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What's up, sign, nigga. Do the salsa. Yo, Vic, turn up real quick. Put me on. Yo, Vic. Vic. Yo, that's Vic. Victor. Morning.


Here, man. Come on in, man.


Get in here, Vic. Get in, man. Get in here. Get in. Yo, record it. Get in here, Vic. Come on. Come on in. Yeah, good. We never stop. We'll edit it out. First of all, thank you for even taking two minutes to come in. You know, New York in the building, I got to deal with this all the time. All the time. I think that your playing career got cut short. I think you were very good, and I don't know why. I know there's a couple of injuries. Why do you think your playing career got cut so short?


That's a good question. I think obviously, early on, the injuries played a part. But I think once I recovered and I came back healthy and I was proven that I could play, I think know the business side of it kind of took a hold. We got Odell Beckham, Jr. That year, we had Sterling Shepard as well, two young receivers. And they was like, we can't keep the OG around because we got to pay these two in couple years. So even though he was doing well, we got to figure out how to get him out of here so we can pay these two young fellas.


That's what's up. And that's a very mature answer. I would have been like, fuck, man. I don't know what the fuck they told.


When I was at the crib.


I'm like, fuck.


But when I'm in the office, I'm.


Like, all right, what y'all need me to do?


Listen, who are your top three receivers right now in the NFL? Who would you matter of fact, give me your top five.


Top five right now?




I'm going to go with. That's tough. I'm going to go with my guy from Minnesota.




I'm going to go with Jamar Chase. I'm going to go with, I still like Cooper cup. I'm going to go with, who else? Drawing blanks. Y'all put me on the spot. I was walking through.




Now I got to put my receiver hat on. I like Brown from Philly. And then I don't even know if he count as a receiver or not, but he's just going off today. He went, Debo, Samuel, you got to put him in that Hybrid. Whatever he is. He is, but he catching the ball, so we'll give him our receiver, too.


Got you. We know that your outtake here business. I don't know if Mace staff has anything to ask. But I'll leave you with this last question for me. And we want to schedule. How long are you out here?


I'll lead them all.


Okay, well, next time you come, we'll get.


We'll do it right.


Thank you for even coming in for the two minutes. Not the winner, but who are your team? Two teams going to the Super bowl this year, man.


I got to make a change because Kansas City just took an l and the way they was looking, they look shaky. So I'm going to go with, I like 49 ers on the NFC side and on the AFC side.


I'm a good 49.


I love OJ on the show.


What's up, OJ? Hey, buddy.


I know you out there. Okay? I'm going to go with the Niners on NFC side and on the AFC side, man, I'm going with who do I like on the AFC side? I don't even know. I'm going with the Niners to win the whole thing.




Just leave it at that.


Got you, man. Anything?


Yeah. I got one question. I always said if I was in front of you I would ask this question. Was that catch illegal when they was on the helmet from David Tyree? Yeah.


Was it.


Catch it?


Rodney Harrison's still upset about the catch. Every time he brings it up, he gets very used.


I used to live down the street from him, so that always came up.


Yeah, no, that was legal. It was a crazy catch. Happy he came down with it. For Giants history, man. That's one of those catches that's going to go down in history forever. So it was perfectly legal and a.


Great one at that.


Thank you so much, man.


We got to do it right one day, man. I'm a huge fan of the show.


I watch all over the gram, all.


Over the clips like, huge fan. Keep doing your thing.


When you leave out, I'm going to have my guys get your number and we'll set. All right. But thank you, Mrs. Too.


Thank you so much.


Thank you for taking five minutes and coming through.


Our pleasure. Appreciate y'all.


Thank you, Victor and thank you for coming on the show.


All right, have a good one. Appreciate you, bro.


Yeah, that was dope. That was dope. Thank you.




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Camp killer was good. Fuck is o at?


Oh, no.


Nick, throw the shit on. Oh. Yo, what the fuck? We're looking for you.


You can't see me now?


Yeah, we can it.


You're blocking this San Francisco sign.


I want to wear my San Francisco jersey, but, you know, it's funny, in my life, I move a lot. I keep a bunch of 40. I mean, Buffalo Bills jersey, bunch of USC jerseys and some 49 ER jerseys. All of a sudden, all my 40 niner jerseys are gone.


Hold on. He just was missing before I even get to you, this nigga right here. Georgia, Oregon.


They put my dog down.


You have no team in the playoffs. Murder. They got the fight. You see, I came in with my Alabama colors on. I came in here purposely.


Now you're a good old boy. Now you're a good old boy. You wear Alabama colors.


I just was wondering who could really.


You don't see the colors I'm wearing?


Who's your team now? You don't see that gold now, nigga. Washington. You. Wow, man.




Yo, I'm telling you now. I was on Maurice Clarette Page and he was getting the whole comment section was saying, I wonder who team Mason's coming in. The Ducks is out. The mighty Ducks. Bo. Nick, he lost the.


