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Um, three oh five mafia. Look, they love me. Yeah, they love me first. Love yourself for that. And God we trust. Trust me. I don't trust myself. Your jewelry. I get it. Took no show.


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Of course.


I'm treasure Wilson, aka stat baby, along.


With your host, Mace.


Camp man, killer was good. You said you was going to be on zoo. I know he's going to make it. So I dressed how I wanted to dress today. If I knew you was going to make it, I would have my suit and tie on.




Thought you was on the zoom part. My casual Friday on a Monday morning, man, it's going down.


I know you all want to talk to me about title town. Where OJ at?


OJ waiting noise.


There he is.


How are you?


You look good, man. Today, man, I ain't taking my bills cap off until midnight.


All day.


I'm one happy camper today, buddy. Yeah, that was quite a game. That was quite a game. Are we talking about that game?


Yeah. Let's get right into it. OJ. Okay. So the Buffalo Bills defeat the Chiefs 20 to 17. Patrick Mahomes was pretty upset at the refs after an offensive offside call on Cadarius Tony that resulted in a touchdown. In response, he slammed his helmet on a bench and had a tantrum with the refs. So what are your thoughts on Patrick Mahomes and the Bills win?


Well, on know you never see Patrick act like that, but I think when he gets inside and look at the video, the guy lined up offsides. He lined up, you know, matter of fact, they were right on whatever yard line that was, and it was clear that the guy was offside. That was uncharacteristic of Patrick because it's hard for me to think he could get that mad over a play that he couldn't have seen. He literally could not have seen if the guy was offside or not. What he could see sometimes if they don't call a pass interference or something, he could see that clearly. So I can see him losing his temper on that. But I think most players when they're not playing their know, that kind of eats you a little bit. And I saw Patrick under throw more passes than I ever seen him underthrow in that game. So I don't think Patrick was really happy about his personal performance. And I think that kind of led to the edge that led to the yelling at the end of the game.


OJ, I think, how you doing?


First of all, all is kind of well.


All is kind of well.


Yeah. I'm not playing golf lately, so if I'm not playing golf, I'm not totally happy, but I'll be playing golf this week.




I think when I look at the Chiefs game, it's almost like God calling your miracle back. They went through so much to get that point. It was like when the flag came out, I was like, they cannot take this point away because it was just everything went right for them to get that score. So I could see why he threw his helmet.




Well, I agree with you. When it happened, I saw, oh, my God, I was happy as hell. Obviously, being a Bills fan, Patrick, to find a way to pull it out. I really thought he would. But I'm telling you, when you look at the replay and you look at him line up, it's apparent. I mean, it's clear that the guy lined up on the line and was offsides.




He was clearly off as a, as a watcher of the game, just parishioner. When I was looking at didn't. We can't tell that until actually they call it back and do the replay. But I thought about a lot. I thought about Kelsey and how he played and it's like, if you're going to bring Taylor Swift in, you got to play a little bit better than that. We're thinking different in title town right now. He didn't have a touchdown and we just expected more pause. We expected more from.


Yeah, I agree. But I think the problem for Patrick is, the same problem for Kelsey is those other receivers aren't consistent in what they do. That's one of the reasons he appeared to be missing guys badly at times. Because he expect them to go right and they go left or he expect them to sit down in the hole or they keep moving. So you see a lot of those passes he threw other than the ones that were short. And I saw an unusual amount of short passes by Patrick Mahomes. But both of them are suffering from this constant changeover of receiver. And a lot of these guys are just not on the same page as Patrick is on.


Well, this goes actually back to last week when we was talking about Tyreek Hill and him saying that Pat Mahone spent more time with Kelsey and he felt like he was outside the relationship. So is this a time that we need to spend more time with the other receivers and not just Kelsey and Mahomes?


Well, I don't know how much time they spend with each other, but they're not on the same page, these others. And it's been detrimental to the success of the team at this point because for them to play the Bills that tough, because nothing's wrong with the Bills offense normally, but they shut them down, like at the end of the second quarter, most of the third quarter, they actually shut the Bills down. That's what surprised me. The Bills came out, scored early, a couple of touchdowns, and I honestly thought that would continue. But for probably a quarter and a half, they were totally shut down.


Well, as the originator of granddaddy issues, if you got a young lady spending time with you and you all ain't on the same page, is that because you haven't spent enough time together?


Well, I guarantee you, if I was an issue, I know the girls went very nice neglige and stuff and she's worth billions. Forget the rest of those guys. I thought she's real pretty going.






That's what they call neglige.


Do you know what neglige is? Lingerie and old school lingo. Old school lingo.


It's crazy. Now I do.


What about a slip?


A slip?


I have a feeling I know what that is.


Whenever I got slip, you go like this.


So I want to ask.


No, stat. I let them talk. I've been chilling. Are you all done? Have you all been having fun? Oh, your hat is cute. Very cute hat. Very festive back there. Merry Christmas. Happy holidays to you. This has been a great weekend for me. Murders, two weeks in the lost title town last week. This is beautiful for me. We're going to get to Bo Nicks not winning the husband. In a little while. We're going to get to Oregon being. We already talked about Oregon losing. We seen Georgia lose. Now the Chiefs have lost again. OJ, you feeling good? But at the same time, y'all may not even make the playoffs. This is beautiful. I'll let y'all two have y'all little camaraderie with each other so y'all can feel good. Patrick Mahomes is frustrated because he's not used to losing this much this early in the season. For his whole career, he's been winning and the championship really well, you know, the AFC championships really been going through him and the Kansas City Chiefs, the last, I don't know, three, four, maybe five years since he's been quarterbacking. Right now the Ravens are at the top of the if and even if so and most likely not if, but if.


I had to bet on it, of course Kansas City is going to the playoffs, but it won't be through arrowhead. It's going to be through somewhere else. And Patrick Mahomes.


Miami or somewhere.


