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Three oh five. Mark. Yeah, look, they love me. Yeah, they love me first. Love yourself for that. And God, we trust. Trust me. I don't trust myself. Your jewelry. I get it. Took no show.


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How are we doing? What up, yo? What's shaking?


Nothing much. I didn't get a fit memo because you real dressed up today.


A little photo shoot shout to GQ cover. We were just a GQ ass nigga. We're going to get you on the next GQ. What we're going to do is make your show top five this time next year, and we're going to get you on the COVID Everything that's sexy and related to female sports, outside of sports, too. Because you know what I don't like? What I really don't like is when y'all niggas try to act like stat ain't down with me or us. Yo, how niggas ain't gonna put stat in it? Yo, stat ain't involved. You think I asked them to put stat in it? If stat is not in it, I requested stat to be in it. Whether it's a list, a top ten list, whether it's a cover magazine. Look, we was doing the COVID of Rollerstone magazine, and some things happened that transpired that the COVID didn't come out for reasons that don't need to be explained. I said, you got to put stat on the COVID facts or not.


It was facts.




Always be looking out for me because they do be in the comments.


Like, why?


You'll never put like, I love you all, though, and I appreciate it, but there is a conversation. I'm not out the loop, bro.


Stat ain't never writing no rhymes that I know of. She ain't do no beats, she got no videos. Cover Rolling Stone, the COVID I've been around stone a hundred times to be on the COVID out the gate. I was fighting for that, and I got it done. Like I said, it was some shit after the photo shoot. Why we didn't do the COVID but stat was about to be on the COVID of Rolling Stone. Get the fuck out of my comments with all that niggas. Don't be doing this for stat. Don't be doing that for stat. And I'm not bringing up shit to stir up shit that I'm over. But I was telling niggas outside of me, like, the main niggas that be having people on a show, and I'm not talking about nobody specific, because I'm not bringing up no old problems. I don't want no problems. Nobody who don't want no problems with me. But she makes more than everybody, and I'm going to make sure she keep getting more niggas up there doing shows for $3. Telling you, man, that's a young, rich black woman right now. I'm trying to make her wealthy.


Say the fuck out. My dms and not really my dms. My comments about best thing y'all niggas, I named us that. I named us that. We are not against each other.


It's not a competition at all. We work it together.


This is not a competition whatsoever, man. Just. I just say that, man.


No, and I'm actually happy you addressed that because I think a lot of people were confused about some things. But yes, conversations are had. We are working to be at the top together. It's not a competition. Like, we are working together, and that's how it should be.


Yeah, I don't know nobody on no other show that say, yo, you know, the last time I seen this, and I could be wrong, is Oprah put Dr. Phil on. Niggas ain't putting nobody on on their shows unless they on already. Like, they collaborate. Like, oh, this person's a star on this show, and this person's star on that show. And then they collaborate, and then they end up being like, a show together. Niggas is not putting people on on a show. Like, you know what? I think you deserve your own show. No, they want to keep people under their wing the whole time to make their show better instead of empowering not just other people on the show, but for me, a young black female who's smart, intelligent, pretty, and has a lot of wisdom to do not only in front of the camera, but behind it. Fuck out of here, man.


Well, one, I appreciate it. And, yeah, make sure you all check out the stat. You know, my episodes drop Friday at 03:00 p.m. So stay tuned. Got a lot of cool stuff coming up, but let's get into the questions. The spurs lost to the Rockets 93 to 82. The spurs are on a 16 game losing streak. So I'm just going to ask, what is the problem with the spurs?


You know what, the spurs is my, yo, a lot of people don't know that. I'm not just doing saying that because I may be like, this is my team and that's my team. A lot of people don't know. Of course, as Nick fans, I don't know if you know this. When you live in New York, you're allowed to have two teams, the Knicks, because you go through heartburn, heartache, ulcers, all type of shit. If you just a nick fan, it gets mentally draining. So for the last 20, well, longer than that, probably 25 years, the spurs have been my team. Kim, how'd the spurs been your team? The reason the spurs are my team is because a point guard out in New York named Rob Strickland had went to the spurs shout to rob, my nigga rob, what's up baby? And when he went there, I'm like, no, I'm fuck with the spurs. That's New York nigga there. And when he left there, I stayed with the Spurs. I was there before Tim Duncan got drafted. I was there when David Robinson got know because they'd be like all of a Spurs Nas. I'm Sean Elliott, I'm Lloyd Daniels, I'm from that Avery Johnson, I'm from that spurs era.


So back to the spurs. We ain't shit. We ain't shit. You know what I get? And I don't notice for a fact because his numbers, Wimbay numbers look amazing when you look at the numbers. But he doesn't have the energy that everybody thought that he would have. Like, I'm here to take this league over, man. This is my league. Y'all little Niggas can't fuck with me. Look, I got my 20 points and my ten rebounds, which is exceptional for a rookie. But for a nigga 7475 with handle three point shot dribling, it's a little underachieved. And I hate to say underachieved because like I said, if you go into analytics and the numbers, his numbers are great for a rookie. But off the test, it's like, damn, man, he really needs to try and do some know. I know New York, we got some of the toughest fans and we real fucking arrogant and fucked up sometime and disrespectful, but when he played at the garden, the whole crowd was like overrated. Overrated. I'm like, damn, they can't even get 20 and ten out here without being overrated in their first fucking year. That shit was crazy for me, though.


Like, stat already said they lost the last 16 games straight. It's looking like they're going back to the lottery. What, they're three and 19? That is, if I'm not mistaken, three and 19. So at the end of the day, I really can't blame it. I really can't focus on the spurs. What I would like to focus on is the Houston Rockets. I think that's a better story than just focusing on the spurs losing like that. The Houston Rockets actually are doing tremendous. What this points out to me is this, because somebody cheats in their relationship don't mean they can't mean. I know it was a big mess up there in Boston and so on and so forth, but that don't mean that they can't coach. They got rid of him not only because he had a field, but I know it was internal. I know niggas boning president's wives and a secretary came out, and I know it was a hazardous environment. But his first year, he got them to the championship. Last year, they had a new coach, but they didn't even really get to the championship. So I will say that I'm more impressed with the Houston Rockets right now.


