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Three oh five, Mark.


Yeah, look, they love me. Yeah, they love me first. Love yourself for that. And God, we trust. Trust me. I don't trust myself. Your jewelry. I get it. Took no show.


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What's up, killer?


How are you doing today, man?


Chilling, man. Looking at this book.


One and done.


One and done. Yeah.


By Ohio niggas. This is what we do, nigga. We write chapters. We write chapters, man. Shout to Big mo, Maurice Cloret. This is book. Make sure y'all go support that. It's called one and done, man. If y'all been following the show, y'all know he's been a staple every week with college football and all the other advice that he gives us, and not to mention just his story period, of what he's been through, the trials and tribulations, and also the success. So make sure you all go get the book one and done before we start the show real quick. I got some good news for you all. Talking about you all, too. And I got some bad news. I'm just saying, I got.


You got bad news?


I'm just saying I got good news and I got bad. No, we got to start with the good news. That's one thing. The good news is that the Antman's arrived. The Anthony Edward sneakers. They arrived. Shout to ant man. Cecil. Big shout to Cecil. He just won the award. Not, he's something under agent. I don't know the exact title. Whatever's under an agent, that's what he is. So congratulations to Cecil.


The bad news is, they only had your size.


They only said one, so they only said one pair. And I know if you all want to flip a quarter or how you want.


I knew that. He said some bad news.


Listen, man, I don't know what this ceases for and Antman for, but these are the new ant mans. Can you get a solo so we can show them the new ant mans? They're coming out in, I believe, two weeks. They also invited us all to Minnesota. I don't know if it's this Saturday or next Saturday, but we got courtside seats if we want to go to Minnesota. The works. They're going to lay out the pink carpet for us, and it's going to be crazy if we want to go. So thank you so much to Anthony Edwards agent. My man Cecil. Anthony Edwards. These are the new airmans. What I'll do to make it fair is I'll leave them in the studio until everybody's sneakers arrive, so I won't cheat anybody. But big salute. These are the sneakers. Make sure y'all go support Airman. And I told you what to do to sell the sneakers, nigga. After the dunk, nigga. So I just want to share that with you guys.


What's the pink carpet? What's the pink carpet?


Oh, when I go, they roll the pink carpet. I'll do the red carpet, nigga. When I pop up, nigga, they rode a pink carpet.


No, I want to make sure they know that.




Well, shout out ant man. And then, of course, today we are joined with our football analyst, Maurice Clarette.


Mo, what's up, man?


Mo was good.


How are you?


No, the season switched. I'm the basketball expert.


Yeah, you ain't ready, murder, because at the end of the day, you had a good season, but you had a good college season because you kept picking different teams. But Mo kind of won the championship at the end.


Not necessarily.


Killer, is Georgia in it?


Hey, killer.


Or Oregon ducks in it?


Michigan is in it.


That's wild.


You see there's an m on that hat right there?


That is wild, bro.


I'm letting you know we still here.


Keep these fucking headphones, man.


Yo, but mo, you know what I'm saying? I want to tell you thank you for being here all these weeks. Twelve weeks in a row, you've been very consistent. And shout out to you and everybody in Ohio, and thanks for Cam, for. Actually, Cam was the one that said that we should bring Maurice Clarette on here, so give him props.


Yeah. May say we need OJ. I said we need Maurice. That's how it went. So thank you, man. And make sure y'all go pick his book up. And like, you know, we play a lot of games up here and we have a lot of fun. But thank you so much for everything you've done for the show, man.


Yes, I tell you all the time. Thanks for having me. I tell you like this, I'll be serious. This is probably the coolest and funnest part of my week, every week. I look forward to it, man. And I just enjoy that. Y'all have me on.


Thank you.


Yeah, well, more. Don't thank me yet. Back to business.


False mace. You out, bro. Bro, you can say Michigan all you want.


Don't thank me yet, bro.


You just be doing sound. What does man say? You ain't got no opinion yet.


Don't thank me yet.


You can't hear.


Yeah, don't thank me yet.


That man just do sound. He heard you all week. He ain't got no dog in the fight. Him not Nick, him right there.


Do potato.


Everybody heard you. So let me get this straight, just to be clear. You Michigan right now.


I'm not going with nobody right now. I'm trying to see who qualifies a title town, I bet.


Say no more.




So as we're switching gears into college basketball, let's start with the basics. So do you guys feel like the overall interest in college basketball has shifted from the. What do we think?


You want to pause? You want the expert to go first or you would like to go?


You start. Go ahead.


Okay. Since now they got overtime, you have the G League. You have so many various outlets for players that would be going to college that now it's just seeming like there's many other options. Before, you had to go either to the league or to college. And now with these two other options, as well as going overseas, which makes it three, you're now finding players that are not the best players, are not all in college. That's the start. And then the second thing is that with the monies that they can get other places. I think we have seen the best of players being in college for a long time. We're never going to see that again. I don't think we ever see that again.


You want to go mo?


Yeah, I'll say the same thing overseas. I remember, I'm pretty sure somebody in the comments going to correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember when, yeah, he tried to start paying kids directly after high school. And then NBA basically allowed those same kids to come into their developmental league. And I tell you this from being in the college basketball space for like three or four years now. A lot of these kids say the same thing. They say if they're in college for more than one year, a lot of the kids feel like they, you know, some of these kids may jump and go to Europe faster than what they need to, or some kids just end up bouncing around between colleges where they never stay and develop, which basically creates the culture for the college teams that we probably remember from, like the. Hopefully I said a lot, but hopefully it made sense.