Miami or Baltimore and Patrick Mahomes. Yeah, he's not used to this. He doesn't understand it. He can't fathom it. He's like, what is this about when you're used to winning this much and you lose five games already in what, 13 games or 1213 games they played already? He doesn't even know what this is really about. He's frustrated, he's throwing his helmet. He's mad at calls. It's part of the game. When you're a winner as much as he is, he doesn't really understand it. And I loved it. Not because of Patrick Mahomes, because I want to see what y'all two was going to talk about. There was a bunch of bullshit, but, you know, daddy issues. I hope you all make the playoffs because I tell you right now, listen, they're eleven. Yeah. You all got the same record as the Cincinnati Bengals and you all don't even got an excuse. What's your excuse?


But we had to win that game. We had to win that.


Hey man, this makes me happy, man. I know that Buffalo won but this is no guarantee for them to be in the playoffs. And I just want to hear what Mace had to say about title town this week because title town for Mace the last couple of weeks has not been looking good, man. So I just want to know.


It ain't for now, though. No, it's for the end of the season.


Absolutely right.


Title town don't start to January.


I know, but we on five days a week so I get to talk about it on the Monday morning. So listen, I would love to see OJ. Let me ask you this real quick before we move on. What do you think the chances are right now of the Buffalo Bills making the playoffs?


I would say 50 50. I think they still have to play Miami again. Miami is a tough go. I don't know their whole schedule. I know they got Dallas. The way Dallas looked tonight. They got Dallas either maybe next week, I believe, or week after. But that's a tough one for them. So between those two teams, I don't think anybody right now that's sitting at, what is that, eight and six or whatever it is, I don't think any of them could afford to lose two games and make the playoffs. And the Bills got those two very tough games. And what we've seen this year is you don't have to be one of those teams to beat the Bills. I mean, the jets beat them, and I believe the jets are going to play them again. So, like this game, these games are do or die for the Buffalo Bills, and they're still alive. That's why I'm wearing this hat and that's why I'm so happy.


That's what's up, man.


Yeah, that's great to hear. And speaking of the jets, the Jets crushed the Texans 30 to six, but both teams didn't score any points in the first half. In fourth quarter, CJ Stroud had a head injury and had to leave in protocol. So thoughts on CJ Stroud's injury and then the jets win in general? OJ first?


Well, he has been the guy. He's the guy that lights the fire under that team. And the day he had a tough road to hold and getting hurt, they certainly can't afford him to be out any length of time. These head injuries are so different than when I played. When I played, if you staggered off the field, a trainer comes over and he would ask you what your name is and you'd say, OJ, he's good to go, coach. He said, coach, he's all right. He could go. Now. You have to go through all of these treatment during the week, and we're not going to know until probably Wednesday or Thursday if he's going to be able to play anymore. I thought they had a nice outside chance to make the playoffs, but if they can just end up with a winning record, that's a heck of an accomplishment for that team. But I don't think they can do that without him.


Yeah, I think that game was cool, too, but it looked like Zach Wilson at one time tried to do too much when they ripped his pockets. And then I was thinking about when the young boy got sacked and he hit his head pause on a turf. How long did it take for them to really bounce back? I know you said we'll know within a week, but for those that do not know, how long could a person stay out with one concussion?


Well, we've seen players miss the next week because they weren't okay by the doctors and I guess the experts who test them during the week. A guy as tough as he is to go down the way he went down, you would think it's pretty severe. I can't say I'd be surprised if he doesn't play next week because I wouldn't be surprised because a tough guy to hurt and when guys like him get head injuries, they tend to be a little more severe than a lot of the other know. So I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't play next week. But I was surprised this week that know Lawrence played for Jacksonville. I was shocked that he was able to play after that injury we saw last week. So you never know. You never know. The head is a lot different than the ankle, obviously. So we got to wait to see what these experts say during the week.


Hopefully you could come back because that division is really tight. Pause everybody's well, it's three teams that's a game. The Colts, the Texans and the Jaguars are all a game away out of each other. Of course Jacksonville is leading the division, but the Colts are one game behind and so are the Texans. So each week, every game matters until the season's over with implications getting to the playoffs. Hopefully he could come back and we'll see what happens. But without Strout being in the lineup, it doesn't look good for them making the playoffs. As far as the jets are concerned, we already know the jets have a great defense. We've been going this for two years. It's about their offense. Of course. Everybody tomorrow is going to be like, oh shit, you know Zach is hot. I told you all Zack could do it. Oh man, Zach's that nigga. We love Zack. The next week when he throws 17 interceptions with a total of 13 yards, I'm like, we got to put Zach on the bench. He's not the answer. This down the third week to week with the jets, it's always a quarterback issue. Their defense is solid and we know that their defense is solid, but I'm not even really focused on the jets on this game.


It's more about the Texans and CJ Stroud's injury with implications going into the playoffs.


So as of right now, we don't know about CJ Stroud's return, but just in the league, there's been a lot of quarterback injuries this season. I mean, there's Aaron Rodgers, Kirk Cousins, Joe Burrow, Deshaun Watson, Anthony Richardson. Trevor Lawrence did get hurt but was able to come back and play. OJ, what are your thoughts on all the quarterback issues that are happening.


They made all the rules to protect the quarterbacks. I can't imagine they could make any more rules to protect these quarterbacks. A lot of them are getting hurt, not running, they're getting hurt in the pocket. I just think when you got all these pass rushes, not three of them guys, but 150 pound guys, 145 pound guys coming off the edge as fast as they're coming off the edge with one thing in their mind, they're thinking about their paychecks and all those defensive ends paychecks is directly tied to the sacks that they get. So I just think it's the motivation of these defensive ends to get to the quarterback. I truly don't know what more you can do to help the quarterback.


That's a great point, OJ, I like that. I like what you said. You're trying to stop me from eating. That's exactly what this is. You are trying to stop me for eating. And I can imagine, I mean we talk about it or they talk about it from time to time, bonuses, incentives, et cetera, but I can imagine and I don't know I have any insight on it, but the incentive to tackle, to get more sacks or deflections or whatever's in your contract, more money. So like you said, you're sitting there stopping me from eating or stopping my family from eating or stopping me from getting whatever. That is a terrific point because everybody's contract or the defensive back on the defensive line probably has all type of incentives, money wise on sacks and deflections and hits and so on and so forth. Not just know even like Trevor Lawrence, he got hurt from his own player, his own player hurt his ankle. So I don't know, you have more insight on that than us. But you made a great point after Tom Brady, all them rules and changed. What else can you really do to protect the quarterback?