That was a good game, though. That was a good game. All my teams lost, like by close numbers. And I wore a little rush for Texas. If you could see it in the handkerchief.


Even OJ is on.


I still got a little 49 and red on for me. As told you last week, they're the best team in football.


Hold on, let's get to a stat.


Well, I guess in honor of you wearing 49 ers colors, let's start with the 49 ers. They took down the Eagles 42 to 19. Does this change how you view either team?


It doesn't change how I view them. I still think the Eagles are a terrific team. And on certain days they may be able to beat the 49 ers. But if both teams are completely healthy and they play ten times, the 49 ers would win seven times. The 49 ers are just solid everywhere. And a little more than solid. They have dynamic players. Last year, when they lost to Philly, we all talk about the lack of the quarterback. 49 ers had no quarterback the main guy they didn't have was Debo Samuels. Debo is a beast. He's on my fantasy team, so I couldn't be happier right now. But Niners are the best team in football if everybody's on the field healthy.


Now, the closest team last. Oh, we went to the videotape before. We went to the videotape before we start the show, you said that Philly was the best team in football last week. Because I knew you would try this week. I went and watched the episode before we came and filmed today. You said the best team in football last week was the Philadelphia Eagles.


I checked two weeks. You may have been talking two weeks ago. You pull it out.


Oh, my goodness. You got to stop this.


I think Philly was a great team, but the 49 ers went healthy, are the best team in football.


Oh, we're going to leave you up here talking by yourself if you pull out again.




That was crazy. I can't believe you did that.


No, I think Philly is a really good team. And for a couple of weeks, I said they were the best team. But I said when the 49 ers are healthy and they got all their guys on the field and you guys got all my case.


What do you think about Roger Goodell wanting to permanently remove that eagles?




Tush, push play.


It's typical. What did they do with Chamberlain when Chamberlain came along? They widened the lane to keep getting further away from ball. What did they do when Kareem came on? Kareem played all his years in college and they banned dunks. Couldn't dunk the ball when Kareem was in college. So now you got a team, which I got to give it to Kelsey, the center, because I think he's one of the main guys that makes it work. But we do know it's Hertz that gets it into the end zone, and now I guess he considers it unfair. So when a player or team perfects something that other teams can't match, I got to say mostly.


But the brother, look at how killer is looking at you right now. He won't even sit down and talk.


To you all most of the time if it's a brother involved. Anyway, they don't try to change it.


Over there.


Oh, that's how you feel about you and his Alabama 2019 Oset is the.


Best team in football. No.


I told you guys every week you guys laugh at me when things change because you say I always make it something. You always kind of protect myself with something when the 49 ers and I know I've said this the entire season. When the 49 ers is fully healthy, they're the best team in football. Nobody got the skill players that they have. Nobody's got the great. Well, some people have great defensive lines, but the 49 ers, especially when they got chase young, when you got that kind of defensive line, the offensive line they got when Williams is playing and not hurt like he was in the championship game there, I mean, look at the receiver. We know what Debo is.


That was, oh, my goodness.


See, now I know what you meant, Cam, when you say I talk about basketball the way he talks about football.


Straight, murder straight.


Maybe with so much jet lag, we would have known what you was talking about.


All right, I'm back off that. I'm back off that. Yeah.


One of the guys had iuke on his team, fantasy team. So today, every time he called a pass, he's yelling, iuke. And you know how that place is, cam, where I watch football.


Absolutely. I was going to creep up. I didn't know if you was there, not today. I was going to come by and check there.


I'm there every Sunday no matter how I feel.


But today you can. But you was drinking a blueberry juice. I didn't know what you was good for. Your heart.


I felt bad last week and I couldn't give all properties, but you read up on everybody should be blueberries, help you think clear and you really need to drink something. But blueberry.


I walked out because this is 28 team saying this is the best team in football since the Cowboys in week one. I don't know how far you got of what you talked about, so I'll just give my opinion real quick. To me, the 49 ers, and I have not said this before, or maybe early, they definitely look like the best team in football. This when, when Purdy, Debo and McCaffrey play, they do not lose. And kiddos as well. Those core guys and their defense was looking really well today as well. But when those three guys are on the field healthy, like o was saying in the beginning, I didn't have a problem with O's take of them being the best team in football this week. But you said last week Philly was because we knew you were.


Philly was playing the best football. But the 49 ers, it was hard to push the Niners.


That was crazy.


Everybody got healthy, but I think everybody in the league knows that the Niners are totally healthy. They don't have a weakness, great cornerbacks.


So Philly was playing the best football. But the Niners are the best team.


Philly was ten and one. They were playing the best football. And I'm going to say this too. If the Buffalo Bills hadn't lost Milano and White, they'd be up there with here we.


Oh, Philly still has the best record in football right this very minute. So are they the best team or are they not playing the best football? Because we got to be specific when it comes to words which you we see, we have to be very specific.


Like your boy says on his show, what is it? First take, he always say it's fluid.


