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My little, what's up man?




Good man. Looks good man.


How are you doing? You got your nails getting done.


Yeah, man, my nail tech I got to come in. She is a little late. What's up, man? If you out here on the West Coast and need a nail tech, she's available for you. Pardon the little clip, my nails ain't even done in about two weeks because she's been so busy. I know you all may hear a little click, and it ain't like cold for Martin and not like...


Yeah, it sound really rough over there. What's going on over here? He said it sound a.


Little rough. It do, man.


I'm mad at myself.


I asked her and said, You want to dip it in some water? She's like, No, man. I'm like, Yo, they said they do need to be dipping some water, but it'll only be a minute. Sorry about the little clicking and all that, man. I'm really mad at myself. All right, cool, man. I'm sorry about that. But it's good, man. This the last episode of season two, man.


I know you start off, pause, with a dandy, dipping in water. Yeah, I'm... What a way to go.


You know it's crazy. I know. I'm telling you right now, since I caught that dunk on you all the day, this nigger been sitting closer to me no home. If you don't think I'm watching him on my mouth for a reason, this is making a king. I've been noticing he's tried. He ain't been sitting that close to me lately since the dunk. I don't know which I got playing.




Know it's a 2-1-2 now because Tino launched you. I'm like, why is he sitting this close to me? I don't know if he know I know Kare.


Well, we're joined with Analyst, Marise Clare.


Mo C.


Mo was good.


Was good, Mo.


Everything, life's great, man. Having a great week.


Yeah, that's what's up, man. Just want to tell you, you've been here the whole season two with us. We appreciate you, man. We could have had a better college analyst and not even a college analyst, a better person on the show besides you, man. We just want to tell you, thank you. More importantly than thanking you, we want to thank wifey for letting you do this because I know this cutting into her time every week. She's a part of making the shirts and part of the Mauryce Clorette team. We never see her or the babies, but wish them happy holidays, and we appreciate everything you and your family contribute to the show.


No, I appreciate that, but hit her with a little pink horsepower after the show and she'd be all right.


Mosty came home.








He came home, man. That's what's up, man. Thank you so much, bro.


Now, I appreciate the opportunity.


Come on, man. We got much more to do outside of this, man. Definitely.


Okay, so let's start with some insight. Let's talk about leveraging your brand. How do you think someone, especially a student-athlete, can do that?


Yeah, this is a response, man, from... It was a guy on Twitter, and he was talking to me and he asked a question about me associating myself with Ohio State. He was saying it in a funny way, and I was like, My man, I don't think that you get it. I'll connect these conversations through other stuff that we plan on talking about in the show. I said, Man, when these people come to you and they come and get you out of high school, like you see a lot of these high school kids, they go into their parents' houses and they promise and all these things and what they'll do to these kids. The fact that the matter is that there's only a small percentage of guys who are going to make it to the NFL, make it to the NBA, or make it to be professional. For those who don't make it, man, you have to leverage all of your experiences and everything that you have prior to. In my case, Ohio State was how everybody knew me. It's like anybody who's had any experience where you've created value into the world, if you choose to be bitter and stay away from people or be resentful for things that happened in your past and not associate yourself or even know how to leverage it, you won't get everything from what the university said that they were going to give you.


In my case, I associate myself with the brand to go around to do business, to own companies, to buy real estate, to meet new people, to have conversational pieces. Where the dude thought he was clowning me from associate myself with the brand, I said, Nah, bro, you ain't getting it. There's a lot of people who leave these universities and never get nothing from them. What I would say is that just shifting perspective, when you can go to these universities and things don't work out the way that you intended them to, if you've created some value, you and people know you when you create a memory for them, learn how to leverage business to steal your identity back from the university, because believe you me, they advertise the 2002 national championship and they still make money, get fans and parade off of that, but I don't get nothing from that. My way of taking my brand back from the university is to wear this hat, wear the clothes when I'm going in through it out in Ohio. That's how I do it. I was just like a question, answer to a kid, but I think it's a larger discussion around guys who leave universities and don't really get everything that they thought that they would get in the first place.


You know what, Sean? Well, what I would say is this to that, and that's great how you do it because that's really interesting that I'm sitting there processing what you just said, because now the kids get paid through NIL, and they're still selling stuff from memorabilia or whatever it may be, from old championships. Whether it's the 2005 or the 2002 Ohio State Championship that you were part of. I'm sitting there thinking to myself, why you say this? Damn, you all still can't get paid because it should be a statue of limitation, so to speak.


Almost like they give you a jersey back. Yeah, but- At this point, you could use your jersey.


Right. Let's say, for instance, I know they may not retire, the Mauryce Clorette jersey, but is there some way he could if somebody wants to buy it, why can't he make 5% off of it, or 10% off of it, or whatever it is? Because that seems almost super dupe unfair that kids could get paid, but being that the ever before they was able to get paid, the people still can't get paid. That's very interesting. That's something that we may that we may need to call the O'Banon brothers about. At O'Banon, they'll go get your money.


They'll go get you a.


Jersey for you. Yeah. That's very interesting, man. Back to leverage the initial question, leveraging your brand. It's dope because now you don't necessarily... Let's say, for instance, you got the second highest paid NIL, I believe it was Payton Manning, nephew, one of the Mannings. He's not even starting yet or anything like that. I know that that's not maybe the best example because he comes from a family with money. But for instance, let's just say he didn't, you can make four, five, six million before you leave college. If you don't make it in the NFL, you need to figure out how to invest that money because, of course, it may not last forever. I'm pretty sure they're not that frugal with $6 million going to last you forever, depending on your lifestyle and where you come from. But at least you're able to make money before you go pro because you may have the best college player in the world who may not pan out in the NFL. For instance, let's use a great example, and not even NFL. You got a Heisman trophy winner, Charlie Ward. Was it Heisman? Yeah. Okay. He didn't even get drafted.