The Houston Rockets would be in the. Well, I'm looking here. They're two games out of first place in their division. New Orleans is ahead of them, and Dallas is ahead of them. So I'm really impressed with Houston. I'll be keeping an eye on them. And right now, let's look at the people that they're ahead of in the west. The people that they're ahead of in the west is we got Phoenix underneath Houston, which that was my pick to go to the Western Conference finals. We got the Pelicans under Houston. The LA Clippers are under Houston. The Golden State warriors are under Houston. The Memphis Grizzlies, we know that they're John morantless, but they're under Houston. These are teams that are playoff teams last year that are all under Houston. So I think the biggest story is not the spurs losing 16 games. It's more about the Houston Rockets elevation and them getting down to business as murder just walked in. What's good, baby? What's the word?




Yeah, we was just talking about the Houston Rockets.


All I heard was cousin nigga.


Because that's what, you know. I don't think it was about the fear, why they got rid of doca, if I'm saying his name right, I think it's about who he had the affair with. It was with people that was internally with the Boston Celtics franchise. It wasn't a president's wife or somebody's secretary, because after the wife came out, secretary got mad like, oh, you fucking them, too? So I don't think it was about that.


But, oh, it was more than one person.


Yeah, it started getting a little drippy pause.


He was going crazy.


And then the fact the alarm was involved, all that goes to show is, that don't mean I can't coach. You know, it's like this with me. It's a lot of different things that people get penalized for because they're good at one thing. That don't mean they're good another. Like, shout out nigga. Beast mode. Shout to Marshawn lynch. You know, he was in the studio the other day. Shout to Marshawn, we wait for you to come back. And he could be one of the best talkers in the world, one of the greatest talkers. He could go probably maybe teach a class at Harvard, but everybody may not be great talkers. I remember.


Yeah, that is true.


Yeah. Like, Kevin Martin had Tourette's, so when he's talking, he was snapping. And I'm like, this man is obligated to talk to media before and after when I know that's part of the job in the NBA and part of job being a professional. But I'm a great basketball player. That doesn't mean I'm the best talker in the world. And I know for certain people it may set a precedent to be like, well, if he don't talk, I don't want to talk. And I know they need that to get the league the way it needs to be and promotion and growing the league. But sometimes because you're good at one thing doesn't mean that you're great at another thing. You may be a great coach and a terrible husband. Does that mean I can't coach no more?


Michael Jordan, great player. Win at everything, but don't win at marriage.


Not only marriage, he don't win. And the owner, he's a dope player. Yeah, real great player. Great marketer, sneaker, salesman, so on and so forth. So shout to ndoka, not on the shit you did to Nia, but the job you're doing so far in Houston.


And I'm just going to give my quick take on the spurs, unless you have anything to add as well, but trash, right?


I said that before you came in.


I'm about to put them with Dallas teams. I don't talk about. Why is all of this coming out of Texas? Shout out to Texas, what's going on?


Yeah, listen, the Cowboys every year are kind of winning. Last two years, pop, he's been struggling because even when his teams got, when Tony Parker left, Tim Duncan left Kawhi. And I believe in way before that Denobili, he was still scrambling to that seed some type of way. Now he's um. This is looking like two years of in a row in the lottery. So I don't know.


Yeah, I just want to say that the spurs do have a lot of potential. I just see them as this work in progress team. They are one of the youngest teams in the league and they're doing a lot of experimental work. Like, you have a big man like Victor Wemanyama who's still trying to get his foot on the ground in the court. And then they even made one of their young players, Jeremy Sohan, the point guard, and he's not even a point guard. That's not even the position he usually plays. So I think Papovich is going to, over time, be able to handle them. But right now I think it's just a lot for them to be on the court against these other teams. I just don't think they have their footing yet.


They need some.


Good point. That's why we were saying the Chris Paul trade would have been great for. Yeah, some type of way. I don't know how it would have worked out, but obviously it's not going well in going to state what they got going on. Y'all got some time before the trade deadline to look into that. But it isn't like LA. How may said the other day how you're, you have to perform. It's not LA, but at the same time, it's a small market. But the spurs also have a standard. It's the spurs like, yo, it isn't a big market city, but as an organization. Greg Popovich won probably the top five best coaches ever. You got hall of Famers all over the place.


Tim Duncan out there.


You got David Robinson, you got Tony Parker, you got Janobli, you got, you know, even to a certain Avery Johnson, it's a standard. And right now Wimbay has to realize that you're part of an organization that has a standard. Before you came in, what I was saying was Macy's, that the numbers he's putting up is tremendous as a rookie. And maybe we may be just a little too selfish, saying, we want more. But at the end of the day, the OD test is not there for me, the effort. I think when you get to 20 and ten, you'll be like, well, what else do you really want from me? But were you looking at it as a rookie? That's great numbers. You can't even get mad at that because actually you pointed that out one day. And I'm like, damn, that nigga is average at 20. And I'm like, it don't seem like it. And another thing I was mentioning is, like, as New Yorkers, right before you came in, we're one of the toughest markets to come play at and perform. Play. It's rough out there. It's rough. I think the only other place worse than New York may be Philly.


Philly. Philly's rugged. But I was saying with New Orleans, New Orleans, yeah. Philly will punch you in your face. It's not big in, you know, you ever heard when a nigga jumped in Lou Williams car, tried to rob him, and Lou Williams talked about robbing them? Like, what you doing this for, man? I got it. Then they ended up giving them a job.


He had a gun.


Yeah, on some Frank Lopez, on some king of New York Frank white shit. But I was saying how when Wembie played in New York, the whole gun was, like, overrated. Then you look, scoreboard, he got 22, 20, whatever. I don't remember what he had. But it's not enough.