No, that was very good. No, we're not going to see the best college players, the best basketball players in college anymore unless it's for one year. Once mo made a great point. Once you start staying longer than one year, you're looking at being suspect, so to speak. Like, why not get there more than one year? It's funny. Mace put it in a round. We know we have 2 million songs that mace won't release, but he put it in one of the. He said, tell these drinks, I'm like Kentucky. I'm one and done. And that's how it is in college. It's just one of them situations where if you stay long, maybe two years, just because you may want to win a title, but after two years, they're starting looking at the next high school player that's going to come in and do one year and leave. And Mace made some great points as well. It's too much. Other options. Even the G league is offering up to $500,000 to players coming right out of high school overseas. The option, Brandon Jennings, he's one of them people that skipped the whole process. When you had to go to school for a year and said, I'm going overseas, grab $1.4 million, and then came to the NBA after that.


People are finding a way to the bag. And that's why they created nil. And as far as the 90s is concerned, it was no nil. Me and Mo talked about it and it wasn't basketball related, it was football related. How these kids sold their jerseys by their mother or Mother's Day gift and then they get kicked out of school or suspended. In the 90s, you had to scrape and scrap and figure out how to sneak and get money. And look at Alan Iverson. His junior year, he pulled up in the 600 Benz. They put him under investigation. He said, well, I won't go here. I was trying to do John Thompson a favor. I could have got the fuck out of here. This 600 Benz is not going to damn place. And a lot of times in the 90s, I'm not going to say it was like important, but the best players stayed most of the time. Four years. Grant Hill, four years. Christian Layton, four years. I think Jamal Mashburn did three. Chris Webber did two years because he didn't want to be hungry anymore and he knew he could be the first overall pick.


A lot of times people stayed four years and that didn't decrease your value when it was time to go to the NBA. Now staying four years definitely decreases your value.


Yeah. Another thing I'm thinking about when it comes to college, basketball is the same thing that happened with. I think you shouldn't equate these two, but marijuana charges, like, now that weed is legal, some people that was in jail for a long time, those charges should be changed. Just like if the Michigan Fab five banner was taken because of kids getting money and now they're doing nil deals, they should give Michigan back their banner.


That's a great point. Absolutely. And what they'll say is, well, it was illegal then is. But you're 100% right. And if you want to be technical, people who went to jail for weed skipped a line to get a weed license now because they felt that they did them wrong. If you go to jail for. If they went to jail for weed, now that weed is legal. And I know we're comparing weed to college and so on and so forth, but a lot of this stuff is comparable. But as far as now in the. Was no big deal to stay for four years. In fact, a lot of the best players stayed for four years. It wasn't until Kevin Garnett shout to the big ticket, he was the first one that actually didn't go to college. From my generation that I remember and went straight to the NBA and opened the doors for people like Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady, a bunch of other people. Right. Exactly. For those type of people to get money directly, it's so many different variables in this question, because now, like, for instance, let's go to college football, for instance. And I know we're on basketball today, or this particular topic, college basketball.


But mo, let me ask you this, or your opinion on this, and you as well, Mace. I'm hearing they're offering Marvin Harrison Jr. $20 to $25 million to stay in college and not go pro. And that's what he would make in three years in a pro as opposed to making that one year in college. Did you hear about this story? Do you have any details on it? And what would you do if you were him?


Yeah, I heard about. It's going around town, and I don't know if they'll have 20 to 25 million for them. It's reasonable to say that they'll have five for him. And what it comes down to is that these collectives basically go out and raise money, and they see that he's a large part of basically the revenue that he could be bringing in next year. You have to figure the quarterback at the school, Kyle McCord, soon as he lost to Michigan, he basically ran out of town. So I can see the collectives coming. Maybe four or five know he had got a million dollars from rock for like three or four tweets over energy drinks. So I can see these guys helping to corral different brands around him, where he'll get four, five, six, 7 million, something like that. I don't know if it's 2020, 5 million. I don't know if that's correct. That may have been somebody just put propaganda out there to drive value. But even if I was getting 5 million, would I stay in college? It'd be hard to say no. At wide receiver, you don't get beat up like running back.


And if he left this year, he'll be a top three pick or top five pick. And if he leaves next year, he'll be a top five. But I will say this. I watched him at the Heisman award ceremony. Obviously, we were all wrong because Jaden Daniels won. But when I looked at him and I seen his father and I seen the two little brothers during the acceptance speech, I was saying to myself, man, that's where I want my son to be, because he's playing football for the love of the game and just to pursue excellence. And he ain't really going out here to play for money. He'll make a whole lot of money. And it's very commendable to what Marvin Harris's senior had done and a mother had done to kind of raise him. But I was like, man, if my kids play sports, I got two little boys. I really want them playing from that perspective, playing for the love of the game and not really for the money, per se. And not that the money is wrong, but people want to change the generations of people up under them. And Marvis Harris'sr changed the generation of people up under him.


And I don't know. I was admiring that about dude.


So you would stay?


I would stay. Money is no motivation. Like, with him, he's not playing for money. His dad is a Hall of famer. He played for a ton of years in the NFL.


He's financially stable. Yeah, 100%.


I would stay, too, if I didn't have to go to class, I wouldn't stay to go to class.


I like that.


Yeah. I'm being honest.


Yeah. Listen, you know what's funny is that that was my whole philosophy during high school. All I got to do is pass four classes in gym, and I don't have to go to gym because I'm on the team, so I never had to go to physical therapy. So we got homeroom. We know we definitely pass spanish class. We pass it because Miss Weber was super easy. I like math, so I'll always love math.




Social studies. No way. American history. I already knew that. Beat the shit out of us. History. Nobody wanted to go to Mr. Swager class. That shit was paused before pause was invented. I'm trying to remember my fourth class. I like that murder.




