, and that happens in all areas of business. But to see him say, you know what? We're really going to have to make a change here for the better was really good to see. And for him to respond, he had to respond. Draymond's not playing. I don't know. Where's Wiggins? We got to put an APB out on a lot of niggas right now. Wiggins is. I don't know where Wiggins is. And actually, he showed up. He started showing up, and he started showing up against good teams. That's a great sign, because I'm a Clay Thompson fan, so it's good to see him playing again.


No credit for contract year. Get no credit for me. Nigga. It's what you post to do. Yeah, it's what we expect of you. Oh, Clay's killing the last three games. Three games. You got bench, nigga. This is what we used to. You listen. You know, I remember watching him when Charles Barkley was getting on him last year. Pause about, Clay's not doing this. Clay's not doing that. Clay's like, damn, I just came off an injury. Give me some time to get myself together. I've only been playing x amount of games. You're not coming off injury, and it's a contract year. I don't want to hear about Clay Thompson doing good the last three games. Steph Curry needs help, nigga. He needs help. He needs help. Draymond is trying to do the best that he can by fucking niggas up to help Steph Curry. Draymond actually came and choked the nigga out for you, Clay.


So he fouling niggas for Curry.


Well, the choke out was for Clay. Clay got into that little tussle, and Rudy Goldberg grabbed him.


He does need to take that stupid headband off. That's probably why he's shooting. Well, that's what I was thinking.


Yeah. Listen, man, I know murder you on your analyst expert shit. You may murder up here. Well, you know, he's 25 for 27.




You talk about, well, Steve Kerr did the right thing, and he's taking accountability. Yo, nigga, you ain't shit this season. You got three good games, and you got a dumb ass headband on. That's what murder just told me. So.


Niggas told me they smoking on a Clay pack. Smoking on Clay.


That's what I was talking about. Listen, this is the shit I'm talking about. Because now murder telling you that he knows people. He knows people. So at the end of the day.


That'S what niggas is saying from team to team, Clay. Niggas is talking about they smoking on Clay tonight.


That's the analyzation I need to hear. That's what I've been waiting so, Clay. And listen, I'm going to be honest with you. The last two seasons, I'm not going to say the season before, because I know you wasn't all the way good, but I'll say the season last season, I see you with a lot of frustration with these young niggas. You want to argue with book? You want to argue with the whole Minnesota Grizzlies team throwing up the ring. I know title town and all this shit. They ain't got no title, but it's just a sign showing that sugar and frustrated are what these young niggas is doing. Now, I don't know murder's inside sources, but it sounds right to me, because niggas would definitely. They would definitely smoke a pack of Clay Thompson, and they might put you in the dispensary. You keep it up, you might be able to go buy a pack of Clay Thompson and smoke, nigga. Because the clay gold runs. Exactly. Because now what happens is this. Anthony Edwards is a great example. Antman, you all just smoked on a clay pack. 40 and 50. 40 and 15 on the nigga.


Now, what happens is it goes to the next team. Like murder just said, they going to smoke the pack of clay before the game. Now, not even after the game. Get your name back, nigga. Stop complaining. I know you're saying you're playing like crap, so you're taking accountability, which is dope. But you have no choice but to take accountability. Because we see you, nigga. You know we see you, right? So please help Curry. I'm not, like I said, draymond's way out of control what he's doing, but if I got to choke a nigga out, if I got to slap a nigga, if I got to do what I got to do to help stuff Curry out, that's what it's about. And I'm not saying take it as far as Draymond, but even every hockey team got a goon on it, and Draymond's just a goon on the team. Not saying he's not an exceptional basketball player, but he knows his position. The thing about it is this also Gilbert arena said it as well. Gilbert arena said that Clay and I think we talked about a couple of weeks ago, that he said because we was talking about people who didn't improve, how Clay Thompson is the only player who hadn't improved.


And me and Mace brought it up as well. You have no one, too, to get a nigga off. You shoot fast. So if a nigga don't get niggas, not next to you in the next 2.3 seconds, you could get your shot off. But what are you going to do? I could get a nigga off me. I pause. If a nigger, I'm almost 50 in a few years, run down on me. I dare you. Any one of y'all niggas run down on me. You might catch me after I get past you, but I'm going to get past you. Do not run down on me.