He ended up going to the NBA. So if he would have got all that college praise and maybe make six or seven million in college, his NFL career never panned out. Now I know he still went pro, but what if he didn't make it in the NBA? At least he could have some money leaving college to figure out what he wanted to do next after his college career. Now, a lot of 19, 20, 21-year-old old in the '90s, early 2000s, even the early 2010s or mid-2010s don't have that much business savvy. But we talked about this the other day, me, Mason Stat, about capitalizing off other people's mistakes and seeing where people go wrong and what not to do and what may work for you or anything else. This is such a great question because there's multiple answers, and leveraging your own brand has, like I said, there's multiple answers. I'm sitting here brainstorming while I'm talking to you. You see, from your perspective, you're saying, Fuck that. I'm going to get my two cents from when niggas ain't giving me my two cents. You get what I'm saying? Fuck that. I'm throwing an Ohio hat on.


I'm throwing an Ohio state hat on. I'm going to wear my jersey. Whatever you can do because you saying, Fuck that. They making money off of me. I'm going to figure out how to get some of that back. We're a kid today may not necessarily have to do what you're doing.


Yeah, he's going to get his money upfront.


Yeah, you're right.


No, I'm literally like, and I said it with no pun intended, I'm going to get mine.


Regardless, right? Yeah, there you go.




Not about to.


Associate with me. They're not about to deal with me. But it's no different than imagine you all try to deny you all past and disassociate everything that you all have ever been through. If somebody get mad at you all for leveraging everything that you all been through, what you all doing now? It's the same thing. But you have so many people who become bitter and they'll try to block certain parts of their life off and say, Nah, man, this is who I am. This is what I did. I'm just getting what they promised us. You know what I'm saying? That was like my...






That. That's crazy to think about because that's where I am right now. That's what me and Kila been talking about behind the scenes. Was like, How do I leverage my past when all this craziness is going on? I still need to get what I was supposed to get. I understand you all got a case going on. I'm- I still need what I was promised from 40 acres. Yeah, the reparations.




The reparations.


Listen, it's funny. You know it's funny. Listen, it's funny. Your shit came through and then the other shit came through. Like, why this happening when I'm about to.


Get what I'm supposed to get? Yeah, I'm about to get on a plane. I'm like, How do I leverage this?


Yeah, I'm going to keep it, honey. I know you usually give me permission, but I ain't saying shit.


I'm like, Yeah, Moe, keep talking.


Keep talking. I know murder is usually giving me the best green light for me to go, but I ain't going.


I'm thinking, how do I get my reparation?


Yeah, that's why I said it's really a lie. Like I said, because the question is for everybody. We just talked about the Manners or Shadur Sanders or anybody now who's not a problem. But how does Moe and Mace.


Yeah, you still selling Dipset merch. How do I get what I was supposed to get? Tell me, Moe. Do I start selling shiny shoes? How do I get my reparations?


The whole.


Thing, murder. You know this thing? Let me tell.


You this. You can see the merch that he's referring to if you want to go to Dipset Couture. You can make sure you can see. The thing about it was, is that, like I said, and if you all haven't gone seen, it came out yesterday, my interview on.




The Smoke with Matt Barnes and my man, Stack Five, is a great interview. I was talking about how we fell out and all that shit. I was apologizing and everything we talked about or whatever I actually said to you. But I was in a fucked up deal, a wild fucked up deal. This was my life on the lines. Mace found another path. And when he found another path, it just happened to be he was able to take care of himself, so to speak, through the path he was going on. This was it. It was just a drug for me. I'm like, You all niggas playing with my life.


I fought my way literally. Like niggas were saying, if you ever watched Straight Out of Compton, when I used to go in there with the bat and fucked the office up, that was Fisher Prycd or what I did, the Epic records. I thought that Dave McFiss and everybody, we cool now. But what I had to do to get out that deal, I was like, You all playing with my life at 22 years old. It became physical, really. I'm not cap it, it really became physical. So that's why I was sitting there saying that I was thinking when Mace said that, I'm like, Damn, man, I wish Mace were speaking. Well, he wasn't in music anymore, but if he was, I was like, Damn, the same niggas I bought with me, I could have taken them.




There. The or whatever. But that's a great question. How do you guys benefit from not being from getting jerked around, so to speak? If that's not the right term. Well, it's all good. But yeah, you all niggas definitely need reparations. What you're going to say you all to say?


Yeah, no, I was just going to like... There's a ton of people who watch this stuff. I get so many direct messages, be it from former athletes and just a ton of people. As much stuff as you can do, don't show up and just show up for the free dinner, the free lunch or the free liquor that they going to give you. You know what I'm saying? Man, get back down to these universities, get yourself invested into some level of ownership inside of a company that you can either lend your brand to or that you can put some capital into, that you can own something. That's probably my biggest gripe with former players, with anything. Guys take pennies, you know what I'm saying? Or they take whatever somebody's going to give them instead of thinking like that. When you're an athlete and you're a performer out there, you got so much ego, you got so much confidence, you have so much you feel like you have to offer. But when it's time to come to business, these dudes get treated like, for lack of a better word, slaves. It's all because they'd be happy to be invited to somebody's golf outing or happy to be invited to somebody's nonprofit giveaway or something like that.


It's really me encouraging said, Hey, man, look, man, you have to buckle down to become more than what you are. You know what I'm saying? Just somebody who accepts more than scraps from either the fan-based alumni or somebody who's connected to your program.


Yeah, that.


Was good insight from all parties. On that note, we're going to go to the next question. Ucla Coach, Chip Kelly, has made a lot of comments recently, especially when it comes to trying new things. Marice, can you give us your analysis on the message he's trying to relay?


Yeah. The biggest piece that he talked about that I think that Jim Harball has been talking about was that you should separate the actual football team from every other sport. It's like how Notre Dame does it. Notre Dame, when it comes to football, is independent. But then there are other teams, I think they're playing the Big East. But if I wrong somebody, I'm sure they'll correct me. But he said, Man, take these 132 teams, put us in two conferences split between the East and the West, and play seven games where you have an inner conference teams on your Coast, and then to appease the larger TV contracts... And so teams can play other conferences, play seven out-of-conference games with teams all around the country. But the biggest thing he's talking about that Jim Harball talked about that no coach has talked about before outside of these two was, share the TV revenue and have these schools paying the players. I thought that when he said that to double down on back of what Harball has said and then for him to say it, it made me realize something. One, I said, Man, the only dudes who are going to push this message are former NFL coaches who had coached in the NFL.