When you're talking about the Spurs. Spurs has never been about numbers, though. Even if he made the numbers as a Spurs fan, every time they had a good team, it was never about the numbers. David Robinson, it always has been about collective and doing things as a community. So when you see Wimby getting these numbers, for him to have all of these numbers and not win, I think it matters more that they're not winning than him getting, because even if he wasn't getting these numbers and they were winning and continuing the spurs culture, I think people would really rally behind that. But I think when you got so many hall of famers around that you can't run out of clock with all of those people there moving along.


The Nuggets beat the Hawks 129 to 122. Jamal Murray was the game leader this time. Do you think any team is better than the Nuggets right now?


I think, well, standings wise, they're third or fourth in the east, if I'm not mistaken, standards wise. But what I think with the Nuggets, my personal opinion, Joker missed a couple games, which is uncharacteristic. Jamal Murray was injured for a couple games. Aaron Gordon missed a couple games. I really believe, my personal opinion, I don't know this for a fact, is that the Nuggets really believe that they got everybody's number, and if they zero in in February or march and buckle down, then nobody could fuck with them. I think that their attitude is because when the season started, they came in, there was about eight and one, nine and two, maybe twelve and three people took a couple of games off. Maybe injury, maybe not, maybe rest. I really believe that the Nuggets in their brain say, we could turn this shit on when we ready to turn it on. We just talked about it yesterday morning when D'Angelo Russell told Bruce Brown, yeah, you ain't got the joker there this time, nigga. Because niggas know when the Joker want to do what the Joker want to.


Do, nobody gonna stop him.


Yeah, that's what's gonna happen, man. So do I think they're the best? Yeah, I think they're their best when they gonna need to be the best. I really, truly believe, and this could backfire on them if they don't stay in rhythm, that they think nobody can fuck with them. And when they want to turn it on, they'll turn it on.


It might be a bad idea, though. I really still think Denver is the best team, but that could really be a bad idea when you start playing like that, when you just like, oh, we got everybody number, we're going to do just enough. I think that's what people are starting to say about Clay Thompson. Like, you get to that place where you've been good for so long, you're like, well, I could do whatever I want, and that's not how you get there, and that's not how you stay there.


Good points.


Okay, the Timberwolves.


Also, real quick, before we move on Atlanta, what the fuck are y'all niggas had it two years ago since Murray got there, and I'm not placing the blame on him. Shout the jingles and the crew, everybody up there in Seattle. I'm not placing the blame on him, but that's just not working. Murray and ice Tray is not working. And I have no idea why or what the problem is, but it's not going to work out. Right now, you all are in 10th place, and you all are four games under 500. This was not the Atlanta Hawks that was looking like they're about to be on the rise two years ago. And I would tell you this, both of y'all are young. I'm talking to Murray and I'm talking to Ice Trey. Y'all on the clock, not with us, with Atlanta. If they figure out a good trade for one of y'all niggas, and I don't know if it's going to be ice trade because he puts asses into seats. So that's a big deal as well. But to keep losing like this, they will figure something out to trade one of y'all niggas. Now, do y'all want to get traded?


Maybe so. And if y'all do, y'all are on the right path. I'm telling you that right now. But right now, this is not working. And if you all don't turn around, it may be a trade coming soon.


What do you think about bog de novic getting 40 coming off the bench? He was ten for 17.


I didn't know about that.


Yeah, from three, he had 40 points, three rebounds and two stills. Murray had 21 and six. Trey Young had 19 and nine. So they actually played a good game. But I think this is making Trey Young say, when I pass the ball, we lose.


Yeah. What I'm saying is when I look at the score of that game. Yeah, nobody's playing defense. It's 130 to like 120.


Yeah, that too. But, you know, I think it'd be going pausing that all the time. And then he's saying, telling me to pass. When I pass, we lose.


Yeah, but when I score, we lose, too. What's the solution? So I dig what you said.


I remember Alan Iverson, 19 and nine. You would think of a point guard at 19 and nine.


Yeah, I remember Alan Iverson said that about, they say I'm shooting all the time, but when I pass it to snow and then he pass it to homeboy and he passed to me, and then I get it back with 5 seconds on the shot clock. What you want me to do? I'm going to shoot.




So 100%, man. That's a great point. I would love to hear what's going on in the locker room or the mumbles. The mumbles is crazy. You know, when you talk about a nigga, they walk in there.


Yeah, them niggas is bugging. I don't think Atlanta wants to win. You know, like one of those franchises. I don't think they trying to win a championship. Long as they get to about in the playoffs, first or second round, that's good.


I think personally that's not their expectation. I think my personal opinion about this is Miami, New York, la a little bit. New Orleans. Vegas as well. I know Vegas doesn't have an NBA team. Talking about Vegas. And Atlanta may be number one on the list of cities I just named most dangerous for young niggas because of everything else that goes on outside of basketball. You go get strippers at three, four in the morning. My man lemon Pepper Lou left the bubble to go to Atlanta to get chicken wings from Florida. Monica. Atlanta is one of them cities. Once you finish doing what you're doing, there's a lot of things to do, and you have a lot of young players that may want other things to do outside of basketball. We talked about this with the New Orleans Pelicans. When they asked them what they going, they couldn't even.


Know what we about to do with their language.


Yeah, they can start looking at us. Shit, man, we in Vegas, too. That's what sometimes people are thinking about outside of basketball. And I think Atlanta. Look, I had a good time. When I go to Atlanta. I haven't been a while, but when you go, it's a good time. You don't have to whistle. Me, too.


Oh, yeah. I love.


Atlanta. Houston, Vegas. So at the end of the day, Trey Young may be one year older than stack. She had the same giggle that Ziona Ingram had when I said, but she's not playing 48 minutes tonight, so it's a difference.


Exactly. Okay, moving along, the Timberwolves six game win streak came to an end after losing to the Pelicans, 121 to 107. Do you think the Timberwolves would have won if they had Anthony Edwards playing?