Shout to Stephen A. Smith. I see him say that a lot. That's the bro. But now you're telling me you're biting lyrics. So now you're stealing people's lines. Now you're going to steal Stephen a pocket watching. Yeah, the air hustling, the pillow talking, now you taking people's lyrics. This is crazy.


How can you say that the 49 ers are the best team when the Eagles lead the league in third and fourth down conversions?


Well, as I told you, they developed that push tush or whatever it was and nobody could do it quite like them. That's why they almost get rid of it. The brothers just can't be stopped on them. Short yardages and end zones. But as I likened it to know, a lot of people don't know. I went to just about all the UCLA games because Kareem was at UCLA at the same time I was at SC and they were going undefeated. And they made the rule that he couldn't dunk. No dunking. Can you imagine that? Think about that. And that was because of him. Tiger woods at 300 yards. They tightened all the fairways and brought the rough in because he was out driving everybody and he was hitting it at that 300 yard area. With Wilt, they widen the lane. They tend to do that. Have you seen them change anything to keep Tom Brady from being effective? They even invented the tuck rule for him. So what I'm saying is historically, in this country, in sports, if a brother's involved in something that is so superior to what everybody else is doing, somehow they deem it unfair.


They start thinking about changing the rules.


When you was playing, being that you was busting everybody ass and killing everybody, what did they do for you to say you just rushing too many yards.


There'S too many people out there. They couldn't change anything. And no matter where they changed it, I still was going to be doing my thing.


They could have changed whatever they want.




Throw 14 niggas on the field. You're not stopping these yards, man.


Oh, your videos was looking like rugby style. You was just going pause.


Yeah, you know what? Because me and Jim and we all had them records, they added games, but they still ain't got me in a lot of my things. They added games so other people could break them.


So you're basically saying not money, not more sponsorship dollars, anything else. They added games just so people could break your record.


I'm just saying that to go along with the crap that I was it. I know what the sport is about. The sport is about money. But I'm serious as heck when it comes to Wilt, when it comes to Kareem, when it comes to Tiger woods, where they could make those changes, they.


Made them got you. Just in case people forgotten, we talked about it on this show. OJ Simpson, the only person with 2000 plus yards in a 14 game season that needs to be reminded.


Moving along, the Cowboys beat the Seahawks 41 to 35, extending their home win streak to 14. Obviously, Cowboys fans are real hype right now. How do you feel about the Cowboys right now?


OJ, I told you, I think I said this last week when the Cowboys beat, not this week, but last week, somebody, I don't know what it was, somebody without a winning record. The people in my room that watches where I watch my Sunday football, they're yelling, Super Bowl. Super bowl.




This actually was the only team with a semi winning record that they beat. And I'm going to tell you late in that game, and I'm proud of what Gino Smith has done with his career the last few years. But there was a lot of passes, I'd say three or four, where Gino was dropping back, had a terrific pocket in front of him, but he seems like he was trying to drop back faster than them edge rushers came around, and a few times he threw the ball even while he was still going back, when all he simply had to do was step up into the pocket. And I'm sure I don't have a doubt that whenever they watch the films of that game, the lineman or the offensive line coach said, you could have stepped up in the pocket here. You kept going back. They had those guys going all the way around. You could have stepped up and throw the ball. So it wasn't a great win on their part, but they did win and they have a great record. What are they, nine and three also? But you wait, I don't know. Do they have to play the 49 ers?


If they do, you're going to see a spanking. I do know they have to play the Bills, but as I said, the Bills problem is they lost some key guys on defense and they don't seem to be able to keep teams with a lower score. They could still score, but somehow at the end of the game, if the other team got the ball, they are able to get down the field and score.


Oh, are you ready to give props to Dak? Do you think he's playing that much better?


You know what, all you can do is what you can do. And I can't say anything negative about Dak because whatever they're giving him, they're giving him last place team to play. He's doing to him what he should be doing to him. So Dak has had an incredibly efficient year. He's playing terrific football. But it's like why they kept that Ohio team out of the college championships. It's who you play, who you play that matters nothing about Ohio at this point. Did Cleveland win today?


Joe Flacco did. He had more than 250 yards. I tell you, that nigga came straight off the couch. I know you're trying to play some Ohio shit. Oh, we know your games. You're trying to come and murder me. You're trying to see if no high tire, you're not low. We know what you're doing. You know what we're going to do, Nick? This is what we're going to do. Highlight reel from OJ, first show this week and see how many teams he said the best team in football because he just said if Dallas, yeah, we're going to get a whole highlight.




What he's doing because 85 bears was week two. Now if the 85 bears, which is the Cowboys play the 49 ers, they going to get spec. He didn't say it's going to be a good game. He's not going to say, oh, it's not going to even close niggas says spec.


And don't forget Miami.


Oh, yeah.


They're playing the best football on turf right now.


Exactly. Oh, don't forget about Buffalo. Buffalo. They did come back. It was crazy.


Sir mix a lot is going to be your nickname.


Mix a lot is from Seattle. Mace.