What? Mr. Swager?


Oh, that was your.


No, Mrs. Rogers.


Mrs. Rogers. Mrs. I hated. I mean, I'm trying to remember what my fourth class was. It might have been English. I don't.


Yeah, it was Mrs. Rogers.


It didn't have to be the basics. Homeroom ain't the basics, but it counted. Our homeroom class was ridiculous. I don't even know why they had this home class. This was like the wildest homeroom class I've seen in my life. But, yeah, I like that murder. But I would say the moral of the story is. That's why I asked Mo, because them numbers were circulating around. I'm like, that is a lot of money just to throw to a kid.


But I'm not against education. But if you paying me to come back, I have to negotiate that I.


Am against certain education. I definitely am. I definitely think certain education is just a waste of time. Now, do you need to not account and read and write and know particular things? Absolutely. You absolutely have to have a basic high school education. I would, so to speak. And if you're going to college and you know what you want to do when you get to college, absolutely. Look, we would have never felt stat if she wasn't in college. So at the end of the day, I say fuck college a lot because people don't know what they want to do when they go to college. They're just like, I'm going to college. What's your minor? I don't know. What's your major? I don't know. I'm just in college. I'm going to the football game this week. They don't know what the fuck they want to do.


Spending over a half million dollars.


Yeah, because their parents could afford it. XYZ. But they have no idea what they want to do in life. They're just going to college to say they went to college. So if you're going to college, I don't want you to get the wrong idea and saying, I'm not support. But if you know what you want to do and you need a degree to do that in life moving forward. I support it. Look, I won't say who. I have a family member with six degrees. Call me every three weeks for money. I got a GED every six damn weeks. You think you can help me out? Why don't you? Dead degree don't work no more. That should run out. Like, why do you keep calling me? What does it got an expiration date on your fucking degree? What are you doing with the degree that you went? You got a master's, you got a bachelor's, you got an associate. You got this degree. That degree. God damn, man. I got a GED. You know, I used to get a.


Kick out of hiring niggas with degrees.


Yeah. No, not stat. You deserve it. I used to get a kick out of hiring niggas with music degrees when I was a CEO. I'm still my own CEO, but when I ran a company, day to day, day in, day out, we used to hire people with music degrees because they went to school for four years, music to come work for me that never went to school for music. And think that, you know, the business and these people are teaching business. Oh, how many this you get? How many this you get? You know what? I always hated murder. And you can relate. When they sit there and tell you, we're going to give you 13 points, I'm like, I can't go to the bank with points. What does that fucking equal?


What is the money amount?


Yeah, I can't tell my landlord. Well, I got 13 points. And I think that a lot of times, people just like to say they go into school to say they go to school. There's nothing wrong with that. But sometimes you may run into me, you may run into, what's my nigga apple? You may run Steve jobs. Steve jobs, you may run the Bill Gates. We all dropouts. You may run into us. You may run into the dropouts that was planning on a future while y'all was sitting there having fun and listening to these people that probably don't know as much as we know. Sorry.


I will just say, though, I think.


Listen, I wouldn't have messed that without college because I went to colleges. Me and Kev, I shot to Kevin Miami. What we said is, we wanted broadcast major, people who are major in broadcast to come work with us. And that's why I found stat. So college is beneficial sometimes.


I'm sorry, stat, but you're good because I went to college, I have to give my piece.




I just think that if it's not for you. That's okay. I think college is the opportunity to find your own lane because, I mean, originally when I was applying for schools, I thought I was going to be an engineer. I would have been doing engineering, probably not in on camera. And I kind of found out what I like to do through college and through experiences. That's also when I got to kind of travel more and see more of the world, which opened my eyes up rather than me not having that opportunity. But I also don't feel like. Like you have to go to college if that's not for you. Because people think if you go to college, you think, oh, you think you have to get a degree. I'm not saying that because it's not the right lane for everybody. That's what you figure out over time. But that was my experience. But not everybody else has great experiences, and I understand that.


And listen, me and Mace went to college. Let me tell you something about college real quick. And I can't speak to being a student athlete to the level of Maurice Clarette. Maurice Clarette.




But listen, I got to college and I didn't graduate high school. That's fucked up. That's some fucked up shit. That's what they do for you when you good. When you good, they'll make sure shit works out. I didn't even graduate. How the fuck did I get in college? That makes no sense. That's how good I was. Made sure that I got into college. This is all the shisty shit that goes on. There was no reason I should have been in college whatsoever. I was in my dorm, niggas. Second, congratulations. Hand me my GED. Not murder. I'm keeping. I said, no. I said, jesus, I don't even know if I really pass Washington Redskins and whatever other teams. He played for 15 years in the NFL, college graduate. As soon as he retired, he said, you know I can't read or write, right? What kind of shit is that? What kind of shit is that? Dexter merely did 15 years in NFL. He's a college graduate. And then when the shit was all over, he tells everybody, I can't read or write. Yeah, when you are athlete, they'll make sure she is good. Most speak about that a little bit because I wasn't as good as you was, obviously.


No, that's true.


That work.


Here's the irony, right? You all holding a book that say one and done. I'm part of the dropout.


Yeah. One and done. One and done. One and done.




That's crazy. That's what's up, man. I like that.