Yes, of course they would have won.


Yes. Listen, man, they only lost by what, 14?


That's like saying, do you think he would have 14? You answer that?


Well, yes, I think they would have won if they had Anthony Edwards. But I'm just discussion.


I was about to say that was pretty. I thought you was going underdog fantasy, just giving the money away.


Fucking Pelicans got to do a lot to win back mom. All fucking faith in them. For real. Yeah, man. Listen, bro, a lot of niggas, and we have a long season. We got a lot of basketball left to play. I'm mad at these niggas who blew the opportunity against LeBron and the Lakers, man. I got a real attitude with the Pacers, and I got a real attitude with the Pelicans because y'all didn't realize the stage that y'all was on and the opportunity that you had in front of May. I thought I was bugging when I seen it, but when I heard Stephen A. Smith say it as well. I said, okay, I'm not bugging Zion. You looking chubby paws, bro. This ain't the. When you come in, prostitution, not prostitution. Porno females and strippers look like they back in your environment. And food. A lot of food. Strippers, your girlfriend, porno bitches and food. Great food down there in New Orleans, by the way. But you're not looking like the shape you came into in the season. And it's going to affect you because people are watching. You're not just a regular player. Shouldn't they go under the radar?


When you're in shape? You're probably the strongest person in the NBA. Pardon me? And you're not that tall. You're like Charles Barkley with more power when you're playing basketball and when you're in shape. And right now, it's not resonating that game, it looked like y'all just quit against the Lakers. So, no, I'm not impressed that they beat Minnesota. And I know Minnesota is in first place in the west, but like Mace said, I'm not going point differential or anything like that. But if Anthony Edwards was playing, no, I don't think y'all would have won. I think Anthony Edwards. I'm not saying he's LeBron James, but we talked about it. Shout to Matt Barnes and my man stack five. You can catch me on their podcast coming out soon up in smoke. And we talked about just who's the best american player and who wants to take the league. It may not be american person who takes be the face of the league after LeBron, but we had a hard time thinking about it. And them niggas wet the bed. They wet the bed. Pelicans. So congratulations.


What does that mean?


They wet the comes when they played against the Lakers, they fucked up. I say they wet the bed. I'm talking about y'all niggas had an opportunity to show niggas on a national stage that y'all them niggas or y'all the next generation of niggas and they missed out on that. That's just my opinion.


Yeah, I think good thing ja coming back.


I'm excited.


More game to mean. Looking at the game, it doesn't seem like they really like you was talking about. I think it was LeBron when you said this, and I hate to agree, but it's the truth. He's the only one showing that he wants to be set apart from everybody else. It's like people are not scheduling their minds to live a life and in a way where they could be that type of player. I think it's too much. People desire the fame that come with being a good basketball player more than it is wanting to be a great basketball.


The Detroit Pistons have lost 20 straight games. What should their next steps be?


I think they need to get rid of all them niggas.


That's a crazy statement.


I think Drake got a song like that, right? Get rid of them niggas. Hide some help.


Drake. Yeah. I'm sick of these niggas.


Sick of these.


Yeah, for real.


That's one of my favorite Drake joints, too. Yeah.


Hire some help.


Get rid of these niggas.


Get rid of these niggas.


It is what it is, baby.


Yeah. Who's on that team you would keep, killer?


I don't know. One nigga on that team. A light skinned nigga, right? That's about it. Yeah.


Listen, man, you send wise men away, too.




You give up on them?


I've been wise, seeing all negative, hollow. All they've been showing is bad highlights of Wiseman. Like shacked in the fool type shit. Yeah. I'm giving up on Wiseman. Look. Definitely giving up on Wiseman. I'm looking at why he don't even fucking start. The niggas getting 13 minutes. Golden State. You all fucked up with that pick. You all really did. You all had a chance to get. And he's always hurt, too. But you all could have got mellow ball and then even have to deal with all the Jordan pool headache. I don't know if you all would have got a championship, but I think he would have fit really well with Steph Curry and Clay. Being that Steph plays off the ball a lot. Look, another game. Who they lose to? The paces. Paces. Y'all niggas. Y'all blew it, man. Porsche. Y'all niggas blew it.


They would have had Lamello.


And so that year, golden State because of picks or that's the year they was hurt. Yeah, they could have got. I'm not sure if they would have had both. Don't get me wrong.


But if they would have had both of them, that would be crazy.


But they had the second pick, and Wiseman was the second pick, and Lamello Ball was third. I believe. And imagine Lamello ball in Golden State with a healthy clay and Steph Curry. That would have been something to fucking watch. Definitely.


That second pick pause is always a doozy. Like when that second and third pick.


Is always crazy Sam buoy flow.


Yeah. Sam, Bowie and Jordan. Who else was it Greg Oden and somebody Odin?


And that was, you know, it's crazy. You got Greg Odin and Sam Bowie. Same organization. The Portland Trailblazers could have got Michael Jordan but took Sam Bowie. And then years and years later, they could have got Kevin Durant and took Greg Odin.


And they were saying that in the room, too. Like, we know we made this mistake before, and then they came back and made it again.


Right. That got to hurt. That got to hurt. I don't know how much ownership changed in between those two draft picks, but it's definitely a black cat in the building.


The NBA announced the in season all tournament team with Giannis, Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant, Tyrese Halleburton, and LeBron James. Do you think this was chosen correctly?


Wait, I need to hear that again.


Yeah. Yanis Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant, Tyrese Halliburton. Yeah. And LeBron James.


Killer. What do you think about that? AD is in the first team.


Yeah. 41 in the chip. A lot of people were saying Ad should have got the MVP of the tournament, but my thing is this.


He had 41 in the chip and ain't getting the MVP.


No, we ain't getting the MVP. My thing is this. What do you think about that before we move forward?


That's why I brought it back up. 41 in the chip. And niggas, put the MVP over your head. You only thinking like, no, these niggas is bugging because another game, he had 20. So in the semifinals, he had 20, and then in the chibi at 40, 41. I don't know how you don't get MVP facts.