Tom Brady made it really comfortable for a quarterback man.




Okay, so now it's time to have a conversation about the Cowboys. They defeated the Eagles 33 to 16. Now there is a Dac MVP push. OJ, what do you think?


Chill out.






This is crazy. Now say they back like the 85.




Go ahead.


I'm going to say that after the Buffalo game.


Now CD Lamb is a monster, ain't no doubt about that. But Zach is putting up numbers and they are winning. We're talking a lot about they're beat losing teams. Well they beat the winningest team this week and they beat know severely. Now I got to see them go through. I guess it's the Bills next week. And I don't know if they play Miami later on, but if they continue to look that way, hey, they're looking to anybody, man, except the 49 ers, but they're looking as good as all the rest of the team.


Why do you all keep leaving the Lions out of this?


Why you keep leaving?


You just brush Detroit off.


Detroit out because they only like three decades away.


Well, you could put a bet in to me, to our betting site here that.


They don't do.


I'm glad that the Lions fans are enjoying these games, but once we get to the playoffs, I'm assuming they're going to make the playoffs. Once we get to the playoffs, I don't expect them to be around.


They make the playoffs in what, like ten years? Almost ten. And they ain't win a game in the playoffs in what, like 30 years. Yeah, I knew that.


I think if that's right, it's going to be 31.


Today. They could have did something about that and the way they played, I was thinking this must be a jinx that they got on them because today they could have really put themselves in a better position.


They there with the Knicks, everybody else?


Yeah, that's what I'm saying.


I'm just saying, least they planned. They looking good when it comes to the NFC. Niggas is not even mentioning them as a threat. OJ just said, yeah, man. Well, listen, this is what I have to say about this. As much as you brush the Lions under the rug in the playoffs, why don't you brush the 49 ers under the rug in the playoffs like that? I mean, pardon me, not the 49 ers, the Cowboys, under the playoffs like that. Because it isn't like they'd be making it to the second round either, in the playoffs. So why don't. Yeah, the same way that you be like, well, we'll see when the playoffs come. Why don't you say that about the Cowboys? It's the same scenario. Maybe they win a little bit more often and not a lot. They may have went four times this century, maybe five. I'm being generous saying five because, I don't know, off top of my head, but they don't win in the playoffs either, so why the same way you don't treat the Lions the same way you treat the Cowboys?


Well, you don't ask me about them in the playoffs. We know Zach has not been at his best in the playoffs, and I don't think anybody that follows football thinks that he will be at his best unless you're a Cowboy when the playoffs come around now, one thing they might get, might get the playoffs at home. That gives them a better chance. But their team, I mean overall their team is better than the previous teams that have gone through the playoffs. Of course, it was Zach that kind of didn't live up to it once he got to the playoffs. And I can't say I'm one of the people that think he won again this year, but I don't think he will again every year.


Every year. Every year. Every year. Cowboy. I'm not saying you're a Cowboy fan, but every year the Cowboys, this team is better than last year's team that went to the team. This is the team this year that was better every year.


This is what Cowboy.


Because what happens is they switch every year. Cowboy fans say the same thing. And I know you're not a cowboy.


They're going to figure it out. I think they didn't figure it out.


But they always a little better than the team that was for the, this has been going on for like nine years. Every year they're just a little, little bit better. This is what I will say is that, look, two weeks in a row philly lost. That puts the Cowboys at the top of the division. It pushed up 49 ers at the top of the conference. Right now for the NFC, I say.


I'm loving my niners, but let me say this. The teams may have gotten better. That might be true. What didn't get better was Romo and Dak. Those two didn't get better when they got to the playoffs. Okay. Seems like when they got to the playoffs, both of those guys did not play their best football and that's what cost them those playoff see, oh, did.


You see McCaffrey was running like you today? That when I saw him running it looked like an old OJ Simpson clip.


Well, McCaffrey, I told you that's a bad white boy. He really is. I want Hugh McElaney and 59 and 60 and I kind of tried to emulate him until I saw Gail serious. But when I was a very young kid playing football at ten or eleven, that was the guy that I was looking at. And when I look at McCaffrey, when it comes to just playing every aspect of the business of the position, I don't think he missed a block. But there's a block. What's the name guy? The guy kind of got by him, but the guy really had a good rush. But he blocks, he catches the ball, he runs. But today I don't want to talk about McCaffrey. I want to talk about my boy Debo. Give me some debo, okay?


Give me some.


Dangerous, man. Come on. Well, Debo is dangerous. I mean, he's the scariest out there.


So I want to give you the opportunity to talk about Debo and Ayuk. So the Seahawks lost to the 49 ers, 28 to 16. How do you feel about the 49 ers currently? And you can talk about your players and what you're liking right now.


Well, I didn't say Debo because I wanted Mason the conversation. That was a tough game for him because Pete Carroll plays them tough. They play twice a year, and they always have good, tough games. But why they're the best team in football is because they have no. Look, Debo caught two passes a day and had a reverse run. That one run. Only Tariq Hill could have gotten the end zone. He just ran away from those guys. There he was cruising on that long 50, 1 yd touchdown past the guy. You can have good players and play well, but to be a real championship team, you got to have some players that are above and beyond just good that you could throw them a five yard pass and they can go 60 yards. 49 ers have that in the backfield. They have that with their wide receivers. They have that with their tight end. They can run the ball on you if that's what it has to be. They can throw the ball. They could score from anywhere on the field with multiple players and their defense. Come on, man. Them two defensive ends, it's unbelievable.


So I got to say, nobody wants to play them. Look what they've done to everybody today. They only put 28 points on Seattle. But Seattle has been playing pretty good football. They were in the running to get in the playoffs. Be pretty hard for them to do that now. Go Niners.