Still somewhere out there.




And real quick because I want to make sure I keep track of your answers. So next the Eagles will play the Cowboys. Who do you see winning that game so we can keep track of this before the next game?


I see the Eagles winning that game. I don't think the Cowboys have coming out of the receiver wise, the Cowboys is pretty tough. They don't have the three great guys that 49 ers have. Kittle at tight end and ayuk.


In the day.


Boy, what they don't have is what the 49 ers has got coming out of the backfield. And I think last week kind of showed us that their defense isn't quite. Despite the 85 bears in the beginning of the season and all of that, their defense is great, but not quite as good as the 49 ers. So I do think Purdy just doesn't make mistakes. I cannot say Purdy is better than your boy, but Purdy doesn't make mistakes. He runs that offense like you cannot believe.


You're not going to say that Purdy is better than Dak?


No, I didn't say that.


Who are you talking about then?


I was talking about Dac. I said I can't say that Purdy is better than Dac. I cannot.


Purdy is better than DaC.


I could definitely.


Purdy is better running the 49 ers as DAC is than DAC is. Purdy runs the 49 ers as well as any quarterback.


The whole thing is this. Oh, this is the thing. Right. And I'm not disagreeing.


I disagree on that.


No, what I'm saying is this thing about it is we don't know whatever team that can. Like, he came from another team. He's running the Cowboys his whole career. You act like he came from Seattle, then went to Baltimore, and now he ran all these different teams. He's running the same team that he's been drafted to. Yeah.


Do you think Dak will be better on Tampa?




Right then.


Point proven.


Yeah. The same way you don't know what the point is. You've lost.


He was saying we never seen him run another team. For sure he would be better.


I'm just telling you, he's not better than Purdy. Their team better than Purdy runs his team. And I mean right now. Right now flowing. But nobody in the last two years since Purdy has come on the scene when he's got his weapons. Well, when he got his weapons, I.


Got to go with.


Stopping that right now. I need my gavel. Right. Oh. If any of us is starting a football team right now, are you picking.


Dak or Purdy right now, I would choose Brock Purdy.


Okay, who would you pick?


I was going to say, I feel like.




OJ? I don't think OJ is saying that he's the better quarterback. I feel like he's just saying situationally he would choose Dak, but that's what I was saying.


He's not better than.


Talk to them boys, girl, talk to him.


No, but that's not what he was saying. But that's what I said. Purdy is better.


I think Brock Purdy is a better quarterback right now, but that's not the point that OJ was trying to make.


So when is he going to be better than Purdy?


When is Dak Prescott going to be better?


When was he ever better than Purdy?


I mean, I'm not going to say he was ever better, but I didn't say that he was ever better than Purdy.


I know, but I was making.


More skills than Purdy. He had more skills than Purdy, probably, but let Purdy play as many years as Dak played and let's see what the record is there. I just think Purdy runs his offense as well as anybody. Goes back, as I said before, he goes back to Bart Starr. Bob greasy, these guys want great individual quarterbacks, but they were making the pro bowl every year. They took their teams to the Super bowl not based on their total individual talent, but on their ability to run their teams.


Okay. Oh, we get that. Back to a couple of things. Couple of things. I agree with Mace and Stad. I would pick Brock Purdy now. Also agree with you. We still have time to see exactly what Brock Purdy could do because Dac been playing longer. But you keep saying that he runs his offense just as good as anybody runs their offense. But you're not willing to say that he's better than.


As an individual talent. I'm not willing to say don't. I wouldn't say Brady had the skill that, you know, just the natural skill that Elway had.


That's a terrible conversation because that was my question.


The thing about it is, you know why that's a terrible example, though, because Brady left and won a Super bowl the next year. It isn't like he stayed and Bill Belichick. Okay, that is my point. Okay.


I don't think anybody would say that Brady was a better athlete than Elway. Elway was just an incredible athlete playing quarterback. But running that New England offense, I don't think nobody could run that new England offense any better than Brady. And he led it to Super Bowls because of that and because he had talent around him.


I guess we're going to just keep going back and forth like ping pong. Elway never had to run another offense. He stayed in the Broncos his whole career. So you're sitting there saying so this is what I'm saying. You're saying if he had to go New England, let's say if he had to go to Green Bay, where Bret fall was at, if he had to go to. We're not saying if Tom Brady left.


I told you Brady for his time was the best quarterback for. He won championships with his team. He's a goat. Nobody's going to argue that.


That's what matter what kind of athlete the quarterback like.


Let me ask you this question. In the first six years of Michael Jordan's career, who's the best basketball player?


Well, it depends. Maybe the first two years is arguable, but after, like 86 years, it was Mike. No, but it might have been arguable. I agree.


But he wasn't championships on anybody's team, but he was still, I thought was still the best player. And certainly after his first year, I thought he was the best player.


Well, listen, it's been many years. Magic was, they said you were the best football player in the 70s. They said that you're the best football player in the 1970s, a decade you have zero championships. That don't mean that you now wasn't the best football player. I don't get where this conversation is going.