They financially set and they just call the stuff for what it is. I don't really see no current college coaches who have been in the system or still feel like that they got years to climb. I don't see these guys pushing the same message. But the fact that he has so much notoriety, the fact that he's pushing this conversation, and the fact that this entire week, that same viral video has been getting played throughout the week, it just comes to a point where you have to have discussion. I have two athletic directors who follow me. When I shared the video inside of my thread, I see they liked it. They may not be the ones to articulate it, but when more people start to talk about stuff like this, you ask yourself, do they become soft or are they allowed to then have this conversation and say, okay, this is the right thing to do. I don't know. Thank God for social media. Thank God for sharing our conversation. I hope that more athletic directors at least begin to introduce the conversation so you could start to.


Well, thanks, Marys. That was very, very good insight. Okay, moving along. Former Super Bowl champ Derrick Ward was arrested and is facing five second-degree robbery charges.


Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You'll kill her. Come on, man. You don't hear how loud that is? This is just.


Shit news, man. No, bro.


Listen- It's flying, Kila.


I'm usually getting ignoring, but they're going everywhere.


No, now niggas just trying.


To play me.


Now you all are trying to play me like my sister is crazy.


Paul is like wood chips. He's like wood chips. It's like wood chips. It's just flying around, yo..




A during game. She's a.


During game.


Listen, I said she was the last nail. This won't happen again. I'll get my schedule together. I apologize. My bad, you all. I apologize. It is loud. It's irking me a.


Little bit.


Do you all hear it? I can hear it.


All here, man. You get it out there, right?




I ain't going to lie. You're killing.


Us crazy. My bad. That's irking. She on the left. You almost... Thank you, man. My bad. It's irking me, too, but Woodchips is wild for us. I definitely thought.


You were trying to say.


You definitely got you.


With that one.


Okay, moving along, former Super Bowl champ Derrick Ward was arrested and is facing five second-degree robbery charges for allegedly robbing five businesses. This is just a very open-ended question. Why do you think it's come to this point?


Must be the money.


I didn't research this topic before we got to it. When did he win the Super Bowl? What year?




And what he been doing since?


I don't know.


Yeah. Listen, I don't think he won the Super Bowl and went and robbed a nigger. This sounds like clear cut. He's fucked up. I don't know. I didn't even cheat and do any homework. I couldn't say and do the due diligence and find out exactly what's been going on to his life right now. This sounds like a nigga who's fucked up. What's the exact charges?


It just says five secondary robbery charges. He got five robbery charges. Yeah, because he allegedly robbed five businesses. So five secondary robbery charges.


Oh, he was on.


The street. That's the question, Moe, was it one night? Was it over a course of time? Was he high and just went crazy?


Yeah. It's two things to it. I think it was like, anytime you have something wild like this, somebody either getting high, getting drunk, or Substance use is going to play a role in some of you. When I looked at it, I was like, Man, guys get done playing. Even when they're playing, they're not responsible physically with their money. Then when they're done and they got the same lifestyle, stuff starts to crumble, the pressure get them, they go back to who they are. I've been talking about this since the beginning of the season just improving yourself, but this is a result of it. It made me think, and I don't know how much you all keep up, I don't know if you all know Chanler Jones. He's John Jones's little brother. He's a lot richer, but he's going through something else online to the public. Or he having just these episodes and he binge drinking and he bends smoking. Then it get me into the space where I'm like, Man, just on a serious note how being a former athlete, not been there, where you having mental health issues, you having who am I issues, you having how do I transition issues and just looking at that stuff, looking at Deric Ward, I see myself in that where you be in a spot in life and just your life is crazy and it's a mess.


Then when I look at Chanler Jones, I also look at him. He's a little bit younger than me. But you look at these dudes, they be in these different spots. But it goes back to the importance of taking care of yourself while you're in college and taking just life and education serious and planning and preparing. But this is just another case that you said you wish that my man wasn't in a situation, but I think it's like substance use disorder or some alcohol that got my man jammed up and doing this wild stuff.


That's what I'm saying. Was this over a course of time or was this one night?


I think it's one night. Yeah, we don't know yet, but it says he went on a robbery spree and he had no firearms, so he just...


He was fucked up one night. I don't know his financial situation. And look, I never want to talk about this because both of these guys are like my niggas, my niggas, like super duper my niggas. What I'm about to talk about, I'm talking about... I'm bringing up Gilbert Arenas and Stack Five. Stack Five was just at the crib the other day. Stack Five is at Matt Barnes, I was on the show, but it's more than the show with them niggas and with Gilbert. I have super duper great, great friendships with them. Outside of this shit that we do here, all the sports shows and them being former NBA players and everything else, and I seen them, they both had two different perspectives on something. I was like, damn, I sit feel both of them. I know. I was like, I'm just going to mind my business because them is equally my niggas. Like I told you, Ben Barnes and fucking Matt Barnes called me in say, Harlem two days ago talking about where the seafood spot at. You know what I'm saying? But I want to bring up a topic that they had two different perspectives on.


I don't know Ward's situation. I don't know if he has money. I don't know if he's fucked up. It's a bunch of celebrities who shop lift with millions of dollars. It just gives them a thrill. I forget that- That's crazy. -the white girl's name, no disrespect of making it a color thing, but I put in a couple of bars some years ago. She's a millionaire, but she gets a high on shoplifting. I don't know what it's about. My man in the booth, he know what I'm talking about in there. I can't think of a name. But what I was going to say is I don't know his financial situation, but I'll just say this, and it sounds like he's all right. It might sound like he just was fucked up with me, but I'll bring this into play as well. So Gilbert Arenas said that it was a topic to where would you rather get 300 million and no championship or 50 million and leave your career with a championship? And Gilbert Arenas take was, give him the 300 million and no championship. And Stack Five perspective was, nigger, I want to be a champion.


I'll take the 50 million. He said, we from the hood. The 50 million will make it look like 200 million. So Gilbert Arenas went back. They wasn't coming at each other, but they'll go on their feed. So I'm sitting there going, the couple of days looking at both, they feel like I wish these niggas would stop. Man, I love.


Both these niggas. I would take the three.


Yeah. So Gilbert Arenas went back to his page because they're not saying each other's name. But you know what they're talking about? So Gilbert Arenas went back and said, he went online and said, NBA Champions, Championship ring $2,200 right now. So niggers who was fucked up with NBA Championship rings were selling their rings. And I've seen both sides of the equation. And the reason I bring this up is because the first thing that we said before this Robin's spring, and like I said, I don't know his financial situation.