Yeah, I mean, look, Niners is looking dumb. Niggas looking incredible. When everybody plays, they're fucking incredible. And I give them a lot of credit because indivision games are always tough because people want to be winning division. Of course, you said it all, bro. I really have nothing bad to say about the Niners when everybody's playing. You got Christian McCaffrey, 145 yards rushing. Debo 149. Brock Purdy threw one interception, but, shit, 368 yards. Amazing fucking. We got to stop whoever says Brock Purdy is a game manager.


Got to chill.


That niggas an official NFL quarterback. And if we talking about all this Dac MVP push and all this other shit, then we definitely need.


I think it was OJ who said he was a gay man.


OJ called his own nigga game.


With that group. I don't think he's elite yet. But with that group, with that group of starters out there, nobody is better than him to run a group of players.


Like, I think he's becoming elite. He got 300.


Nigga was a game manager. Now he's switching up. Oh, where your blueberry juice at?


Let me ask you this. Who would you rather have?


And he didn't have it in his fridge, so I missed my blueberry. It's good for the mind. It's good for the heart. Blueberry, is it? Look it up on your Google.


Listen, man, I wish I had something to really talk about with this game, but y'all are looking great. Y'all don't only lead the division, y'all lead the conference. Y'all haven't lost when everybody's playing on the team. Let's see if y'all could get this done. Because maybe about six, seven years ago, when y'all had Garoppolo and then y'all was in the Super bowl, y'all was right there and fucked that right on up. Let's see if y'all blow this privilege again this year. Let's see what happens, man. But they're looking good.


Now, we know that has more to do with Garoppolo missing that boy Samuel.


You write about that.


And that's what I'm saying about Dac and the team didn't lose those games. Basically, it was Romo in his day and dak in his day.


We're going to go to break, and when we return, we will talk about the Raiders versus the Vikings. Don't go anywhere.


She calls me about toxic. Four years accounting got you feeling like option. Maybe I'm my own problem, babe. She tired of him. And I don't know what's happening in me. Won't fall dealing with this thing called child but she really thinking about you want to be free why my enemies want to wait free, hell, I don't want to see a walk away I wish somebody told me the rules. Disagreements let's win in this corner when it's even, when I'm right. The same about you.


Welcome back. So let's get into our underdog fantasy. Picks of the day. Tonight, the Bulls will play the bucks. Underdog Fantasy has DeMar DeRozan at 25 and a half points. Do you have him higher or lower, Mace?


Lower. Lower.


Yanis is at 32 and a half.


Lower on all these motherfuckers. Niggas ain't winning the playoffs. Bulls don't know what the fuck they want to fucking do. The Bulls don't know what the fuck they trade in.


Crazy killer, but that was crazy. I was so mad low on all them niggas.


That was. Wow, that was fucking out of bounds. God, just. Yeah, that was.




Can'T even argue this, how we start the week off. I thought you understood it, but no.


I'm just, you know, you called on it absolutely right.




It wasn't a shot at you.


I was, because you know what, I'm mad at myself because you know what? That's how I said I was. I didn't even realize what the fuck I said. But I'm glad you pulled my coattail on it.


And I'm glad on all of niggas. You said.


I was aggressive.


Damien Lillard is at seven and a half assists.


Do you have him higher or lower, man?






Make sure to download the underdog fantasy app and you can make your picks too. We are joined back with our football analyst, OJ. So we talked about a low scoring game earlier. There was one that really hit the bottom of the barrel. The Vikings beat the Raiders three 20. This is the lowest scoring NFL game since 2007. OJ, what are your thoughts on this?


Well, first I'm going to have to educate you guys on something else that we talked about earlier. I am surprised, treasure, you didn't know this neglige is a part lingerie. It's french and it's the sexiest form of lingerie because it's see through.


Granddaddy, first of all, what he trying to say is get your lingo up, get your.


First of all.




At all lingerie, it's like boots. I mean, it's like shoes, you got sandals, you got boots, you got all kind of shit. Lingerie is the overall name.


Get the specific. Stop front on my uncle.


You ain't jet lag time today.


Go crazy. Stop fronting on my uncle, nigga. Know what's going on. First of all, you're talking broad. Now he's trying to get specific, man. Any disappointed stat about this shit, to be honest.


Let me educate you. You got it.


My fault.


All right. The Raiders suck.


Come on.


I mean, they suck. They tied the lowest score I think in the history of football today. They suck and it's sad and three to nothing. Now, I told you, I played a game once in Buffalo against the jets when Joe Namath was at the top of his game. And the first pass completed in that game, it was rain. And wind was after the two minute warning of the game. Joe threw a ball to I think was sour, a little hitch pass. That was the first pass that was completed. But I think the final score of that game was maybe six to zip, but three to nothing, I think that's the lowest score ever registered in the national football. And the Raiders, the Raiders just suck. That simple. And I live here in Vegas. I'm going to get a lot of heat from that walking the streets. But it's true.


He goes right back to this. This is the shit I'm talking about with Uncle Omer.


That's your grand.


Problem. You know what's crazy? Murder. I don't think old drinking enough blueberry because it was just three weeks ago, the Raiders looking good. They got that new coach, Antonio Pierce, man. And it's looking like they're going to be know they got rid of the coach and now, you know, the last three games they've been looking really good and I think it's going to be a push for the Raiders. O tried to throw us off with the neglige and then jump back in and say the Raiders suck. Like he didn't say that they was on the rise because they got Antonio Pierce the new coach and this was three weeks ago. You go from.


The Internet era, people are closing. They keeping your stats.


I'm just telling you, you saw the Raiders, they won a couple of games, they played better then you saw them score. Nothing against, well, teams got a pretty decent defense, but I'm sorry, the team that can't score a game, I mean a touchdown in this league today, especially when they ain't going against a Super.


Bowl appointment, you don't ever not score anything. Oh, pause. You never not score. These are professionals.


Basically you're saying, fuck what I said three weeks ago, they suck. That's what you said.


Well, I'm saying today, that's say things are fluid the day they suck.


With friends like these.