So you said he should have got MVP two set? Yeah.






What's your reasons?


Let me played like, I was there. He just played great. That was a game from Ad I haven't seen.


He looked like the old ad right there.


That was great. There's nothing else to it. And he was also playing more minutes. I think even Austin Reeves might have outscored mean shout out to saying, because.


There was no real big man he was playing against.


Miles Turner was mad at us the day before. Look, I want to know your opinion. I'm not disagreeing with y'all. I just want to know how y'all felt about it. But the reason me personally, I would have gave it to LeBron James if Ad got. I would have been mad. Me personally, as a Laker and LeBron James, I would have preferred Ad to get it. If I'm LeBron James, like, get this thing MVP. So it's more incentive for him to go out every night and want to fucking play like, yo, you could be the MVP. Look, you having 41 was part of LeBron's plan from the beginning of the season. We said that we're going to give you the team as your team. So I think if he got MVP, it would have more incentive for him to play harder. Me personally, I think the will of LeBron James willing that team along is the reason people go so hard. I know that doesn't matter. That's not in the stat book. The conversations outside of Basque, outside, off the court, in the locker room, nighttime, get ready extra practices that does not show in the stat sheets.


But you could tell and you can see who wants it more than anybody else when he's on the court. Out of all nine players, and if you want to go twelve with the referees, nobody wants it more than LeBron James when he's on the basketball Court. That's the only reason. If not, I'm agreeing with you all. If we're going off the analytics, and.


Then aside from the analytics, do you guys think the players were chosen correctly for the first in season all tournament team again? Yanis Ad, Katie, Tari Taliburn and LeBron James.


I'm not mad at that list. I'm not mad at it. You agree?


That's pretty cool. It looks weird without Joker on it, but yeah.


As far as the actual in season tournament goes, I think that these players definitely did what they need.


Everybody outside of Kevin Durant is expected. They made it to the final four. I'm saying like Joker and I may make it to the final four. Okay.




Everybody else that's on this list at least made it to the final four.


Okay, well, let us know what you guys think. We're going to go to break and when we return, we will talk about PJ Tucker's role with the Clippers.


She calls me about toxic. Four years and counting got you feeling like options. Maybe I'm my own problem babe. She's out of here and I don't know my stubborn and me won't fall dealing with this thing called trial but she really thinking about she want to be free.


Welcome back. So let's get into our underdog fantasy picks of the day. This afternoon the warriors will play the Suns. Underdog Fantasy has Steph Curry at 28 and a half points. Do you have him higher or lower? Mace?


Higher. He will need more points to beat the Suns.




Nobody else doing higher? Definitely higher.


Okay. Clay Thompson is at 22 and a half points, rebounds and assists. Do you have him higher or lower? Cam? 22 points, 22 and a half points, rebounds and assists combined.


Got to the point where they got to combine everything to get glad. 22. Yeah, give me the over for that.


Points, rebounds and assists.


Yeah, of course.


And they got to get 22.


You would think.


You would think they playing with your name right now.


Because, look, if you think about it, right? Think about it.




You get two assists and three rebounds and 15 points, you still don't get 22. Right.


That's why I said twelve.


Yeah. Four rebounds, five assists. That still ain't 22.




They playing with you, bro. They playing with you for real.


They violate your name.


You never know. Because in the trailblazers, he had eleven points. Thunder, 22 points, Clippers, 17. So it's iffy. Devin Booker, is that seven assists? Do you have him higher or lower, Mace?




He's going to get more points. He's getting more points than us. He's going to get more points.


Go higher.


Okay. Make sure to download the underdog fantasy app and you can make your picks, too. Okay, new report. According to Shams, it's been reported that PJ Tucker is frustrated with his role in the Clippers. They're trying to decide if they can find a role for him there or somewhere else. What do you think the best decision would be?


Church out there told me PJ Tucker's still in the league. Only cause of James Hahn. He liked the little seat on the motorcycle. You know that motorcycle, the shit that you put on the side right here, like when you got the motorcycle, it's the little seat right here.


Everywhere my crew go.


Yeah. Niggas said he wouldn't have no job if it wasn't for Jay's heart. Right now, the Clippers, they're still not where they need to be. But in their last ten games, they are seven and three. Since Trey and James Harden, PJ hasn't played in the last five games. I know he's frustrated. I don't know if the Clippers were the place for him to be. I think where PJ Tucker needs to be and where he excelled at, even though it was for half a season, was got. They got Bobby Porters. But PJ can hit that quarter three, he's get down in dirty pause. And he would be a good backup for Porters, if you ask my opinion. But it's definitely not working out in the last. Since he's been with the Clippers. I seen a meme, actually on social media the other day, and they said, kids, it would keep your dreams alive. You could still go to the NBA and have PJ Tucker like last 1718 games, point. And I was like, damn. And they basically saying anybody could go to the NBA. PJ Tucker is in the NBA. I disagree. PJ Tucker, that's my guy.


We talk sneakers. He got a lot of sneakers and shit. But this is going to be tough. And I like his story because it isn't like he went to a big school, got drafted, comes out of d three school. I like this story, but I hope it doesn't end like this.


Yeah. I think because PJ Tucker, like you said, his story is so appealing and so uplifting to many that it's important that he be on a team, that he could actually play and contribute to keep that good story going on. I think he would actually do well also in Milwaukee or Denver, somewhere like that, where he could come off the bench in a good team. But it's crazy when you're playing on a team and they're playing better without playing you. It's kind of hard to argue that they've been seven and three probably since he'd been there, or I know he played in twelve games, he's averaging 14 points. But in those twelve games, the Clippers are almost like seven and three in the last ten games. So then if we stop playing you and we start winning, how do you really get him back in the system if he was a part of the rotation when they wasn't winning?


Right. And also, let me correct that. I was thinking about something else. PJ Tucker did go to University of Texas.