Yeah, he just pump, pump.


Yeah, you do this. Yo, my nigga get you one of these in the offseason, nigga get you mellow. Yeah, practice with. I want to go to a videotape real quick. A mace fully clothed. Pause. Street clothes in Madison Square Garden with a nigga trying to guard him. And we'll be right back. Oh, chill, chill. That man is fully clothed.


He got a goose on.


He had a murmur on the nigga murder behind his back. This isn't a high school murder. This is a 31, 32 year old murder. And you trying to reach on him. He doesn't get paid to do this. You get paid millions of dollars. Please help Steph Curry. Maybe they need to do a protest about that help Steph campaign.


Okay, well, last thing on the subject of the warriors, and before we go to break, Steve Kerr said for anybody to question Steph Curry's leadership, it's kind of sickening to the people who have pointed fingers at Steph for issues concerning Draymond and others on the team. Do you think Steph holds any responsibility?


Yes, Steph holds responsibility. He's the leader of the team. As he goes, the team goes. So when something crazy happens, if he take the credit for the good, he definitely got to take the credit for this. And being able to call your goons, know, when you're the leader, it's just like that. If you're a recording star, if something go crazy, it's on you. You got to tell your niggas to chill out. You got to tell Draymond to chill out. But again, like Cam was saying, niggas is smoking on clay packs. What are you supposed to do? Niggas is running off with work. He got to show up.


I say this about that. I'm not saying Steph Curry isn't a leader, and there's different ways of being leaders. I know we had a debate with stat about leadership a few last week or whatever it was. It's different ways to be leaders. And what I'll say is this, I think that Steph Curry's a leader, but I think Draymond's more of a leader than Steph Curry. I think Steph Curry. I think a lot of times people get leadership confused with the best player on the team. The best player on the team doesn't always have to be a leader. I'll give you a great example. And I'm not saying he was the best player on our team. We had a guy on our team named Rich Parker. Really good. He could put the ball in the basket. He wasn't the best dribble or anything. He could shoot a jump shot, and he knew how to put the ball in a basket. But that didn't mean he was going to pull niggas to the side and be like, why are you doing this? So why are you doing that? If niggas was acting up, he wanted them niggas to be like, whatever.


As long as I get my points, I need my 28, 29 points. And I'm not saying Rich Parker wouldn't be a great lead. I'm just saying in our team, yeah, he wasn't, he wasn't the leader, but he may have been the leading scorer. So sometimes people get that misconstrued. And I'm not saying Steph Curry doesn't have the leadership because I'm not there in a locker room and know what Steph says and what doesn't know. But at the end of the day, not just with the Golden State warriors. I'm going to take Steve Kerr's word because Steve Kerr is there and knows what's going on. But we have to stop getting confused. The best player on the team for the leader on the team that may not be the same person.


Got it? Okay. Let us know what you guys think. We're going to go to break, and when we return, we will talk about the possibility of trading Utah's Jordan Clarkson.


She calls sing about toxic four years and counting got you feeling like options maybe I'm my own problem babe she's out of here and I don't know my stubborn in me won't fall dealing with this thing called trouble but she really thinking about.


Welcome back. So let's get into our underdog fantasy picks of the day the Knicks will play. The Nets underdog fantasy has Jalen Brunson at 25 and a half points. Do you have him higher or lower?


I'm going to go with the young boy. Pause. Higher.


He cooking right now. Higher. Okay.


Julius Randall is at 40 and a half points, rebounds and assists. Do you have them higher or lower?


Cam, how much total?


40 and a half.


Low. Lower. Okay.


And Michael Bridges is at five rebounds. Do you have him higher or lower?




Download the underdog fantasy app and you can make your picks, too. Okay. Utah's Jazz's Jordan Clarkson is available for trade. What should Utah do to put them back on the.


Know? I don't know what's on this team. Who's on this team? I haven't been watching Utah, but they got a bunch of niggas they got to get rid. They got like Collins Sexton. I know he got to get out of there.


Kelly O'Nick Olinix. How do you pronounce it? No disrespect.