Okay. And an overtime win, the Ravens beat the Rams 37 to 31. So how are we feeling about the Ravens right now? OJ first?


Well, the Ravens, I think most of the season, most of the prognosticators had them win in the American League. I think they still could win the American League and by winning this game they got a shot. Still they have home field advantage and it's hard for me to see any of the american league teams, even Miami. Well, depends what the weather is that day. Going into Baltimore and beating the Ravens, that was a great game today. I thought for the last two weeks I was shocked that the Rams all of a sudden was playing good football again. And today Matthews played very good football. But to score 30 points against the Ravens is an accomplishment in itself. So they still got maybe the best defense in the AFC and they got Lamar. So I think they're right now the best team in the AFC.


Are you ready to give the young boy Zay Flowers his?


I didn't know much about him when the season started and I admit I had a chance to draft him when I was drafting my receivers. Knowing what I know now, I would have drafted him.


You didn't draft him all? No.


I mean my first receiver pick was Debo because I love. Yeah, so Debo was my first receiver pick and by the time it came back around, Flowers was gone. I like is which is know a rookie but the boys got skills and he got a guy that loves throwing him the ball. So it's a credit to him. He'll be on the all rookie team, no doubt about it.


I really like Baltimore because they're figuring ways out how to win close games. Blowouts they've been through know that's what we talk about the Eagles throughout the season. They've been winning close games all year and now they're having a couple bad weeks because they're not trying to figure that we're not trying. They haven't figured out how to come back when they're down. What I will say is this. I think the AFC this year. Sorry to hurt you. Oh Buffalo and murder over here with title town but it's Miami and Baltimore's to lose in the AFC. This is my pick for this year.


So I felt Miami and Baltimore. Baltimore.


I mean I'm not saying I don't know which one but I think those are the creme de la creme out of AFC this year. I agree. I could change like OJ. Oh it's.






I'm standing on his shoulders with that. I agree with him 100%.


You standing on Cam shoulders?


Yeah, with that.






That's crazy. I'm going to talk to Maurice Clarette about that t shirt right there standing on Cam's shoulders.


Yeah, because listen, I mean I think it's theirs to lose. I think those are the standout teams in the AFC this year. I know you're emotionally involved with Kansas City but if Miami wins next year, you'll be a dolphin. We already know how you rock. I already knew. You figure a way out. We already know that for a fact. But where we at week twelve?


We got to get Tay Tay to do something different. Tay Tay need another what would Jesus do? Bracelet or something. What would Jesus do?




But yeah, in week 13, that's who I'm picking for the crib. I'm going to tell you this.


What's going to really dictate which one of them do it is who has home. You're going to either play in snow in Baltimore or you're going to play in 85, 90 degree weather in Miami. And that's going to make a difference for both of those teams, especially Miami.


Miami. I don't think Miami will be able to play in this snow.


Well, that's what I'm saying. Especially Miami. Bad weather will affect them way more than it will affect Baltimore.


And then quick football question before you even get into Heisman conversation, real quick. So the Broncos crushed the Chargers 24 to seven. Justin Herbert had a fractured right index finger. He could possibly be out for this season waiting on results. Thoughts on Justin Herbert being out and then the Broncos win?


Well, I would say that Sean Payton has proven to people that coaching does matter because he's got those guys playing some pretty good football. He's kind of salvaged Russell Wilson's career, but this San Diego coach got to go, man. This guy's got talent everywhere on that team, and they underperform no matter what. If Herbert's there, if he's not there, they underperform. So I'm really surprised that he hasn't been let go. Mean, this team is loaded with talent on a defense. And the offense, they lose way too.


You know what?


Oh, you're absolutely right because I was thinking the same thing about the Atlanta Falcons in that same concept. Like, it's talent everywhere, but they never get it done.


It's crazy.


So that's an excellent point.


Look, man, we gave Sean Payton and Russell Wilson a hard time at the beginning of the season. What I will say is, I won't be long, is that if they end up sneaking into the playoffs some type of way on the wild card, that'll be definitely amazing because it wasn't looking good. It was looking shaky even in the preseason. And for them to make the turnaround that they made, if they sneak into playoffs, I'll be really proud. I would give a lot, a lot of credit after Sean Payton to stat for dissing Russell Wilson and saying that he fell off, but he was cute. No, she was saying. We were saying that Sierra has undoing. She's like, russell.


I don't know if Russell not the play used to be.


I don't know if you know OPa stat has our own show called. Check out the stat that comes on Fridays at 03:00 p.m. What me and Mace learned is that what she does and even you from time to time, you might not notice. She sits in, doesn't say anything and then goes on her show, talk about us on her show. Talk about. Well, I think they were totally wrong about what they said on everything they said this week and this all out things that we say on her show. So this is why she doesn't say a lot. We try and give her the halle to say a lot of shit and she just saves it all for her show to be like, well, Karen may said, sierra, but Russell Wilson, you're just not the player that you used to be and your skills have diminished and you not get in the pocket and you can't scramble anymore. Ever since then, I would like to say. I'm not totally sure, but I would like to say that. I would like to say that Russell Wilson is five and one since stat made that statement. So Sean Payton, the treasure Wilson for the resurgence of Russell Wilson.




Every time stat mentions somebody name, they.


Literally every single person that I mentioned, every single time. You know what Drake said? They tell me I fell off. Ooh, I needed that. That's how they perform and react and that's it. Is what it.




Okay. And then last question about the Heisman before we go to break. The winner of the Heisman trophy is LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels. So congrats to Jaden, but did any of you guys see this happening?


Well, I'll go real quick.


Let Ola. Let Ola.


I'm a voter.


I got it right.


Oh, shit.




Let Ola. I am. My God, he's a voter. Blueberry juice.


He looks like a pencil, but when he's running, he's bouncing off guys still running. I mean, 64. He ain't no small guy. If you look at his stats, his running and his passing stats. 40 touchdowns and 270 yards rushing in a game. This guy's a sky is great. I mean, he is great. And he gave one of the better speeches that I've heard at the Heisman. Intelligent guy, looked like terrific. Was my. This is my pick. We're not supposed to say it before, but he was my pick.