I'll say this. So stat angle, leave you out there by yourself, right? I do believe in college is beneficial for the people who know what they want to do, right? For the people who focused and they came with direction, goals, and they're going. But for the mass majority, at the end of the day, college is a business, right? And I'll say that. And so they prey on people having to decide. It's even crazy to think a person would have to decide what they want to be for the rest of their life at 19, right? Most people, before they go into their sophomore year, you don't even have the worldly experience to be like, yo, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. So I think college is predatory in that way. But in regards to the football players, and I talk about it all the time. I didn't get educated until I went to prison, but I talk about not letting the system take advantage of you and you joking around, sort of like Dexter Manley. It's a story with a lot of people. And even when I'm talking now and it's somebody in the studio who know me from back then, who knows me now.


And when you living in that phase and you uneducated and going through that system and everybody taking advantage of you, it's actually sad as to what happens to you on the other side when you don't become educated and you go through all those years of football, basketball, track, or whatever sports you play, and then you come out on the other end an idiot, you know what I'm saying? But that book is about that, how I came into the system. And when I was in the twelveth grade, I couldn't pass my act. I took the act. I got like a 13 or a 14, couldn't read real well, couldn't comprehend. And then I had a football coach and he basically allowed me to cheat off the girl next to me and basically took the test for me. And then I basically got him to school. But after that, when I got to college, it was the same thing, just shuffling me around in classes to keep me eligible. But that's the system. And that's basically what I try to speak up with guys and say, hey, man, you just can't allow them to keep on pushing you through the system because at some point this stuff is going to be done and you have to live the rest of your life.


And if you choose to be an idiot, it. The joke will ultimately be on you.


Great point.


Yeah, that's amazing. Great point. Okay, so in football, you have coaches who kind of become the personalities of the program. What do you think is the driving factor for basketball?


I don't know. We kind of said it a little bit earlier, you need superstar players. But as I think about it now, you won't get these superstar players unless you have enormous amounts of money. And so I'm not sure, after hearing them two just even talk about it and thinking about it now, I'm not even sure college basketball can recover. I remember you would have, like, back in the. You would have big personalities like Rick Patino. You would have. What's the gentleman name from Georgetown?




John Thompson. And you would have Mike Shashewski. You would have these huge personalities with basketball. But I think to the point now, I think since you don't have these players and some of those coaches have aged out, I'm not sure that you can recapture, I guess, that know. I don't know.


Yeah. And a lot of those coaches are no longer coaching like the people that people wanted to play for their whole lives. You know what I'm saying? I think that was another thing that made college basketball so great. It was some people's dream to play for coach k or for Dean Smith or what's the guy that came after him? He was really good, too. But now I don't know if I'm really going crazy about playing for Hubert Davis. I don't know.


Y'all guys are great points.




Basically, said jeffrey tarkanian. Listen, man. Yeah, y'all made y'all points. The only thing I'll say is, rest in peace, Bob Knight. He just passed away. A lot of people getting older and passing away, but you're right. Where's the Thurman player of college? You all know Thurman that you want to play for niggas who will hype you up. But, yeah, y'all made great points on that.


So, Maurice, I kind of want to know how you got into the college basketball space. And what do you think are the similarities and differences between the basketball programs and football programs?


Yeah. So I got into it. My first entrance into college basketball, I was downtown Cincinnati here in Ohio, and Chris Mack, who was the head coach for Xavier at the time, I was downtown daughter. I was taking her to the ice cream shop, and he rocked up on me and tapped me on my shoulder and was, you know, I seen your ESPN documentary. I liked it. And can you come spend time with my players, talk to them, share your experiences? Because they had a lot of dudes who was from the hood, and the majority of people who come and talk to me, the majority of it is like, hey, man, he's from the hood. He's been through some adverse situations, and he's adjusted. Can you help to relate that to just the young kids? And so I spent time around the Xavier program, and then when he went to Louisville, I went down to Louisville and spent some time with him there. But then what broke me sort of into the Yukon program. It's a dude out of queens, and he had been in trouble before. And we have a mutual friend through my brother, coach Kimani Young.


He coaches for Yukon, and one day they heard me speaking on a podcast, and then I ended up going up to Yukon. But when I got up there, it was Dan Hurley. Obviously, everybody knew who his brother was. Bob Hurley, who coaches out in Arizona State. He was like, yo, man, just go in there and share your experience. And I shared my experience with him and things that he thought that I could do to help him. And then after I was done, he was like, look, I don't know what role that we have for you, but I just want kids to have contact with you, be able to ask you for advice, and I want you to come up here on a monthly basis. And that was like 2018 or 19. And then from there, they also had some young kids who was in trouble, some of these little kids who end up going first round, and I don't want to share, like, their personal business, but some of these dudes are just getting in trouble in college and sort of just trying to figure out life, but then also not miss their opportunity. And I sort of, like, form relationships with these young guys.


And that gave me just a different experience in college basketball. Being in a locker room, being in the meetings, sort of understanding how it work. And the similarities is that you have young dudes who come from inner cities who are trying to make it. That's the similar thing. The differences are with college football, you're dealing with 125 dudes. Basketball, you're dealing with 13. And so with all the basketball guys, I know their names, I know where they from, I know their parents, I know, like, their personal stories and how they got here. I'm familiar with AAU basketball now, where I was never familiar with it before. It's more of, like, a personal thing with the basketball players in comparison to football. So that's how I basically got into it. I've been around them for about four or five years, watched them when they was. I don't want to say sorry, but where they weren't good to winning the championships. I've been around it for four or five years now.


That's what's up, mo, and congratulations. That's a real good work to do. So it seemed like you're a chaplain almost. So what is it, an advisor, counselor? What is it?