Was that he was a champ?


The Super Bowl champ. Super Bowl champ. That's how you lead it off. So you sit there and lead it off and say Super Bowl champ. Yeah. Next thing you think is he broke, fucked up, crazy, whatever. Something happened. Something happened, but Dan Marino ain't got no championship, and you don't hear about this shit with Dan Marino. You know what I'm saying? I'm not going to even give my opinion on-.


They did say this guy beat on Tom braided in 2008, and next year he was cut.


Yeah, exactly. This is the shit they bring up. I'm not going to get my opinion on Gilbert's take or Stack Five take, even though I got one, but that is my nigger. I'm not going to care what I really think because I got an opinion, but I'm out of my business.


Which one would you take, the.


50 or the 300? I'm not giving an opinion. I'm on my business. Hey, Meg.




Taking the 300. All right, no killer going to take the 300. That nigga definitely taking the 300. If anybody taking the 300, Killers is taking the deal. He's taking the deal. He's taking the deal. He's taking the deal. He's taking the deal.


He's taking the deal. I'm taking.


The deal. I'm buying a championship. Yeah, man, but I.


Understand, Stackify point of view as well.


No, I just did it from Title Town.


I get it. Yeah, just all you talk about is Title Town.


I understand exactly what he's saying.


But we let this segment off with saying Super Bowl champ. That's why I bought that situation.


Yeah, they were the champ. They beat Tom braided, 2008. He gets cut. He gets cut, shipped all to the Texans. That don't work out. Here we are in robbery with the ring.


His ring might be up for sale too.


We know.


Okay, and last topic before we go to break, there is a conversation circulating from Smush Parker where he revealed Kobe Bryant wouldn't talk to him for two seasons, even though he had a locker next to him. He said he'd try to have a regular chat with him about football, and Kobe told him, You can't talk to me. You need more accolades under your belt. He said he was dead serious, and that set the tone. Thoughts.


Yo Mo, before me and Mays give our opinion.




You that good in college that you ever told a nigger? Y'all don't talk to me till further notice?


Yeah, Hey. I know how I feel, it's as big as that.


What I say, my man, I see epitome of mama mentality. When I see in the interview, I laughed, right? And Smoosh Parker looked hurt when he was talking about it, right? And I said, Man, I just don't know what I would do if I was next to somebody and you view yourself as a peer because you all both in the same league. And then a man look you straight in the face and tell you don't talk to him. Basically, you're on the team, but we ain't in the same space. At the professional level, I could see you do that to a dude at the collegiate level because you know you're going pro. But when you do it at the professional level, it made me just laugh and chuckle. I said, man, this dude, Kobe, was a real killer. Like, for you to tell your teammate that, I said this dude was ice cold, bro. He was here to play basketball, and that was it.


When is Kobe's birthday? That sound like something I would have said.


Yeah, August. August 23rd.


Now you and Kobe the same sign. Here we go. I knew it.


I knew it. August 27th, I'm killing it.


I know your birthday. I know when your birthday, that's what... I don't believe that I think that was premeditated. I think you knew what Kobe's birthday was before this. If that's the case, me and Michael Jordan is Aquarius. However you want to do it, that's what we're doing here. Okay. Me and Mike to Aquarius.




That's what we're doing. We're going outside.




Me and Mike and you and Kobe.


Me, Kobe, and Michael Jackson.


That's a good one. Now we're doing this. All right, bet. When we come back from break up, we're talking about it.


We're going-.


Spend some money on Michael.


I don't even know. You can't really hear you. Well, Princess of the query is an Aquarius too, so just be doing that. Now I don't know Prince is.


An Aquarius. I don't know.


I'm just all thinking shit. Mike and the query is done. I don't know. Look, I'm going to be honest with you, man. The nigga… Look, smudge. All right, cool. All right, fuck it. This has to be said. First of all, I heard way worse Kobe stories. I heard way worse shit from better players. Way worse shit like, yo, from Kobe. Kobe is the thing they say Shaq, you're fat and you didn't come in shape this year and we're not going to win unless you get in shape. He sit there and tells Ron Artestra, Ron Artestra comes to the Lakers, you're replacing Trevor Areza. He was very important to this team. You better be here early and do what you're supposed to do and be the official Laker that you're supposed to be. This is my towards the end of Kobe career. This is what to me separates LeBron from Kobe and not basketball-wise. Lebron, the GM. I'm not going to be the asshole because I want people to complain to me. You couldn't find nobody want to come play with Kobe towards the end of this career. It was just too much to deal with stories like this.


You'd be like, Man, I ain't going to like this, man. This is just too much to deal with from this nigga. So LeBron to a certain extent, he has camaraderie with his teammates. He edgets them on. I see his facial expressions sometimes and he'd be like, Man, I want to fuck this nigga up. Did you see the plate on the night when he threw the past to Anthony Davis? Anthony Davis was limping. Did you see that shit? It's like LeBron. It's like almost shout about that's my nigga. But when J. R. Smith was off the henny and he got the rebound and was about to go to the other basket, LeBron was like, Yo, what are you doing? But you know, Bron probably sees that like, I got to calm down because I want people to come play on me. I'll say this, man, and smushes from New York. We talked about Austin Reeves yesterday with Mark Jackson, and Mark Jackson said he'd be a great team for... He'll be a great player for some NBA team. And me and Mason, myself, pardon me, said that Austin... Pardon me, I said Austin Rees. Austin Rivers.


Excuse me, not Austin Rees. Austin Rivers, Doc Rivers' son ain't shit. And we had to leave the show, disagreeing with Mark Jackson after we had a great show. We had 58 great minutes with Mark Jackson. Then he said that shit. We're like, Mark, we're going to end the show on a bad note because I have to agree with Mace and say Austin Rivers ain't shit. The reason I'm bringing that up is because Smush Park is from New York and you're worse than Austin Rivers. You really ain't shit. At the end of the day, I fuck with you, Smush. I know you. You my name. I think I could beat you. I think if you went to the Lakers, I had a chance to go to the Lakers. We just was short of that. You're lucky, Kobe, ain't slapped the shit out you, nigger. Even trying to speak to him. Average you're about a double, double, and six to six before you speak to that man. That's the best bet that you could do. It had to be said, and I hate to do this to a native New Yorker. But, Joe, you got to kept that story to yourself.