Well, you guys got me totally lost. I thought when I first said it was simple. Runs his team better than any quarterback in the NFL today. Is he the best? Just quarterback for his team. He's the best quarterback, but.


I don't.


Think he's Jackson, Lamar. I don't think he's Josh Allen. I don't think he's.


That was the miscommunication because I just asked him the question. But I asked the question.


No, because the reason why it's miscommunication. I agree with OJ saying that he's not a better individual talent than these players, but he's saying that he runs his team better than anybody. Like somebody else is about to go run another team. Lamar Jackson has to run the Ravens. Dak Prescott has to run the Cowboys. So what I'm saying is. I get what you're saying, individual talent, but all these players are still running their team. But you don't want to put him.


Not better than him, but not better than him is what.


Oh, this is what we're saying. He's the only one running that team and nobody else is getting a chance to run that team. Purdy is running his team.


Right. Lamar Jackson is running his team, but.


Not as well as.


Are going to have different perspectives because you all are answering different questions. We're just going to have to reel it and go to the next one.


You're going to leave it with you. What do you say?


I agree with you guys'point because that is the team that he's running. There's no other thing to compare it to because we're talking about that team. But I also understand OJ's point because he's trying to make his point to that case. But then, Mace, your question kind of threw off. But we're just going to reel it back in because you guys are going.


To agree to question threw it off.


I'm here to ask the question.


That's my job.


I know, but this threw him off with the point that he was making. So I'm just going to say you guys are going to agree to disagree and we're going to go to the next question because everybody's just going to be confused.


Send some of that blueberry juice this way, baby. Blueberry jet Lagos.


Okay, moving on to the Texans. They defeated Russell Wilson and the Broncos 22 to 17. CJ stroud now leads the entire NFL in passing yards. OJ, how do you feel about that?


I think the man is great, but I do think the coach always forget his name, but he used to be a linebacker. I think the coach is coach of the year. I think this guy has done a hell of a job at Houston. He's got a young quarterback who throws a lot of interceptions, but he makes so many big plays. But overall that team is playing just such hard knock, smash mouth football offensively and defensively. I don't think anybody argues that he's rookie of the year, but I think the coach might be coach of the year also and that team might win that division. We're going to see a little something tomorrow night. See what Jacksonville does tomorrow night. But I think they got an excellent chance of winning the division because of a couple of rookies on their offense and because of the coach that they have.


Ohio in the building. How we do nothing. You're nothing this week.


I mean, they lost the.


Though I thought. I think this had big playoff implications as far as who's going to make it to the playoffs out of these two teams. The kid, what's his name? Nico. He had 191 yards. I believe CJ Stroud played great. He had one touchdown, but he was really a manager today. Not like he usually does. I mean, he had 274 yards, but he didn't have a lot of touchdowns. But I agree, rookie of the year coach does a sensational job, but let's not act like even though he threw three interceptions, Russell Wilson still had a chance to win this game with a couple of seconds left at the end of the game. This could have been a totally different conversation if the pass was maybe three, four inches, pause a little higher. So this would be a totally different conversation because this was based on the last play of the game, almost just about. So I'm not going to go too far down and badger the Broncos. And Broncos like, oh, they fucked up. They played a terrific game. Russell Wilson, one too many interceptions and one too short touchdowns and this game would have been a different game.


But they still can make the playoffs talking about the Broncos. But I think this game puts Houston in the playoffs, if you ask me.


Yeah, you could be right. I have nothing against the Denver Broncos I thought was more focused on.


About. You're right. We need to talk about the people who won the game. But like I said, I watched that game. So I'm sitting there saying, at least I caught the second half. I should say this was one play away from saying that the Broncos won. This is one interception or one touchdown away from saying the Broncos won this game. So you're absolutely right. Oh, we need to focus on the people who won. But when it's that close, Sean Payton.


Has done a hell of a job considering where he took that team from. That was last year. He's done one hell of a job. And now I don't think people, when he was dogging that coach, Aaron Rodgers, favorite coach, who's with the jets with him now, who's the head coach of the Broncos last year when he came in and did something totally uncharacteristic dogged him. Coaches don't do that to one another. I think people kind of see that he had a point because this coach has done nothing being offensive coordinator with the jets at this point because it's mean. It's really sad what he's done with. That.


Was your, what's your take on Pierce and his running game that day.


When the day, yes, any day. The man, I mean, his coach sets a tone of smash mouth. That's a hard running guy. He's a hard running brother. Even last year he was so. I love watching running backs who give full effort, and he gives full effort all the time. And I hate to say this, but it's supporting islands. If you look at McCaffrey today, look how hard that guy run. That's what makes him great. That's what make all the great runners great, is they run. Let's, let's look at Cleveland. I like the guys they got running now, but when Chubb was back there running, I'm sure Chubb would have been responsible for a couple of games for a couple of wins that they didn't get this year if he was able to be back there.