Yeah, it's a combination of both. So there's a dude, his name is Mamadou Diara. I don't know which borough he is. He's from New York, but he does all the player development. Right. And so it's me sitting down with him and helping him to add structure on how he could grow and develop the young dudes inside the. You know, I run a drug and alcohol facility, so I'm used to just the formal infrastructure of counseling. Right. So it's me giving him things that he can do with these young dudes, be it goals and objectives, that he can basically monitor them, to grow them, mature them, and then make sure that they're doing the right thing so they stay on track on the court, and that's what they. Athletic performance and a personal performance just as, like, young dudes developing. Then when it comes to the coaches, I can talk to these young kids. So when I'm there, I'll talk to the young kids, and there's things that they share with me and that they may not necessarily share with the coach, because the coach is their authoritative figure who has everything to do with playing time, but they'll talk to me.


In a way, it's like, this is what I believe the coach thinks of me, or this is how I'm interpreting what he's saying. And me, I talk so crazy, direct and straight, I can sort of give them feedback where they understand it's not biased. You know what? And so, you know all these little young dudes. Jordan Hawkins, who's down there with the Pelicans, Andre Jackson, who plays with the. Like, I know all these young dudes when they was coming up and helping these young dudes just to mature through. Like, that's kind of like my role and I enjoy. So the coaching staff just lets me come, they let me be myself and work with these dudes, and I feel like it's another cool thing that I do. And I feel like it's like my circle of life moment, giving back to just young guys in a way that I thought that I wish I'd had the same guidance. And it's just sort of like me giving back to sports in general.


That's really dope.


And then, taking a look into memory lane, can you name your top three favorite college basketball teams of all time? What are we thinking right now?


Did you say teams or players?








Oh, this is easy. Yeah. So number one for me and I fell in love with college basketball, the 93 Michigan team. And I remember everybody probably loved that same team equally. That was the famous year when Chris Rubber had called the time out. That's 1 second one would be. I remember Rip Hamilton. It was like the 98 99 team when Yukon was really on their role. And then the third team. I'm a little biased, but it's the last year's Yukon team when I seen these young dudes win the championship. That special memory.


My favorite three college teams of all time would be the Duke team with Hurley, Grant Hill, both of the Hills and Leightner and a lot of people. And then even Lane was on that team. And my other team would be fab five. Definitely. But my third team is a classic. It's the UNLV team with Larry Johnson. Stacy.


Larry Johnson.


Yeah, that was my favorite team of all.


I didn't see this team play. But we have to go with UCLA 1972. They never lost a game ever. They didn't lose it. And as much, as much as I want to agree with you guys and say UNLV because I was a UNLV fan, Larry Johnson. Anderson. Hut. Stacey Yogman. Greg Anthony. They didn't get the job done that Duke Blue Devils did. So I got to give it to the Duke Blue Devils in 1992. And then I want to say Michigan. But they didn't get the job done. So I will go with that Connecticut team with Rip Hamilton and them guys who got the job done. And then my last team. That's three, right? We said three. Yeah, those will be my three. Quiet.


Who did you say again?


UCLA. I'm going with 1992 Duke Blue Devils because Michigan couldn't get it done. And then even if you want to go with the other Duke team, we'll beat you and LV. See, we trying to keep it black. You're doing Reverse. You're reverse racism. That's what you're doing. And I'm not saying it's the only reason. A lot of shit was going on. You know what's crazy? Niggas said, somebody see a nigga in the comments says, cam is crazy. Niggas say, yeah, Cam is crazy. He had a boy in the 90s willingly on his. But in our high school team, what I was going to say was that we all wanted the longest shorts. We wore black sneakers and black socks because the Fab Five was doing that, and we wanted. And when them niggas didn't get the job done, it was just disappointing, man, because Duke looked corporate. Duke was know they had Grant Hill. That was like, he was too light skinned. So he almost like Bobby Hurley, Christian Leightner. And, look, I'm not racist all, but when the white people beat you in basketball, it hurts. That shit hurt, man. So when them niggas didn't win, I was pissed off.


And the same thing with you and LV. Dumb niggas lost the white people to the white boys. And you got to get them white boys. They props. They bust them niggas ass, man. And that's why I bought them teams up. I would go with the teams, you all said, but no, they lost to Duke twice.


What about the old Bannon brothers? And.


Maurice, thank you for being here. Oh, you want to do? Okay, so name your top three college basketball players of all time. Who do we got?


My top three players of all time in college. I'm going to go Harold minor. Yeah, Harold Minor was crazy in college. I'm going Chris Jackson.


Crazy, man.


And last, I'm going with Randolph childress.


Damn, you tried to go crazy. Yeah, wake Forest.


That one year, he was going crazy.


Wake Forest, definitely. Damn, man. That was fucking great, man. God, that was great. I don't even know if I could now. Want to do my list over. That was great. I had limb bias.


Yeah, limbias was great.


Was good. I. Lou Alcinda, definitely. Yeah. You know, that nigga went when they went 32 and all. You got to give him his props. Limb bias. I was going Michael Jordan, but I don't want my list. I like jealous. You were in the trenches. You were the trenches. I didn't bum over there. Chris Jackson, y'all know him as ag move. But you in the trenches, Randall. Children was crazy. I want to go Keith smart and all that. I want to go down. My shit was too commercial. I like where you went.


And then, Maurice, you got to name your top three players.


Yeah. So my first one is. Remember Jason Williams in college?


Yeah. J will.


That was when I was coming up Kenya Martin when he was down in.


Ohio. I like you kept it Ohio.


But then, you remember these two was dominant. I couldn't pick one, but it was Vince Carter and Rashid Wallace when they played on the UNC team.


Very true.


How you from Ohio? You ain't say.


Scooty Penn is my era.


Yeah, scooty Penn. Shout to Scooty. Scooty be on my page. Big shout to scooty Penn, man. Yeah, he showed a lot of love.