That shit wasn't like you deserve... You went to Fordham with A-Butter. A-buttery, my nigger. You went to Fordham University. You're lucky you made it to the NBA.


Yeah, told me you don't owe you nothing, nigger.


Yeah, you don't know you, man. I didn't.


Know you. I know you're sneaking in the league every day, big.


That's the fact, man. You could have kept that story to yourself, man. You have more points in the NBA than me. I don't know about who else. Only thing I remember is that you played for the Lakers. I can't remember a highlight, a dunk, a three-point, a buzzer-beater. Do you remember anything?


I remember Kobe saying, Kobe told Steve Nash, This nigga snuck in the league.


Oh, yeah. Shit like that. Don DeMarco. Yeah.


Kobe said yeah. This nigga snuck in the league.


Sorry, Smusha. I think Doc Rivers is better than you, and I don't think he's that good.


You think Rivers is better than Smush?


Yeah, I'm going to give him that. I'm going to give him better than Smush. You think Smush is just as good as Rivers?


No, I don't know about that. Because Rivers was nice in high school. I thought he was going to be one of.


The ones. Yeah, and then he had a longer career. He's probably about his 10th or 11th of the year in the NBA right now. Don't get me wrong, he's a good journeyman. I'm not mad at him as a seventh or eighth player off the bench. My only problems with Rivers is that he says things when he's off the court that he's not good enough to say. You say, Well, the League isn't doing this, and look at how long he's dribbling, and they're kissing this person's asses, then you don't get that. You Doc River's son. Let me ask you this. You think he would have made in the League if he wasn't Doc River's son?


He was McDonald's.


Yeah, but he always was Doc River's son when he was McDonald's, too. Would he be McDonald's if he wasn't Doc.


River's son? Now, he was crazy in high school.


Listen, I lived in Orlando at that time.


I know. It was crazy. He's 6'4 as a high school player. You know, he was a high school guard at 6'4.


Kind of bullying. I seen him play. He was do dunking. He was mad out, flunk and all that. You do the massage too? Itried today. I don't know if you want to do the shoulder a little bit. The shoulder. Oh, no. I'm a bad... I'm a bad... I'm a bad... I'm trying to push.


The envelope.


I'm going to push the envelope, man. I'm sorry. I'm a bad... I forgot who I was talking to. The body of base was in there.


He thought the body.


The base. But yeah, I don't think that... You're right, Mace. I was living in Orlando at the time, and he was talked about, and he was really good. But see, the reason I bring that up, you got to realize Doc Rivers is also the coach of the Orlando Magic at the time. I'm thinking about all that stuff at the same time, but I think he's a decent NBA player, seventh, eighth man off the bench, not necessarily a sixth man.


Yeah, I thought he would have had a better career if he would have went to a different team. He went to the wrong team. If he'd have went to San Antonio, he would have had a better career.


He's been in several teams. It's the right team. He was on Denver.


You're right.


Hey, well, I'll leave the Smush, Parker and Austin Rivers debate up to the viewers, but we're going to go to break.


What do you think? It sound like you got an opinion.


I really don't.


Have a good opinion. It's not like light skin, niggas?


Yes, sir. Wow, never said that.


We're going to go to- We're going to go to light skin, niggas.


We're going to return. We will talk about record park.


She called us thinking about toxic. Four years in counting. Got you feeling like an option. Maybe I'm a problem, babe. She tired of hearing, I don't know. I'm stopping at me won't fall. Dealing with this thing called trust. But she really thinking about it. She really think about it. She really think about it. She really think about it.


Welcome back. Let's get into our underdog fantasy picks of the day. But before we get into the picks, you all know underdog is always hooking it up for the it is what it is listeners, and they're always doing special picks for new signups. But this week they got a special pick for everyone that ever signed up with Codacam, Mace, or Stat. You're getting LeBron at half a point for his game on Christmas, and if you're just signing up now, you'll get another special pick on top of that. So now let's get into our picks for the night. Tonight, the Nuggets will play the Nets. Underdog fantasy has Yorkitch at 26 and a half points. Do you have them higher or lower? Nase.




They playing who?


The Nets.




Jamal Murray is at 30 and a half points, rebounds, and assists. Do you have him higher or lower? Can.


It's the Nets. Nigger, of course.


nick Claxton is at eight and a half rebounds. Do you have him higher or lower?


Nase. Nick who?


Nicholas Claxton. Who is that? I'm the Nets.


Who is that? You good? You're good for the next year. I ain't going to get a mate. I'm going to go low.






Shout out to Clax.




Shout out to Clax. Clax is all right. He is.


Okay, download the Underdog fantasy app and you can make your picks too. We are joined back with our analyst, Marise Claret. Okay, so before we get into a couple of the games, Marise, I know you had some recent realizations about Rucker Park, so would you like to share those?


Oh, yeah. When I was looking it up, I was about to make a shirt for something in regards to Rucker Park. I was about to do Ali Moe. Then when I went down the history of it, I never knew it was called the Entertainment basketball league, and I never knew it was a hard like this. I was like, Man, I didn't know none of this stuff existed. I had a bunch... Well, not a bunch of questions, but I just wanted to hear stories from Mason Cam about just Rucker Park. Maybe just some stuff that went on around the game that a lot of people didn't know. Most of the stuff you hear is just from our rapper-sponsored teams, but I'm pretty sure it was more the essence of Harlem, the essence of the city, or what was going on around it. Those are just my inquiring thoughts, just basically being a fan and just not even realizing it was in Harlem.


Well, Rucker Park is legendary, and I'm a legend in Rucker Park, actually. I was 16 years old and won the championship and MVP, all type of shit at 16 years old. This is shit I was doing in 1992. You know what I'm saying? I beat future. I beat speedy. Half man, half a man. Moe Black was on the team. It was crazy. I'm just going to give my accolades before anything else. I went crazy that year. The two niggas, the two best guards supposedly was a guy named Future. He used to dance and do all types of shit. Speedy, he was in a movie above the room. I gave them the business that year. 1992, it was my year and I killed niggas. But seriously, and not seriously, that's no cat. But growing up, it was a big deal, Rucker Park. What happened is this, me and Mr. Mosley used to run Rucker Park. It was super dope. It was lit. He passed away and a guy named Greg started to run it. What Greg did was... I don't know how much history and how old people are to know about wrestling, but PWF was ran by Vince McMahon's father.