So pardon me when I said so.


That'S in games seven and three, Gilbert.


Arena says Clay Thompson never improved his game. He said even though he has four rings, he's still a spot shooter. So one, do you agree, and is there another player you think that just hasn't improved their game?


Crazy. That is true. There's some truth to that.


I said that before, nigga. Now Gilbert arena say he know what he talking about. I said this like three weeks ago. I'm like, when we talk about the contract, I said, look, right or wrong, I say he can't get a nigga off him. But I was like, yo, that nigga Clay cannot. If a nigga run down, he got a quick release pause, but he can't get a nigga off him. I said, he ain't got none of this. I just said this like two weeks ago. And that's exactly what Gilbert are saying. He's a spot a, if Clay had three or four moves, Clay would be outstanding. Not saying he's not outstanding now, but the end of the day, if you get up on Clay, he got none of this. He don't even got a jab to get into something. And you've been the league long enough.


At least have a jab, one dribble behind the back, cross something, right?


Exactly. But he's such a tremendous shooter that I think that he thinks that'll carry him the rest of his career. And right now, that's not working. For know, me and Mesa have been talking about Clay's contract coming up over the last couple weeks. And this is exactly what we're talking about. The cat's out the bag, baby. They know that. You can't get nobody off. And now your shot's not falling, so that's a problem as well. Your shot always fell. Now it's your shot not falling. When you go to the basket, it looks forced. It looked like you're struggling to get a defender off of you, and the shots are falling.


He doesn't even have a crazy layup package, right?


Yeah, absolutely.


Have you ever seen Clay do a step over jump shot?


I haven't seen him. Look, when Clay Thompson has 70 points, think about this. This is a wild stat. He has 70 points. He dribbled eleven times. I'm not saying be a dribble ball hog. Like go crazy like we New York niggas. So eleven dribbles, that's before you get to half court. You might come up to court before you get to half court is eleven dribbles. As a New Yorker. But I'm saying that means you just catch you, catch you. Maybe one dribble shoot. That's wild. Eleven dribbles on 70 points. And I always thought about that. I'm like, that nigga just has a quick release. It could shoot. Or if you leave him open, he's going to knock it down.


But he was taught it wasn't about that. You could tell it ain't about that.


Get the basket right. Exactly.


How do you play this long and don't have three moves?


Right? Absolutely.


Just the jab up fake. Right.


What else?


And then shoot.


You got to think about it. Right. And I'm not comparing the two because whoever you like better, you like better.


At least Ray Allen had moves.


He could get to the basket. Yeah, Reggie Miller, too. You know what I'm saying? Reggie Miller had the best hill in the world, but like you said, or Ray Allen, but they had things to.


Get people up and Reggie went and spent that summer with Kobe, like I advise you to do, Clay, you need to go spend a summer with Kyrie. That would be great for your career.


It definitely will.


Or Shamgard. One of them. Shamgard, Kyrie. Absolutely be wonderful for you.


Yeah, but as far as that Max contract, man is looking further and further away. When the nigga got a dollar on the fishing pole and say, you got to be quicker than that's. Trying to get the dollar and go to state, management is like, got to be quicker than that, man. It doesn't look good for this extension, man. So I hope it works out for them, bro.


The reason why I bust out laughing, because when the dollar is on a fishing bowl stat, they're never intended for you to get the dollar in the first place. That's just the excuse for not getting it to you.


Yeah, but the Gilbert's point, I don't know any other player who hasn't gotten that much better. I think that Clay's always been stable and the shot been falling, and now that his shot's not fallen, he's being exposed. Who is?


Another player? No, there's a few other players.


Of his magnitude.


Okay. Of his magnitude who's been that level and never got any better. My goodness. They got to be somebody.


We think about it, we can revisit it.


I think it is a good question.


Like Mae said, I know back in.


The day, they were like, Robert Ori. He just always stayed the same, but.


He never was the person. Robert Ori was a specialty. Almost like it wasn't like he was the starter with Clay's the number. And it isn't like you ever held him accountable because his name. Pause. Is big shot Bob for a reason. He comes in and does what he's supposed to do. Pause.


Okay, so, little interesting story when talking about a past date, Aaron Gordon said, I went on a date with this girl one time. Last thing she had on her phone was Aaron Gordon's net worth. So one, I want to ask, are you guys surprised by that? And then two, do you guys have an OD date story that you guys would like to share where something like that has maybe happened?


Last thing on her phone, Erin Gordon's net worth.


I don't know how he saw it.


Yeah, I don't know.


Because what do you like, here's your, like, maybe he's seen it headlined, I don't know. Or she had her phone flipped on the table. I don't know.


I'm going to keep it a honey.


It ain't surprising, though. It's not surprising.


What I was going to say is I'm keeping a hunted. If I just meet you, I'm going through your phone when you sleep too, because I don't know what you trying to rob me, trying to scheme on me. And if I go to your house, I'm in your medicine cabinet. I'm googling shit. If that should say like, just had a baby medicine, abortion medicine, gonorrhea. Because you know the names be like inflexis Mark X. So you got to take a picture of that shit and google it later. Look, it's a lot of things I do medicine in there. You don't know what it means. I'm going right in the medicine cabinet because it's been several times that I've seen them like, oh, no.


You taking a picture of it.


You haven't been to female's house in years. It'd be several medicines or something like that.


You looking at what the medicine means?


I'm not going to lie. I see one.


How many medicines do you have to see where you say, this is a.


No go after I google what they are. Because sometimes you may got anxiety. You'd be like, all right, shorty, just a little rattle. Or you might got ibuprofen. You'd be like, okay, a little bit pain when you start seeing it. Let me tell you something. When medicine start with Zyx, and the rest is you don't even know how to pronounce it. When I see that, I'm scared, I'm googling. I was at my homegirl house. I won't say one of my female I used to deal with in the midwest. I won't say, wow, I took a picture, and the pill was for right after abortion. You take the medicine? I looked at the date. Let's just say I was there January 10. It was issued the 6th. I'm like, come on, January 6. And I'm there to tell, you ain't supposed to let a nigga in that quick.