Well, out of curiosity, because this clip has been going on social media, hold on.


Real quick. And let's also keep in mind not to cut you off, I thought you were going to say, let's keep in mind. Moving forward for the Texans, their number one receivers out for the season as. Yep.


So CJ Stroud and a linebacker on the Broncos actually gotten a slight altercation on the field when the play was dead. The linebacker actually ended up pushing him. CJ Stroud got in his face. There was a flag on the play. But after in a press conference, he was asked about it and he said, I'm not going to let someone come and push me, especially not in my house. Like Drew Ski said, I'm going to stand on business. So do you feel like CJ Shroud handled that correctly by getting in his face or do you feel like he should have let it know?


Let me jump in real quick, man. I'm not saying this ain't been a slogan or nothing and everything else. And you said, who said this? CJ Stroud. Yeah, we got to stop. Grown men. Stop quoting t I, son because he said it this week. Because, listen, not saying that niggas ain't been standing on business now. Everybody's standing on business because King is standing on business now. Football players following King. What? Dripsky, this is true, but I haven't heard it. But I haven't heard it as much since King said it this week. I've been hearing it all over the fucking place since King said it this week. We work with Johnny shipes. That's my man. You know what I'm saying? Who didn't say it? It's all over the gram. First of all, Ti ran. I don't know if you've seen Ti run down on niggas at the club. You see that? He said, now that's really standing on business.


Standing on business.


Yeah. What you about to say? Nigga did it in sign language. But what I'm trying to say is all this week, not saying that it hasn't been going on this week because King went viral with it. Y'all niggas following King as well. Pause, man. And Ti's my man. And King, I haven't met him, but Ti is my man. But y'all niggas got to stop seeing King say this. And now y'all stand on business. That's what I had to say about it, period. But go ahead.


What do you think?


I think the vernacular changes all the time and something is said, people use a word or phrase, and everybody picks up on it. It probably shows how influential that person is. I don't know.


Let me ask you.


I like the way the guy stood up. I like anybody that stands up. As I told you before, would you.


Say standing on business? You standing on business.


Have you ever stood on business? I said, you ever stood on business?


Assuming I understand what it means, yes, I have.




I like it.


Like three years old. I'm always older than.


They got granddaddy issues. Oh. And they don't need to hit you.


Out here saying, you, if you standing on business, that means you mean what you say.




That's exactly what I mean. Will you come on this?


I don't know if I'll use the phrase, phrase, but I've always.


You always stood on business. When you come on the show, whether we agree or disagree or whatever, you stand in on business. Yeah. Let me ask you something real quick. Just probably before we go to break, I would like to know, who would you rather have if you're starting a team today? Both are in their prom, both healthy. Would you rather have Christian McCaffrey or Derek Henry as a running. Yes. Oh, they both play running back, man. Yeah.


I mean, you said, would you like to have you named just those two.


Start as running backs. If you're starting a team and you need a running back, which one? And they're both available.


Boy, that question is crazy. Because of the rules of passing the ball and because of the difference between these two and the passing game that they offer they team, it would probably be McCaffrey.




But I love the king Henry. I mean, I love King Henry. The man is a beast. But with all the rules in football now, you got to throw the ball a lot. And if you're just running the ball. I like running the ball. But you need to have a back that can also catch the ball. He's got to be a big part of your passing game.


Gotcha. I was just wondering that.




So we're going to go to break, and when we return, we will talk about the chiefs versus the packers.


Pink horsepower. She calls me about toxic. What's happening, babe?


Baby, why are you walking like that?


That's how I walk.


And then you come on, breathe on me like that.


I fucking breathe to live.


And like, you used to be dark skinned and now you act like hella light skin.


You fucking blind? I'm dark skinned?


What the fuck?


And then, like, look at your beard.


The fuck is wrong with my beard, stupid. What the fuck are you talking about?


No, I don't even like it. The way you breathe in all of that.


Has this ever happened to you? Your girl seems to be mad, angry, upset. She's frustrated. It's only one way to handle that pay and coarse power.


Your breath is really refreshing.


No trying to give you a massage.


Plus, have I told you how good your beard looks lately? It looks so good.




PHP? It works every time.


Wait, where you going? Welcome back. So let's get into our underdog fantasy picks of the day. This afternoon, the Celtics will play the pacers. Underdog fantasy. Has Jason Tatum at nine and a half rebounds. Do you have him higher or lower, Mace?


Higher. Lower.


Jalen Brown is at two and a half assists. Do you have him higher or lower?


Camp? Higher.


And Tyrese Halliburton is at 26 and a half points. Do you have him higher or lower, Mace?