Kelly Olink.




They got a bunch of players they're willing to know. Jordan Clarkson is the most sexiest name. Pause. But they're willing to trade all three of the people the charges named Sexton and Kelly O. I'll call them Kelly O. Utah is currently under two games, three games behind Golden State in twelveth or 13th place. The great question, what do they have to do to be on the map? Utah has always been formidable. John Stockton, car Malone. Then I remember they had before that Darren Williams and what's the nigga with the sons right now from Alaska? The two sons that's killing, right? What's. I'm so mad. I was thinking, what's the nigga with the two sons that's killing right now?




Booze, right? Yeah. Was Darren Williams and Boozer. They was really good for a minute, like you just said. Donovan Mitchell.


AK 47. I forgot about AK 47.


They've been formidable. And where they're at now, it looks like a long way from home for them to get better stat. That's an incredible question because I have no know. It's one thing, like we were saying, okay, the spurs have not been winning for a while. They got Wembey and okay. I remember what you talking about. Wenbey is going to be the first team all NBA and Mace had him as the best player in the NBA when the season started and a lot.


Of shit, but I had him and John my list.


So just got to throw that in.


There, put that out there. I did have John that list.


It wasn't even a shot, but it wasn't a shot if we both picked Phoenix. To go against Devil, you gotta grasp for the obvious. You gotta grasp for the obvious. Defense. All night I caught little dunk I got. But yeah, listen, man, I don't know what it's going to do, but it looks like it's going to be a long process because Utah is one of them cities and Utah is a beautiful city. Salt Lake City is really nice. I go there to vacation on the outskirts of Salt Lake City every winter, Darren and Denver is a really nice city. But what I will say is that I have no answer to that question, but I know Jordan Clarkson. What he's saying, he wants to be traded to a contender and he's been the league a while, so to be going from Utah to another bum ass team would probably be super duper frustrating. I don't know what you would give up for Clarkson because he was part of that team in Cleveland. Now that I think about when they lost the championships to Golden State, when he played with LeBron, he had a chance to get it, but I don't think he fit in well with that particular team.


I wish him well. I hope he gets to a good team because I think he is a really good, decent player. He's an NBA player. I think he's a terrific six man. Not Jamal Crawford level or my nigga Lemon pepper Lou, but he's right underneath that tier of player.


LeBron James said, I'm going to play until I'm 40. Then after 40, I'm going to go all left hand until I'm 45. I'm going to score 5000 with my left hand. Then I'll be done. Could you see him doing it?


LeBron is trolling. He said that just so we could talk about it. So he already did his job. You think he really play all left handed? For two seasons? Three seasons.


I mean, if he really wanted to, just to break a stat. Yeah.


I'm going to let you guys in on a little secret.


Is that the secret?


The secret is it's not really even a secret. LeBron is really left handed. Yeah, he plays basketball with his right hand, but everything else he does with his left hand, he writes with his left hand. He drives with his left hand. He's really left handed in real life. Only thing he does with his right hand is basketball. So it wouldn't be too far fetched to see him really do that now. I like the fact that he's pumping it for us. So he could be like, it seems amazing. Like, oh, shit, the nigga did it with his left. Like how Larry Bird said, I'm going to play this game all left handed against, I believe it was the Atlanta Hawks, if I'm not mistaken. He said, yo, you know what? I'm so good, I'm going to play this game with my left hand. But Larry Bird is really right handed. Bron, we to you, nigga. We know that you're really left handed. The only thing you do in life is play basketball with your right hand. So to me, outside of the age thing, and he's looking phenomenal at his age, about to be 39 next week, he's looking great.


So for him, playing into his 40s is not unreasonable. But he's trying to mom fuck niggas and be like, now I'm going to go all left handed. So when niggas are like, oh, man, this is amazing. LeBron killed them. We know you left handed, nigga. You left handed. In real life, nigga was really going.


To get 10,000 with his left hand.


So when he goes over the 5000 mark, it seems amazing.


You really set out to do five.


Exactly. So, LeBron, I know this, that you're really left handed. And now the people who watch this show, the gig is up. Nigga, you're not fooling nobody. We know you really left handed, bro.