Like, yo, you ain't even got your stitches out.


Yeah, I think that's like a six week thing after, if I'm not mistaken. You know what I'm saying? I may be wrong, but yeah, like, you being greedy, you know what I'm saying at this point. So that's why I do that. Back to Aaron goy. I'm not just searching to go on your phone if it's, yo, this nigga got everything, girl, I'm telling you, right. And he leaving his watch around this down the third, I'll tell you another story. This is the last thing before I wrap this up. I swear on everything I love. Me and my nigga Bob, we had met a couple females, not saying we was indulgent, but they fell out with each other. You know what I'm saying? They end up falling out with each other. So I called the girl back that I met that introduced the other girl above. So I was like, where's Fred? And Bub was hanging out there with that time, not saying bub did anything, he's just hanging out. And the girl said, I don't fuck with her no more. And I said, damn, that was quick rapping. She said. She kept talking about maybe taking one of your watches when you all were asleep.


So I cut bitches like that off. I cut her ass off because I'm like, yeah, I don't trust you neither. Sound like more to the story. And you was involved with it.


And this is why before she said you was going to take a watch.




You do all of the.


Right. Exactly. So, yeah, if Aaron Gordon, I don't blame him. I'm not saying go through chick stuff and all that stuff, but you got to be careful when you're in a position where you're making millions of dollars or tens of millions or potentially hundreds of million dollars like Aaron. Good. I'm not sure about.


Continue to date. I wouldn't continue.


That sucks, though.


Unless you're just going to go crazy on her, because now you know what it is.


Well, my thing is this. I agree with you. Murder you, google my net worth. You're not here for me.


Yeah, you're definitely not here for you.


You're not here for me because you worrying about how much I got and what you could potentially get. I can see if she googled Aaron Gordon previous girlfriends. How many kids does he have? Have he ever been married? Aaron Gordon. Net worth. Oh, no, that's deep. I'm out, too.


She definitely pocket watcher. And we know what that's going to turn into. Pocket watching.


Lead the ear hustling.


Ear hustling.


And with a regular nigga. Pillow talking. Yeah.


So she's definitely listening into conversations. She's definitely planning how she can orchestrate the money. And some people are so gifted at stealing. They don't take everything. They just be taking little by little.


Yeah, I totally agree with that 100%. Because you got to realize it's females who strictly know they're scheming. And I hate to say it's a whole special on the years ago, they're plotting on, and it's fucked up. They're plotting on a junior now or senior in high school now saying, he going to be the next one or he's going to be the next one. And what happens is, if you're not prepared, see, thank God. Thank God. And it can't be for everybody. And there's no cap. Realistically, I'm glad I grew up in the inner city. Me personally, when we say the inner city, Harlem may be the most inner city ever. This is the inner city everything. Because I remember I went to school in Dallas. It's like, you don't go to the city. And I get there, I'm like, this is cool. This ain't the city city. You know what I'm saying? Like, harlem, not New York, but Harlem is the most city city shit that you could live in. So when you see things and go other places and people trying to get over on you, you're kind of used to it because you're from an environment where everybody's been trying to get over on you your whole life.


So it's like, yo, you can't get over on me because I've been trying to get over on since I was seven years old. My mom put the phone bill in my name. My nigga. I haven't fucked up on credit since I got 18 years old. I was already behind the eight ball. So a lot of times these athletes been top notch since they was 8910. Eleven years old. And look, not to bring him up or anything like that, because I know he had a little bit of controversy the last couple of months, but look, Dwight Howard gets drafted to the Orlando magic. He's there however many months, has a baby with a cheerleader.


18 years old.


Yeah, 18. Best player he'd been since he was probably 7th grade, 6th grade, whatever. Cheerleader turned him out, did a somersault on the nigga joint pause and pop right in. Yeah, and the lover thing. Listen, man, good thing with us, and it's not a good thing. When we was growing up in the 90s, AIDS was running rampant. Like, rampant. Like magic Johnson caught aids of the 90. Easy e caught aids of the 90s. So condoms was heavy. Condoms really been heavy. They had AIDS commercials that used to scare you.


Niggas didn't know you could live.


You got AIDS, you was dead next week before next week, right? That's a fact.


That's how much fear.


That's how much fear.


Nobody was going. Nobody was raw. Doing anything raw.


That's a fact. Because you were so paranoid between drugs and A's and the commercials that you would see. And not only that, the people you would grow up around may get A's addicted to drugs.


You ain't know nobody who lived from it, right? You ain't know nobody.


My father died from AIDS in that era. You don't know anybody who lives from it. And now niggas is just taking a little cocktail and like, my age was acted up yesterday, and I'm good.


You can't spread it. Imagine somebody tell you you can't spread it.


Yeah, exactly. So now it's more niggas ain't using condoms and they pull out. Game is weak. And these bitches is knowing that. So y'all gotta pay attention to this.


You needed to know was the net worth.


Yeah. Shout to my nigga Dr. Sanders, too. Big salute, coach prom. Coach prom actually seen me and Mace's episodes when we were shooting in Miami during our first season. And we was talking about something similar to this. And he wanted me and Mesa and we're still going to come down there, Coach. We'll probably come down there for spring and just talk to the kids about stop paying to get girls bodies done. Stop cash app and somebody you ain't.




Coach Brown was disturbed by get a body done. Coach Brown had a whole, you got to realize, think about it. Murder a BBL 7500 nigga a million nigga like, yo, coach, stop tripping, man. I only threw a ten racks. Coach prom is older than us, so he probably losing his damn mind about that shit. Ten racks BBL and the massage shit. After where you got to stay in the house, where they go, massage ladies rub you up and down and all.


That shit for the BBL, what about she got to do a breast? If she do a BBL, that's what.