When Vince McMahon's father died, Vince McMahon took it over, and Vince McMahon turned it into the PWF. It turned out to be eventually WWE for people who were like, What is Cam talking about W-W-E-F? It was WWF before it was WWE. But he got Hawk Hogan. He got Randy Savage. He started getting ultimate warrior. He took it to the next level. That's what Greg did for Rucker Park. He started getting sponsors from Def Jam from different record companies. Bad Boy. Bad Boy. You started turning it into Rapers League and so on and so forth. But you forget about the people like Terminator and the dance and Doogie and a whole bunch of different people. Because this is one time I seen Fat Joe doing an interview. And Fat Joe was like, Was Kare really good and ball like that? Because people would be telling me Kare was playing ball, but I see him a celebrity game and he was tired and all that. This is what I'm talking about. Fat Joe is my nigga. That's my man. But you the new rocker.


Yeah, he's.


The new rucker. You the Vince McMan rucker. I'm from Ivan Pusky, Junkyard Dog. I ain't Sheet, man. I ain't Sheep Bob Baclin. I'm from that era. When Greg to Rucker over, he got you all rappers. I'm not saying you all because we're rappers. But at the end of the day, it was a whole different dynamic before Greg got there. That was the essence of it. There's so many people, like my little bro, A-Butter, he got a lot of footage from Rucker Park. If you want to check it out, his page is butter butter world, I believe, on Instagram. He puts up a lot of stuff from Rucker, where he played probably from 2001 to 2009. When he task tax, there's no offense to it, it's just my little bro, and he killed up there. But he puts The Golden era, and I'd be like, That's your Golden era. You know what I'm saying?


Yeah, the real Golden era, Rucker, is when it was like, Rambo and Jim Ice and all of them type of niggas. That was when it was a drug dealers league. It wasn't even Rappers then. When I was living up there, it was a drug dealer.


Yeah, you was up. I forgot you was on the A-Fav. You've been all over all the things when I was up over there and all that. When I.


Was up there, it was a drug dealers league. It wasn't for basketball.


Right. And listen, a lot of people- It was for.


Street niggas.


Right. I'm not saying shout out to Mousie. Mousie out even know. I'm not saying that this... Mason's 100% right. I'm not calling this guy drug dealer. I'm just saying I remember Warren. A lot of people know him as OG Warren.


From- Peter Shue and.


All that.


That's the rock I know.


Remember we did have a fight with Peter Shue? I don't even know if you remember that. Peter Shue is like, Oh, shit. Peter Shue was the first nigger with the Fannie-pac shit before niggas.


Had it. Yeah, that's still a rocker.


I know. That's the fact.


When you couldn't come in the park. When you was playing, Killa, I was on the fence. I coach you to the MVP.


Listen, man. I remember, man, you was my brother. You're a killer, bro. That championship was for all of us. Yeah, that was for all of us because it was.


Nobody- We couldn't believe it. They said, This nigga kill out there going crazy.


We almost cried. Now we might have cried because no young nigga played in Rucker. After that, a bunch of young niggas start playing. But I was the first teenager to play and bust ass in the championship. We couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe it because it was like a grown man's league and Mr. Moseley gave me opportunity. But Mason is right. I couldn't even believe the shit. I was like, This is crazy. Let me.


Ask you a question. Is it like a tournament? I really don't know. I've only seen it through social, not social media, but old and one mix tapes. Is it a tournament for a week? Is it a weekend? What is actually... When people talk about Rucker Park or the tournament, I guess what is it?


In the beginning, it was just you had to... It was like show-off. It was like to prove that you could bring a player from the furthest place you could possibly get a player from. Niggas were bringing people from. I remember when they brought... Who was the first person? Was it Vince? It was somebody crazy.


Listen, and that's one thing I will give fat Joe credit for, and Jay Z as well. They started bringing Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, fucking LeBron James. Steph was from New York already. But when niggas started saying this, the niggas from out, that's when niggas was like, Oh, Rucker Park they got crazy. But they started getting police barricades and so on and so forth. It was just wild, reckless in the beginning. It wasn't no barricades. You climb on a tree. It's a bridge over there. You would sit on the bridge. It's even projects directly across the street where niggas would go on the roof for the projects.


Yeah, or sit on top where the school was, the elementary school, the roof.


Right, exactly. To answer the question, though, it is a tournament. You play eight, nine games and the team, the four or five, six teams who make the playoffs and then- It was.


Like all summer. It was the thing to do in the summer. At first it was just pretty much like Bronx versus Harlem and Queens before niggas start flying niggas in. At first it was like, bragging rights or who the best in the city? So whoever was like the top guard in the city, you had to play in Rucker. If you didn't play there, it doesn't matter.


Right. Not to jump off topic, hold on, man. Shane Gillis. Shout to Shane. Shane Gillis, you got to chill, bro. Shane Gillis, I texted him yesterday. He had called me while we was filming, so I hit him back and said, Yo, you up still? He just hit me back and said, Pause, man. What do you mean? A mile. Yo, Shane, chill, bro. My bad, are you awake? No, shout to Shane, man. I'm just looking. He's like, Yo, pause on you up. Shout to Joe Regan and Shane Gillis, man. It was crazy. But yeah, bro, it was the thing to do. After a while, I died down. People go to Dyke Man, and then you had King Dome pause. It was a lot of tournaments outside of that, but it's one of the things you have to be there.


Yeah. You definitely wanted to have your best game because Niggas on the mic would kill you.


Oh, yeah. That's what made it dope as well. The announcing out loud, the whole game was spectacular. Then if you get a nickname, your nickname was crazy. I was the All-American. I was like, It was crazy. You get a nickname. That's what I was going to say. I was talking about OG, Juan. When Juan was doing it before Jay Z or anybody else, when he was doing it by himself, I remember niggas used to change sneakers at half time. I'm like, How much money is niggas really getting up there? They could wear the white Jordans in the first half, and then the second half, we had a black Jordans. You want to play for people like that. You know what.


I'm saying? I remember that game, Big Stray K..