Higher. Holly, by that, this your time to show the league that you that nigga, you've been busting ass. You're going up against the $325,000,000 man next season, possibly the $375,000,000 man. This is your time to get your check ready for when your contract is up. This is a very important game. Now, listen out there. If you all want to use cocam and rack up like I've been doing, like everybody else has been doing, if you haven't done it yet, go to underdog fantasy. Look, let me tell you something. If you fuck with anybody else, you corny as fuck. I'm just telling you this now because your money comes directly to you. Like, they don't play no games. That shit comes directly to you. And I don't know what's going on because I'm not going to act like I'm behind the scenes. But cold Cam is over two $3 million already this season. You see, cold Cam has already got. I got to get the exact numbers from my nigga nick. But I think that should have like $2.9 million. Niggas using Cocam. We got two people going to the Super bowl. Like 1012. People that want $10,000.02, people that want $250,000.


Fuck with me.


Okay. Make sure to download the underdog fantasy app and you can make your picks, too. We are joined back with our football analyst OJ okay, so the packers defeated the Chiefs 27 to 19 and yes, Taylor Swift was in attendance. How do you feel about the Chiefs loss? OJ first well, I think the Chiefs.


Have shown that they're not the same team that they were the last few years because you can't continue to change these receivers and think every new receiver you bring in is going to know like super contributors. And that's the problem. I mean, the reason they've done as well as they've done on offense is we know it's Mahomey, Patrick Mahomey. I call him Mahomey because that's what I call myself when I'm wearing his outfit on Halloween.




They honestly have weaknesses and that's why I think Cruz couldn't pick him to win the AFC. He didn't want to not say it, but I think that's one of the reasons why he didn't want to pick him and that's why I won't pick him because he can only do so much. I don't care how good you are, he could only do so much. Funny thing today is in a bet that I made. Me and a budy of ours, we make four bets, him two. Me too. We throw like $100 on each one and we do it every week during the course of the season. I took Green Bay. This kid love all athletes reach a point when bam, they get it. And I think this kid the last few weeks has gotten it. He knows what he's doing now and he's playing the type of ball they thought he would be capable of playing when they drafted him. And them years behind Rogers and stuff is really paying off. And we always knew they had a pretty decent defense. And those wide receivers, Dobbs and Watson, they've come along with him the last couple of mean they're going up for the ball, they're making spectacular catches and I really wouldn't want to play them now.


I don't think many teams would really want to go into Green Bay at least and try to play these guys because they're hot, they're on a roll.


Yeah, I said this last week because I watched Jordan love two weeks in a row and I was saying he looks like Patrick Mahomes even before this game. And I was like with them. I was on the phone with some of my friends. We was on the phone for like 2025 minutes, talking during the game, just kicking shit. Just regular stuff like when you're watching the game with your fellows. But we was on the phone and we was like, where the fuck Jordan love been this whole time? He's been kicking ass three weeks in a row, and he outplayed Patrick Mahomes tonight. Patrick Mahomes, 21 for 33, one touchdown, one interception. Jordan Love, 267 yards, three touchdowns, no interceptions. Coming into night's game, I have to check about after winning this game, but his stats through the first eleven games were 255. Pardon me, 2599 passing yards, 21 touchdowns and a five and six record. You know who had that same amount of yards and same record with the same amount of touchdowns? Aaron Rogers. Same amount through his first eleven games. So we're going to keep an eye on Jordan Love because I think this last three weeks he's found something and we'll see how far it goes this year.


Agree? 100%.


Okay. The Saints lost to the Lions 33 to 28, bringing the Lions record to nine and three, the same as the 49 ers. So, oj, how do you feel about that?


I don't care.


I think the Lions, I think they're playing really good ball, but we know what's going to happen to golf the minute it's a playoff and the minute a game really counts.


Oh, put some respect on Detroit.


Yeah, I'm not really worried about the Lions. I think golf is playing. Look, he took a team to the Super bowl, right, and almost didn't complete a pass when they got there, and that's why they got rid of them. Why would you get rid of a young quarterback who is the number one draft choice in the entire draft and he's only in like his third or fourth year? Because they see what I and a whole lot of other people see. This kid's got skills, he's got talent. But when it comes to the big one, Michael didn't miss. Jerry west didn't miss when it came to the big man, he does it.


Pardon me. How many jump championships Jerry west got?


I think just one.


Yeah, a lot of times not to miss.


Well, he didn't, but you saw those championships against the Celtics, and he'd be taking them long. It was no three pointers then. He'd take them long shots going down the.


Oh, you just said when he got his shot, he missed. Oh, he won once, he didn't miss.


In the end of the game. And the big shots, he never missed it.


The problem, okay, we talk about the shot. We're not talking about over.


Yeah, just like with Josh Allen, he never ended up with the last shot.


Oh, you went from Jerry west to Josh Allen.


That man got Josh Allen correlation. He got them in on a bi week. That's crazy.


Yeah, they don't get the last shot. Unfortunately, the other team gets it, and they didn't miss.


The Celtics didn't in his career.




I'm sorry. Or the Knicks, for that matter. If you remember that championship, I don't know if you're alive.


We wasn't.


Oh, we definitely see.