She'S going to tell the nigga next. That's what coach, not even the same. When you rob, you kill Coach Brown. We did forget about you. We know that it was a real hectic year. When I say hectic, congratulations on the year that you had. I know it isn't what you expected, but I see what you're doing and recruiting me and Mason and Stat did not forget about you. And we're going to come down there real soon. We just see that you had a media mayhem going on this year, and we'll be down there real soon.


And then real quick, just as a woman's perspective in regards to the Aaron Gordon situation, just as an just. All I can say is just be careful because I feel like the wrong girl. Not even feel like I know the wrong girl can mess up your whole game. And y'all be stuck in the wrong with the wrong people. So look, just stay focused, keep it pushing. Right? One will come if hopefully you already met her. If not, it's going to be harder down the line. That's just the truth. But that's how it is. Just be careful. That's all I got to say.


So you think you got to meet them earlier for them to be honest?


Yeah, I think it's got to be somebody you met before. Because once the status, the money, things change. People start acting weird.


I don't think there's no right answer because at the end of the day as well. Look, once you famous, like Mace said, it's like, damn, unless you meet somebody just as famous that you could vibe with. But then at the same time, if it's a childhood sweetheart or something like that, you may outgrow them as well. And they're not prepared for the lifestyle that you're about to live or that you're living as well. Look, and big shout to my baby mom. I love her.


They don't want your life.


That's what I was about to say. I was about to say, my baby moms. Big shout to I love her. Great mother. I knew her since I was nine years old. Mace knows a tough, tough female from Harlem. She didn't want the life that I wanted. And she let me know that, like Kim, if you're going to do this, get ahead. But this ain't really what I want. And it caused me my relationship with her. But at the same time, she respected what I was trying to do, never jumped in the media, never said no foul shit about me. Could have. I'll be seeing these niggas, rappers babies. Mama's going crazy. So I just want to thank her for that and tell her how much I appreciate her for that. But at the same time, what I wanted is not what she wanted.


Okay, we're going to go to break and then when we return, we will talk about the new largest athletic contract. Don't go anywhere.


She calls me about toxic four years and counting got you feeling like options maybe I'm my own problem babe she died of him and I don't know my stubborn and me won't fall dealing with this thing called trouble but she really thinking I want to be free why am I free?


Welcome back. So we don't really talk baseball often, but this is one to talk about. Shohei Otani signed a lucrative 700 million dollar deal with the Dodgers. This makes him the world's highest paid athlete. But he will only earn around $2 million a year because 680,000,000 will be deferred until the contract is completed, which will be paid between 2034 and 2043. Is this a good deal?


Is that like an Avison deal? Like where he started getting the money?


Obviously still ain't getting his money. That was some pension shit with. Obviously don't get his money till he turned 55. With Reebok, that is what. Reebok I'm talking.


Yeah, that's what I was saying. Is it one of them deals where they just preserve the money to later to make sure you never go broke?


He from Asia. They got him over there. I don't think he ever going to go broke. I really don't know what I was talking about. I was talking to somebody outside before we started filming about this particular contract. And what I was saying to me, my personal opinion is the Dodgers must know something that we don't like. One of mean, I don't know if it's a guaranteed contract or not. I have to do some more homework. I don't think so. All right, thanks.


Yeah, that might be the new way niggas is getting over on a baby. Mother's Chanel.


Give it to me.


Give me the money later.


They could be 24. But, yo, I think. Yeah, I think, yo. Cause nigga Tito just came and said all baseball contract. That's a good fucking point, nigga. That is a great.


Because, you know, if he going to court, it's like he doesn't get the money to 2054.


If you got a 15 year old, 14 year old, that contract is actually really good. It's enough to take care of you to where you don't get no extras. You already going to get extras with 2 million a year.


So whoever's with him, they're going to have to be there for the long haul.


Yeah. Now, for a chick to wait that out, that's just devious.




Because let me tell you something.


Stad didn't like that.


Because I want to get this right.


Get his money in 50 in 2050.


This is the last thing before I want to make sure I get this right. And I want to say it right, and I'll let you guys end it. But this will be my last thing for the show today. I'm going to make sure I type in the right thing. I'm going to get it back to tomorrow, bring it back tomorrow. But let me tell you something. You having a custody battle. Janet Jackson. Okay, cool. Well, her baby father, right? Janet Jackson. I'm going to make sure I did it right tomorrow because I didn't think about it until just know. She had a baby with some super rich, like, billionaire, billionaire nigga. It was some shit where if the baby is a boy, she gets $50 million. If it turns out to be a boy, and if she.


50 million, how she was divorcing on my son.


No, if he gave her a boy, which nobody has no control over. But if you have my son, an extra 50 million, and if our marriage lasts longer than five years, you get another 50 million. She had a son, and she filed for divorce five years. And one day later after. So she got, like, an extra 100 million. And that's why I said I wanted to make sure, because I was watching the story on tv, and I'm like, janet waited a nigga. You know what I'm saying? I want to make sure. I got.


Allegedly was hanging back out with Jermaine Dupree.


Yeah. Hey, man, listen. Jermaine might have been in. Jermaine watched the show today. Jermaine murder. I got nothing to do with mean.


That was props to jermaine. I mean, if she got the money and she could have a choice, she wanted Jermaine.


I'm not mad at that. I'm not mad at it. But the waitout game was wow for divorced one or two days later after this five year marriage thing is up. Janet do it to you, then we don't stand no chance out here, my niggas. It's a few of us. There's a few ladies out here. But goddamn Janet. Janet.


Lil Penny was your principal?


Yeah, man, that was fucking Willis girlfriend on different strokes. I know that, stat. Don't know what the fuck we talking about with little Penny and Willis on different strokes, but God damn, man, Charlene was her name. Or was it Charmaine? It was something, man.


I know Willis couldn't give a billion.


Well, on that note, shout out to Atani for making history. That's all the time we have for today. Thanks for watching. And as always, it is what it.


Is like when they doing them two for five.