Jensen and Holes: The Murder Squad


Retired Cold Case Investigator Paul Holes and Investigative Journalist Billy Jensen dig deep into unsolved murders, unidentified remains and missing persons cases. Each week listeners ride shotgun as Holes and Jensen attempt to solve the crime using a variety of methods, from old-fashioned detective work to advanced technologies including familial DNA searches, social media geotargeting, and maybe most important—the skills of their listeners who send in tips and theories, becoming active members of The Murder Squad. 

Who Killed Nanette Krentel?
31 views 25 days ago

Billy and Paul look into the unsolved 2017 murder of Nanette Krentel out of Lacombe, Louisiana. The offender tried to cover up her murder with a fire that burnt down a 3,000 square foot home in rural Louisiana. It's a case with fingers pointed all of the community but still no justice has been seen.  See for privacy information.

The Taco Bell Strangler, Henry Louis Wallace: Does He Have More Victims?
36 views about 1 month ago

Paul and Billy look into the case of serial killer Henry Louis Wallace. In the early 1990’s, a monster was prowling Charlotte, North Carolina. His targets were young, attractive black women. And his victims barely made the news until he went on a 48-hour killing spree. All of these victims were in his circle of friends and co-workers. He only confessed to those he knew could be tied to him. Which begs the question--how many other victims does he have?

Who Killed Chynna and Blake Dickus?
38 views about 1 month ago

Paul and Billy delve into the 2006 unsolved murders of Chynna and Blake Dickus in Franklin, Indiana. About 25 miles from Indianapolis, in a new subdivision riddled with home break-ins, it is a double murder that haunts the community. A three and half hour window allowed someone to enter the Dickus home and kill a 10-year old boy and his stepmother.  Billy and Paul also look into the unsolved murder of Elizabeth Barraza in Tomball, Texas.

Does Matthew Kroll Have More Victims?
33 views about 2 months ago

Paul and Billy look into the murder of Heidi Newman, a case Paul investigated while supervising the crime lab in 2003. It's a case that held similarities to a still unsolved murder six years prior. With the help of investigator Leonard Orman, the three delve into the 1997 unsolved murder of Linda Lincoln. Both women knew Matthew Kroll, the man in prison for Heidi's murder. And both Leonard and Paul think Kroll may have other victims. 

Rita Hester and the Murders of Black Transgender Women in America
19 views about 2 months ago

In 1998, Rita Hester was murdered in her Boston apartment. Rita was active in the transgender community and her gruesome death inspired Transgender Remembrance Day—but her murderer is still out there. Paul and Billy investigate Rita’s case, and also shed light on the recent murders of Merci Mack, Shakie Peters, Brayla Stone, Bree Black, Draya McCarty, Remmie Fells and Riah Milton—seven transgender women found slain in June and July of 2020. So far, only two cases have led to an arrest. We need to change that.