When was he your pick? Because he's talking about Khalad Williams the whole fucking season. Your man started losing them games.


Caleb was not. Caleb's my bad at the thing. Caleb wasn't.


I know he wasn't talking about the final four. We're talking about at the very beginning of the season. Oh, it's going to look like it's a two time. See, you're trying to talk about the finalists. We've been on here for about twelve weeks together, 13 weeks. And at the beginning of our relationship on the show, oh, two times for Williams. Look crazy. He's looking good. Then what happened is week three looking good. Oh, then they beat Dion. See, I was telling you, put the crown on your head, all this other crazy shit. Then they start going on. Then you started saying, oh, I don't understand what has going on with their defense. Then the defense is terrible. Your UFC, they need to be firing this person, that person. Then he started going home crying with his dog and everything else. Well, it isn't his fault. Then we start talking about Pennix. Then we start about Bo nixer. Now, today is the first day ever I've never heard you mention this guy from LSU. Right?


Well, I got it right. I'm a voter.


You look at the stats, you pay attention to it all. And I was with.


You never brought him up on the show. Oh, you never brought him up on the show.


Not once.


Not once.


I don't think we talked about Heisman. Really?


On the show.


Oh, my goodness.


That's crazy.


Wait, we never bought Heisman up ever? Yeah, not on me.


You did that with Marie east. You didn't do that with me.


You definitely said. Because I remember I asked earlier, you were like, Caleb Williams is definitely, like a front runner for the Heisman.


He was a front runner. Like, he's a front runner to be the number one pick in the draft.


And then after they lost, you start talking about.


Come on.


You talking to the expert. You started talking about pinnacles. All right, so where did this guy come from? Where did this guy come from? That's all I'm asking. Where did he come from?


A big school. When they send you, you get all this information about, you get all this information about their stats and what they did and how they did it and everything. There's no way you could look at these stats of all of these three guys and not say, this guy's stats are more impressive. You can't do it.


This was Pinnack's trophy to lose.


I don't care who trophy it was. You never mentioned LSU quarterback ever. Not once.


Yeah, this is all they got. Nick Saban in the playoffs and now LSU said, do something for me. That's all I see. Do something for us. Since you're doing that for them.


Different people, both of those things. I think they got it right as far as.


Oh, my goodness. You think they got it right.


And Georgia could win the whole thing.


Jet lag.


Oh, jet lag.


Thanks, OJ, for being here.


We love you, man. We appreciate you.


Be good, man.


We see you next week. You ain't come by the crib. I'm going to call you later. We're going to figure it out. Thank you again.


Yeah. I'm going to tell you, treasure, I'm 100% sure that Sierra and that girl that's with.




I don't know. I'm drawing a blame with that Kansas City guy. With the Kansas City guy, I'm 100% sure they wear negligence.


Thanks, OJ, for being here. That's something I don't know. But we're going to go to break and when we return, we will talk in season tournament.


She calls me about toxic. If four years and counting got you feeling like options, maybe I'm my own problem, babe. She tired of him and I don't know my stubborn and me won't fall dealing with this thing called trial but she really thinking about you want to be free? Why am I free?


Welcome back. The Los Angeles Lakers are the first ever NBA in season tournament champions, beating the Pacers 123 to one nine. How did you feel about the game?


About the game? I'll say more importantly than the game about the Final four because I said I'm going to start locking in on the Final four.




You got the Joker, you got Giannis, Joel and B. Luca. Steph Curry. Timer's coming back soon.


Two more games, I think.


Two more games. Yeah, but until further notice, this is LeBron James's league.


Oh, my goodness.


It is. No, it's the fact. That's a fact, bro. That's why I named. I didn't say he was the best player right now at this moment. I said, until further notice, this is LeBron James's league, bro. Nobody wants it more than LeBron James. Look, to me, the joker is the best player in the world right now. Just my personal opinion. A lot of people agree. A lot of people may disagree, but he go get drunk and high in the offseason like that nigga go party and do all types of. LeBron is 24 hours, seven days a week. Basketball, basketball and focused on being the best and being the best ambassador. Some people may not want it. I don't think the Joker wants what LeBron has. The Joker says it's way more important. Way more important shit than basketball. Not only that, let's see if the joker does what LeBron James is doing at 38, 39 years old. I didn't say he was the best player in the world. I said, until further notice, it's his league. I picked Indiana to win this game. They did not win the game. And I'll get to a couple of things before I let murder go.


But when we talked about this last week, we said, is this going to be the people saying it's time to pass the torch? Or is this going to be about the guys getting older, saying, this stays here? Zion had a chance. Brandon Ingram, they was talking about, they was going to go party. If they win, they got sent home early. We talked about the Pacers or the Lakers, and the way Halliburton was know, Bruce Brown, championship experience. We said, obi topping, he came from New York. It wasn't a good thing. Not a good thing. They didn't leave on good terms. And what happened to me was they wasn't ready for the moment. I watched that game, LeBron James, all this brush the niggas off, and he was in foul trouble. Put the. Anthony Davis looked great, considering it was against going to get mad. But look, the day before the game, right? This is the day before the game. Yeah, he went to a brunch. Miles Turner, isn't it? Know where he said, what is? I ain't give a fuck. I mean, shout out to Miles Turner, no disrespect, and your lovely wife, your girlfriend.


Why y'all snapping on my outfit on the show? I didn't even remember we snapping on his outfit on the show. What? We said, what? Mouse turned about his outfit, some shit.


When he had that outfit on, I remember that outfit. He was sitting on the sideline, whatever.


It was, that's what he was focusing on. So I gave him some revelation. Yeah, a bag of sass is great. So when he's saying this to me, I'm like, he acts above to. He's like, was my outfit really that baby say, yeah. So he's like, all right, cool. And I'm sitting there saying myself, you got think about whatever you want when you see niggas. I dig it, but, you know, you got a game tomorrow. I don't even know.


Shouldn't be your focus.