Yeah, I remember. It was more like Peter, Shoo, Juan, Mousie. Those people at that particular time, they had it.


And Marice, you got your questions answered?


Make sure. Yeah. Look, I'm a fan. I'd be trying to relive a time. You don't know about this step, but the M1 mix thing growing up was like everything. I think that was the first time I was introduced to just Harlan. I wrote at Rucker Park in general. I didn't want to do the research on it. I didn't realize it was in Harlem.


Oh, yeah, definitely.


Okay, so we got two more games to talk about real quick. The Thunder beat the Clipper's 134-115, killing the Clipper's nine-game win streak. What are your thoughts on The Thunder being second in the West?


Well, I mean, The Thunder, they beat them, but Kauai wasn't playing, so I can't really count this towards Talu because Taauu said with his whole team there after 10 games, they was going to be rolling. And they have been rolling. So this game didn't have Kauai there, so I'm giving them a pass on this game. But the boy is Shay. How you say? Shay?




Shay is really starting to make a name for himself. I mean, even though last year he was the first team, I think this year he's really taking it serious. Not that he didn't last year, but really starting to create that space pause between him and the other guys like, I'm really that one. And that's what I'm starting to get from watching this game. Even when it was a play with him and Westbrook was together, and it just looked like you could tell as an athlete when you know, this nigga can't guard me. You could just see it in his mannerisms, in his mindset like, he don't belong all here on me. I looked up to this nigga growing up, and I hate that it had to be this way.


Yeah. Listen, yesterday when we had Mark Jackson on the show, I was so excited to see John play. I said, We got Luca, we got Steph, and then we're going to put John right there. Mark quickly corrected me and said, You're jumping the gun and you're forgetting about that guy out there in Oklahoma City. We talked about this earlier this year because he was first seen all NBA last year. He's in a small market. We didn't really see what he had going on. Oklahoma City Thunder may not have been this attractive since Westbrook and Kevin Durant was there. Even when Chris Paul was there, it wasn't the same. Even watching Shay's game, he's a little more athletic than Chris Paul. It isn't like he's one of these guys that go dunk on you and high flying, but I totally agree. We talked about this before prior to the game, and we were saying, We're going to see when he play stuff tonight. Then he was killing stuff. Then not only did he, I ain't going to say kill stuff, but he got his numbers. He outplayed stuff. I'll say that.


He put the tape out.


I was going to say that.


If this shoe and that.


Tape, nigger. Yeah, he put it on his Instagram. Not just a clip, swipe, nigger. Swipe what?


Yeah, this is you on the table, nigger. You getting.


Killed, man. Yeah, he put it on his Instagram and put swipe left. One clip, two clip, three clips, four clips.


So and he had 31 and eight.


He had 31 and eight. He had the game high. James Harden, not only 23, he had 23 Westbrook, off the bench, 15 points. You said Kauw didn't play, would have made a great point. Paul George, 22 points. He's out for blood. He's out for blood and he wants his name to be known. Look, a lot of times, and I'm not going to compare it to the Joker or Luke or anything else because those guys are actually coming from overseas. But these players that are not from this country also have a point to prove. He's from Canada. You got a bunch of Canada players said we're going to go down there and show these niggas that we're just as good as they are as well. Like Jamal Murray. Certain niggas up there up north that's nice.


My niggas. Yeah. Don't forget, check on that OKC team too. He's going crazy. I like this OKC team.




Lastly, the grizzlies are already stint on business. They beat the Pacers 116 to 103. But thoughts on the Pacers losing another game.


Yeah. It's like you wanted the killer said the target on your back, pausing now. Niggas is just playing like every time they go to Indiana, these are the niggas that almost was the champs. So niggas is just taking them serious.


Look, the fans in Indiana, the fans in Detroit, when the Lions B went in, all these fans when we don't give you all your credit and we start giving you all your credit, and then you all just sit there and embarrass us. Stop texting us. Stop DMing me. Stop hitting the page up. Yeah, question me. Yeah, stop questioning stat murder DMing us. Oh, we've been winning you why you're not talking about us. This is exactly why.


Because they put too much pressure.


On you all. Yeah, we're trying to save you all from yourself. A big disappointment. Now listen, you all was going around gloating, and I'm not going to say... Listen, I would have gave you all niggas a pass. But Halliburton fucked it up when he did this shit. He fucked it all up.


Ever since.


That time. Ever since that damn time shit, he fucked it up. The reason I say that is because if he would have went out humbly and said, We're just trying to get better every day. We're working on ourselves.


I had a great game against even greater guard.


Right. It was humbling to even be on the same floor with, no, you want to-.


You want to listen to big mills talks, being humble and all that.


Exactly. See who they got you.


This is where it.


Gets you.


You want to bring your father on TNT and this is where it gets you. You know who has a problem with it? You know who's seeing all this worse than it's worth? We've all seen it, but it ain't the fact that me, Stat, Murder, Marise, anybody else we work with seen it. The fact is that John Morant been watching, they couldn't do nothing about it. Now he could do something about it, and he's going to do something about it. This is every guard's worst nightmare coming to you all, niggas, 100 miles per hour every night. You all niggas got another 60-something games with problems on your hands. I'm telling you this right now, and there's going to be people up for the challenge. Luca don't give a fuck. Steph ain't going to care. But there's a lot of soft as guards too.


I think. Yeah, Josh playing like, Yo', tell niggas about it. It is what it is. I'm going to take these niggas to the playoff. I'm taking these niggas to the playoff.


Yeah, that's a fact, man. That's how he looking. I won't say the show, but I seen a couple of shows because after the guys first game, he's like, Yeah, I kept all the receipts. And a couple of people who heard him say that like, Jive, you the reason people have receipts. You is doing this and doing that and doing this. Look, bro, let that man say what the fuck he want to say at this point. We got action, nigger. We got action, nigga. I'm excited. Ja, the only thing I'm not supporting is the guns because we ain't going to be able to see you. Say what you want because you can afford the fine. Just don't slap niggas, pull out guns or anything else. Say whatever the fuck you want because I'm digging it. Niggas are like.


You got it? Yeah. Or text us. We'll say it for you. That's even better. Yeah, that's the fact.


You're out of trouble. That's the.


Fact, man. Text me. I'd tell her I'd say it for you.