Scoot is my.


Yeah, yeah.


So Scooty more my generation. Jim Jackson, a little older than me.


Well, Maurice, thank you for being here.


We appreciate you, mo. We see you next. We're going to get to that record parks next week, too. Okay. Appreciate you.


Okay, we're going to go to break, and then when we return, we will talk about Draymond Green's suspension.


She calls me about toxic. Four years and counting got you feeling like options. Maybe I'm my own problem, babe. She's out of here. And I don't know my stubborn and me won't fall dealing with this thing called trial, but she really thinking about want to be free.


Welcome back. So let's get into our underdog fantasy picks of the day. Tonight the warriors will play the Clippers underdog fantasy has Steph Curry at 27 and a half points. Do you have him higher or lower, Mace?


Stefan Curry, of course, higher.


Okay. Clay Thompson is at two assists. Do you have him higher or lower?


They just playing Clay night, underdog. You don't got no respect for Clay Thompson.


I'm just going with the numbers.


You know what? For that to even be up there, I'm going lower.


Okay. And Kawhi Leonard is at six and a half rebounds. You have him higher or lower, Mace?


Kawhi. Yeah, six rebounds higher.


I'm gonna go higher as well. Okay.


Make sure to download the underdog fantasy app, and you can make your picks, too. The NBA has suspended Draymond Green indefinitely after a slap to Sun Center Nurkic the other night. Management is now discussing counseling help. Does this decision make sense?


I ain't. No counseling was in. The niggas don't want to break up with their girl. They'd be like, y'all go to counseling. Counseling? I went to counsel. I go to counseling.


You ain't go to no counseling.


No, I think I threatened it. You went to counseling? See, when niggas don't want to break out, no, niggas go to counseling. They try and figure it out. But look at the face. Dead serious face, I think.


Did you cry in counseling is the question.




Cry, though.


You sound like you look like you have a counseling. So obviously this wasn't your idea.






It's never a guy's idea most times.


Right now, sugar, Doug is saying he'll go to counseling. When? Suge. Come here, sugar. Be back tomorrow. We got to ask him. Sugar tells us the whole story. We got to get Suge's opinion.




He wants to go to counseling to get his girlfriend back.


You're going to get the bill?


Yeah. I mean, listen, you know what's crazy?


Why don't we pay 18?


You know what's crazy? I got a friend of mine that's here right now in town, and they call and talk my head off all the time. And I tell them this shit. Course, council tasting course. Like when you help people out with problems for hours and hours and hours. This is why they get paid the big bucks. Murder, I think. Have you received money for consultation before?




I already know what you about.


My doctor fee is actually $800 an hour. Yeah, for crisis counsel.


I could imagine.




You got a degree or you just an expert?


I got a degree.


Yeah. Because I don't think. Look, I'll talk to you, and I ain't got no degree. I'm going to tell you shit that you probably don't want to hear, but it's gonna be a fact. Look, God bless the dead Jerry Springer, be judges. All these niggas just get up there. No judge license or nothing. Jerry Springer was an attorney, but I could do that shit. I could give you an advice if you want to take it or don't, leave it. Cool. I'm going to let murder manage me. See how much I should charge for the advice that I give all the time.


Like you doing it on tv. You was actually doing it, right?




Thank you, brother.


I appreciate it.


But my thing is, you haven't even.


Went to school for it.


The thing about it is this. I know you may have went to school for it, but we from the same block. You actually went. Nigga, we from Harlem in the 80s. You act like we.




But back to Draymond Green. Look, I think that's the right thing to say. If it's the right thing to say, then absolutely. Like, is that going to change the fact? No, because the problem is this.


He heard about niggas saying that he was a part of the Detroit.


Detroit, the 81. Don't compare him to the 2002.


Now he's putting his foot on the gas about it.


Whatever the suspension may be, they say indefinitely because I believe they're thinking on a game amount and they don't want him to get dressed for the next game. But whatever the suspension amount be could be career threatening to Draymond Green. And the reason I say career threatening, not because of the suspension, because of the way he plays. He may want to dumb it down. He may not want to be a physical, you'd be like, oh, I don't even want to go for a rebound because they're going to find me at XYZ. So he may need to change his game around to where if he has a hard foul, he may be indicted. Anything he does is on a microscope. Now, the thing about Draymond and Draymond, you my nigga. You know you my nigga. I always get tickled. Pause on how you think. You play it off like it's a basketball play. You step on niggas, you slap the shout niggas, you choke the shit out of niggas. Pause. And you'd be like, it's all basketball related. You know, we can see you right Monday. You know we can see you, man. But if you say that shit basketball related, it's basketball related, man.


But I think the more the story is on the comment, that's the correct thing for Golden State to say, because there's nothing else you can.


I want to know, really, what's going on in his brain on that last incident where he turned around, did he really think he was just like a flop play?


He said homeway was grabbing his jersey. I looked at it. Homeway snagged it a little bit, but it didn't come for that.


But what happened to smacking his hand off?


Yeah, I agree. I'm totally agreed with you.


I guess he's saying his head is a part of.


The. Part of the ball. Absolutely.


Listen, yo, your face is a part.


Of the ball, Draymond. I'm trying to justify the last thing.


Yeah, that's what I was thinking.


Because, look, man, listen, I might see Draymond this weekend. I don't got time for that shit, man. I really don't, man. Draymond, my nigga, real talk. But on some g shit. Draymond, choke a nigga like this. Draymond, my nigga. But I can't see how that last.


One was taking this pistons bad boy thing too far.


Yeah, he's from Michigan.