The outfit should not be your focus. And I don't know if you should be really like, go get some rest. And you know what happened. Anthony Davis, 41 points. Because you're worrying about what we think about your outfit.




Look, if we say something about your outfit, then we see you think we gonna backtrack.


Yeah, that's what nigga did to me in the airport. Yo, say that now. I'm thinking. Say that now. What are you talking about? So I'm looking around, nigga, like, say what you said about Anthony Davis. I said, oh, this nigga talking about sports. I thought he wanted smoke on tv talking about this.


All jokeside mouse terms are really nice guy, but this is the shitty accident in the brush. And in my brain, I'm like, LeBron is not in here, and neither is nobody from the Lakers. LeBron had niggas probably rusting up, getting ready to go, and it looked like that, and it looked like the moment was just too big for Indiana. When I watched the game, I'm like, yo, LeBron wants his first championship. He wants it in know, because they already talk about, oh, it's going to be another banner in the.


Like, I knew they were setting it up. Yeah, he got his fifth ring. He's there with.


Me. I seen a meme that night, and.


The meme said, LeBron one in season tournament, Jordan Zero. Here we go.


Concussion protocol.


This is amazing. But watching LeBron's facial expressions pours, his body language pause. He wanted it more than anybody else, and he looked like the best player on the court throughout this tournament.


Yeah, I think what happened with Indiana also, it's another element to sports. When you're young, or you're just young at anything in life, you don't understand. Like Killer said, the moment. So what happens is you go into the moment underestimating the moment. Like, the moment is going to wait for you, but the moment is not. You're there for a specific time for a specific reason. And people do this a lot of times in every sport, whether it's boxing, they start fighting too late, and then they realize, I could have won this fight if I'd have stepped on the gas or playing a football team. And they're wondering, we could have won this championship if we would have been like this from the jump. And they got like that during the fourth quarter. So this is the same thing I saw with Indiana. They just really didn't understand how to prepare to be a champion. Like, there's things that losers do that champions don't do. And that's why I talk about title town, because when you're a winner, it's just things you can't participate in because they lead to losing. And that's what killer was talking about just now.


So I wanted to give an educated oral Paul's presentation of what he was.


Actually, and I will say I was.


Actually at the game live. It honestly felt more like a Lakers home game anyways. Like all the crowd is, let's go, Lakers. LeBron, MVP, like the whole game. So it's like they kind of had that camaraderie. But I will give a shout out to Anthony Davis. He actually did play phenomenal during the game, and he looked like he wanted to win. Yeah. And then in addition, Austin Reeves killed it. You can tell the Lakers have definitely put a lot of confidence in him because rather than being quick to throw the ball to LeBron, he's looking like, okay, I know I'm going to drive for the basket because LeBron's looking like, you better go take it all the way. Did so shout out to Austin Reeves. Shout out to ad, shout out to the Lakers.


Well, one thing to it and not discredited. Everything you said is straight. But Vegas, until they get a basketball team, is a Laker town anyway. Even I'll go to sports books and everything in Vegas. And they love the Lakers out here and it showed.


Okay, last thing.


And what about Bruce Brown, though?


Okay, yeah, last thing before we end. Yeah. After the season tournament game, D'Angelo Russell sent a message to Pacers player Bruce Brown. He said he was talking shit all year. Yeah, talking shit all year. Got something to say? Show me on the court. Jokic ain't there next to you today. It's different. So, thoughts on D'Angelo Russell's comment to Bruce Brown?


That's what I was about to say.


This is exactly what I'm talking about. This is exactly what I'm talking about with you.


50 niggas with you.


This is what I'm talking about. This is what I'm talking about. Murder. And you may have a different view on it, but my view is you all still respect the joker. You know what I'm saying? My thing is, you know damn well. So basically, I take that as an insult if I'm Anthony Davis personally, because it's like D'Angelo Russell said, you know, you ain't gonna do that when you.


Ain'T got the joker with you.


Yeah, but D'Angelo Russell's basically saying he can't do that against the joker. That's how I took it. I took it.




Bruce Brown, you talking shit because you got Miles Turner, Son. You ain't got the Joker. But at the same time, at the other end of the sword. Pause. You're basically saying, because I know he can't do that against the Joker. Yeah, that's how I took that crazy.


Because it's super disrespectful to Anthony Davis, and he should feel that way.


Yeah, that's how I was looking at this. And I'm saying, like, that's kind of disrespectful to Anthony Davis because your own teammate know that you can't do that to the Joker. It wasn't even about D'Angelo or Bruce Eb. For me. It was more about the statement saying, damn, my own teammate don't even believe that I could get this done. So that's how I took it.


So in regards to the in season tournament, LeBron James was awarded MVP. There is an argument that Anthony Davis should be it. I could see that as well. So what do you guys think?


Because it wouldn't be no chance to get an MVP if LeBron didn't get niggas to the championship.


Anthony Davis, he been missing the whole beginning.






Nigga right there.


Hold on.


Handle business.


No, this is why. Hold on, hold on, hold on. You love me now. Hold on. Now, listen, I was in a car with a girl who played just song. And when she put the song on, I was thinking that she was telling me to turn around so she could eat my ass. And it was just a whole shit was crazy. But I like murder. You a foul, nigga. You just lined me up.


So you told her no?


Yeah, I told her no. Now, listen, this is crazy. This is wild, because, listen, this is what happens. I got my shit on, you take my plug out, and automatically, because at this time, I was new to your song. First of all, yes, it is banging.


Thank you.


Super duper hot. I love the fur. I love the hair on electric. But back to the story is when she threw it on, she said, he eating my ass. Eat my as. I might go down there once, I didn't mind that. But then she said, turn around. So I'm like, why would you throw that on right then and there? So I thought she was being subliminal with me. That's all that happened. But the song is crazy.


But you don't know what you like because you said you never did it before.


Right? When I was a teenager.


Broke the awkward.


Well, thank you for coming up here, man.


We appreciate it.


Thank you.


You begin on these bitches asses. My thing is you don't give a fuck. Like, you said what you said.