Okay, next quote up is from ex NFL running back Richard Mendenhall. He said, I'm so sick of average white guys commenting on football. Y'all not even good at football. Can we please replace the Pro bowl with an all black versus all white bowl so these Cats can stop trying to teach me who's good at football. I'm better than your goat. So one, what do you think about his quote? And two, would you watch?


Definitely will watch. He said he's better than.


He said, I'm better than your goat.


That's way wrong. The racism bowl is crazy. The racism bowl is what he's calling for. That's crazy. My goodness. I'm back. You want to add a racism bowl? Okay, so who's the commentator?


Yeah, the racism bowl. I like that. Could I have some more information on what he played? You're not better than my goat. You're not better, Tom Brady. And right now, look, top five football players right now, I don't have an order, and we had never put an order. But Christian McCaffrey's in there.




You're not better than Christian McCaffrey. You got to stop with this, man. This is the reverse racism shit that Mason's been talking about all last two weeks. The racism bowl is, man. So listen, man, I dig it.


Is he better than Tariq Hill?


No, literally, the headlines have him as self declared football great.


But you hear what Sass said? She says self declared football great.


It's like affirmations.


It's like when Sukiana came in, we were like, how you get Suki with the good kuchi? She said, I'm not self proclaimed. I was given that somebody named me that.


It wasn't a rot.


Exactly. He's naming his self proclaimed means you're giving yourself that title. I don't even know that nigga. Be honest with you. But you ain't better than Tom Brady, and you ain't better than Christian McCaffrey, who's actually playing right now. If you want, I'll dig into your background to come back with some information on you. But from what niggas behind the cameras are saying, it's not worth it.


Digging to your background was crazy, though.


Crazy. You know what's even crazier? A nigga named d king is telling me that's crazy. I ain't even going to look at murder is crazy. I'm not even arguing with murder. That was. Wow. But if a nigga named d king every time he says, I've even cool for two weeks. We love king. We love king. Your name is d king, ladies and gentlemen. Let me ask y'all this. If a nigga name is d King, can he tell you anything is crazy? We'll go to Twitter and you let us know on page if that's crazy. Now back to you, murder. I'm sorry, that was out of line. That might have been pause of the month. That might have been pause of the month. You're absolutely right.


Okay. And moving along to another football topic, it was reported that Panthers game tickets have dropped to as low as forty five cents a ticket right before kickoff.




Yet a lot of the seats are.


Still mainly empty, man.


How do you feel about them ticket prices?


And that was 45.


Before we get to it, could we show a video? Of what? The top row of the Panthers or a picture? Not a video. A picture of what the top row of the Panthers game looked like last week. God damn. The owner like, give my money back.


Made it $0.45.




Nigga like, yo, we better go on tv. We need these seeds filled. Yeah, what price you think?


I'll be honest with you. Only tv they was going to be on was in North Carolina because nobody else was watching. This wasn't even a groupon sale. Y'all can see if it was groupon. This wasn't even, yo, North Carolina serious about that protest? I was just about to say, yo, North Carolina, let us know when the protest is. We might come, we might show up. Yeah, I have no idea what date it is, but please let us know because I'm here to support that protest. $0.45 is absurd. And Charlote is a beautiful city, man. Super good, super lit. I tell you one thing, remember that.


Was the side chicks of what's the show again?


I remember we were talking about side chicks of America. Yeah, I tell you this much, Charlote. Yeah, I'll tell you this much, Charlote. I don't know if this is going to generate wins, losses, or anything else, but at least half of them ticket sales that you missing, you bring Cam Newton back, you'll sell half of them seats that you're missing, whether he plays or not. Whether he plays or not. You bring Cam Newton back, you will get at least half of them seats you missing filled up, he's on a rampage. Or in the podcast. You got to get that nigga some shoulder pass pause and a helmet and get that nigga back on the field, and you'll make your money back. Because if this is about money, he's going to sell tickets. Win, lose a draw.


Facts. Free game. Well, that's all the time we have for today. Thanks for watching. And as always, it is what it.




So much jump big necks. Like when they doing them two for five in the drive through.