Yeah, this is like when you tell a nigga like, yo, you kind of remind me of tupac a little bit. As a rapper, niggas always lose their mind.


Yeah. Now he goes, stab a nigga tonight. Yeah, I dig that.


So after the slap, Nurkic's comments is actually going viral, because everybody's like, okay, so how did he feel about it? He said, what's going on with him? I don't know. Personally, I feel like that brother needed help. I'm glad he didn't try to choke me.


Isn't he way taller than Draymond?


More so was Rudy. Go.


Yo, he slapped him and he fell on the floor like this.




Covering the side of his eye, because.


The whole shit is this murder. But what you got to realize is this.


Niggas is different.


They got slap competition. Knocking niggas out. If you're not expecting a slap to come for us, it isn't like they was right. Like he expected that. Listen, I'm not from overseas.


Killing his name supposed to be tougher than this.


I ain't going to knock Nurkic, because.


Where is Nurkage from?




Sound like Russia or something. The point being is, ain't no way supposed to let him slap him if.


Draymond's strong, if you come in on the swivel and you don't know what's happening, you don't know what's happening. Cool. I dig what you're saying.


His reaction is supposed to be slap, punch, punch, punch, and break it up.


Yeah, I'm not mad at that. I'm not mad at that.


Don't you ever. Nigga. That's what I was expecting. He had a pillow on his face. I said, what's going on?


Yeah, I ain't knocking it, man.


Okay, so also on the topic of basketball, Trey Young said the Hawks would have won the 2021 championship if he didn't get hurt. Do you think that's true?


Trey Young had Covid. If he think that team would have won championship, he probably had Covid. They say, Covid, do something to your brain a little bit. I don't know. I never had it. Allegedly, you thought the Hawks were going to win the championship. That's wow.




That's wow. I don't know about that one. What do you think? The championship, maybe they could have. I take that back. I take that back. If they would have beat the bucks, they would have played against the COVID.


Nigga, I'm going with your first. No, they wouldn't want no motherfucking championship. Listen, man, what I will say is your confidence is crazy.


He might be from Harlem. That nigga might be from championship.


We be delusional sometimes. No, you wouldn't have won the championship. I tell you straight up. No, you could have stayed healthy. You could have been on steroids, nigga. Y'all wouldn't have won the championship. It's just that simple. I know you're saying this now because niggas is talking about trading niggas. Niggas is not playing good, so he's trying to do that, to remind niggas.


We did have a glory time.


We had a minute, but we could have, if I didn't get hurt, we would have won the chip. Because you don't know what rumors are circulating around Atlanta Hawks locker room or front office right now. It could be anything. Them Niggas is playing so bad, you don't know what the rumblings are. Grant Hill. Maybe we'll give you a call and you could give us some insight on what's going on down. Know shout to all. He's also somebody who gave us a bunch of invitations to come down and watch the Hawks play as well as he has. Some part of the Hawks ownership, I believe. But no, Trey Young, y'all wouldn't have won the championship. I'm not even going to make this a topic.


Trey wouldn't have won a.


Why you ain't doing nothing now? Okay, who they had that year that they have? They had Collins. I don't know if Collins isn't there anymore.


They had capella. I think that's it.


Capella is not there. Capella is still there. Yeah, no, he wouldn't have won because they got Murray now, basically, that may be a shot of Murray before you got here.


Because what's the right boy name that was playing the two guard? He was doing work, too for Atlanta. Yeah, bro.


Then that's something I know you're talking about. He was good.


He was really good.


Okay, real quick to backtrack on the Draymond conversation because more comments are being made, so we got to react to them. Swaggy P went on undisputed with Skip Bayless and talked about the slap. He said he's more of a cheap shot guy, but he tends to do that to a lot of Europeans. He's messing with nothing but foreigners. He had a lot of UFC in him. Do you agree with the comments he made? And then how do you feel about him sharing that on undisputed?


That's what I just said.


Basically, before we get. I want you to go first. Yeah, Skip, how many niggas you gonna take off the street? Shout out to Swaggy P. Don't disrespect Swaggy. He was on our know, swag is my nigga, but this is screaming desperation. Buba dub, shout out to Bubba dub. Yellow beasy. Swaggy P, I thought you hired little Wayne and Michael Irvin.


And, sorry, the college announcements on undisputed. That was here first. I just got to put that out.


Y'all niggas are doing college announcements. After we do the college announcement, shout to Dion Sanders.


Look, Skip, copy. Give me a close up pause. Skip, get my tattoo. It'll go better.


Yeah. What's your tattoo case? People can't see.


I don't even know. Just follow it.




Write some on your wall. Wear bandana.


Yeah, anything but yeah, that's. We do the cause announcements. You do cause announcement. Oh, the original cash you're hiring is a worker who's hiding in there. And listen, man, I like Skip because he keeps it culture. But this season is screaming desperation. No disrespect to nobody been on the show. Everybody that I named is my niggas from little Wayne yellow beesy to bubba dub. Everybody but Skip is yo, Skip is scrambling shout to swaggy P, but murder again. I'll chime in after. You was going to say that's it.


Like thinking about it, I was thinking the exact thing. I know swaggy might be from Compton or something. So that's a worldwide hood. View that, bro. You doing that to niggas. That won't do mean. But I don't know in the NBA who would do something at this point.


Let's think about it. Yeah, I think Lebron ain't having that. Who else you be? Who do you think is going to stand up to Draymond Green? That's a good question. I seen a nigga in the comments when we posted it on the is what it is. Nigga said, let's jump on Smokey voice right now.


I think Brooks will respond even though he's not a good player. Brooks, he's not a great player.