See, the whole shit is, if I knew you was coming, I would have been locked up. Your nigga murder. I didn't know that you would be up here. That's why it threw me off. Stories mixed up and all that.


I just want to know, like Sugi.


Let me ask you a question. Like all jokes aside. So I got this friend of mine, he's a rapper, right? I don't want to say his name because people know who he is, right? He says he doesn't like that. Like getting his cake say, okay. He raps about it in all his songs. He even said one time he was going to bring a dude with him to get his case. I want to know if he brought his friends with him. Does he get like a group race?


Who is nigga, everybody. Delicious says some slick shit and then you told her, you got a lot of nerve. You fuck flavor. Flavor.


Okay, so before we get to delicious, like we all seen at the vmas, you feel me? I like to pose how I like to pose. Who said I was like these bitches, I'm not like them. They might like to stand up. I feel like I'm fine. I'm a pose. I like to pose. I'm going to talk how I like to talk and do what the fuck I want to do. So I end up going viral because I was doing a crybaby on the ground, which I looked the fuck good. Yeah, delicious from flavor of love, she go online and she's like, girl, get up off the floor. It's dirty. Like, bitch, anybody tell you write that in the comments? I feel like you act like you was empowering a bitch. But I felt like she was really throwing shade. Like, the picture is done. I didn't did it. So what do you mean? Get up. I'm not there no more, bitch. So that's what I said. You was fucking around with flavor of love or flavor flavor. Who is you to judge anybody?


You feel me?


I don't feel like. I felt like she was judging a little bit. Then when I got on her ass, when I said that and then went viral, it was just like, I ain't going to lie, she did call me and I was like, who is this? She said her real name. I was like, who? And she was like this delicious girl. And she was just basically telling me like, she wasn't trying to be rude or nothing, but I was just like, yes, you was. You thought you had one, right?


So are you cool with her after she called or you like?


I mean, it was never no issue with the like, you feel me? I was very young when she was on tv, so I used to watch her, and I like her.


You just end up defending yourself.


Yeah, it was like, who the fuck is you, girl? You was on flavor love, chasing after that little dick that he got, this little black. I don't know if it's little, but is it like, girl, it was all bitches on there. Do you really want to judge me for taking a picture on the floor? I was at the BMA. I didn't see none of the flavor.


Of love girls there.




Not saying that they wanted to be there, but who the fuck is you all?


I just got in trouble for defending myself, so I dig it 100%. What do you feel about mama d saying you're not a good representation for black women?


How did she even say that? I ain't going to lie. Me and mama d got into it.


A lot of cool now.


Yeah, we cool. Because she did apologize to me, okay? Randomly. She did an interview, and she just brought me up. She was like, what's that girl name? Soki. What the coochie? And then she was like, the black fat one. I was like, bitch, who was what you mean, what's fat bitch? But it's pussy and it's asshole. I got real upset about that because Mamadee don't even know I was a big fan of her.


You feel?


Because she oG, she's been in the game, she's been getting money and shit. So it hurt me in a different way because I'm like, first of all, I'm the only one that sing your song. So what are you talking about? So anyway, I run into her at Shay baby shower, and she said she wanted to holl at me. And it was like me and her got into an altercation, and I just got on her ass because this is like, why is you hating? I'm mad young. And if you want to give me a little advice, do that. But you're not living. How you supposed to be living? You sitting there causing trouble with everybody. And what make me different than you? Bitch, you are on tv talking about how you pimp holes like you so pussy. I think about mines like niggas don't eat. Never even fucked me before. I'd be fucking with the same niggas. Like, what the fuck? So how do you judge me?


Are you still fucking with the same nigga you put his wax on and your feet?


First of all, he's in jail and he's engaged. He's in jail, he's in love. So God bless his soul, but I don't fuck with him no more.


Got you. No that's the first time I see you. I say, okay, got. You do plan b's taste like jelly beans.


I felt like, okay, first of all, I feel like with that situation, okay, everybody had took a plan b. I haven't took a plan b in about five years, so, okay, I just took my birth control out.


So you feel me?


I wanted to take one at that time. So my thing is, bitches take them every day. Is I'm judging them. Is I'm judging all these holes. That's right. These bitches be getting fucked by different niggas during out the week, right? These bitches be nasty, right? They try to judge me because I took a plan b after I just said, bitch, I was on birth control. Let me just go ahead and take this. I'm a funny bitch, okay, right? I act like it tastes like a jelly bean. Everybody mad, what the fuck about y'all hoes? Y'all be letting niggas nutting y'all all the time, different niggas and going to the next nigga and don't even know what you got. And they don't be getting no pap smears. These bitches is nasty.


For real. Talk about it.


They is. And they always try to judge me because I just tell the truth. Like, I'm just an honest girl. So what the fuck? Everybody took a plan B before. Bitch.


Right there. How does Suki with the good kuchi come about?


You talking about my name or how I just came out?


Like, your name? The whole thing.


I mean, I feel like. Well, I just got famous, but you feel me? Like, I came from doing hair in the hair salon with the hair school and shit. I just feel like I hustle. I use my personality to get where I'm at right now. And as far as, like, Suki with the good coochie niggas named me that. I'm not self proclaimed. Yeah, I'm not self proclaimed. I never.


What city you got that from?


It was a few cities.




If you do your little research on me, put my name in maybe on Google, and you see past relationships I've been in, and you just see how niggas carry on about me, how they act about me. You'll be like, yeah, you can see how I walk. What's up with me? Shit, I ain't got to say it. Niggas know I'm not finna fuck. Everybody find out. But, shit, the ones that I have, they speak very good about me.


Look, sue, thank you for coming. I don't know what this nigga talking about plugs.


He said you said it in a.


No, I didn't say that. He said that, right?


No, you said that.


No, he said. He did say. What did he say? Well, listen, man, thanks for coming through. We appreciate you and we love you.


I love you all, too. Thank you all for having me. Yes.


Thanks, Suki, for being here. That's all the time we have got for today. Thanks for watching. And as always, it is what it.


Is like when they doing them two for five in a drive through.