Yeah, but as far as the paces are concerned, but target on your back, baby. You all niggas is the reigning Eastern Conference Champions for the end-season tournament, whatever the fuck that mean. You all niggas is right now in the AC. You're in the AC. So when when this shit started, I think I was in the fourth or fifth. It's been bad since the end-season tournament. Good luck the rest of the season.


There you have it. And, Marys, thank you for being here.


You all, Moe has been a great season, man. We appreciate you, man. And we're going to see you in season three. We act like season three ain't next week, but we'll see you in season three, man. But go ahead, Moe, what you going to say? Well, look.


You all got to meet me with the official title sponsor for the Racism Bowl.




Oh, the Racism Bowl.


The official sponsor.


I think a Moe be on point every week, man.


The Racism Bowl is crazy.




Promised you I'll cry when you said that the other day.


It was hilarious. No, Mace called that was Mace. Mace is a funny nigga, man.


The racism. The racism, Bowl is fire.


Moe, we appreciate you, bro. I'm going toWell.


It's pink horsepower time.


I'm going to get back with you guys later on. Don't trust me. It's almost time for me too, baby. Matter of fact, Tito pat me my back. I don't leave home without it, nigger.


The proud sponsor.


Yeah, man.


Tito, you're on the camera.


I got you. I'm not trying to set you up, nigger.


Yeah, I'm crawling with pink horse power.


I'm just trying to show you. I'm just trying to show you. I know a nigger ain't taking my pink horse power out of here.




Was just trying to get a quick commercial and a nigga didn't rob me. I don't even got nothing in here. Sorry, Moe. I got something next time. Yeah, man. I'm missing my foot. Now I'm mad for real. I can't do my pink.


Eyes, bro. Well, before we end, we have a surprise, you all.


We're going to play games here if you all want. I got my knife and my bag, too. I'm so sorry.


No, it's a pleasure surprise.


Shout out, nick.


Oh, man, my man, God. There you go. Nick, where's that? Paul.


Itried to open it yet.


Thank you, nick.


I appreciate you.




Kelly. Thank you, nick. Thank you, bro. We appreciate you, man. Good looking, Rosie. I hope you're my take-book.


He's still looking.


For it. Nick Saban.


I would like for you guys to open these up on the show if that's possible.


Is it different than each bag?




What is this? We'll go with staff first. We'll go with staff first. Mace, I definitely want you to go last. Got a nice.


Bottle of wine. I do love me some wine too.


I know Stat is a stealer.


Fan, so we got.


Some Steeler gear. Then we definitely need Cam to go next. Pause.


Right here, real quick. My pink horse is a lot going on my bag. This is what I'm... Have yourself a merry little Christmas and make sure you go to pink-horsepower. Net to have a beautiful Christmas and a happy New Year. That was close. I had to make sure I have my shit in my bag. Thank you guys. Is this just from you, nick?


Yeah, that's from me, man. For working with you guys, you guys have been dope. Thank you so much, man.


I just want to show love. Thank you very much, bro. All right, I'll just make sure. You're looking, nick. These ain't the ones you had on the other day. Now, nick had these on the other day, and I was like, these are tough. These are fired. Oh, yeah, these new. I'm just make sure. I can't get me refurbish. I told him, Pink is my color and all that. Thank you so much, nick. I appreciate it. Now, thank you again. Is this champagne?


Yeah, that's for the New Year's celebration.


Thank you very much, nick. I appreciate it, man. Oh, yeah, Little Foo. Little Foo, baby. You're going to put this with some shambles. I mix this with shambles. Thank you so much, man.


Got you, bro. Mace, you're a very difficult person to buy stuff for because unlike Stat, we actually know what team she root for.


Cam asked me to make a video of all the teams that you've rooted for. I'm like, Cam, I'm going to have to charge you extra for that one, bro.


I don't know.


In that little bag is a gift. You got some -Cleco.


-yeah, man.


Little book. Thank you, man.


In the little bag, since I know you all about Title Town...




Is this, man?


So I got creative. I got you a gift card. So the next day, whoever wins the national title will be able.


To go and get you a hat.


You didn't pick just.


One team. Now you got options.


Though, because of the title towards the title. That was good. That was good.


That was up man.


Thank you so much, nick. Of course, it's been dope working with you guys and being a part of the show.




That was clever. Nick is the one every night behind the scenes recording, editing the videos we want to tell. Actually, before we finish the season, I was going to tell you thank you so much for being part of team, staying up extra hours to help us get this done. Thanks to Jeremiah, who made a rare appearance tonight for making all this happen as well. The CEO, Kevin BlueWire, everybody behind the scenes. This move out here to the West Coast for me, Mason Stat, it was a really big decision being that we're all originally from the East Coast and you guys really made us feel at home and feel comfortable. It's been a pleasure to work with you and we look forward to working with you much more in the future. Thank you guys so much, man.


Let's go. It means a lot. Thank you guys. Thank you guys in the back. I hope everyone has a happy holiday.


Thank you guys. We're the hottest niggas on the planet. We're the hottest niggas on the planet. What he said? What he said? My niggas, Bob, my nigga, Tito, King. King, Church. Yeah, my nigga, King. I'm not going to say his first name. Church is out there in the front. I'm trying to think, is there anybody else we forgot? Jacob. Oh, yeah, Jacob York. Big shout to Jacob York. He really helped Mark Jackson. He helped put the Mark Jackson thing together. To be honest with you, it might have fell apart without Jacob York. Shout out to.


The Jews, Blueberry.


Yeah, my man. Look at church. Shout out to church. Shout out to O'Jay and shout to Larry Smith for finding OJ for us. We appreciate everybody's help, man. If I am forgetting anybody, I'm pretty sure you all will remind me. We'll talk to you all next week when season three begins. Thank you. We're bugging. Shout out to Underdog fantasy. We're bugging the fuck out. Big shout to my man, nick, over there, Underdog fantasy. We appreciate everything you're doing for us, and we look forward to doing much more business in the future, man. We got much more in store, man. If I forget, I'm sorry, but yeah, I can't remember anybody else.


Thank you all for watching, and that's all the time we have for today. Stay tuned for season three. And as you all know, we the new journalist.


Yeah, baby. That's what it is. Journalist niggas.


As always, it is what it is. We out.