Dylan Brooks. Yeah, I think he a lot of gaffle. I think he knows how to sell it.


My opinion, Randall, he wouldn't have slapped Randall Julius Randall.


Randall looked like he'll say something. This is crazy that we have to really think about somebody.


Think about who will stand up for themselves.


That's crazy. Because if this was the 90s, everybody would. Or early two thousand s. And I hate to keep bringing up the 90s or 2000s, but it's such a disparity in play and people's attitude.


Who would he slap and get an instant response from, right.


Look, we talk about Rudy Gobert. Rudy Gobert, seven one, 7ft seven one. He let not only choke him, choke him and drag him. You ain't trying to get a nigga off. You my nigga. That's minimum nigga. Rudy was like my nigga used to.


He wouldn't do that to Joker, though.


Joker. Joker is fine even if he tried. Joker got two big brothers paws that be in the fucking crowd. I see them niggas jump out, them niggas come out. Three seven foot niggas out there.


That's crazy that it's a whole NBA, and we were not able to name one person. So everybody that's watching this go in the chat right now and write who Draymond would not do that to. Yeah, you want to see that?


That's a great question.


Yeah, I have no idea. Well, also, speaking of the basketball, the Chicago Bulls announced their inaugural ring of Honor class. It headlines Michael Jordan, Scotty Pippen, and Dennis Rodman, which is a very anticipated reunion. Charles Barkley reacted and said, you talk about weirdest, uncomfortable. Uncomfortable won't even do it justice. I can't wait to go to this. So how do you think it'll.


Yeah, I knew it was crazy because they put Pippin name down at the bottom so it wasn't closed by mice. And hopefully that's the seating arrangement. But I know this is going to be crazy. Imagine you go to a ring ceremony. I'm just tired of talking about it.


Barkley says it all because you know why? You got baby mom there with the other nigga and getting his ring inauguration, however you want to say it, with his son at the ceremony.


So now, knowing these niggas, Marcus had tried to propose there. They all.


Fam. That's what type of. Since we talking about rings, I felt moved. Yeah, I felt moved.


Why they talk about rings?


That'll be hilarious. If that nigga proposes at the ring ceremony and says, well, would be a better place to do it at, that'd be fucking hilarious.


And they have Horace grant on the list, which is crazy. But I thought about it. The nigga did switch up. Remember he went to Orlando?


Yeah. And they said that he was leaking info, bad info. When that last dance shit came out, they said that he was the one telling information to the reporters about Mike and them. He's like, it wasn't me. He tried to defend himself. They're like, we know it was you. Yeah. I'm really intrigued to see if what may said is going to happen.


Yeah, if he lunge and crack the box like this, it'd be crazy. It'd be crazy.


I could just see Scotty and Mike together, looking at both of them like this.


Yeah, they might both agree on that. That'd be the first time they back in agreement.


Yeah, man, we'll see what happens. Because you know why? Whoever put this together right now is a sucker, too. You all could have been did the ring inauguration. Been 30 years since they motherfucking one. Now with all this shit going on outside in their personal lives, this is the year you all want to do the ring inauguration because it's what they'd be like. Oh, it's 30 years. It'd been 30 years last year when they won the 92 championship.


Okay, well, it seems like the Bucks got revenge, beating the Pacers 140 to 126. Yanis dropped 64 points. How do you feel about the Bucks win?


A few things. First of all, I'm more intrigued about the fight after the game. You know, the nigga, I don't know what happened with him and Halliburton. He's beefing with the Pacers. One of the assistant coaches poke Halliburton in the chest. And 64 and 14 is ridiculous. What I think it happened is my personal opinion. It's a few things that I'll say. Yanis didn't know that that in season tournament was going to start getting that much hype on the buildup and the paces beat them and he hit a nigga with Dame Tom. So Yannis was like, you know what? I'm tired of trying to figure it out with the new system with Damien Lillard. And they're not saying he doesn't trust Damien. I'm just going to do, yeah, I got to go do what I got to do. And I don't like these niggas because they were in the championship that we were supposed to be in. So he went crazy tonight. He dropped over 60 points, 14 rebounds, and wanted to fight after the game.


And nobody protected him.


Yeah, exactly. So they wanted to fight after the game, 64 and poking. Holler. Burton in the Chest like this. Mimi in the back, pause. I like that, Yanis. I like that a lot. And I see where you're frustrated.


I can respect that.


Yeah, I respect. There's two things. I respect it because we still, the ultimate goal is to win a championship. But this was pinned up frustration because now LeBron is getting more accolades and more credit to where it could have all went towards Giannis and after he seen it. Look, we all didn't know that the NBA in play, in season tournament was going to end up being that much hype. Yeah, when they got to that final four, when they got out to Vegas, that shit got elevated.


That shit was, y'all not taking this serious. This is serious. This is happening.


Exactly. And I think them young boys were showing off and Yannis missed out an opportunity and he tried to make up for it tonight. I'll say this. It's a little bit too late for that, but you have plenty of time to win the championship, still go for league MVP, and show niggas you ain't nothing to be played with.


It seems like there's a lot of built up tension in a lot of players, though. So we're seeing it on the court, and I feel like.


Don't look like it looks. Strong facts. Yeah.


He slap Yanis, both of him and his brothers on the same team. That'd be a bad idea.


I don't know if you've seen the footage, but Yannis'brother, they had to hold him back. He was trying to get on the court. They say he had to hold him back. Big church said he got to be stopped, man. Church said if he get fine, that's his old salary.


Yeah, that man got to chill out.


Well, that's all the time we have for today. Thanks for watching. And, as always, it is what it.


Is like when they doing them two for five away in a drive through.