Court. Yeah, me and mace, we're from New York. Well, I guess we've never seen the Knicks win a championship. All like, we've seen the Mets, we've seen the Yankees, we haven't seen the jets, we've seen the Giants, and that's all. We even seen the Rangers.




Never seen the Knicks. We missed that in his career, DK.


Metcalf has been fined a total of over $98,000 for excessive celebration or unsportsmanlike conduct. So he spent his downtime learning ASL and now talks trash in sign language. So how do you feel about that decision he made?


I thought it was cool, but they.


Go find a way to find him.


They go put somebody else, like we see on tv doing all of that. When the president's talking, they go have somebody sitting next to Goodell telling them what he's saying.


I agree with that.


It depends on what he says. Right?


I agree with that. Because there's two ways you could get fine with that. Because you know what? That was a great point. Oh, I like that. Because you know what? I've seen several. Not even one, two. I've seen several occasions, and I'm not putting Metcalf in this situation. I'm just saying that I've seen several occasions where it's emergencies going on and they got a sound language lady there that don't really know what she's doing. And then they go to the governor, like, how does she get the job? Because real sign language people will be like, no disrespect my sign language, but they'll be like, yo, how does she get the job? And we just didn't do enough homework. So I agree with you. I think Roger Goodella have somebody keeping an eye on Metcalf because it's two things. He'll say something slick with the sign language or he won't do it. Right. And they'll be like, you're being disrespectful to people who need sign language to communicate. So I agree with that. They're going to find a way to find him one way or another. I hope they don't. But I'm just saying it's inevitable.




They shouldn't even find him. Maybe he's bringing more people to the game. That would be my argument for him as a football player. I'm celebrating with those that couldn't hear.


Well, it's what he's saying that's going to matter. That's what's going know, tip the bucket. I agree with Cam on that one, too, that it's what he says. He's going to get out of line at some point. Hopefully he doesn't. Because when he was naming the five wide receiver, I was saying DK Metcalf, man, it's hard not to have him in the top five.


Well, listen, man. Oh, just go back to what we talked about a few minutes ago. His first thing is standing on business sign language. Standing on business off the jump.


Okay, I give it to him. No, you're good. OJ. Last thing. On the topic of basketball, which is very random, anthony Edwards says he would love to see kevin durant wearing his shoe during a game. Katie replied, you won't ever see me put my big toe in one of them. So then adidas replied and said, you, dusty, about to retire soon. Anyway, then they deleted the tweet. And then they said that tweet was meant for the burner account. Thoughts on adidas response and everything in between. Well.


I don't know. Of course, anthony edwards. A shout to anthony edwards. Shout to kevin durant. Thing about it is this. Why, of course, Anthony Edwards would love for Kevin Durant to wear shoe or anybody that he probably looked up to before he got in the NBA. I don't know what they want kevin durant to say. If he signed the nike, it isn't like it's the same company and he's the ant man's and it's a Nike company. Or they're both on adidas. They're two rival companies. So for kevin durant to say that, that just goes to still a better check with nike. Nah, I ain't wearing that shit. I'm from nike, nigga. So whoever runs the account for adidas is probably younger. They know you got somebody who's running the account, who's hip, who's in the loop. This is what companies do. So they could stay affluent with these younger kids or people like myself who fly and know what the fuck is going on out there, and I'm standing on business. So that's who they have running their account. But you see, it got erased because if they were standing on business, they wouldn't erased it.


That's how I feel about the whole a good.


I don't understand why adidas even got into it. You know who wore the first adidas football?


Don't tell me. It's my first adidas. First adidas football shoe ever.


I used to wear the adidas soccer shoe, but it has a cleat in front. That's really illegal. And because I was a track guy, we was always dealing with adidas for free track shoes and stuff. They decided to make a football shoe. I used to always say, why don't you guys make a football shoe? Why don't you make a football shoe? And the first year they made him, Earl McCullough, my teammate, who was a high hurtler and had the record at one point, was on our record breaking relay team, Bob Hayes and a guy named, a white guy named Richmond Flowers, who played for Tennessee football and ran track. I think his father was governor at one point. We were the four guys that wore Adidas football shoe. The first football shoe that they came out. Just a little history.


I'll go with stack. The more you know. No, that's dope. We got to write down with a lot of the shit that you started or the first person. Seriously. I know we joke around and we got back and forth, banner and differences of opinion on different things, and we shouldn't all have the same opinion, but what you bring to the show and your history that people try to sweep under the rug is remarkable. And I'm happy that you do have a platform, not saying that you don't have your own, but somewhere outside of your own to remind people of all the great stuff that you did as an athlete.


I appreciate it, man. I appreciate being on with you guys, too. I enjoy it to no end.


Thank you.


My quick thoughts on the adidas comment, I just feel like I don't even understand what the point of that was because I don't even know whoever tweeted if they're still working, because there's no way the company approved that, because. Why would you say that? But yes, OJ, it's always a pleasure to have you on the show. That's all the time we have for today. Thank you all for watching. And as always, it is what it is.


The more you know.